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  1. Its not though. I understand where you’re coming from, but it’s just not fully accurate as a whole part of the picture. That’s one small aspect of the transition. The speed, the violence, the language, the schemes, the complexity of reading defenses in game and identifying offensive plays is far and beyond anything they have done. There is no denying that playing in college for a guy like Saban has its advantages for players transitioning to the NFL, so you are absolutely right about that. However, it’s not a magic pill that suddenly makes a college kid a seasoned NFL vet. And this is easily proven because you can go and look at week 1 of the rookie year of every Alabama player under Saban and see how they did. Many didn’t even play, let alone start. And the ones who did see the field week 1 of their rookie year, most didn’t have a big game. If what you are saying is true, most Alabama rookies would start week 1 and have significant amount of success in that first start. And that’s just not true for rookies, even rookies from Alabama. Doesn’t mean none have some success week 1, but we are talking 22 college starters here, very few will both start and have a big game week 1 of their NFL rookie year. And again, not all 22 staring Alabam players are even going to make the NFL, let alone be starters.
  2. I will give you the benefit of the doubt on this story being accurate as no reason to doubt your authenticity. However, if you polled 100 players I would bet your friend is the only one who would say that. I have several friends who played in both college and NFL and none of them would share that opinion. They talk about how big of a transition it is for rookies and what a shock it is all the time when curbing people’s expectations of rookies first entering the NFL. Even the pain the 2nd day after a game is a lot worse from the physicality of the NFL game. The language, playbooks, schemes are all way more immense and complicated. The biggest thing they always say is how much faster the game is. And its not even about them, this is a well known part of the game and transition for rookies and why most don’t come flying out of the gate in their first NFL game.
  3. Huh? How does this even make sense to this topic? This isn’t 2 NFL teams facing off, it’s a pro team versus an amateur team lol. I mean you haven’t really provided any points in trying to make this case that Alabam, who couldn’t cover 28.5 points against a college team would somehow cover 28.5 against a pro team. Let’s just agree to disagree
  4. Hahahaha OMG. So you think Tua passing for 105 yards is gonna cover a 28.5 point spread against NFL team!?!? #ObliteratedAndStillRefuted.
  5. Watson passed for 105 yards in his first NFL start after 2 more years of college experience, and NFL offseason consisting of OTAs, practice, and preseason and whole throwing to Elite NFL received in Hopkins. #Refuted.
  6. Alright, I didn't want to have to do this again, but you have forced my hand here. And I mean no disrespect to you, nothing personal here, but its just you are saying so many incorrect statements that now I have to address them in order to fairly participate in the dialogue with you. I am going to use capital words to highlight very important words, not to simulate "yelling". Wrong, wrong, wrong. Alabama does not have a single NFL player on its roster. They are STILL in COLLEGE. You are absolutely categorically wrong on this. Not one kid on Alabama has gone through an OTA, practice, training camp, preseason, etc let alone taken a single NFL snap. They are NOT NFL ready as they sit in their locker room right now. NFL game is massively different than the College game. You and others are falsifying these statements (unintentionally) and using the kids FUTURE selves to project them into a SINGLE game RIGHT NOW as is. Rookies week 1 of the NFL have the benefit of an entire NFL offseason to get ready for that game, and VERY VERY VERY FEW come in week 1 and dominate as high quality starters in their very first NFL game. Further more, its 100% factually wrong that all 11 starters on either side of the ball are NFL Draft picks right now this very second. There are SOME kids going to the NFL in this draft, others are NOT ready and will NOT be in the draft THIS year, some not for 2 or 3 more years.. You dont get to take the kids FUTURE peaks and project them into a game TODAY. There are no time machines. So you are 1 million percent categorically wrong in this statement, its not even defensible. Secondly, this is FOOTBALL...more people play through a game than just the starters. To just focus on the starters is to just prove the flaws in any case you can make. The bench plays a LOT across any football team. This isn't Baseball or Basketball where you can ride the starters if you need to. Football is fast, violent, and exhausting, players rotate a lot. And MOST importantly...who cares if players make the NFL, that does NOT make them ALL good starters in the NFL. All 22 of Alabamas starters across the offense and defense THIS year will NOT all be GOOD NFL starters