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  1. I wonder why the guardsman doesn’t like migrants. Maybe they don’t look like him. Sad. Since it was just a bunch of geezers I guess it’s all’s well that ends well. Except for DeSantis. I’ve read that he’s worse than Trump.
  2. Very important hurricane info. He can only lead us to water however. From there it’s up to all of us. 🤦‍♂️🤡
  3. Bills passing yds/game 329 Second best team - the stacked Chargers 297 McD wants his crew to be a running team. They signed Saffold after all! Maybe just take the L on the whole running thing.
  4. We need to get you in touch with McD asap. Do you have access to a telegraph setup?
  5. It’s a risky play by Scottlaw. Seems likely that he would very much enjoy some Kumerow/Beane bashing. But what if Kumerow produces? Sticky situation.
  6. Elam has made some nice tackles. Opposite of his rep leading up to the draft.
  7. Buffalo smokes fish Zero complaints to be made ScottLaw has no fun
  8. They are saving themselves for an L. They will be back with a vengeance.
  9. Chris Brown says all blue uni.
  10. Seen on Twitter - “he just had to get away from Tom Brady and Josh Allen in order to shine”
  11. Bills defensive line is stacked. Heavy rotation served them well against Super Bowl champs. Scottlaw hardest hit.
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