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  1. Good stuff. Like Pegula, Collins dealt with health issues that limited her career. She suffered from crippling endometriosis for years before having corrective surgery last year. She would have frequent bouts of terrible spinal pain that limited her performance and caused her to drop out of tournaments. Like Pegula, she has a limited upside but a lot of grit. She’ll probably be a fixture in the top 20 for the next several years if she stays healthy.
  2. She had a lot of injuries early in her career that kept her from progressing. She has changed coaches and trainers. Most players would have given up in her situation. Her physical abilities limit her upper end possibilities. Plus, her style of play doesn’t afford her a very large margin of error on shots (limited topspin). Add to that a mediocre serve. She’s lucky that the string of great players have all but left the tour (Williams sisters, Sharapova, Barty). Her wealth allowed her to keep playing without significant sponsorship. If she can stay healthy, she’ll be a consistent quarter finalist in majors but unlikely to ever win one. Of course, strange things happen. Last year 2 nobodies played in the U.S. Open finals because they never had to play any seeded players along the way. The seeds were all upset early.
  3. Interesting tweet shows the travel miles and time zone crossings of each team. The Bills are in the top 3rd for fewest miles. It’s crazy that Pittsburgh never leaves the Eastern time zone all season.
  4. What an intimidating environment for a college kid. He seems to knock it put of the park with his professionalism and thoroughness. He seems to be dedicated to improving.
  5. OK, high end physically (speed, size, etc.) with one of the highest grades at his position against the best teams in college football. Sounds like he’s dedicated to improving and looks to Tre as an example. Now add in: great scheme in Buffalo for his position great coaches on the team for his position teamed up with one of the best CBs in the league and the best safety duo in the league Has Von Miller as an example of how to be a pro gets to practice against one of the best QBs and best receiving corps every day in camp That looks like a recipe for success to me! I think I’ll be pretty surprised if this kid isn’t a great starter in Buffalo for years to come.
  6. Cool review! Outside the top 10 picks, I think mock drafts are pretty unreliable because each pick and/or trade throws a monkey wrench 🙈 🔧 into the analysis. This part of the article would be interesting to track against from a betting perspective: Most popular positions for Bills in 2022 mock drafts (first round) CB/DB – 64 times WR – 21 times IOL – 15 times I haven’t followed the “depth” of each of these positions in the draft. All that being equal, CB2 is obviously the biggest need. I’ll go SS because I think this is Poyer’s last year in Buffalo. My 2 cents 🪙🪙
  7. Wow, I guess they know their audience but the lack of knowledge shown here is a bit stunning. Why does everyone who is against public funding of sports focus all of their attention on how rich the owners are? They are rich for a reason and longtime NFL owners are largely responsible for the league's popularity and the revenue generation from TV, etc. The Pegula's paid $1B+ for the team that Ralph started with money from a shoebox. The players aren't 50 times better than they were 30 years ago but the league has been run so successfully over that period that players make 30x more now. Sorry, the players aren't responsible for the league's success, the owners are. Insert "Buffalo Philharmonic" instead of "Buffalo Bills" and these people would have the opposite opinion. Local Sports teams are a "public good", just like the arts, parks, etc. Some are privately owned and some are publicly owned and managed. The only fact you really have to know here is the there are enough citizens in the county and state that want an NFL team in Buffalo and are willing to have their tax dollars fund a portion of it. It has "value" to the citizens that they receive when they watch the games, read news articles, watch the draft and read inane opinions on TBD. None of that "value" the citizens/fans receive would be possible if they became the Austin Bats. Citizens of NY think spending 0.4% of one year's state budget is worth keeping the team.
  8. Strangely, I think a Chiefs’ fan could have written this exact same post if they didn’t pull off that 13 second drive.
  9. This encapsulates my takeaway from last night…feeling great about where the Bills are headed with JA:
  10. Nice to see another homie who made it big and still connects with back home and the Bills. I loved her in The Big Bang theory. Hilarious! And now I find out shea Bills’ fan 👍😁
  11. They should go with the D.C. Generals and call their new stadium “The Little Big Horn” where they’ll continue to get massacred every week!
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