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  1. Just imagine what would happen if a team announced it was looking for a “Christian Conservative” as a head coach. The league would blow a gasket and the team would be immediately sued for discriminatory hiring practices. I’m pretty uncomfortable with people equating religious adherence (be it Christian or any other) with particularly good character quality. I know a lot of atheists who are very strong character people that don’t require religious beliefs to be good leaders. I also know a lot of conservative Christians who are openly racist and really horrible people. It’s great that religions often stress strong character in their teachings but too many (particularly in the Southern US) preach that faith is all that matters and your personal character is secondary at best. I’ve also read and heard from NFL players that they were discriminated against during their careers because they were atheists. Chris Kluwe comes to mind, who sued the Vikings over his release after a conflict over his atheism with his ST coach. The NFL is predominantly made up of Christian players. They hold Christian prayer circles at the end of games. Anybody ever work in a company that has those? No other league does that. Unfortunately, Whitlock may be correct in that NFL players are more likely to “buy in” to an outwardly Christian coach because they are all from Evangelical backgrounds...and that’s a bad thing for any business. My 2 cents.
  2. I think this will be a tough game for the Bills but one they should win. The game plan will be very different than against the Redskins. The Browns have a GREAT pash rush and for those complaining about too few play-action plays, I think you’ll see a lot of them against the Browns to slow down the pass rush. Given the Browns’ DEs, I think we’ll see a healthy dose of Gore and Singletary runs between the tackles. Defensively, Chubb is the whole game to me. If the Bills can stop him without loading the box with 8, it will force Mayfield to win the game with an inferior O-line protecting him. I see Landry getting a lot more targets than Beckham because he runs more shallow crossing routes and the Bills may have Tre dedicated to Beckham all day. And can we get some freakin’ INTs from our defense? Do they know they are allowed to catch passes?
  3. Better and faster decisions is all I need to see from JA. He needs to recognize where to throw the ball sooner and get it out of his hands. Many (most?) of his fumbles were caused by holding he ball too long because he didn’t read and recognize the coverage soon enough to find the open receiver. I don’t care about total yards, completion percentages or INTs provided he’s making the right decisions fast enough. Everything with him is driven by his decision-making. Read and react sooner and he’ll fumble less, throw fewer picks, throw “on platform” more with greater accuracy and....complete the long ball! The good news is, I think he’ll get there. The signs of improvement are there but they’re coming slowly.
  4. I've actually had the experience of being a patient of a Redskins' doctor. First, doctors to NFL teams are not exclusive to the teams. They are typically well-respected doctors from the community with their own practices. Mine was the one of the top orthopedic surgeons in Northern Virginia. How do I know this? Well... For a number of years, I had shoulder issues from playing tennis. My local ortho had taken x-rays and tried to treat my pain with anti-inflamitories. After a few years of that on and off, I asked for a cortisone shot. "No way, that could make your situation worse". Well...okay. Yikes. She had me get an MRI. I'm thinking, "Why didn't we do this two years ago?" In looking at the MRI report, she told me that my shoulder was very "messed up" and that it was likely too complex an issue for her. She referred me to the "top orthopedic surgeon" in the area. Next stop, the head doctor for the Redskins. I give him the MRI report and he says, "No, I need to see the film". We get the film. He spends 3 minutes looking at it and says, "Hmm, that's what I thought. The guy who read your film didn't take into account that you were 45. You have the regular shoulder of a guy your age. It's just inflamed." Five minutes later he gives me a cortisone shot and prescribes physical therapy. Goodbye shoulder problems. BTW, he no longer works with the Redskins. Suffice it to say that NFL doctors are often the best in their fields but they are not oncologists. Most doctors in my experience see problems as always something to do with their area of expertise. If they wield a hammer, every medical issue is a nail by default. However, my guess is that the Skins' doctor said "It's likely a benign mole" (or something) but your should see a dermatologist. Williams didn't ("who needs a zit doctor"). The Redskins have filed a request for an independent review of their treatment of Williams. That tells me that they likely did warn him is some way and he ignored it and wants to blame the team. Too bad doctors keep records.... My 2 cents.
