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  1. What is everyones fascination with this play that happens maybe a few times a season for even the best ones at it. People act like these fabled 60 yard TD runs happen all the time. Its foolish to focus on that versus the guy who is the better runner and will get you a first down more consistently and a TD when in the Redzone. You dont win games and go to the Super Bowl because a RB had 4 runs on the whole season of 60 yards. You win games and go to the Super Bowl because you keep the ball and keep moving towards more points. Now if that RB happens to be good a both, than great that is probably going to be a special RB. That being said, I would love Dobbins...but I just think people are too focused on straight line running which doesn't happen that often over someone breaking tackles or breaking Ankles. We just need another good RB to share with Devin, doesn't have to be a certain "type" for them to pair well together. For instance, I would love AJ Dillon whose a load to bring down and fast and can catch. But I am also not married to it only being Dillon of course, and like I said, I love Dobbins too.
  2. ☝️☝️☝️ This is such a gross exaggeration of the “issues” with Diggs. Where do you guys come up with such an extreme description of “issues”? I mean he went out and played to a high level all year. He carried the offense when Theilen got hurt for a chunk of the season. He had been no where near the level of a “problem” some posters here keep making him out to be. What I fear is going to happen, is that every word, gesture, etc this guy does as a Bill is going to be so grossly over scrutinized so some people can point at him and say “See, told you he’s a problem and it was dumb to trade a first for him”. Diggs is a stud. He’s gonna be a stud here. This is a great trade for both him and us. We needed badly a player with the same level of fire and competitiveness that Josh has. These two are going to be great together.
  3. Duke isn’t even remotely close to the main reason we lost that game. That TD throw and attempted catch was a high degree of difficulty. I can live with that play a heck of a lot more than the others. The Gore runs up the middle prior to that throw are unforgivable on their own. Our multiple guys not being able to block one guy on that Josh run that would have likely sealed the game is unforgivable. The failed sack on Watson by Milano was unforgivable that allowed Watson to seal the game. Daboll’s idiotic game calls at key moments was unforgivable, almost all of which involved Gore. I could name several other self inflicted bone head moments too. Then there are the refs. The missing of the play clock being expired for 2 seconds on 3rd and very long in OT was unforgivable. The fake penalty on Ford was unforgivable. The refs literally screwed us massively with critical mistakes no less than 3 times (there were more, but saying critical game changing plays). Im glad we are upgrading WRs. And you are absolutely right, Duke is going to be fighting for the 4th and 5th WR spot probably with a rookie along with Foster and McKenzie. But he was way way down the list of reasons we lost that game IMO. For me it’s way way way more on Daboll, Refs, and some totally whiffed plays by our players.
  4. Riddle me this: What do you get when you mix the offseason and an extended home quarantine due to a global pandemic? ....A 6 page thread dedicated to a “rumor” that’s not a rumor, never was a rumor, and most likely will never be a rumor.
  5. This is a great signing, although I kinda wish it was a 2 year deal personally but we can always sign him back if he has a good season. Beane has once again had quite a remarkable off season. Now I only hope we have a season so we can see all this awesomeness hit the field.
  6. Any other coach I would say yes they very well could be. With BB there...I will never count them out until I see it on the field. I mean lets say they get a healthy Cam...then bottom 5 they are no more. Not saying they go to SB or anything crazy, but I doubt they finish as a bottom 5 team if Cam was healthy all year. But I would love to see them be bottom 5, so fingers crossed
  7. I don't understand how anyone sees this as a rumor? Some random dude made a wishful photoshop of him in a Pats jersey and people took that as a real Watson to Pats rumor? So if I go make a George Kittle pic in a Bills jersey, does that make it a rumor he might land here too? Oh the internet...5 pagers dedicated to some dude sitting in his underwear with his laptop making make believe pictures has the sports world a buzz lol
  8. I like this signing, was always a solid player on the field for us.
  9. Lol, we didnt pull the trigger? How do you know Beane wasn't in touch with his agent or not? Free Agency is a two way street where both sides need to have interest and also be close to the same ball park on compensation.
