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  1. "Bile chick" has to be the best incarnation of that man's name that I've heard.
  2. Please...pretty sure all season long we were being reminded that we had one of the most difficult schedules in the league and we had one of the best strengths of victory of anyone...it was all just nonsense now, right?
  3. I wouldn't be too worried about it. They could surgically repair it if needed, but at this point probably not.
  4. Seemed to be a lot of that yesterday...
  5. Man, that is crazy. On the bright side, unlike a knee injury, this one should heal completely.
  6. Is it really any sillier than the name of the team itself?
  7. Sure, he may have had a pinched nerve, but that's almost certainly not the cause of his unsteadiness after the play. Just my $0.02 (which is less than my hourly rate).
  8. Sort of interesting how when teams put together long TD drives with only running plays, the reaction is often "Wow, they really rammed it down their throats and the other team couldn't stop them. They should do this all day." ...but if a team puts together long TD drives with only passes, the reaction is often "Wow, are they ever going to run the ball? They can't do this all day..." Or is that a straw man and I'm making that up?
  9. Agree with this. He was really hobbling with that toe injury, and it seemed to really affect his ability to scramble and his ability to step into throws. He looked very different to me after that injury, even before he got knocked out of the game. Toe injuries like turf toe can be very tough for runners to gut out...
  10. Disagree. Could have been more, but the Browns held them to FGs. Mahomes was not the same after his toe injury, too. Browns did a nice job in the third quarter before Mahomes went out.
  11. The Browns didn’t too that bad, they were mostly able to hold the Chiefs to FGs and keep them within striking distance. The main problem for the Browns was that they got away from their running game and didn’t get back to it until the second half. The defense was not the problem for the Browns today, and Buffalo would do well to have a similar plan.
  12. Same. He probably should go, though, for his own sake. He really needs to see the field more, and with Diggs, Brown, Beasley, and Davis here, he's just not getting the opportunities. I'd love to keep him, though.
  13. Zimmer is the real hero on that play. How the heck did a defensive lineman get all the way down the field ahead of almost anyone else?
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