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  1. I’m pumped for this draft.... if we hit on this one we will be scary.
  2. Most entertaining QB in the league. So happy he is a Bill!!!
  3. And all along Deshaun loses sponsor $$$, will end up paying his victims millions $$$ and Rusty Hardin is probably billing him millions $$$ also... I’m sure Texans will come after that signing bonus from last year. I predict Deshaun ends up in Prison and broke... IMHO
  4. Well I guess those injuries were very serious. That’s too bad I was hoping he would be healthy and surprise people...
  5. Great interview. I’m so surprised and happy we didn’t lose anyone in the front office this year. A lot of talent under Beane.
  6. Thats comical. 😂 https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/bc-lions-duron-carter-cfl-attendance
  7. Diggs footwork is unreal. Love watching his technique...
  8. Unbelievable they even Hurts in this list and he is above Ryan. Comical. Insanity.
  9. 2nd Round is too high. Would be ok in 3rd or 4th if we trade up. The value isn’t there, better players to be had in the 2nd.
  10. Deshaun Watson is ore like +10000000000 😂
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