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  1. Flores is a trainwreck. He was a complete loose cannon that nearly destroyed Tua's career. Then, on his way out the door, he carpet-bombed the entire Miami franchise, from the owner to the janitors. I don't know how any HC could trust this guy. I'm sure Payton will have him on a very short leash.
  2. He's so slow that he averages 4.7 YPC behind a bull#### OL. He'd probably average over 5 YPC if he wasn't so *****in' slow.
  3. OK, I'll give you Steve and Walker. That slow ***** is so overused.
  4. He'd start on any team where the RB isn't named Saquon Barkley, Derrick Henry, or CMC, so I got 28 teams other than the Bills.
  5. Awesome in the regular season, chokes in the playoffs.
  6. Let's hope it's final this time and this cheatin' piece of ***** is, at long last, GONE!!!
  7. It's not over yet, Lee Harvey!! Fangio could still give Miami the Fangoo....
  8. *****. This is a very un-Fish hire. It smacks of intelligence.
  9. Didn't do much since Fahrenheit 451, so I'm okay with that....
  10. Imma disagree with you OP, because KC's nobodies on D are better than our myriad high draft picks on D. And Chris Jones is head and shoulders above anybody we have not named Von Miller. Our D line is good enough to beat the dregs of the AFC, but it ain't good enough to get us to a Super Bowl, let alone win one. I'm not letting coaching off the hook, because our coaching staff chokes in the big moments. But we have a significant talent gap on D. I think we need to go all in on offense, and get into shootouts with KC and Cinci, because our D is not going to slow them down anytime soon.
  11. My favorite Eagles song is Lyin' Eyes, or The Last Resort, depending on which one I heard last.
  12. Ed Oliver is not worth 10M/yr, end of story. You can get his production for half that. We need to treat Ed the way Matrix treated Sully.... (What happened to Sully? I let him go....)
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