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  1. Iirc, six days, we had a week off to do it,
  2. Me and the wife road our touring bikes on the Erie canal tow path from Buffalo to Albany flat as a pancake for ninety percent of the way, hits a bunch of little towns, you can detour off the tow path up the Genesse river into Rochester, its an easy ride as this sort of thing goes.
  3. Just a rehash of stuff that’s been talked about constantly by every sports talk outlet for quite some time now, not particularly interesting or entertaining, the only flash of something was that Josh is not, shall we say enthusiastic about the Players representation, the topic was quashed pretty much as soon as it came up, outside of that, a big yawner imo.
  4. It’s literally the worst sports show out there, Skippy is a prime candidate to host a day time TV “ he’s the father of my baby” show
  5. I don’t believe there is a single Bills fan, especially on this board that would want to see 3 yards and a pile of dust as a game plan ever again, or at least one would hope so…, we (all of us) after much penance finally have a real QB, and it would be a crime against humanity to waste the talent, Go Bills!!!
  6. Imo,Those things were primarily the fault of the O-line coach (imo he was not good) and Dabol’s odd penchant for not doing the obvious right thing when it matters most, I don’t know about you, but I suspect with Kromer at the helm of the O line, we will not see such inept O-line play, things were just starting to come around as the season was coming to a conclusion last year, so with that in mind, I see a more productive run game, that at times will be utilized more that last season,
  7. You better get used to the idea of a different mix of play calling this up coming season, if for no other reason than for your own mental health, you do know that something around forty percent of the time plus or minus the Bills will be handing off the ball to RBs right? Go Bills!!!
  8. I see you have taken my advice, keep up the good work…,
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