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  1. Right, that's what I'm worried about if you list them via the Bills site/Ticketmaster...not sure if other sites would be linked into that. But if StubHub and Ticketexchange are linked, that might be the better way to go.
  2. Traditionally, it takes an offensive line a decent amount of time to gel together, longer than training camp and preseason, unless it's the same starting 5 year to year. In the Bills case with 4 of 5 starters new this year, my expectation is that it should take even longer. I've always thought that you have to give a line the first 4 games to get things figured out, before they really start playing as a cohesive unit, and (barring injuries) they generally get better as the season goes on. It's not surprising to me that the Bills line is better than they were, but still not yet a great unit. If they can get healthy and stay healthy, I think they will become very good -- not top 5 good, but possibly top 10 or 12. But my guess is that it will take at least until mid-season to see them at this level.
  3. Just wondering what people feel is the best way to sell Bills tickets. I usually just use the Bills Account Manager to list them on Ticketmaster, but I don’t always get great action there. Not sure how you can take advantage of other sites like StubHub without it causing problems. Do people prefer other sites? Is the idea that you’d need to pick one site, and remove the listing from Ticketmaster to do that?
  4. Don’t be too happy...ankles (especially high ankle sprains) can keep a guy out longer than concussions in many cases.
  5. Didn’t he miss 4 FGs? If so, then if he had made them the Titans would have had 19 points, not 16. Nevertheless, I think the point is, even if he had made 3 out of the 4 FGs, I think we still win since we were in FG range at the end. Despite that, I’m still thankful for the misses, though I do feel bad for the guy.
  6. Now that you mention it, I remember seeing that, too, and wondering if his head got hit harder than I had first thought. Then I forgot all about it.
  7. I remember that too, and had the same thought. I mean, Daboll has some decent tools to work with, and sometimes he does a good job with them, but then other times like these I’m just left scratching my head. Very frustrating, I think this offense could do a LOT better with the players we have.
  8. And that's just 92-96. There's another video for the years prior to that.
  9. In the second clip? Not sure, I just see Spain walking around looking for something to do.
  10. Not an easy task to do that, and it should generate a lot of discussion, debate, and criticism, but overall a pretty good job. Mostly I'm disappointed not to see Tom Day on that list. I'd obviously move around several of the guys here and there, but he hit most of them.
  11. The trade talk is silly, no reason to consider it. Nsekhe at RT and Ford at RG is our best combination, and I'm looking forward to seeing it more. My real concern, after watching two preseason games, is if Spain and Dawkins are up to the task. Both have whiffed badly at times. But it's still early and they'll have more time to get used to playing next to each other.
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