  5. I do think Bills’ fans overrate Barkley based on a single game. However, there is no way a lot of those QBs on the list, many who have never played in an NFL game, are better than Barkley. In reading that list, I’d put him above at least half of the names on that list. Bridgewater is likely the best but with such small or non-existent sample sizes, Barkley would have to be in the top 10, IMHO.
  6. These guys will have ridden by the stadium at halftime:
  7. Apparently, according to the USA Today: https://eu.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2019/09/25/nfl-backup-qb-rankings-teams-jets-cowboys-giants/2360551001/ Pouring it on, they list Tyrod as the 3rd best backup in the league!
  8. Damn, I knew that couldn't be original. I thought it might be Colorado but I didn't see references to them using it. Marshall might take offense but I doubt they could conflate "Thundering Herd" with "The Herd" in a copyright conflict.
  9. No, "Bills Mafia" has too many bad connotations in the media, not least of which is that the "mafia" is a criminal organization. How about "The Herd". It's team specific. We won't pay royalties to Texas A&M. Logo wear would be cool. It has the added bonus of being a double entendre ("herd" is "heard") in that our opponents hear us! My 2 cents. EdW
  10. I take the long view on these players. A few games or a rookie season doesn’t tell you much. Based on personal makeup, physical skills, intelligence and coaching, my list goes like this: 1. Allen - the dude is off-the-charts physically for a QB and can make all the throws. He will have a perpetual chip on his shoulders after every college passed on him his Freshman year and all but one did the second time around. All the doubters pre-draft just added fuel to his fire. He’s obviously very smart and has a stable regime behind him. I hope Dabol doesn’t get a HC gig in the next few years. 2. Mayfield - moxie with physical talent to throw accurately. He’s a bit more limited than Allen and makes a lot of throws out of arrogance, leading to picks. He could end up a star, ala, Favre but could end up like Jeff George. 3. Darnold - solid starter with above average skills across the board. Appears pretty smart and capable of reeling in his poor tendencies. Coaching upheaval could derail his career early along with the NYC spotlight. He might end up above Mayfield on my list. 4. Jackson - To me, he’s Kaepernick 2.0. The SF offense under Roman took similar advantage of the physical tools, especially running. He’s refined those aspects of his offense but, ultimately, these types of systems get QBs injured. Kaepernick was more sturdy than Jackson so I doubt Jackson will last as long. Of course, Kaepernick almost won a SB with a Harbaugh coaching him! 5. Rosen - I think he’s very smart but lacks the fire and commitment to be a leader of a team. Jay Cutler without the physical skills. Rosen will make less mistakes given a decent line and WR corp. His physical skills will betray him down the line along with his waning interest in putting his body on the line week after week. His best outcome at this point will be a trade from Miami to be a backup behind an aging veteran where he an learn...and heal.
  11. He’s back on the active roster again. The paperwork sent to the league after the preseason ended got picked. 🙄
  12. Two words: Hershel Walker 3 1st rounders, 3 2nd rounders, a 3rd rounder and a 6th rounder...that’s highway robbery! This also doesn’t hold a candle to the Skins giving 3 1st round picks and a 2nd rounder to St. Louis for the rights to RG3.
  13. I doubt Singletary is our #1...or any back for that matter. The Bills’ offense is morphing more in to the Pats offense with a RB by committee apprach, each with their own set of skills/plays. I also don’t think the Shady move was about money. Yes they save $$$ but the Bills already had a lot of CAP space and aren’t likely looking at a trade for a big-money starter from someone else. This is about the Bills liking the mix of Gore-Singletary-Yeldon—Murphy. Muphy’s play in practice and pre-season showed he was more versatile than Shady (PR duty/ST/RB) while he didn’t result in a significant drop off in what Shady can do. If you don’t dump Shady, you don’t get to keep Murphy. Also, Shady is a d*&che and not a team guy the Bills look for in the new culture. Sure, they needed his skills the past couple of years but now he’s not worth the prima-donna headache.
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