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  1. Freddie's Dead

    What if the line isn’t that bad?

    Our running game was fairly anemic, outside Josh's scrambles. Note how few first downs we had in the 2nd half, and how we weren't able to crank out first downs once Daboll went conservative. The line needs to get better there. The pass blocking was good to very good, with only a couple breakdowns. They may be gellin', but Bodine > Groy at center, and we went downhill when Bodine went down.
  2. Freddie's Dead

    Where Did That Pass Rush Come From?!

    Trent Murphy rounding into form, Star playing Ted Washington-like, Kyle looked like a new man out there today. Let's hope it's a trend.
  3. Freddie's Dead

    Why the Bills won today

    I eschewed the pizza and made risotto instead. Risotto from now on.
  4. Freddie's Dead

    WR Suggestion - Bills should sign ASAP

    We were told when Kerley was cut that it was a numbers game, and McDermott never lies.
  5. Freddie's Dead

    The move nobody is talking about- Bojorquez

    He's making a few too many rookie mistakes for me, like the first two punts today, and the dropped snap in B'more. Let's hope we get the 2nd half Bojangles for the rest of the season.
  6. Freddie's Dead

    WR Suggestion - Bills should sign ASAP

    We should re-sign Kerley before taking a flyer on an unproven WR.
  7. Freddie's Dead

    Milano = Playmaker

    The Cookie was defensive MVP today.
  8. Freddie's Dead

    Funniest thing i have seen in a long time

    This is in the running for POTY! ROTFLMFAO!!!!
  9. Freddie's Dead

    Game Balls vs. the Vikings

    Bad day for The Nutty Professor.
  10. Freddie's Dead

    McDermott piling on: Should have put Peterman in.

    Peterson? Jesus.
  11. Freddie's Dead

    It’s confirmed: Zay Jones is the biggest bust in living memory

    <sigh> He's the leading receiver on the team.
  12. Freddie's Dead

    Steelers listening to trade offers for Leveon Bell

    For him not to show would be ridiculously stupid on his part. He'd have to sign the same franchise tender next year. If the Steelers didn't let him go this year, they will never let him go next year.
  13. Freddie's Dead

    It’s confirmed: Zay Jones is the biggest bust in living memory

    You lost me completely when you invoked the name of TJumptomakeacatchGraham. C'mon man. I'm one of Zay's biggest detractors, but he's balling and catching passes thrown his way. He's earned some slack.
  14. Freddie's Dead

    Caption This: Josh Allen

    Josh Allen, with the football, at the pylon. POTY if you can get a smashed table in there....
  15. Freddie's Dead

    Unnecessary Roughness Call on Tre' White 😒

    Boy, that tweet just makes this call so much better. NOT! Textbook tackle and a hard hit. Guess the NFL would prefer he YAC'd, so they gave him 15 YAC. The fact that it wasn't helmet-helmet makes this call complete and utter bull ****.