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  1. BillsFanNC

    Lyrical Response

    I ***** seventeen girls in a row last night and ten of them gave me headI had to tip the maid a hundred dollar bill to clean the wet spot off the bed, yeah yes I didThe very next day I told the guys, they flipped me off and said that's all liesGot to admit I was a little peaved, Stix and Lexxi wouldn't believe
  2. BillsFanNC

    Lyrical Response

    Sled dogs after dinnerClose their eyes onThe howlin' wastesKurt Cobain, reincarnated,Sighs and licks his faceThen they drift past stripsOf Serengeti and the gatesOf Sleepy Hollow tooYou can pause in wonder,They paused in wonder andYea, I paused in wonder tooJust don't wake daddy
  3. BillsFanNC

    When, If Ever, Does it Stop?

    Maybe it ends after we get to tearing down the Lincoln Memorial. He was a racist after all.
  4. BillsFanNC

    Lyrical Response

    If you wanna be like Tiger WoodsPoking all the holes in the neighborhoodTell your wife how it's gonna beYour driver is community property
  5. BillsFanNC

    Lyrical Response

    If we were vampires and death was a jokeWe'd go out on the sidewalk and smokeAnd laugh at all the lovers and their plansI wouldn't feel the need to hold your handMaybe time running out is a giftI'll work hard 'til the end of my shiftAnd give you every second I can findAnd hope it isn't me who's left behind
  6. Double down on the insanity and they will lap it up. No reason to stop now.
  7. BillsFanNC

    Lyrical Response

    Clockwork angels, spread their arms and singSynchronized and graceful, they move like living thingsGoddesses of Light, of Sea and Sky and LandClockwork angels, the people raise their hands - As if to fly
  8. BillsFanNC


    Yes, much too early to say one way or the other. Accident makes it an incredibly sad tragedy. Arson makes it a tragedy that's actually worthy of true outrage.
  9. BillsFanNC


  10. BillsFanNC


    I was there two years ago and visited Notre Dame. Ugh this is sickening.
  11. BillsFanNC

    Lyrical Response

    I remember, I remember Buffalo And I remember Hengelo It would seem to me I remember Every single !@#$ing thing I know.
  12. BillsFanNC

    Lyrical Response

    Gangbang at the old folks home One foot in the grave Two lips on my bone.
  13. Barr has been compromised by Trump/Putin. Double down baby!