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  1. Add anxiety ridden to that description, and you’ve got it nailed. Go Bills!!!
  2. That’s right, I forgot, the entire league goes through preseason for no reason whatsoever, thanks for clearing that up for all of us. Your a bloody genius. 😁 Go Bills!!!
  3. That is certainly the better action to take, isolates your own accounts from the fraudulent transaction. Not that i’m Recommending said action...
  4. Oh for sure, neither would I, and I suspect we won’t. Go Bills!!!
  5. Duke just catches passes, something another receiver we have has trouble with. If its my decision, he makes the team. Go Bills!!!
  6. Remember that this was a near game environment and the goal was to work the run game, it was not intended to be played as a real game. Preseason is for practicing various concepts in a “near game environment” Go Bills !!!
  7. Exactly! The team was Practicing, this is exactly what preseason is for! Why so many Nancies here don’t realize that preseason games are indeed practices, and important is mind boggling. How the heck are you gonna find out if what your trying to achieve works at all with out giving it a test run in a “near game environment”. Good on the coaching staff. Go Bills!!!
  8. Chill looks terrible has he regressed from birth? Go Bills!!!
  9. Happy birthday Astro!! 🎉🎉🎊🎊 and thank you for all your work at training camp!! The write ups are GREAT !!! Go Bills!!!
  10. Of course emulating the most dominant team in the leagues processes is a no go for some...😁 Go Bills!!!
  11. Remember guys and gals, Cam is a human being too, all pro athletes talk trash,, it appears he’s a good guy in the town he lives in, so don’t take the media tweets at face value, they are all out of context. But don’t stop busting his balls, he represents the enemy... 😜 Go Bills!!!
  12. For the QB it is, red no contact jersey every single day, For the rest of the players my point is made, that they can get injured in TC just as easily as a preseason game. Look at the most successful team in the NFL over the last two decades. They play their starters more than any other team in preseason, and they are in the playoffs or Championship game with monotonous regularity. Go Bills!!!
  13. The most successful team in pro football is the Patriots. They play their starters more than any other team in preseason, and they kick azs every season, and for how many decades now?? Other teams have come and gone, but the Patriots are always there at the top of the league as the most successful franchise, ask yourself why they sustain this position. Ask yourself why the Bills are mimicking their offense. Wake up and smell the coffee folks Go Bills!!!
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