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  1. The biggest problem with the trade was that we didn't get enough picks. We needed another 1st or 2nd rounder to make the trade worthwhile.
  2. Just when I got past wanting to stick sharp needles in my eyes over Dabollocks not using Motor in OT.....
  3. It's a shame, I have no faith at all in Dabollocks. OT in Houston told me all I ever need to know about him.
  4. Wade Phillips will whip that D into shape. If Superfly can get his head right, the Browns might be on the rise.
  5. Other than the three 1st rounders Whaley spent on him, I never quite got the Sammy hate. I'll never forget the game against the Lions where he reached back one-handed and tipped the ball to himself for the catch. He made some plays here that I'd never seen before by other WR's. He wasn't a McBeane guy, and we moved on. Fine. The schadenfreude toward him from this board is unnecessary.
  6. The latest sacrificial lamb for Maroon. You have to be a special kind of stupid to take the OC position working for this #######. Yeah, I know, 32 jobs....
  7. I feel ya boys. This weekend triggered my anger all over again. Losing to the ***** Texans just eats me up.
  8. With BoyToy coming back from IR, Pufnstuf should be gone next year. The TD in PIT was the only play Pufnstuf put up all season. Not worth the do re mi.
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