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  1. Well it could be...I mean Tre is an all pro corner, amongst the best of his position in the NFL. His starting spot commands more respect than a 2nd year guy coming off a solid start to his career before getting hurt. Tre will not have to win his job at all when healthy. Brown on the other hand, showed promise, but didn't play so well that his starting spot is indisputable. So Spencer needs to get healthy then prove hes the best starter still. Tre doesn't have to prove anything, so I think thats the difference. But I bet they still believe Spencer will win the job, if not they would have more aggressively addressed the position IMHO.
  2. I think people forget that Crowder would start on the majority of teams across the NFL right now. We are not as thin as people think. And you have Crowder as the 5th guy on your list. Most teams don't have 28 year old accomplished starting receivers as their 5th guy on the depth chart. 2020, John Brown missed a lot of the season and even when back was not 100%. Yet our 5th WR, McKenzie, only totaled 30 receptions for 283 yards, and almost no production from the guys behind him. 2021, both Sanders and Beasley miss some time and our 5th WR on the depth chart, again McKenzie, manages just 20 reception for 183 yards for the season (with the vast majority of that coming in one game) with the next guy behind him having just 28 yards on the season. End of the day, anyone below the 4th WR spot, even with injuries, will not see very much production at all. We don't need to sign OBJ, we are already 5 WRs deep in just Diggs, Davis, Crowder, Shakir, and McKenzie. Outside those 5 guys, no other WR will even reach 100 yards on the season even if we see some guys miss time. Not to mention, our RBs as a whole will see more targets this year with the addition of Cook, plus we are looking like we are running more 2 TE sets, which will also reduce snaps for some of the WRs in the middle of the depth chart. I wont be mad if we sign OBJ, but we are in no way at all thin at WR right now. Signing OBJ would be a luxury, not a need.
  3. Yeah not really any financial reason to move on from Crowder, so I still think he likely makes the final roster given he is still only 28 and a pretty good player. With this being a SB or bust type season, I think it probably makes the most sense to keep the best players. And Crowder is definitely a more accomplished and better player than Hodgins. But, then again, with Shakir and McKenzie having such strong camps, if some other team gets hit with a key injury at WR, then wouldn't surprise me to see Beane make a trade if he gets something decent back.
  4. I dont think he is playing the martyr by any means. I think its more than fair for him to be unhappy with his current contract, the situation, or the team itself. But to each their own, ok to agree to disagree bud All good
  5. ST stats don't at all tell the story on contributions. The coaches have continuously praised Kumerows ST contributions where each player has a specific role on every kick. Containing your lane and forcing the returner into the coverage to force a tackle is just as important, if not more important than the player who actually gets credited with the tackle most the time. The vast majority of ST tackles are a direct result of not giving a pathway for the runner to find a lane. Kumerow without question has a leg up on Hodgins from a ST perspective. So if it came down to Kumerow or Hodgins, it wont matter if they feel Hodgins offers more as a WR that will never see the field, it will absolutely come down to whether or not they believe Hodgins can contribute on ST and if they have someone who can fill Kumerows role. Not to mention, Kumerow doesn't have the same injury concerns Hodgins has. To show just how meaningless these lower bench WR's are in terms of offensive contributions...As essentially the 5th WR on the depth chart the last 2 years, everyones favorite McKenzie has averaged just 25 receptions for 240 yards a SEASON as a backup slot WR, with blazing speed, and playing in the number 1 offense in the AFC the last 2 years. Last year, outside the NE game, McKenzie had just 9 rec and 53 yards total in the other 16 games of the year. Nobody else behind him had even 100 yards on the season. This year, we likely have Diggs, Davis, McKenzie, Shakir, Crowder making up the top 5 WR's, of which someone is barely going to have any production. The 6th and 7th WRs (if we keep 7) wont likely see the field as a receiver much at all. Not to mention we have Cook which will likely increase the total targets to RB's this year, plus Knox and Howard playing a lot of 2 TE sets. So whoever the 6th and 7th WR's are (if we even keep 7) will definitely be guys who they feel can be good and reliable ST players too. There is a reason why they tell these guys deeper down the bench across the roster that if you want to make this team you do it on ST.
