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  1. Alphadawg7

    Confession time at TBD

    This was mine too! I was so pissed off when we passed on him multiple times. I just couldn't believe we wouldn't take chance on him in the 2nd or 3rd given he would have been a top 15 pick had not been for the off field question marks. I was Furious when Pats got him. However, while I was still intrigued, I was not enamored with Mallet when he went to Houston. Shine had long worn off, although I would have certainly kicked the tires on him. I also thought Spiller was a guy who could be a feature back after his monster season. Oops.
  2. Alphadawg7

    NFL planning to suspend Jameis Winston for 3 games

    This graphic is just genius and spot on.
  3. Alphadawg7

    NFL planning to suspend Jameis Winston for 3 games

    Hmmmmm... I say dangle AJ and see if they bite. Winston still has not blossomed into the guy they had hoped and is very mistake prone. Now add in offseason stuff, they might have interest in a guy like AJ who has upside that could potentially blossom into a Winston replacement. If we could move AJ for a decent draft pick right now, I would do it. Like if we could get a 3rd, do it. I mean he was about to fetch multiple picks last season that included a 2nd so its not out of the question. AJ could be some insurance with upside for them, and with how well Allen is progressing and the staff apparently liking what they see in Peterman, I would just do it.
  4. EXACTLY!!! The OP is literally spinning this story to a negative in a biased view of Sammy. He didn't say he didn't have that in LA, he said thats what he was looking for in any new team he chose. He repeated stated he wanted to stay in LA, however, they were not even close to what KC was offering. OP wrote this to imply the reason he left was to find a good HC and good young QB...which was not remotely the case of why he left. He left LA for KC because they both offered him a boat load of money and had a situation he liked with strong staff and young promising QB. Complete non-story being spun to mean something it doesn't.
  5. Alphadawg7

    6-15: Brandon Beane on One Bills Live

    Star is one of the reasons I think Edmunds is going to be a finalist at least in DROY, and possibly win it. We got a lot of beef up front to chew up blockers now.
  6. LMAO...geezus its getting deep now. TT was not awful the whole season going into the SD game and we were a playoff team at that point. I mean geezus...TT has made multiple pro bowls, wining record, great TD:INT ratio, etc...and you are saying NP has more potential? LMAO...NP would slap his mama to have even half the career TT has right now. I mean we just traded TT for a premium pick so he could start on another team while we couldn't trade NP for a Domino's pizza right now. Its interesting, that so many people madly in love with NP are the same who hated TT to no end. Seems you have this crush on NP still just because he isn't TT. I mean not one of you have actually said one single credible or factual positive about NP...its always just he isn't TT. NEWSFLASH: TT is gone...move on already. Just because NP isn't TT doesn't make him a viable prospect.
  7. Nobody hates Peterman...but I think people hate the extreme and gross over exaggeration of him. I mean there are people in this thread, on this page of the thread too, making comparisons to former #1 overall picks and first ballot HOF QB's for crying out loud. He is not remotely the same type of prospect as them nor remotely has the same tools to work with. I like him actually and have no issues with Peterman winning the starting job if he outplays everyone and I would cheer him on just like I will cheer on whoever wins the job. I just think the odds are very low it will happen. We are talking about an unheralded college QB who wasn't good under pressure in college and been even worse so far in the NFL. 49% career passer with 6 INTS and 3 Fumbles in 52 pass attempts...50% career preseason passer against scrubs...weak arm...bad under pressure...still waiting for his positives other than being a very likable guy. But liking a guy and being rational and realistic in him as a prospect are two different things.
  8. Where do you guys come up with this stuff? Peterman completed just 50% of his passes in the preseason, he did NOT outplay anyone. And not only did he only complete 50% of his passes (Which is Tebow-esque accuracy), he was playing mostly against deep bench guys and players who didn't even make rosters. This is how things get constantly sensationalized here. Peterman makes a couple throws people liked and then they completely ignored anything else and put him on some ridiculous pedestal. Not to mention Peterman went on to complete only 49% of his passes in his regular appearances and 33% in his 3 post season passes. He made 52 career NFL throws in reg/post season appearances, and in those 52 passes he has 6 INTs and 3 Fumbles to go with under 49% completions. I wish the kid luck, I like him, and would love to see him surprise. HOWEVER...the outplaying in preseason is nonsense, and he has yet to do anything on an NFL field that remotely suggests he can be a good starter in the NFL, let alone even a reliable backup. The odds are stacked against him to even make this roster at this point. Anything is possible, and wish him nothing but the best...but he has to make SUBSTANTIAL strides this TC and PreSeason to even make the roster.
  9. Dont understand all the venom here at LJ, but I think it was fairly obvious that Flacco is the clear starter going into camp, but the Ravens are going to try and find ways to still utilize Lamars abilities while they groom him to potentially replace Flacco at some point. But I don't think anyone really expected Lamar to challenge for starting playing time this year, which is why Ravens were a great spot for him. He gets to work on his game and study behind a seasoned SB winning veteran and a great coaching staff while also likely getting some regular season game time by using his talents in specific packages and situations. Lamar has as much upside as really any QB in this draft. None of them came without flaws they need to improve on, and anyone comparing him to TT really just doesn't know what they are talking about as they are not very comparable and you are just being lazy. He is no lock to be a franchise QB, but he's also no lock to be a bust. He is in about as good a situation as he could have asked for, so time will tell how he grooms out. I do find it funny that so many TSW experts here seem to think they know so much that he is a lock to bust, while arguably the best NFL GM of his generation, Newsome, felt strongly enough about Lamar's potential that he went out and got him in the first round even though they already have a starter who won them a SB. Never understood this boards obsession with declaring people hits or busts before they have ever played a single regular season snap.
  10. Alphadawg7

