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  1. We fuggin lost, like any other game. And that's the beauty of it. And that's why Tampa Bay Twelve went home in a huff. They might still beat us again, but their ride is over
  2. "His hands are his feet." Sam Rutigliano on Ozzie Newsom
  3. BringBackFergy better go to TWO masses then, one for each half
  4. That's too bad- we want to bear their Best. If we win it'll feel like such a hollow victory...
  5. If you're in the Portland are, the Cheerful Bullpen is the place to be. ALL screens are Bills!
  6. The pressure on Brady wasn't anything extraordinary, he just isn't, and never has been, any good under pressure. Their offense is just designed to mask that. It's been maddening for decades watching defenses not rattle his ass early and often.
  7. Haha, yeah jeesus what the heck was he throwing to most of the time. Pretty tough when they can't call DPI because the throw was too terrible.
  8. Belichick told defenders to nail Allen helmet first if he got a free run.
  9. Agree emotionally, disagree with my head. It's fair enough over the course of a league. I do have to wonder, though, given the Wilfork-Losman hit, if BB****** gave his defenders carte blanche to go helmet-to-helmet with Allen if he ran free. Allen had what, 1 open run and 1 H2H hit...
  10. Awww crap, I love my Bills, but I think it'd be really sweet if the Pegula's put about every last scrap of savings they had into bettering the planet.
  11. So I took the Bills in my suicide pool... I got this. Certainly better than taking the Falcons or the other 31 teams
  12. Gaaaah! ... another ***** gadget. All this team has ever had to do for the last 50something years is forge a ***** identity. Draft linebackers and ***** offensive linemen, luck into the occasional skill position and QB, and this team would be known, year in and year out, as a tough, mean, difficult win. Instead we're a ***** gadget bag in a blizzard. Speedy smurfs on ice. A perennial question bag of jokes. Great, let's find a new way to outsmart outselves
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