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  1. I would really like Nelson on this defense. I mean, that would be a bold move to make that a killer secondary.
  2. If these guys can stay healthy, that is one hell of a WR corps.
  3. Eagles helmet in the background? Screw him. Just kidding, he's a good one. Will be missed.
  4. Wow, I didn't know anyone else here knew where Chillicothe, IL was. I'll be in Peoria next month, probably drive right through Chillicothe. My mother-in-law is from there. And yes, I will be wearing Bills gear.
  5. Point taken, though the fact remains that many TEs looked great against us, yet it doesn't necessarily mean they're great TEs.
  6. Then again, practically every TE in the league who played against us looked like an all-star. It was one of the biggest weaknesses of this defense last year.
  7. I've mentioned this here sometime in the past, but this is the thread for it, so here goes. Bear with me. Few years back the mother-in-law from Illlinois was fishing for ideas for a holiday gift for me, so I decided a Bills t-shirt would be a decent option. So I went to the Bills shop online and picked out three different options for her. I emailed her the choices, numbered #1 through #3 with the URL links, and told her if she couldn't decide on one then I thought the second one, #2, would be my top choice. Seemed like a reasonable plan. Fast forward to the gift exchang
  8. @corta765, great job as always. Some great moments in there, but man that was painful to relive. Except the Green Bay game, that was so awesome. It’s amazing how I remember all of those moments so clearly, like they happened yesterday.
  9. It's the only Bills jersey I have.
  10. Awesome, thanks @Chandler#81! My all-time favorite Bill as well. Loved pretending to be him as a kid, catching tip-toe passes on the sidelines. I hadn't realized he had caught passes from so many great QBs. Really cool to see him catch one from Pastorini, another of my favorites growing up, though for reasons I'm not sure. Maybe I just liked his name? Probably one of my favorites of his as well. It was featured on the opening of a weekly show, was it Inside the NFL? I was really hoping they'd have that one in there.
  11. I still cannot fathom that wasn't the call. What was their explanation, again??
  12. Someday we're gonna see an interview with Beane where he'll be asked why the Ertz deal never happened, and he'll reveal that there was never any interest in him at all, it was all just a media creation.
  13. Well said. Same age, same memories. 1975 was a tough year indeed. Damn, though, OJ was really good. Never an end zone dance, either. There was some incredible O-line blocking in that video as well. On one play in there against the Steelers, Braxton and McKenzie both violently took out Steelers defenders and opened up a huge hole for OJ.
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