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  1. Not trying to be a downer, but the pandemic is going to get a whole lot worse in this country before it starts to get better. I can't imagine there will be football this year.
  2. "Maybe a 5-12 kind of guy" sure sounds like a legitimate starter to me. Unless there are only 4-5 "legitimate starters" in the entire league.
  3. That is hilarious, I forgot all about that. I'm not a tattoo guy, but I've always thought to myself that if the Bills win the Super Bowl, I'll get a Bills tattoo. Hell, Salt Lake City is like the capital of tattoo parlors, there are at least three within short walking distance of my house. But I'll say this right now for all the Bills world to see: if Josh Allen wins us the Super Bowl, this will be the Bills tattoo I get on my shoulder.
  4. Bills only the second team to sign all draft picks this year (the Pats**** are the other). Half of all teams haven't even signed a single draft pick yet.
  5. So...how are we defining the term "franchise QB" anyway?
  6. After steady rebuild and a big trade, Bills appear ready to go as far as Josh Allen takes them Nice article by Clayton...mostly standard stuff, focus on Beane and his quotes.
  7. And me too over in Tonawanda with Tom Day's son. He played OJ, I played Chandler. My favorite!
  8. Fun to rewatch, but ugh...Orton and EJ Manuel. My God, what a wasteland we were stuck in.
  9. The second half of the Texans playoff game comes to mind as well...
  10. Dude made one of the most physically amazing plays for a man his size I've ever seen when he was with the Bills. Imagine a man the size of an offensive lineman blocking a punt, running down the ball in the end zone and scoring a touchdown on the play. Unreal.
  11. The question comes down to this: is the goal to increase the chances of the losing team getting another chance? Or is it to reduce concussions and other injuries? If it's the latter, I guess I understand. But I don't know that I've seen that many injuries on these plays. Still, I wouldn't like it. If it's the former, WTF? I think most of us agree that it should be an incredible long shot to get the ball back. Nobody wants to see the scales tipped too far in one direction.
  12. I'd be interested to see what the average conversion rate overall has been for 4th and 15's in the final 2:00.
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