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  1. Its pretty absurd to not have the duo that contains one of the top 3 WR's in the NFL and literally the best slot and 3rd down WR in the NFL on this list. Hope we use it as motivation.
  2. fair assessment. Although, I would still take both Rams and Packers over Browns if Rodgers stays with GB.
  3. Pretty consistent on us being top 3 with chiefs and Bucs. Browns are all over the place, from 3 to not in top 5. Personally I don’t think they are top 5 either as I would still have Ravens ahead of them at 4 and then either Rams or Packers at 5 (unless Rodgers gets traded, then they fall out of top 15 for me).
  4. I just think he’s going to win a starting job and have the most opportunity to do it. He is one of the players I am most excited to see on the field in 2021. I liked him a lot coming out of college and he was looking like a real player out there as the season wore on and he earned some reps. That being said, it also would not surprise me to see someone like Hughes or Oliver lead the team in sacks, or even Addison if he holds down the starting job. But if I had to pick one now, I’m going with AJE just because I think he could have a breakout year.
  5. I think people are sleeping on AJE. He was really coming on last year, and I think he could surprise some people this year with a bigger role. I actually wont be surprised to see him start opposite Hughes week 1. So I chose him.
  6. Thanks for doing it! Dang, I swapped Pitts to 5 and Chase to 4 after the Julio news broke they were listening to offers. Ha...should have stayed put and would have gotten 78 points instead ha
  7. I’d be pretty surprised if they didn’t pick up his 5th year. And honestly, I can’t see why they wouldn’t. He’s made 2 pro bowls, and been a guy whose played through injuries, loved by the team, and has not even peaked yet. He still has even more potential, and his job should be easier this year compared to last year just being healthy and having a better front 7 with Star back and new additions. Calling it now: As long as he stays healthy, he is going to make a 3rd Pro Bowl this year. For me the bigger question is if they will be able to afford to resign him
  8. Well our young guys taking another step this year is going to be improvement. We also are going to have very little turnover this year compared to other teams. We did add some players that can definitely make us better this year too. And I am not sure who they could have taken at their picks that suddenly become game changing to our season next year.
  9. I’ve been seeing a lot of people commenting about how we didn’t get “day 1” contributors. We are a 13-3 team that went the AFCCG. We have a strong roster, rookies generally aren’t coming in from rounds 3 and 5 or later and making an immediate impact on a team this good. When you have mid round rookies as significant contributors it generally means your team isn’t very good. So I don’t get all this obsession about other people who are concerned some of our draft picks are going to be developed and learn behind veterans to be groomed as replacements in next year or two.
  10. When we lost in 2020, it was because we lost in the TRENCHES. Every single loss we were utterly dominated in the trenches by more physical lines. Beane said enough of that BS, we are getting bigger, meaner, and more physical. This draft made a lot of sense. And their are still viable options in FA to round out any holes they feel we may need to address it positions they want more competition at. I gave them an A for this draft. You win and lose in the trenches in the NFL, it’s proven over and over again, especially in the playoffs.
  11. Believing CJ Spiller could be an every down back after his one big season.
  12. To me it was clearly BPA and he stayed true to his board. First round picks still bust more than half the time. Just because we took one at 30 and one last year in the 2nd does not by any means mean we are set at DE. We just have “PROSPECTS” with potential. But we are for sure losing our two starters by next year in Addison and Hughes. Doubling down here with BPA at a position of major need next year is fine with me. I like this pick.
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