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  1. WOW! Mayles suspended the resr of the season and playoffs with no pay????? How much is that going to cost him????? Unreal. Anyway all this is great for the Bills! No one got hurt seriously.
  2. I passed out at the beginning of the 4th and just woke up to see all the chaos. Crazy!
  3. I’m cheering for Cleveland. Pitts needs to lose. But we have to win the next 2 games and gain some confidence and momentum going into Dallas for thanksgiving! Let’s go!
  4. I bet by Saturday all 32 teams will send at least one person. The local scout in Atlanta. Tick the boxes.
  5. I think he is but we need to get the Ball to Tyler Kroft also.
  6. DLine pressure on Fitz is the key. Cmon Jerry and Ed this is your week!!!!
  7. Great to hear. Josh Allen needs to play more like last year, fearless!
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