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  1. I’d bring him back only if he comes with that horseshoe he has hidden in his body that helped his last 2 teams win SuperBowls
  2. I wanted to revisit this post at the end of the season just to talk about how close we came to an unprecedented year. We made leaps and bounds, and I think we sometimes forget just where we started. Let’s recap: So, in addition to the above, we had the following happen: 1. Josh Allen was 2nd in MVP votes- that shows how much he grew that offseason 2. Diggs is as advertised and brought this offense to the next level 3. Beasley stepped up big and was always open on huge plays we needed him. 4. 5 pro bowl players, and Poyer got snubbed so it should have b
  3. I had Mighty Taco once and had it coming out of both ends mightily
  4. Best wishes to the Schottenheimer family. Thank you for the memories Marty
  5. Tonight is gonna hurt- but we did far better than anyone gave us credit for. We fought a hard battle, overcame ridiculous odds, and here we are: Josh has emerged as one of the best in the league, and we know that while the division is within reach, we now strive to be able to take down giants. I love this team. I love where we are. Soak in the moment and realize how we are so much better than anyone expected. We do what we did last year- remember where we came up short and ensure it doesn’t happen again.
  6. I, like everyone, wanted more. But we do what we did last year. Take in the pain- and then find a way to overcome. We will be back.
  7. I trust this team to do what it did last year. Learn, plan, and come back far better than anyone expected. Go bills. We will get there soon.
  8. We will be back. We learn from this like we did last year. Fight on.
  9. We will be back again soon. Growth comes from this just like last year. Josh is a stud and we have along time to get where we want to be. Go Bills. Love this team.
  10. We will be back. I’m not worried about it. We grow from this the same way we grew last year.
  11. Words of encouragement? we will be back.
  12. Just waiting for the Bills “SUPBER BOWL LV CHAMPIONS” hats to roll in before I get excited lol
  13. Wonder how often he gets referred to as “other” Josh Allen? Lol
  14. I’m with you, but just thought it was strange. Can’t worry about that game until the KC game is done. Here’s hoping we make it and WIN.
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