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  1. We had a neighbor ask us about this the other day before it blew up everywhere. I honestly hadn't heard about it at the time and I just laughed when she asked me what I thought. Then she went on and on about it.... This is a great example of how I treat morons that I know in real life vs. morons here. Since I know her to be a nice person, I simply asked her to put her phone away for a little while and just forget that she ever bought into any of this, and that she will thank me later if she follows my advice. I don't know if she took the advice, but at least it put a stop to her talking to me about it. Idiocracy was very prescient.
  2. He absolutely is the victim. Never said otherwise. He just shows no signs at all of being in danger when the police arrive, just like the NBC reporting said that was censored for some reason. What was reported and is true: Pelosi and intruder answered door each with one hand on the hammer Pelosi was in his underwear. What is also true but was not reported: Pelosi held a drink in his left hand. Pelosi was wearing what appears to be a dress shirt on top, underwear bottom.
  3. Video also supports this reporting. Why was this NBC reporter suspended and reporting retracted?
  4. I believe that it's an honest question to ask Pelosi. If you feared for your life at the hands of an armed intruder why did you also take time to fix yourself a drink? Seems like a reasonable question to ask. Well to reasonable people it is anyway.
  5. It signifies nothing more than that you're a complete moron. Not unlike the Hamlin conspiracy theorists, so nice catch there.
  6. Oh look. Pelosi holding a drink at the same time doesn't merit mentioning or seem strange at all to ChiGoose. Who could have thought?
  7. I know that if/when an intruder breaks into my home...the very first thing that I'll do is fix myself a drink.
  8. Or how to make sure that sane people will never want give you business again on any day of the week.
  9. Compare this scene to police efforts to keep "peaceful protesters" at bay during the 2020 summer of love. Those law enforcement officers were attacked with bricks, fireworks, bags filled with urine and feces etc. and were not permitted to respond with appropriate force, let alone flash bang grenades. Here we have a bunch of protesters milling around and chanting, nothing more. Then the police launch flash bangs into the crowd unprovoked. But sure, it was an insurrection!
  10. Yep, still a hoax in this thread too. And swamp juries will always help bolster the illusion. Keep swallowing that load deep leftists!
  11. Yes that second 10 game stretch hurts.
  12. https://redstate.com/elizabeth-vaughn/2019/12/12/dan-bongino-discovers-critical-new-information-ig-report-actions-crossfire-hurricane-team-n122563 Summary of link quoted below, but again as many here have been saying all along, if 17 egregious mistakes are all due to simple bumbling FBI agents then I've got great Nebraska oceanfront property to sell you. The biggest "mistake" being an FBI attorney changing an email that says "Carter Page is a CIA asset" to "Carter Page is NOT a CIA asset" and then presented it to a FISA judge to get a warrant. The same agent who altered evidence above also has a text message stating "viva la resistance" in reference to Trump. sure, just innocent mistakes! The FBI spied on Carter Page and George Papadopoulos both before and after they were affiliated with the Trump campaign. The FBI initially tried to obtain FISA warrants to spy on both Carter Page and George Papadopoulos. On August 15th, the FBI’s OGC refused both, saying there was insufficient probable cause. The CIA sent a memo to the FBI in August 2016 to inform them that Carter Page was working for them, that he was not a Russian spy. “The insurance policy was the FBI knowingly lying and manipulating about Carter Page pretending he wasn’t an asset for the CIA, but an asset for the Russians. And manipulating emails to make a FISA judge believe what were benign, mundane contacts with Russians and some that were not benign, but were on behalf of a U.S. government mission were actually evidentiary data points that Carter Page was a U.S. spy worthy of spying on.” Why was the FBI spying on George Papadopoulos before he was named as a Trump advisor? As analysts dig deeper into the IG report, Michael Horowitz’ conclusion that the FBI had sufficient cause to open their counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign becomes more difficult to believe. The FBI is a highly selective agency and it can be assumed that anyone who has passed muster possesses a reasonably high level of intelligence. This doesn’t make them immune to mistakes. However, it does provide a certain amount of assurance that errors will be kept to a minimum. Similar to James Comey’s exoneration statement of Hillary, the IG lists one egregious deed after another, then tells us they were unintended. To quote Hillary Clinton, the acceptance of the countless “mistakes” and the “poor judgement” of top-level FBI officials outlined in the IG report requires the willing suspension of disbelief.
  13. Hoax from beginning to end commies. But keep living in clown world
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