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  1. Damn, I can't keep track...is Kumerow still under contract with us?
  2. I really thought Trent Edwards was going to be the answer at QB. Same with EJ. Of course, I also thought the iPod was pretty lame when they first announced it. I also remember seeing an early HTML page in Mosaic back in the early 90s and thinking that it would never amount to much.
  3. Wow, that was more depressing than I thought it would be.
  4. Looks to me like a list of players Beane is hoping other teams jump ahead of them to grab, so the guy they want falls to them.
  5. Damn, I had that card when I was a kid. Wish I still had them all.
  6. Watched it this morning. I thought he did a great job.
  7. This is all I really want from this draft.
  8. Wow, I totally thought the same thing and kept thinking it until you posted this.
  9. One funny thing I noted...somewhere in the highlights of his 2nd season they ran a designed run play, forgot which game it was in that video...but they ran the same play twice in the game, both were in that video, and the play was designed to get Feliciano upfield to block for him, and both times Feliciano just ran around whiffing and not blocking anybody.
  10. Let's see Beane go rogue and trade all his picks for Pitts, Ricky Williams style!
  11. Slightly better? James had three seasons with Pittsburgh with more than 30 catches (career high 43) and has averaged about 10 yards per catch. The most catches Smith ever had in a season in his 10-year career is 12, and he's had only 2 seasons with 10 or more catches. James has more career TD catches (11) in 6 seasons than Smith had (10) in 10 seasons.
  12. Guy's only 26 (soon to be 27), has great size, and is a good blocker. Actually had decent receiving numbers when he was with Pittsburgh before he went to the wasteland of Detroit. Seems like he would be a solid pickup at the right price.
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