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  1. $131,000 according to channel 7 just now.
  2. So you need a ticket for every single practice? Trying to help out a friend who’s son is very good friends with Prince Emili. She keeps getting booted off the Buffalo Bills app
  3. https://autismnaturetrail.com/ This trail is awesome for kids. If you have kids, check it out. It's not just for kids on the spectrum. A good friend, Loren Penman, spearheaded it.
  4. I had lunch there last September...it was awesome.
  5. His family has a local connection to Western New York. His father, Junior Poles, is from Caledonia New York which is between LeRoy and Rochester. He graduated from Canandaigua academy. Great family!
  6. From the NYCBB group Penn 6 was the obvious choice, and we’re excited to announce it as the new home of the NYC Buffalo Bills Backers! I’m also humored that we’ve been near Grand Central Terminal all these years, now we’re near Penn Station. The good news with that is the bar is located in a prime location for the Bills/Jets game at the Meadowlands this season (more to come on that). Below are ALL the details for specials, RSVPs, table minimums, menu items (some special new ones in there!) and the overall process. Please give it all a read, this is all based on the last two years of learning through both normal and COVID times. We’ll send out additional emails on pre-season, tailgates, the PUNT Fundraiser and other happenings but wanted to get this communication out to you first so you could start planning your season out. In the meantime, be safe, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all for what I truly know is going to be a memorable season. We’ll be in touch soon! Here is all of the info for drink specials, menu, reservations, table requirements, etc.: https://nycbbb.com/features/drink-specials-times/ GO BILLS!!! Matt “Talkin’ Proud and this is our year!” Kabel
  7. Yes every Sunday or whenever the Bills are on I miss my dad who died in January 2020 thankfully before Covid. We were able to spend his last nine days with him in the hospital. He was a huge bills fan and season-ticket holder and an even bigger Boston Red Sox fan. I like to think that he and Tim Russert up there cheering on our Bills this year. I really miss him while I watch Survivor because we would text during it.
  8. You're not immune until at least 3-4 weeks after the second shot. So yes...
  9. They emailed me this back on 1/30/2020 There’s nothing you need to do. Just keep enjoying your DIRECTV and you’ll get to see every tackle and touchdown next season, starting September 13, 2020.
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