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  1. Right, just as a kid in 1985 could sneak the centerfold from Hustler into the middle of the X volume of the encyclopedia. The difference between the 1985 Hustler centerfold, the modern day kid who outwits the IT porn walls at his school, and school administrators choosing to make pornographic books available to kids is pretty obvious. But you already knew that. If you didn't, then I invite you to walk down to your local park...whisper to the closest 7 year to come over, and then show him or her some porn on your phone and wait to see what happens.
  2. Ok...grilling is done. Ever done a redneck sous vide? Had to wait until steaks got to 126 on indirect. Just finished the sear. Billsfuk.c's TDS thread can now continue going without responses.
  3. How to guarantee that Billsfuc.k is the ONLY person reading his own TDS threads...
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