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  1. The data I see shows canada had a death rate of 20.2 per 100k in 2017. Similar to US death rate. https://www.statista.com/statistics/434445/death-rate-for-influenza-and-pneumonia-in-canada/
  2. Because it was influenza. To the average american "the flu" is no big deal and therefore it's very difficult to manufacture excessive media hysteria surrounding it. A new virus that 99% of people have never heard of is a tinderbox of panic and hysteria that the media can stoke 24/7.
  3. You don't even need their email, just need their name, school and DOB. Email can be a throwaway. I ditched DirectTV after 18 years and streamed the games this way last season. Zero problems.
  4. Cancer, alzheimers and diabetes cures? Meh. What about heart disease Joe?
  5. VDH takes us on a nice stroll down memory lane here.....all of it largely ignored by an adoring media then and now.
  6. Gee, like 99% of the country he doesnt understand the influenza vaccine. Still, the tweet is misleading (surprise, surprise). He ASKED a question to his team of experts about if the flu vaccine could help here, and was given an answer...you know like any President is supposed to do.
  7. Tabacco road is an insanely difficult course for the average golfer. My brother in law is a pro golfer who has bounced around mostly the minor tours, but has played a few seasons on the PGA over the years. Years ago when he was just dating my wife's sister my father in law was coming to visit and wanted to golf with us, so he put me in charge of setting it up the place and I picked Tobacco Road. I had played there a few times and struggled mightily, but when I told my brother in law where we were playing he kind of rolled his eyes. So we get to the tee box on #1 and he is going from the tips. The starter comes over and gives us a lecture on how that probably isnt a good idea yada yada. BIL doesn't say anything, but I pulled the starter aside and told him that he'd be fine that he plays professionally...I got a little eye roll as I dont think he believed me. He was worried about pace of play though so I understand where he was coming from. As we finish our round I'm driving my cart towards the clubhouse and I see the same starter and wave him down and ask him..remember that guy i told you was a pro who was playing from the tips? What do you think he shot today? He guessed 80. Nope, try 62. All the waste areas and blind greens at Tobacco road get the average golfer in a heap of trouble very quickly, but it's an extremely short course, and for the pros who can hit every club in their bag with insane precision, it's more like putt putt. That was the first of a few times I have played a round of "golf" with him. It's one thing to watch the pros play live, but to actually play a round side by side with someone at that level you quickly realize that they are playing the game of golf and most of the rest of us are playing something totally different. It's still fun trying though..most of the time!
  8. How about we petition the NFL to make a rule that the halftime break for ALL games be a standard length and ditch the concert extravaganza entirely? Because it would be nice to have the freaking championship game ( and Thanksgiving etc.) be played under the exact same logistical conditions that all the others are played under.
  9. Is Algore a campaign consultant now? It's really simple Joe, just tell them you did everything, but don't tell them that you invented the internet, that's mine.
  10. I played #2 at Pinehurst about 10 years ago. Hire a caddy.
  11. Good job! Every puff is contributing to the process of killing you. Dont contribute to the process.
  12. I'm sure there are a few honest, real reporters out there still, but in 2020 I'm not sure how anyone can take any reporting at face value no matter what the outlet. Fake news abounds everywhere and from all sides unfortunately.
  13. To be fair (and truthful 😛), when you live in a world where Trump/Russia collusion is real, the FBI didn't abuse the FISA court and Trump/Republicans have a monopoly on Ukraine associated malfeasance, you might have issues separating reality from fantasy in pretty much all aspects of your professional and personal life.
  14. You're welcome. I had seen it posted on FB and didn't watch initially either. It was only when I saw Rush's official FB account share it that I watched.
  15. Amazing tribute to Neil by a US Army band. Getting dusty in here.
  16. That it has been indeed. If a poster can't even acknowledge that basic truth at this point, then further discussion on any topics that stem from it is totally pointless.
  17. An important follow up that the media never seems to make when reporting flu statistics is to add to the misleading concept that getting immunized against the flu is a binary works/doesn't work scenario. You can make that statement if you are only discussing the ability of the vaccine to prevent infection against the circulating seasonal strains. However having a high circulating anti-influenza "non-matching" serum titer, which you will have if you are immunized, will still very likely offer you protection in the form of less severe symptoms and duration of illness.
  18. Let's see.. The Donald 2020 Don Jr. 2024, 2028 Ivanka 2032, 2036 Eric 2040, 2044 Tiffany 2048, 2052 Baron 2056, 2060. Maybe not forever, but how about we do the next 44 years? Of course this is tongue in cheek, but even if it wasnt it's still infinitely less ridiculous than the premise of this thread.
  19. True, and the Trump preoccupation also made them forget to address the other thorn in their side Bernie.
  20. When they spurned Buffalo for the Steel Wheels tour I remember 97 Rock calling it the Steel Wheelchairs tour. In 1989!
  21. I'm more curious who doesnt know that the Jets have already won a Super Bowl.
  22. Yes. If a co-worker went to HR with a made up accusation in a failed attempt to get me fired you can be darn sure that I'd never, ever shake his or her hand.
  23. I'd go one step further and say that at this point he truly welcomes it. All the hand wringing and hair on fire over reactions that we hear day after day after day essentially amount to a Trump/Pence 2020 campaign donation.
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