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  1. Mostly just in the vein of "how did we specifically improve from last year." I mean, in this one they have Singletary lined up essentially as an OL next to Saffold, probably because they figured he would completely screw up the threatened blitz.
  2. This guy has been tweeting today about Josh's work in the Bengals playoff game, but all I see is Saffold getting repeatedly embarrassed. I don't know if there was something going on with him that game, like an injury or something, but this is just brutal. Gives me hope for next year, since the others on the line seem to be doing a pretty decent job in pass blocking, even Brown.
  3. I liked occasionally reading his columns. He has an old-school style and perspective that I'll miss, as the internet void gets filled by barely-literate, glorified bloggers with no particular inside information and opinions passed on as "knowledge." Now get off my lawn!!
  4. I don't have anything to add to the discussion other than this is a pretty interesting and cool thread. Thanks OP!
  5. Sorry if I missed this, but just curious why you would consider TB "mixed"?
  6. So the Jags get two games in a row in London, and the second is against Buffalo? That mean they will stay there and be more adjusted to the jetlag than we will be?
  7. I feel like I should get at least some credit for the deal almost being done, having started that thread...
  8. Will the AFC East beat up on each other the way everyone expected the AFC West to do it last year?
  9. Sort of what you mean, but my favorite/worst example of this was back during the dark times, in the Monday Night season opener against New England**** in 2009. I had to board a plane that evening, can't remember to where, and I sat in the boarding area watching everything I could as long as I could. They were getting to last call for boarding when Freddie scored on the excellently called and beautifully executed screen pass to give the Bills an 11-point lead with just over 5 minutes left in the game. At that point, I boarded the plane with feelings of joy and hope, knowing I wouldn't be able to know the results until we landed. By the time we landed, it was past midnight, and the arrival airport was dark and mostly abandoned. There was a TV on in the middle of the terminal so I stood there and waited for the score scrawl at the bottom. When I saw the final was 25-24 Pats****, I nearly ***** my pants right there in the airport. I walked out of the airport in a daze. In retrospect, I am so glad I didn't have to watch that collapse in real time. Second best (but really the best) was the other season opener against New England****, the one in 2003. Had to go to a friend's wedding and we were again on a plane the way back during the game. I didn't hear a thing about the game, and found out after we landed that the final was 31-0. That was a sweet feeling.
  10. Hey, I wasn't the one triggered by a new topic on a message board. Would be good if you took your own advice.
  11. Ah, the always impressive "I know you are but what am I" response. Savage! Seriously, you're telling me you look at these two posts: ...and your conclusion is that the second is the totally rude and personal one while the first is just a totally innocent, objective statement of fact (nothing personal at all!). Sure. I mean, I guess if you're living on your own personal bizarro world? As for "others agreeing with me" I guess I'd compare the handful of those who did with the now 320+ board members who voted in the poll and extended this thread to 9 pages. Apparently a lot more thought there was, in fact, room for another thread, your ALL CAPS bewilderment notwithstanding. Again, as other have repeatedly pointed out, just ignore the thread if you don't like it. Nobody's forcing you to interact.
  12. Oh, I see. So your original post was not personal in any way? Sure thing.
  13. Sorry, didn’t realize you were so sensitive about these things.
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