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  1. You can get as good or better commentary here on this board, quite literally the vast majority of sports talk shows are a farce, it’s a contest of who’s suit is the most absurd, and who can spout off the silliest take and then pretend to take it seriously, it’s all scripted there is no thoughtful commentary for the most part. It much like “ truth in advertising “ it doesn’t exist.
  2. I’m “okay” with Dorsey, but…, He does call some head scratcher plays at times, it’s as if he isn’t seeing what everyone else is seeing type of thing, for lack of a better way of saying it. I see stuff like Joshes 30 yard pass to digs, that cover 1 highlighted, why is Gabe running a route that is effectively five yard from Diggs when Diggs makes the catch on the same play? I’ve seen this same type of thing with our WRs on different parts of the field in games from last season as well, it seems odd to compact an catch spot with two receivers and the opponents that are covering them, why is this an actual play route for two guys to hit catch points next to each other? That and the screen pass to Diggs for a loss of yards…, odd play calling to me, oh well, GO BILLS!!!
  3. I suspect KE has been in finishing school for the last month, and will see time in the Miami game. Jmo
  4. People are like a combination of Germans and the British, the Germans are to honest to be polite, and the British are to polite to be honest…, it all gets mucked up when we interact,
  5. Then you must dislike the human race, in which hypocrisy abounds, 😁👍
  6. It’s what Mike Tyson said; “ everybody has a plan until the they get punched in the mouth”…, imo the fish are nervous as a team can be facing the Bills early in the season, me I think we win this one,
  7. Imo, better use of existing personnel / play calling is the key going forward, not that a better WR2 or RT would hurt, but at this point in the season, who’s available to upgrade those spots…,
  8. I absolutely think TB is using his skills and capitalizing on this opportunity, he just seems to have the knack for being where he is supposed to be, 👍
  9. It is likely what the current DC is doing with the pieces on the board so to speak, certainly Frazier had the opportunity and could have been doing what McDermott is doing, it’s part of what changed after Frazier was let go.
  10. No one is saying Frazier was incompetent, just the opposite was the case, he just lacked that little extra in play calling, that most of us refer to that as a lack of aggression, and it showed most during crucial moments in the post season, the reality is the supposed “adjustments “ you refer to didn’t work, and over time he lost his job because of it. He wasn’t let go because he was kicking azs every post season. He was good, but not good enough. I suspect we will continue to disagree about Frazier’s tenure with the Bills, and that’s okay, life would be boring if everyone always agreed. 👍🍺
  11. In my work life I have seen organizations promote there best sales people into management roles and then watch their sales drop, the right talent in the right roles is very important.
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