for their whole careers, and in fact, it won't even be HALF them and thats me being generous. In fact, all 22 won't even make the NFL as there are not currently 11 players on the Alabama offense that will go to the NFL. First, MANY MANY MANY people discussed Alabama actually winning the game. Just because you didn't, doesn't mean others were not saying that. So you can stop saying no one said that. Secondly, all year this was about Alabama, not Clemson. So lets stick with your "it was about covering the spread" argument only as thats the only opinion in this discussion as you claim to have never said anything about them winning the game and I will take your word on that. The case for Alabama was that it could cover that spread all year (and win, but again, we will leave that part behind here) as they sit right now this second. Not guys who go through NFL training camps, this Alabama team today. One argument is that it was the best defense ever for Alabama. Yet funny, everyone says this isnt even close to their best defense and it has flaws. That defense just let a 19 year old freshman eat them alive in COLLEGE and blow them out. The Alabama offense couldn't score and got blown out against a COLLEGE defense. Alabama was not able to cover the proposed 28.5 point spread in a COLLEGE game. Lawerence is an EXCITING prospect. But here is a REALITY check. If you took Lawerence right this second, with no NFL training of any kind, no camp, no preseason, no practice, no OTA's etc...and put him on an NFL offense and made him start against an NFL defense today, he would get eaten alive. He is going to probably be the first pick in the draft (barring injury or some sort of Leinart, Brohm, Locker type dip in performance) one day, but TODAY he is NOT ready to START an NFL game as he stands right now. Yet that same kid just obliterated that famed Alabama defense. The Alabama Defense is NOT going to be able to stop an NFL offense nor is that Alabama offense going to be able to score on an NFL defense. They would lose by 50+ points, and its not even really debatable. Thats like all the foolish comments that said Mayweather was going to lose that bout a couple weeks ago against the utterly dominant young kickboxing champion. It was laughable, and I hate Floyd but even I knew that was going to be a joke as Floyd actually knocked him out in what was an exhibition. Please dont tell me I dont follow, just because I didn't feel like having to rewrite what I have already written in this thread and others because you didn't take the time to scroll back and read my posts. Every single point you have made on this subject is not rooted in the reality of this situation. You cant take the "future" versions of these kids, its these kids TODAY and there are not 22 kids ready to start AND BE GOOD AT IT at the NFL level on either roster. And you DONT get to combine their rosters, its one or the other. I find it MOST hilarious that people NOW want to change the narrative to Clemson since Alabama already proved they cant even beat a College team nor covered the proposed 28.5 spread. But this whole entire discussion was ALL about Alabama, not Clemson. Doesn't matter though, Clemson wouldn't do it either. And Lawerence may end up being the best QB prospect since Manning, but he is NOT that yet. Manning had 3 more years of school, learning the game, and growth BEFORE he Entered the NFL, and then guess what...HE WAS NOT GOOD AS A ROOKIE!!!! Now you want me to believe that a FRESHMAN QB, with 3 years less school, physical growth, coaching, and development who also has NOT gone through an NFL OTA, practice, training camp, or preseason is going to step on to a field against an NFL defense today and light them up???? COME ON MAN, the absurdity of that is so off the charts I cant believe someone is authentically even suggesting it. PS: Peyton Manning: Threw 3 INTS in his FIRST NFL game. He also threw 11 INT' in his FIRST 4 games. Stop stop stop with this Lawerence can beat an NFL defense today stuff. Lawerence has 2 more years min to play BEFORE he can be the next Manning Prospect, and even then he likely won't be ready to light up an NFL defense in his first start BEFORE he has even taken a single snap of NFL practice just like Manning wasn't.
  7. Alphadawg7

    Hypothetical : Trade down in 1st with Raiders?

    You need more poll options. I mean it depends whose on the board at 9 IMO. But at first glance, I don’t like it. I would rather have a blue chip prospect than 2 riskier ones. We need talent, not more bodies. We have 10 picks already and tons of cap space to fill holes in FA. So give me talent and a more likely impact player.
  8. Alabama just lost by more than 28.5 to a college team. Case closed. They wouldn’t win or cover. And no, the question was NOT that, now you’re changing narratives. It was would ALABAMA beat or cover the spread. Not a group of “NFL players between 19-22”. Stop making your own story and rules up lol. PS: Many people here, in the media, and social media literally said Alabama would also outright win the game. So you keep saying no one said that, but that’s completely wrong.
