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  1. I mean this is their job. Someone has to pay their salaries to do it. I think the issue is that the main public doesn’t understand how much it costs to make content and to keep getting that content there has to be some sort of monetization of that content or they won’t be able to keep making it.
  2. Not only do I think WR will be early, but I also think they are likely going to add a 2nd one on day 3. Yup, I think this was obvious to most While I agree he is not a lock, I also wouldn't read too much into the language. I mean his phrasing makes sense the way he said it given the events he was discussing were past tense as in what he brought to the team this past season after we traded for him. Beane was clearly talking about the impact he made, which was in the past, hence the past tense type phrasing. Now there is no ignoring the Bills cap situation and the cap savings, but Bills also gave up a quality pick to get him that felt like it was more than a 1 year rental. We also have big question marks in our secondary as it is with Hyde gone, Tre coming off a 2nd major leg injury (potential cap casualty cut himself), Benford oft battling injuries, and Elam still unproven. Then there is Poyer who himself could be cap casualty. So if I had to guess today, I still think the more plausible scenario is they extend Rasul and let him stabilize the cornerback position. I wouldn't be that surprised if they did cut him for cap savings, but I think between what we gave up for him and the value he showed on the field, keeping him on an extension makes more sense to this secondary. I would cut Tre before I would cut Rasul, and I love Tre, but 2 major leg injuries and still have no idea how he responds to this second one gives me less confidence than if Rasul was out there. Yeah, I think you nailed that description based on what he said. I totally agree on this too as I do think Spencer gets extended, and OL I think would only come into play late in the draft, if at all, given how this group played last year and how many other holes this team needs to fill.
  3. But the cap isn't real...as so I have read on this board lol
  4. Maybe you meant this for someone else, because I have said all along we are going to likely sign one, possibly 2 vet WR FA's. What I have said is I do not think we will be signing any of the top WR targets like a Mike Evans that gets mentioned so often here, unless of course one of them wants to play here cheap for a ring. But Mike already has a ring, so I doubt he goes anywhere cheap to chase a ring. The impact player at WR is going to be someone we target via the draft. And I do think its possible we draft 2 WR's given that this is a rich draft, Diggs is getting up in age, and any vet FA signings are likely to be short contracts.
  5. Maybe I misunderstood you. I read your post as if you were mocking people for picking other players to patch holes during FA rather than sign a big time WR. And my counter to that was to that is because this is a WR rich draft and we are much more likely to pursue that big WR upgrade in the draft than FA. Although since then, the cap came out even higher than expected, so maybe it makes Beane more interested in a pricier WR FA. But still think it’s most likely gonna come from the draft.
  6. You can't catch what isn't thrown to you. Is it really on Knox that Dorsey had no idea he was on the roster until late in 2022 when suddenly he remembered Knox was coming off a 9 TD season (where he was also woefully under used by Daboll) and started using him the redzone again to a high degree of success. But he was too often relegated to trying make up for a bad OL and used as an extra blocker here. And now that we have a better OL, we also have Kincaid whose specialty is as a receiver, so it again keeps Knox value more often as a blocker. His contract made sense when he got it if he was going to be a fixture in the offense, but his contract now currently exceeds his current role which is more heavily as a blocker with Kincaid here. Look at SF. Kittle wasn't producing anything in 2022 with Jimmy G at QB because Jimmy was a statue and Kittle was constantly used as a blocker. Then Purdy comes in and suddenly has pocket mobility and escape the rush on his own and poof Kittle becomes a major weapon in that offense has a big finish to the season. I am not saying Knox is on Kittle's level, but I am saying Knox is capable of much more statistically as a receiver if he could just get the targets. He could easily be playing up to his contract from an offensive stand point if he was in an offense that actually used him consistently as a weapon and gave him targets. Regardless, because of his current role and reduced targets combined with his contract, I do think Knox could be a trade target. They can bring in a much cheaper TE to fill a heavier blocking role in FA or even draft one. Unfortunately for Knox, his contract is now expensive for what his likely role will be again this year.
  7. You have this wrong, at least for the bulk of this board because you are missing the point that most people understand Beane can't really (and likely isn't) spending big on a WR in free agency, and that we will certainly address WR in this deep WR draft where we have like 10 picks to land probably 2 prospects with one early and another in the mid rounds. We don't have the cap luxury of going out and paying a top FA WR. So its not at all that people are concerned with "patching" holes to ignore WR, its that we can patch a lot of those other holes cheaply in FA elsewhere and aggressively address WR in the draft as well as other young talent to hopefully compete or develop into starters at those other patch spots. And not only is that what everyone else is thinking, that is almost certainly exactly what is going to happen. Beane is not spending big on a FA WR...we are MUCH more likely to sign someone like a Noah Brown than a Mike Evans then go get a WR in round 1 or 2 depending on how the draft falls and probably another between rounds 3 and 5 again depending on the board falls. Free Agency should be to "patch" holes then you look for your young big upside talent in the draft and hope you find someone that both contributes this year and develops into a succession plan for Diggs.
  8. Give me: DT DaQuan WR Noah Brown Then grab some combo of another DT a DE and a S.
  9. Hate this. We need a new punter and used a draft asset to get him. Could have easily brought him back and got value on that draft pick still. And having a guy with his leg and athletic ability in poor weather conditions would have also been nice. Does it mean we are doomed…no…just a clear missed opportunity to add young competition cheaply at a spot we need more competition and recoup some value from the pick we invested in him. The rub is that he is with Chiefs now and will get his shots at getting back at the Bills for not at least bringing him back after he was cleared.
  10. 3/17 isn’t gonna change anything because the neither the Bills or Diggs wants a trade. So unless something major happens behind the scenes, Diggs is gonna be a Bill in 2024. Not to mention this team can’t afford to take the dead cap hits regardless when the dead cap hits.
  11. My condolences to the family, this is a horrible loss and my heart goes out to the family. Donated as well.
  12. Evans would be interesting, but I don't think they are going to go after any of the bigger WR names. Not only do we have a WR1 still in Diggs, but Shakir is set to take a large WR role this year and Kincaid showed he was worth the hype. Between those 2, we already have a strong first 3 reads for Allen. This draft is very WR heavy, so I think they are going to go after a rookie who can start opposite Diggs early in the draft with the potential to become a WR1 to succeed Diggs, then add another prospect somewhere else in the draft. I do think they will still bring in a vet, maybe 2 and Samuel is the type of Vet I can see them bringing in (not saying it will be him specifically).
  13. That is rich coming from you lol...especially for someone who is obviously desperate to be taken serious around here after lots of previous nonsense yet can't help himself and revert back to nonsense like gas lighting and manipulating a narrative while ignoring the facts.
  14. Or...simply get rid of the cryptic nonsense in your title and just name the thread appropriately to be "Could the Bills trade Diggs if the right trade was available" or something than falsely painting Diggs in a negative light despite his very NON cryptic matter of fact statements that he wants to retire a Bill, hopes to remain here, and that Josh is family. You take no responsibility for manufacturing a false narrative for clicks...nor any responsibility for the many posters who now have this false idea Diggs wants to be traded and is cryptically trying to force his way out. In fact that nonsense has already reared its head in other threads now and will do so all year. So someone has to remind people about the disservice you do the board when posting false narratives that spread false info across the board for your own LAMP post.
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