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  1. PatsFanNH

    Did anyone notice something about Sam Darnold?

    Impact on the game.. lol we will disagree, I dare say a certain steeler QB named Bradshaw is what changed the QB position forever along with lynn Swann as a WR. Namath didn’t “change” or “impact” the game greatly IMO he was just a showboat in the city of showboats. What he did bring was more casual fans in because of his showboat style. But his skill level didn’t change the game maybe his mouth did but not his talent.
  2. PatsFanNH

    Did anyone notice something about Sam Darnold?

    What’s nonsense? They made it to ONE SB so a one hit wonder. The Jets D carried the team and won the game I mean they got 4 INT and a fumble recovery... and all the great Namath could do was get 1 TD and 3 FG? Sorry that’s a D win right there.. Namath was a 50% completion rate threwout his entire career and was a blowhard whose mouth again was bigger than his talent. Now I’m not saying he stunk, just that his legend is bigger than his actual accomplishments.
  3. PatsFanNH

    Did anyone notice something about Sam Darnold?

    More like mention of that Jets D that year which held a high power Colts O to a meager 7points.. Namath was a typical Jet.. a loud mouth who talked more than his talent showed and of course a one hit wonder
  4. PatsFanNH

    The NFL has killed the Golden Goose - ITSELF!

    “Street thug” imo a bad term.. I’d use men who have poor control over their anger.. see Hunt, Kareem for an example. I mean I saw a former player saying repeatedly how “it’s hard for a man to walk away” no it isn’t. It’s hard for them not normal men to walk away especially if it’s a woman.. (And I would say it’s only like 20 or 30% who have the issue but definitely hire than normal life) Rather racist thought! I agree he used poor wording but street thug can be white,black, Asian or any ethnicity.. that’s a way a person acts! Sadly more African Americans grow up in the Ghettoes so more of them get associated with street thug.. but they are hardly the only thugs.. (see Mob, Italian also known as Mafia.. that has many street thugs)
  5. PatsFanNH

    The NFL has killed the Golden Goose - ITSELF!

    Ok, the rule changes lately are a direct result of lawsuits thus they make rules for “player safety”. other rules were made in direct whining by teams like the Colts
  6. I threw up a bit in my mouth thinking the Jets could be the future of the division... yuck!! IMO: Allen — has a spark about him, it feels like he gets his teammates play a little bit harder and better.. still young and will take a couple years to iron out all the kinks but should be good as it APPEARS the Bulls have stopped the coaching carousel which is a killer for young QBs. Darnold — has the tools and he could be good to very good, maybe this is my jet hating side talking, but I just see the Jets messing it up and ruining the kid. Mayfield — he seems be the best of the rookie QBs this year IMO. Has a talented RB and team around him, he will be made or broken depending on who the new HC is next year for the Browns. i see this: Bills - playoff team starting next year led by a stingy D and a young QB who learned to trust his D and not try do to much.. (I say Wildcard unless BB sand Brady both fall off a cliff next year) jets — Darnold struggles next year learning a new system and is benched week 10 for some vet they signed in the off season.. NY fans start calling him a bust. Cleveland — hires McDaniels and they win the AFC North and Cleveland celebrates its first playoff birth in years.
  7. I agree. I see them calling more grey area penalties on the Bills and missing more on the opposing team.. and if Hughes even has a semi questionable hit.. it will be “personal foul and 15 yard penalty”
  8. PatsFanNH

    Julio Jones and the 2019 Bills

    I think it’s more likely the Packers, Texans, Patriots go after him. I mean you imagine adding him into the offensive mix in Houston. They be a 4 headed monster like the Steelers were BUT with a top shelf D. (Shudder)
  9. PatsFanNH

    Kareem Hunt being investigated for 2nd incident

    I thought Ravens! Isn’t their theme song “it’s a hard Thug life for us” lol Difference is it’s a guy, and with no police report makes it SOUND like it was probably a friend he had a spat with.. but I could be wrong. mind you after hitting a woman and acting like an ass anything is possible.
  10. I think MOST people are saying he needs to cut down on the ru. I got because scrambling QBs USUALLY have a very short career because of injuries from running. When teams get more afraid of his arm instead of his legs the better IMO for the Bills.
  11. PatsFanNH

    Josh Allen will be AFC Offensive Player of the Week

    Lol I had a feeling my post be read that way... I was trying say just go for some middle ground is all. This board has called him a bust over and over (numerous threads) and he isn’t! He is a young rookie QB who has the potential be a very good/great QB. The Bills been more critical of Allen than the Jets have of their rookie QB, and I dare say I think Allen will be a better QB in 2-3 years when he learns to throw more and run less. The Bills have their QB the fans just need relax a bit and not get to high on a good day because bad days will still happen.
  12. PatsFanNH

    Josh Allen will be AFC Offensive Player of the Week

    You guys do realize you faced the Dolphins D right? They have given up 20 or more points to every team except the Jets (7 and 13)and the Bills. (17). I think Allen going be damn good, but stop crowning him the next big thing because of his performance against the Phins.
  13. PatsFanNH

    SNF: Chargers at Steelers

    They were offside ALL three times? I don’t know how the Steelers screwing up is bad officiating
  14. Damn! Who cares what she called him? Simple fact is he is a big dude and was no need touch her. Just WALK AWAY! Why do so many pro athletes seem to stupid do the most common sense thing!
  15. Ya ok show that video to a jury and he is paying money out the nose to her and or being convicted of assault. Come on! A big tough football player has shove a girl like that! Just shows like of a brain on his part!