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  1. Let me know when JJ is indicted. Until then, this is garbage
  2. That Humm autograph worth some do re mi.
  3. We'll have none of that correct grammar here. Two posts in row with the correct use of principal and principle? What happened to the TBD I knew?
  4. What bull####. They're just pissed that they didn't pick him and now he beats the ***** outta them. Josh Allen is the best QB in the NFL. We just need to get better around him.
  5. Another bold prediction. The Bills sign the US Olympic Table Tennis coach to provide relief for McClappy.
  6. No way McKittrick gets cut, all he does is make play after play after play. My bold prediction is that CWade makes the roster, sending Williams to the PS.
  7. You're right, Duffs Henrietta closed.
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