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  1. I will rephrase... 😁 Right now, on a contingent basis they have permission to proceed with season preparations. But if the public health concerns rise enough the governors that care about peoples health will stop them from continuing, which can include no games played. With 1in 99 residents of Florida currently being infected, (see what I mean about governors who care) and the southern and western sun belt states closing back down, it’s on shaky ground at best. “Plans” are written in sand on the waters edge at low tide at this point. As much as it would suck, the pro leagues know full well there is a chance that there will be no season, and that in such case they will not be the decision makers concerning this. Any way, I’m feeling like a beer 🍺 later 👍 Go Bills!!!
  2. Well, it appears that large corporations are not being held to the same rules you are, they just pay a fine and move on doing what they always do. The “little guy” always takes it on the chin it appears.
  3. The NFL does not have a plan because the states that the teams play in individually control if they play or not, and few to none of those states have a viable plan in place, This all is contingent on the the virus being brought under control, and it is not even close to being so for the many more months to come. The NFL has no choice but to do what the governors of the states say they can do. The league is not the decision maker on this, they are merely going through the motions putting up a facade of being in control of their destiny on this. Go Bills!!!
  4. None the less it protects you from what I stated does it not?
  5. Do realize people, the reason businesses incorporate themselves is to dodge personal responsibility/liability for their actions. Their ability to do so was a back room deal with our elected officials that were supposed to be protecting the citizens interests many many years ago, now the non living entities called businesses have more legal protections than we citizens. That hat company just got over Five million of we tax payers dollars for the sole reason to keep people employed, what’s those lyrics.. ooh ooh, take the money and run...
  6. How does a guy who leads his team to 9-7 and no playoffs get ranked in the top ten? He has been up and down over the last four years, like you said, big on personal stats but one playoff win with all that talent doesn’t make a top ten QB. I wonder how much Jurra gave up for that bit of propaganda...
  7. I wonder what his first priority is for PSE, he’s been involved in a variety of corporate going’s on. What’s the plan going forward Kim? Inquiring minds...
  8. The writing has been on the wall for some time now with New Era moving work out of Blo, kinda sleazy way to do it, but that’s how all corporations operate. Money is their god... people aren’t even second on their list of priorities... Anyone know how long the Naming contract lasts?
  9. My inner Sigmund Freud says it’s a fear Issue/insecurity thing, it is known as BBFS Buffalo Bills fan syndrome... 😁👍 Who’s playing QB for the pats?
  10. I would think STHs will be rotated each Sunday, otherwise it will be some arbitrary assignments, and to bad for those that don’t get in. This will likely cause some STHs to be refunded, or some such a deal. Much gnashing of teeth will occur. Sure glad I don’t have a stake in it. Go Bills!!!
  11. That’s what they said, certainly not top ten of weak side linebackers, 😁
  12. Its always entertaining to watch/read of the various lines of thought on “available” players. I think the Bills will hold tight, but it’s not like I really know Beane and McDermotts intent. Go Bills!!!
  13. This whole pandemic has been poorly handled since we knew about it as far back as before January, far to many of our officials and our citizens have acted and are still acting so stupidly that Diggs is right to be very concerned. Look at what we Americans have done to ourselves and each other, one would have to be a mental midget to not be worried about what is happening throughout our country. It truly sucks, but we have brought this upon ourselves. We should not be wanting to purposefully put others at risk for our entertainment, purposes, what does that say about us, are we so narrow in our thoughts? Me, I’m a high risk category guy, congestive heart failure, blood type A, DVT/PE history, over sixty, if I catch this, it kills me.
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