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  1. Awesome writeup Corta. I'd like to add two observations. Week 6 at the NYG featured Fred Jackson virtually untouched on an 80-yard TD run. It was a thing of beauty, watching Fred gliding down the field, loping like a gazelle. The second observation is that Fred was a legit MVP candidate before he broke his leg. He was on pace for 1500 yards rushing (5.5 YPC) and 700 yards receiving (11.3 YPC). Ah, what might have been. We just didn't have enough weapons on offense to overcome the loss of Fred.
  2. Bills are too close to the Super Bowl to be rolling the dice on anyone. No more McGahees or Maybins allowed. Must be ready to play day 1.
  3. Since the unilateral fake field goal, I have wanted this guy gone. Thank you McBeane, for finally making my dream a reality. In other news, Josh Allen is now the undisputed porn 'stache champion on the Bills.
  4. Maybin redux. No thanks. We need an impact player at #1, not a developmental prospect. No reason to reach.
  5. These guys are 16 days late with this BS. Most of those "dropped interceptions" would have been circus catches, if made. They weren't, and that's all that counts. NFL QB's must make throws into tight windows (I'm looking at you, Tuhrod Taylor). JA makes those throws, and sometimes, a defensive player makes a play to bat the ball away. Good for them. It doesn't indicate any flaw in Josh's game.
  6. Besides FredEx (duh), no one has yet mentioned Uncle Ted "Mount" Washington, whom Randy Cross once described as a "landslide with a helmet".
  7. McMahon has become a caricature of himself. Charles Martin was playing for Green Bay when he cheap shotted McMahon, causing McMahon multiple injuries. Yet Green Bay is a better organization than Chicago. OoooooooooooooooK.
  8. Well deserved and long overdue to see Marvcus Levy in the CFL HoF.
  9. Hey PEDelman, don't let the door hitya where The Good Lord $hitya.
  10. The "'im" in "Just give it to 'im". Well played, very well played.
  11. ***** this prick. Complete embodiment of The Cheatriot Way. He deserves nothing but pain and misery for the rest of his pitiful life.
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