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  1. Gotta remember that the TE position on our team is the fourth or fifth passing option the vast majority of the time, and with the likes of Mckittrick and Davis both scoring 7 TDs each its not that big of a deal, would it be nice if our #1 TE scored more? Yup, but there are only so many passing targets available per game/season, who are we going to take targets away from to get the TE more passes? That and Joshes former college TE teammate is a much better pass catcher than Knox, and will likely take a bunch of targets away from Knox as the season progresses. So the answer to your concern may
  2. Darnold and Goff imo have little to no chance, they are both back up QBs pretending to be starters, as are the majority of this group. Wentz is the most likely to have a resurgence as an above average QB. Out side of Fitz, who is a the quintessential underdog, I don’t care much about any of their careers, and hope they flounder when and if the play the Bills, except on rare occasions, I truly hope they all fail miserably, as I generally never root for other teams to be successful, screw them all... 😁 Go Bills!!!
  3. Yup, we have all watched Josh exercise this part of his “arm arrogance” 😁 repeatedly, yet there is still one or two that somewhat recently stated that Josh does not take advantage of his arm strength..., no really it happened..., Its gonna be a stellar season!! I can’t freakin wait!!! Go Bills!!!
  4. Being that they are always looking at every opportunity to up grade most every position, this is like saying it snows during the winter in western New York..., or one might say this is not actually news..., you choose... it’s just more click bait for a reporter that needs to get an article out.
  5. He is know for his stream of bankruptcies, also appears he has an issue with paying for service he contracts for, so... why not do it all again, 😂
  6. It’s only chance of survival is if it turns into a feeder league for the NFL, otherwise it will need very deep pockets for at minimum a decade, to establish itself as a separate football entity, that I don’t see happening, but hey, more power to them, if the pockets are deep enough, they could get some better level talent to sign with them..., maybe...,
  7. Poyer was professional and gracious in his manner and words when he repeatedly closed down JW, that was well done, JW made himself look a bit like he wanted to be a gossip columnist with his insistent Covid questions, it made him appear unprepared especially when he evidently didn’t do his homework on how to frame the questions he tried to ask, Warrow has seemed to be more astute than that in his past pressers. Oh well, he likely learned how to be a better version of himself because of it..., (process) Go Bills!!!
  8. Ah, but the process includes making as many good decisions as one is able to, so the selection of Allen is part and parcel of said process. Go Bills!!!
  9. When the team made the playoffs during his first year, then the methodical persistence in improving the team, and of course how they brought Josh up to speed, amongst other things.
  10. Pff just creates Moron stats and expects people that believe what they are saying, Just look at the success of Dallas vs Buffalo over the last two years, Dallas is a team with some good players who just can’t put it together, where as Buffalo is having success because Allen is doing his job far better than Dak does his job, individual stats don’t mean a thing if your team is not successful, when will the light go on for these pundits, maybe never if history has any say in this..., oy vey.....,
  11. Some folk just have a hard time wrapping their minds around this new way of doing business, these aren’t your drought era Bills anymore, we are being built for continued success, none of this year or two window BS. Go Bills!!!
  12. We all look up to him as a role model and a leader of men...
  13. One ping Vassili, just one ping...
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