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  1. New thread title; “Former many different NFL teams player loses his mind”... tries to kill women who wanted nothing to do with him, well before the attack happened... now that sounds more accurate...
  2. Really doesn’t matter outside of stats, What really matters is the team getting the win. Saying that, I hope he gets a couple, Go Bills!!!
  3. If the Browns go down it will be entertaining to say the least 😁
  4. I’ve never listened to them, but the continuous comments over time by so many people have convinced me that the show is something I will never have first hand knowledge of. The few that call the show are never happy they called in, what’s that tell you... Go Bills!!!
  5. Yeah, there’s some sketchy crap going on in with the jets.
  6. If this is true the jets player has likely already hired a lawyer, if he hasn’t he not so smart imo. Again if it’s true.
  7. Wow, you do live up to your trolliness. Go Bills!!!
  8. Truly a shame.... he will be out three four games, and then will play nervous for a couple more, this sort of thing can put a guy off his game for an extended period of time, damn shame. bad for KC, good for us. Go Bills!!! I was telling my wife that Brady is the least physically gifted QB in the league, she said, he is an inspiration to young boys , that if they work hard and take enough steroids..... I got a chuckle out of that,😁
  9. This^^ and I agreed. Josh is a work in progress, let’s not forget that he was and is considered to be well behind in quality coaching throughout his college years, at this point imo he has one year of real QB training under his belt, but he is showing why he was considered a top ten pick. Go bills!!!
  10. Yup, he does have lapses in concentration that negatively effect his production, but it’s early yet, he has just finished one season worth of games started, I still think he can reduce his mistakes, and help the team score more points.
  11. See, this what happens when certain people get encouragement...
  12. Yes I have, two weeks before Christmas, I was doing retail loan collections and repo work for a bank in Rochester, they were a local bank that sold themselves to HSBC iirc, then all the local branches and main office were closed down, brilliant move on their behalf.... their old main office remains empty to this day near to the corners of main st and state st. Across from the war memorial ice rink where the Rochester Americans play hockey. Oh the memories...
  13. It is amazing that you will not have heard a particular Beatles song in years and years yet when it comes on you can sing the lyrics, and it’s always really cool 😎
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