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  1. Possibly the worst town or city USA is Kensington PA by far. Huge reason why there should be police. Good police to protect people and help others out.
  2. Agree. I'm happy with how the off season went. Of course need to improve here and there but overall happy with limited cap space. Getting all 3 players back top free agents for Bill's I'm happy. Would of been happy just one. Cannot wait to see how they will do in the draft.
  3. Really wanted him back. Glad he is. Helps the team lots.
  4. Unsure could be picture hit wrong area. In nascar Jeff gordon announcer looked like a man baby with tiny legs lol. But anyways could be how picture was in wrong spot.
  5. Could of changed. Know a person who was super heavy like that. Had everything lined up for that person. But 8 months sober from everything and building it right. People do change. But trusting McDermott and Beane on this. If they feel he is a fit and change person, less then 4 mil i'll be for it.
  6. To me 1 year 2.5 million incentives up to 5 mil if play whole year without any injuries.
  7. Right honestly want McKenzie back way more.
  8. Agree. Lots of people change every two years.
  9. Going to miss Barkley. But his arm was bad and think got Beasley injured badly before playoffs. Welcome abroad Mitch Trubisky!
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