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  1. Who is this guy? Bet he does fantasy stuff...
  2. Any individual associated with that organization is tainted, and not worthy of admiration.
  3. Their are a bunch of closet Brady and Belly fans here by the looks of some of these posts... shameful at best... Go Bills!!!
  4. Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady. LOL... Go Bills!!!
  5. Nicely presented, and I would never say that a position of need excludes BPA, but it is none the less a need.(Oliver). Those positions of “need” brought in through FA were determined by talent level/ BPA. It’s all need, no matter how one slices it. The mix of acquisitions via FA & draft are all based on talent available. which is a need. Reaching is merely an example of bad decision making by a GM and or his staff. The past Bills FO were rife with those bad choices, when other options that were far better and greater talent was available. BPA is also “better player available” , those previous Bills FOs were bereft of quality player assessment and valued the wrong players, they thought they were choosing BPA, and they would tell you as much themselves. Different teams will have different players at the same position as their BPA need, even if they essentially run the same scheme, so those picks are subjective, as is all BPA assessments. And it all comes back to team needs. Beane does a very good job in his assessments, but if he gets a choice wrong, it doesn’t make it a reach, but merely the wrong choice. Go Bills!!!
  6. Ah, the difference is that the majority here know we are not right all the time, so no, no it doesn’t. Go Bills!!!
  7. Both FA & Draft address needs, talent is a need addressed mostly in the draft, every player brought in during FA addressed a need for talent at a given position, all acquisitions are needs, no one ever brings a player onto a team if it does not address a need. Both FA & draft are 100 percent need driven. Semantics... the real difference is payroll costs. Go Bills!!!
  8. Like it or not DT was a need, we filled it in the 1st round. Strictly drafting BPA only happens occasionally, the vast majority of the time it is BPA at a position of need, all the way to the seventh pick. BPA is based on the teams board, which is a list of needs. We will have to agree to disagree on this, we evidently see this differently. What team picks a player that does not fill a need, as a starter, depth or developmentally? Go Bills!!!
  9. You described it correctly. All smart GMs draft for need, they just disguise it by calling it BPA at need, drafting strictly BPA doesn’t work, you could end up with seven WRs two years in a row, if you get my drift. For example; If you need a DT you gotta have the DT, so you draft the BPA at your need relevant your board of course. Even if your roster is stacked, going strictly BPA doesn’t allow for correct depth allocation, and will bite you in the azs when a player or five get injured. You can’t put that BPA WR you drafted in at DT... because you don’t always get who you want in free agency... Go Bills!!!
  10. I have read that Cam is a good teammate, works hard and does a lot of charity work, and yes he was in effect abused by the zebras not calling obvious ruffing the passer penalties, his biggest drawback is his public pouting image which is what most fan types see, that and not going after that fumble. I am certain He can still play the game well, but as to fit? Likely not in Buffalo. For all most of us know his public image is likely undeserved.
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