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  1. I thought the most interesting comments were around letting Phillips go, and then Star opts out. Oops...
  2. <sigh> He agreed to the indenture, so that makes it OK. That's the other argument I've seen here.
  3. Then he should have been cut and allowed to try elsewhere. It's the indenture part that is so offensive.
  4. Apologize if I wasn't clear. While the NFL created the rules to indenture CWade, the Bills took full advantage of those rules. Shame on both of them.
  5. The NFL set the rules. They allowed a player to be indentured to a team for two years without requiring the team to play that player. I've argued against this, as it smacked of the "reserve clause" in baseball. Curt Flood successfully fought against the reserve clause in the mid-70's, but at the cost of his career. I thought one year was bad enough, but two? Brutal. That's one of the reasons I'm so excited to see this guy succeed, since he was essentially prevented from playing for two years. And save the justifications for doing this to a human being in 2019. It was wrong.
  6. Absolutely cannot wait to see Christian Wade in action again. The NFL indentured this guy for two years, and I really want to see him succeed. The raw talent is ridiculous, dude is world class. He solves the speed issue that everyone is complaining about with Motor and Moss. If he can pickup a blitz, great, but I'm more interested in the speed and quickness at RB.
  7. Glad you're OK. Didn't realize how much I missed your thoughts until you made me wait 48 hours to read them. I didn't think Daboll wanted to run the offense through Motor, but he did want to establish the run. Motor likely sealed his fate in Buffalo with that drop. As I've said elsewhere, I really hated picking Singletary, but he won me over last year. This year, his play has regressed badly, and he lost me completely with that drop. He's going to be hard-pressed to even make the team next year. You can't fold in the biggest moments, as he has done all year. Can
  8. Resign and re-sign are not synonyms. I agree with the OP that the Bills should not RESIGN Allen.
  9. Belicheat and Marcia are both GCOATs, miles better than anyone else, and they still stooped to cheating. Their legacy is the same as always, Cheaters that will likely be first ballot HOFers. (Almost) Everyone loves a winner, right?
  10. They did, I wrote it up in the GDT. McKittrick literally lifted Diggs right off the ground to stop him from going anywhere.
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