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  1. So many things I think about When I look far away Things I know, things I wonder Things I'd like to say The more we think we know about The greater the unknown We suspend our disbelief And we are not alone Mystic rhythms capture my thoughts Carry them away Mysteries of night escape the light of day Mystic rhythms under northern lights Oh, the African sun Primitive things stir the hearts of everyone
  2. You answered your own question. The two bolded terms are mutually exclusive.
  3. Nevermind the 500-600k that die each and every year from heart disease. A completely preventable condition.
  4. To our trolls, please direct me to the transcript or link to the video where Trump specifically recommended that people inject themselves with bleach or lysol. Ill save you some time..you can't find it. This is in no way meant to defend what he actually said, as it was idiotic at best and reflected his inability to fully understand the concepts being presented to him by experts. However, its more idiotic still to continually attempt to put different idiotic words in his mouth, as our trolls try to do here daily.
  5. This is America in 2020. Saying this makes YOU a racist. Nevermind that what Joe Biden said makes him a racist in any era.
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