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  1. I would spread them out with 5 wrs on field most of the plays. Make there defense attack against them. Use quick passing if needed. Use misdirection or iso run plays for runs. Bill's guards might be key since last game they attacked the guard area, now with better guards for o-line going to help more.
  2. That they are. Went there around 2 night time. There pretty horrible fan's. Raven's and cardinals fan base both are way classier. But love the Bill's fan's the best.
  3. Right. Cannot stand the nonsense and bs post. For ill upon people. It's sad and wrong.
  4. Right. Last night went to Ravens board with class. Telling everyone hope Lamar is okay hate seeing people hurt
  5. Right he does. Along couple others here. This is nonsense type posts.
  6. Right especially Bill's we core. Extra day helps them getting healthier.
  7. It was one of the worst coached game this year he shouldn't win it.
  8. Right no matter what. Going to be on out. But have faith in all of people apart of the Buffalo Bill's.
  9. They are prepared, tough, smart, good coaching among lots other good things for Bill's. I have faith in them.
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