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  1. I'm not sold that any of those guys are #1's let alone #2 WR's. Bunch of JAGs until I see it on the field.
  2. I wouldn't say worse, but the "additions" at WR were more like a lateral move. Let's hope they're better than they look on paper.
  3. I like the Rudolph option. Hell, I was willing to trade our 2020 and 2021 first round reindeer draft picks to Santa just a couple weeks ago.
  4. All I know about Wrecking Crew is that he was the winning horse in the The Sting when they gave Lonnegan "The Shut-Out".
  5. Kelso was excellent at analysis, able to explain NFL concepts so we could all understand. I learned a lot listening to his broadcasts. I'll miss Kelso. One of the reasons Kelso was so good was because he came on the heels of VanPelt. I hope Eric Wood won't be just another cheerleader like VanPelt. There's already enough Myron Cope's in the league.
  6. I forgot about that. Collins couldn't carry Jack's jock. Brutal.
  7. As much as I despise Orenthal, giving out #32 again is just wrong. Almost as bad as giving #22 to that POS Bush.
  8. Hope Cordys Glenn can stay healthy, and best of luck to him.
  9. Our WR corpse [sic] is still a huge question mark. Perhaps improved on paper, but not one of these guys is a true #1. We got blocking TE's out the ying. We drafted Warrick Dunn. Bills be runnin' da football a lot, mon!
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