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  1. Memories of 2004 NFL Draft

    We dont even know if thats Beanes top 3 QBs that you listed. The Colts also may NOT have wanted to trade all the way to 12. We dont even know if Beane was really set on getting to #3. Which also makes sense
  2. Time for Beane to Call Gettleman

    I find it interesting that everyone seems to think the Giants are a lock to take a QB at #2 because they think they have to. Then those same people also think they are willing trade down partners. Seems contradictory thinking. If Giants are locked in on a QB they wont trade the pick. If they aren't taking a QB, which I dont think they will personally and will instead make one more push with Eli, then that actually decreases the reason to even trade to 2. There is no one left trying to get to 2 for sure, in fact, the only alleged team that would probably still want to is the Bills. But why should they? If no one else is trading to 2 then quite possible only 2 QB's are going in top 10 unless someone outside the top 10 trades up (Cle and Jets). Broncos did not need to sign Keenum to that contract if they are taking a QB at 5. They had 2 bridge QB's on the roster already for cheaper. Seems to me (and Elway said so too) signed Keenum to start and try and get that team back in the postseason now before the window closes any further. Just my 2 cents
  3. IMO Denver isnt taking a QB. Elway already had a cheap bridge QB on the roster, 2 actually. He did not need to in anyway shape or form sign Keenum to a more expensive multi year deal if they were taking a rookie at #5. He signed Keenum to be the starting QB and try and win now before his window with that roster closes any further.
  4. Memories of 2004 NFL Draft

    Game was already over clearly. If Colts thought Beane was gonna make an offer, or at least a better offer, they would have waited. With FA going the way it did for other teams, Bills landing a promising young QB prospect already, and still having the 12th pick...I think its pretty clear Beane cooled his Jets on a move up or what he was willing to pay to do it. I want Baker...but even I feel like the Bills dont have to trade up into the top 5 anymore. I think its more realistic to see us move to 7, 8, 9 or 10 if there is a guy they covet at QB on the board.
  5. Did the Jets trade screw us?

    I disagree about Elway's opinion. They did NOT need to spend on Keenum if they plan to take a QB at 5. They already had Trevor and also had a kid that all reports Elways still likes. They dont have a ton of cap room, they absolutely would have stuck with Trevor if they were going to for sure have taken a QB at #5. Elway doesn't like to lose, he is not trying to rebuild. He already won the SB with the worst QB play in the NFL that year (Manning and Brock were among the lowest rated passers in the NFL that year) and also the statistically the worst QB performance on a winning team in the SB (Manning) in history. So I think Elway thinks Keenum can help balance that team and make another push in the AFC before his window closes any further than it already has. I could be wrong, but everything I know about Elway and what he just did suggests to me he is not taking a QB at 5. And if they do, then he is an idiot for signing Keenum to a multi year contract and tying up more cap space instead of just letting Trevor hold the seat warm.
  6. Did the Jets trade screw us?

    Keenum is the starting QB of the Broncos, and Elway still likes the other kid on their roster. I have SERIOUS doubts Broncos take a QB. Dolphins are certainly a potential one, but they pick at 11, Bills do NOT need to get into the top 5 to get ahead of them. They could easily trade up cheaper on draft night into 7, 8, 9, or 10 if someone they covet is there. Again, the only 2 certain teams are Cle and Jets.
  7. Memories of 2004 NFL Draft

    Why is everyone so freaked out about this trade lol. Jets were ALREADY picking before us. They didnt leap frog us. Second, its pretty clear Beane wasn't pushing to hard to get the #3 pick, otherwise the Colts DO NOT do this trade right now. They would have waited until draft night or closer to draft to see if the offer would be better from Bills. Clearly they did NOT feel the Bills were going to push for it or make a better offer, so this assumption we were certainly trading with the Colts just doesn't seem accurate. I told everyone when we signed AJ, if Bills think highly enough of AJ as a prospect, it could very much alter their intention to get into the top 5. Not to mention, only 2 teams are currently a lock in top 10 to draft a QB in Cle and Jets. I dont think the Broncos will now that they signed Keenum and I have never once believed the Giants are going to take a QB. I still think they are going to try and make a last run with Eli and will draft Barkely if Browns dont take him #1. Outside of that, there isnt another team certain to take a QB in the top 10. Miami might take one at 11, so Beane could do a MUCH cheaper trade up to 7, 8, 9, or 10 if a QB they covert is there and do it on draft night. And with AJ, they might feel comfortable taking a LB at 12 if there isnt a QB they want that falls out of the top 5.
  8. Did the Jets trade screw us?

