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  1. Hey a dislocated hip could hurt his draft stock.. besides I don’t think that’s who they are looking at for a QB.
  2. Depending on the injury Tua could fall in the draft now..
  3. So your saying being behind Brady didn’t help Jimmy G or Jacoby Brissett?? I think I will respectfully disagree, you can pick the brain of your vet leader to learn and get better.. the key is to make sure that leader is worth having the brain picked lol
  4. Potential FA see what he is doing with THAT team and will give them more of a look this off season. Also doesn’t hurt it is south beach... people forget almost everyone was in agreement that this was the worst team ever assembled in the NFL. Now think of this they were leading in 3 games late and lost so if they had won.. they be in Playoff contention!! Flores is looking like a Coach of the year candidate right now lol..
  5. Should be the rest of the year, probably be 4 games. That said I like the fact Mayfield called Garrett out for acting that way. About time someone in that organization at least tried a t like a leader.
  6. Umm no one would call him a system QB if he fails at 43... they say “they failed build a team around him”, “Father Time finally caught up with him” but no one go the “system QB” angle anymore he is just to old and proven..
  7. Look what Flores is doing with little to no talent.. Give him a reliable Qb and some decent D talent he will be tough to beat I think. The fact he has THIS squad so close being decent is amazing..
  8. Other Great HC also have Great QBs. BB has Brady a sure fire HOFer, Peyton has Drew Brees, and Andy Reid has Mahomes. Now let’s be fair to McD he has Allen who Is raw and prone to the untimely turnover.. mind you 53 yards IMO is not the time play conservative but perhaps a few screens and or short passes get closer to a chip shot.
  9. Chubb is a very good RB but he fumbles a lot of you punch at the ball out. They also had Hunt they used rather sparingly.. seems the Bills D has the same issue the Pats D has. Not very good against the run.
  10. Allen is a Gun slinger, also a lot of Brady’s picks lately been because of receivers not catching the ball. (For example the one negated by the KC Offside in the championship game was right in Gronk hands.)
  11. IMO Allen has been both clutch (4th quarter comebacks) as well as the Bills biggest issue. Before you all start yelling at me let me explain. Allen’s unforced errors have cost the Bills at least one win, probably more this year. They have also made games that should be an easy win a heck of a lot closer than they should be. This Sunday we will see how things go. I think Flores is a better COACH than McD, any man can get 2 victories with that roster is a dang coaching genius!! The Bills need play error free and not give them hope otherwise they could be an upset again.
  12. I’d say in 2003 Brady was the only KNOWN star on the Pats as well, GB had what 2 Rogers and one other? My point is how many had names we know now but we didn’t then?
  13. That is usually true but not always the case. In 2001 Pats had no big names (at the time) I mean an unknown 1st year starting QB, a coach coming off a 4-12 season and a rag tag group on D it looked like.
  14. Actually Flores is showing he is a pretty good coach. He could easily have 4 wins right now and still be in playoff contention if he had even ONE talented person on that team!!
  15. Keep the faith my friend! Any given Sunday! I mean who expected the chiefs to lose to Tannahill and the Titans! (And Mahomes had a killer game I think over 409 yards and 3 TDS?)
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