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  1. It’s by far been Murphy. And while it’s quieted this one week, all it will take is one game where he doesn’t do anything or misses a tackle for it to all come back. All his critics who are silent are just waiting for the next chance to say “See he sucks”. A case can be made for Ford, but have seen a lot less heat on him then people had for Murphy. I mean this board was obsessed with cutting Murphy, and even more silly was for “cap” reasons when it wouldn’t have done anything for our cap as we are not over the cap and it’s last year of his deal. It was utter nonsense to campaign for him to be cut. Now trading him had merit with our deep log jam at DE and Beanes ability to get great trade value I our favor, but the calls to cut him were pretty silly.
  2. Every great QB in history has had turnovers lose them games, including anyone you would put in the top 10 all time, and some of them did it in playoffs and Super Bowl too. Sorry, this logic seems like you’re waiting for one play to say “See I told you so” when in reality it’s 100% guaranteed to happen to every QB in the league, including Josh.
  3. Well if you want to go there, you should also add those earlier games he was working his way back from a serious injury recovery as well to be fair. I will take the more recent body of work more removed from that injury over those games he was still working his way into shape and trying to carve out a role for himself.
  4. Is this where I get to say a collective "I told you so" to all those who were just focused on cutting him? I was never the guy claiming Murphy was a world beater, but I did keep telling people he's better than he's getting credit for here and was never in danger of being cut. I did think with the log jam at DE his future he was questionable as he did seem like a guy Beane thrives on flipping for good draft capital. But once Star opted out and Jefferson was moving more towards DT, it was no longer definitive we needed to move one of our DE's. And its also why I kept telling people the AJE no dress week 1 was a non story in terms of AJE career projection. Murphy and Hughes were no brainer starters given they are the only 2 DE's who knew the system here. And as GunnerBill and some others also pointed out, Murphy was getting a lot of buzz about having a very strong camp. Which meant AJE was going to need to leap frog Addison (that was never gonna happen before week 1 who is a better all around DE than Murphy too) or Darryl, which was also never going to happen given Darryl's immense ST value. Cant wait to watch this team unleash hell on both sides of the ball again this week and squish the fish.
  5. If I could emphasize this post here 1000 times I would. Its not just about the stat sheet, its all about where Diggs is at as a player vs a rookie. Diggs is a beast, making tough grabs, taking big hits, and easily a top 3 route runner in the NFL. There is nothing any rookie can do this year that will make me wish we had not traded for Diggs.
  6. I think it’s going to be this Sunday. Allen always feasts on the Fins. I bet it’s another 300 yard game and 4 to 5 total TDs
  7. Ah, was not that familiar with their cap situation. Was just commenting on team needs and stuff. Thanks
  8. Wrong. We didn’t have 4 rushing TDs. We had 22 rushing TDs, you just chose to remove Allen’s 18 rushing TDs because it doesn’t fit your narrative. It was already pointed out to you that Devin in limited snaps last year was among the league leaders in runs over 20 yards. You also see the league leader only had 5 more runs than Devin over 20 yards and that it’s NOT a very common play and doesn’t even happen on average of even once a game by the league leader. You keep ignoring Allen’s rushing TDs to say the RBs dont score enough...how are they supposed to score the TD if Allen already ran it in? All that matters is that the 6 points get on the board, doesn’t matter if the jersey number is from a RB, QB, TE, or WR. The fact is the issue is not our RBs, it’s been Allen vulturing the TDs from the RBs because teams have had no answer to stop Allen when he’s running for the score.
  9. This again 🤦🏼‍♂️ This obsession for the one or two times an entire season a RB scores a 60+ yard TD is silly. Last year, Devin tied Henry for the league lead for yards per carry. Who cares about 1 to 3 plays a year that are long TD runs. Those don’t win you games...first downs where you keep the ball and keep moving towards the end zone win games. And once you there scoring TDs medium and short distances win games. And the reason the TD total looks low for the RBs is because we have a tank of a QB who vultured 18 rushing TDs the last two years. Our RBs are going to be just fine.
  10. Personally, I think the Eagles make a lot of sense here. They have the cap room and an established QB which they badly need to get him more help at WR. Speaking of Philly, I would flip Ertz if I were them for some OL help too. Goedert is damn good and their OL is gonna just get Wentz hurt yet again. If I am the Browns, I am looking to trade both OBJ and Nick Chubb and hopefully get back two more 2nd round picks out of the trades. OBJ is not working there, and they still have guys who can play at WR. Chubb is a great talent, but they have a cheaper option in Hunt who is just as good, if not all around better. I mean literally they are both stud every down RB's, so trade Chubb and keep the cheaper Hunt. Plus given Hunts past, Chubb will have more trade value. I could see teams like Jags, Redskins, and Dolphins being very interested in Chubb. Then when the draft rolls around, if Baker has not had a light bulb come on by end of the year, they have extra assets to go make a move for a top QB, maybe even Trevor, depending on their final record. If Baker does turn a corner over the season, they have extra assets to keep building around the team and more cap flexibility too moving forward getting OBJ eventually off the books.
  11. I respectfully disagree. Not about the QB talent, it was obviously not a great QB situation. I am talking about Woods feet. I complained about it regularly, he would hit the ground so many times when it was unnecessary. He would trip and fall on his routes, etc. It was uncanny how often he lost his feet when it was not because he had to.
  12. Thank You! Its like people forget this...I can not remember a receiver in my lifetime who had worse feet here than him. Seemed like he was always on the ground. Kudos to him in LA, he is a very good WR, but when he was a FA here there was not a lot to be excited about with him. He had many chances to step up when Sammy was out, but rarely made an impact. But it was his tendency to hit the ground that drove me the most nuts. I would have been fine keeping him then, but not at the price he was gonna get from Rams. Today, he's developed into a good WR for the Rams. I like the Rams too as my second team, so like seeing him do well. But, for this team, I much prefer the combo of Diggs and Brown. Diggs is elite, and Brown is pretty damn good himself, but most importantly, Brown and Allen have great chemistry.
  13. I have some Browns fans saying the same thing. They want to trade OBJ and Chubb since they think they can get the most for them and still have good WR group and a top tier RB in Hunt. This way they get the extra assets needed to be in position to go get Trevor possibly as they don't expect to lose enough games to be able to outright draft him. Of course, this is still risky as it would still depend on whose at the top of the draft order anyway, as a QB needy team likely wont trade out of that spot and would just take Trevor outright. But for me, I would not want to give up on Baker and this roster after one loss against the 2nd best team in the NFL following an offseason with no preseason either and a brand new coaching staff. This staff will need time to put their stamp on that team, get their systems installed, and so forth before they really know what they can or cant do with the roster as its currently made up, especially Baker.
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