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  1. We cut Fred Jackson for this piece of *****. Go ***** yourself Karlos with a K.
  2. How does McD lose Thee? Let me count the ways....
  3. McGahee was a 1st round pick that didn't play for an entire year, on a team that needed playmakers, and a player so stupid that he didn't know it was 4th down in NE. Whitner was a bust, considering Ngata was on the board to be had, OR Marv could have traded down and gathered more picks because Leinart, Cutler, etc. were still on the board. Picking Whitner was by far the worst move there. CJ Spiller was also a bust because Bulaga was there to be had. Could have been our RT for a decade, instead of for the Packers. These players all belong on the list of worst draft picks ever for the Bills.
  4. And Captain Kirk. Moving up to take TJumptomakeacatch Graham was emblematic of the idiocy of the Nix/Whaley era.
  5. I was thinking Kurt Warner, just take the Westwood One radio team and plop them into the MNF booth.
  6. RIP indeed. Happy Trails, partner.
  7. 2014 was the WR draft of our generation. We'll know in 2025 whether 2020 was any good.
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