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  1. I don’t know that the Bills were ever actually in on him. There was nothing but twitter rumors, and never anything from the Bills that suggested there was any truth to them being really trying to get him. I’m sure Beane inquired, but I never saw anything that suggested we actually tried to get him. I think he stays in Seattle personally. Beane already said he won’t be spending big in new FA and is focused on keeping on our own guys. I am not expecting any big splashy FA signing.
  2. And why is that? 29 TD's where he had no continuity at WR and most the year his top 3 guys were 5'11, 5'8, 5'8...and his TE was a raw rookie and his RB was a 5'8" rookie and a 36 year old guy at end of his career. Bills led the NFL in drops. Our OL was all new guys but one, and had a rotation at one of the starting spots (RT). I would say the odds are quite a bit better than you think.
  3. And if Allen blossoms next year into an All Pro QB with more offensive help and a lot of experience under his belt (put up 2nd most TDs in Bills History this year)...we walked with 3 studs then in Tre, Edmunds, and then Allen...I would take two All Pro anchors of the defense and a All Pro QB over one elite player any day of the week. Our future is bright...people need to move on. Some of you have closed the book on Allen, which is utterly stupid. Lets not forget...Allen in his 2nd year in the league, with a midget group of WR's and 9 total new players on the offense around him...still did this: 2nd most TD's in Bills history. Was 2nd ONLY to Lamar in TD's in the NFL from week 5 on and put up 21 to just 3 turnovers too. The kid can ball...the players and coaches LOVE him and all are supremely confident in him. He had some growing pains at times, he tries to do too much at times, and he was also saddled with a sub par offensive cast that will be much improved next year after another offseason of adding a couple more pieces to it. We will not only be perennial playoff team next 5 years, but a SB contender too. This team fights hard top to bottom. Our GM and Coach love this team and us fans. We have one of the best GM's in the NFL right now who is armed with $90m in cap space plus extra picks going into this offseason to keep our team in tact and add more key pieces around this already dangerous squad. So...sorry...you are choosing to let something sting that shouldn't. We have done quite well under Beane and our future is bright. Why dont you cry about not drafting Tom Brady many different times over those 6 rounds...or Wilson...or any player in NFL history that went on to have a great career that was drafted after we picked someone else because it happens every single draft to every single team in NFL history.
  4. Lets get some facts straight that are getting skewed here: Robert Woods CHOSE to leave. McD did NOT cut him or jettison him, nor was he going to have final say on that anyway being in the building just a month. He wanted to go back home and play...period. Had nothing to do with the QB in Buffalo either, Rams had a 2nd year QB who was coming off a rookie season where he did not look good. They were not a a good team nor did they have a good QB yet. That offseason helped transform them into a good team, but at the time Woods joined them, they had not established themselves as a good team yet...just young and rebuilding. Watkins is talented. Watkins is NOT delivering the value of his contract. Watkins will likely be cut this offseason because of his contract. Watkins will have a strong market for his services once he is cut and still likely get a $10m+ per year deal. Bonus Opinion: Watkins will not be signed by Buffalo as I don't expect either side to be interested. I don't see Watkins wanting to come home to the regime that traded him in the first place, nor do I expect Beane to spend any sizable money in FA unless its for a DE. Landing Prediction: I think the 5 most likely teams he lands on next year are (in no particular order): Raiders, Jets, Eagles, Cardinals, Jaguars. Some other possible teams could be: Packers, Giants, Redskins, Dolphins, Broncos, Ravens, Colts.
  5. Really? This tweet is proof of bad attitude? I guess some people only see what they wanna see.
  6. I’m confused as I think everyone agrees with you Hap. I haven’t seen any love for him or anyone high on him. Closest I’ve seen really is some people assume he will be here next year more so just because the they think the staff will give him a shot to come in healthy. Not because anyone is high on him really.
  7. Good counter post. And I do agree that overall they have done a good job with Josh. My biggest issue with Daboll is his inconsistency in game in how he is play calling. Never seen a team that can look like two totally different offenses in the same game at different points of the game so much. I just wish Daboll would focus on situational awareness and building rhythm out there. Comes across as he is trying to hard to look like a genius and its back firing too much. If Daboll just was more consistently strong at calling the offense through the game then I would have no issues with him. The frequency he gets stupid out there is concerning. I am not sure I will ever get over the Gore draw at the end of the half against Houston. Might be the dumbest call I can remember seeing on the entire season at a key moment in a game.
