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  1. By the way, the airplane may have landed in Providence, RI. That's where most teams stay when playing the Pats, but not sure about this plane, and it isn't important.
  2. NFL charters don't normally stay at the game location after dropping the team and equipment off. Sometimes they do. I know the Dolphin's charters to Buffalo used to stay and use the same airplane to get home. Not sure if they still do. It depends on the contract and how the airline can use its airplane. If its convenient to ferry it out from the game location on Saturday and get it back in the system, that's what's done, and a different airplane is flown in to pick them up. I don't know how the Chief's and their charter lost track of this container. It either was never off-loaded, or was off-loaded and mistakenly re-loaded on this or another airplane. If that is the case, there are other issues that have consequences. If the charter airline accounted for the container on the BOS-EWR leg in its load manifest, its simply an internal problem. If it didn't, and was not accounted for in the weight and balance of that flight, there are legal consequences, and the FAA could get involved. Very unlikely the Pats were involved in any way, as there would be significant legal consequences.
  3. Not so fast. Th gear is put into very large aluminum cargo containers. The containers are loaded and locked down. It was, more than likely, not a bunch of bags. It was one large cargo container on a 767. Given the city pairs, I'm guessing it was a United charter. The airplane left Boston, probably empty, without the normal baggage check on departure, and went to Newark to get integrated into the system.
  4. I thought about this that entire drive. They had just been successful on two similar plays. One, a touchdown to Beasley, and then the two pointer. Both similar patterns. They had the Ravens set up. I would have lined up for two, and if the liked the play they had against the Ravens defensive set, run it. If not, run motion to see what see if you can change the matchups and get into another play. If you really like what you've got after the motion, run it. If not, take the delay and penalty or time out if you think its worth it and you have one, and let Hauschka kick the point.
  5. I've got to agree with a lot said in this thread. I got tired of the cliche comments about Buffalo weather by sports folks years ago. Lots of cities have games significantly impacted by weather, but never get a similar mention. Still, a game like the Colts in the snow lasts for years in their memories. Regarding Buffalo weather, I went to college out of state and never moved back after graduation because of career. I've lived in the San Francisco Bay area, Central California inland, Raleigh, suburban Chicago and now central Virginia. Buffalo's problem, to me, is the delayed onset of spring, and brief autumns. As a Courier Express delivery kid for three years, I faced the weather, and it wasn't a problem, but spring comes much earlier, and fall lasts much longer in other places. I remember playing infield in my youth and standing at shortstop is still cold, wet infield dirt and wondering when it was ever going to dry out and warm up. Fully agree with the Chicago comments. I love that city, but it is every bit as cold as Buffalo +/- a few degrees, and has far less outside recreation opportunities in the winter, and it goes from spring to summer in about 72 hours. Shares Buffalo's mosquito problem though. My kids were born in the San Francisco area, but we would visit family a couple times a year in WNY. My kids always enjoyed it, and are serious Bills fans. As adults, my two boys come over every Sunday here in Central Va for the Bills. Anyway, when my oldest was about eight, he had just learned a bit about natural science and the solar system in school. We were visiting family in WNY on one of those late spring days with low broken clouds along clipping along at about 25 knots and my son is watching that as we were walking. He says to me, "Ya know what I like about Buffalo dad? You can see the earth spinning here."
  6. TV decisions are business based, and the Cowboys draw higher ratings than other teams. Selecting a game which will likely produce higher ratings leads to greater add revenue, and that is their job.
  7. We made the decision not to offer him an extension. That was writing on the wall and he saw it for what it was.
  8. My favorite Ro-ment was when Dak threw the pick to Lotulelei. Under his breath, almost whispering, he says, "Oh no. Say it isn't so."
  9. While acknowledging everything else, the predominant view I had of this game was the difference in Josh's passing. He usually throws high, and often high and outside, especially early in every game. Receivers have had to break stride, adjust to the high ball, catch it and re-accelerate, usually unsuccessfully. This game he hit guys in the numbers, ins stride resulting in much better runs after catch. Looked completely different, and extremely effective.
  10. I saw it. I'm kind of a student of that battle. There are a number of story lines about individual people and the things they did, and its kind of like a checklist approach to getting those in, one by one. I thought the special effects were good, and far more realistic than Dunkirk, ie., no dancing around with each other air to air combat. Quick, violent encounters-the way it really is. The biggest thing I thought was silly was the constant NY accents of various people, which weren't reality at all.
  11. I am not skipping over anything. The Vietnam war was after the assassination, and didn't get to be the divisive event until well after that. There was no shortage of disagreements, but that wasn't one of them at its start. The point is that Congress worked in those days legislative warfare was not waged, as it is now. State Houses weren't fought over like they are now either, nor were Supreme Court nominations the starting gun for incredible sleaze.
  12. It is absolutely nothing like today. Of course the civil rights things was contentious, but you had nothing like what is going on today. If anybody from either party was doing what JFK was doing in the White House under everyone's nose, or a current Attorney General was setting up assassinations of foreign leaders like Bobby Kennedy was, or the Director of the FBI running his own little company wire tapping everyone he didn't like or a host of other things, the hatred of the opposition would assure it was front page every day.
  13. Can't compare it to today. It was the shock of the end of innocence. Regardless of political view, people generally didn't hate the other side, and couldn't believe a sitting president could be so boldly assassinated.
  14. My daughter was recruited by them and during her due diligence effort, received very bad reviews from folks, so she declined. Not sure if there have been changes.
  15. Mike Stratton hitting Keith Lincoln. 1964 AFL Championship game. Blue on white.
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