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  1. Thanks for sharing buddy. Saw on a different site couple days ago. Was like wow met Kelly skipper few weeks before draft
  2. Love it. Anything (hoping) better than the last punter
  3. Agree aj Brown always seems to give Bills problems.
  4. Right one of the crazy drafts in sometime
  5. It's understandable for costs wheat and corn Deek for Ukraine And understandable for cost coal, oil and gas for Russia. (all over world cost for those) Wish this war had not got started innocent people and kids .
  6. I'm hoping later rounds for the te. The biggest needs could be right now could be g and CB. White could come back before start season or week or whatever. Plus need some players behind him. ( Levi gone to Steelers) Wr might be the third need ( or 4th punter).
  7. Unless it's CB for draft maybe lb later rounds.
  8. Right if and hoping it's true. Beane and McDermott don't leak much. We'll see.
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