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  1. I honestly forgot what it was like to be anything but an underdog. We still are in some ways, but this feels like new territory to me. We aren’t an afterthought for the first time in a long time
  2. https://www.nfl.com/news/2021-nfl-season-which-head-coach-has-the-best-chance-to-win-his-first-super-bowl Joe Thomas, Marc Ross, Nick Shook, and Gil Brandt all say McDermott has the team to win it all. If any coach is going to get his first SB in 2021- it’s ours. We have come a long way, my friends. I hope they’re right.
  3. I believe this could be Josh’s best game to date. You know he has this one circled on the calendar and had probably been itching to face them after the last game went the way it did. Hopefully less ref shenanigans this time around.
  4. I’m not worried about “Big” Mac or baby Jimmy Clausen (with headband)
  5. Could definitely get behind this. I hope he plays well and gets a shot on a competent team. Plus, the fabled Carolina Connection... but he’s gotta go back to Jet Level Sam week 15
  6. If I had to include AFC teams I’d definitely agree with the Colts. Reich is a great coach and they are definitely one team I can respect. I personally can’t cheer for the Chiefs at this point until we take our win and get that monkey off our back. I just saw the Chargers NFL schedule video and for that alone I may cheer them on. I think Herbert is going to be a force, too. May be a problem down the road for us.
  7. As the title states, are there any other teams or players you are hoping have a good season this year? I don’t like the term “backup team”- but there are some I don’t mind seeing do well... as long as it isn’t against us. For example, I don’t hate Green Bay or the 49ers. If they do well, good for them. I think it’s just nostalgia from growing up watching those teams always be fairly great with Montana/Young and Favre. Plus, NFC so that helps lol. Honestly this year for me I’d like to see Fitz finally get a playoff game in Washington. They should be able to take that divisio
  8. Eh, just celebrate it a week early. Say you have a “business trip” or something. for Buffalo fans, this is a full time job and we take it VERY seriously 🤣
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