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  1. Lots of prayers. I added her to a prayer group I’m in
  2. Check out Teal Travel. They are in the Amherst area. Chuck Teal does many road trips for the Bills and Sabres. Not sure if he will do one to London but he is great to go through. www.tealtravel.com I have done many Bills road trips with him.
  3. There is a site, cannot remember the exact name, where you can check and see how much actually goes to the charity
  4. Not sure how they will get to Orchard Park from Rochester. Thruway is still closed and all the other routes are also.
  5. Is the Niagara Falls airport open? That would be closer although there’s still a travel ban pretty sure though no police officers pulling over the Buffalo Bills bus
  6. So Prince Emili was released today. He is a good friend of my mom‘s goddaughter‘s son. Can they resign him to the practice squad once he clears waivers?
  7. $131,000 according to channel 7 just now.
  8. So you need a ticket for every single practice? Trying to help out a friend who’s son is very good friends with Prince Emili. She keeps getting booted off the Buffalo Bills app
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