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  1. I understand people who have a second favorite team. In the late80’s and early 90’s I still loved my Pat but I had the 49ers as my second favorite team. Why? Because I loved watching Rice, Montana and Young. Mind you I wasn’t a die hard fan yet either, I just started watching and caring about football in 1986. So maybe fans that do that haven’t found their team yet? I don’t understand the ones choose 1 player over the team.. I cheer for the laundry not the individual player lol
  2. Actually was his third year he played 15 games the most he has played his career.
  3. For Harris it has been an issue as a pro. I think he had one healthy year in NE and that’s it. That said I wish the Pats had resigned him because he was a very good complimentary RB to Stevenson.
  4. Very True. As for this who knows what it was. Did someone practice at Gillette when they were not suppose to? Or something more serious? No one knows.. my GUESS is a group practiced at Gillette which is a no no now.
  5. You do realize your Special Teams last year won you the Pats game at the end of the year right? Also a bad punter and or kick off specialist can lose you a game as well. Special teams are still important.
  6. Not shocked they want the Jets to be good. I mean the Jets will mess this up somehow and end up 7-9 or 9-8.. but I understand the NFL wants both NY teams be good it’s a huge market.
  7. You are right he was an icon back then. Doesn’t change the fact he should never ever have gone to the HOF. He was not a great QB and his one SB win was all because of his D. I myself wouldn’t want talk to the man as unlike you I find his ego was a billion times bigger than his talent. I myself would rather meet Hockey players, they don’t have body guard and if you mouth off to them they will beat the crap out of you personally lol.
  8. Ok, they had 3 more 1st downs, and 13 more total yards. AGAIN the D won the game for him. You point to time of possession but failed notice every other state was practically even which means.. OMG the TO made the difference.. The Colts tan for more yards and Namath had 30 more yards passing.. (the total yards effected by the 2 sacks) So it wasn’t Namaths Quarterbacking skills, but rather his D’s ball hawking skills that won that SB. If they didn’t bail him out the final score been 31-7 and Namath would be a trivia question like “who was the scrub aQB who guaranteed victory and got his butt kicked”. Kind of sad that’s the best QB the Jets ever had till they got Rogers this year.
  9. He had the ball back 5 times and that O only scored 16 points!! They got all that time because the D got the turnovers.. they also were lucky that they didn’t change over to Johnny U earlier otherwise they probably lose.
  10. My point was he was SB MVP Twice.. SB 13 and 14 where they scored 35 and 31 points. That usually makes most people say “ok he is good enough be a HOFer”.
  11. I’ll defend Bradshaw in this way. Unlike Namath, whose D won him that one SB. While Bradshaw won 4 and was responsible for a couple of them..
  12. The schedule this year is pretty hard! Eagles, Cowboys, Chiefs,Jets, Chargers and Dolphins are all hard games and that’s almost half the schedule.
  13. Makes sense for Brady I think he is part Owner of the Vegas Aces from WNBA?? Also the fans need get over it. It was a bad rule correctly called.. lol
  14. I must be in the minority, but I find the Ravens to be WAY over rated. Jackson has not played a full season the last 2 years… and how the bleep are the Jets and Phins ahead of the Bills? I mean you could make an argument that the Jets are MAYBE a bit better because of their D and Allen and Rogers are pretty equal. So weird ratings..
  15. That’s good for the Bills get them early before Rogers has rhythm with the receivers..
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