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  1. Good move, hopefully SM won’t be afraid to use them when the inevitable injuries happen...
  2. Change/progress is not always better, but is inevitable.
  3. That’s cute, but he is part of the team that lost, so.. no excuses he lost just like every other member of the team, feel free to go into your spin cycle... 😁
  4. doesn’t matter, He is a member of the team, it’s his loss as well, no excuses for Buffalo when they F up, so none for them... Wasn’t he a member of the team that lost the game...?
  5. I never said he was the problem per say, you are adding on from your own narrative it would appear, Dak is talented, but he and his team fall short frequently, that and wins are a team stat, you know that, so what ya got next?
  6. Iirc, Dallas with Dak was 2-3 before he got injured..., individual stats no matter how good mean nothing when the team you’re on has a losing record, that on top of missing the playoffs altogether the previous season says negative trend. Dak if nothing else has been shown to fall short repeatedly. Frankly as I stated in a previous post, I hope Jurra locks up a ton of cap annually for the next decade in Daks contract, that would be sweet, as it will restrict them from having a really good team.
  7. It is really about opportunity and then timing, Beane will move on targets when the opportunity presents itself, and the timing is right to make the move.
  8. He has won a bunch of games, no doubt, and likely will win a lot, he strikes me as a new generation Rivers,
  9. College records don’t count in the league, and was Romo even drafted.., Dak as athletic and strong a QB as he is, and with the talent he has been surrounded by has come up short repeatedly, even before his injury he was sucking as a team leader this past season, and didn’t even make the playoffs the year before, the kid just seems to lack the elite gene, and it shows. Dak is like other QBs with good stats that don’t get it done for their teams.
  10. Dak is good, but, he is a stat pader, some folk just don’t understand that it never has made a darned bit of difference how good individual stats are if it doesn’t create a winning team, and Dallas sure as hell is not a winning team, even with Dak the have been also rans for the most part, I sure hope Jurra pays him even higher than PM, and suffers through a decade of mediocrity , that would be nice...
  11. Nice write up, I see your train of thought as being quite reasonable, pass blocking as you said is number one for what they want, and if we can get better on the run side while making upgrades that would be gravy, but like was said, replacing so much of the O line at once could be problematic, should be exciting and frustrating to watch it all come together.
  12. Can we not have some good old fashion violent sport without someone trying to homogenize it into an America’s got talent show... 🤮
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