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  1. I think a taller WR esp with the wind yesterday would help. Ravens know coaching staff with the wind problems why they sent the house lots. Daboll kept calling stupid, long passes plays. Screens, slants, curls, crossing route. Those shorter ones esp in windy as it was yesterday would of helped. Ravens knew this and brought the house and Daboll failed to adjusted.
  2. Someone should message him his twitter lol. I'm sure he would get extra motivation for it lol.
  3. Yeldon and Duke would of help at lease little bit today...........
  4. Right all day wondering was the slants, crossing routes or screens today...
  5. I know Bill's tried this vs the Fish. They made some pre snap movement before Fitz took the ball. Would this help and confuse there O-Line a little?
  6. I'd bet you're fun at the parties.
  7. I'm thinking faster Secondary and fast LBS. I think Bill's match well with them better than 49ers. But I could be wrong
  8. Just wondering our match up next week with them. Does faster LBS and a better secondary helps vs this team Ravens?
  9. Wade defense has not been pretty good besides playing the Pats...
  10. Our LBS going to be key when we play them. If Edmunds or Millano or Alexander are off vs the run going to look bad.
  11. So witch team helps us out whoever wins or loses?
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