  9. Yet Alabama just got blown out by another College team. Case closed. They won’t win nor cover against a pro team. It’s not even a question.
  10. Alphadawg7

    Eagles officially choose Wentz over Foles

    Im not sure the Eagles can afford to retain him and trade him. I have a feeling Foles is gonna enter free agency, so Pats may be able to sign him without giving up anything. However I suspect a team like Jax would our bid them if he is a FA.
  11. Agreed...and funny, I use my cell a lot when on this board so I often don’t see all the typos in a post of mine until someone replies and quotes it. Stupid auto correct and my big hands typing so fast on an iPhone hahaha
  12. Agreed. I get your point, but a LOT of context is being overlooked here in this comment though. 1. Allen never committed to football in HS as he played multiple sports, which is why he didn’t get recruited. 2. Because of the above point, Allen never got high quality coaching comparative to the big schools and the NFL as he played JUCO then at Wyoming. 3. Furthermore he never played with high quality talent. People overlook the fact that Allen is the type of passer you really need skilled receivers to excel with because his arm is so strong and his style is very improvised because of his athletic ability. So I really don’t think it’s fair to Josh and his talents to blanket paint his comp% as an Achilles heal to the point that he may not be able to improve on. He isn’t the same as some kid who came from a bigger school with high level coaching and fellow future NFL prospect receivers and OL around him. Thats not fair either. 1. You are comparing veterans to a rookie, they should always be able to have a higher comp % than a rookie just on their ability alone to read defenses. If not, they really shouldn’t even be a backup in the NFL. 2. They don’t even come close in the type of passes Allen attempts which are many more lower percentage downfield throws. McD and Daboll were were substantially more aggressive in down field passing with Allen in the 2nd half the season. 3. It was one game for Barkley, let’s not also over exaggerate it either and forget his whole career. This is the NFL, even a backup can have a good game. Nick Foles our dueled a 500 yard game by Brady in the SB last year, doesn’t make him better. He was not considered a bust in Detroit. He wasn’t prolific in the passing game, but he was a good TE while there overall. The difference was in how he was used there and in Indy. Your statement suggests he had a terrible catch rate and then suddenly didn’t in Indy given you are blaming the passer and “more catchable ball”. He was used to a much higher degree as a passing weapon by Indy and more of a focal point. In Detroit he was not used that way and his lower stats were not because the balls were less “catchable”. Already showed why your accuracy comment isn’t a fair statement. Agree he is very exciting. But this “regime” didn’t draft Zay over JuJu and Kupp. Beane was not the GM and he is a key figure in today’s regime. THIS regime has only been together one draft. McD has been here 2 drafts and in that first draft all of their scouting and player evaluation in support of McD came from Whaleys staff. And in that draft they got a pro bowl level DB and what looks to be a very good LB in Milano plus a solid OL in Dion who should bounce back this year with a new OL coach and better talent around him. That’s a good draft for any GM when you land 3 key starters. I will also add, Zay was widely considered the best WR on the board when we took him, not like it was a reach either. Second draft with this current regime landed us 2 stud first round prospects that came into the NFL and showed why they were so highly ranked and that their potential is sky high. They also landed quality DBs and found our best WR through UDFA. 2 years from now this draft could be looked at as one of the best by any team in a decade if Allen and Edmunds reach their potential. No Front office, GM, etc is ever going to bat a .1000 on drafting, so to focus on one pick that didn’t work out like it could have if they chose someone else is pointless. It’s going to happen every single year on every single team where a player chosen later by someone else is going to out perform an earlier pick. No team in history has landed what turned out to best available player still on board to come out of the draft at every selection. You grade a draft by the entirety of the results, not one pick that could have worked out better.
  13. Because we will sign guys located all over that top 50. I thought it was an excellent list. Had he done 20, several people we are going to sign likely wouldn’t have been listed. There are going to also be guys we sign that aren’t splash players, but solid starters, quality backups, etc. We have a lot of holes to fill and a lot of money to spend Except he’s not a bad seed. His teammates loved him before the contract dispute. Not saying we should spend the money to get him, but trying to get paid, especially as a RB where this was going to be his last big payday, doesn’t make him a bad seed. This is it, his last big contract. He will be 30 when he is up for another one. He should get S much as he can because Free Agent RBs dont get paid well, and certainly don’t once they are near 30.