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  1. Way to short to put Tua back on field. Should be a week guaranteed out and with testing after that. NFL need to fix it rules as well to make "Sure" thing's go well with the player with lots of testing. Dolphins did horrible in all this. Lots around awful in all of this.
  2. He sound so leaderless for his team. Awful response. So glad we have Beane and McDermott.
  3. The other don't understand Dolphins had days to prepare for this game (Bengals). Shouldn't they check for sure if he didn't had a concussion. (thinking they possibly knew).
  4. Agree. Don't rush it with him. Glad Tua is getting released and alright. Hope alone listens to the right people key word.
  5. Ravens has injuries too back field like the Bill's. I always said until they beat a team without injuries then they proven me. Still not yet.
  6. Hope Tua is ok health and all. He was classy for Bills too. If it was Wilkins. Don't feel bad at all.
  7. Hoping the Bengals win and Christian Wilkins cry lots.
  8. To me always will be butt punt for dolphins and for Jets butt fumble 😂. At least Bills don't have any of those I think lol
  9. Wilkins should be suspend. Good news is someone stole Dolphins Practice Recorded and posted on Twitter. Until Wilkins is off the team hoping nothing but bad on them.
  10. You're putting too much thought into this. If ill Friday or Saturday time to be but not now.
  11. Dawkins and Singletary both did horrible on this play. Forgive Dawkins sometimes cam be bad but usly does more good.
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