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  1. Vandaley Industries. Import/export business.
  2. Poyer made sure Brown, the only legitimate speed threat to catch Taron other than Jackson, was eliminated from the play. What a heads up play by Poyer. And how the he// did Justin Zimmer almost beat Taron to the EZ?
  3. JV - he wasn’t there yesterday when I was by. GO BILLS!
  4. Just returned from Hello Car Wash in Garland (Dallas area) after getting my free wash. The owner is from Western NY and I saw a story on WGR that anyone that shows up in Bills garb gets a free wash. It was their ultimate wash not basic. Unfortunately, I didn’t run in to any other Bills fans.
  5. Building a wheel chair ramp in the morning. Someone is going to be able to safely exit and enter their home. Good karma for the Bills? Hope so!
  6. Come on over to my house and eat wings, Buffalo chicken dip, and Labatts Blue with my Bills family. Sachse, Tx
  7. Another coaching detail that we should discuss is the last second DL shift after OL blocking call is made. I noticed this multiple times in the last games. It could add an element of confusion to result in blown/missed block. I like it!
  8. Another record that appeared to be in McDs sight was the TD passes to 13 different receivers early on. Taiwan Jones in the game early and dropped a give me. Had to be a scripted play strictly to set the new record.
  9. Good point. This is the week Robert’s takes a kickoff to the house 😉
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