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  1. Yeah It’s going to be very difficult to listen to. Probably quit listening now. Was hoping for a better selection.
  2. Hope he does get a chance but not with the Bills right now, we are good at RB.
  3. Boston, the worst city in America hands down. Miserable people, miserable people.
  4. Wishing Phillips comes back next year and has a career season. He looked great last year before the injury.
  5. The league is fixed. No punishment for spygate 2 and nothing when Robert Kraft visits and gets arrested in a prostitution/human trafficking ring. Unbelievable!
  6. Want this guy to succeed with the Bills. He seems like a character. Huge upside.
  7. Epenesa is a huge steal getting him at #54. Incredible that he fell to us. His play and size reminds a little of JJ Watt. Not saying he is JJ Watt but the play and player are similar.
  8. Great signing. Hope he’s in the practice roster for the year to develop and get fully healthy. Huge upside.
  9. Awful analysis especial with the Gabriel Davis pick. Just awful.
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