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  1. Its amazing to me that any Bills fan who has paid attention the last two decades would allow themselves to even think this, let alone post it. The Bills are two currently unemployed kickers away from 2-3.
  2. They've got the most difficult task solved in beating the Pats*. Shutting down Brady. Unfortunately they gave up a plethora of turnovers and a ST TD. Can't beat Belichick* that way.
  3. The hell he doesnt.. GOAT QB + GOAT HC + CHEATING = RINGS.
  4. Yes, plus giving the Pats* the ball the second half guarantees no 12th man factor with 1/4 of the fans not yet back to their seats.
  5. The question now should be what will be the next manufactured hysteria inducing impeach Trump story? Whistleblower was clearly a failed effort to get ahead of the upcoming declass and IG FISA report. What's next?
  6. Absolutely! Anything to change things up.
  7. It's basically what you said above. If you watch the documentary Time Stand Still about the last tour he basically says that it's that he physically cant play Rush drum parts at his age anymore to the level he wants out of himself. He mentioned that if Rush songs required Charlie Watts style drumming then he would keep going. I also think touring is something he hated doing since the 80s and he found a way to make it manageable by riding his motorcycle between a lot of the tour stops.
  8. Rush, but that's not happening as Neil is 100% done. So I'll go with Porcupine Tree as someone mentioned upthread, but that's not too likely either based on what I've read and heard from Steven Wilson.
  9. The fire stick app was problematic for me as well so I've just connected an HDMI from laptop to TV with no problems for the first two games.
  10. A young QB who by most accounts is a major douche that is stuck on a Miami Dolphins team that has a chance to be historically bad this year. This sounds like a combination that Bills fans should be celebrating. I hate the ***** Dolphins. The misery in south Florida brings a smile to my face.
  11. I listened again to this whole interview yesterday. This clip describes how bin laden's head exploded with the two shots.
  12. Duh. ED is the canary in the coal mine for cardiovascular disease.
  13. And yet every year people get riled up about them. God forbid that the people who do the power rankings remain skeptical about a franchise that has been largely irrelevant for two decades.
  14. The Bills are who they are until they're not. Going on two decades of them being who they are.
  15. Just being Trump..a douche who I didnt vote for. However, Trump being Trump has exposed the media and swamp creatures to be far worse than most, including myself, thought they were. Therefore giant douche will have my vote in 2020.
  16. It sets a precedent that will only work with the tip top elite players, anyone else who pulls this stunt is cut, will lose a ***** ton of $ and will be lucky to find another job.
  17. Lol. I asked my neighbor if he could give me his sons contact info so I could call and ask him about it. I explained the whole thing to my neighbor, but before I even had a chance to call his son I got a text from him with all the information. Ive also heard that with some creative googling for 3rd string linebackers at East Jahunga U. and gathering their information can also get the job done.... Also, I'm not sure if it's still in effect but i used code "backtoschool" and it only cost $79.
  18. You dont even need a .edu email. I used a gmail account and it worked. Just need student name, dob and school attended for the verification process.
  19. This was an unexpected bonus for me as well, the streaming picture is awesome.
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