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  1. No he was the only here because we didn’t have anyone else who was healthy. Yes they made the mistake of carrying him into the season, but so did the majority of this board after NPs preseason (not me, I was always stating he can’t play). They immediately corrected that mistake week 1. After that, a case can be made we should have brought a vet in. But this fan base has not even a remote understanding of what it takes to get a QB up to speed to execute an offense. They now had to build Josh up and spend ALL their time with our young rookie, so that’s pribably why they didn’t sign a vet then. Add in that none of the moves they made were about winning this year and about building for the future, and it’s not hard to see why they chose to put all their time into Josh rather than try and find another QB to also spend time with teaching the lingo and playbook. Ultimately they decided it would help to bring a vet in and help Allen as he was up and down trying to find his way on a bad offense. But once he immediately got hurt, NP had to stay because we didn’t have another healthy option to backup DA and we also couldn’t bring a second new QB in either because like they did with allen, they needed to spend all time with DA to get him up to speed. Then again DA gets hurt and back to same situation signing Barkley. They had to keep NP again as an emergency because they need to spend time getting Barkley up to speed. So, their only mistake was rolling with NP into the regular season, but in their defense, he fooled a lot of people in the preseason. After that, they got stuck with him due to circumstances. Not a chance he remains in the roster now once Allen is healthy. Real question is do they keep both MB and DA once Allen is healthy. NP may wind up on the PS at best, if not outright cut. His NFL career is certainly over as no team will give him a chance after the year he has had. His next foot into a live game will at best be in CFL, XFL, etc where he will try to play his way into another chance like Manziel tried to do.
  2. I think they absolutely proved that this weekend. No one around here should even suggest we are trying to tank. They came out firing, trick plays, going big. They went out there to smash that team and never once took the foot off the pedal until the game was out of reach. It was always nonsense that people believed they were intentionally trying to lose. Our team isnt very talented on the offensive side of the ball and had had a barrage of injuries to the QB. We were losing cuz we just couldn’t get enough offense going and that was magnified once Allen got hurt. This is not the offense they are building, this is the offense they had to field as a result of dead cap space from cleaning up the cap and also mauevering to get two top prospects in the first round in one draft. This next year will be about rebuilding the OL and skill positions in Offense.
  3. Alphadawg7

    Looking at beanes first draft...

    I have repeatedly pointed out how good this first draft the Beane looks right now, but all anyone wants to do is b*tch about the offense ignoring Beane was here for just one draft. I think McD and Beane have us going in the right direction because the moves made were about the future, not this season. This next offseason will be their defining year on proving that or not by focusing on the offensive rebuild in FA and draft.
  4. Alphadawg7

    Four Different Starting QBs in One Season

    Botch? So injuries are the coaches fault? They said they intended Allen to start week 1, but his 3rd preseason game made them want to sit him a little early In this season and NP just flopped and JA got out in during week 1. Now hes hurt. NP failed so they signed DA but had to keep NP too with Allen still hurt. So they signed Barkley with both DA and JA still hurt, but again have to keep NP in case Barkley gets hurt. So what did they botch? Injuries are injuries, only reason it will be 4.
  5. Its utterly hilarious that you and some others are utterly oblivious to the fact that BOTH Beane and McD on MANY occasions have said how important a strong passing game is. Even more baffling that you guys are so blind, deaf, or something that you can’t see they had ONE DRAFT together and addressed the most important position first and have not yet begun the offensive rebuild outside of the QB yet. Your post is so out of whack with reality
  6. No, this is them building for the future. The cost of that was not being able to field a better team THIS year. Its mind boggling how hard it is for this board to cope with that. I mean everyone here wanted Beane to trade practically our whole draft to get a QB, he did it for a fraction of that and still landed what looks like a future star in Edmunds. Yet people are upset he didn’t magically find 3 WRs and 3 OL plus a TE at the same time. We had a ton of dead cap space to clear it out, the very thing he said he was gonna do first and need 2 years to do. He did it quicker than he said and now this team has a strong D and is able to focus on rebuilding the offense this next year now that they have the QB they want to build it with. Too many people can seem to differentiate between building a team and fielding a team. Beane will never intentionally lose, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t make decisions that would make it harder to win short term to be in better position to win long term. Tanking means intending to lose. McD and Beane go out there to win, even if it’s not likely. They aren’t trying to lose. But the after math of clearing out contracts and trading up twice in the first round to get cornerstone prospects is that it meant not addressing other needs this season and would make this season tougher to win games. Add in some injury bad luck with Josh and it’s gotten tougher. The offensive rebuild starts this offseason and then we will see how well they are progressing. Amazes me how much of the board is so out of touch with what’s really gone down.
  7. Alphadawg7

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    I addressed this in another post...but its so factually wrong I felt I needed to reply separately. There is ONLY one Alabama DL taken in the top 10 since 1990 (over 28 years)...that is Marcel Dareus. And this board declares him a bust and we just dumped him for a 6th round pick. So where is this top 10 Alabama DL dominance? Lets expand it to all of the first round, then its 3 total since 1990...Marcel then Allen in 2017 and Payne in 2018, only Marcel going top 10. And jury is still out on both of them. So where are these "LOCKS" you speak of? Once again...those pesky facts.
  8. Alphadawg7

