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  1. Some good news for the Bills finally. Let's hope McBeane spends it on the right stuff.
  2. Yet another scathing indictment of the Bills brain trust. This draft better be heavy offense. Time to go all in on Josh and the offense, while eschewing middling high defensive picks, like Basham, Rousseau, Epenesa, etc.
  3. I rate Ed Oliver Good, not a blue-chipper. Chris Jones he ain't. Otherwise decent chart.
  4. As long as McDummy is the head coach, the window is closed.
  5. Just say no to a dude named Chauncey. Hell kinda name is that?
  6. WR, and it's not close. Sick and tired of all the investments on defense coming up small. Time to go all in on the offense and the best QB in the NFL, Josh Allen.
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