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  1. Lmao Bruschi and Wilfork are new ones.. Gronk did a really dirty and stupid thing.. Harris had a reputation before joining the Pats for being dirty. This here LOOKS like an accident and definitely not a hard kick. Weird how people go searching for something complain about in a totally dominated game by your team. Lol
  2. Brady more than likely will not be in Tampa next year so who cares? I don’t know you put him at QB for say Cleveland and they are winning the Division going away and are probably the #1 seed. Why? Because their D is legit and with a real QB to worry about with Chubb and Hunt the O be unstoppable.
  3. Lions O will be scary next year with William, and Amon-Ra. They were already one of the best O’s without Williams. What they need is MASSIVE D help.
  4. Thanks! I’ve been around for awhile. Hell I was the voice of reason a few years when people were losing their minds here.
  5. Wow! The Texans have the 1st and 13th pick. They could get some really impactful players there. (QB and a top WR)
  6. just saw the draft order and dang! The Seahawks have the 3rd overall pick from Denver, so they would be able to get one of the top 2 QB’s in the draft if they wanted to AND still be in the playoffs this year.(Texans and Bears in front of them) Eagles have the #6 pick from the Saints and they have to be the favorites to make the SB in the NFC. I don’t remember what the Saints traded for but damn that Wilson trade looks god awful!
  7. You may be right! They just got beat by a 3rd string QB… and the game wasn’t even close at the end.
  8. As a Pats fan watching the Bills and the Chiefs. It feels like the Bills right now are the Colts to the Chiefs Patriots… So far. 2 Great QBs that most feel Mahomes is better..(Most felt Brady was more Clutch and better than Manning.) My point don’t worry about teams who you don’t even need a sweat to beat, but rather on those who could beat you like KC and right now Miami.
  9. The penalty was deserved, the injection I think was too much. I agree I thought Epenesa was going to get flagged for that suplex of Jones. It’s almost always called when a defender does that to a QB.
  10. Pats May finish in last place in the East but that has everything do with the two sunbird running the O.
  11. I missed that one! But then again after that drubbing I didn’t wanna watch any football lol. Holly is just a homer announcer.
  12. I don’t think Brady is ever going to retire! Lol actually I wouldn’t be shocked if he signed a 1 day contract to retire a Patriot next year… I mean he does have a huge Fox contract to go to. Although I’d love him be the Pats OC. Lol
  13. Look at all of Cam’s hits he got wrecked even in preseason games. I saw that when he scrambled against the Pats and Hightower hit him and had him almost land on his head.. man never slid. I have never seen Allen slide either but I have not seen a lot of his games.
  14. I actually thought Jones was smart taking the intentional grounding there. It saved a safety possibly if the refs saw it wrong. (I do believe it is where the process of the tackle started as that’s his forward progress is the 1, so no safety.) He also probably did it so he didn’t get duplexes again by the Bills D. Lol (shocked that wasn’t flagged with how the refs been lately when you hit a QB. No I don’t say it should have been just saying how they been called lately that usually gets a flag.)
  15. I am not talking about him taking off when the play breaks down. I think calling a QB run outright with him is going to shorten his career. I agree slide or go out of bounds is crucial all it takes is one bad hit and his cannon arm gets destroyed.. it happened to Peyton, and Newton just to name two that I can think of. So protecting himself when he can is needed.
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