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  1. PLAY FEARLESS. This has been a tough game, and a great challenge honestly. Never expected it to be pretty. Offensively we have played like crap, but if you spend enough time polishing you can make a turd shine. Keep it moving!
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if he and McDermott have each other on speed dial should we need some depth/injury coverage in the DL for the postseason. He still looks like he’s ready to play tomorrow if the call came in. if we needed him desperately, he answers that call 100% of the time.
  3. Don’t forget the white on white combo - still think it’s as good as the blue on white.
  4. Based on their play this season I’d have to say White, Brown, and Milano have been exemplary. I could also see Hyde and Poyer in the mix as well. I’d love Josh to join that list but he has tough competition between Jackson, Watson, and Mahomes. I think even Brady would get the nod before Josh just because of who he is. my Hope is they get the nomination and then have to decline to play in (and win) the SB
  5. We may need to consider signing some of these guys to extensions or new contracts soon. I definitely think we should like Feliciano up for another 2 years after next year as long as he stays productive. I wouldn’t mind seeing Spain back another year as well based on this season. Is there anyone we need to target next year in FA that comes to mind as an immediate upgrade to the principal staters we have? I honestly can’t think of any that stand out as “must sign” players unlike last year with Morse.
  6. This game felt really good to watch from an offensive standpoint. Still not perfect but absolutely a great team effort. Singletary did well except the fumbles, Josh made plays all day, Brown looked fantastic, got the TEs involved a few times, and Beasley showed up as well. O-Line kept Josh on his feet. if this offense shows up each week we are contenders.
  7. I love how the announcers literally just said “McDermott told Allen to not let the position define him, but he should define the position. Maybe playing careful took a little of that fire away” and he gets the TD
  8. THANK YOU. I won’t come on the boards after a loss for a few days until all the doom & gloom posts get stale. I know we have areas we can improve, and we won’t win every single game, but all that matters is we win when we can, however we can, and enjoy the ride. No team is invincible - all we need to focus on is being the better team one Sunday at a time. We haven’t been this good (or lucky if you want to go that route) in a long time. Trust the dang process and let the team grow week to week.
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