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  1. This better be the best Hard Knocks ever. The expectations for this season’s show will be through the roof. Most TV-ready coach in the NFL TV veteran Mayock is the GM QB Controversy...just wait Antonio Brown pissed about getting too few catches in practice Rich Incognito pissed about...everything Vontex Burfect pissing on Richie Incognito after giving Antonio Brown a concussion...in the locker room. Team planning to pull up steaks and move to Vegas...baby! Raidernation with pitchforks out to get Davis 3 First Rounders HBO got the winning lottery ticket this year. Better not screw this one up.
  2. My bad. Reading fast on too little sleep. Thanks for the correction.
  3. Only 8% of DBs selected in the 6th round make a roster across the NFL. The Bills have been a special case in recent years due to constant rebuilds. The current roster is in better shape than in recent years and more “normal” by NFL standards. Great stats here on draft picks making a roster: https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2015/2/20/8072877/what-the-statistics-tell-us-about-the-draft-by-round
  4. With mini-camp approaching, which “long-shot to make the roster” player are you predicting to be on the active roster week 1? Don’t just drop a name but give your rationale. Given most late round picks don’t make the roster, I’m going with Jaquan Johnson (S). Although the Bills have depth at safety, Johnson is a typical Beane “high ceiling” draft pick. I think Johnson makes the roster primarily as a Special Teams contributor but moves up the depth chart at safety as the season wears on. EdW
  5. I look at that list and see a bunch of teams the Bills should be able to beat this season. I think the Browns are the one exception. While I don’t think the Browns are the world-beaters that a lot of off-season analyses has shown them, they aren’t in the “Dirty Dozen”. I think there are several teams that are worse than the Browns (Titans, Falcons, Vikings and, possibly, the Texans or Bills). JMHO.
  6. #3 on his list of best offseason teams: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001030895/article/best-nfl-offseasons-of-2019-browns-raiders-head-list?asdfd The 2018 Bills carried more than $50 million in dead money in anticipation of retooling the roster this offseason, and the team followed through on its plans. Signees Mitch Morse, Spencer Long and Ty Nsekhe and rookie Cody Ford (drafted No. 38 overall) will upgrade the offensive line, while veterans Cole Beasley, John Brown and Andre Roberts will do the same for the pass-catching corps. The ageless Frank Gore and rookie Devin Singletary (No. 74), meanwhile, were brought in to help bolster the LeSean McCoy-led ground attack. Those additions were all designed to give quarterback Josh Allen a better chance of growing in his second NFL season. On defense, the first-round selection of Ed Oliver (No. 9) should help make up for the retirement of six-time Pro Bowler Kyle Williams. Yes, the Bills just recorded their 11th losing season in the last 15, but this team was surprisingly feisty at times in '18, upsetting the Vikings in Week 3 and finishing with the second-stingiest defense in terms of yards allowed. All of Buffalo's moves, combined with rebuilding projects going on with the Dolphins and Jets, mean anything less than a playoff appearance will count as a disappointment. Playoffs? Would be nice!
  7. "Bills fail to draft WR in 2019, upsetting fans" - typical headline McBeane are smaaaart. Trust the process.......
  8. Another factor to consider was the Bills' 2018 receiver separation rate. I read multiple articles that pointed out that Bills' receivers were the worst in the league at getting separation from coverage. The QB only has a few choices there and none are good for his completion percentage: Take a sack - no comp% effect (see: Rob Johnson) Run for your life - no comp% effect (see: Doug Flutie) Rifle it into coverage and hope the receiver wins the battle - reduced comp% (see: Brett Favre) Throw it away - reduced comp% (see: Eli Manning) Throw a pick - reduced comp% and increased INT% (see: Nate Peterman) Separation rate should improve this year with Brown and Beasley, although Brown has the dropsies. A better line will also improve his time-to-throw without requiring him to make a run for it. That, theoretically, will increase completion percentage. I agree with most on here that Josh has a big role to play in improving his comp% with better decisions and less aggressive throws. His comp% will go up regardless with a better supporting cast but only he can raise it above the NFL average. EdW
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