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  1. The "joke," as he has now explained it, is ridiculous. The goal of volunteering for this service is to ensure that your neighbors right to vote is enforced. I did it, and I'm well below the ages listed, was to provide a service to my community. Everyone else, that I ever met and worked with, was of the same view.
  2. And your post strikes me as someone who has an opinion on something he clearly knows nothing about. I never saw a single individual over 80. That view isn't effective, informed nor funny. It's simply nasty, as is par for the course here, and in the general public. The people who do this, in my experience, have no objective other than to serve their neighbors, as this is all, by law, local, in the insistence that those folks have votes that count.
  3. The age of the election workers is a red herring, though 4/5 being over 80 is quite shocking, as this is a very long day for them, ,and you don't normally see anyone over 80. You had to be there without leaving from 5am until 8pm. I did this for six years, and the machines not working has nothing to do with the poll workers. They check registration validity. The machines are put in place and completely secured until about an hour before the polls open. The process then begins to activate them, and always checked and verified by more than one person. In my six years, I had one machine malfunction, and while it was being fixed, which took less than fifteen minutes, I stood watch over those fixing it. Took about 45 minutes, and no data was lost.
  4. The man promised to "end drilling," in political debate prior to his election, and enacted several mandates to effect drilling, refining and transport after his election. Is that going to dry up capital spending to develop projects that take years? Hell yes. He made his bed. Begging the Saudis to hold off an announcement of cartel production reductions until after the election is just another grossly political effort, and it failed.
  5. Godfather 1 and 2. Two is a bit better, but only if seen after 1. And a sleeper I really like, the Count of Monte Cristo, the 2002 version. I really like well schemed revenge stories. Mask Of Zorro, 1998. The sequel is atrocious.
  6. Lula will never be known for his intellectual capacity, nor for his keen interpretive skills.
  7. Don't for a second conclude that his position as an editor at Stars and Stripes indicates objective political independence. He is totally involved in partisan poltics.
  8. And thus my claim suggesting your ignorance. My "claim" was that I was concerned about these weapons getting into the wrong hands, as has happened with sales to Iran, gifts to the Mujahedeen and others. Weapons that US forces have had to plan to, and actually fight against, and have shown up in use by folks quite happy to use them against civilian targets. If that "concern" is unwarranted, you are ignorant of 42 years of history, US military operations, and will prove to be so in the future. You sir, are a clueless fool.
  9. I'm not stable? You are in your own league of ignorant. Indeed, the standard of this sites ignorance.
  10. No. incorrect premise again. What it looks like to you, a person who has demonstrated absolutely zero awareness of how this stuff happens, is of no value. I'd take that bet. As this unfolds, and the truth is revealed, I'm quite certain the concerns I have expressed will prove to be the situation.
  11. No you didn't just ask for proof. You asked for proof of something that is going to take years to sort out, but has happened every single time since my experience in this fort of thing, and is made far more likely by the Administration led hideous escape from Afghanistan. Further, you suggested that people concerned with this thing, which has happened every single time, are guilty of "slandering the process," a process that you know nothing about.
  12. Obvious, but you don't know the definition of "slander," and nobody here knows the "process," least of all, you. I voiced these concerns, here, many months before the Pentagon, Interpol and the EU echoed those same sentiments. You have shown no instinct for these things, evidenced by the insane idea that position two fighter squadrons in the Ukraine as a deterrent, which really means "bait," and your initial view that a US led no fly zone was a great idea. Simply crazy.
  13. If you have read the last couple pages in this thread, you wouldn't ask this question. What I said at the very beginning of this aid effort, many, many months ago, is that I was quite concerned about these weapons getting into the wrong hands, and the high probability of technology transfer. Those two things happen every time there is a surrogate style war with weapons provided by other countries. Further, the weapons that make it to the black market do not show up during the supply because it would expose the corruption and end the supply line access. That's how it works.
  14. The results have not been demonstrated over time, and the Pentagon, Interpol, the EU and of course the Russians have do not share your view as yet, and have expressed the same concern that I have regarding oversight of the weapons delivery and subsequent supply line integrity to Ukrainian military.
  15. Tax policy is arbitrary and effects all. Abrogating legal promissory notes, at the expense of the American taxpayer, for the benefit of those who refuse to be obligated to their promises, while countless others did so is an entirely different situation.
  16. Nonsense. The claim of "class" is diminished by the fact that they can't, or won't honor obligations. It is a boldfaced bribery attempt that allows deadbeats to not live up to promised obligations.
  17. So do a number that could, and paid for their kids that could, and are funding their grandchildren who will. The gov, by one presidential decree, having never gone through Congress, has just eliminated hundreds of billions owed to the American taxpayer across every economic level.
  18. I asked a simple question, based on something you authored. I asked how you were aware that "the current level of oversight is just fine," a claim that you made. You didn't answer. Instead you said that I wanted t fix something that isn't broke, which is nonsense and never a claim I have made. That is your invention. My assertion is that there is no way that someone here has any idea of what level of oversight is occurring with this massive transfer of extremely sophisticated weaponry to an area known for gross corruption, so if you do, I'd be very interested to hear the basis for your confidence. You still haven't answered that. As background for my view, and regarding what has happened in the near past, the US and other countries have provided weapons to many other parties. A dangerous number of those weapons have been traded on the black market and ended up in the hands of really ad people who intended to use them for really bad outcomes. The industry I was in was made aware that a number of shoulder mounted anti aircraft weapons were in that market, for sale to any bidder, and that area of Libya was a trading location, and that the US was trying to get them off the market. You can connect the dots. The point is, that it is nearly impossible to stop this trade, and I have no doubt that someone in the supply chain has come upon a windfall profit, and that somewhere in some province of China, Russia or Iran, sophisticated weapons are being studied and reverse engineered, as has been goin on for decades, The debacle that was the Afghanistan withdrawal gives me cause for great concern over this administration's "oversight" capability. Thus the question I posed. What evidence do you have to claim the "oversight" is just dandy?
  19. So you didn't answer the question. Instead you assert that I want to do something that I have never suggested. You simply made it up. Can you answer the question or not? The reason I asked the question is that i am quite familiar with the history of weapons transfers into very unfriendly hands during surrogate war operations. I want to know how someone on this site can claim there is adequate oversight, which is what you did. Remember Benghazi? Know what a big part of the CIA presence there was for? I'll give you a hint.......It's related to this subject. That is why I asked the question.
  20. I am interested to hear how you have information on the oversight of these weapons contributions to have an opinion on it.
  21. Biden is 99% politician and 1% affiliated with a religion. It is simply impossible to claim to be Roman Catholic and support abortion, unless you are doing it for political advantage. He uses his Catholic claim as yet another political chip. A true phony.
  22. I noticed in the fourth quarter that it almost looked like the Bills, ex Miller, were pulling up at the end of their rush to maintain the "net" around Mahomes instead of going for the sack and leaving him an escape route. I saw that on ore than one play. Clearly, and the end, they rushed three, used Milano as the spy, specifically to cut down on the the intermediate routes that are lower trajectory throws and thus, can be batted. Interesting adjustment, I thought. I still can't believe they are incapable of disrupting Kelce.
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