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  1. Would you use Shady as trade bait?

    Says here, no OL, no WR, now no RB, but we got a QB. 4-12 sounds about right.
  2. Aaron Rodgers 'You've got to trust the process'

    Said the guy banging Danica Patrick. Hell, I'd trust that process.
  3. Who is your favorite current Bill?

    For me, it's a coin flip between Kyle and LeShady. Only Bills that earned their paychecks the last few seasons, IMNSHO.
  4. Peterman Works w/ Tom House, Adds Velocity

    Buffalo. Where we judge a QB on one game and decide whether he sucks or not.
  5. Bills Release DE Cap Capi

    Bills slimming down by getting rid of the capigool...
  6. What If A QB Says No? Can They Say No Any More?

    Look up "NFL Anti-trust Exemption". It's why they get away with that ****.
  7. The heck with this, I'm just going to ask him

    If you're lucky, you'll only be arrested.
  8. BIlls' Armchair GM: If trade-up price is too high, Go to Foles!

    Compare these to McCarron and extrapolate, they're nearly identical. McCarron has about 1/6 the game experience, but giving up a first for a McCarron clone would seem risky at best. Foles is a Dow Joneser, probably more exciting than Tyrod, but I'm for giving AJ a shot before coughing up a first for Foles.
  9. WNYTBDGPS pre-draft Luncheon

    I'm outta town Jay, sorry.
  10. OK, this guy is a !@#$ing sandwich.
  11. Jarvis Landry Signs 5-Year Deal with CLE for $15.1M per Season

    I hope that Jarvis Landry gets laid out on TT's first overthrow, like he did to Aaron Williams. F'in POS.
  12. Why is Kaelin Clay back on the roster?

    Because Clay Clay. We're stocking up on Clays, like we used to stock up on Williamses.
  13. Bluto Addresses the Bills Draft Strategy

    TRADE DOWN, TRADE DOWN! Ah, I think they like the idea Hoov! Our picks will suck anyway, so we might as well pick a few more up. TRADE DOWN, TRADE DOWN, TRADE DOWN!!!!
  14. USC EDGE Uchenna Nwosu visiting Bills

    Key and Peele All-Star name. GIT'R'DUN!
  15. Dude is lucky to be alive. .40 BAC is usually a one-way ticket to a refrigerated steel drawer and a toe tag in the closest morgue.