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  1. Many of us here have joined another site called billsfans.com for more adult conversations in the political realm. As you probably have noticed, this place's political site has been overrun with foolish trolls making it virtually uninhabitable. We would like to invite you to join us for good discussion without the clutter created by trolls. Come on over!

  2. How about a really simple concept. There are two ways that a ball carrier or escaping quarterback can go. One is called "inside," and the other is called "outside." This Bills' defense gives up the outside nearly every single play. Every inside move is bit on. Countless plays today, including the hail mary were made by the Cardinals getting outside. We are simply incapable on setting the edge or in any way defending the outside, and the inside isn't that great either.
  3. His name is actually H. Preston Ridelhuber. A look at me post, but personal experience. The week the Bills played the Pats that year, for some reason that I can't recall, they needed a place to practice for the week. It was a well kept secret, but for some reason they chose Houghton Park. Not my neighborhood, but within a long walk. We heard a rumor about it, and went there, and sure enough they sowed up with big trucks and eventually players. There was about four of us and Eddie Abramoski asked us if we would file field goat attempts and get the balls back. Of course we said we would. We showed up every day and got promoted to passing out tape and other consumables before practice, and I got to be the guy who spotted the ball for the offense before every play. Ridelhuber was the only player we didn't recognize. Anyway, it says on Wiki that the play was drawn in the dirt on gameday, but I can tell you they practiced it at least three times. They "paid" us with standing room tickets for the Pats game, and we saw the play and the touchdown. For what its worth.
  4. I would love it if we have a home playoff game and somebody does that drawing with appropriate (large) scale for stadium exposure. Always proud to be a Bills fan, and proud that my kids, who were born in San Francisco during the 49ers run, are as well.
  5. And almost completely dark for three months of the year.
  6. Good spot. He's now on my double ignore list.
  7. On a serious note, my career involved foreign travel for twenty five years, evenly spent between Europe and South/Central America. I've thought of this option often, and taken my wife along a few times for credibility. I am quoting this post because I spent a lot of time in Paraguay, to include starting a business there, which exported to the US, but that's a different subject. Knowing what I know, and knowing people that I know who have done this, there are two places I would consider other than Europe, which is quite expensive. Medellin Colombia would be tied with Uruguay, within striking distance of Montevideo, for the first choice.
  8. I don't eat any of that stuff, so my single contribution is to thank the gods that nobody mentioned Pringles. The single worst product designed for human consumption that was ever invented.
  9. Forecast calls for significant wind on Sunday. If forecast hold, it will definitely impact the game.
  10. This is my favorite thread ever.
  11. This game is literally gum on the shoe. Can't wait for it to be over.
  12. Goodness that was ugly. Theisman's as well. glad I never saw that one. Another horrible one was the recently deceased Gale Sayers, the injury that ended his career. The story was that when they got him to the sideline and some teamates saw the injury, a number of them vomited.
  13. Kind of an odd encounter, but I saw some from the hangar deck of the USS Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier. We were heading towards Guam to operate in those waters. Ship had a day off prior to spooling up operations. We were over the Mariana Trench, and the ship's captain authorized a swim for any fifty sailors that wanted to, I guess for bragging purposes that they had swam in the deepest part of the Pacific. They set up a rope ladder from one of the elevators on the hangar deck, and about thirty or so guys went down and in the the water. Evidently, someone had been throwing trash off an aft sponson on the ship, and somebody reported sharks. Captain gets on the ships internal com and yells not tp throw anything off. Sharks had moved closer to the swimming sailors. Fortunately, they had a few Marines from the Marine security force that all carriers have aboard and they had their weapons and kept the sharks at bay while the frightened sailors scurried up the rope ladder. We watched the thing from from the hangar deck. Only time I ever saw any swimming from an aircraft carrier.
  14. I do a charter to the Gulfstream with my boys every other year or so. Yellowfin is the preferred target. Would love to catch a wahoo, but it's a completely different tackle setup because of their teeth. I do a fair amount of fly fishing in the Blue Ridge streams every year, and it is a lot of work. Trees, wind....Just lots of things that make it challenging. Sure enjoy bagging those trout though.
  15. Cheer up. SAR 1 claims you're 4-0.
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