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  1. @section122 can we get the South Carolina CB removed and add Kenneth Gainwell in his place?
  2. Eskridge is already 24? Anyone know the story on that, like why is he a bit late to the party? Is there any kind of background to that?
  3. Couldn't be that far if we're only getting a 4th out of the deal and he still has us picking in Rd. 1. My guess is the Bucs.
  4. Imo, 1-Tech is definitely something that needs to be addressed in this draft. I, myself, have been banging the table for Bobby Brown III from Texas A&M. That's who I want us to draft, but I would be good if McNeil was a selection on day 2. I think those two are good at anchoring as well as being able to push the pocket from the interior. Naquan Jones, Tedarrell Slaton, Tyler Shelvin, Khyiris Tonga, there are options and some quality 1-Tech prospects out there this year.
  5. McNeil, Shelvin, and Brown are all 1-Tech DT's even though I believe McNeil could play either position. I'm good with that anywhere from Rounds 2-6. I just don't see the need for another 3-Tech, especially in the 1st.
  6. With the 90th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.... The Minnesota Vikings select.... Kendrick Green.... Guard.... Illinois Here again we address our issues on the OL. Green is a big, strong, REALLY STRONG, and supremely athletic man who can play both G and C on the OL. He benches almost 500lbs and squats 700lbs. Any tape you put on it's like the guy works @ IHOP, dealing out pancake after pancake. In some instances only using one arm catching guys on twists or stunts up front. He will also knock one guy out of the way and immediately heads for the 2nd level to knock snot bubbles out of an
  7. @BarleyNY be ready with two because I already know who my guy is @ #90 if you don't take him.
  8. @DCOrange what's their take on Payton Turner/DE/Houston?
  9. Crazy. He'll get murdered in the NFL even if a S gets him squared up.
  10. Actually, Tutu weighed in at 149lbs in Indy. My 13 year old is 5'4", weighs 138lbs, and plays for his middle school team as a LB/RB. He's 11lbs less than Tutu.
  11. Tutu is a dead man walking at the size of an 8th Grader out there on the field.
  12. I'd be pissed. For all of the athletic traits he had zero sacks. I mean ZERO sacks in 7 games. He only has 7 sacks in 3 years at Penn St. He's only had 5 sacks total over the last 2 years and 18 games played. He also only had 13.5 tfl's in his 3 years/20 total games. I said it in another thread, if we take a Penn St. DE I would rather it be Shaka Toney who has actually produced on the field. Oweh is probably best suited as a 3-4 OLB where he can use that athleticism as a stand up rusher and roaming the flats in Zone coverage.
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