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  1. Very strange comments, context or not. Loved the fire while he was here, but we're stronger without him. Best of luck to you, Jose'.
  2. Game day situational coaching. Bills offense clicking? No problem. Not clicking? We lost every single one-score game last year. McChoke needs to be better.
  3. Jest gonna Jest, Cheats are doneski. Fish look the best on paper, but we will dominate them all. I'll be shocked if any AFC East game is closer than a TD for us.
  4. Kevin Harlan here, alongside Ryan Fitzpatick....
  5. At this point, I would guess it has to be medical. I did a search and didn't see any updates. Hope Fitzy's doing OK with rehab.
  6. Why wouldn't you be? Bills coaching has now arguably cost them shots at 3 Super Bowls. The Jest defense wouldn't have given up 45 yards in 13 seconds. Just pitiful.
  7. This son of a B word is throwing a two-hit shutout, he's shakin' me off, you believe that *****? Charlie, here comes the deuce, and when you speak of me, speak well. No no, serve it up! My favorite Bull Durham scene.
  8. Anything travels that far oughta have a damn stewardess on it, don't ya think?
  9. Arguably the funniest thing I have ever read on this board 🤪
  10. Life is full of shi', when you look at i'....
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