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  1. In ten years, hes eclipsed 600 yards just twice, and never reached 900 yards mostly playing on pass happy offenses. He is a very good Redzone target, but hes never been a monster in the passing game overall. Heck, hes only broke 500 yards 3 times in 10 years. Not saying he would be a bad addition, just think there are more intriguing guys that are available in FA or possibly trade. I would first look at Everett in FA or kick the tires on sending a day 3 pick for either Ertz, Njoku, or Howard...neither of their teams have any negotiating power, especially since OJ
  2. The problem is they changed the kickoff rules that made an onside kick even MORE difficult to complete than it already was. That is the real issue, not that the onside needs to be easier, its that they made substantially less likely than it had been throughout NFL history with the changes to the kickoff. Personally, I don't hate this idea, but I think 4th and 15 is too easy. If they are going to go with a 4th and distance scenario, I think it should be more like 4th and 20 or 4th and 25. Maybe limit the defense from being able to line all their guys up down filed around the 25
  3. Rudolph is an aging vet, but given their interest in Olsen last year, maybe that is what they want for Knox to learn from as well. I am not as excited for him, I mean in mostly playing in pass happy offenses, he has only eclipsed 600 yards twice in 10 seasons. He is a good Redzone threat though. Word is his initial interest is in playing for the Pats. Personally, I think the guy they will more likely go after is Gerald Everett. He is young enough with a skill set to be an impact player in all facets of the position. His stats are not big because he split time with another ta
  4. No reason people should crap on Jordan, he was cheering for and rooting for the Bills all playoffs. He loves Buffalo and the fan base. He's not a hater just because he's excited about Watt joining his team. And as a non- biased Bills fan...I will say 3 things: One, we couldn't afford to pay him and it was right decision not to pay him. Two, he played his ass off here and loved every minute of being a Bill and loved the fans. Three, our defensive line was not as good without him. Doesn't mean he isn't replaceable, and honestly losing Star hurt our DL more, but its not like w
  5. Hard to say it was all about the money when he turned down offers for more money with teams who made the playoffs last year in Browns and Colts. I think that narrative can now be put to rest.
  6. I am not opposed to it, I am just more concerned with other areas and having the cap space to make the most important upgrades. My biggest issue with DE is how much they cost to upgrade. I also think AJE is quite promising, and I would rather see him start opposite Hughes and let Addison rotate in. I also think we need a quality player at LB as I don't think Milano will be back. I would be happy to see him stay, but I just don't think Beane will be pay what Milano is going to look for. So I see a certain hole at DB opposite Tre and a probably hole at LB right now
  7. We dont have the cap room for this anymore. More pressing upgrades or holes to fill include: LB (Milano or someone else), DT, CB opposite Tre, TE, OL. We dont have the cap room to chase quality signings at DE and not be forced to fill in the other holes with average guys. Again, 6th in the NFL in QB pressures last year. But where do you think we ranked at defending the TE? How about stopping the run? How about the QB rating throwing at a DB not named Tre? How was our TE production? How about our run stopping? I will give you a hint...all considera
  8. Well we drafted a DE in the 2nd round last year who started earning more playing time and showed progress and potential. And we got dominated by KC not because of lack of pass rush, but because we could not remotely cover Kelce or Hill and were manhandled in the trenches. People dont realize how much the interior DL impacts the ability for DE's to get to the QB. When you dont have to double team in the middle, it allows for more blockers on the edge to negate the pass rush. We were frequently dominated in the middle of our D all year.
  9. Yeah, but what does he have left at his age after missing a year? Thats my concern to be honest. I would rather sign someone where we can rotate the DT's in effectively then just lean on Star at this point.
  10. My bad, you are right it was 2 years in Hou as OC which was 2008, and 2009. Here are some points though I think you are missing: Houston was 3rd in the league on offense the first year Kyle left. They didn't miss a beat without him there. Slaton ran for 1300 yards and caught 50 passes in 2008 with 13 TDs, so not sure why you mock that, we would kill for that kind of production. Granted, he was injured on and off in 2009 and opened the door for Arian Foster to emerge later part of the season, so his stay as production back was short lived. Although it was fun seein
  11. Why all this pressure to get a DE? We were 6th in QB pressures and second only to Pitt in speed to getting to the QB last season. WE NEED BEEF. We were often dominated in the trenches and need to beef up the interior DL rotation. We also need a LB if Milano isn’t coming back, especially one who can cover a TE and middle of the field. We have higher priorities than DE. I am not saying we couldn’t benefit from an upgrade to the pass rush, but it’s not our biggest problem on defense and we have a young player who showed promise there that was a 2nd round pick
  12. No disrespect, but you are over dramatizing his resume a bit and glamorizing it like leaving out being fired, and having two jobs last one season. For example, Houston he was only the OC one season on a potent offense built by Gary Kubiak. But you just gave Kyle credit for that in your post. In Washington, it was his offensive guru father that was the HC and you just have Kyle all the credit and left out they all got fired after just 3 seasons. He didn’t have any real notable success until 2016 where the Falcons were top rated offense the year they went to the SB, but
  13. All fair and good points, and yes I would agree Kyle is ahead of Kingsbury. As far as Texas Tech goes...how many years did the Saints not make the playoffs with one of the greatest QB's in history? It takes more than a QB, and Texas Tech isn't exactly a powerhouse school and the overall rosters were not very good outside Mahomes. If he was the HC at a major recruitment school and had Mahomes, then fine, I would say his college record is concerning. I am no Klingsbury fan, don't really have much of an opinion on him at all to be honest. I just think some people (n
  14. And Josh couldn't win at the college level either...its a mute point. Just like how guys who won in college have gone on to be terrible in the pros. I will judge the HC by what he does in the NFL. Right now, hes still a question mark, I am just not going to condemn him just on his college record alone.
  15. Why cant they contend for a Super Bowl? They will have a good defense next year and an ascending offense. If Murray takes another step in his 3rd year like Josh did, they could be a very good team. Im not saying they are the favorite, but they are a team on the rise as long as one believes in Murray, and most do, including myself, that Murray should get better in his 3rd year.
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