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  1. Good read, thanks. I think the key to this game is if we can keep Allen upright and comfortable. When he gets pressure and doesn't have lanes to run, bad things happen. If we start seeing sacks and pressure early, it will be a long night. This one is all on the offensive line.
  2. Honestly, even if the Patriots**** win this week, as long as the Bills beat the Steelers next Saturday's game will still be lit, since the division would still be up for grabs (assuming Miami can somehow beat the Pats****). Come on, Bills...
  3. I would give anything for a Bills win this week and a Patriots**** loss. That would make for an insane game on Saturday.
  4. On the brightest, cheeriest side, we can still make it in if we lose out and the Titans also lose out. It's not completely unlikely, as the Titans play the Texans twice and New Orleans...
  5. You're not going to this game, are you? 😛
  6. And Beasley said the Dallas game was no big deal either, though we all know now that wasn’t the case.
  7. Agreed, definitely the best play of the game...but we're lucky they didn't call a penalty on Singletary for that late shot he took on the Cowboys player after the play had ended...
  8. I do think it will be interesting to see how Josh plays in a nice, controlled environment for a change, without the wind howling in his face...
  9. Seems like at this point a week ago most folks here would have objected strongly to that assessment.
  10. Let's just hope we're all fat and happy...
  11. I am the worst. It's a lot easier to watch when you know they suck. But when they give you a little taste of success, it just makes it so much harder.
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