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  1. All that matters is that Allen has a 99 Throwing power rating while Mahomes has a 97. Case closed, Allen > Mahomes #Science
  2. Very True ☝️ Its not really a fair question overall because neither BB or Brady has as much success without the other. It’s really impossible to say who was more important.
  3. All teams have a #1 WR...just some teams use them differently and some teams have better and worse ones. Calvin Johnson was force fed the ball...while say Russell Wilson spread the ball around a lot instead of just force feeding Baldwin for example. I expect our offense to look a lot like Seattles has. Dangerous QB behind center with his arm and legs, a good run game overall, and spreading the ball to the open spots while being able to still put deep ball pressure on most pass plays.
  4. This. While it’s very possible to open the season strong, it’s also quite possible that the offense may have some bumps in the road in the first half of the season until they really come together. I mean most the offense has been turned over, so people will need to have patience early on if their are some ups and downs. Although we all know TSW won’t be patient lol. First loss there will be 100 each of “Fire Beane”, “Fire McD”, and “Allen is a bust” threads. We could open up 3-0 and still this will happen if we lose week 4 lol.
  5. You working hard to graduate from Troll School early. Everything about this premise is stupid. Broncos QB situation isnt crappy. They won the SB with the WORST rated passing QB's in the NFL and the worst QB performance in a Super Bowl for a winning team in NFL history...because of a run game and dominant D. Their QB situations is a lot better right now than the combo of washed up Manning and Brock Osweiler was in 2015. And their defense isnt far behind that defense either. Flacco is a solid veteran who has played well in the post season. He isnt exciting, but its not "crappy" and they got a young high draft pick in Lock who hasn't even played in a training camp yet, to label him crappy before he steps on a field is waaaaay premature and foolish. He could be crappy, he could become a good player...we have no idea right now. Why on earth would a fan base want to trade a 12 sack rookie DE going into his 2nd season? And why would they do it for a QB they only know the common slanders about and didnt really watch him play to see the potential? Finally...how are you still a poster here? You just like to be passive aggressive about Allen at all times for the agenda of attempting to troll about Mahomes...even here you know this is what its about. You like to just keep mocking and throwing shade on Allen subtly all because you want to troll on Mahomes.
  6. If I had kids...and they were in the golf cart with me on a golf course...they would hear a lot worse than that HA
  7. Funny, when I saw the thread title, and even before I opened this thread, I immediately thought of this clip 😂🤣😂🤣😂
  8. Oh no! I want to help...I volunteer to take in and take of his daughter to help the family through this tough situation. #TakingOneForTheTeam
  9. Yeah, just stupid to go out and put yourself in vulnerable situations again while you are on very very thin ice. You would think he would have learned by now that you can't control what others are going to do around you. So even if he goes out with the best intentions, that doesn't mean others won't try and instigate something, especially with someone like him who has controversial issues in his past that plenty of people make take exception to. Plus, drunk idiots will look at him as an easy mark to try and get paid if they can get under his skin enough. I mean, if the NFL was paying me even $100,000 a year I would stay clear...these idiots are messing with Millions of dollars of earnings, and as a RB, his shelf life is shorter than most other positions. Sometimes, you just can't fix stupid. #StupidPeopleAreStupid
  10. About as good a post as one could write on this subject. I dont live in B-Lo (nor even been) but I would have to agree with everything you said here.
  11. Yeah, this is not a direction I would go if I was him and wanting to get a job back in the NFL. Absolutely nothing wrong with his concerns, and many others had them too. However, for a guy who was a political lighting rod to the point teams just wouldn't touch him, this is an arena he should stay out of if he wants any chance of getting an NFL Job (which at this point I think most likely will never happen). He is right though, and so are the others with the same concerns. The racist under belly has ruined a lot of things by adopting it as a symbol of their hate campaign. Even the Nazi Swastika used to be a peaceful symbol...confederate flag had its history "forgotten" and made its way into Southern culture before being reminded it was a flag of hate again thanks to the recent rise of white nationalism (at least public rise), etc etc. So while a lot of people will just see this flag for its historical value of a birth of this nation, there are plenty of people using it promote very negative agendas and will be seen as such by many as well. Personally, its dumb that we even still have to have these conversations of hate, equality, racism, etc in this day and age in supposedly "the best country in the world". But sadly, its still rooted heavy in our society and all the political rhetoric that last 3 years has helped bring a lot back up to the surface. And now we have to deal with things like this where people will see it differently like all those stupid "What color is the dress" type arguments. Some see birth of a nation, others see the hate some people use this flag for.
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