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  1. Freddie's Dead

    Lorenzo’s contract details

    Inside LB's Edmunds $3+M, PB Blaster $5M, Trevathan $7M. Outside LB's Mingo $3.4M, Suggs $5.1M, Mercilus $6.5M, if I lump in DE's, it only gets worse. Lorax getting 3M. That is a HUGE hometown ***** discount, any way you slice it.
  2. Freddie's Dead

    Lorenzo’s contract details

    $3M plus incentives is as cheap as ***** for the Bills. In real dollars, he's worth twice that.
  3. Freddie's Dead

    Report: Joe Philbin has interviewed with Bills

    Wait, Joe Philbin? I thought you meant Regis Philbin.
  4. Freddie's Dead

    Would Cordy Glenn be an option in FA?

    Cordys Glenn? Maybe for the vet minimum. Meh.
  5. Freddie's Dead

    Blakeman ref for KC *NE game...and *pats fans upset

    Since their boy Coleman retired, they just realized they're *****.
  6. Freddie's Dead

    Eagles officially choose Wentz over Foles

    Foles is a good QB. He should get at least 10-15M/yr on the open market.
  7. Freddie's Dead

    Bills sign OT Jeremiah Sirles to 1 year extension

    I gave this a Meh a few weeks back. I'm OK with a 1-year deal. Let's see if he can develop.
  8. Freddie's Dead

    Our Last Win in the Playoffs

    AKA The Don Shula Retirement Game. Bills drop a 342 burger rushing. Bryan Cox pelted with D-Cells. But the best moment, by far, Van with the "TIM TINDALE, THE CANADIAN COMET!!" For me, this topped 51-3. We beat the crap out the Fish that day. It was a great time to be a Bills fan.
  9. Freddie's Dead

    Gerald McCoy: Cap casualty

    GIT 'R' DUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. ***** him and the horse he rode in on. What bull####. Cue the violins.
  11. Freddie's Dead

    Lorenzo is back

    Good news, we need the leadership and big-play ability.
  12. Freddie's Dead

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    You can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay.....but you doesn't have to call me Johnson. OR,
  13. Freddie's Dead

    Startling Star statistic

    Stultifyingly stacked stupidity.
  14. Freddie's Dead

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

  15. Freddie's Dead

    Caption This

    Cheaters are us.