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  1. I’ll take that as long as he gets the W in the Super Bowl(s)
  2. This would be #8 on my list. If we make playoffs they’ve earned the extension for sure
  3. So, wait a second- I want to get this straight: I’m “sick” because I made a thread in which I stated that winning a Super Bowl would be an amazing feat, but there would be a few caveats that would make it even sweeter, and that one of which is the Bills beating Tom Brady in the SB? Something we could never have done before because he was a division rival? I can’t celebrate the separation between one of the strongest coach/QB combos in NFL history by hoping maybe they aren’t better than the sum of their parts? The thread is “sad and pathetic” because of hypothetical situations in which the Bills could enact some long overdue revenge on former rivals? Where we could carve out some statement wins against some of the best in the league? Giselle, I’m not sure why you’re on a Bills board, but you can scroll past a topic if you don’t like it. I hope he throws for 299 yards each game just to drive people nuts. That’s over 4,700 yards in a standard season
  4. Obviously a Super Bowl victory is the goal, and no matter what way it happens it would be an amazing feeling. That being said, there’s a few elements that would make it an amazing season in my eyes. I’m going to skip over the “going 19-0” option because it’s too obvious. Here’s what would make it the best season for me: 1. Winning the division for the first time in ages 2. Sweeping the division, but specifically the Pats 3. The Pats missing the playoffs entirely 4a. Beating the Bucs in the SB, to lift and definitively end the shadow of Brady 4b. The bucks not even making the playoffs despite the offseason additions / Brady finally showing his age 5. If the Bucs are out of the SB, taking out either the Giants, Cowboys, or Redskins in the SB- get that monkey off our back and a small taste of revenge 6. Beating KC in primetime and/or the playoffs 7. JA throwing for 4K yards or just to shut up the naysayers. This is low on my list of priorities but I know some people will whine and complain and doubt him until he does. Whatever- winning is all that matters. That about does it for me. What stipulation would make the season that much sweeter to you?
  5. Nah. He truly squandered an amazing opportunity. He chose food and weed over his job multiple times. Doesn’t seem like a process guy
  6. Wins. I expect the 2021 schedule to have a few games and a parade in their honor in the early months too.
  7. Will Gladney from Ithaca. He went to my high school and comes from a good family- incredible story. Just want him to get his shot.
  8. A win is a win. It’s not like the Bills are at any more of an advantage than any other team. I’d prefer to go 19-0 of course, but would settle for 12-0 if I must
  9. Here’s my reply in the Allen thread: “I hope they saw something special. Make or break time. Just have to trust the process now and see what happens.“ Some interesting background on this draft day: my house had flooded a week before the draft- a pipe burst in my kitchen upstairs while I was visiting my in-laws, and we lost half the house with the water falling to the first floor. We lived with my parents for about a week before moving into a hotel for 6 weeks- we checked into the hotel the day of the draft. After getting my family into the room, I went downstairs for a beer and sat with 6 businessmen in the lobby watching the draft. It was surreal as hell- they were mostly giants and jets fans and I think they were more excited for me than I was, but I think I was just so exhausted to be pumped. My initial reaction when I typed that was not “ I hope he doesn’t suck” but more “I hope we finally found the one”. I probably would have said that about any QB Glad to say i came around pretty quickly... it was some time after all the craziness of life had settled down. I worked my normal job and spent my evenings hanging drywall and redoing most of my house with my dad. Later that year I took him to a preseason game as thanks to watch Josh in action for the first time against the panthers. I chose a preseason game because he’s not into huge crowds... and there had to be at least 50k people there that night hahaha. Maybe that’s why I like Josh so much now- I needed someone to cheer for and he was the chosen one. I think time will tell, but he might be something special after all.
  10. Will Gladney, WR Ithaca He played for my high school, and played for 4 years at IC. He just participated in an 8 man pro day at Rochester, and set school records for receiving yards and TDs this year. He’s 6’3”. Had a slower 40 time but he’s definitely a competitor and had a very interesting journey to where he is now. https://www.pressconnects.com/story/sports/2020/04/07/owego-grad-gladney-participates-pro-day-workout-ahead-nfl-draft-ithaca-college/2957010001/ here’s a bit more about his story. https://theithacan.org/sports/will-gladney/ I would love to see him get his shot. Either as a day 3 pick or UDFA.
  11. The ego between the three headed dragons in NE are too proud to do something like that. Tom wanted to show he didn’t need Old Billy to be a winner. Bill wants to prove (again) that he’s the mastermind in NE and doesn’t need Brady to win. Kraft wants to find some comfort in both being able to win and seeing Tom at massage parlors in FL
  12. Dalton please. Already a beloved QB who got us to the playoffs once lol
  13. Sammy Watkins, while an amazing talent in college, did not live up to his draft status. He was an unknown commodity. Diggs has been doing his thing and is proven on An NFL talent level. We gave up far less to get someone known to do what we need than to take a shot (even if everyone believed he was a sure thing, nothing is for certain until he plays at that level)
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