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  1. Tyrod was a far better option than people gave him credit for at the time. I feel like some people are/were hard on him because we dreamed of having a QB like Josh. Now, years later, I think people could/should see that he was one of the better drought era QB’s we had. He wasn’t going to throw for 350+/4tds, but he wouldn’t make mistakes and he would let his playmakers (Shady especially) do their thing. I give Rex a lot of grief for some of his decisions, but ultimately at the time he was right when it came to QB. Tyrod was a great presence on the team and seems like a genuinely good guy. I hope he can start a few games in NY
  2. Josh Allen is like Jack Reacher- it’s seems unfair that he is somehow the biggest, baddest, and smartest man in the room/on the field, but he is and that’s the way it goes. Anything another QB can do, Josh can do better
  3. So Zack Wilson can score 6’s in the wild but can’t on the field? Weird flex but alright bud.
  4. How dare you. just kidding- thanks for keeping the lights on
  5. Poor Titans - I mean at least they have like 5 dedicated fans out there I guess lol
  6. I’m of the mindset that the NFL is listening to the other 31 owners mad about the fully guaranteed contract, thus waiting to see where the chips fall. If/when the hammer falls it’s going to swing some bargaining power back towards owners to look at a QB wanting a Waston-type contract and say “after all that crap? No way.” it’s going to be a mini-reset on the market, but only back to what it was before this idiotic contract came out. No team is going to pay their QB until this situation plays out
  7. I actually live just outside of Vestal - there’s still a rivalry. The high schools for Endicott (Union-Endicott) and Vestal are basically separated by a bridge. The entire Southern Tier / Triple Cities area is interesting in that there are just some spots that feel lost to time. Binghamton has made efforts to revitalize to varying success- we just had 2 of the nicer bars close down because the owners are being charged with sexual assault and drugging patrons (real classy). Binghamton is basically a college town but it really lacks an identity - compared to a place like Ithaca one hour west of here which has a very nice commons area and is generally more pleasant thanks to the nearby finger lake, gorges, and overall effort to modernize and rejuvenate formerly dilapidated buildings. Binghamton, while it does have a few bright spots, is a mess. Johnson city feels like it’s preserved in a perpetual time capsule. I swear I grew up in a little town by comparison to them and we had a pool facility and entire middle school and elementary school replaced (mostly due to flooding for the elementary school) and they’re still in the same buildings over there built in the early 70s. They have a dying mall, and dilapidated storefronts all over the main strip heading toward Binghamton. The previously mentioned Ny-Penn trade center is the old high school and I’ve been in the basement… the toilets are no joke frightening. Yeah the building is over 100 years old but certain parts are maintained, and others are just… yuck. Avoid the basement. Avoid the whole building honestly. In fact, only go to JC if you want to look at a dying mall or you yourself are dying because they have 2 of the biggest hospitals in the city or just beyond the town line. Good old Endicott, where you would be mistaken to think you’d be safer in than Binghamton, is just sorry. Home of IBM, who literally poisoned the city from illegal dumping of chemicals, left a crumbling building complex and toxic plume in their wake. The former glory of Endicott was Washington Ave, where in the 70s was lush with beautiful storefronts and embodies the American dream. Now it’s half empty, buildings in disrepair, and until a year ago had a motel on the corner I’d rather sleep on the streets before going into. They mercifully tore that down and there are rumblings of a revitalization attempt. Given the whole toxic plume thing, it’s lipstick on a pig. The Jones boys all went to high school here for a short while.
  8. I don’t think he deserves a spot on the wall. I do think his beard should be preserved in a glass case, however
  9. I think, all around, we are solid. Honesty I think if we somehow get Klein back we are set at MLB depth. That’s one of my bigger concerns if Edmunds misses time. Obviously we want our corners to play well and may be depending on a rookie CB to step up in a big way for a few weeks while we easy White back in. WR depth is not necessarily a co cern but who can we see taking major snaps should Gabe or Steph miss any significant time? I love Shakir and think he may turn into a Gabe Davis - level pick (sneaky good), but he may need some time to get to speed. Safety depth is my next big one. Obviously Poyer is a major part of the game, and I hope we smooth out a contract situation soon (2-3 years at most) because, while scheme plays a part, he is legit one of our stand out players on D. We need to be ready, this year or next, to address our safeties. We really have a solid roster, and we don’t have any glaring weakness in my opinion. Let’s just win this year and then figure out where to go next year once we hoist the Lombardi.
  10. A fraction of the money and just as much wear and tear? If money and/or health are his motivating factors behind retirement he’d be better sticking to football in both aspects
  11. Just wait until they see the golf game, gonna need to adjust the top 4 a point or two lol
  12. Mac Jones said he didn’t like that idea
  13. Ah, classic cheap heat. Here’s the thing: Unless he is gonna have someone hold onto Josh like this mid-swing, he’s not winning anything 😎
  14. I look forward to you not-as-regularly scheduled programming once the season is underway. When there’s something worth writing about we know we can count on you. Thanks for doing it all these years
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