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  1. Tony Eason was likeable, broken after the 1986 SB but was likeable! Lol
  2. I agree now teach me trust the early mock drafts lol
  3. If you look how they won the previous championship they went from cellar dwellers to Champions back to cellar dwellers.. so I didn’t find it odd, at the time I thought they just got lucky with some career years from some players like JBJ.. I agree! My point was they were good enough that year to win it all without the cheating.. the cheating just made it from a GOOD year to a historic never won so many games ever in Red Sox History year.. They won it in 2013 and finished last the next year with basically the same roster This years team failed to make the playoffs because Sale was hurt and never was the Ace he was the year before.. and well Porcello and the rest took a major step back.. oh and they didn’t have a closer all year.. major loss losing Kimbrel with zero replacement.
  4. I didn’t say that! I said they were good enough to win it without cheating... The Apple Watch was under a different manager, Cora had nothing do with that and the GM for that year and 2018 was already fired so..
  5. Read the report the Astros only did it at home.. the Sox had an amazing record on the road and won games on the road in the playoffs.. unlike say the Astros the year before against the Dodgers when neither won on the road..
  6. Lmao no as in if that was the real distance from where they live lol
  7. Wouldn’t Vegas be a smarter spot? New market and a huge name signing? Neither of those teams are looking for a QB and I could have sworn The Razor was closer but I’m to lazy to check your math lol
  8. With Cora Depends on his suspension with me if he is suspended for 1 1/2 to 2 years you fire him, especially since his contract is only for 1 more year. That and if they don’t they look weak after the Astros just cleaned house.. With BB, no one else been punished or suspended so no pressure look tough, also at the time a lot of former coaches came out saying “everyone is doing it”. (Which is probably true in MLB as well) so was easy rationalize “ we got bagged for something everyone else is doing” hope that answered it for you.. may not me logical but how I felt for both of them.. (and the Sox were not good last year they were god awful while BB and the Pats were always good before and after)
  9. Oh your not the only one! Lol ESPN been saying it all day.. Been driving me nuts.. lol and for the record I hope he resigns I don’t expect him to... Stidham starts and he is either good or we better be bad enough be in the Lawrence sweepstakes lol
  10. Lol CT is still NE, he is not signed so of course he cleaned everything out.. this is not news but why do people forget that CT is NE? Or that the Razor is still the closest NFL stadium to him. No, they already stated that football operations had no knowledge of the taping.. so how can you come down hard on BB if you just said he had no knowledge.. they will be fined..
  11. Sad thing is the Red Sox didn’t have to cheat to win that year.. they had 108 wins, swept the Yankees in the divisional round, took out the Astros in 5 games, and the Dodgers in 5 as well. Sigh..
  12. All signs are pointing to Cora being fired before Friday since they ALL threw him under the bus as the mastermind of it all.. seeing as how he brought it with him to the Sox, it’s hard to deny that assertion.
  13. That be more accurate if it showed Henry not Tanahill.. man has thrown for 150 yards in 2 games! Lol Henry is the beast leading the Titans.. any decent QB could do Tannihills job.. and if they lose it’s because he can’t deliver when a team stops Henry to only 120 yards a game lol
  14. I actually think Flores is going be an amazing coach! O’Brien is good and let’s see how Judge does.. one has 5 from just as long a career as the other.. one wins and rarely chokes in the playoffs the other has a running hole of him choking..
  15. Everyone thinks that with the Titans.. so far in the playoffs no one has. As a Pats fan I just like to say to the Ravens D regarding Henry.. “you guys didn’t look like you wanted to tackle him at all either!” Oh and you gave up 28 points at home to them!! Tsk tsk teach you to brag before the game..
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