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  1. I will make a case for McNabb. Outside of Tom Brady, I cant think of another QB who had as much success as McNabb with total scrubs to throw to most of his career. Have any of you actually looked at who his receivers were? It’s atrocious. He did more with less than just about any QB I can think except Brady. The one time he had a good one, T.O., he took them to the SB. McNabb was also tough as nails, finished a game with a broken ankle. There are worse QBs in the HOF than McNabb. He’s not a first ballot guy, but I think he has a case for the hall.
  2. Raiders aren’t tanking, they spent a ton of money. They may or may not be good, but they sure are not trying to tank. Miami yes
  3. Ha fair enough, I can accept that logic ha. I wont bet on it though, don’t want to root against Zay, and if I bet on it then I would ha. So no betting for me although I did put some nice money down on the over 6.5 wins and $100 on Bills AFCC win and SB win Hopefully Zay is the Super Bowl MVP and pays me $16,000 between the AFCC and SB bets alone. He will make my Christmas card list and send a 20% tip if so haha
  4. Lol no. Are you going to wager on every offseason thought, discussion, or opinion you have? I would rather see Zay excel than fail and cheer him on, so not going wager against him or bet on his failure.
  5. Nah, definitely not taking anything personal. Been a great thread I fully enjoyed. Vast majority of comments have been great back and forth dialogue from both sides. And yes, you’re correct, as I have said several times I would much rather see Zay succeed. I could care less about whether or not this feeling I had before free agency is proven right, I just want success for the team and everyone on it. In the end, this thread was merely a bold prediction that spurned great discussion. We all win if Zay proves the doubters wrong, so go Zay! Go Bills!
  6. All good, but equally no disrespect intended...people should read threads and not thread titles. If people want to form opinions on a thread title instead of participating in the dialogue, then they aren't really worth the time to talk to anyway. The thread title was a prediction, not a "I am right and everyone else is wrong" statement...and lots of good dialogue on both sides throughout this thread.
  7. These are very good points, and honestly until his interview the other day, I didn't know he missed OTAs both years up until now. I knew he missed one OTA, but forgot he missed them both with injuries. It was a good interview and makes one want to keep rooting for him. Like I have maintained many times through this thread, I have nothing personal against Zay. I would love to see him become a key player for this team, someone Allen can grow with and depend on. His work ethic seems to be great too based on what has been said about him in the past. But at the end of the day, what I have seen of him in years 1 and 2 still brings skepticism until I see something different on the field. And he has earned that skepticism with very few impactful games, too many mistakes, too many drops, etc. So its like anyone is being unfair in their criticisms thus far, at least most aren't. Its pretty exciting competition we have forming at WR (and some other positions too). Will be fun to watch, and like I said already, I will be cheering him on for his success. I do not care at all if some thought I had on February 27th is validated or not. I just want this team to keep going in the right direction. I literally can not wait to see Josh out there too and slinging it to all these guys! Honestly, I think Duke is the guy I am the most excited to see simply because I would really love to have a guy with his skill set for Josh...big, high points, makes contested catches, large catch radius...especially around the red zone and especially since we just lost Kroft for a bit.
  8. Fair enough, and all good man. Its just that you're not the first person to make a bet proposal, and the others had different intentions behind them. Was told in posts and DM to "put my money where my mouth is" because my criticisms of Zay are stupid even though nearly 50 pages show the criticisms are shared thoughts and more than fair thus far in his early career. So when I see another one, the default response is its just more of that nonsense.
  9. You've missed the entire point of this thread. This right here says to me that you're here hoping to get an "I told you so" moment even though this was never a right or wrong thread, it was an open discussion on how the offseason COULD impact Zay's future. I could care less if my gut feeling on February 27th comes true or not. This was an open discussion about the possibility of what the offseason would add to the WR room and how that may impact the 53 man roster week 1. Some of you seem to only be invested in hoping to get an "I told you so" notch on your belt. Which is funny, because everyone on this board has been "wrong" about many thoughts or predictions many more times than being right, so the "I told you so" is a pretty worthless accomplishment. So, no, I am not interested in your bet. I actually do not want to root against Zay, I MUCH PREFER seeing him go out and seize his opportunities and make this team better over betting against him and hoping he fails just so some stupid thought last February can be proven right and I can say "I told you so" and win money. I am a Bills fan...I want to cheer Zay on, not root against him.
  10. If anyone looks back at my posts, I literally said that Zay and Foster would almost certainly open OTA's and Camp as the starting WR's just on the sheer fact they know the offense and system. McD has said many times, there is no depth chart this time of year too. Add in that Brown and Cole didn't even suit up, and there was literally 0% chance that anyone but Foster and Zay would get first team reps. In fact, I would bet that both Foster and Zay will likely start the first preseason game too. Brown, Cole, and Duke will all have to show they know the playbook (and also be healthy) before getting a shot at some time with the ones. I was happy to see Zay have some success...but I would pump the brakes...Nathan Peterman looked good in shorts in May too, so lets not get ahead of ourselves. Zay hasn't even begun to compete with the other guys yet for playing time. That being said, I would MUCH RATHER be wrong about something I felt in the beginning of the off season and see Zay excel. I still remain skeptical until I see it on the field, but I liked the kids interview and mentality during OTA's. But saying the right things means very little, he needs to show he can be consistent on the field and sincerely hope he does.
  11. No disrespect intended here...but why do people keep bringing up Moulds? I mean, its a silly argument. I can go through history on any subject and find some random example of how it went one time. By no means does it mean its going to repeat exactly the same under different circumstances. I mean there are literally no similarities between Zay and Moulds other than they both play(ed) WR for the Bills. They are not the same player, not the same circumstances, not the same offense, not the same era, not the same system, etc etc. That being said, I will be pulling for Zay to become an important WR like Moulds was for the Bills even if I am skeptical on how he will fare against stiff competition. I like the kid, so hopefully he takes a big step forward this year. I mean ultimately, I can care less about being right in a discussion about a feeling I had in the beginning of the offseason. I would much rather see Zay become a big time player for this team and will cheer for it to happen. Will be a good competition to watch unfold this year.
  12. Are you really starting "I told you so" posts because of one catch in shorts in May? LMAO. And maybe you would be less confused if you actually read the thread you are referencing
  13. Bill Walsh also traded up for JJ Stokes and called home the next Jerry Rice. Walsh also called Jim Drunkenmiller the next great 49ers QB when he was drafted too.
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