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  1. I don’t get this line of thinking.. which is very common. EVERY great coach won because of their QB… I can’t think of one GREAT HC who didn’t have a great QB with him.
  2. Your defense was in shambles from injuries. Your secondary was like the walking wounded. The only coaching mistake on D was not putting Elam in for an obviously hurt CB.
  3. Being outplayed by MVP CJ Stroud lol..
  4. Both the eagles and cowboys could be firing their coach and in a bidding war for BB. He be scary with that kind of talent on both sides of the ball, and he could fix the Eagles D. They started 10-1 they then pooped the bed and went 2-5 the rest of the way. As a fan of a team if my team did that I be so mad!
  5. Ravens v Texans Texans are playing with house money, and the Ravens starters have not seen game action for 2 weeks. Also the Texans are one of the top teams against the run. Ravens never get on track. UPSET — Texans 31 Ravens 10 Bills V Chiefs This game is harder to call. Both teams faced tomato cans in the first round and won easily. The Chiefs bet Miami who can not win in cold or against a good team. Your Bills bet the Steelers without TJ Watt and let’s not forget they lost to Arizona and NE in back to back weeks. I see a shoot out and it coming down to the last minute of the game and Allen runs it in for a TD Bills 34 Chiefs 31 AFC Championship Game Texans @ Bills
  6. I had one over on Phinhaven. I can’t even remember what it was because the talk there was already so bad.. only place worse was Ganggreen who did reject me when I tried sign up reason given was “ no Bleeping Pats fans allowed here” only place I ever got rejected from lol
  7. The new head coach of Dallas.. BB. A BB D isn’t being smacked lack this with that kind of talent on it..
  8. I think the 4 seed got the bye. The Texans just dismantled the Browns..
  9. B they have shut down the Browns run game which I believe is better than the Bills. So be a very low scoring game, and a team like the Texans could win it.. mind you that all depends if they can beat a very very good Ravens team that I expect to be rusty next week.
  10. I wouldn’t want any part of the Texans. They are playing with house money and have nothing at all to lose..
  11. OMG another pick 6! Are you kidding me! Is that Mac Jones playing QB for the Browns??
  12. lol that be wrong… you obviously have not seen the state of the Boston Red Sox whose owners don’t even feel the need to fake interest in the team.. that team is going be so bad it’s scary..
  13. He was! Pete Carroll did the 3 years between Tuna and BB. He was not ready yet and Kraft really didn’t know what he was doing yet either.
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