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  1. He wasnt. Except when he was good enough and those around him let him down. It's on all of them.
  2. Thread title tells the tale of today. Everything else is just mental *****. Master. Bation.
  3. This is it. Bills deserved to lose because of piss poor offensive execution. Overthrown balls, dropped balls, blitzers running free, whiffed blocks and on and on. There was little room for this lack of execution if they hoped to win. Its a team loss for the offense
  4. This is on the whole offense. Every single one of them. Plus Baltimore is pretty darn good. No room for error today and we had plenty.
  5. And that perfectly fine. I'm sure there will be other threads where you read what others tell you about what they read in the report and then you can pass it off as your own take. To be continued on the 9th...
  6. 😀 Perhaps I didn't make this clear then. As with any thread around here, participation in the OIG FISA Report Book Club thread is completely voluntary, but you do have to actually read the report yourself to participate.
  7. Thread for discussion of the long awaited IG FISA report which will reportedly drop on the 9th and not the 12th. Rules are simple: Read the report yourself and discuss your interpretation of the findings here. Do not post or link memes, tweets or news/opinion articles where other people tell you what they read in the report as there will surely be other threads for that. Screenshots of text from the actual report or citations from the actual report are of course encouraged.
  8. Wrapping it up now.. Howard: "I wanted you to be President so badly." Robin asks about Deep State... Hillary: term coined by political scientists about other countries where military and intelligence agencies control things behind the scenes...but its SOOOO wrong for Trump to use it in reference to our great country...you see it in how he maligns military heroes (Vindman mentioned) to distract from how he bribed Ukraine. And there you have it.
  9. Not yet and given how much Howard has discussed Epstein recently I'd say that Hillary's team made it a verboten topic.
  10. And back to partisan nonsense.. She lost because of Russia/Comey. Economy rebound is due to Obama.
  11. Not yet. She's there promoting the book she wrote with Chelsea. So far off top of my head topics covered: Has Lindsey Graham sold his soul to the devil? Her experience going to Trump inauguration. Running for Senate, mentioned debate with Lazio in Buffalo where he invaded her personal space. Growing up..relationship with her mother and father. How she met Bill and the whole romance. Her involvement in Nixon impeachment. Interview still going on... I will give Howard credit for bringing up Al Franken twice as being treated unfairly and Hillary dodged it both times.
  12. Hillary in the Stern studio now... As I thought. Howard gushing and throwing up softballs.. I think Howard is right that it would have helped Hillary immensely if she allowed him to interview her during the campaign. He is now covering her childhood and her relationship with her mother and father...humanizing her and she isn't coming across as the robot that she does when on the campaign trail.
  13. Howard will be interviewing Hillary later this morning. I'll withhold final judgment until I hear it, but I'm thinking Howard will abandon everything he is as the best interviewer on the planet and throw up a bunch of softballs her way.
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