  8. If you watch Beanes end of season PC, he definitely did not give the impression that he will be pursuing a Tier 1 FA WR, and really wont be going after any Tier FA players and will be more focused on depth and player retention. I think someone in that Tier 2 group is more likely, if any at all. I do expect him to take a WR early in first 2 rounds, and I think Shenault is going to be the guy most commonly mocked to us given his skill set and our draft spot. The one thing I fear about him is that he is the kind of guy physically that could really raise his draft stock at the combine and may go earlier than some see him going right now over some of the other stud prospects. That being said, if he does, that means one of the other ones will be sliding down which still lands a stud prospect (assuming we go WR in the first).
  9. Easy, Brady. I don't hate Brady like others hate him...I hate that he always beats us. I am a huge football fan, so I can at least respect the greatness. The Pats organization deserves to lose with all the "rule bending" they do. And more importantly, the Pats would still be in our division where Brady would not be as there is no job for him in the AFCE. Bills and Jets have entrenched young starters they are building around and Miami is about to draft one and already has a seat holder they like who is way cheaper than Brady. Brady is obviously better than Fitz, but Fins are not competing next year and early in rebuild, so no way they hand Brady a big check for one season.
  10. Normally I would tend to agree with you on this particular point. HOWEVER, all the players have stated that Daboll runs the most difficult and complicated offense they have ever experienced. So, I am not so sure the switch would be as difficult in this situation. On one hand he stays in an offense he knows, yet its still difficult and overly complex and Josh is still a QB learning the nuances of the game. Then on the other hand, you have a new offense he has to get accustomed to yet may not be so difficult to grasp and master. Feels like a bit of a trade off potentially, so the adjustment may not be extreme and could work out even better as the season progresses next year. But that is also a wildcard statement given we don't have any idea who would replace Daboll and how difficult of an offense it would be to learn. Just basing this on how the extremes veteran players have gone to describe how complicated Daboll's system is to learn and assuming the next OC's wont be nearly as hard.
  11. Loved this, thanks for sharing! Reading this just makes sit back and wonder how anyone can not be both optimistic and excited for both this teams future and specifically Josh Allen as well.
  12. I am a big fan of continuity. So I would not hate it if Daboll was still a Bill next year strictly due to that ONLY reason. But in terms of continuity...Daboll sucks at this in season in his offensive schemes and play calling. Like I have said before, he is two different people...one that looks brilliant at times...and another thats a total moron who looks like he has no idea what he is doing. So, for me, even though we lose continuity in terms of the coach, I feel a better OC can bring more week to week continuity in our use of personnel, game plan, adjustments, etc. At the end of the day, I think Daboll's biggest flaw is he seems to try way too hard to be seen as some sort of mad scientist or genius. I don't know if its ego, because he wants attention for a job, wanting to show himself to be a mastermind like many of the big coaches he worked with were, a combo of all of those things, etc. But at times he looks like he is more focused on looking brilliant than he is calling the right plays. And when it works, he does look brilliant...but he does it so much and it doesn't work enough that I feel that its actually cost us some games, including the playoff game. Third and short and he runs a 5'8" WR 25 yards down field? Less than 30 seconds at end of half of a playoff game with 1 timeout inside Redzone on 2nd and 10 and you run a draw with a 36 year old RB? I could go on and on, as I am sure we all can. But for me, I want someone who CONSISTENTLY puts our players in the best position to succeed and best utilizes the skills sets and talents of the personnel CONSISTENTLY. Please hire Daboll Cleveland. I am sorry Josh Allen, I am a big believer in you and I know you say Daboll is your favorite OC of all time...but we need a guy in here who will you take this offense to the next level by making sound decisions week to week and throughout the game.
  13. Haha touche! Ok I will actually give you that one. But this was a clear Duke thread you chose to opt into
  14. Thats easy. Stop opening the threads and it magically stops for you
  15. Wouldn't say that yet. I think he will be pretty good once moved to guard. Point was, everyone said last year "No way Cody Ford lasts to the 2nd round". A lot of people said that too about Dalton Risner, DK Metcalf (I was one of those people), etc etc. Its impossible to say who will or wont slide to where at this time of year.
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