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  1. He's gotten opportunities, but he keeps fumbling or dropping them.
  2. Now is the time Cook needs Cook to start playing well. The next screen pass he drops is going to drive me insane.
  3. Bills were ***** the day Mularkey unceremoniously fired Rusty Jones for the redoubtable JT Allaire and that idiot crew. It's been the curse of Rusty Jones ever since.
  4. We went back to getting Little Caesars again. Gonna get fat this year.....
  5. Mike Mularkey said the same thing. That's when I knew he was done as a Bills coach. You can't channel Hank Bullough and remain employed.
  6. Jesus, senior moment there, LOL!! Fixed in the post. Surprised I didn't go for Jon Dorenbos....
  7. Nice punt Sam! Good snap Garrison Reid!
  8. One of the stupidest statements I've ever heard from an NFL coach, and that includes the likes of Hank Bullough. After all the research into concussions, if you make a statement like "only a concussion", you're a *****in' moron.
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