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  1. Don Ohlmeyer was a young producer at NBC at the time. He was looking for a way to boost the ratings on a meaningless late-season game between two teams with losing records. It worked, as ratings were much higher than expected. A brilliant ploy by a sports genius in the making.
  2. Cut Hyde? No, he's a cornerstone of the defense.
  3. North Dallas Forty showed the dirty side of the training room. Amazing how little has changed in 40 years.
  4. Translation: We've figured out the Bills' weaknesses and will attack them mercilessly, including cheating.
  5. *****, I wanted Hyde to line him up and break that little ***** in half.
  6. It was an homage to Marv Levy's "WWII was a must win" quote. No offense intended.
  7. Time once and for all to beat The Great Santini in one-on-one. ***** you, Dad!
  8. Blakeman has done well in the past, so I'm hopeful we'll get a competent game.
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