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  1. LMAO, that’s a bit extreme statement for a 7-3 team that was a fluke play away from 8-2
  2. Yeah I agree with you on this. I’m more worried about stopping the run against them than I am about beating Pats or Dolphins. Steelers still toughest game ahead IMO, but SF next most concerning. We are the better overall team, so I think we win, but Allen and the offense are going to have to produce points when we have the ball because I don’t think he will get as many chances given I expect the 49ers to eat a lot of time up on the ground keeping Allen off the field more. well yeah, if we rest starters that’s a different situation. But if we beat Pitt, I think we could be playing for playoff seeding still going into the final week which means we may be playing to win that final game.
  3. I’ve been looking at the schedule remaining, and there isn’t a game ahead we can’t win. Does it mean we for sure win them all, of course not, but I don’t think it’s as crazy as some think to believe we go 5-1 or 6-0 down the stretch. Chargers: Young promising QB makes them exciting or dangerous every week. But they aren’t there yet and this should be a win as we are a better overall team and Allen should excel against that Chargers defense. Fresh off a bye and healthy, I feel confident this will be a win. 29ers: The team formerly known as the 49ers are basically half a team these days. They are not gonna just roll over, but another game we are the better roster and clear favorite and feel confident in a win. Steelers: May be the least intimidating undefeated team this late in the season I’ve seen in a while. They are a very good team, don’t get me wrong, and by far the toughest team remaining on our schedule. But these guys are not always dominating and have shown to be vulnerable many weeks this year, even against lesser competition. The defense isn’t as stout or feared as people believed coming into the season. This will definitely be a major test for us, and I bet the Steelers will be the favorite, but I do like our chances to win this game. Broncos: I mean we are just the better team, that simple. We should win this game. Pats and Dolphins: Divisional foes are always tough no matter what the state of the teams are. Add in both teams have been playing good football as of late, and it’s not easy to just pencil wins here. But, I think we are still the better team over both and matchup well against both. A lot is being made about Dolphins lately, but I still think they were more dangerous with Fitz than Tua. Tua is the future and doing fine as the starter, but he isn’t there yet and I think we do better than most against mobile QBs. So Tua is going to have to beat us with his arm and with the way Allen feasts on the Dolphins every game, I don’t think Tua can keep up with us in scoring. Im not predicting we win out, but for as much that has been made of our remaining schedule (especially compared to Dolphins), I’m not that uncomfortable with it and think we will still win at least 11 games, and 12 or 13 wins is still plausible despite some of the sky is falling thoughts around here.
  4. And Russell Wilson (widely considered the best, 2nd best or 3rd best QB in the league) has 10 to Allens 7. Allen also leads the NFL in passing yards, has no run game, and forced to throw constantly making it easier for teams defend when they don't have to fear the run. And lets be real...Allen really only threw 5 that can be truly put on him. The Kroft INT was the biggest BS call of the season, wasn't really an INT and the other one was Roberts fault. Fair points on Stafford and Ryan, I still lack the confidence in them when the game is on the line, but maybe that is more their teams than them individually.
  5. People forget that Russel Wilson and other great QB's throw picks too, miss seeing guys open, etc. Sometimes it feels like (not this thread or this article, but this board I am referencing) people have this expectation that Allen is only good if he is perfect. Its maddening at times. But it is fair to critique what he did right and what he didn't do right like it is with all players. But some other posters around here just seem to think Allen should be perfect and isn't allowed to make a mistake without again questioning his potential. Some here are even saying he has already peaked. Its not about will he make a mistake, because he will as all of the greats do...its how does he bounce back and respond. Can he have the memory of a goldfish and forget it 10 seconds later. And Josh has that in spades. I mean lets be real here, Josh led us on yet another 4th quarter comeback for what should have been a perfect pass for game sealing win, on the very next drive after a critical INT mistake. A fluke insane play by an elite WR took that focus away, but its those ice in the veins moments that tell you that no matter what we always have a chance in those situations. Brady has that, Montana had that, Brees has that, Wilson has that, Mahomes has that...etc. Its a trait you can never teach, a trait that is either there or not and its rare. Guys like Matt Ryan, Stafford, Rivers, Cousins, Goff, etc are not guys that you ever feel are clutch and will get the job done with one final play or drive.
  6. Didn't Diggs score and embarrass Ramsey on multiple plays as well as our other receivers in a game we won? This post is a bit silly to me.