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    Locks...a fan favorite word to use on cant miss prospects every year that bust and fail miserably. There is no such thing. Second, the past has zero relevancy on the future success of these players in question. Third, the majority of the Alabama roster will never play a down of competitive professional football in their lives. EVEN IF BOTH DL become studs, there are FIVE NFL OL blocking for our RBs who play in a pro system and also blocking for a top 10 NFL great RB in McCoy and a pretty good guy in Ivory. There are NOT 5 STUD NFL players on the Alabama front line. There are not even 5 guys who will play in the NFL. So while I still dont even agree with your point that projected draft status guarantees them great NFL success, even if they do BOTH become studs, it doesnt change the fact that they are playing on a roster MOSTLY made up people who couldn't even make the Bills practice squad, let alone start an NFL game. EDIT: By the way, you are HIGHLY exaggerating the past. In the last 2 decades, Alabama has had 3...just 3...DL taken in the first round and only ONE taken top 10...Payne last year (not top 10), Allen the year before (not top 10) and Marcel Dareus (only one taken in top 10) who we dumped for a 6th round pick. So where is this Alabama DL top 10 pick dominance? Ohhhhhh those pesky facts always messing up fan mythology
  9. Alphadawg7

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    Nonsense? LOL...you dont know what you are talking about, you are just spouting opinion as fact. DL first round BUST rate is 39.7% - thats flat out BUST...like NFL washout. DL First round All Pro rate is a measly 16.5% - You are talking about these picks as IF they are locks to be NFL All Pros, yet only 16.5% of DL taken in the first round during the last 25 years have reached that accolade. When you add in the number of DL that bust by not living up to their first round billing and become low end starters, backups or rotational players, in other words, dont "bust" and fall out of the league, but just really go on to be some JAG (just another guy), that number rockets to over 60%. So sorry, you are factually incorrect. Now factor in the 2 to 3 guys you are claiming and project the odds over all 3 combined...the odds of all 3 being good NFL players is substantially low, the odds of all 3 becoming All Pro level players is miniscule. It can CERTAINLY can happen, but its far far far far far from a lock. So I dont care about a couple of guys who MIGHT be good NFL players SOMEDAY playing with a bunch of other guys who will never step foot on a competitive football field again. Math doesn't lie...fan opinions, well thats not so accurate.
  10. I disagree...he was forced into EJ, wasn't even really him that drafted him, it was Nix as Whaley took over. And they had their hand forced (before Whaley) to have to take a QB in what was known to be one of the worst QB drafts in a while. Then Rex was forced on him who pushed hard for TT who he had wanted for like 4 years. And 2 years later Whaley was gone.
  11. Alphadawg7

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    Whats the bust rate of first round DL picks in the NFL? Whats the bust rate of second round DL picks in the NFL? I will give you a hint substantially higher than 50%. Being an NFL drafted pick, even a high draft pick, does NOT in any way shape or form translate into succeeding in the NFL. So I don't care how many projected picks they have, odds are through the roof that all 3 of them wont translate into good NFL players. In fact, its a higher probability they all bust than even 1 becoming a good NFL player. So your projected "draft picks" are going up against guys ALL succeeded in becoming NFL starters. This is the biggest source of fan myth about predicting college teams to beat NFL teams. They talk about ALL the guys projected to be "DRAFTED" as if they will all be good NFL players. The reality is, out of all the players on the Alabama team, only a small portion will even get a chance to play at the NFL level, and even fewer are going to be starters, and even fewer than that will have sustained success...and even fewer will go on to be great players, IF ANY. So sorry, this argument has no merit. A few guys who MIGHT have NFL careers with a bunch of guys who will never play a down of professional football again are going up against 22 guys who all beat the odds and earned their way into a starting job, even if they aren't among the better starters in the league, they still have accomplished more than the vast majority of all college players will ever accomplish. The vast majority of the Alabama roster couldn't even make it to our practice squad, let alone start in the NFL.
  12. Alphadawg7

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    Im not dreaming...we would easily run on that team, and McCoy would blow past the second level with ease for big gains while Ivory would slam it down their throat.
  13. Whaley wasn’t nearly as bad as people labeled him. He got stuck with a bad coaching staff and saddled with a poor QB situation that never really broke his way. Had to draft a QB in first if a terrible draft for QBs, then Rex was all in on Tyrod. But during that period he did some good things outside that too. He gets hell for the Sammy Trade, however he had some bad luck with his injuries and the QB situation that made that look worse than it was. Had Sammy not have the 2 year long foot injury, things might have looked better and been a little different. Change was needed when we moved on, but I think he gets more negativity than he deserved. He was saddled with bad timing on when to find a new QB, bad luck on a couple key injuries, and forced to hire a bad coach. I think he’s a smart guy, and while I still don’t believe the XFL will do much better the second time around, I think it’s a good hire for them.
  14. Alphadawg7

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    Same Nate Peterson beat Clemson and Deshaun watson (their only loss) the year they won the National Championship. It’s college...where NFL washouts and scrubs like Tebow are one of the GOATS. The statistical top 10 passers in college football history were either NFL scrubs or never played in the NFL. No chance Bama beats any NFL team, and I would easily argue Raiders are a worse team than Bills and Bama wouldn’t beat them either. We at least have a stout defense and some runners that would run all over that Bama team as our OL mauled them.
  15. Alphadawg7

    Good Head Coaches

    This was not a conversation about whether you need a good offense or not, obviously that’s important. Not once did I downplay the importance of an offense. This isn’t a conversation even about style of play. Its a conversarion about the HC and the false narrative that you have to have an offensive minded HC to field a good offense and win the SB, which is false. Many of the teams you cited for offenses have a defensive HC. In fact almost every single team you mentioned with the exception of the 2018 teams have a defensive HC or had one when they were in the SB.