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  1. He’s from Montreal and went to school at Syracuse… And yes Southern Ontario is full of Bills fans. I think If the NFL combined Western New York and Souther Ontario fan base the Bills would have top 15 fan base in the NFL if not higher. I think they should.
  2. What he complaining about? Daboll was the OC who is now his head coach, Bobby Johnson was his O Line coach and is Oline coach again in NY. Only person to blame is himself and his coaches.
  3. Completely agree. Would like to a see reporter with a backbone ask Kim Pegula her thoughts and position on this topic as President and owner of the Buffalo Bills. She pushes hard for women in the NFL and Bills. 🤔. Should be interesting. End of the day it’s all about money for these people. IMO.
  4. I think the Pats will be a mess without McDaniel making the calls of offense.
  5. At the same time Deshaun is taking Browns offensive players to Bahamas. Insane, who would travel internationally in the offseason with a known predator??? I mean these guys must have wives, daughters, mothers and sisters. Report: Deshaun Watson Takes Browns Offense to Bahamas to Build Chemistry, Work Out https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/10035947-report-deshaun-watson-takes-browns-offense-to-bahamas-to-build-chemistry-work-out.amp.html
  6. I think Deshaun will be playing in the prison yard before he does for the Browns. What a disaster of a franchise.
  7. It definitely pissed me off but seeing how Josh played in the playoffs makes me feel a lot more positive for next year.
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