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  1. Maybe a correct response is; “ is that all you got “. Or, tell that to (enter northern cities name), etc. or, at least we don’t have to rely on A/C all summer long, or a straight up , Fuh K you! 😁
  2. Good on Ed! good primer for the Ravens game... 😎 Go Bills!!!
  3. Compare; being that The ravens coaching staff has more experience than the Bills, they had a clearer idea of where they were going at QB, so LJ is ahead of JA, but that gap is shrinking as time goes on, and the Bills are figuring out how to use the JA more effectively. This upcoming game should be a knock down drag out affair, but I feel confident the Bills come out with the win. Go Bills!!!
  4. It’s been a very good past week, both the cowboys and patsies lost, pretty freakin awesome imo. Go Bills!!’
  5. Not arguing the other stuff, just stating the obvious, I tend to be that way. It is nice to see dallas tumbling down though.
  6. Josh is a thinker, his answers, and statements are always spot on. He doesn’t take the bait, and comes across as a regular guy who happens to be the Buffalo Bills QB. Go Bills!!!
  7. You are right about a getting a 2nd good outside receiver, it will help the entire offense/team. Really wish Foster would reappear so to speak.
  8. That’s a tuff decision, so I’m gonna cheat, 1 Josh 1A Tre, Go Bills!!!
  9. Damn, Bruce was such a beast! We should clone him, just sayin,
  10. If we are lucky it will be a tie game, it could happen..
  11. I hear ya, but it’s hard to root for Dallas.
  12. Frankly 99.999999% of ads are so poorly conceived and produced that their creators should be beaten about the head and shoulders, every time one is played on air or streaming. But maybe that’s just me... Go Bills!!!
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