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  1. Oh totally agree. The big “wrong Josh” crowd here became believers once the games begun, especially the Vikings game and the final 6 weeks of the season. The vast majority of the melt down happened from draft night until camp. But once both Allen and Rosen hit the field, the wrong josh crowd started realizing they were wrong and converted to the Allen train pretty quickly with the bulk of the holdouts really coming around in the Vikings game. Few held on to the wrong Josh narrative a little longer, but by the end of the Vikings game most the people here were either ecstatic about
  2. But this also happens all the time with little to enforcement. And mostly no enforcement
  3. Good stuff all around in your reply here Baker coming out for me was the safest pick to be a quality QB in the NFL. I too felt his history fit well with a team like Bills or Browns. I was on the Baker train early in the CFB season and even pegged him as the Bills QB in the draft because back then he was more considered later first or second round by most, but kept moving up the boards during the season. Once the season was over, I was sure we couldn't get Baker without a big trade up. Allen was not one I was high on at all until the offseason, didnt see him play much
  4. I would say it was more Pro than Con though on Rosen as I and some others were definitely in the minority on ranking Rosen below the other 4 guys. But it wasn’t really a ruckus and hotly disputed topic really until Allen was drafted though, that’s when the losing of the minds really commenced and the divide on the board began on right or wrong Josh lol.
  5. Oh I remember, because I absolutely hated Rosen and had him ranked last of the top 5 projected first rounders. People were losing their minds around d here defending Rosen. Living in LA, it was pretty well known what douche he was on and off the field, lack of passion for the game, and poor leadership skills. I had several friends who personally vouched for that having known him in some capacity. I had my rankings on draft night Baker, Allen, Darnold, Lamar……….and way down the list Rosen. And even though I had Darnold over Lamar, I preferred drafting Lamar over Darnold because
  6. Regardless if its Brady or any other player...I never really saw the significance of this or why its even an issue. The only way I can see how it could be a problem is if a team was misleading the public to confuse who the other team would face. But Brady missed no time, and played through something that was relatively minor and not in danger of impacting his play. My personal opinion is that teams should NOT have to disclose this info, because after "Bounty Gate" it seems to add an unnecessary level of risk to players to disclose something minor thats not going to a
  7. Im not set against trading any of our RB's if the leadership feels strongly enough about 2 of them making one expendable. However, no one is getting traded (or cut) IMHO until they see Moss and Breida on the field. Moss is coming off an injury and Brieda is new to the offense. Additionally, the only way I see any of the 3 really getting moved is if Antonio Wiliams or Christian Wade pop and turn heads and make a strong push to make the 53 and force the issue. And right now, Singletary is the most proven and reliable guy we have on this roster. So for him to get moved, we would n
  8. PS: IMHO, 0% chance they trade any of our RB's before seeing what Moss and Breida look like on the field. Moss coming off injury in a rookie year and Brieda doesn't know the offense and had his own spat of injuries in his career. That being said, I am fine if one of them gets traded if they are confident in our other guys. But, I am also comfortable with our current stable of RB's and really only see a trade happening if either Antonio Williams or Christian Wade have a camp that forces their hand to keep one of them on the 53 man roster.
  9. Has there ever been a fan base who complained more about a RB with one of the best career YPC averages amongst the current crop of RBs in the league? Is Devin going to lead the NFL in rushing? Nope...nor does he need to. We are a passing offense with a QB who can also do damage with his legs. We dont need Barry Sanders, we need a guy who can average over 4 yards per carry and help move the chains. And we have 3 of those RB's on this roster right now. More importantly, everyone is obsessed with the "homerun" play. Devin as a rookie and pa
  10. I posted it first by about 30 seconds haha, winner as I beat Yolo to the board for once! 🤣😬🤣
  11. Hate to see young promising players have this happen to them. Rams are my second team, a distant second though. Easily the one of the top favorites to reach the SB out of NFC entering season too. Bummer the young buck is gonna miss out on potentially challenging for a SB run this year, he’s gotta be devastated.
  12. My girl turned 27 in May and I looked at taking her to Universal Studios because she loves Harry Potter and loves going to Harry Potter world there. For 2 day passes, the fast pass add on (which now only works once per ride), the $40 fast pass bonus allowing you to use it more than once on each ride was already almost $500 for the 2 tickets. Thats not including parking, food, drinks, etc. And we have no kids yet!!! I literally took her on a 5 day trip instead which the airline tickets cost me $100 less than 1 day pass for us both would have cost. INSANE, cant imagine taking a f
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