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  1. Ethan, Ethan, Ethan... really? Go Bills!!!
  2. Hey! Some of you guys need to get over here and help move goal posts...
  3. ...The envelope please, and the “that guy” award goes to...
  4. Stats as usual don’t tell the whole story, oh and I’m with you on that, but we will prevail, Go Bills!!!
  5. What? Just because he has won a super bowl? Now he is gonna talk trash... 😁
  6. Win each play, no lapses in concentration, excellent execution, and we go home with the win! and yes, coffee and the morning gift... Go Bills!!!oo I’ll
  7. Fear not, we will prevail, Fitz will be trying all to hard to compensate for the week one loss, he faces a must win game and he is bound to pooch this game as he prone to do. We got this, our coaches are good our players are good. We take care of business and we get the win. 👍 Go Bills!!!
  8. All grading systems are arbitrary, made up by some guy or guys, why in-fact all labeling done by humans on any topic is in the end arbitrary. This argument is kinda silly imo. Joe offers his view like is done by a multitude of people who do this for a living nation wide, no one is required to agree with his every point. Go Bills!!!
  9. That he is good enough at this football thing to make a living by being employed as a sports reporter by one of the highly regarded outfits is a step ahead of you, me, Scott, and the rest of us here, 😁 that alone adds gravitas to his opinion, in other words he does it full time for a living, not after work, and on weekends when the lawn work is done, 😁 that’s why most sports reporters voices are considered to have some level of authority. It is then up to us individually to agree or disagree with the points of a reporters review, but that has not changed since football started. Go Bills!!!
  10. That’s pretty much what I said, 👍
  11. What up with Yeldon? Not a damn thing, 😁
  12. The rook liked good from the little I watched. But god only knows where his actual ceiling is. I’ll bet that Cleveland wishes they had him over Maypole...
  13. This certainly isn’t good, but as coach says, if we control what we can control we will come out with a “W” we have a really good team and we will adapt, it’s better to get those two healthy for the remainder of the season. Go Bills!!!
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