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  1. “Hey Eli? It’s Mike Tomlin...”
  2. Sure. Let’s sign him. Then when he comes into the Locke room all of his stuff is sitting in a big trash can with a picture of Josh winking at him
  3. Mostly agree. Sure, he lost a step but when he has 3 of his top targets out he can only do so much.
  4. We ended Favre because of a physical injury, and we ended Eli by breaking his spirit I feel bad, but that’s the game.
  5. Let’s break this down: 1. Be a talented loudmouth who can cause locker room drama 2. Get paid by the team you despise 3. Act like a buffoon and try crazy antics to get in trouble 4. Fail 5. Pick a fight with an authority figure (use a term like “cracker” for best results) 6. Ask to be traded / released. 7. Somehow find a way on the Pats Jalens been reading Antonio’s diary...
  6. Per ESPN- he’s getting elbow surgery and he will be done for the year
  7. The Colts at least got one championship in that time. I’ll take that for a start
  8. Observations this half: 1. Allen seems to have shaken most of the rust off from week 1. He’s poised, accurate, and has thrown the ball away when necessary. Excellent decision making thus far. 2. We are carving them up through the air, and yet all 3 scores have been runs. I expect next half to have one in the air, but great job offensively on getting the plays made when needed. Great job on third down overall. 3. Love Cody Ford going to bat for his QB. Don’t mind the penalty here and I would expect most of the O-line to be there for him- Cody just took initiative. That should’ve been roughing the passer. 4. Oliver is as advertised and I can’t believe he was there at 9. One of my favorite draft picks ever based on potential. He’s going to be the cornerstone of this defense in 2 years (if not sooner) 5. Defense shrugged off the early breakdown and have been solid ever since. We’ve got a great squad and I’m going to love being underrated all year and surprising our opponents. 6. Would like to see singletary getting more involved- but props to him on TD1. Awesome job. I think by week 10 we see him as the predominant runner for this offense
  9. Hyde and Seek Poyer Self Another One The Joshua TreeD’s Measly Beasley’s Hughes D Buffalo Beer Olympians Gore’s Boars Morse Code Riley, Long & Johnson’s This is all I could think of in 5 mins or so. Best of luck.
  10. My friends and I talked so much crap to this dude wearing a Brady Quinn jersey that game (politely but still talked crap) and we lost that stinker. I wore a Moorman jersey that game and he was easily the MVP
  11. Pay Poyer and Hyde soon, and get ready for Tre next year.
  12. I’m safe! Decided to seal my driveway during quarters 2 and 3 to get my mind off the game. Got to see the comeback and rejoice
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