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  1. Greg Williams, will surely turned down watching that video lol
  2. I want the Jet's to win. I know someone who's a Cowboy fan. When Bill's played Jets week 1. Talked soo much crap about Bill's.
  3. Like I said Greg Williams would of been good for them right now. If Jet's canned Gase he would have them better shape as well.
  4. Agree. No other QB did that to Pats this season
  5. Right now Allen and Jackson are 1a and 1b. Lamar Jackson play fell off makes Allen first QB good from draft class as of right now
  6. Wow awful throw and decision. Should of been picked off.
  7. Greg Williams is a hot head. But he kept team under control. Worked well at the end of the year last year.
  8. I trust McDermott and Beane with the late round draft picks. They are IMO might be seeing it little now going to be amazing.
  9. 49ers are good. If there QB can last for year they can make the playoffs.
  10. Where are those now telling me Zay is good? And Duke Williams is bad? Hopefully Zay learns but to me it is all mental will him to say. Hope he fix it.
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