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  1. To be fair (and truthful 😛), when you live in a world where Trump/Russia collusion is real, the FBI didn't abuse the FISA court and Trump/Republicans have a monopoly on Ukraine associated malfeasance, you might have issues separating reality from fantasy in pretty much all aspects of your professional and personal life.
  2. You're welcome. I had seen it posted on FB and didn't watch initially either. It was only when I saw Rush's official FB account share it that I watched.
  3. Amazing tribute to Neil by a US Army band. Getting dusty in here.
  4. That it has been indeed. If a poster can't even acknowledge that basic truth at this point, then further discussion on any topics that stem from it is totally pointless.
  5. An important follow up that the media never seems to make when reporting flu statistics is to add to the misleading concept that getting immunized against the flu is a binary works/doesn't work scenario. You can make that statement if you are only discussing the ability of the vaccine to prevent infection against the circulating seasonal strains. However having a high circulating anti-influenza "non-matching" serum titer, which you will have if you are immunized, will still very likely offer you protection in the form of less severe symptoms and duration of illness.
  6. Let's see.. The Donald 2020 Don Jr. 2024, 2028 Ivanka 2032, 2036 Eric 2040, 2044 Tiffany 2048, 2052 Baron 2056, 2060. Maybe not forever, but how about we do the next 44 years? Of course this is tongue in cheek, but even if it wasnt it's still infinitely less ridiculous than the premise of this thread.
  7. True, and the Trump preoccupation also made them forget to address the other thorn in their side Bernie.
  8. When they spurned Buffalo for the Steel Wheels tour I remember 97 Rock calling it the Steel Wheelchairs tour. In 1989!
  9. I'm more curious who doesnt know that the Jets have already won a Super Bowl.
  10. Yes. If a co-worker went to HR with a made up accusation in a failed attempt to get me fired you can be darn sure that I'd never, ever shake his or her hand.
  11. I'd go one step further and say that at this point he truly welcomes it. All the hand wringing and hair on fire over reactions that we hear day after day after day essentially amount to a Trump/Pence 2020 campaign donation.
  12. I'm waiting for someone to dig up the Rush quote where he celebrates another human being receiving a dire cancer diagnosis. Again, engaging in this nonsense says far more about a person's character than anything that can be said about Rush Limbaugh through his voluminous statements on the radio through the decades.
  13. To say this about someone you've likely never met and do not know says more about you than them.
  14. Have you heard about this whistleblower and how he has been treated? What are your thoughts on protecting his rights as a whistleblower? https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/aug/18/stefan-halpers-pentagon-contracts-investigation-sh/
  15. Whistleblowers must be protected!! https://thefederalist.com/2019/11/11/the-media-holds-a-massive-double-standard-about-naming-whistleblowers/
  16. So they shouldn't hear ALL the evidence, as contrived as it was, why exactly? If you were accused of a crime would you be fine if your defense lawyers were barred from all pre-trial proceedings and the only evidence allowed at trial is that produced by the prosecution? Dangerous to your ability to defend your innocence or nah?
  17. He doesn't need to be called, they have his testimony already but we aren't allowed to see it because Schiff. So they can redact the name of the whistleblower from the transcript. Remember the President and his counsel were barred from calling their own witnesses in the House. Was that maybe a bit unfair and dangerous or nah? Of the 18 witnesses called by the dems and the dems only, just Atkinson's testimony has been sealed. By Adam Schiff. I wonder why?
  18. Have you fully looked into who Michael Atkinson is yet? If you have and are worried about no more witnesses being heard in the Senate trial, then you must be equally aghast at Schiff's hiding of his testimony, right?
  19. Yep. Adam Schiff could be a hero today and produce a "brand new" witness out of thin air. I wonder why he won't?
  20. Obama very well could have been involved in some shady stuff, there is certainly enough out there with the russia hoax already to begin asking questions. But that thread confirms absolutely nothing. To use it as confirmation of anything would be doing the same ***** that the media at large is doing to Trump.
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