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  1. I expect it wasn't simply a cabin altitude thing. Typical cabin altitude for a 767, which is what they charter, is around 6000' at cruise altitude in the mid 30's. While the airplane climbs at around 2000'/min and descends at upwards of 3000'/min, the cabin pressurization schedule is about 500'/min during climb, and 300'/min during descent. What would be a major problem for a weakened lung is a rapid depressurization event, which can ignored as a possibility. That would instantly put the cabin at cruise actual altitude, and it takes a few minutes of very rapid descent to get to a habitable altitude of 10,000' or so. Not something a bad lung would want to go through.
  2. So a US president should be impeached for an intelligence failure? Was Iraq in violation of the ceasefire agreement, including, but certainly not limited to, shooting at coalition aircraft? Did Iraq position anti aircraft batteries south of their agreed to line? Were the UN resolutions that were violated over the years meaningless? Impeachment in that circumstance would have been insane.
  3. He absolutely should have been. Lying under oath to a grand jury is egregious. The president is the Commander in Chief, the head of the Executive. Military Officers would be prosecuted and convicted in a second for this. For such a person to be above the law is unacceptable.
  4. The standard is: "Treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors." It is not, and should not ever be, populist view or Congressional majority.
  5. We need to get off this wasteful, silly impeachment habit, and force our gov to do its day to day job. Not an impeachable offense. Lying to grand jury was.
  6. 700 point hit to the Dow Futures on the inflation report. Nice.
  7. Trump is completely irrelevant in the Clinton issue. Clinton lied, under oath, to a grand jury. That is not in question. If this country allows presidents to do that, no matter the issue, it isn't a good thing.
  8. Fully agree with this. The US intel community had this specifically predicted. It was almost like they had very reliable informants in Russian offices. This one's on Putin, and ugly as the end game may be, he caused it and he will pay the consequences Unfortunately, totally avoidable, so not only Putin, but NATO, the Russians, the US taxpayer and more importantly, the Ukrainians are paying the initial cost.
  9. Ya know, just as a guy who follows the energy markets..... The OPEC cut by the Saudis is a production limit cut announcement. They. OPEC, weren't producing at the limit anyway, so other than the headline stuff, it isn't that big of a deal. Short term, markets react. Long term, with Europe heading into a tough winter, it isn't needed.
  10. Good God. The price of oil diminished because the expectation is for a recession in Europe, and perhaps the US. You know---less demand. Claiming that Biden did it with the release of the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve is the stuff of idiots.
  11. Jim Ritcher a number of times. His post NFL career led to many encounters. Great guy. Much smaller than you'd expect.
  12. No admission. It's crazy. Did you drink the water from Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987? You'd have a valid case for damage.
  13. Just for my edification, because I really want to be educated on this, the Saudi gov is backing a pro energy independent party instead of the party that makes the world more dependent on their one and only export? And....they are "after our democracy?"
  14. There is no indication the the Fed has been politicized, and if there was, the markets would react in a violent manner never seen. The Fed does what it does, uses the data it does, and marches on, apolitical.
  15. This gets brought up every couple years. Russia is going to be in deep economic chaos for years. This idiotic foray into the Ukraine is going to kill them economically. China has very limited natural resources, so I don't think we need to worry about them. India is deeply dependent on Russian military trash, which gets killed in every engagement, and the most recent Russian debacle suggests that they might need to change suppliers, as the current supplier can't even support it's own. I have never been less concerned about the economic component of these countries.
  16. I believe that of total energy last year, fossil fuel was 82%. Ten years ago, it was 83%. Not a great gain after huge investment in non fossil fuel sources.
  17. I'm not sure what you are referring to by use of the "the Fed." Generally, that is the term used to describe the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve, has a dual mandate. The first is to maintain maximum employment, and the second is price stability with moderate long term interest rates. They are not specifically concerned with energy costs, except as a part of the total calculus in inflation.
  18. Here's a Bills related story on the same theme. During the Super Bowl years, one of our very well known offensive linemen was not at the weight Marv wanted him to be and Marv would tell him every year that he needed to gain weight. His last two years here, at weigh in before training camp, he had his wife sew weights in a baseball hat and he would wear it at the weigh in, giving him an additional five pounds.
  19. This woman should be quarantined. World class stupid. We share an important alliance with North Korea,, in case you didn't know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbQbEjqygUo
  20. I have flown her twice, from NY to Sau Paulo and from Sao Paulo to Miami. She is really fit, and her German genes are apparent. Strong features. My guess, having seen this a hundred times, is that the cultural difference was too hard to overcome. Folks from Brazil who marry folks from the US doesn't work.
  21. You are truly "special." I was merely pointing out the level of non enforcement of immigration laws in this country. You second sentence, the italicized for unknown reasons one, is another idiotic premise from the random error generator which seems to be stuck on error.
  22. I think you have a significant problem processing information that you read. That problem leads to really bizarre speculations, premises and conclusions. I pointed out that after 9-11, the Immigration and Naturalization folks, when asked about how these folks got in the country, pointed out to us that the system had no idea where two million kids on student visas were, as there was no record of them abiding by the visas and leaving. That is one small snapshot of how poor this issue is managed. That is just student visas. I can tell that you have no idea of the many visa programs that the US has in place, but that is just one of them. From that, you conclude that I want them "rounded up," "hurt," and "shipped back to where they escaped from." Those are your words. They didn't "escape." They were grated student visas for the purpose of study. It is taking too much time to reply to your weird suppositions and obvious lack of knowledge than is worth the effort. I'm not sure you're aware of it, (actually I am), but whatever cause/viewpoint you may be promoting is suffering from your "stuff." To be more clear, you are a net negative to your causes, and not by a small margin.
  23. Do you live in some uninformed vacuum? Are you even aware of existing law and the non enforcement? Here's one clue, because I'm not going to do your homework for you. The void between what you know and what is real is too great for a volunteer poster to spend time on Not just the immigration thing, but on so many levels. Post 9-11, the US INS Service reported that there two million individuals that had overextended their student visas and were unaccounted for. Two million........And that's just student visas. We are absolutely not enforcing immigration law. and to suggest that we are is lunacy.
  24. Major whiff again. I am not part of anything related to January 6th, nor Trump. The best way to shut down illegal immigration is to enforce existing laws instead of turning the issue into a political game, and to support efforts to solve the gross failures of the governments that eject their people onto our taxpayers. I'm not "you guys." Your knowledge is lacking. Your judgement is bad. Your posts are ridiculous.
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