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  1. I guess Lamar Jackson has a 0.0 completion percentage by this logic as the Ravens almost never throw without play action or keep him in the pocket. So, Lamar sucks too? I love 538’s election models but this article has a lot of issues because it expects teams to always play to a Tom Brady style offense, which won’t always maximize the strengths of their QBs.
  2. Not only can he chuck it...he can truck it! Somebody post the video of this segment when available. Pretty funny.
  3. Easily his best game as a pro. How far was this above his 2nd best game? Would that be the Miami game last year? Dallas? I think this was head and shoulders above those games, especially when you consider his command of the offense and field awareness. The arrow is pointed up, IMHO.
  4. Tesla Field - "Where the action is electric!" Local business connection and the naming rights would be couch change for Musk. Plus, Tesla himself spent a fair amount of time in WNY and already has a statue at the falls. Full disclosure, my Tesla is "Bills' Blue".
  5. My bad. It's actually my side job...and pays like crap so you get what you pay for! ?
  6. Limiting to this as just their catches with the Bills, I'm going to go with Dawson Knox. I think he'll prove he's a number 1 TE in this league this year. Being that he's young, he has the chance to play many years as Josh's safety net and rack up a lot of catches, IMO.
  7. It's odd you have to actually tell her that. My wife always knows! ????
  8. Marv on Buffalo weather - "When it's too tough for them, it's just right for us!" One of my personal favorites came from tennis broadcaster Bud Collins. While calling a McEnroe match in the 80's, "Lendl hit's a sharp angled forehand across to McEnroe's backhand side, which he returns with an even sharper angle to win the point. It's pythagorean!"
  9. I am skeptical about Jackson's success moving forward. I absolutely love what Roman has done to maximize the talent on that team's offense. I think Jackson is a great fit for that scheme and, I agree, he's better that Kap or TT. He runs better than either of them and he throws with more anticipation. I'm a Georgia Tech alumni and had an uncle live with me who was a Naval Academy grad. Suffice it to say, we saw a ton of triple option, run-heavy, misdirection, RPO plays to last a lifetime. These types of offenses completely confound teams that haven't played against them much and Baltimore's team last year was the epitome of this. Team's were completely lost in gap coverage and receiver coverage throughout most of the season. However, over the course of time, team's like this get "figured out" by teams with time to prepare. It's one of the main reasons GA Tech and Navy lost so many bowl games. Teams had a couple of weeks to watch tape and get ready without having to face anyone else. That will start happening in the NFL this year to the Ravens. We saw this start to change beginning with the SF and Bills' games. Disciplined defenses were able to hold them down and limit Jackson's effectiveness by making him throw outside the numbers, where he was particularly poor. Tennessee put down the hammer. If Jackson can improve his skill-set from the pocket, he will continue to excel. If he can't, he becomes a really good Tyrod Taylor and will continue to win games provided his team has an awesome defense. Anybody who scored 25 points against the Ravens last year beat them. John Brown runs a better route and catches that TD late, the Bills take that one to overtime with 24 points.
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