  10. Honestly, I am not worried about RB. If anyone goes back and watches when Yeldon was on the field, he was better than people think when given opportunities. I think him operating as a 3rd down receiving back could be a nice compliment to Singletary. Plus, I am fairly confident we will be drafting a RB this year with one of our first 3 picks and there are some very intriguing guys they can land. The key to us contending for the Super Bowl really lays at Josh Allen's feet right now. This roster is talented enough right now even before the draft to make a serious run if Josh Allen continues progressing like he has thus far. And I personally believe he will. I think we are a little better at EDGE this year than last year as I think Addison and Jefferson are an upgrade over Shaq. Plus it cant be overlooked the value of getting Harry back inside the DL, he was our best DT prior to getting hurt last year. Him and Butler will more than make up for the loss of Phillips IMO, especially withOliver set to take an even bigger roll himself. That doesnt mean we cant still get better at EDGE of course, landing Yannick would be incredible, but I don't think its something I would say is a "missing piece" which would suggest we cant get there without him or someone like him. I think Diggs is going to have a substantial impact across the offense. Diggs presence not only makes Brown and Cole's jobs easier, but I think we are going to see a breakout season from Knox as a result. I mean we are going to be a nightmare to cover. You got major down field threats at both wideout spots who are also good everywhere on the field. You got a break your ankles type slot receiver in Cole underneath. You got a big athletic TE in Knox stretching the middle and still have a tower of a TE in Kroft who is now healthy and a promising other young TE in Sweeney who can all put pressure over the middle of the field. We have a RB who just averaged 5.1 ypc playing in bottom third passing attack. Now we are going to elevate the passing game even more which should make Devin more dangerous. And you still need to account for our RB's out of the backfield too as receivers. Now after all of that...you got a QB you need to absolutely spy or he will torch you with his legs. And you better play tight coverage because that same QB can get the ball anywhere on the field in a flick of his wrist before you can close and also do so while on the run. Someone said it already...I think its more about the development of our guys here on the roster now and how fast they all gel together more than anything. If this team, even before we enter the draft, can gel over the first half of the season and find their groove, we absolutely have a shot at making a deep post season run and even a SB run. And the main cog will of course be Josh continuing to improve the way he has so far. And I personally have all the confidence in the world in him improving again.
  11. Id be stoked if we got Mims or a player like him, but I am a little skeptical Beane is going to use the first 2 picks in this draft (plus a 5th and 6th and next years 4th) essentially on 2 WR's with Brown and Cole already on the roster. Wouldn't surprise me to see us take a WR in 3rd or 4th though, but to also use our second feels less probably. I wont be against it by any means, just not sure I see it as a likely scenario.
  12. Chargers 1, Rams 0 in the branding department. Amazing how bad the Rams design choice. I mean every single person I know, even the most loyal Rams fans, utterly despise and hate it. Chargers are smart with these subtle changes. They always had an uphill battle here being they have always been a Raider rival and there are so many dumb Raider fans in LA. But appealing to a color scheme that more mirrors UCLA will help as UCLA fans love those colors.
  13. I was just using the Dow as a generic term. The economical downfall is being sensationalized in terms of permanent damage. Every devastated economy recovered and rather quickly. Not downplaying the severity of this in the short term, just saying this isn't a permanent economical situation. George W. Bush and corrupt financial practices combined to lead us into the worst economical disaster since the crash in the early 1900's. The last 11 years have been a Bull market, literally from the first year of Obama's administration to when the Coronavirus hit, 11 year Bull run and dow finished higher every year for 11 straight years as well.
  14. I hear you, and listen I dont want to see my friends and family lose jobs or businesses either. But the truth remains, the demise of the economy is greatly exaggerated. It will recover and quickly once things get back to normal. The vast majority of the jobs people are not at work for will resume. Teachers go back to work, restaurants reopen, travel resumes, sports will come back, etc etc. Measures are being put in place to prevent people from being evicted as a businesses or from their homes. There is money being distributed to help those industries stay afloat so there is a place for our workforce to return to. Will it be perfect? No. Will there be no business casualties? No. But business and the economy are repairable, death is forever. And if people are TRULY worried about the economy and the workforce, then the most disastrous thing you can wish for is to return too soon which would undo everything being sacrificed and being done now and make things catastrophically worse and for much much longer. And that would be something that would NOT be very easy to rebound from and could set us back years and years economically as a country. No one wants to see this go on for longer than necessary, its just imperative we listen to the worlds experts on controlling this virus and not be impulsive and disregard it...again. Lets be honest here, Trump and his administration, along with Fox News, did not help the matter by downplaying this and spreading misleading and false facts in direct defiance of all the worlds health experts up until about 10 days ago. Had we been more deliberate and more prepared sooner, possibly it wouldn't have gotten to these extremes. The worst thing we can do right now would be to REPEAT that same mistake AGAIN and see them go against the wishes of the people with knowledge and medical degrees who know better.
  15. If we don't slow the spread down, the death toll can be in the millions, not 12,000. That is the issue. No one wants to see the economy crumble, but at the end of the day, life matters more than the Dow and we need to prioritize slowing this down above all else. People keep talking about the death numbers NOW versus later when discussing these things, and thats just not what this is about. Death rate is over 4% compared to 0.16% of the flu. Even if that comes down to 2%, based on the expected amount of infected over the rest of 2020 if not slowed would put the US death toll as high as 2 million people or more. I assure you there will not be anywhere near those amounts of suicides. Hopefully, the initiatives work and lowering the curve to a manageable level within our health care system. And if so, easing back into normal life will begin. But until that point, going back early isn't going to accomplish anything but make it worse. Its imperative we do NOT go back too early or this will all have been for nothing and things will only get worse for longer. And the other thing is, if we go back to early and this gets way worse...the suicide numbers would be a lot higher than just waiting this out the appropriate time given the damage would be substantially worse as this would catastrophic for much much longer.
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