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  1. Bruce was young and stupid once, but he cleaned up his act. LT, not so much....
  2. Wasn't this just before Denzel got B-slapped by the 'hood?
  3. 17M a year for this POS? YGBFKM. What a joke. ***** McBeane on this one. Time to get off your ass Eddie. To paraphrase another Buffalo Bill, EARN YOUR *****IN' CONTRACT!!!
  4. If the McKittrick haterz got him run outta town for lack of situational awareness, than Eddie O should not be far behind. We need to free up that 10M to get DHop, a backup OT, etc. Ed Oliver is a DD on the Bust Chart.
  5. As soon as they can find a dance partner for Eddie O, that's 10M right there.
  6. I thought his middle name was Henry.....
  7. Optimism - Josh Allen Pessimism - McClappy
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