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  1. wppete

    Terrelle Pryor - cut

    They should cut Kelvin Benjamin while they are at it.
  2. wppete

    Terrelle Pryor - cut

    Wow amazing.
  3. Sucks not having football on Sunday... Im cheering for the Bengals this week.
  4. wppete

    Bills Release Peterman

    The Jags will pick him up pick his brain on the offense then release him.
  5. What a ridiculous thread.
  6. The Jets are awful.
  7. What is wrong with McDermott???? Why havent they cut Peterman yet?
  8. wppete

    John Harbaugh & Ravens to part ways?

    That would be interesting.
  9. wppete

    Matt Barkley wears a ring, too

    whats the big deal?
  10. wppete

    2019 Offensive Line

    I think its could be an option at least. Mills is a big nasty guy. He is good at Run blocking, just worried about his height and leverage at RG. But why not give it a chance. We can really improve this O-line with these moves and fingers crossed Teller pans out at LG. I think Dawkins is a solid player and he will continue to improve. Who will be the best Center in Free Agency this Year? How much will that cost?
  11. wppete

    Ronald Darby Tore ACL. Done for the Season

    That is brutal. Really sucks to see, always liked Darby. Heal up fast!