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  1. Valid thoughts, i tend to agree for the most part, i would like to see a Wagner level LB signed in FA, that would be ideal i would think
  2. Rarely works that way, if ever, BPA is a perception/opinion , that’s why need is selected 99.999% of the time. When was the last time every evaluation on all teams agreed on who the best player over all was?
  3. Sure it does, (ankle) if he can’t move towards the ball effectively it will have that sort of effect, that and you can’t run because you are likely kinda old and fat, 😂
  4. The question is, will Beane draft more O-line within the first three picks, as it stands presently we still need to fill Edmunds spot, in FA or the draft, so it’s likely that one of those first three picks goes to the defense if no FA is signed to fill that role, plus, we could stand another WR2 level selection, I am not so confident Beane will use two of those pick on O-linemen, which means one in the top three picks, and PS level lower picks for the line, so far we have seen incremental improvement with FA signings, which is good, it is needed, but, the O line needs more attention if we want to see improved post season success. GO BILLS!!!
  5. The latest WR/STs FA we signed appears to be a better overall option than Hodgins, and I was not happy that they barely played him, and then let him go, but ya know, that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes,
  6. You don’t get to use the word “snit” on a football forum very often, well done, and well applied if I do say do myself, 👍
  7. Not me, I’m naturally a little angry all the time, 😁
  8. God I really hope you are right, our coaches seam to have an affinity for not using the talent they thought was good enough to sign, unless seemingly, they are in effect forced to so, normally I would not give it much thought, but looking at Hines, Shakir, Cook, Elam ( a 1st rounder, as we all know ) etc, etc, makes me wonder why they sign some of these guys in the first place,
  9. Well, the Bengals were beating us soundly in the first game before it was called, and did so again in the second game, so…, yeah, right now they are are coached better and the players are playing better, is what it is. Could we next time around have better coaching/scheming, and play better? Yes this can happen, but history says that our coaches lack of desire to adapt/recognize the need come the postseason will continue to be the root cause of our early departure from the playoffs, the only counter to this likelihood is if Josh and the guys play lights out in every single playoff game…, GO BILLS!!!
  10. What frustrates everyone, wether they say so or not, is that no meaningful adjustments were made on the O or D to counter what the coaches knew was coming, they ran the same game plan that was soundly beaten in the first game against the Bengals. With the coaching changes on the D side we may or may not see a team that can adjust as necessary, on the O side we might see a coordinator that has learned to use personnel more effectively, “so far” the O -line has seen only minor improvement in free agency, I get the feeling not a whole lot more is going to be done to improve that room, even though it is the unit in need of the most help, fingers crossed 🤞 that I’m wrong on this point, and Beane will draft real talent to shore up the O-line. GO BILLS!!!
  11. I said, “For the most part” what Beane does do would include, what I and others consider to be, a minimal effort to acquire better quality O-lineman, instead he continues to bring in backups, and developmental players as starters, only our center and LT are above average, and come the post season, it shows in a big way, He won’t overtly say it, but I would suspect Josh is getting tired of this crap…,
  12. We have disagreed on team stuff in the past, but on this you are spot on, it didn’t work in Carolina, and it isn’t working here, after three consecutive post season failures, one would think they might notice, at this rate Josh is going to be thoroughly beat up in three years and not have won anything more than the AFCE, bit of a shame really,
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