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  1. Fitzbeardy has nothing to throw or handoff to. We should win easily.
  2. So we gonna get Fitztragic or Fitzmagic? I don't think it matters, because he has no weapons at WR or RB. He throws two picks and we win going away.
  3. He Light(s) My Fire. Jose just had a good interview on OBD. "All I wanted was a chance". I like this guy.
  4. Put down the skunky beer, and back away slowly....
  5. The only problem with this scenario is that it assumes the refs are getting the calls correct. But they are uniformly bad across the league. Coaches need some way to counteract how bad the refs are.
  6. Illegal formation, limerick instead of haiku, five yard penalty, still first down. Respect the process Says Clappy McClapperson Defend your dirt, Men
  7. A few years ago, I did the Zebra Report, where I went through the game tape and analyzed the official's calls, as impartially as possible. When the Bills got away with one, I said so, as well as called out the refs when we got screwed. I gave up after a season because the one thing I found was how poorly the refs did their jobs week to week. I expect poor officiating. Replay is there to overturn the egregious bad calls, but unfortunately, Al Riveron is in charge of it. If Mike Pereira or anyone else with a brain was in charge, then replay would be working. Don't get rid of replay, get rid of Riveron. Hopefully one day Riveron will be replaced, and the NFL replay system will finally pay dividends.
  8. Legal, probably not. Illegal? Absolutely! Our boy Anderson will go gangsta on Marcia's knees three seconds after the ball is gone, the Anderson's wife will tweet that he tripped. I'll be fine with it, of course, 'cause Marcia.
  9. Is Eric Wood unretiring? AWESOME!
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