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  1. I'm of the mind that our genes load the gun, and our lifestyle pulls the trigger. We have way more power over our long term health destinies than most give us credit for. Chronic diseases tend to run in families because diets tend to run in families as well.
  2. Prediction? Well this is as bad or worse than what Gronk did to Tre White..so if the NFL deems it twice as bad as what Gronk did...then 2 games. He should get at minimum a whole season. 16 games.
  3. Yes, you will adjust eventually. It's not surprising that most of us have trouble when adding the fiber as I think it's been estimated that less than 3% of Americans get the minimum daily recommended allowance of fiber in their diets. Yet we're obsessed with protein, protein and more protein!! I take a weekly sublingual B12 pill and that's it. I wouldn't worry about the iron unless you get a blood test telling you that you're anemic. Non-heme iron in beans, nuts and dark leafy greens is better for you than heme iron anyway. I assume the documentary that you recently watched is this one?
  4. Amazing isnt it? Within days my sleep was better, chronic aches and pains dissipated and my cardio endurance was enhanced. Anyone can do it for two weeks, that's what I tell people, try it for just two weeks and if you dont notice benefits then go back. Also I always correct people if the call me vegan, first of all because I still do consume meat once in a blue moon, but more importantly vegan is about what you DON'T eat, while whole food plant based is about what you DO eat. You can be a junk food vegan and subsist on chips, fruit loops and other processed crap. As one prominent cardiologist says...I've treated many vegans for heart disease.
  5. Yep..I distinctly remember my doc giving me a gold star as a high schooler with a cholesterol in the 130s. My last cholesterol test as a 48 year old was 125, down from 210 about two years ago. I did it all without drugs, just diet and staying active. Nothing tastes as good as how I now feel. I still eat the ***** known to clog arteries once in a blue moon. In fact I made beef on weck for the game on Sunday, but it will be well into 2020 before I have red meat again. Dairy is a strict no go for me these days. Poison.
  6. I came to the realization a few years ago that if I continue eating what most people in this country eat, then I could reliably expect to suffer from the chronic diseases that most people eventually get. Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, hypertension etc are rampant and rising. Therefore I now eat plant based 90% of the time and I feel like I'm in my 20s and have the bloodwork that I did as a teenager.
  7. Jason Isbell is one of my favorites, and although he's newer than everyone on that bill he's been a solo artist for about 10 years and with the Drive By Truckers before that. I checked out his short set list that you got to hear and I'm surprised that he didn't play this one, I listen to it every Veteran's Day.
  8. I've been blind in my left eye for 13 years. I wear a contact lens in my good eye. I can play catch with my son with zero problem at a normal distance, it's the close by (within a few feet) tosses that give me a problem because of the absence of depth perception. It's a 50/50 proposition at best if I'll catch the short toss. In the same way, if someone is going to hand me something small like change, I dont reach my hand out to meet theirs as I'll usually be slightly off target. Instead I just extend my hand and let them meet it where it is. I lost my vision in a car accident. Shattered glass in the eye.
  9. I've been talking to Dave's wife and she is planning to go to the local Jacksonville Bills backers bar for the game tomorrow. Wing It at 11018 Old St. Augustine Rd. Jacksonville, FL. Anyone here a Jacksonville backer or know someone who is that could welcome her to the party tomorrow?
  10. RIP brother. I love you. Go Bills!
  11. Being completely blind in one eye, it doesnt matter if you were born with it or if it came later in life...you have no depth perception. If you throw me a football from 20 yards away I'll have no problem catching it, but if you soft toss one to me from a few feet away I'll have great difficulty judging it well enough to catch it.
  12. That's amazing. I was blinded in my left eye 13 years ago, making the adjustments in my daily life took a long time. Truly amazing as an NFL player. I'm rooting for this kid.
  13. wnysteel (Dave) is in hospice now and doesn't have much time left with us. As many know, cancer is an absolute ***** show no matter what, but Dave's circumstances are especially cruel as he recently moved to Florida in June for a great new job, got married in September, and then got kicked in the face with this diagnosis in October. He and his wife are alone in a new place with little to no daily support from friends and family. A great father, husband, friend and epic Bills tailgater is leaving us way too early at the age of 50. He has his affairs in order to take care of his teenage daughter and new wife long term, but since his wife had to leave her job to care for him we started a campaign to help them through this awful time and not have to worry about day to day expenses. We are very close to the goal so I thought I'd share here in case anyone here who either knows or has interacted with Dave might be able to put us over the top. We were also able to leverage a contact and get Jim Kelly to offer some words to Dave that you can see in the link below. Thanks Jim! https://www.gofundme.com/f/kadie-and-david-rhoads?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet
  14. Quick to judgeQuick to angerSlow to understandIgnorance and prejudiceAnd fear walk hand in hand
  15. @wnysteel is a longtime great friend of mine. Just a fantastic person in every way. We had a great time watching the game together on Sunday.
  16. Unfortunately it's likely because of antibiotic over use that he got the infection in the first place. Many super bug resistant strains out there now.
  17. Exactly this. There is absolutely no tipping point where any of those on the hardcore left begin to see things even a little bit for what they are. Not even a smidgen of wrongdoing by the D's and their media lapdogs will ever be acknowledged This is true 12th of never stuff.
  18. Yes, work training many years ago had us use one to extinguish an actual fire.
  19. Its amazing to me that any Bills fan who has paid attention the last two decades would allow themselves to even think this, let alone post it. The Bills are two currently unemployed kickers away from 2-3.
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