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  1. Wilson will be a BUST. Then go elsewhere and thrive, just like Darnold. The Jets are just dysfunctional. Jones has made some big deeper throws to, right now he is just doing his job well. Right now he is the best rookie QB in the NFL, but it’s still early.
  2. Isn’t that what you want from a rookie QB? I don’t want my rookie being out there wining it, I want him be a game manager as he learns. Also the Oline are suppose to be great, but Jones has been hit a lot and the O line been sub par for the Pats so far. Jets watching Darnold. They HAD him and totally messed it up.
  3. Lmao meanwhile in NE the fans are saying how horrid the Oline been. Also Jones came into the league as super accurate he broke an NCAA record.
  4. You should love hearing this! It means the Bills are now being mentioned in the championship category! I mean up here we have our talking heads being mad at fans for being happy even though the team lost. They call us all soft now lol all for the same reason.. get you talking about them.
  5. It will be a tough matchup. The Dolphins have decent CB and a couple really good WR. Will Allen and/or your OC be willing to take what they give them or will they force the ball. I think on D whoever White isn’t covering is going to be Tua favorite target will your CB step up? my prediction — Bills 21 phins 17
  6. The point is NO one has a great record when trailing by 10 or more of a guy in his 22 season and over 200 wins only has 37.
  7. Tell you how hard it is to win being down by 10 or more points, Brady holds the record with 37 comebacks from said score. (Including playoffs)
  8. Yes they do Pats did it all the time you still can get one lineman out there to block for him. It slows the pass rush down because the play is so quick. Also why you call quick slants etc. things designed get the ball out quickly.
  9. They should call for more screens when they see how the game is going. EhT you are telling me is it sounds like it’s on your OC more than anyone else for not modifying the game plan. (Same happened to my team when our dumb ass OC continued using Harris even though it was obvious to everyone he was spent. The fumble was on him not Harris IMO and as an example.)
  10. What? I thought that was Tampa Bay? Lol
  11. Can I ask why? Was he under a lot of pressure all game? Could these mistakes be caused because of an excellent front 7 that the Steelers have? Sadly QBs can be rattled and do some mentally dumb things when this happens.
  12. I think if nothing else, week 1 proves the Bills are going to have to earn it, there are very few cheap W on their list of teams this year.. that includes their divisional rivals.
  13. 1. True —- Brady did it most of his career, and Rogers has done it from time to time just to name two. 2. True —- Again Brady did it with Weis and he was average at best. 3. Mostly False — a QB can hide the D for a bit but when they come up against a good opponent they will be exposed. 4. Maybe, at worse Allen is top 7 (Rogers, Brady, Mahomes, Watson, Wilson, MAYBE Murray before him) 5. Diggs is the only Elite receiver the Bills have. 6. Mahomes is number 1 right now IMO. 7. Hill and Kelce are elite. the Patriots absolutely sucked last year but yet had a chance to beat them.. so maybe a better defensive scheme when facing then, like shutting down Kelsey.
  14. That logic the Pats can take over with a win and a Dolphins loss too… lol let’s be honest next week there is a good possibility of 3 teams being 1-1 in the AFCE.
  15. The key IMO is having the right coach and system in place for a QB. For example IMO Allen is succeeding because of McD, I also believe Jones will succeed because of BB, While I am expecting Wilson to implode because the Jets are run so damn poorly.
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