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  1. I get it from that perspective, but Njoku hasn't exactly broken out and lived up to his potential either. And with a young promising TE in Knox, plus Tommy has upside and even Kroft has some if he's healthy, a third feels a bit premature and a little rich. I wouldn't hate it, but not sure I would advocate for it either. Just simply on the fact I think Knox is going to have a much improved year and could easily put up a season better than Njokus best season so far which is still only 56 catches for a little over 600 yards and just 4 TDs. If this season was already over and Knox had a so so year, I would be all for it. Just still high on his potential, so I dont feel the urgency to move a 3rd for another TE that still has a lot of question marks and hasn't exactly been a stud yet himself. Like I said, I would do a 4th to pair him with Knox though, just dont have one of those. So I would focus on a 5th or a 5th and another pick and a player. I would be all for that.
  2. We dont have a 4th and not sure I would be ok sending a 3rd. All for a 4th if we had it, and I think he could fetch a 4th from someone else. So what can we offer as I think a 3rd is too much before we truly know what we already have at TE. 5th 5th and additional late pick or future pick 5th and Sweeny 5th and Kroft 5th and Yeldon (since they lost Hunt) Not sure how any of those work cap wise, just thinking players off the top of my head. I would do any of those trades. But not sure I would feel good about a 3rd and going into next years draft without a 3rd and 4th round pick. But I do love the idea of a Knox Njoku pairing for years to come. Just the athleticism alone between them too would significantly impact all the other players on the team as they could really put a lot of pressure on the defense.
  3. UPDATE: Twitter has AB going to the Texans trending tonight. Trying to find anything that can validate it as true and not just a rumor.
  4. Yeah I dont really disagree with any of this, but it’s the elite players and QB edge that keep KC narrowly out front for me. But basically I agree with everything you said
  5. I like Jackson, and liked him coming out of college, and still enjoy watching him play. BUT...Im not that far off on this with you, but I certainly don't think Jackson will end up a backup somewhere soon, I mean I still feel he is a special talent overall. But, I do think Allen will surpass him and will be the unquestionable better QB soon. Jackson is not like some Tyrod Taylor, he's a legit starter for sure in a Vick style QB. And Vick was a dangerous starting QB until the end, even after missing so much time for being a piece of ****. So I expect Lamar, assuming he stays healthy, to be a productive starter. But like you, I am skeptical he can really be that playoff success guy when he's facing tough defenses that have the speed to limit his effectiveness. I expect some great fantasy football games from him against mediocre teams or worse, but come playoff time, not sure that style of offense can get the job done. No one like him has done it yet, never been a running QB like him win a SB. Also, lets not forget, it was only his 2nd season, and first as a full time starter and he won MVP. So backup I don't think is in his future unless some tragic injury impacts his career arc. But I do remain somewhat skeptical that his style and the Ravens style will be sustainable and effective as defenses figure him and it out more. All his regular season success will mean nothing if he keeps one and done-ing it in the playoffs. That being said, I think this will be a very telling year for Lamar's future. Last year, defenses showed at the end of the season how to start rattling the offense between SF, Bills, and playoffs. Teams will use that as a blue print this year, and the Ravens are stacked for a serious SB run. So how Lamar and the Ravens show up this year will probably tell you a lot about Lamars future in terms can his style win because he 100% has the roster and coaching around him to do it right now. Just like same can be said for Josh Allen really about this upcoming season. KC has a pretty good roster...I mean the offense is loaded, and they retooled the defense nicely last year. And they just won the SB. And their QB is without question the better QB. So I dont think its as exaggerated as you are suggesting. I have same rankings, except as you know KC first and Ravens 2. Otherwise, we are same on everything else. And I have 1 and 2 very close, so its like splitting hairs for me.
  6. Comparing REALITY is not helping the argument? Ok. The reality is that consistently NFL GM's keep paying premiums for weak QB's, unproven QB's, QB's that show glimpses of potential, etc. Its the nature of the NFL. You keep denying it. Whether its trades or egregious contracts, GM's have CONSISTENTLY over paid for QB's, ones without even the fraction of success Allen has had already. You are the one who is not once helped your argument in this regard. And I never said he would for sure fetch 2 first rounders...I said he would for sure fetch more than just 1 first only, and that could be other picks included besides another first. I said its certainly possible he could get 2 first rounders...and there is factual proof of this. Beane would NOT under any circumstance trade Allen today right now for 2 first rounders. You know it, and I know it. That means there is ONE team already (who knowns him best) that already has a higher value on him than 2 first rounders. And there are several other GM's around the league who gush about Allen and his potential. Just like there are some who are not sold on him and wouldn't do it. Only takes ONE GM to make the trade, and if you think there is NOT one GM who would pay more than just a single first as compensation, then you are just too blind in your negative biased opinion of Allen to see it.
