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  1. 32 years later and I still remember that one pretty vividly.
  2. Hard to believe they actually led that game 7-0.
  3. My guess is that he was unhappy he lost his starting job and was starting to cause locker room problems. Just a guess, though. If they release a guy who started the season in the same place they just lost another player, it had to have been for a good reason.
  4. That was the first year the Bills were really good, finishing 12-4, so nobody really knew what to expect. But the sense throughout the season (except for that Bucs game flop) was that they were one of the top teams and could play with anyone. Definitely belonged in the final 4 with the Bengals, 49ers, and Bears, although the Bills lost pretty handily to both the Bears and Bengals during the regular season. Both of those games were looked at as big tests for the young resurgent Bills, and they pretty much crapped the bed both times. Those were the only two losses of the season prior to the Bucs debacle.
  5. Nope, 10-5. The only TD in that game was a run by Vinny Testaverde. Bruce got a sack for a safety in the second half. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/198812040tam.htm The Bills were 11-2 going into that game, the Bucs 3-10. Bills had a total of 39 yards rushing against a crappy Bucs team. I vividly remember the front page of the Buffalo News sports section the next day, showing a picture of a victorious Eugene Marve, the LB who had been traded to the Bucs from the Bills before the season.
  6. The one that immediately comes to mind is the 1988 loss to the Buccaneers, 10-5. Bucs sucked that year, and the loss basically cost us home field for the championship game against the Bengals, which of course we lost.
  7. I think it's fair to say the win against the Rams is a good one against a strong team, but it's also hard to ignore that it required a last-minute comeback after an epic defensive collapse. That has to be part of the overall conversation.
  8. I actually think McDermott is a pretty good coach and I'm glad we have him. However, it's increasingly difficult to overlook that he hasn't had a signature win against a top team since he's been here, when plenty of other new coaches have. Even Flores in Miami somehow was able to beat the Pats**** in NE last year in a game that meant a lot to the Pats***, something McD has yet to do. It's concerning, I'll admit. That, and some of the worst defensive performances in this team's history have been with McD at the helm just over the past 3 years. I could understand it in his first year, but it's not acceptable now. I think he'll end up being an excellent coach, but he really needs to figure this thing out soon. I just don't know what to think of this defense anymore.
  9. She's plenty active on Twitter if you miss her that much.
  10. At this point I imagine the Jets want to get as much draft capital as possible to attract a new HC next year. Unfortunately for them, they're selling low.
  11. We were supposed to originally play today and the Chiefs on Thursday. If we learn today that the Titans game is cancelled and we play the Chiefs on Thursday, it would essentially be the same as originally planned in terms of prep for KC.
  12. Nice write up, thanks. One thing I’ve noticed over the years that other teams have done consistently, that the Bills just haven't been able to do, is to get a few spectacular catches from their WRs when they need them. I’ve seen so many other teams’ WRs make ridiculous catches and have wondered, why can’t we have that? And now we do. I mean, each of our top three WRs made spectacular catches today...Beasley with the crazy TD catch, Diggs with the contested deep catch, and Brown with that absurd catch that should’ve been a TD. All in one game! And we’re seeing it regularly, week after week, including from the rookie. Finally! QBs look a whole lot better when they have WRs who can regularly make plays like that, and we seem to have it in spades now.
  13. I deleted the fake tweet from my post, but it will still appear in the replies, FYI.
  14. Did I miss this posted already? *EDIT: fake tweet removed
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