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  1. Nope, but he just ate the most acid I've ever seen anyone eat in my life mannnn. Meanwhile, row_33 in his front seat......
  2. Poyer is a good player no doubt, but he is also a perfect scheme fit for what we do here. He may not be as good on other teams with different responsibilities at the position. Here, for us though, he is great.
  3. Nah, he can't stay healthy. I'd rather roll the dice with what we have and let Knox gain valuable experience.
  4. I do mind, the dude minds, this aggression will not stand man.
  5. Ok, so in 85 less snaps than Star, Harrison Phillips made twice the amount of tackles as a rookie. He also did well as a rookie holding up in the middle. Star is really not that much comp to pass over. His play has basically been on the decline since his rookie season. It will happen, he will be relegated to a backup, and will be seeing snaps in a rotational role more so this year.
  6. Personally, I think Harrison Phillips and Ed Oliver will be recognized as one of the most formidable duo's of young interior linemen in the league by season's end. I expect Star and Jordan to be mainly in rotational roles. This defense is gonna be outstanding barring injuries to key players.
  7. Add in Foster and Wallace as UDFA's.... BOOM!!!
  8. Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, Eric Moulds, Takeo Spikes, Willis McGahee, Marshawn Lynch, Kyle Williams, Terrence McGee, Aaron Schobel. Allen makes the 10th different jersey I have had in the last 25 years.
  9. Anthony Lynn is a good coach. The Chargers are a good team. Guarantees at this point are stupid. KC should have made the SB last year if not for an Offside penalty. You still have NE. He needs to not get ahead of himself, especially since it's June.
  10. I think Joseph is gonna flash, especially in the Pre-season games. The guy plays with serious aggression and is as athletic as they come. I expect him to have some "wow" hits out there and make some noise to get playing time.
  11. Yes, Happy Father's Day to all of you who have raised children in this world whether biological or otherwise. It's not an easy job by any means, but the effect you have on the lives you touch will be seen long after you are gone.
  12. OJ is looking to "cut" some people down..... By taking a "stab" at this social media thing.
  13. I would hope it's about 16 years down the line
  14. I was thinking about the red, but bought the blue
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