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  1. Yeah something is up with him. It seems like he is disinterested and not serious ad it unfortunate as his position is s very serious position on this team. No wonder he isn’t a captain this year.
  2. I feel the OLine cost us majorly today, especially the center and left side. Morse was getting dominated and Feliciano and Dawkins looked awful. Though Daryl Williams and Spencer brown fought hard even though some mistakes they at least fought hard. But Dion Dawkins was a major disappointment again especially the 4th down at the end where he Dawkins completely got destroyed and dominated. He lost us this game. We need to address the oline next year.
  3. I mean he didn’t even get off the ball that was embarrassing. He’s been acting a fool a lot this year. Not a serious guy at a serious position.
  4. This guys cost us the game. No doubt about it.
  5. Dion Dawkins acting like a fool out there. Cost us the game.
  6. They were looking at his right hand on the bench.
  7. Pass the damn ball! Enough with the running. They have 2 rookie corners and a rookie Nickle guy.
  8. Would love to get him back!!! But I don’t know if we have any room. Maybe Kumerow to PS?
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