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  1. This line from the movie Fever Pitch has had me thinking ever since I saw it: You love the Red Sox, but have they ever loved you back? No matter what happens tonight, this season feels like the Bills finally loved me back. AWESOME SEASON!! https://www.quotes.net/mquote/31516
  2. I want to know what the downside to this is. Has anyone heard from Penfield45?
  3. ScottLaw and weo hardest hit! BASS!
  4. You and scottlaw seem to be of one mind here. I respectfully ask you to think about that.
  5. This is mine from the other thread. I’m quite proud of it so will share again. Fantastic season Little to complain about ScottLaw hardest hit
  6. This happened. Bet the house on the Bills.
  7. OP and other “realists” in this thread should find comfort in today’s Buffalo Beat podcast. Buscaglia and Fairburn spend the first 25 minutes expressing their dissatisfaction with the 10 point victory. Enjoy!
  8. Mmm 0ABD8337-5893-4AA7-92ED-8B666E9374AB.webp
  9. And then they adjusted second half against LV. Are there coaches out there that don’t get bulldozed on occasion?
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