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  1. Alphadawg7

    any WR's potential trade targets?

    Wonder if we could get TB to trade us one of Godwin or Humphries...doubt it though
  2. Alphadawg7

    Survivor Pool

    There was only 4 of us left after like 85% of the players lost week 1 on Saints, and I didn’t like many other matchups nor did I trust the Vikings in a tough game later. It’s a $500 small survivor league, usually wraps between weeks 4 and 7
  3. Alphadawg7

    Survivor Pool

    Everyone, including myself, in my survivor took the Vikes except for 1 person! Lucky for the rest of us, they took the Pats! Hahaha, so all of us that were alive this week push and survive another week. Thanks LIONS!
  4. Ha, yeah hard to argue that...WTF happened to KB. Where is the KB that was fired up on the first drive of the preseason? Maybe Beane should set up a video chat call every Sunday morning between Cam and KB to get him mad again because he has looked like he could care less every single drive since that game.
  5. Alphadawg7

    Call it homerism...but we WILL beat the Packers

    Opening line is 10.5 points...assuming Rogers plays, that line will drastically change if he sits.
  6. Alphadawg7

    Call it homerism...but we WILL beat the Packers

    Agreed, something is very very different since halftime week 2 with this D and is finally playing like I thought this D would play coming out of the offseason and going into camp. I was quite disappointed in what we were seeing out of them in preseason and then just was bad the first 6 quarters. But the last 6 quarters are more what I was expecting when I thought this D would be a top 10 unit this year coming into the year. And yes, Josh just keeps getting more comfortable and more aggressive with each series. To have him bounce back this week after making a few costly rookie errors in the Chargers game that kept us from really getting back in it was very exciting to see.
  7. Alphadawg7

    Call it homerism...but we WILL beat the Packers

    If Rodgers sits (which I think the Packers should honestly do, but doubt they will) then I think we crush the Packers like the Vikes because Kizer is just awful IMO. Our D will feast on him.
  8. Alphadawg7

    Call it homerism...but we WILL beat the Packers

    Nice one sir, well played HA
  9. Alphadawg7

    Call it homerism...but we WILL beat the Packers

    Dont blame you for that, its a reasonable and warranted response. But I still BILLieve we will beat the Pack this week Hmmmm...maybe I should put $5K on Bills straight up with these big odds? HA...yeah no. But maybe I will throw $50 or $100 at it
  10. Well played sir haha love it
  11. The team thats been on the field the last 6 quarters of football shows up in Lambeau, then we can and will beat the Packers. The D over the last 6 quarters can slow this Packers offense down, especially since the Packers OL isn't very good, the run game is sputtering as usual there, and Rogers isnt 100%. And the Packer D is just not very good, so good chance for our offense to keep gelling and Allen to keep improving. By no means am I guaranteeing a win or making some $5k wager on them, but I just really think this is a game this team can win. We just have so much momentum and energy coming out of this Vikes game that I think this team has a chip on its shoulder and is going to be another surprise odds upset next week.
  12. Alphadawg7

    Biggest Bills win since...?

    We will beat the Packers, book it.
  13. Hahahaha I was just about to say the same thing
  14. Hats off to OL who really stepped up this week. Wasn't perfect by any means, but night and day difference from the revolving door it had been in preseason and to start the season. I have been highly critical of this OL up to this point, so happy to say kudos for putting up a good effort against a dangerous defense. Good news is that the Packers aren't the same threat upfront as the first 3 teams we played. So hoping to see them gel more again this week and put another solid effort out there on the field. Make no mistake though, we need to still seriously address this OL this offseason. We get Allen consistent protection and some receivers who can catch and get separation and we could make a big leap net year.
  15. Alphadawg7

    Russ Bodine made a huge difference

    Yeah, I have been harping about the OL since we lost Wood and Richie. I told everyone Groy is not a good starter all off season, and this preseason and first 2 games certainly didn't dispel any of those criticisms. That being said, while the OL wasn't perfect, they very much played their best game of 2018 this weekend against a very good defensive front. I dont know if Bodine is the main difference or not, but certainly was the biggest change we made and a no brainer for next week. The good news is that GB front 7 isn't as threatening as the first 3 teams we played, so hoping the OL can continue to gel and get some more confidence and momentum in both pass and run game. Call me a homer, but I actually believe we will beat the Packers next week. If this same defense and OL we have had the last 6 quarters of football shows up next week, then I think we will beat the Packers for major odds upset #2. This team is night and day different between the first 6 quarters of the season and the last 6 quarters we have played. The last 6 quarters are a team that can beat anyone on any given Sunday, especially as Josh gets more and more comfortable and experience every week.