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  1. Boston's legacy could've been pretty solid if they'd just never made a single thing after 'Foreplay'
  2. Glad to be done waiting to see 'what a healthy Trent Murphy' can do, What an expensive waste of a roster spot. Ef him and ef Stanford in general. Now that he's healthy, maybe he could muster the moral fortitude to give 80% of the monies he's swindled to charity.
  3. Looks like we got our future 6th rounder locked up
  4. Aside from the part where I can't believe I clicked on this thread I can actually perform a public service here! my chick turned me onto this- biotin supplements. Deficiency causes hair thinning and brittle crappy nails. Costco has like a year's worth for 7 bucks! Very good and noticeable supplement. Anyone care to share some beauty secrets, gents?
  5. Kinda interesting PFF article from 2019 https://www.pff.com/news/pro-picking-the-most-underrated-overrated-2019-nfl-free-agent-signings
  6. Keeping a 13-3 team of 53 players almost entirely intact is quite a feat, and for the sake of continuity, I see us being overall better. Our young QB is also still on the upswing, so once again- better. The other AFCE teams had more catching up to do than we had needed personnel improvements. Coaching is my main concern. We were unstoppable when we came out aggressive, but beatable when conservative.
  7. Got Moderna. First had a Doc inject it, no pain and not much for side effects. Felt dizzy for 10 minutes about a half hour after we were allowed to drive away. Beyond feeling like I got punched in the arm for a couple days it was easy. Second shot, nurse. Don't know where she injected it but felt like a wasp sting on contact. Didn't get dizzy the second time, but at night had shooting pains around my left ear for about 20 mins. Then the arm- also left... had 2-3 days where it felt like it got worked over by a jackhammer. Major muscle aches throughout my bod, and it felt like
  8. Need a warning to wear sunglasses before viewing that nice Seattle tan...
  9. We cut 3 HoFers on the same day due to cap mismanagement. A show of hands- Next dumb question from a Chiefs fan... yes you, over there
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