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  1. 3. They are trying to have a high pick for a QB....err....
  2. Not trying to be a jerk, but camp starts this week. WTH are we talking about a former player in Diggs? We have tons to talk about with the players on this roster.
  3. It was obvious from day 1 this was an inside job. Who exactly gave the order, did the planning and who all was involved is all that's left to expose.
  4. Sure as heck not scouting QB's for the draft. Personally I think this "executive " is with the Jets.
  5. I think he had lacked a HC that could keep his **** together for even 13 seconds. And hold a lead when Allen give him one the last time Allen was on the field. Allen is this Generations Elway/ Manning,but more talent and better stats.
  6. He nailed it and the election is sealed. Long speech? Yes. But he said and showed what he needed to. I see anyone hating on it, or him, as just grasping at straws.
  7. Every single case smith is associated with,has to be tossed. The documents fall under the immunity as decided my SCOTUS anyway. As is most of the cases against President Trump.
  8. None. Go to camp and let it play out. We need to go with what we have and let them develop.
  9. I will see your Steve young and raise you a Fran Tarkenton.
  10. Inflation is affecting even Billionaires.
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