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  1. For his sake I hope so, 😁👍
  2. Well if one ignores the “he sucks” poster, one finds that he does his job, but “those” poster who feel he should be getting lots sacks every season will always b itch about him and their other favs on the team, those are the more comical posters, they are alway right no matter what, just ask them. After a year out, getting himself fully healthy and rested, he is performing as expected. Go Bills!!!
  3. Are you a football fan or the fan of football team? There in lies your answer…
  4. The AFCE doesn’t surprise me in the least, to include the pats, their team culture is crumbling bit by bit, mercenaries play there, and they don’t have a QB at present, Miami not having a QB that’s worth their time seals their fate, the jets, nuff said. Go Bills!!!
  5. Frankly, there is only one set of stats that actually matter, and that as we all know is the win / loss column the rest of the stats are for geeking out, they can be fun to follow, but they are all after the fact as it were, when it comes down to it you won or you didn’t. Go Bills!!!
  6. What Process said, No clicks equals less job security and income for him, just like pff, neither of whom do I ever click on.
  7. Also an untrustworthy person as well, being that he has a propensity to cheat a lot and gets caught every four/ish years on average for the last two decades, but hey, some folk like a cheater, birds of a feather and all.
  8. That anyone would anyone think crowds were detrimental to his play are mistaken, but there are a few bi polar types here that believe otherwise. Go Bills!!!
  9. Iirc, as a point of tax revenue, New York City and it’s surrounding area generate way more than the rest of the state, and it’s not even close, and western New York to include, Cuse, Rochacha, and Buffalo would be one of the poorest states in the country with out the city, like it or not it’s them who is propping up the rest of the state. I’m a born and raised western NewYorker, Nuthin but luv, Go Bills!!!
  10. I think you meant New York Team. being only one team plays in Nee York..,,
  11. You should go back and read your posts, although you might not want to, embarrassing stuff…, Go Bills!!!
  12. Of course it’s money, football is secondary to the NFL,
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