    Over/Under 20 ppg defensive scoring

    Im taking the under. Reasons: I think Edmunds will be a finalist for DROY after a very strong rookie campaign I think Harrison Phillips and Star are going to vastly improve our DL I believe Trent Murphy is going to make a FA impact similar to Hyde and Porter last year I believe Hughes will be more effective this season with better talent around him to free him up more to do more of what he does best I love our secondary and think its going to be even better this year than last I believe our defensive front 7 is going to prove to be quite a bit better than last year to go with our already very strong secondary. Additionally, I think Shaq will surprise some of his doubters this year and make noticeable strides in his 3rd year. He's come in motivated, determined, lighter, etc and the coaches have even noticed that there is something different with him this year. I think he is figuring out what it takes to succeed in the NFL and seems committed to doing it and I am optimistic that he will see some positive strides in him. I don't know if the team overall will be able to still make the playoffs again, will greatly depend on our young QB situation and questionable OL and WR situation as well. But I do expect the D to improve and has top 10 potential IMO. Devils Advocate: While I am optimistic about the things above, I do recognize there are things they may play out different and could see the D not improve and could slip this year. However, my personal opinion is the one above and still take the under, but I do realize there are these risks below: Tre could have a sophomore slump like Darby did. Hyde/Porter have had injury problems in the past Edmunds and Phillips are rookies and we will need them to have strong rookie campaigns Murphy has shown potential, but needs to stay healthy and show it wasn't a fluke Star has to be better than he was the last couple years in Carolina
  11. 1. McD repeatedly said there is no depth chart, and specifically referencing the QB position during questions. 2. McD said it would be an open competition between all 3, so it was expected they would all get first teams reps, and they have. NP has the most familiarity as well given neither AJ or Allen were on the roster last year, so also fully expected to be getting reps for that reason. 3. No one once said McD has made up his mind, no coach would ever make their mind up at this stage. None of this matters in relation to the post you and others responded too. I never once referenced the FO or McD made their mind up that NP is a PS squad guy only. They drafted him, they obviously are going to keep trying to develop him especially considering neither AJ or Allen were here last year. I stated the odds of him actually beating out AJ and Allen are very low. We already know he can't beat out Allen, meaning Allen will be at the very least the #2 QB come week 1 because there is ZERO chance is will be on the PS and very doubtful the Bills will carry 3 active QB's on game day. So the only chance NP has is to flat out beat AJ for the starting job or the backup job (If Allen wins the start week 1). I pointed out why that feels like a long shot still. I pointed out all the reasons. AJ has performed substantially better in college, preseason, regular season, and post season appearances than NP. I mean we are talking about a guy who completed 50% of his passes in preseason against scrubs, and 49% of his passes in regular season and post season appearance last year. Not to mention 6 Ints and 3 Fumbles in 52 career pass attempts. So I say once again, the odds are stacked against NP and playing in shorts is not a good barometer at this time of year of grading where he is at. He was not good in college under pressure and he was even worse in the NFL so far. So for people to over value him in shorts while AJ and Allen are still getting familiar with the players, practice style, coaching, playbook, etc is IMO setting themselves up for a lot of false hope. I like NP, wish him the best, but the reality is he is still a long shot to make this roster until he proves SUBSTANTIAL improvement once the bullets really start to fly.
