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  1. Any time Jackie Chiles can be integrated, tis a good thing, and combining it with Loyd Bentsen's famous quote was an opportunity. Just don't use the balm.
  2. I served with Jackie Chiles. I knew Jackie Chiles. Jackie Chiles was a freind of mine, and you Mr. Chef Jim are no Jackie Chiles.
  3. Uh-oh. The Islamic Republic is fixing up its toy another round. Given recent events, maybe they should convert it to a cruise liner. "Iran is repairing its imitation aircraft carrier, likely preparing it for a new round of exercises during which it will probably get blown up. The “carrier,” a mockup built up from a floating barge, was first built in the early 2010s and then used for target practice. The barge is being rebuilt, presumably for more punishment, in an exercise with decidedly more sinister undertones than the first time around." Islamic Nimitz
  4. Given the tension level, I would be absolutely shocked if the US wasn't listening using any of many options.
  5. The TOR M1 surface to air missile has a high explosive frag warhead detonated by a proximity fuse. If it operates properly it will cause lots of holes.
  6. The US should have strong signal evidence of this. Surface to air missile systems can be pretty noisy, and depending on what mode is used, the switch from search to tracking and guidance is very apparent.
  7. What you say is OK with me. What you did is post a suggestion of involvement in an illegal activity by people I know and also know were not involved, and your suggestion was clear. That was not, and should not, be taken lightly. That causes me to be suspicious. Shouldn't matter to you. The facts always prevail.
  8. I know what he posted, and I stand by what I said. That isn't important. But.....When you claim some sort of credibility based on honest consideration of facts, your skeletons get exposed.
  9. You didn't go where the evidence lead when you posted that nonsense about Seventh Fleet corruption, and specifically, Adm Pat Walsh's involvement, which you suggested. Once you do that, no matter how honorable your intentions, people who know these folks doubt your ability or sincerity to: "go where the evidence leads" No disrespect intended. Just things remembered, and not admitted.
  10. I honestly want to believe you, but the names of people who have either refused to serve his presidency, along with those who have resigned underpin the doubt I have in him that is made more evident by gross business failures.
  11. Not sure what you mean. I haven't proposed any alternative. I'm in favor of any election, whatever the result. I'm not in favor of this silly impeachment or any other extra-constitutional removal.
  12. I think you are right. The system our forefathers set up was incredibly prescient. There is a difference though, in seeking his removal or pointing out gross incompetence, and a stupid course that could lead to really serious problems. I'm just pointing out the incompetence. Removal is best done via elections.
  13. A step back. Only on social media would an individual like me be asked to defend John Kerry, Robert McNamara or LBJ because I think Trump's nonsense about cultural sites was a stupid, unforced error objectionable to the entire military. In the "only happens here" dept, and this site is more reasonable than most.
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