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  1. Very happy about this. And I agree, the hire was so fast you know McDermott had this guy in his sights for a while.
  2. Glad most folks are agreeing on the missed block. There's also the missed helmet-to-helmet that should have been called on Cunningham on that play, so it's actually a two-fer. That 15-yard penalty would have put us in FG range.
  3. Not the way I saw it. Borderline elite? Hardly.
  4. I could not possibly disagree with this more. The blocking was the main problem in the second half.
  5. Not particularly, but I’m not talking about the season. Just this game. Like I said, the game was lost many ways, coaching being one. I think the coaching in the second half was poor. I just think it was the poor blocking, play after play, that really derailed this one.
  6. Coaching of the blockers? Sure, I can go with that.
  7. backwards or parallel to your own end zone.
  8. I thought it was going to be 56 yds, but someone else here said maybe 52.
  9. In the first half, sure. Not in the second half. And the Texans didn't lose because they could convert a 3rd and 18, and by escaping a certain sack.
  10. The problem as I see it is that Daboll relies too much on pass plays (like this one) that takes too long to develop. You can do that when you have a strong offensive line that can give their QB the time for that to develop. It should have been clear to him in the second half that the line was seriously struggling to block anyone, and not to rely on slow developing plays.
  11. And there's no reason he shouldn't have known that.
  12. It's the play that stands out the most, I agree, but like I said the game was lost many ways, that being one of them. I just don't think it was the biggest overall.
  13. Guess I'll just disagree. Allen was under constant pressure from guys who seem to have forgotten how to block. And it wasn't Allen's idea to send DiMarco on a freaking fly pattern.
  14. Mostly by the offensive line, but also the TEs. I was just left speechless by how many times offensive players could have blocked someone but didn't, or whiffed so quickly and thoroughly it should be a crime. Not just the times that JJ Watt just walked into the backfield, but other ways as well. A great example was the Josh sweep in overtime...he had three guys in front of him, each of whom had a clear line to the defender, and all three chose not to block the guy. Just ran right by him. If any one of them decides to block the guy, Josh is sprinting down the sidelines. Why nobody wanted to take the guy out is just baffling. Lots of folks are dogging Allen on this one, but to me it had everything to do with the really crappy blocking in the second half.
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