  12. I just answered this above. Once again, there is no depth chart and they are moving all kinds of guys in and out of first team reps, especially YOUNG guys to get them reps and experience in how they practice, study, learn the playbook, etc prior to going into training camp and preseason. This time of year is not about establishing depth charts.
  13. Huh? McD has repeated said there is NO depth chart right now. For people to keep over exaggerating him getting first team reps right now is puzzling. All 3 QB's are taking first team reps, and one day after NP opened OTA's with first team, AJ opened day 2. NP is only QB with familiarity with the team, so no shock at this time of year he is getting into the rotation. And they said all 3 will be allowed to compete...does NOT mean he has some kind of leg up. And again, "wasting valuable first team reps" is to ignore what McD keeps insisting on, and thats there is no depth chart right now. They are moving guys in all positions in and out of first team reps, not just all the QB's.
  14. Oh the offseason...26 pages and counting on a future PS player. Hey anything is possible, but the odds of NP winning this job over AJ and Allen are very low. Looking good in shorts is meaningless this time of year. Seen a number of threads saying how it won't be hard to beat out AJ...ok where is that coming from? AJ had a substantially better college career. AJ has performed substantially better in Preseason appearances AJ has performed substantially better in limited NFL starts AJ got to sit and learn the NFL game longer I am not even the biggest AJ guy, just acknowledge that he has a case for optimism and potential. I actually think Allen might just win this job outright come week 1, although I would prefer it to be AJ so we can maybe showcase him for trade value while also letting Allen sit longer to learn and prepare. But NP was an unheralded college QB with limited physical tools who managed to just complete 50% of his passes in preseason and completed 49% of his passes with 6 interceptions and 3 fumbles in his limited reg & post season appearances. 6 INTS and 3 fumbles in 52 career pass attempts to be exact in barely over a games worth of total NFL action. As I said before, I have nothing against Peterman, and hope he proves me wrong. But this is a bit silly to really think at this stage he has a legit shot to start. He is like a dear in head lights who throws off his back foot in a panic under pressure, and as GB pointed out, that was an issue for him in college too. So I personally can't even consider him a legit option until he shows something when the pads are on and people are coming after him. He doesn't have the physical tools to over come these poor habits IMO.
  15. Alphadawg7

    "Giants 'don't like' Josh Rosen".

    He fell because he’s a hard guy to like and that’s not a great trait in your QB. He fell because their are questions about how engaged he is with football. He fell because his leadership abilities are in question. He fell because he had 2 concussions and another injury last year. There are lots of reasons he fell, politics aren’t one of them IMO. And he only fell to 10, people act like he had a Ryan Mallet fall where he would have been a top 15 pick but fell to the third due to character concerns. There were a lot of good QB prospects this year, so those things above matter. And personally, I think this “most pro ready” is grossly over exaggerated and manufactured into belief by constant media repetition of that. The kid comes across as mentally weak and I think he is going to struggle to deal with the down moments in the NFL and have real concerns about whether he will have enough desire and passion to push through them to be great.