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  1. To say this about someone you've likely never met and do not know says more about you than them.
  2. Have you heard about this whistleblower and how he has been treated? What are your thoughts on protecting his rights as a whistleblower? https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/aug/18/stefan-halpers-pentagon-contracts-investigation-sh/
  3. Whistleblowers must be protected!! https://thefederalist.com/2019/11/11/the-media-holds-a-massive-double-standard-about-naming-whistleblowers/
  4. So they shouldn't hear ALL the evidence, as contrived as it was, why exactly? If you were accused of a crime would you be fine if your defense lawyers were barred from all pre-trial proceedings and the only evidence allowed at trial is that produced by the prosecution? Dangerous to your ability to defend your innocence or nah?
  5. He doesn't need to be called, they have his testimony already but we aren't allowed to see it because Schiff. So they can redact the name of the whistleblower from the transcript. Remember the President and his counsel were barred from calling their own witnesses in the House. Was that maybe a bit unfair and dangerous or nah? Of the 18 witnesses called by the dems and the dems only, just Atkinson's testimony has been sealed. By Adam Schiff. I wonder why?
  6. Have you fully looked into who Michael Atkinson is yet? If you have and are worried about no more witnesses being heard in the Senate trial, then you must be equally aghast at Schiff's hiding of his testimony, right?
  7. Yep. Adam Schiff could be a hero today and produce a "brand new" witness out of thin air. I wonder why he won't?
  8. Obama very well could have been involved in some shady stuff, there is certainly enough out there with the russia hoax already to begin asking questions. But that thread confirms absolutely nothing. To use it as confirmation of anything would be doing the same ***** that the media at large is doing to Trump.
  9. The vast majority of the board has him on ignore precisely because he has proved countless times that he is incapable of the bolded. I'd encourage you to do the same.
  10. IG Report Proves Obama Administration Spied On Trump Campaign Big Time Last week, President Trump triggered the left when he tweeted a Photoshopped picture that portrayed former President Barack Obama perched midair outside Trump Tower, binoculars and listening device in hand. The liberal outlet Vox condemned the president for his “increasingly bad tweets,” before declaring “there’s no evidence the Obama administration spied on Trump.” Vox then regurgitated the false narrative that, while the FBI did surveil former Trump foreign policy advisor Carter Page, “that didn’t happen until after Page left the campaign.” For years, conservatives tried to correct the record, noting that a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) order gave the government access to Page’s past emails and other electronic communications with members of the Trump campaign, but the mainstream media ignored this reality. That the liberal and legacy press continue to push this narrative now, following the release of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on FISA abuse, is beyond baffling, because the IG report established that the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign, and the spying was much worse than previously thought.
  11. I don't understand what is so hard about this. The Trump campaign and administration was very clear about a foreign policy heavy on rooting out foreign corruption and enhancing burden sharing. If the electorate is unhappy about rooting out corruption and foreign influence then the remedy is to VOTE for a candidate who wouldn't promote that as part of his or her foreign policy. A candidate like Joe Biden would certainly fit the bill.
  12. One of Senator Rick Scott's questions will be around this. He has released a few of his questions and he intends to ask why this testimony has not been unsealed.
  13. So to be clear, just changing those two names and you're still cool with everything?
  14. Call them all. Bolton, Atkinson, Bidens, whistleblower, Schiff..... All of them. I dont know if Trumps lawyers mentioned Atkinson outright, but I doubt it since they've been denied a transcript of his testimony. But here at PPP we can deal in conjecture. Why would you guess that Adam Schiff has sealed his testimony? Maybe, just maybe might it not comport with his version of the truth?
  15. Shoe on the other foot. Replace Hunter Biden with Eric Trump and Joe Biden with Mike Pence. All other facts remain the same. In what alternate universe is this story consistently derided as a debunked conspiracy theory when you change just those two actors?
  16. The guy who has intimate first hand knowledge of the origins of this entire investigation. I don't imagine he needed to use the words presumption or guess much during his testimony. Nah, we dont need to hear from him.
  17. Seems like he might add some much needed context to the truth. Should we hear his already given testimony? Hiding of the truth going on here perhaps? https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jan/23/michael-atkinson-testimony-concealed-adam-schiff/ Rep. Adam B. Schiff, California Democrat, and other impeachment managers repeatedly talk about the 17 witnesses interviewed during the House’s secretive depositions. But they do not mention an 18th witness, Michael Atkinson, the intelligence community’s inspector general who has firsthand knowledge of the origins of the whistleblower complaint that led to the impeachment. The potentially exculpatory evidence for Mr. Trump has remained classified and is not part of the record for the impeachment trial. Because it remains classified, only members of the intelligence committee have seen it and Mr. Trump’s legal team is denied a copy.
  18. I dont think hiding the truth is appropriate then, now or in the future. To keep things contemporary are the Dems currently hiding the truth by sealing the testimony of Michael Atkinson? Is your position on Bolton AND Atkinson consistent?
  19. Fast and Furious. Eric Holder. Stop being a hypocrite.
  20. What's that Marv quote again..talking about your retirement plans essentially meaning that you've already retired?
  21. When we are youngWandering the face of the earthWondering what our dreams might be worthLearning that we're only immortalFor a limited time
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