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  1. If it’s my pick here is the Bills next QB

    Actually you got this wrong, correct thing to say is: Dont fall in love with the just the NUMBERS. Not saying this kid is going to be a bust or some scrub, I honestly don't know much about him, but there is usually a reason guys with good "stats" are down on the rankings list. Anything can happen, but the important point is not to fall in love with the numbers only when it comes to College player evaluation. You want to know who the 10 most prolific statistical passers are in College Football history? Case Keenum Timmy Chang Landry Jones Graham Herrell Ty Detmer Kellen Moore Baker Mayfield Luke Falk Colt Brennan Rakeem Cato What do you notice from that list? Every single QB on that list (ignoring the 2 guys who are in the draft this year) either was a career NFL backup, complete washout in the NFL, didn't make the NFL. Case Keenum is STILL a backup, remember he is playing due to injury to the starter. Great story, but he has been a career backup that is having some success this season as a backup forced to start, but there are no guarantees he will start next year or can replicate any of the success he had this year either, especially if he leaves to a less talented team. Rams were worst offense in the NFL last year with him starting and they still had Gurley. In fact, the only QB in the top 20 all time passing leaders in college football history to be a starter in the NFL is Phillip Rivers who is currently 13th on the list after this season. And of course, he had a great NFL career. College stats are fools gold. NOTE: 3 potential Bills targets in this draft are in the top 11 as Mason Rudolph is now 11th on the list to go with Baker and Falk as also guys that could get drafted by the Bills this draft. And if you look at any list that ranks the 20 BEST QB's to ever play in College football they frequently include names like: Tebow, Leinart, Harrell, K. Moore, Manziel, B. Petty, Torretta, Ward, Young, Detmer, Wuerffel, Ware, etc...all of which are currently awful in the NFL or were awful before they washed out. Once again...college stats are fools gold.
  2. Would 6 rings for NE diminish future SB winners?

    I dont really get this question to be honest. Absolutely not, it doesn't in any fashion lessen or cheapen a SB win by any team, not even the Pats. I dont care what people say about the Pats and the whole cheating claim...to do what they do is still an incredible feat, and they are doing it currently with a QB who has been winning SB's in his late 30's and has a shot at one at 40 now while still being the center of that team. Any other team wins a SB I promise they don't give 2 sh*ts about who won the year before or how many any other team won. There are teams in the NFL who have never even played in a Super Bowl, not to mention the ones who have never won one like the Bills. At no point will the Patriots dynasty run cheapen any other team achieving a SB victory. And as a hard core Laker fan, I promise you it does NOT get old seeing your team win and it does NOT get less exciting. When I had my lakers 3 peat with Shaq and Kobe, I enjoyed all 3 the same. When the Kobe-Gasol teams went to 3 straight, winning 2 in a row after losing the first, I promise you none of them felt diminished or cheap. There were all a battle and I loved every minute of it.
  3. Fair question... IMO Tomlin is overrated. He makes a lot of poor decisions over the course of his career, decisions that cost them. The Steelers are as well run as NE, and people over look that. Just like with QB's, Head Coaches both get way too much credit at times and way too much blame at times. Tomlin greatly benefits from an organization that continually drafts well and makes good personnel decisions to keep the team competitive to very good. To be clear, while I think he is overrated, I also do not think Tomlin is a terrible coach and the Pittsburgh could do a lot worse than him. Honestly, his personality, demeanor and who is as a person he is a great fit for that team. I don't think he should be fired yet, but also don't think he should be untouchable either or blameless. I would say its warranted to say his seat should be warm, just don't know it should be categorized yet as being on the "hot" seat.
  4. Ryan Talbot: 50 Potential Free Agent Fits for the Bills

    Exactly my feelings too. He is the perfect example of buy low. Bring him in, and double down with a rookie and let them battle it out. If he can get any of his pre injury form back and put those past him, there is definite upside towards a potential quality starting QB. Then you still have an asset in the rookie who can either still out play Teddy and take the job over, or be a valuable trade chip if Teddy takes the job and never lets go.
  5. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    Why? The best QB he ever worked with was Matt Cassel. No Offensive Coordinator in NFL history would have a good track record as an OC with the utter garbage he had at QB in the NFL. When Matt Cassel is the best QB you ever had to work with, you spend your mornings talking yourself into pulling the bullet out of the chamber and putting the gun back in the drawer.
  6. Marrone, Dareus, and the Jags: don't call it luck