  7. I think I am pretty much with you on this list for the most part. I actually think I would put Darnold and Newton right now above Mayfield, and I am a guy who felt Mayfield was the top QB (Allen #2) coming into that draft and thought he had the best rookie year by far. But last year he regressed with supreme levels of talent around him, albeit also bad coaching staff. So while I think Baker has a very high ceiling still, going off the most recent bodies of work, I feel like he was regressing and I think Darnold has the edge on the rankings list by a slim margin right now over Baker. And while I know Cam is not certainly the MVP Cam today, he is not that old, and people writing him off this early to me is premature. I don't know what he will look like in NE, but I do know that a healthy Cam is likely still a better QB than Darnold or Baker right now. So I would go simply move Newton to 6 and move Baker to 8. Other than that, I think the list is pretty solid where there are some guys in the bottom parts people can spilt hairs over. Your top 5 is how I would list them too. Big Ben is a question mark, but his play not he field had still been top 10 before the injury. So until he shows the decline on the field, that Steeler team has a lot of talent and I think Big Ben should put up a pretty good season. The major question mark for me with him is can he stay healthy. PS: I think Minshew is the second coming of FitzCrapTrick...a guy who can wow you one game and then lose you the next game. I think he is going to be the next "poor mans" Favre guy like Fitz was kind of labeled his whole career...a gunslinger without the talent to reach Farve like success. A guy players like, but will never be lock down starter and instead be a fun backup that will get chances around the league when teams start to rebuild and groom highly drafted QB's. He is young, so obviously, its just an opinion, and he can certainly prove that wrong. But he reminds me of Fitz when I watched him play.
  8. Yeah, I am about in the same place as you guys. I still think we win the division, but I do think Pats could still could make it tough and could still contend for that wildcard spot. And my main reason is BB, not anything other than BB. Adding Cam now definitely makes it more interesting in my opinion. While I think it would be foolish to assume Cam will regain pro bowl form automatically in NE, its equally foolish to assume he cant either. He's not that old, and if he is healthy, it would be premature to just outright dismiss him right now. Especially now that he is paired with BB as well. I also do think, like many others do, that the Pats genuinely are high on Stidham too. So it will be interesting to see how the battle for week 1 starter plays out. Cam is coming off an injury, learning a new system, and dealing in a shortened and impacted season due to COVID as well to adjust, learn, and find his game again. So that is why I went Stidham, Newton, and yes with Newton. Should be an interesting story line to watch. Honestly none of the scenarios would be a surprise to me.
  9. So let me get this straight...you sighted a WR to show the value of a QB's trade value? LMAO. A position that is notoriously had low trade value in relation to talent? OK, got it. Geezus...you and Billll should date since neither seem to understand the concept of evaluating like transactions. Rob Johnson says hi by the way.
  10. I think the answer here is tough, I do think the Pats really are high on Stidham. So I kind of have a feeling Stidham starts the season off week 1 potentially as the starter given his experience in the offense too. But I also find it hard to have high confidence in him at this stage, and not sure he can get the job done well enough to hold off Newton. So I went with Stidham, Newton, and Yes, with Newton. As much as I want the Pats to be terrible, its hard to count out BB and they do still have a solid roster even if they lost some players this year. So if the QB can do a good job, I do think Pats will contend for a wild card spot still at least. Not really a wrong answer here I think, as its all up in the air and I can see any of the scenarios happening. More was just curious on what everyone else felt at this stage. I am sure this will really start changing once we see them on the field.
  11. I think you may be right. I was gonna say my guess would be Jacksonville or Tampa Bay.
  12. Except there is 30 of them now, like WTF hahaha. Must be all the flat earth people hahaha NO thats not even remotely the same argument. Do you know what a trade is? GEEZUS You just compared a mediocre QB with a major injury to end his season to his throwing shoulder by the way that there was no guarantee he could even be the same mediocre QB he was before the injury. Brees was NOT "Brees" when he was a free agent. None the less, its one million percent irrelevant as its not even a trade. I love you keep ignoring ACTUAL TRADES of QB's to make fake arguments to support your biased negative opinion on Allen though
  13. Lots of discussion since Cam joined NE, so wanted to start a poll to go on record who people think will actually be the week one starter, and also add a question in to see who they think either keeps the job or takes over the job by end of season. And also, to see if people think they will be a post season team and if so, who is the QB.
  14. I miss the days when you could see the people who voted for each choice. Love to see the foolish people who chose "2nd rounder or later" for Allens trade value. Its so utterly ridiculous to suggest his value is no better than Josh Rosens, or worse than losers like Rob Johnson were. They should have to publicly face their shame for such an egregious answer lmao. And it doesn't even matter what Allen does from this point on, talking straight about todays trade value. No one in their right mind who knows anything about football will believe for one second that Allen couldn't fetch more than a second rounder. That is simply NOT the reality of the NFL, and never has been.
  15. Bahahahaha what a ridiculous response. Tom Brady was DRAFTED for a 6th round pick, NOT TRADED ONCE HE PLAYED IN THE NFL. LMAO wow. What does teams drafting a QB on draft night when all are crap shoots and question marks have to do with trading a 2nd year QB coming off a 10 win season, 30 TD's and a playoff appearance for a team whose only made the playoffs one other time in almost 20 years???? Not to mention on a cheap rookie contract for 3 more seasons LMAO. The only thing dumb was your reply lol
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