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  1. You find that to be "hilarioius?" China was never a participant, and Russia had been violating the agreement since inception, thus the US withdrawal. A decent idea in the 50's when it was first considered, but totally useless to the US and with repeated Russian violations, it was common sense to get out. Either way, absolutely nothing to do with this Chinese balloon thing.
  2. Wrong about what? I never dodge. Two energy companies reported record earnings having nothing to do with new drilling. The earnings were because of increased commodity costs on a commodity they produce which this president moron had a hand in the price of that commodity going up, a commodity which he has specifically mentioned he wants gone. Is this hard?
  3. I really don't think you guys get this. Chevron and Exxon reported this week. Both CEO's were interviewed extensively on CNBC. The business they are in takes years from exploration to drilling to refining to sales. Five years at least. The companies that continued to produce, in spite of the Biden nonsense, benefitted from him participating in making their already existing investments and ultimate production worth much more money than otherwise, coincident with western Europe making itself, through stupid decisions, more reliant on now unreliable Russian sources. It has been quite apparent over the years that you have no idea about this stuff, so it's all a surprise.
  4. Are you completely economically ignorant? What did Biden say in debate.....Here's a hint....."No new drilling anywhere" Not on any land and not offshore. What did Biden do his first day in office? What do you think was the effect of that on energy prices when the whole of western Europe was threatened with supply issues?
  5. Every once in a while the Chinese do something really ridiculous. Having a Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman state that they had no intention of violating Us airspace when there are thousands of people looking at the exact, real time direct violation, is right up their alley. The winds aloft in the middle of winter are the most predictable of the entire year. If you launch this thing west of the Aleutian Islands, it sure as hell is going to violate US and Canadian airspace. Admittedly, this thing is in the stratosphere where the winds are much lighter than at air travel routes, but you're guaranteed the thing is going east. More interesting would be to know if it is transmitting, and what.
  6. An extremely limited extent, and the minute the US got concerned about their loitering or intel capability they would be dealt with.
  7. You can't control the navigation of these things once they're launched. They travel with the wind.
  8. In the interest if fairness, he mentioned "planes and tanks and trains" with American pilots and crews. That was conveniently left out. That isn't what the Abrams tanks announcement includes. It doesn't matter if it's the false accusation that Trump was talking about white supremacist's in his "good people on both sides" quote that completely ignored context or this one, they are misleading. By the way "trains?" I guess that was Biden just being Biden.
  9. How about lying under oath? The man's law license was suspended. He absolutely broke the law.
  10. I'm guessing most of these are probably briefing documents. The National Archives would not be involved. We used to get many classified documents every day. National Archives was never involved, and they were never logged. We'd read them and destroy them.
  11. Regarding the F-16, again, the Swedish Gripen makes way more sense, on so many levels.
  12. Again, who are "these people" who think that "Russia does better," or that Putin is a master strategist." Please don't say Trump. That makes no sense and is preposterous.
  13. Who are these people you suggest are hoping that Russia does better? Nobody I know or care about. Anyway, the first step towards military defeat is thinking the next time will be the same as the last time. The Russians have had a year to look over their failure, and it's a near certainty, as well as factually observable that they have learned at least a few lessons.
  14. Thankfully, tens of thousands of lives and a nation's future don't depend on waiting for "what you see."
  15. Ever hear the phrase "Past performance is not indicative of future results?" Military folks must never rely on continued, gross misjudgments. Putin has likely learned quite a bit about his military and the inputs he received. Make no mistake, the Russians have a lot of capability and seemingly not much interest in limiting their own casualties. We are where he thought we'd be months ago; betting if NATO and the west has the stomach to bear the burden of wearing him out. So far, he's looked the fool. I'm guessing he got a lot smarter and the net few months will be really ugly.
  16. I'm not going to quote the above, but there is evidence, from folks who know, that the Russians have evolved a bit from the initial ten month debacle. They have been using "recon by fire" tactics, where they send in their conscripts, who immediately get slaughtered, but identify Ukrainian positions which are then attacked by regular Russian forces or their relatively skilled mercenaries. They will do a much better job of this. They have also gone to a full war mode in their domestic production capability which should result in better supplies for their next offensive. How long that can las is anybody's guess, but it would be foolish to assume that they are not capable of learning from their idiotic mistakes, and will present a more formidable foe this year.
  17. The air war is something I do have a significant level of knowledge in. The F-16 is a bad option for a lot of reasons. It is far more complicated than other options and would have difficultly operating the Ukrainian runways, which are much rougher than what it is designed to operate on. The Swedish Gripen makes a lot more sense for them. It would be a great choice. Realistically, I think both sides are somewhat beyond the point of no return. The Russians have totally screwed this up, but they are in a better position now than they were in early Dec. The Ukrainians have a tough couple months ahead, but if they can hold out, they will be in a much better position in the late spring to utilized the massive aid they are getting. Either way, supporters of the Ukraine cannot allow Russia a win here. If separatist areas in the east truly want to hitch their wagon to a fatally flawed regime that has limited time left, let them go. Beyond that, Russia bit off more than it can chew and has no hope of ever successfully occupying areas it once thought it could. The wild card is Russian domestic opinion finally acknowledging reality and getting rid of this nut.
  18. The tank thing is interesting. The Challengers from UK were last produced in the early 2000's, prior to 2005. Giving them 14 of them, old as they are and who knows what spare parts situation is, having been out of production for so long, doesn't seem to be militarily significant. It certainly did break the diplomatic block that got them US tanks and many Leopards, which makes more sense. The Leopard is far more easily operated in the Ukraine, including transport, recovery vehicles uniformity of weapons etc. Toss those three into the mix along with scores of other systems they've not operated before and you have to wonder if they will ever achieve full capability. It seems the Russians will attempt some kind of offensive in Feb that must be deterred. Then, in late April or May they can mount a counter offensive and hopefully impact the current geo situation. The Russians are not terminally stupid though. They are streamlining their defense production and eliminating wasteful programs that aren't doing anything while multiplying production of what they think does work. This is going to be really high casualty warfare for both sides.
  19. I've had gas, geo thermal and heat pump. I can't see a heat pump only product working north of central Virginia. What can be done is having a heat pump that is dual fuel, and switches to nat gas/propane below about 45 degrees.
  20. In 2022, two years after your 2020 observation re Biden, Virginia elected a Republican Governor over the ultimate Democrat operative, Terry McAuliffe. So what.
  21. It is never "easier than you think." The M1 Abrams is powered by a jet engine. It is really heavy and really complex. Recovery vehicles, loaders to move it, as well as normal consumables and normal maintenance for its operation are way more complicated. Leopard tanks from Germany and Challenger tanks from the UK make way more sense.
  22. Not interested in what Boris Johnson has to say about this. Headlines for the ignorant. Providing front line, near state of the art arms to the Ukraine is a complicated issue requiring many levels of competency for success. Boris isn't the guy to deliver an accurate or realistic approach.
  23. I'd be glad to, when that exists. Point it out with real quotes, not made up ones that eliminate essential words. Know what? It aint gonna happen. You and your partner are going to continue quotidian efforts, and it doesn't matter what happens in disagreement, because you will continue to invent posts, misrepresent policy and view and do what you do. Everybody knows it.
  24. I'm not digging, I'm accusing. You are a fool and a liar. Quite clear.
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