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  1. Just seen on twitter a very bad video in Buffalo maybe not for sure. Old guy hurt badly police pushed him. Those cops should get in trouble right away. Too disturbing to post here.
  2. Happy he caught them. Now catch lots of them! Have them face the law!
  3. At this point open churches no point being closed. Sad can dance but no church....
  4. Really feel for them. Keep up the good work for them. Support first responders 100%.
  5. Wow Democrats are crazy. We need the police to help us all out.
  6. Right B-Man. Like lots people here. Means so well. Proud to be around some amazing people. To chat here with everything.
  7. You're pretty awesome man like reading you're posts as well. Enjoy you here buddy. Right agree with peaceful protests but the looting and rioting is bad. Some people out there might be close closing for business might put nail in coffin. But in all business in general looting and rioting no honor. Like people doing things with honor and respect. There are those people are amazing who shouldn't get hurt as well. Innocent people. Ya my mother and I take people Indian colored to shopping all the time. Have a neighbor feel bad for him really nice guy stroke but getting better. Witch is good. As well as really liked this girl for she is used to go to places colored but marriage but still talk here and there. Used to watch her play darts league. Really nice girl. Been around lots of people. Even those with disabilities and stuff.
  8. Have lots of them as friends. Hell native American as friends. Go shopping with native American people sometimes.
  9. Right. It's very sick people say. . Hope everyone is ok I think saw one cop. Feel on the ground before car looks brutal . Hope he makes it So glad to be here around good people. Inspires me little bit.
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