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    We have started the cruise to the Bahamas, we are now in Port Washington waiting for a weather window for the overnight trek down the New Jersey coast to Cape May, the weather gods rule the roost, as all sailors know, we are slaves to the wind…,

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  1. Thanks, nice read as usual, and sadly some folk don’t know how to act in public, it’s even worse when it’s our own tribe…,
  2. Still, it doesn’t change why he isn’t being seriously considered. LF is a good coach, and more importantly a good person, but that is in this case not good enough, so far…, if he gets a ring, the dynamic may change, and then, bobs your uncle…,
  3. OBJ isn’t playing anywhere for at least two months, it’s a next man up situation, PS call up time.
  4. Gabe’s ankle is poop right now, bring up a guy to spell Gabe while he heals his chronic ankle problem. We’re not talking permanently replacing Gabe, it’s temporary, Is this so hard to grasp?
  5. Although not on the PS, That’s is a “similar” talking point folk took on Gabe Davis not that long ago, saying he hadn’t shown himself to be a real #2 wr, and wasn’t ready to take snaps from Sanders, and ya know, they were wrong.
  6. I see, we now negate your thoughts and opinions on topics you opine on as well? Go Bills!!!
  7. Exactly, being that Gabe “the chronic foot” Davis in need of down time…, that’s exactly why Hodgins is here, that and Crowder has been a bit disappointing as well as recently injured…, Shakir and Hodgins are in position to show their worth, Go Bills!!!
  8. It would appear Elam has done his homework…,
  9. Actually you should do that, it could help folk have a better overall perspective on the issue, jmo.
  10. The game is won and lost in the trenches, this truism is true because it’s true. Without a real ability to run the ball as needed the offense is one dimensional, and indeed is easier to defend, we keep getting this point driven home every post season, and then we watch the other teams play in the super Bowl, until the run threat is perceived as real, we will struggle more than we need to on offense. All this said, our receiving corp is a bit banged up at present, imo, Shakir and Hodgins need to be used more on game day at present, especially with Gabe’s chronic ankle/foot issue, Knox’s issue as well, and Crowder being noticeably unreliable. It’s time to use the personnel we have to fill in the gaps, jmo. One hell of a come back win vs the ravens! Go Bills!!!
  11. That is a very kind way of putting it…,
  12. The offense, for whatever the reasons can be their own worst enemy at times, same goes with the defense, but both are absolutely essential to bring it all home. Go Bills!!!
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