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  1. Bills played Rams who might be one of the best offense in the league. Rams have soo much talent on there offense. Not surprised to see them come back .
  2. I'll call it ' ref's int' since they took one lol
  3. Holding Saw again. These ref's sucks with swearing to self.
  4. Me too astounding how far along (couple years ago to now)and other stuff. Magox. Loving this offense so much.
  5. Fitz magic showed up today. But I think Milano and Edmunds would of helped little bit
  6. We are playing Fitz magic today. Offense did a great today
  7. Right on man. Let's go BUFFALO BILL'S! Tomorrow my birthday Buffalo Bill's win cherry on top.
  8. Sending my condolences love , prayers to belichick family. Rip.
  9. Great post magox. Agree. There is some really good teams coming up after the fish. But love Josh allen. Excited to see him play rest of the year. And on forward.
  10. Klein is not so bad. Lots of Saints fans in the forum think he is good when was on there team. But I hope Milano and Edmunds get well.
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