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  1. Not sure I care about his status one way or another.... he is kinda like what’s his name the Chargers coach that couldn’t win in the post season from a few years back.. Marty something or another....
  2. The NFL has looked like a turd for a very long time now, just look how they conduct themselves on so many topics... It’s called agreed...
  3. Brady is a scum bag himself, birds of a feather...
  4. Well folk are just gonna set up tailgating where ever they can before the game, not like the NFL can do anything about it, it smacks of colossal greed on the leagues part, would love it if no one showed up, not that it would happen but it sure would be cool, and a kick in the pants for the NFL,
  5. No, still prefer my initial statement, and I can’t help that it’s s phantasy football thing to do, so nah, not feeling it,
  6. Points of degree, we all see an awful lot of brutal hits against starters on your average pass play routes every game, no worse than a kick off or punt, or for instance the Pats hit on Josh as an example. Caveat emptor do to speak. Go Bills!!!
  7. This ^^^ The days of creating holes in the roster are gone, nowadays it’s bring in people to complete first, then do the replacements at positions that need upgrades, keep good depth, then deal/cut remaining players that aren’t up to par. And do all of it in a financially responsible fashion. No more splash for the sake of splash. After seventeen years of doing the splash thing, we have finally put that failed system in the rear view mirror... there’s a new sheriff in town. Go Bills!!!
  8. Nah, teams should suffer for their bad decision making, FOs that are smart benefit, others not so much, and deservedly so, jmo. Go Bills!!!
  9. Sunday 1:00 pm games are vastly superior, better start time, better end time, higher fun ratio cause it’s easier to get up and go to work the next day with all the drinking and eating staring earlier the day before. Even as a retired individual it works better. Prime time and night games are B/S no matter how you slice it. Anyone who disagrees with me is admitting to being wrong just by piping up. Get off my F ing lawn... yah you... Go Bills!!!
  10. Some day STs will have specific members that aren’t bad at their supposed real positions, as made up now STs are primarily 2nd and 3rd tier players at other positions, and frankly not particularly good at STs, but teams have learned to live with mediocre STs since day one of football. It is what it is, the weak link in every team.
  11. He had two really good seasons during his entire career, the deal is that he won the SB and was mvp both times, he gets in.
  12. Quality people make up that organization.... 🎥🕵🏼‍♂️💊💉
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