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  1. No puncture of the thoracic cavity, thank goodness. Next time you see a toad hiding under a log or piece of wood and wonder how it stays alive while the thing over it is being walked on, notice its posture and ability to get real "flat." Worked for me.
  2. I was trying to repair a very small hydraulic fluid leak under a 45hp tractor that weighed about 4000 pounds and had a 500 pound mower attached to the back. I was underneath and tightening a bolt when the wrench slipped and hit the mechanical link from the foot pedal to the hydrostatic transmission, and the tractor started forward, jumping a chock I had in front of it.. The turf tire grabbed my shirt sleeve in about a tenth of a second and there was no time to get out. Tractor ran over my chest with me face down, luckily in an area of our landscaping that had about thee inches of mulch, so it compressed a bit, probably saving my life. Got all the ribs on the right side, and all but three on the left. Got up, got the tractor shut down, came in and sat on the couch and my wife came in the room and told me I looked horrible. I told her what happened and she drove me to the hospital.
  3. No collapsed lung, but otherwise related. I hold, (I was told), the University of Virginia Medical Center record for most broken ribs and surviving. 21 of the human allotment of 24 broken. Only five required titanium patches. Don't ask.
  4. Dress be damned, and since we're talking Paris, Musee D'orsay > than the Louvre. Highly recommend.
  5. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. "Sail on, nor fear to breast the sea!Our hearts, our hopes, are all with thee.Our hearts, our hopes, our prayers, our tears,Our faith triumphant o'er our fears,Are all with thee, -are all with thee!"
  6. The game within the game. I want the Bills offense to be really dominant tomorrow, and I want to see the destruction of the two people I despise most in the NFL. A. Henry Anderson. Charge: Trying to take out Hauschka with an incredibly cheap shot. Trying to end Josh Allen's year and maybe his career by a pathetic crawling attempt to mush ligaments. B. Gregg Williams. Charge: A dirty, slimy punk of a personality who is the the lowest human being in the NFL, but has turned down countless jobs, including devising the successful immunization that will end the Covid crisis.
  7. Nope. Its just an observation, and if the Bills get up by 16 this week, I'm not going to be worried. But still......maybe a little.
  8. Can't say for sure, but I'd bet the Bills were the first team in history to begin their season and end their season in games where a 16-0 score was lost by the team up by 16.
  9. I didn't hijack any thread, and I have no interest in being "accepted." Your reaction was ill informed and silly. The fact is that what has been claimed is not only inaccurate, but impossible. Completely, physically impossible. I am extremely informed on what happened that day, and that didn't happen. Your's is a really stupid post, as was your reaction to my suggestion that what happened on June 6 1944 was not perfect.
  10. You are correct. You don't have to be a whatever to understand whatever. The problem for the scrambled airplanes that day was identifying hostiles which were large, easily identified targets. To do that, you fly at an intermediate altitude and turn you air to air radar on. You certainly don't fly at mach at 100', guaranteeing worthless radar returns. The F-16 doesn't have a particularly good air to air radar. It's better for ground stuff. All of the folks who flew that day provided testimony. That aside, there is no possible way one would fly at mach at 100' in that area. Not only would you be worthless to the mission, you wouldn't survive, because you couldn't survive the turn radius, after destroying every window in every building within 10 miles.
  11. I have never claimed to be "omniscient," nor ever play the "I know everything card," per your claim. I do know what was done that day, and I do understand what happened. Without stretching this into an argument, what you observed was not supersonic flight at 100' over that area. To do so would be analogous to driving 70 mph in your garage. Makes no sense, would not be survivable, and didn't happen. The F-16's were scrambled from Langley, not Andrews, per you claim. Andrews had no alert ready airplanes at that time. Again, I am uncomfortable pointing these assumptions wrong, but what you are saying did not happen. It is physically impossible to fly at mach, or anything approaching mach, at 100' in that area, and survive.
  12. Not to quibble, but whatever you heard was not a sonic boom. Makes no tactical sense to do that, and nobody went supersonic in that area that day. Late edit..... If someone flew supersonic at the altitude you describe, there would have been no windows left in Crystal City. I've heard and cased them, but fortunately, legally.
  13. I was flying a 767 at the time it happened. I was a check captain checking out a new first officer. Left San Francisco at 6 local. I had just finished the level off PA announcement, the "keep your seatbelts fastened" PA. Got a message on the data link printer from the company. I'll never forget what it said: "Numerous cockpit incursions. do not allow any cockpit entry." A few minutes later, got another one. "Suggest lock down the cockpit. Defend at all cost. Suggest divert." Went back to San Francisco at max mach and landed, followed down the runway by about twenty vehicles chasing us. Arriving at the gate, about ten guys standing outside on the ramp with automatic weapons. Got in the terminal and KGO camera crew was running down the concourse at me as I tried to get to a phone to call my wife and tell her I was OK, since all she knew was that I would be flying transcons all week checking out new guys from NY to the west coast. Told the camera guys to get the f'in camera out of my face, which they did. Very long story, on a very long day, but having flown American 77 for the two years prior to this, I knew I'd know the folks on that airplane that hit the Pentagon. Worst day of my life.
  14. sherpa

    Allegiant Stadium

    The forecast for night time lows in Las Vegas for the next seven days is in the mid 60's, with two nights at 59. I've spent many an night there, and in the summer, it certainly does not get cold. As with everywhere else, in the evening the temp drops towards the atmospheric dew point. The desert has a much lower dew point, but it certainly isn't "cold," except during cold months,
  15. Pulled pork. Brine Thurs-Friday. In rub Fri- Sat. On at 225 in my Primo at 11pm Sat night. Done by 11:30 Sun morning. Wrapped and in the cooler for 1.5 hour rest. Kids arrive Sunday at 12:45. Plates out at 1.
  16. Regardless of his stats, or the fact that he was responsible for AFL credibility, the man was a simply great "thrower." I used to go to those games two hours early, because a friend's dad was an usher. I watched all of the QB's throw during warm ups. Nobody, Bills QB or visitors, threw lasers like he did. His ball was like a snap. Incredibly quick release, almost no trajectory. It was a string, whether a five yard out or a thirty yard post. He's in the Hall of Fame because he beat the Colts, but that man could throw.
  17. With full understanding that it doesn't directly provide an answer, depending in how much time you plan to spend there, have you considered simply finding a rental you like? We do a Thanksgiving thing every year in the Virginia mountains with kids, grand kid etc, and have a great time without the issue of non occupied ownership, transaction costs and real estate taxes. If we were going up there every week it would be different, but if once a month or so, I would consider finding a place I really liked and working out a rental deal.
  18. I lived in Raleigh for a few years and it was quite hot. I had a similar idea in the early 90's. When the first Gulf War broke out we went over to the Maggie Valley area thinking the war would dampen real estate prices. That didn't happen. Tons of retirees form the midwest. Blowing Rock and Cashiers are each 3500' MSL or so, so that would certainly be a lot more comfortable in the summer. Cahsiers is getting built up. I got some promotional add for a new development there last week. The homes were 1 mil a piece.
  19. Could be in for rather large fine if located. That's controlled airspace and requires a clearance, which would never be granted.
  20. Barring a turnover, first drive against the Jets is a touchdown. We go from there.
  21. I don't think it's that complicated. The Bills organization was not a desired destination for the top talent in the coaching/GM world for years under Ralph, and that is grossly understating the situation. Things have changed for the better. Treating the current staff with respect by rewarding a job well done, (so far), along with vast improvements in other areas not always visible to the casual fan is a step in the right direction, and has many peripheral benefits..
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