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  1. True. However, you should also say and include: As an overall body of work this season, Allen hasn’t been very bad. I really don’t think it can be debated... Some people need to be reminded of that as some are delusional and over the top on the negative too.
  2. Someone delete this thread. He’s not an excellent play caller. He blows. /End thread
  3. Few weeks ago he was a stud GM who has had excellent drafts. Our veteran kicker misses 2 FGs to lose us a game and suddenly Beane can’t draft? This board is unbearable after a loss. Seriously, every pick is for need. The amount of fodder that gets thrown around about BPA is mind blowing. If best player available when Giants draft next year is a RB, guess what, they aren’t taking a RB people. BPA has, and always has, and always will include “need” into the equation. It means BPA based on what the team needs. Seattle isn’t taking a QB if he is BPA next year in first round when on clock. I can not fathom how this is so hard to understand for this message board. Every year the same thing over and over again.
  4. Cam is done being what he was at his best. And Bills are not where he will go, he is only going to go into a situation as the unquestioned starter, not to compete. Cam is a bad fit here, he isn’t going to be any better than Josh and Josh has a much much bigger ceiling at this stages of their careers.
  5. So a QB with all the tools, drive, traits and leadership to succeed who has a winning record as a starter on teams devoid of offensive help is already a bust to some of you? He needs weapons and a better OC. Brees still sucked at this stage of his career and Allen isn’t sucking. He’s got lots to work on and keep developing, but he still is dealing with an inconsistent OL and below average offensive weapons around him with an OC who isn’t putting him in the best positions to succeed. Allen has more to prove, but he also is far from peaked too. This thread is pointless, 0% chance he isn’t the top dog going into next season. See every QB ever. Allen’s biggest problem is our receivers suck at making those catches and adjustments.
  6. Its only a fumble of the QB tosses the ball backwards. Everything else is incomplete pass. The QB had the ball in front of him, the ball was released there. The ball was not tossed backward in any capacity. All that equals incomplete pass. There isn’t a ref in the world that rule that play anything other than an incomplete pass. My point is, there are a lot of reasons why we lost...lots to discuss on those. This was not in anyway shape or form a reason why we lost and nothing really to debate.
  7. Huh, where did I put it all on the defense? I’m simply saying while the goal line stand was cool, it was also terrible defense that allowed those drives prior to getting to the goal line. And they didn’t make a stand when it was needed most. There were a LOT of reasons we lost yesterday.
  8. yeah, great goal line stand...except it was the defense playing poorly that allowed them to get to the goal line in the first place...and multiple times during the game. I don’t care about the goal line stand because Cle should have kicked a FG for points and then there is no “stand”. I was disappointed in how we let Cle drive so much and how easy the 80 yard game winning drive was. Goalline stand was cool when they did it, but y’all forgetting how bad the D was the drives that allowed Cle to get to goal line. And you can’t hold them forever, so letting them keep getting there was inexcusable as it eventually lost us the game.
  9. Tell me people aren’t really trying to pretend the refs got the call wrong. Lmao, it’s literally 100% indisputable, it was an incomplete pass. Ball was IN FRONT of the QB...case closed. 5 pages about a play that has 0 room for argument? We lost because our kicker missed 2 FGs. We lost because our offense didn’t do enough that made 2 missed FGs the deciding factor. We lost because Daboll sucks. We lost because our D only played tough at goal Lina but let too many drives get there. We lost for a lot of reasons. But we did NOT lose because of this Hughes play, it was 100% without question an incomplete pass.
  10. Bottom line: At the very minimum, it should be an equal time share. Not talking about snaps, talking about primary ball carrier in the run game. Honestly, I think they should try and start Singletary and feature him with Gore as the power/short yardage back and pass pro back. But if not, then at the very least it should be more balanced with Singletary should start getting 10-12 carries a game with Gore similar. They also need to involve Singletary as a recieving back more. Right now he’s seeing snaps as that, but looks to me he is being used more as a safety valve rather than a primary weapon in play design too often. Daboll should know how to better use him as a weapon the way NE has used backs for years. This offense needs someone else besides Brown to be a play maker. And while Gore is playing well in his role, he’s not a dynamic threat the way Singletary has the potential to be.
  11. Have the Bills been actually linked to any player yet thats currently available?
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