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  1. Anonymous sources regarding Trump = here is where we are lying to you. Yet they dutifully lap it up time after time after time after time...
  2. Just when you think our resident trolls have the stupidity market cornered all to themselves, here comes bullbuchanan....
  3. Tool, Primus, Mastodon, Coheed & Cambria cover Anthem by Rush.
  4. Don't you know that it's established science that conservatives express more ACE2 receptors than liberals? This is the mode of virus entry into cells. Science bro. Science.
  5. When you have an adoring media on your side....it's easier to lie and spin.
  6. Fauci refusing to answer direct question from Jordan about limiting protests, right after acknowledging crowds of any kind contribute to spread of virus.
  7. Maxine Waters making a fool of herself while questioning Redfield. Using the very effective reclaiming my time strategy.
  8. When you combine severe TDS with a complete and total lack of understanding of the scientific method, then you get the nonsense spewed here daily by the idiotic trolls.
  9. Now how an actual scientist or doctor would answer. HCQ been used for decades with no dangerous side effects. For covid-19, its efficacy is still unclear, although there is data suggesting that when taken early enough in conjunction with zinc that patient outcomes are improved. This action taken by the Ohio board of pharmacists is at best premature and ill advised, and at worst politically motivated and removes a potentially life saving treatment option for patients..
  10. Here's the HCQ white paper from the front line doctors summit. https://americasfrontlinedoctorsummit.com/references/ One of the docs was just on Tucker Carlson, a board certified 20 year plus ER doc. She's of course been fired due to the viral video.....and she's hired attorney Lin Wood.
  11. He went on mine after that last post. Honestly, there's too many idiots to keep track of...and then you get the name changes.
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