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  1. Right lol. The left is pretty quiet on this here on this site. Larry Elder seems like a good guy. He's a conservative is a plus. Gavin Newsome is a terrible governor. Comparing him to Cuomo is like comparing, a bad cold or vomit.
  2. https://thediplomat.com/2020/04/racism-is-alive-and-well-in-china/ Last year's but China is full of racism. Like clearly black's not allowed in restaurant is definition of racism. Racism Is Alive and Well in China The problem is decades old, but some Chinese are trying to do something about it. By Bonnie Girard April 23, 2020 Credit: Illustration by Catherine Putz ADVERTISEMENT China is not unique in having a problem with racism. It is a worldwide scourge, and nowhere, it seems, is immune. In every society, there are those who ac
  3. Right with you Chef. There is always going to be that awful person in this world hell even town for each county. Might not have to do much with politics. Might just be who that person is. Know a few here, always want to hurt people. Here I come always tell them not right. Changed some for the better and some stuck in there own selfish ways.
  4. Banning guns never does work. Leads to much worse things. Crazy people will use other methods to hurt people.
  5. Don't think so getting vaccinated. But before her mother had covid they told her something else she had. Witch was messed up. But she got vaccinated after. Ya been terrible past few weeks for my buddies. One passed away after the 4th after losing his baby few weeks earlier, years ago, lost his pg gf and kid to a house fire. And couldn't handle it anymore and took himself and his other kid having open heart surgrey. Gave a inspring card to everyone and some money to help people out. What I always try my best to do. Forgive me going off topic to everyone.
  6. Awful from her response to lol at that with dead people. Sickening. Don't want too see anyone hurt. Always help others out when losing a loved one. Just being a good person to others.
  7. A month ago my friend lost her brother and mother to covid. They both had a good 20 maybe 30 years (covid coma for a month and lack of testing told her she had something else). Feel for her taking it hard. She got vaccinated afterwards.
  8. Agree with this. That person has many problems from it looks like. Major **** talker. Brings nothing but drama on this board. Ignore feature works.
  9. Right wanted to breath and live. If I was there i'd support any person from harm. I would try my best to tell police to stop even risking myself. But I don't support burning buildings. Or hurting people. I'm all for peaceful stand up to people. I'll always help people from being the victim. If you were in trouble or hurt including you BillStime. I'd even stand up for you. Even the some members here who wish harm, could be libs, conservatives, bills fan, or anyone. If anyone trys to hurt anyone i'll help them out.
  10. 1929: The Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929-1953, 20 million dissidents rounded up and murdered. 1911: Turkey established gun control. From 1915-1917, 1.5 million Christian Armenians rounded up and exterminated. 1938: Germany established gun control. From 1939-1945, 13 million Jews and others rounded up and exterminated. 1935: China established gun control. From 1948-1952, 20 million political dissidents rounded up and exterminated. 1964: Guatemala established gun control. From 1981-1984, 100,000 Mayan Indians rounded up and exterminated. 1970: Uganda est
  11. Great video. Didn't know countries tried doing gun control laws, instead sadly lots of deaths. Great reason need for guns (no control). In this video says lots on gun control later in the video (other contries end up a horrible choice).
  12. Over the 4 July weekend - which saw Americans celebrate Independence Day - several other children also lost their lives in shootings. Advertisement According to officials, Secoriea was in the car with her mother and another adult when the driver attempted to pass through illegally placed barricades. They were trying to get into a car park, but the entrance was blocked by armed individuals. ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW THIS ADVERT Someone in the group opened fire on the car, hitting it multiple times and striking the child. More on Atlanta Hundreds demonstrate against a
  13. This should not be trusted and awful to indoctrination kids
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