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  1. Oil price action is entirely the response to recession fear. Europe and the UK seem destined for a bad economic winter. The US not so much, but still more likely than not. Oil prices have nothing to do with Biden, or supply issues at all.
  2. The US needs to get serious about this. A self perpetuating problem/tragedy. By allowing a porous border, we are providing a safety valve for failing governments. Locking the border with some degree of effectiveness would force these folks to stay home, generating domestic problems and government reactions. We are literally bailing out failed governments, and it can't go on.
  3. It's called land sea breeze effect. During the day, the land gets hotter and starts radiating heat upward. To fill the vacuum, the cooler, moist ocean air comes ashore. It takes a few miles for it to heat up and get started up, which leads to the towering cumulus and eventual thunderstorms. Reverse happens at night, when the air over land cools. Now the ocean air is warmer, subsequently rises, and you get cumulus about ten miles offshore. Very predictable.
  4. I suspect that might have been a "strategic" challenge. They were going to take a timeout, and why not challenge instead.
  5. Likely the worst appointee I have ever seen. For those who think I'm a "right winger," I thought Bolton was particularly bad. This woman is an embarrassment.
  6. It's not petty. It's sincere. You have no idea what intel was presented or where it came from, and the White House did not originate it. They don't have that capability. Both houses of Congress were presented the same info and they voted how they did. It all came from our significant intel "industry," and having no reasonable humint in the middle east, which has been a significant problem for years, they relied way too much on defectors, and they were wrong. You have demonstrated no acknowledgment of understanding that, similar to your "weapon of the week" posts re the Ukraine. If you are insulted by that, so be it.
  7. Absolutely, and well stated. The randomness of convective activity is largely over in Western New York in late Sep. Forecasts are largely front related, which is a much easier prediction.
  8. The inspectors were not granted the access that was part of the agreement. There were many UN resolutions involving this. There were many cease fire violations. There was the impracticality of a continued demand to maintain a no fly zone, and there were Iraqi offensive efforts within that, and they were increasing. There was the CIA, British intel and a host of others that concluded the same thing. You know.....The "Slam Dunk" from George Tenet. The executive and both houses were briefed on the exact same intel, which was not a White House product or conclusion. The White House doesn't have that ability. Further, and something I am quite sure that you know nothing about, there was a time issue. If sending US troops to battle in the middle east, timing is everything.
  9. Ignorant. So Biden didn't see through this US intel failure?
  10. Of course it was a mistake, and Biden was a huge advocate. I don't blame him. The US and other countries intel concluded that there was a real threat of WMD, with a lunatic at the watch. They were wrong, and there was nothing political about that assessment. It was simply wrong. Still, the reality was that is was not possible to keep enforcing no fly zones and other nonsense regarding Iraq's failure to abide by their ceasefire agreement. Their failure to abide doomed that regime. The US Congress agreed with that assessment, and the rest is history.
  11. Goodness me. He was Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee when the vote was cast. Are you simply blind to this? Watching you, and him, back away from this is as pathetic as watching the Pelosi brigade deny knowing about "enhanced interrogation." Insulting to anybody with any knowledge, and grossly insulting to people involved.
  12. So? Are you kidding? You are asking someone if they supported Obama's angst against the war, while neglecting to acknowledge the single most influential proponent of it on the Dem side, who is now our President was rallying his troops for it. So? You think no one notices this nonsense?
  13. No, Joe Biden isn't the reason for anything until he was President. He was basically a suit in the Senate. Regardless, he was the main trumpeter in the support for the war, on the Democrat side, in his Senate role. Undeniable. Factual. Not subject to argument.
  14. Nobody in the Democrat Party supported that war more than Biden using his Senatorial influence He promoted it for months. Did you forget that?
  15. Confused winds. Renderings to follow soon, after high level meetings. That is all.
  16. I would be glad to discuss any questions you may have. American 77, the Pentagon airplane, was a trip I flew for two years prior to becoming a check captain. Knowing those folks, all the flight attendants and the copilot, who I flew a number of trips with, it became a small passion of mine to address conspiracy theories. If you have those issues or questions, I would be happy to address them through personal messages or publicly. As a precursor, regardless of your suspicions, you aren't going to find anything.
  17. Yes they are frustrated. I was breezing through their forum Saturday and one of their fans posted that Salah stated Queen Elizabeth was out two to four weeks.
  18. The A-10 is an extremely vulnerable platform with any basic anti air defense. It almost demands total elimination of even simple shoulder mounted capability. HARM is a great system, but being used in a greatly diminished capability is certainly not a game changer for the A-10. The A-10 is a magnet for very simple anti air capability.
  19. I was flying a 767 for the other airline that lost two airplanes that day. Diverted back to San Francisco. I'll never forget the ACARS printer messages alerting me to the situation, and trying to verify I was still in command, or being the only one on the various ATC frequencies with absolutely no mention of anything from them. Then landing and being followed by about 30 vehicles down the runway.
  20. I'm not sure the use of HARM can be associated with the A-10. Unless it has been significantly modified, the A-10 does not carry HARM. HARM has been used, in a greatly diminished capability, by Ukrainian MIG 29's. To fully use it's capabilities, HARM requires rather advanced internal avionics. It can be fired, as I said, with greatly diminished capability in a really basic mode.
  21. Again, I wish her no ill. But she was certainly ignorant. Grossly ignorant. She was puking out what her North Vietnamese handlers were telling her, which bas bullstuff. Most of the men I served with above the O4 level my first cruise had been involved in that war. As a junior carrier attack pilot at that time, who was not involved in that, I had many conversations with them about target selection, rules of engagement and a host of other nonsense that went on during the Johnson/McNamara DOD led war. She was absolutely ignorant, and calling for them to be executed as murderers and war criminals in their capitol during a war with many POWs being tortured is not something something I would classify as "freedom of speech."
  22. I strongly disagree, and my mind will not be changed. When the country is at war, going to the enemy and making ten unsolicited radio appearances calling US servicemen war criminals, murderers and suggesting they should be executed is absolutely giving comfort to the enemy. Again, I wish her no ill, but her actions were treasonous. Further, she had no idea what "US servicemen were fighting for." She was an ignorant knucklehead with a microphone, and she gave comfort to an enemy.
  23. Weather-wise, pay attention to the dew point over the temp, which is the measure of how much moisture is in the atmosphere. Miami will be more difficult.
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