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  1. Luvbills

    Yeah I would worry now about the $5K

    I call bull **** that he actually bet that way.
  2. Luvbills

    The Bills gained an angel yesterday

    If you're so inclined to help out this family https://helpinghandsawo.org/projects/loving-support-for-the-kabel-family/
  3. Luvbills

    The Bills gained an angel yesterday

    I posted it
  4. Luvbills

    NYC Buffalo Bills Backers/Sad News

    Yes they do...
  5. Not sure of what Matt Kabel's screen name is here...but he and Matt Soreco founded and run that Bills club. Matt Kabel's daughter...Sally..passed away today from Leukemia. Sally was diagnosed on 2013. They have a Facebook page..Sweet Sally Sunshine...where you can leave them a note. Matt is originally from Orchard Park. Fly high sweet girl..
  6. Luvbills

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    For some reason I also have it today...is it free for anyone who doesn't have it this weekend??