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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12543149/Biden-appears-wander-stage-without-shaking-President-Lulas-hand-end-joint-speech-leaving-Brazilian-leader-visibly-irritated-minutes-President-walked-flag-podium.html 'Can you hear me President Biden? This is an historical moment for Brazil, and for the US,' Lula said at the start of his speech. 'President Biden can you hear me?' Lula asked again, appearing to lose patience as Biden grunted in response. 'You can?' he asked, turning to Biden. 'Yes, good.' Biden continued to look confused as he grappled with the headset while Lula went on with his speech. At one point Biden dropped his earpiece and raised his eyebrows in frustration “He has brought decorum and yes, decency back to the White House” -redhawk
  2. So he’s simultaneously Putin’s stooge and wanting to park submarines off the Russian coast. Do you mind telling me how that all works?
  3. You took the time to comment on it, stupidly so, without looking at it. Nice work.
  4. While he was running, huh? Should be easy to share a link for one of those stories. Something tells me that won’t happen.
  5. Got it. You are anti Israel. Not sure why you want to hide from the name that exists for people like you.
  6. You are proud of your use of racial slurs but seem embarrassed by your stance here. Why not just say what you are and own it?
  7. Remind us which one you are please. Antisemite or anti Zionist?
  8. He was on the field for 34 plays. The remaining 5 plays LV ran were against backups. How many tackles should he have racked up?
  9. Schumer and senate democrats have the power to vote on the appointees. Why won’t they? Do they hate our military?
  10. I see no cognitive decline. Do you see how asinine that is? Rhetorical question. You’ve quadrupled down on your Brandon diagnosis. Your former patients have my sympathies.
  11. One might have thought the “benefit” of decades of uninterrupted progressive governance would have resulted in utopia on the bay. Instead it’s a sh*thole. Go figure.
  12. https://www.cnn.com/2023/09/15/business/auto-workers-strike/index.html The automakers all offered the union double-digit pay hikes but it was not enough to meet the union negotiators’ demands. Double digit pay hike should be more than sufficient with the economy doing so well in this era of Bidenomics. Right?
  13. Newsome is an a-hole in every way imaginable. Meanwhile the Orange Menace doubles down on his covid heroics and tells Megan Kelly he doesn’t have any idea who would have given Fauci a PRESIDENTIAL commendation. He cannot go away soon enough.
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