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  1. Week 1: Buffalo South (CAR) + Week 2: Donkeys (DEN)
  2. I'd add that the flea-flicker was an arrogant call against a proud defensive team- at least that early in the game. Seemed to say, we're just gonna do whatever we want to you today.'
  3. I know Singletary had a couple nice runs on the drive, but sticking with the run with a full 10 yards for a hugely needed TD down 20-10 was absolutely asinine. Of all the stupid crap we pulled today, I think that pissed me off the most this game.
  4. Midnight west coast... no way I can sleep... here we goooooooo!!!! Cheers, and thank you you sugar-plum dream-planter you
  5. Rrrring "Hello, ya, NFL dis is da defensive coach of da Dteelers. Just to let you know, MAh guise is gonna cheap hits dat quarderback, but its jus soze he knows his place. Tank you, concerned citizen."
  6. A little background on the writer's sentiment toward the anti-vaccine athletes: https://www.sfgate.com/sports-columns/article/Actually-we-should-be-even-meaner-to-16425794.php
  7. Their O-line sucks, their secondary/slot is exploitable. 38-13 BILLS
  8. Seeing how 3rd and 22 is our bread and butter... and we've got a ton of throttle to spare, I hope McD this season, whether it's a 60-40 or a 40-60, chooses to put the pedal to the metal, without relent or a second thought.
  9. Thanks for doing this- I'll start my 18 and d'oh! with the Panthers. Nothing could be finer Than to be in Carolina In the morning No one could be sweeter Than my sweetie when I meet her In the morning When the morning glories Twine around the door Whispering pretty stories I long to hear once more Strolling with my girlie Where the dew is pearly early In the morning Butterflies all flutter up And kiss each little buttercup At dawning Nothing could be finer Than to be in Carolina In the morning
  10. Lucky charms marshmallows- the rainbow ones for the elite!
  11. Weaver looks more like a chin-strap kinda cowboy.
  12. I know... I can't help it, though. Plus- that's only 4 1/2 in dog years Nearly a pup!
  13. I was hoping we'd cut him and re-sign to the actual PS this year. I guess I get to hope for that again next year. GO BILLS!!!
  14. Do you go visit the tax-preparer ex every April? ... and keep in mind the chips and salsa are already free at the Mexican joints
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