  6. This is gonna be tough, nothing against him, but this wont be an easy roster to make. Obviously, Diggs and Davis are going no where, and neither is Shakir given there is 0% chance they could successfully stash him on the PS, not to mention, he has been having an outstanding camp too. McKenzie as well, he isn't likely going anywhere at this point unless Beane decides he needs to make a trade to make room for someone, then McKenzie might be the only guy who would have any trade value (as they are not trading Davis, Diggs, or Shakir). But other than that, its safe to pencil these 4 in. Then you probably still have Crowder and potentially a KR specialist. Recently McKenzie and even Shakir have taken snaps as the primary returner, so if one of them locks down the job as a primary returner, then that makes the path easier for Hodgins to make the roster. But we already know they were not happy with McKenzie last year as a returner, and while Shakir did some in college, it wasn't what he was known for. So if we keep those 4 above, plus Crowder and a KR guy, that would mean we would have to keep 7 WRs for Hodgins to have a chance to make the team. And that 7th spot will likely also have to be someone who can prove they can be a reliable contributor on ST too. So not only is Hodgins competing as a WR against guys like Tavon, Stevenson, Kumerow, Pau'u, etc...he also competing to show he can be good on ST, something Kumerow for example has already proven he can be. Ive always liked Hodgins potential, so be cool to see him keep growing and make the team. But assuming there are no injuries or surprise cuts/trades at WR, then he likely needs to see us keep 7 to a real chance to make this team, and at the same time prove he can be relied upon on ST.
  7. But you kind of are comparing them, I mean you are saying Hunt has no right to question Clevelands pursuit, trade, and paying of Watson because he once got signed by Cleveland after he had an incident disrupt his career. Which I can see how on the surface that makes sense, but the two situations are totally different and not really comparable or even similar. Before he got to Cleveland...Hunt had already lost his job, lost his income, did all the off field work including anger and alcohol counseling, apologized and was remorseful, took responsibility etc before he got a chance with Cleveland again where he signed cheap where he has been a model citizen ever since. And the only reason he did was because the GM in KC that drafted him was now the GM in Cleveland and knew him well enough to trust giving him a second chance. They already had Chubb too, so they didn't need to sign him. He was given a second chance because he did the work to earn it off the field. Watson has done none of that. Watson has never cleared anything, never truly taken responsibility, and his issues were not just one single bad mistake. He habitually sexually preyed on 24 women that we know of, and has since paid off 23 of them so he could get traded and get a massive new contract. He hasn't even lost money, he got paid to sit by Houston (not cut like Hunt) and then got a fully guaranteed quarter of a billion dollars from Cleveland. Its all good bud, we can agree to disagree on this, not a big deal by any means. But lets be honest...Watson got treated different because he is a top 5 talent at the most important position in probably all of team sports. Hunt had to earn his second chance, Watson not only didn't have to earn it, he still hasn't even cleared all his cases and still never taken responsibility for anything, just out there cutting checks to women to make them go away.
  8. While I can see either Dallas or Eagles winning it, heck could even see Washington win it if Wentz can just be decent. But ultimately I went with Eagles. Dallas chokes all the time, and Wentz is not someone I believe in. So Eagles is my pick
  9. Bahahahahaha thats some BOSS level s**t right there Diggs... 👏👏👏 Kudos for showing the classless people there are consequences to just blatantly throwing stuff at our players, especially ones who have been over the top generous in fan interactions and signings their whole time in Buffalo like Allen and Diggs.
