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  1. I was willing to give Hausch Money the benefit of the doubt, but the Dallas game removed my doubts. We need to be looking for a kicker that is REAL money, not the counterfeit bills Hauschka's been passing lately. The hard part is finding them. Kicking is down across the league this year, so no one is really standing out as "I gotta get this guy". The kickers on the street are a bunch of JAGs that no one wants. For better or worse Hausch Money is our guy, so Bills Mafia needs to send good thoughts his way, and hope like hell he can get back his mojo.
  2. The Bills are the ONLY team in NY. Let's get that right.
  3. NT Class of '80. I may have to take back everything I've said about you.
  4. Good for Mitch Trubisky. Keep on Truckin'.
  5. I still remember that bootleg against Jacksonville. Love him or hate him, he's the only Bills QB since Jim Kelly with a winning record (JA currently notwithstanding). He's a malcontent when he's benched behind inferior QB's. We win the Titans game if Wade wasn't a ***** about starting Scrub Johnson. Flutie was fine here until that happened.
  6. Congratulations on spelling Kevin Harlan's name correctly.
  7. Stupid comment. He's lucky he only got suspended and not fired outright.
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