    Easy to say, but for that to happen there needs to be a team that drafts them. So who in the top 11 picks ahead of us are definitely taking those 4 QB's? Cleveland and Jets, but who else?
  9. Should Beane be Fired Because of Today's Colts/Jets Trade?

    No but you should be fired as a poster for starting such a stupid poll and asking such a dumb question. Literally dumbest thread in the history of this board...and that says a lot.
  10. How Many QBs Will Go in the Top Ten?

    For what? I dont care if it happens or not, I didnt even guarantee it...its just my opinion. LOL
  11. Did the Jets trade screw us?

    No because I dont think Beane was going to trade up anymore after the way FA played out so well for the Bills in landing AJ, a promising young QB for pennies on the dollar, and all the other teams who invested in QB's in FA. Only 2 teams for sure taking a QB in top 10 right now...Cle and Jets. I dont think Giants will nor do I think the Broncos will. In fact, I dont think the Bills were even really hot to get to #3 because if they were, there is NO reason for the Colts to make this trade right now when they could potentially get a better deal from Bills if we really wanted to trade up. The fact they made the trade now tells me everything I need to know about how serious Beane was about a trade with the Colts. If Beane told them it depends how the board falls, then Colts could have waited until draft night like many teams do before exciting an offer. People take the fans idea of a plan to serious around here as if its concrete plans of the FO. Dont get me wrong, I really want to land Baker personally...but I also realize its quite possible to land him at 12 after the way FA has played out. Although if Baker is the guy the Bills want (which we have no idea), I would think they might try and trade to 10 or 9 to get him as Miami is a definite spot he could also go.
  12. How Many QBs Will Go in the Top Ten?

    ONLY 2 QBs will be taken in the top 10. Calling it now. Cleveland and Jets. Giants want to win now, otherwise they would trade Eli, I do not believe at all they will draft a QB at #2. They could, but just dont buy it. AZ just signed two QB's, they are not moving into the top 10 to take a QB and I dont think they are a lock to even draft one at all in the first. Denver I think feels their window closing, otherwise why even sign Keenum. I do not think they plan to draft a QB anymore. Buffalo is not going to trade up, now should they. This offseason could not have played out any better for the Bills. Beane has been a master and now sits with a young promising QB prospect at pennies on the dollar in AJ, and in a prime spot for possibly 3 of the top 5 QBs to still be on the board at 12 (although I do think Miami could easily take one before us, leaving 2 guys still there). I am not even convinced Buffalo takes a QB at 12 anymore. They could easily take Roquan or Edmunds then see who is on the board at 22. Personally, I would play it safe and double down by taking a QB at 12 (Likely Baker, Allen or Lamar...although I think Baker could go to Fins) and then look for a LB at 22 (our current biggest need IMO). My prediction: Bills stay put, draft Roquan/Evans at 12 and then take Baker/Allen at 22 (which ever one falls there) and if there isnt a QB they love at 22 still there, they take a WR or OL.
  13. Tyrod named starting QB of Browns

    All fair points and good reply
  14. Tyrod named starting QB of Browns

    I dont disagree...they must take a QB, just citing some of their comments they made since adding TT which personally shocked me to be honest. I would however take Barkley still at #1, or at #4 if they went QB and Barkley lasted to #4 (which only happens if someone trades up to both 2 and 3 for a QB as I think either Giants or Colts will snatch him if they stay put). Hyde is cool and all, but he has not been durable and still never had a 1000 yard season and coming off a year where he averaged 3.9 ypc. Barkley to me is a generational talent who can be special for a long time. I would normally never advocate taking a RB #1, but this kid has me 100% sold and that he can be the best back in the NFL during his time. He's a game changing player, and to me, about as safe a pick as one could hope to make on draft night. And Cleveland needs to start hitting on all these high picks. And when you are coming off a zero win season, I wouldnt pass on the best player in the draft which I think Barkley is widely considered to be. Plus, a lethal running game will only help the rookie QB they take at #4 and they got a ton of draft picks still to keep adding more players. Just my 2 cents...certainly valid idea to go QB and something other than a RB with both those spots with Hyde on the roster...I just personally wouldn't pass on Barkley if I was the Browns.