  10. You missed the part where he said "not anywhere near expected"...on the same day where all the other buzz was people gushing about Allen carving everyone up. Just saying, Thad is always less positive than everyone else. Its almost like it pains him to give praise
  11. In fairness, the two situations are not even remotely comparable in terms of severity of the incident, consequences each faced, or even the morality of the mistakes. Hunt lost his job, immediately cut from the Chiefs. Same Chiefs team that had no problem drafting Tyreek after he beat up his pregnant girlfriend and would later beat on that kid too and still remained with the team and highly paid. Watson kept his job and his pay check while Houston waited out being able to trade him for a bounty. Hunt had to find a new job as a FA and find a team willing to give him a second chance Browns won a bidding war amongst multiple teams and traded a bounty to get Watson despite 24 women coming forward for sexual misconduct. Hunt played for the min in Cleveland and had to earn his way back to decent contract Browns handed a quarter of a billion dollars, all fully guaranteed for the first time in history, to a habitual sexual predator who didn't defeat the allegations and just literally paid women off to avoid further damages to his career. For me, their incidents on a "severity scale" are not remotely comparable. Both are 100% unacceptable, but Hunt's situation had more to do with him putting himself in a bad situation and then reacting very poorly to it. Lets not forget in regards to Hunt, the woman first refused to leave the hotel room and was causing problems with everyone in the room, then refused to leave the hallway, and then shouted racial slurs to escalate the incident and provoke the poor response from Hunt. DOES NOT excuse Hunts choices from that point on, but there is a BIG difference in being provoked into making a bad decision and Watson's premeditated decision to habitually sexually prey on 24 women we know of. Furthermore, Hunt has owned up to his mistake, paid the price for it, apologized for it, showed remorse, and been a model citizen both before it (as far as we know) and after it. All evidence indicates it was an isolated incident and mistake he grew from. He has earned his way back to this point on and off the field. Meanwhile Watson has not done the same and instead just paying women off while saying he is innocent to avoid risking further damage to his career. So for me, its not fair to compare to the two people as men, their morals, or their handling of their mistakes.
  12. I would too, that team is a complete mess at all times. Not to mention handing a serial sex offender a quarter of a billion dollars after trading away a bounty to get him as well. So I don’t blame anyone for wanting out that dumpster fire
  13. So everyone else gushing about Allen and the offense today and Thad still not impressed and not to his expectations still. Has anyone ever seen Thad Brown and Nick Wright in the same place at the same time? 🤔
  14. I hear where you are coming from, but what you missed is that I was including the whole story. There was a lot that happened before the hallway, and that’s what is everyone is leaving out. People here keep discussing only a portion of what happened, which was just the physical part and not what happened prior to that and what happened after the hallway. So I would counter actually everyone else is not discussing the whole story and only focused on just where the physical altercation occurred. Again, not excusing his mistake, he made a bad decision after finding himself in a poor situation. But my main point was that mistake has been punished, he’s served that punishment, he lost his job and a lot of earning potential, he apologized and was remorseful, and been a model citizen since. So nothing about this incident suggests it’s a true definition of his character, and seems more like an isolated regretful mistake he learned from. And just so it’s clear, I’m hugely against men ever touching a woman unless someone’s life or safety is in direct danger. But at the same time, women don’t get to just not accept any responsibility for their actions either. And there is a lot of context here that’s being over looked in what caused the poor reaction from Hunt. And while that does NOT excuse or validate his poor choices, it does provide context that is necessary when trying to see if this is a pattern of who he really is or an isolated incident. And everything that happened, his history, and track record since all point to this being an isolated bad decision he’s grown from and not a pattern of this kind behavior.
  15. All good, we don’t have to agree on everything I think he has continued to be humble and worked on himself. And at some point he has the same rights to do what’s best for him too from a business point of view. RB life spans are not that long, so he shouldn’t be frowned upon for trying to do what’s best for his career at this point. He’s already done everything right since the incident. And quite honestly if I was him, I would be furious that Watson was on the team, traded a bounty to get him, only got 6 game suspension, and was handed a quarter of a billion dollars despite a massive pattern of sexual misconduct that has already reached 24 women…23 of which he paid money to already. For all we know, his contract and trade demands could be for more reasons than just “more money”. He may just want out of Cleveland after what’s transpired this past year, and I wouldn’t blame him or anyone for that matter.
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