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  1. Well, it’s pff, they are a bit of a running joke, most of the time, that fans / talking heads reference them at all is jumping the shark.., they have always made stuff up, and folk still fall for it,
  2. It is a positive sign for sure, but they need to be able to make those adjustments/ changes within games, in-fact, within quarters, to be able to win tight games, the inability to do so has been the issue in our losses this season, glad to see they can read a trail, as it were. Go Bills!!!
  3. Could very well be the case with DD, but regardless, the end results haven’t been what one would call good imo, the O line certainly does not need more performance issues…, there is a joke in there somewhere.., 😁
  4. Dream on, the Reffing issues are never going to get better.
  5. …, this is the very scenario that will botch up this season’s potential, ya gotta have your best players available, look what Covid did to DD, hasn’t been the same guy since, now our RTs health has a big question mark on him, all we can do is hope for the best,🤞 like you said…,
  6. This would hold more importance if anyone on this planet gave so much as 💩 about anything Sexy Rexy had to say…,
  7. Do any of our offensive coaches have a “FULL” grasp of run game concepts? asking for a friend…,
  8. Our OC has regressed, his play calling and when to call certain plays is frankly miserable, that and the O line can not stop a bull rush, every team we play against knows this, so we get what we are seeing.
  9. Gambling on games, the Owners/league make a lot of money on it and it is not particularly hard to manipulate…, the Refs are doing what they are told to do, I mean, what else is there that would account for this level of terrible reffing???
  10. It’s a league wide problem, has been for a bunch of years now,
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