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  1. Tom Brady - Successful hair-plug surgery Josh Allen - No need
  2. I am a full believer in you reap what you sow. Mixon is going to catch quite a bit at some point in his life, in various ways I would imagine, that will be retribution for his actions. It's just a matter of time.
  3. Yeah, this is a bit misleading with them trying to pigeon hole off of a single game. Bernard, ok, you can knock that pick. He was mainly just a ST's guy. Elam got much better as the year went along. Benford had some flashes early, while also making some rookie mistakes, but then he gets injured. Shakir, that's on the staff for not using him more. He made some plays, he let some plays get away. Cook was clearly on the up and up as the season went along, this after a rough start. I don't know that anyone was expecting anything out of Spector this year. Araiza had his legal issues and I knew Tenuta was a wasted pick. It's still very possible we snagged at least 4 starters out of that draft.
  4. I actually think the Raiders might be a preferred spot for A-Rod. Reuniting with Devante and no state tax on his $$$.
  5. We either sucked or were in 7-9 purgatory for the vast majority of 17 years. I came through that just fine. Give me a Lombardi and then 8-10 years of anonymity. We'll always be able to have and talk about "our year" just like the 1972 Dolphins.
  6. Like someone noted in another topic, where is that Jim Johnson defense that McDermott was raised in? That's what we need.
  7. He coached in Lovie's Tampon 2 defense. He'll fit in perfectly here.
  8. Yeah, he needs to add some "good" weight to his frame. 10-15lbs will do, and he can do so while retaining his explosiveness.
  9. Motor is alright, but he's slow. Shifty, a quality blocker, but slow. We can find a late round RB or UDFA with those same traits. He's also not a short yardage guy either. The $$$ can be better spent elsewhere. D'Onta Foreman could be had for cheaper than that and is a better option for what we need.
  10. Yes, but has VanNess started his undetectable steroid regiment?
  11. Yeah, I really doubt that. With his extensive injury history dating back to college, and now the concussion saga in the NFL, I don't know if he even gets a 2nd contract.
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