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  1. Ahh. I've always bought the bleu in pre-crumbled containers, so about half of it is in finer bits. I use that part for the blend, and keep the larger chunks to stir in later.
  2. Thought you were asking about a dressing recipe. I've never tried making the actual cheese. Good luck and report back!
  3. Uggh. I can't find an edit button, thus the quote. I listed too much cheese at first.
  4. 1 cup sour cream 1/2 cup mayo 8oz bleu cheese scallion greens/chives 1-2 Tbl lemon juice tons of fresh cracked coarse ground pepper fine chop scallion, add all ingredients minus the chunkier half of the bleu cheese to a blender. Pulse it all together. pour in mason jar, stir in chunkier half of the bleu. salt to taste- likely a bit, but try before adding Simple, but It kills about anything you've ever had.
  5. I hate that. Zero is zero, there is no positive time after zero. As far as an extra second for a back judge, we're dealing with the speed of light here - 186,000 miles per second - not the speed of sound.
  6. Contemplating a potential overtime, I figured if it happens, the Colts win by fluke- we win by being the better team. 100% the Bills are the team nobody wants to play.
  7. Traditionalists keep the line down. Buffalo should be -6 or more.
  8. Bill's Stadium... Bill Gates wants a stadium named after him.
  9. I'd pay a few extra bucks for a cotton shirt if it meant booting the utopian South into its own country. I'd even throw in Mizzurah!
  10. It was a reporter in Dekalb county who was clarifying the 171 vs. 117k outstanding votes. Didn't catch his name, but Wolf made sure everyone understood what he said at the end haha
  11. Ha! CNN commentator just closed his camera stint with, "Go Bills!"
  12. All I gotta say is your wife better be 300 pounds, with a throat made of barnacles.
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