  7. Come on people. This is such an absurd whiny narrative to call an ELITE player making an incredible play embarrassing. And honestly, Poyer and Tre collided just enough to shift Tre out just enough for Hopkins to be the only one to reach the ball. They could throw this play 200 times and it may only complete once. It happens. The over reaction on this board after a loss is still mind blowing. Did it suck sure...but the guys on the other team are paid a lot of money to also make plays. No one is perfect every game, the opponents are going to make plays too. But if you read this board you would assume that posters here think Tre can never give up a single pass or Josh can never make an errant throw. Russel Wilson, widely seen as the best or 2nd best QB in the league right now by just about everyone, threw picks against us and again this week in defeats. Brady had an awful game against the Saints...cant even imagine if Josh ever has a game like that what this board would do. Probably say its time to draft another QB. After Tenn and KC games and this board was ready to fire Beane and McD earlier this year. After Seattle game they are great again. After a fluke play people are back to they are the problem again. The amount of bipolar disorder around here is just crazy Our whole defense has been struggling. We had a lot of new players come in with no preseason, no time to get them to gel. We lost Star to COVID opt out greatly hurting the interior DL. We have a plethora of injuries or covid issues in our secondary. Our top 2 LB's have been hurt, playing hurt or out several games. Its not that Tre "got paid", its that the unit has to deal with a lot of turnover and isn't as efficient as they were last year. Also, people forget one MAJOR thing. We can not run the ball anymore...what that means, is we are not chewing clock like we should which equates to less time on the bench for the D too and far too often are back on the field too fast. I mean do people even realize we just played the top offense in the league where our starting CB opposite Tre was a 7th round rookie? And he too got knocked out for a while making a PS activated guy suddenly the starter over there. Yet this defense held its own. It bent, but often didn't break in key moments of the game against the top offense in the league. It did fairly well against Murray and Hopkins all game considering and just unfortunately had one miraculous play to steal the game back. Sorry for the rant, but geezus this board loses its mind after a loss. So many people here saying we wont win the division now, crowning the fins )with a rookie QB who has been just ok so far), we will be back at .500 soon and all kinds of stuff. Its just crazy
  8. It was a play of a lifetime. It happens. Let’s not over react over it. They can try that 100 times probably only works once. More encouraged to see the offense again drive down clutch for the go ahead than worried about a fluke amazing play by two extremely talented players.
  9. I wouldn’t trade Allen for Mahommes, and here is why. Mahommes has the biggest contract in history. And while he DESERVES it, it’s one that may be problematic as the years go by in terms of balancing out the roster. If Allen continues to ascend into top 3 status, he will be in line for his own mega deal. But my gut tells me that winning and playing in Buffalo are priorities one and two on his list and that he will be more likely to get paid but in a more team friendly contract to help insure Beane has more opportunities to keep the best roster possible around him. So as we sit here today, I wouldn’t entertain any trade offers for Josh. There isn’t anyone who is a better fit IMO for this team than Josh right based on how he is playing and what he means to this team.
  10. Well while its easy, for me it truly is Diggs. Can't think of another trade I was that excited about, specifically because of my excitement around Josh Allen already and just how I knew Diggs was going to immediately elevate Allen's game even more and this offense. I mean this team now is the most excited I have ever been for a team. I lost my s**t when Diggs trade was announced, and I am still on cloud 9 now and have him in all 3 fantasy leagues. I get the mentioning of guys like Bennett and stuff, and there is nothing wrong obviously with those choices, not like I would ever disagree with that. But I am 44 years old, so when those other things happened, I was too young to appreciate them or even know who Bennett was before coming here. So he was more a guy I just always knew as a Bill, not so much an acquisition. But right now, this team we have, this staff we have, is the best and my most favorite since the SB years. So Diggs trade carries so much more excitement for me when it happened and even now. Runner ups would would be Mario Williams signing and Hughes trade. Williams was so unexpected given he never even left Buffalo during his first visit and was one of the biggest prizes of FA that year, if not the biggest. And he really helped change the narrative here (even though Rex set that narrative back a bit when he took over), which was big. Hughes is arguably the most successful in terms of lop sided, trades in team history and such an important part of this team since he arrived for a sack of rocks.
  11. Yeah agreed. And I too back then was like WTF, they are gonna let Brees walk for an unproven rookie? I thought they were crazy and I was pissed off when I thought he was going to Miami and thrilled when they stupidly passed on him. I don't remember the exact timing, but if memory serves I feel like they passed on Brees because of the shoulder injury but then instead brought in Culpepper. Maybe Culpepper was not the same year, but I just remember going how stupid that was to pass on Brees for an injury that he was recovered from and expected to have no on going issues with it. Glad Miami was stupid...Brees and Brady in our division would have been even worse than the nightmare we already had to endure with just Brady.
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