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  1. My main takeaway from this thread is that there are a lot of old ***** on this board.
  2. Great insight there. Meanwhile, they played hard last year for a good young coach, had a pretty decent defense by the end of the year, managed to do the one thing McBeane haven't yet been able to do (beat New England in a game that meant a lot to the Pats****), have three first-round picks coming up, and a last-place schedule. Like I said, this could be a team set up for success for several years if they draft well.
  3. If (when) Miami picks up a good QB in the draft this year, watch out. Of the other three teams in the AFC East, I think they are most primed for a run in the next few years.
  4. With actual blocking, the worst that happens on this play is that we get into FG range.
  5. I'm just going to leave this here for y'all again. Enjoy.
  6. I don’t know the actual reason, but I believe it’s because the Bills still wore red helmets at that time, and didn’t want to switch back to white since it might be too much of a change for the offensive players. So they used the standing buffalo design, but switched the colors around. Hideous.
  7. Interesting. Wonder where they will pencil him in first.
  8. Nice signing, but as others have noted, he's not really a RT is he?
  9. I can't listen to him calling games, which really should be his main purpose in life. I remember the days when we would turn down the TV and listen to the radio during games to hear Van. No way would I do that with Murph.
  10. Yeah, that’s what I’m interested in...I’d like to see if anyone’s calculated where things stand with the new contracts...it sounded like a huge number next year, which of course will be less now, but it would be amazing if we can go into next off season with a solid roster and a bunch of cap space to try and keep it all together for several more years...
  11. I know we had a ton of cap space to play with this year, and one thing we heard a lot about prior to free agency is that we also had a ton to work with next year. Has anyone seen an analysis yet of how this year's signings have affected next year's cap space? Just reading about how the Bills have loaded up this year for a deep playoff run, but I'm also curious where we currently stand for next year and beyond, thinking about how well we'll be able to keep the team together (or add to it) for a long stretch of playoff runs.
  12. I loved the red helmets, almost as much as the red end zones. I do really like the white helmets now as well, but it would be great to see the red ones back for a game or two. Just say no, however, to the red helmet with the white standing buffalo. That was an abomination.
  13. Wow, very sad. So sorry to hear it, and thanks for letting us know. Sending our condolences.
  14. I'm not worried about Knox. He made some filthy catches last year, he has the hands. I think it's more of a concentration issue. He'll work it out. If he does, he could be special.
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