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  1. I am skeptical about Jackson's success moving forward. I absolutely love what Roman has done to maximize the talent on that team's offense. I think Jackson is a great fit for that scheme and, I agree, he's better that Kap or TT. He runs better than either of them and he throws with more anticipation. I'm a Georgia Tech alumni and had an uncle live with me who was a Naval Academy grad. Suffice it to say, we saw a ton of triple option, run-heavy, misdirection, RPO plays to last a lifetime. These types of offenses completely confound teams that haven't played against them much and Baltimore's team last year was the epitome of this. Team's were completely lost in gap coverage and receiver coverage throughout most of the season. However, over the course of time, team's like this get "figured out" by teams with time to prepare. It's one of the main reasons GA Tech and Navy lost so many bowl games. Teams had a couple of weeks to watch tape and get ready without having to face anyone else. That will start happening in the NFL this year to the Ravens. We saw this start to change beginning with the SF and Bills' games. Disciplined defenses were able to hold them down and limit Jackson's effectiveness by making him throw outside the numbers, where he was particularly poor. Tennessee put down the hammer. If Jackson can improve his skill-set from the pocket, he will continue to excel. If he can't, he becomes a really good Tyrod Taylor and will continue to win games provided his team has an awesome defense. Anybody who scored 25 points against the Ravens last year beat them. John Brown runs a better route and catches that TD late, the Bills take that one to overtime with 24 points.
  2. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/06/16/former-nfl-safety-bacarri-rambo-arrested-on-rape-charges/ Yikes.
  3. I think the league should treat COVID-19 like a special type of injury across the league. The league should assume a certain percentage of each team will contract the virus and be out 4-6 weeks. Having an expanded roster along with a special COVID IR designation for the 2020 season could help to keep the league OPEN throughout the season. As long as a player is testing positive, they can be on COVID IR and be reactivated 7-10 days after testing negative and without a fever. The expanded roster could include 10-15 players that can only be activated to replace a positively tested player on COVID IR. This would be sort of like the practice squad but the players on the COVID Squad could not be poached by another team. Thoughts?
  4. Make it 4...or 5...or 6. This is a nonsense argument for using an avatar that makes it appear you support what happened in Minneapolis. The very fact that you use it makes people recoil and have no desire to "get to know" you. Imagine I use a Confederate Flag as my avatar and expect people to know that it actually means I'm against racism. "Read my posts, I'm the opposite of a racist!" Too late, they've moved on from my moronic presentation of myself. Maybe I'll move on to an image of people in a German concentration camp in the hopes that people somehow understand my boomerang logic that I'm Pro-Israel and not a Nazi. No one's first thought on seeing this is to think, "Wow, he's making a statement about the dangers of police brutality". They just think you're a supporter of this moron. I'm glad you're on the side of right here but please understand that unless you splash "Murderer" across that face, no one will get you're point. P.S. Having a quote from the sadistic prison warden from Cool Hand Luke as you're tagline, further misrepresents your position on this issue...I hope.
  5. But you can have it shipped back with 2-day delivery with Prime! 😁
  6. Every time I read one of these articles, it seems the author doesn't watch many (any?) Bills' games. He writes about Dawson Knox: "The Mississippi product is a reliable if unspectacular checkdown option" Seriously? That is just about the opposite of what you'd write about Knox. He led the league in drop percentage (unreliable) and is most noted for some spectacular catches...and ANGRY RUNS!!!!!! You'd think a guy with the same name (Knox), you'd follow him at least a little before writing about him.
  7. Let's hope that gives us the upper hand this year with teams having so few weeks/days to prepare for the season: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29226084/we-ranked-nfl-teams-continuity-1-32-bills-chiefs-lead-way As many have written here, I'm hoping that the 3rd year for a QB that needed lots of development in the league allows Allen to shine and move to the top 3rd of the league at his position.
  8. Hilton Auckland is my personal favorite. Awesome views of the harbor and a great breakfast buffet. Of course, the trip to the stadium requires 24-28 hours of flights to Bufffalo and then the drive from the airport. But, that sunrise on the harbor makes it all worth it!
  9. Bass gets this barring a terrible pre-season/TC. Being cheaper helps but... Beane isn’t just building for 2020. Haush is on his last legs and is the K more likely injured given his age. Haush may have 1 season left but not here. Letting Bass walk means he gets picked up by one of the first teams with a failing or injured kicker. They can’t stash him on the practice squad to prevent this and I doubt they use up a roster spot for an KO specialist. Bass has 10+ years ahead of him if he performs. The Bills can’t let the next Dustin Hopkins walk. Hopkins was a Bill but now the Skins have this strong-legged 85% career kicker. 🤬
  10. I don't like using stats entirely as a measure of progress/regression. For example, Tre White could become a complete lock-down corner this year and teams wouldn't even throw his way. If his INTs drop, we can't say he "regressed". Similarly, our WRs won't have regressed just because we added a new #1 and taken some receptions away from them. I do like the point someone made that Diggs could actually increase receptions for other players by moving the chains or by drawing coverage. The question is, are they actually playing worse? Quality of play is measured a lot more by non-statistical measures in many cases.
  11. I assume they’ll get less targets/yards with Diggs on the team. However, I don’t consider this as them regressing in terms of their play. They may even be playing better and still rack up lower stats. Knox might also contribute to less production from these two, especially Beasley. That’s probably a good thing.
  12. This team has done a lot this off-season to improve across of the weak areas, both offense and defense. I think the team is much better on paper than they were in 2019. I’m having trouble identifying a spot that’s weaker now than last year. So, an open question. Is there a starter that’s on the team now that you think is the most likely to regress in 2020? Of course, this is not accounting for injuries that might occur. My first thought was Trent Murphy but I think his game is pretty stable, if not spectacular, and not likely to regress. So, my pick is Jerry Hughes. He’s getting older and at some point, his speed will fall off. This could be that year for him. What players are you concerned about having a fall-off in performance from 2020?
  13. Combining the prospect of a limited season due to COVID, the fact that nearly 1/3 of the Bills games are primetime (or likely to be flexed there) and that even many of the Bills 1pm or 4pm games will be the "national" broadcast...is there any sense in paying DirectTV for Bills games for those of us out of market? I'm thinking I won't be getting it for the first time in almost 20 years.
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