    I wouldnt call it luck, I will call it STUPIDITY on first and goal on the 1 to throw a pass and terrible play calling at end of half to allow a 7 point swing just before halftime...the margin we lost by. Should have been us getting destroyed and throttled by Brady this weekend, not the Titans.
  7. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    I admittedly didn't know a ton on Daboll until he was mentioned as a possible OC candidate and started looking into him more. There are things that are exciting and things to be concerned about with this hire. Things to be excited about: He is not Dennison. Best part of this hire is RICO is GONZO. Has been a part of the 2 greatest football minds in history of NFL and College Football. Comes from a winning culture with many championships on his resume, so knows what it takes to win in the postseason. Great familiarity in the College Football draft class this year while we are loaded with draft picks. Seems like he will great for the strength of our offense, the run game. Until we get a QB in here (and if its a rookie, odds are we still need to lean on the run game while he comes along) that can be leaned on, McCoy and our ability to run are still are strength. He is coming home, so you know the pride and passion will be there. He might have some insight to help in the Pats games...this probably has very little value, but even if its one little thing it helps. He was stuck with another meh passing QB in college this year and had talented RB's...but we got to see a taste of that offense with someone who could throw in the 2nd half and they came back in big fashion and won the title. That probably more than anything moved him up a lot of teams wish lists and it was a positive sign to see him open the offense up with a QB who could actually throw. Things to be concerned about: His NFL resume as an OC is terrible, but also unfair to grade him given his utterly atrocious list of QB's he had to work with. When the best QB you have gotten to work with is arguably Matt Cassel, you're gonna have a sh*t resume as an OC. So there isn't really anything to go back and look as evidence of his abilities as an OC in the NFL. Hard to know what kind of an offense he can run if he has a competent QB as he seems to have always been a power run game guy. But going back to the point above, he can only work with what he was given and the QB's he was handed are embarrassing and seemed to have no choice but to lean on the a power run game. All in all, after reading up heavy on him, I am pretty optimistic and excited about this hire. All things that have been said about him are glowingly positive by former coaches and players as well, so that definitely helps. I was initially concerned about his power run scheme until I saw the train wreck of QB's he was saddled with and then just felt bad for him lmao. Now...the real questions begin...what do we do with the QB position, what trades will we make both before and during the draft, and how many games will we win the division by next year! (never too early for optimism! lol) GO BILLS!!!
  8. I do t get the Jaguar hate. Not a rival, we beat ourselves in the playoffs, and they are playing the Pats. Go Jags! Ultimately I am pulling for a Vikings SB since Saints and Rams are out as I am all NFC this post season.
  9. What is this obsession about what Dareus says? There are several other threads about every little thing he has stated...some were even positive like after the win where he had conflicted feelings because he cared about the players and fans of Buffalo. Do we really need a new to obsess over every little quote? He got traded...it hurt him, and now he is a Jaguar. You think because we traded him he isnt allowed to be confident in the type of player he is...you know the one that made him the 3rd pick in the draft and earned a $100M contract after being a multi Pro Bowler? All he did here was speak the truth...this new regime was down on him from the moment they walked in the building, and Beane literally said so himself. Beane said they saw his contract and incident history and identified him as a red flag player immediately. That was the end of Dareus right there unless he was out there playing like Donald in LA. But injuries kept him from getting into the D until just before we traded, but it didn't matter that he was playing well and according to Beane making huge strides as a player and with the team just before getting traded. They cared WAY more about shedding his contract than anything, especially with the risk of losing him for a long time if anything happened again off field, and the trade had actually very little to do with him in the locker room. He made some bone head off field mistakes while young, it cost him the confidence of a new regime due to the combo of that and his new contract. Now he is playing to go to the Super Bowl with a former coach of his and has literally no reason to doubt his confidence about who he is as a player as he is contributing to one of the best defenses in football right now. I hope MD goes out and has a huge game to crush Brady and the Pats this weekend...shocked more people are talking about that and instead of hanging on every word of his as if he is somehow supposed to be sorry for being traded when he didn't want to be traded in the first place. LMAO? How is he behaving like a child? For honestly answering questions by the media that are the truth? Geezus
  10. The moral of the Saints win.

    There are 4 QBs left in the playoffs, 2 are going to the Super Bowl. 3 of them were proclaimed to be terrible and incapable of of being a starter, getting to the playoffs or winning a playoff game. Borltes Keenum Foles And...Brady. So everyone needs to just shut up with the non sense about how things aren’t possible with certain QBs, because it’s not true now and it’s never been true in the history of the NFL. Same people said Tyrod could never make the playoffs and he did just that. TEAMS...let me say again...TEAMS win, not QBs and sure as hell not the over exaggerated stat of passing yards. Yes, QB is a very important position, but if it was up to them then guys like Brees and Rogers would have more than one. Hell this was the first time in 5 years Brees even made the playoffs, and he just lost to a Case Keenum led Vikings team after Big Ben lost to a Blake Bortles led Jaguars team. Everyone wishes they had a Brady, Brees or Rogers, but they are rare. Most teams don’t have one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still win because of it.

    Total frustration with the never ending Tyrod or QB threads. Could have put this in 100 other threads
  12. Gotta go after a feature running back

    I have this feeling that Penny will become a Bill in the draft...not sure why, but just do
  13. Yeah thats a legit concern on whether his frame can hold in the NFL playing the style he does.
  14. True, and yes I think we disagree on whether or not Shaq fits McD's scheme. He was one of the team leaders in sacks when hurt, and also was good against the run. So I just dont get the whole thing about how he doesn't fit when he seemed to be fitting to me.
  15. Um, in the NFL they do. They did it with Kap, Luck, Stafford, Carr, Tannehill, etc. QB's get grossly over paid all the time for being young or in prime with upside. I dont agree with it, but its the way the NFL works right now. And, can we all just stop the nonsense of pinning a the W/L record on the QB's...means nothing. You all hate TT, and he was a playoff QB this year. Dilfer won a SB. Drew Brees record the last 4 years: 32-33 Pretty sure Brees is one of the GOAT's too.