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  1. I was there as a 10 year old with my dad and brother. Next to the comeback game this might be #2 on my list of Bills games I attended. In fact when I wanted to leave with Houston up 35-3 my dad reminded me of this game and convinced me to stay.
  2. No way, no how. If Bruce had an actual full blown case of influenza he would have made the Bills much worse that day had he tried to play. Influenza isn't something you just shake off, suck it up and go out and play a game of NFL football with.
  3. Saw candlebox open for Rush in 1994 on the counterparts tour. That was the last time rush had an opening act on a tour, subsequent to that they always did "an evening with" shows. Candlebox was meh.
  4. 😄 That much is obvious. It seems as though you've thoroughly paid attention to the bulk of the media who have lied to you for the past 2+ years. While DR relied on himself to do his own research and filter through publicly available documents to connect the dots. He was so far out in front of this whole thing that there really weren't any media or political pundits talking about this, conservative or otherwise. Yet here we are.
  5. The declassification will add more logs to the fire most certainly, but there is absolutely no tipping point on the horizon where you'll see the more ardent leftists start to come to grips with what really happened. Comey, Brennan, Clapper et al. could all come out and admit to all of their treasonous actions under oath and it still wouldn't be enough for some. It would all still be justified because Trump.
  6. Late again. Howard claims he has taken himself out of decision process and the powers that be have wanted to fire Benjy years ago for chronic lateness.
  7. Hopefully they will FINALLY fire Benjy this time!
  8. TWUS I view a little differently, it seemed to me that under the old format it was a way for annoying staffers like Benjy to crowbar themselves on and create a controversy which would in turn lead to more airtime with Howard. I think the current format allows Gary to really put his encyclopedic show knowledge on display. John Hein, who granted is pretty dry and boring, does manage to keep the show on point and moving along well. I also like some of the lower profile celebrities they have on. Takei is still on the show, Kinison is dead and Richard Simmons is a recluse. I dont know what Gilbert did to get dropped as a regular, but I never particularly enjoyed him anyway. I also thought he had Joan Rivers on way too much.
  9. I enjoyed the old Stern just as much as the next guy, but should it really surprise anyone that he has evolved? A Stern at 65 years old still having an endless parade of strippers, lesbians and porn stars in studio and using his guests as props instead of actually interviewing them would be an extremely tired schtick at this point and incredibly sad.
  10. Howard's new book about his interviews out today. Oh and I'll cover the obligatory "Howard hasnt been funny in years and I dont listen anymore" post.
  11. I hear the baying of the houndsIn the distance, I hear them devouringPest ridden jackals of the earthDiabolical beasts and roaming the forestsIn wait and constant protectorsCalling you to sit by his sideYour self loathing image in his fleshA revelation upon which you linger
  12. Oh, hello Mr. Soul, I dropped by to pick up a reason For the thought that I caught that my head is the event of the season Why in crowds just a trace of my face could seem so pleasin' I'll cop out to the change, but a stranger is putting the tease on
  13. Stop me if you've heard this one before: A man walks into a bar and leaves before his ashes hit the floor Stop me if I ever get that far The sun's a desperate star that burns like every single one before And I could find another dream, One that keeps me warm and clean But I ain't dreamin' anymore, girl, I'm waking up So I'll take two of what you're having and I'll take everything you got To kill this goddamn lonely, goddamn lonely love
  14. There's a snake coming out of the darkness Parade from paradise End the need for Eden Chase the dreams of merchandise There is tic and toc in atomic Leaders make a deal The cosmic is largely comic A con they couldn't conceal There is no safe seat at the feast Take your best stab at the beast The night is turning thin The saint is turning to sin
  15. Jimmy Hendrix plays all night long in the house of a thousand guitarsThrough a purple haze you can hear the song in the house of a thousand guitarsWhen the clock strikes 12 Robert Johnson sings in the house of a thousand guitarsNeath a delta moon and a worn brass ring in the house of a thousand guitarsThere's not a dry eye when old Hank sings in the house of a thousand guitarsWith the pain and the hurt love sometime brings in the house of a thousand guitarsWell you can hear Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones in the house of a thousand guitarsThere will be no vultures picking on their bones in the house of a thousand guitars
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