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  1. Thanks!!! Yeah, it’s been quite the change, and it’s gonna change even more in October when his brother gets here, but it’s definitely the best thing to ever happen to me as well and they should only help keep me young chasing these guys around lol
  2. It wasn’t wrong. Read the follow along. It was accurate, just Statmuse didn’t specify it filtered for passing touchdowns. And we were not a scoring powerhouse his first 2 seasons, so it wasn’t a crazy stat and the actual stat was only 8 games different. So really not that obvious for a 6 year career where the first 2 he was learning on the job with bad rosters. The amount of energy some of you are putting into an oversight by the AI on a website on such a trivial stat is bizarre.
  3. Wrong, I did not say any such thing.. I started saying "Someone posted these stats"...I am not the source nor did I claim to be. And the answer isn't technically wrong, it was just an incomplete description to specify passing touchdowns which is a flaw in the AI, not the original author. Actually the only person who wrote a wrong answer was you, with 4 as the actual answer is 6 according to NFL official statistics. 14 was technically correct above, just Statmuse lacked the context of labeling it "passing" touchdowns.
  4. It's 6 games. That is the correct answer according the NFL statistics of games he played in and scored 0 total touchdowns. If you got this question in a sports trivia game, the answer would be 6. I checked and verified it. You can "excuse" what ever games you want, I am only telling you what the correct factual answer is and nothing more. And yes, one of those games was the final game of the season where he barely played and the other was his first game as a rookie where he came in at halftime. And for the record, its 14 games with 0 total TD's for Lamar (before "excusing" any games).
  5. Lol...a bit dramatic don't you think. One, do you really expect Jonnu to see "this attention" lol. Two, you really think Jonnu said this hoping to get attention on a message board he doesn't read? lol. Third, how do you not know who Jonnu Smith is? Lol
  6. Its actually 6 (see more below). Ok, I found the discrepancy. The original post I got the stats from the author used Statmuse for their source of the data and the post is both wrong and correct at the same time. The original poster said "0 Touchdowns", and if you go to www.statmuse.com and type in "How many times did Josh Allen score 0 touchdowns" and "How many times did Lamar Jackson score 0 touchdowns" the answer Statmuse gives you is 14 for Allen, and 23 for Lamar and lists the dates and games with the majority occurring in his first 2 seasons. So the original poster correctly reported the findings that were given...just turns out the AI is making a mistake. For as good as Statmuse is, there is actually a mistake being made here by the AI. Even though it says "touchdowns" which should be all touchdowns by default given there was no specification for either "rushing" or "passing" in the prompt. Statmuse however is still only searching specifically for passing TD's, probably because its falsely identifying QB's only having passing touchdowns without a more specific prompt. If you type in the same prompt with "total touchdowns" instead, it shows Allen as having 6 games with 0 touchdowns. So the original poster of those stats did correctly report the AI findings, but the AI is flawed and associating what should be the broad term of "touchdowns" to be all TD's with only the ones most closely tied to that positions primary category, in this case, throwing the ball. Allen does have 14 games with no "passing" TD's, but in 8 of them he did score at least 1 rushing TD and has 6 total games where he scored 0 TD's. I will go back and make the adjustment to specify passing TD's now that we know where the discrepancy is.
  7. Literally now what I said. Assuming the stat is accurate, I said I would bet those games mostly accrued in his first 2 seasons. If you have an issue with the stat, then either go check yourself or take it up with the person who published these stats that I just simply shared here.
  8. I would bet (haven't actually checked, just a guess) that the majority of those games for Allen were in his first 2 seasons when the roster was weak and he was ascending still.
  9. Lol, this should go well 😂 https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10128067-dolphins-jonnu-smith-buffalo-is-worst-place-you-could-be-wings-aint-even-good
  10. Someone posted these stat comparisons with Allen and Lamar - And its crazy to think Lamar has 2 MVPs to Allens none. Seasons with 4000 passing yards: Allen - 4 Lamar - 0 Seasons with 8+ rushing TD's Allen - 4 Lamar - 0 Games with 300 yards + 50 rush yards Allen - 25 Lamar - 7 Games with 2 or more TD passes Allen - 54 Lamar - 32 Games with 3 or more TD passes Allen - 23 Lamar - 19 Games with 2 or more rush TD's Allen - 9 Lamar - 6 Games with 1 passing + 1 rushing TD Allen - 44 Lamar -23 300 yard passing games Allen - 25 Lamar - 4 AFC Player of the Week Allen - 12 Lamar - 10 Games they scored 0 passing TD's Allen - 14 Lamar - 23 (Balt still won FIFTEEN of those games)
  11. There are guys in who I don't think were really very good, Joe Namath is one for example. He was like the Jim McMahon of his day, who also wasn't all that good of a QB...but Namath got in because of his flash and calling his shot to win the SB. But people deserving are easily: Steve Tasker - Best ST of all time, its crazy he isn't in. Torry Holt - People forget just how good he was, I think the fact he played on the Rams with another dominant WR in Isaac Bruce I think waters down peoples memory of just how good he really was. Jimmy Smith - This guy never gets any love with the all time great WR's, but ask any corner who had to guard him and they will tell you he was one of the toughest players to cover they ever played against, and many will put him number 1 on who gave them the most trouble. Had he not played for the Jags and instead played for the Cowboys or something, he would have already been in. Mike Alstott - Its hard for FB's to get accolades or stats, but he was one of the best FB's to ever play the game. Somewhere between "Easily" should be in and "Honorable Mentions: Hines Ward - He doesn't have the same gaudy stats as guys like Wayne, Holt, etc or guys coming up like Fitzgerald, but he was one of the best all around WR's of his time and maybe the toughest. He is the definition of a borderline guy, but I think he deserves it and he is the kind of WR I would take on me team any day of the week. Honorable Mentions - London Fletcher, Reggie Wayne, Rodney Harrison, Steve Smith, Darren Woodson, Jared Allen
  12. I agree, Mitch would be a surprise, you don't see a lot of good teams mess with the QB room late in the offseason very often unless they are a team that clearly needs a better backup. That is just because it's the position that takes the most time to learn. Between the playbook, lingo, reps with receivers, etc it's just a tall ask to get a new QB up to speed while you are prepping the team for the start of the season. That is even more true for the Bills since the whole offense is learning a new system as well. So for me, I think it's a low probability (although not impossible by any means) that Mitch is cut for those reasons and also given they know him, resigned him, and he and Allen are tight. I think they would have to really want the other QB to make that change just before the season starts.
  13. Honestly, I don’t think there will be any cuts that will be classified as a “surprise” this year. They made all of those already IMHO when they cut down for cap reasons.
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