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  1. That was funnier than I was expecting. The retching at the end was hilarious. One thing that would have really made this great is if it was a 29 year old Genny Cream Ale.
  2. Props to Rick Azar for the narration. He was no John Facenda, but the local guy did a nice job.
  3. Araiza doesn't have to be the clear winner. He just has to be at least about as good as Haack. If they're anywhere close, then you go with the younger, cheaper guy with the bigger upside.
  4. Can we just close this thread? I keep coming back to it thinking there will be some new update, but it never seems to have anything to do with Kim Pegula anymore.
  5. Didn't see any threads on this... Started this one a couple of weeks ago. Never played any of the Dark Souls games, so this one is totally new to me, and holy crap, what an insane game. I can't believe how much detail and content there is in this game, it's completely overwhelming at first. Even after playing for a few weeks, I've barely scratched the surface. (Of course, I'm only playing a couple hours every few days, so there's that.) It is truly a test of patience. I can't even count how many times I've died and how many tens of thousands of runes I've lost in the process. But somehow, I keep coming back for more. It seems like a game that you'd have no hope of completing in a reasonable amount of time without looking at some guides and walkthroughs. There are so many things in the game that aren't described or explained and it's puzzling to think that you're somehow supposed to figure it out on your own. Yet it's still really fun to play and, of course, amazing to look at. Interested to see who else may be bashing their head against a wall repeatedly in the name of entertainment.
  6. Ah, that sucks. My mother was friends with him when they were kids, she talks about it every now and then. She'll be sad to hear this.
  7. Will those threads also contain lots of posts from others as well? Would be difficult to have to sift through a thread to find Astro’s report somewhere on page 5…
  8. Being negative is easy. If you’re right you get to crow about it, but if you’re wrong it’s a happy outcome. No risk, all reward.
  9. I will definitely get this tattooed on my arm if JA wins us a SB.
  10. This is seriously the post of the off-season. Well played.
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