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  1. Trump-Backed GOP Senate Candidate Hung Cao Wins Virginia Primary, Will Face Tim Kaine in November https://redstate.com/smoosieq/2024/06/18/trump-backed-gop-senate-candidate-hung-cao-wins-virginia-primary-will-face-tim-kaine-in-november-n2175662 .
  2. What a shallow answer. (though not unexpected) The government's reaction to the Covid outbreak devasted our country and its people. But your response brings it all back to "looking for scapegoats" Weak. .
  3. RFK Jr. is right — paper ballots will restore faith in our elections. https://nypost.com/2024/06/18/opinion/rfk-jr-is-right-paper-ballots-will-restore-faith-in-our-elections/ .
  4. JIM MEIGS: The Fauci Covid Conspiracy. “We told you so. There’s probably a more polite way to say that, but who cares? We are long past the time for politeness regarding the derelictions of our leadership class when it came to Covid-19. The American public has every reason to be angry. And the small, maligned group of scientists, journalists, and political figures who challenged the wisdom of America’s designated Covid experts deserves an apology. . . . In the absence of hard data, a little overreach on the part of experts might have been forgivable, at least at first. As the pandemic ground on, however, scientists started learning more about the disease, including insights that could help slow transmission and that undermined the case for rigid lockdowns. But the Covid gatekeepers mostly ignored any data that challenged their initial recommendations. They never admitted a mistake and rarely changed course on policy. And when it came to the mystery of Covid’s origin, the scientific community instantly closed ranks. The idea that a bat-related coronavirus might have emerged from a Wuhan China lab devoted to studying bat-related coronaviruses was deemed a far-out right-wing fantasy. In other words, our public health officials, abetted by a politicized media, manufactured an airtight consensus on both Covid science and policy. This consensus was largely immune to scientific evidence or concerns about the real-world impacts of draconian policies.” Plus: “It takes a lot to shock me, but, after following the lab-leak debate for four years, I continue to be stunned by the duplicity of Anthony Fauci and other leading health officials on this issue. I’ve written column after column about how Fauci and his nominal boss, National Institutes of Health head Francis Collins, joined several key virus researchers in scrambling to distract Congress, the press, and the public from questions about their long-standing links to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Indeed, long before most American conservatives had even heard the term ‘lab leak,’ Fauci was denouncing the idea as a nutty conspiracy theory. Today we know there was a conspiracy. But it had nothing to do with a few dissident scientists and journalists asking questions about the origin of the virus. The conspiracy was orchestrated by Fauci and his closest aides. Thanks to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and other reporting, we can now see how Fauci strong-armed his fellow scientists to embrace a false consensus on the lab leak. (According to emails later released, even some of the scientists whom Fauci pushed to write the famous 2020 ‘Proximal Origin’ article—which claimed to disprove the lab-leak hypothesis—had doubts about their own paper’s conclusions.) Fauci and his team went on to conceal public records, bamboozle reporters, mislead Congress, and lean on social-media outlets to suppress inconvenient stories—all to cover up their possible complicity in the creation of Covid.” https://www.commentary.org/articles/james-meigs/fauci-covid-conspiracy/ And none of them has been prosecuted, or even tarred and feathered.
  5. OLD SCHOOL: The rise of MEI: merit, excellence and intelligence. MEI — merit, excellence, and intelligence — will determine hiring at Scale AI, declares CEO Alexandr Wang in a statement. “That means we hire only the best person for the job, we seek out and demand excellence, and we unapologetically prefer people who are very smart.” An MIT dropout, Wang became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire at age 25, by supplying AI companies with “human workers and software services that label and test the data used to train” their models. “We do not unfairly stereotype, tokenize, or otherwise treat anyone as a member of a demographic group rather than as an individual,” Wang wrote. “We believe that people should be judged by the content of their character — and, as colleagues, be additionally judged by their talent, skills, and work ethic.” https://www.joannejacobs.com/post/the-rise-of-mei-merit-excellence-and-intelligence Beats the hell out of “Didn’t Earn It.” .
  6. “EDUCATORS” SPREADING HATE-FILLED LIES: Teachers union head: ‘Conservatives don’t even want black children to be able to read.’ Stacy Gates, who sends her son to a private school, was responding to criticism of her union’s latest contract demands. It includes demands for illegal immigrants, abortions, and weight loss drugs. It will cost more than $50 billion. “Conservatives don’t even want black children to be able to read,” she said Sunday on WBBM, a local radio station. https://www.thecollegefix.com/teacher-union-head-conservatives-dont-even-want-black-children-to-be-able-to-read/ How people can spout nonsense like this is beyond me. .
  7. Trump in Wisconsin yesterday. "The Democrats are making up stories that I said Milwaukee is a 'horrible city.' This is false, a complete lie..." "... just like the Laptop from Hell was a lie, Russia … was a lie, and so much more.... It’s called disinformation, and that’s all they know how to do. I picked Milwaukee, I know it well. It should therefore lead to my winning Wisconsin. But the Dems come out with this fake story, just like all of the others. It never ends. Don’t be duped. Who would say such a thing with that important state in the balance?" He also said this on Fox 6 News, which shows that he said something about Milwaukee: "I think it was very clear what I meant. We’re very concerned with crime. I love Milwaukee. But as you know the crime numbers are terrible, and we have to be very careful. But, I was referring to, also, the election." https://althouse.blogspot.com/2024/06/the-democrats-are-making-up-stories.html
  8. @T master please don’t repost @BillStime’s crap pictures when responding to him. As a courtesy to the rest of us. Thanks
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