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  1. NARAL is wishing “all the pro-choice dads” Happy Father’s Day because nothing says fatherhood quite like aborting children. Corrected: .
  2. NO BIG DEAL, JUST A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE REFUSING TO SAY THE GOVERNMENT SHOULDN’T TAKE OVER MAJOR INDUSTRIES: “‘Fox News Sunday’ host Chris Wallace asked Sen. Bernie Sanders about a quote of his from the 1970s in which he says he favors public ownership of utilities, banks and major industries. Naturally, he obfuscated and refused to say he is against such a takeover.” Given that as candidates, Obama in 2008 and Hillary in 2016 both gleefully discussed putting coal mines and their employees out of business — and received no pushback whatsoever from the DNC-MSM – “Bernie’s Strange Brew of Nationalism and Socialism,” as Kevin Williamson aptly described Sanders’ worldview in 2015, isn’t too far removed. It’s long been the stuff of Salon.com fantasiesand more recently, AOC’s “Green Nude Eel,” of course. .
  3. Former Democrat turned conservative gay rights activist slams Pride, sues LGBT Center. Read the whole thing.
  4. Turns out making a play for the vote of a domestic terrorist who killed an 8 year old kid with a pressure cooker bomb was a bad idea.
  5. THE TWITTER MOB COLLECTS ANOTHER SCALP: GOP congressman nixed as keynote speaker for cybersecurity conference. “Black Hat hosts high profile global events that strive to ‘bring together the best minds in the industry.’ Except, apparently, pro-life cybersecurity experts. Zack Whittaker, a security editor for Tech Crunch (and CBS alum, according to his Twitter profile) posted a tweet showing [Texas GOP Rep. Bill Hurd’s] voting record calling it ‘a terrible voting record on women’s rights.’ Whittaker did, however, acknowledge that Will Hurd is one of the few lawmakers who ‘get’ cybersecurity… Something that Whittaker failed to reference, though, is the founder of Black Hat’s support for Hillary Clinton in 2016 as she ran for president. He hosted a fundraiser for her during a hacker conference in Las Vegas. She’s the acceptable kind of politician, you see. It’s just really all too much, even by 2019 standards.” .
  6. WILL THE CRAZY LEFT RE-ELECT TRUMP? Donald Trump is a lucky man. First he got to run for president against an almost unbelievably bad candidate, Hillary Clinton, who couldn’t win despite having the FBI and CIA laboring on her behalf. Now it appears that he will run for re-election against the nominee of a party wholly in thrall to its most extreme and juvenile elements. The New York Post headlines a piece by Mary Kay Linge: “Why young, left-wing radicals could help re-elect President Trump.” Linge notes a new book by Robby Soave of Reason.com, Panic Attack: Young Radicals In the Age of Trump: Today’s young radicals, like those of the 1960s, are openly anti-American. The difference is that the radicals of decades ago didn’t seriously think they could win a national election. Another difference is that today’s young radicals are crazy. Relatively mainstream Democratic candidates like Joe Biden and Kirsten Gillibrand are falling over themselves trying to talk the intersectional language of 2019, but doing so only exposes them to ridicule. Meanwhile, the craziness marches on: Juvenile leftists have largely managed to suppress free speech on college campuses, which, as has truly been said, are islands of repression in a sea of freedom. But they will not have such easy sailing when they try to impose their bizarre ideologies on the world at large. more at the link:
  7. ANDREW KLAVAN: Conservatives Have To Be Fearless In The Face Of Leftist Censorship. .
  8. Green New Deal advocates: “Pipeline and resource development leads to man camps, human trafficking, and child-porn rings.” And these people want to govern a nation… .
  9. Infuriating: Who knew plastic straw bans could lead to stories like this one,........ except everybody?
  10. SJW LOGIC VS. COMMON SENSE: No wonder Oberlin got socked with a huge punitive damages award for libeling a local bakery as racist after detaining students who wound up pleading guilty to shoplifting. Here’s Oberlin’s litigation position, from its court filings: “Gibson bakery’s archaic chase-and-detain policy regarding suspected shoplifters was the catalyst for the protests. The guilt or innocence of the students is irrelevant to both the root cause of the protests and this litigation.” Get that? Whether the students accused of shoplifting had actually been shoplifting or not was irrelevant to whether it was fair to accuse the store of racism etc for detaining the students as shoplifters. The fault lay with the bakery owners for daring to actually stop and prosecute shoplifters! This is the kind of b.s. that gets you A’s at Oberlin with a certain type of SJW professor, but that normal people rightly think defies common sense. But it can pay off in academia. A very prominent law professor got an Ivy League job after writing a silly book which, among other things, argued that whether the Al Sharpton-promoted Tawana Brawley hoax was true or not was besides the point, because the real issue was whether society was silencing African American girls like her who surely had something bad happen to them. by David Bernstein .
  11. This kind of pandering is right up there with hot sauce at the bottom of Hillary's bag. Beto O'Rourke says white Americans don't know the full story of slavery, continues to support reparations Original Article Sleepy Joe by Monica Showalter Original Article To beat Trump, Dems must practice a politics of modesty by George Will Original Article
  12. African migrants pass through San Antonio and swiftly fan out across the country by Anna Giaritelli Original Article San Antonio, Texas—Roughly 300 Congolese and Angolan citizens who arrived in San Antonio the first week of June after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border days earlier have all briskly departed the city for destinations across the country, some with fuzzy plans based partly on hope. The hundreds of family members and single adults from Central Africa first showed up June 4 at the southern border’s Eagle Pass and Del Rio towns in south-central Texas. More at the link: .
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