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  1. I absolutely feel your pain. I'm in London for a week and the gulls at 4am have been so damn annoying haha They come through in one giant flock of squawk at 4, then take a break for a while, then back again at 5:30. I flew 6000 miles to get some r&r, take in the town... and I got seagulls. )
  2. This one gave me a big, awwwwww. He was a great soul on this planet.
  3. My heart was crushed the day this gentleman died in the early days of Covid. It's still kinda crushed I'm still absolutely stunned at how incredibly stupid some of my fellow apes are. I mean, seriously you have a question as to whether this is a deadly disease, and should I put bleach and sunlight into my stomach????
  4. Thank you OP for giving a hoot about that damned LB position. To me the LB's are the men amongst boys on D. Everyone's all boo hoo the DB stubbed his toe, or woe is me our DT doesn't have a swim move and our DE can't stop the run... Nah, excellent LB's make the rest of the players free up to do their jobs well. We have VG+ LB's, and they can evolve to excellent.
  5. Dude, he's been off to a great start, but I'm sorry, I want actual difference-makers to be talked about. How do I have to be stuck arguing AGAINST a player I really like. But he hasn't done ***** yet. Tell me I'm wrong.
  6. Cribbs was the reason we had those magical, early 80's years. It only lasted 2 seasons, and parts of a couple more on the sides, but holy fook! He was the definition of electric. For all too brief a time, he was legitimately the best running back in the league, north or south, by the 3-5 years surrounding his reign of gorgeous. Dorsett, Campbell and Dickerson, maybe Allen and a season or 2 of Bo were in his league during that time, but I'd still take Cribbs. ... or a season or 2 of Bo haha Let me know when Cook is that important.
  7. This is a compliment- you would have been better off spending those thousands on your local NJ pizza shops- they consistently make the best pies in the US.
  8. Hahahahahahhahahahahahahaahhahaah hahahahaahhahaahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha
  9. In general it's a tougher place to be on the sane side of the argument, but that's offset by not having to fabricate outrage. Thank you for your concern.
  10. You've gotta check out this album... actually provably from a... gasp... CD Front-to-back a beautiful era of X:
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