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  1. I know Rocket Ship 7 with Dave Thomas (who is still alive) was on mornings when I was a kid. I think Commander Tom got moved to mornings in the 90s but that was long after I moved away.
  2. RIP, Rick. Tom Jolls will always be Commander Tom with the afternoon cartoons for me growing up.
  3. With the Bills’ weak run blocking, his breakaway spread will get him into the arms of a tackler in the backfield that much quicker than our 2020 RBs could. 🤪
  4. He heard the Bills have generous injury settlements...
  5. Top of the list has to be the throw by Josh to Diggs that won the Super Bowl this year in the last minute of play...Oh, crap. Sorry, I know many of you haven't seen it yet so you'll just have to take my word for it. I'm just going to get back into my DeLorean....
  6. The man has learned to keep his eyes on the passer...unlike at the combine!
  7. Yeah, it’s like they think there’s a pandemic! 🤪
  8. Given Josh's game lately, it's really hard to pick which "amazing throw" is the best each week. The two throws to Diggs were both great and showed his growing ability to put touch on throws to clear defensive players. I was actually more amazed at the two throws to Gabe Davis along the sidelines. On both throws, Allen was rolling out under pressure and dropped or rifled the ball into a place where only his guy could get it. The 2nd throw to Davis really hit me. JA was rolling left and threw an absolute dart to Davis who was surrounded by 2 defenders for a perfect "toe-tap" sidelin
  9. My routine this year is grilling out Sahlen's hot dogs on the deck and watching the game with my son. It's been working so I'll stick with it!!
  10. I don't actually know but I'm not getting into a room with a bunch of screaming Bills Mafia under the current conditions. My guess is that, if they are open, there is very limited seating.
  11. A happy surprise to get to read this in the paper this morning. Tomorrow would have been a fun day to eat wings and beef on weck at Jimmy's Olde Town Tavern in Herndon.
  12. With the Browns losing Stefanski for this week's game vs. Pittsburgh, I think that could mean real trouble because he isn't just the head coach, he's the play caller and the "Mayfield Whisperer". This got me thinking about a similar situation arising with the Bills. So... Between the HC, OC and DC, which coach do you think we could most and least afford to lose for a single game? What about forever? For a single game, I think we can least afford to lose Dabol. Without him, I don't think Dorsey could pick up the slack just based on experience. Frasier is the obvious pick
  13. The 30 second teaser for that 30 for 30 episode would encompass the entire content of the show. 🤪
  14. I also think that the Titan or Ravens have the best chance to knock off the Chiefs and give us another home field game for the AFC Title! I also want the Bears to run the table in the NFC so our Super Bowl is a walk in the park...uh...perhaps I'm taking this too far.
  15. Uh...I'm not sure you understand the protocol of online forums. You are supposed to defend your position until it become completely untenable and then devolve the thread into name calling. Under no circumstances should you ever admit any kind of error. Are you even an American? 🤪
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