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  1. I think there's a clear reason why the Bills offense looks the way it does, and features a lot of come back routes. Josh has a reputation of being a great running threat. DB's don't want to turn their backs on him because it makes it so easy for him to take off. They keep receivers in front of them and allow the comeback routes past the sticks frequently. Diggs had scores of these catches last year, since the easiest open zone is the area you just ran through. Simply stop and come back. Josh has the skill to hit these routes outside the hash with relative ease. I think bein
  2. Strongly disagree. The Bills were better than the Giants and should have never lost that game. They were clearly inferior to the Redskins, who led the league in scoring, were the second fewest in points allowed, and blew through the playoffs with an average 20 point margin of victory. The Bills were not close to that level. Tasker himself has stated that was the best team he'd ever seen. Cowboys were better both years as well, just not by as much, but better coached and disciplined.
  3. I doubt there is any bad blood. He is in camp and this is a nothing story.
  4. You need to be above about 45,000 feet to see the curvature of the earth. It is clearly evident at 50,000'. Mt. Diablo at about 3800' isn't going to get that view.
  5. Immensely unlikely. Same thing happened with Darnold and others. Jets and their top picks seem to have issues with bonus payouts and other last minute minute details. I'm sure it will get done quickly and he'll be in camp really soon.
  6. I wasn't going to comment in here, but....Oh well. The standard formula for line of sight, which solves at what distance one can see things at the same level and not be impeded by the earth's curvature is: 1.22 times the square route of altitude. It's what is used in strike planning to avoid radar detection. If comparing two items at different elevations, such as when determining if the top of two buildings can be seen by each other is: D (distance)= (square route of 2h) + (square route of 2a). Expressed in statute miles. h is the objec
  7. Biles out of team competition.
  8. He signed with the Rams. People have no idea of family situations or other factors that cause career decisions, but in the long term, it is in the organization's interest to accommodate a player/coach friendly posture. Lures free agents and coaches. No problem. We'll find another.
  9. He had no leverage. It appears that he wanted to be somewhere else and it was in the Bills' interest to let that happen. They aren't indentured servants, and it is worth getting someone out who doesn't want to be with the org.
  10. The comment made was that they only "wanted guys who wanted to be here." I think Bojorquez wanted to get back to the west coast. See ya.
  11. Also space related. If any interested in astronomy, Saturn has been really bright overnight. I was able to see the rings using my Celestron binoculars overnight. Tonight I'll use the telescope for a much better view.
  12. None of those states have an NFL franchise. DC is smaller, but they are a three state franchise and a much, much bigger market than Buffalo. Though I haven't lived there since college, I love my hometown and the passion of it's fanbase, but it can't compete with a place like Miami for free agents, not in the demographic of NFL players. I despise Miami, but it is what it is.
  13. No. There is a pressure differential until the weight is on the gear. Once that happens, the airplane knows it is on the ground and opens the outflow valve, reducing the psi differential to zero. Only then can the doors be opened. It also pre-pressurizes to a small degree on takeoff. A few other things as this thing winds down. Regarding this specific event, if someone messes with a door, depending on what they do, there will be an alert message in the cockpit. A screen will pop up showing which door is not safely latched. Depending on a number of things, a
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