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  1. Nice thought, but not really a good idea in application. The way they are using Klein at present appears to be working well, maybe we shouldn’t screw around with that, just sayin... Go Bills!!!
  2. Omg..dude, get yourself layed, enjoy a nice single malt scotch and a smoke, it will likely help your psyche a whole lot... Go Bills!!!
  3. Boot lickers like Romo, evidently feel getting caught cheating every four ish years for two decades is okay, makes ya think Tony’s moral compass is a bit Fuh Ked up... birds of a feather as they say...
  4. Well, we old farts here grew up in a world that required us to deal with adversity, so we did, and because of that we don’t get all drama queen at the drop of a hat when things don’t go well. As the generations have gone on, dealing well with adversity, is a skill set that is slowly going away, it’s all part of why Oscar Meyer can’t do the “ fat kids, skinny kids, kids who climb in rocks” commercials any more, someone may get offended because they are fat. So you get people freaking out over the team they say they root for when they win a game that they were leading the entire game. Its just beyond pathetic. Bunch of pansies. Go Bills!!!
  5. From my vast experience as an arm chair GM, I’m calling it mostly poor run blocking and poor run play calling, if all Singletary does is successfully move the chains for first downs, with those chunk gains, I’m good, that means that defenses have to account for him. We have more than enough other weapons to complement his runs with scores. Go Bills!!!
  6. Don’t confuse him with facts... he will just get upset, and dig his hole even deeper... 😂
  7. What football dream world do you live in? Sean has massive buy in with his players, reading your posts is like a window on the past. You do you so well, please never stop 😂 Go Bills!!!
  8. Raiders will beat the fish, and so will Buffalo, this timing chatter is much ado about nothing. Go Bills!!!
  9. Not really, 1) he was a failure from day one. 2) he is a failed branch of the Belichick coaching tree. 3) it’s hard to win when your organization isn’t set up to cheat effectively over multiple decades. 4) he not for a second had buy in from the players or the fans. 5) he is an arrogant azs and reaped what he sowed. So it’s all good 😁👍
  10. I thought this would be about a Turkish Bouffant...
  11. ... it’s just terrible being misunderstood... Go Bills!!!
  12. We are gonna kick their azsez!!! Go Bills!!!
  13. Yup, there are a bunch of absolute, ( I’ll choose my words carefully ) sissy boy, bundle of sticks, British cigarette, fans on this board, and yes the are cowardly in their words. Okay now for a cup of coffee, woke up a bit later than usual... Go Bills!!!
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