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  1. I knew the Wilkins pick wouldn't be popular with some of you, but he's a hell of a football player. He's projected as middle first round prospect as well so it's not a reach. He's also only 23 and would be 28 at the end of his first deal assuming we pick up the 5th year option. Kyle was how old when he just retired and was still productive? Wilkins has improved every year while at Clemson. In 2018 Wilkins totaled 50 tackles, 14 for a loss, 5.5 sacks, and a forced fumble. He was also around the QB creating pressure a lot more than the sack numbers indicate.
  2. I do this every year just for fun. One early on in the process and then one usually the weekend before. Some have turned out really well, some have not. Here's what I'm feeling for next Thursday night. 1. Arizona Cardinals - Kyler Murray / QB / Oklahoma - This has been the worst kept secret in recent years. A year after taking Rosen the Cardinals, with a new regime in place, go with a new QB. Rosen gets moved on draft day. 2. San Francisco 49'ers - Nick Bosa / DE / Ohio St. - Bosa is the best pass rusher and arguably the best player in the draft. He and Dee Ford are going to be a nighmare for opposing QB's in the NFC West. 3. New York Jets - Quinnen Williams / DT/ Alabama - All of the Oliver talk is just talk and I don't think Greggo has as much sway even if he did want Oliver. The Jets make a solid, safe pick here getting one of the elite talents in the draft. 4. Oakland Raiders - Montez Sweat / DE / Miss. St. - I know Josh Allen is a popular pick here, but I think Mayock/Gruden go for a more freakish athlete. Sweat put up numbers in college, had an outstanding week at the Senior Bowl, and then had a "wow" performance at the combine. That 4.41 forty with a 1.55 10yd split @ 260lbs is whoa. 5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Josh Allen / DE / Kentucky - Even with the addition of JPP that Tampa defense still had trouble pressuring the QB. Allen immediately upgrades this unit. I know people love Devin White here, but I think the opportunity to get one of the top pass rushers in the draft is too enticing to pass up. 6. New York Giants - DK Metcalf / WR / Ole Miss - This is the first real curveball of the 2019 draft. Gettleman talks all in on Eli. I don't think it's just talk. If Eli bombs this year then they'll go all in on Tua or Herbert or maybe even Fromm. They traded away Beckham and know that Shepard/Tate cannot fill those shoes. Just like with Barkley, Metcalf is an elite/high ceiling talent at the position. I think here they add what they feel could be another OROY over everyone else available. 7. Jacksonville Jaguars - Ed Oliver / DT / Houston - One year after having one of the truly elite defenses in the NFL, Jax fell apart last year. Injuries, bad breaks, having Bortles deflating your hopes at every turn, whatever it was it wasn't pretty. They moved on from Malik Jackson and I think Oliver is their idea of an upgrade. 8. Detroit Lions - Devin White / LB / LSU - Imo, White is the 2nd coming of Ray Lewis. The guy has great football instincts, sees the field, knocks the snot out of people, and can cover. Patricia and the Lions won't waste 30 seconds making this call. 9. ***Trade*** Washington Redskins - Drew Lock / QB / Mizzou - The Redskins move ahead of Denver and Miami to get whom they feel is the best QB in the class. Alex Smith is likely done, Keenum is a stopgap at best, and Colt McCoy is Colt McCoy. In the trade the Bills move back to #15 and pick up #46. 10. Denver Broncos - Devin Bush / LB / Michigan - The best player on the Michigan defense comes off the board here after the Redskins move up to take the QB Elway was eying. Flacco will get his shot in Denver now. As far as Bush goes, he's the 2nd best LB prospect in this draft behind Devin White. 11. Cincinnati Bengals - Jawaan Taylor / OT / Florida - Put every position on a dart board and pick whatever the dart hits when you throw it with your eyes closed. The Bengals could use help everywhere. Taylor helps to upgrade the protection for Dalton. 12. Green Bay Packers - Jonah Williams / OT / Alabama - The Packers haven't invested in protecting their star QB in recent years because they spent like 10 picks on DB's. They could go Hockenson here, but I think we get back to back OL picks. 13. Miami Dolphins - Dwayne Haskins / QB / Ohio St. - Fitz is not the answer, but he will start the season out in Miami. Haskins will replace him at some point, but will get to learn from the sidelines for a while. He can make all the throws and I believe the new regime in Miami pulls the trigger on him here. 14. Atlanta Falcons - TJ Hockenson / TE / Iowa - Matt Ryan has always loved his TE's. I also believe that this is the best landing spot for Hock with Julio and Ridley taking pressure off from the outside. He could make a huge impact on this offense. 15. Buffalo Bills - Christian Wilkins / DT / Clemson - Might not be popular with some, but he is going to be a good NFL player. He was a consistent and disruptive player at Clemson as Freshman through the duration. The main thing he does is win his matchups up front and pressure the QB from the middle. That is exactly what we need. He will play himself right into the starting lineup imo. 16. Carolina Panthers - Clelin Ferrell / DE / Clemson - The Panthers haven't had anyone who can get to the QB consistently in quite some time. Ferrell is a step in the right direction. 17. New York Giants - Rashan Gary / DL / Michigan - The Giants address their pass rush here with Gary after taking DK at #6. He has great athleticism, but never truly put it together @ Michigan. I think the Giants put him on the edge and see what he can do. 18. Minnesota Vikings - Andre Dillard / OT / Washington St. - The Vikings could really use some OL help and here they get it. 19. Tennessee Titans - Dexter Lawrence / DT / Clemson - The Titans are truly shaping up like a throwback team. Control the ball by pounding it with Henry and beat the crap out of you on defense. Lawrence will add to that defensive approach. 20. Pittsburgh Steelers - Marquise Brown / WR / Oklahoma - Juju is going to be the man now in Pittsburgh, but Brown is going to be the guy who takes the lid off of the defense. The Steelers do have other needs, but I think Brown fits here. 21. Seattle Seahawks - Brian Burns / DE / Florida St. - The Seattle team is in limbo right now with Frank Clark and were already in need of another edge rusher. Burns fits the edge rush need, but he will need to add some weight to truly be effective at the next level. His first step is amazing though and he was highly productive in college. 22. Baltimore Ravens - N'Keal Harry / WR / Arizona St. - A big-bodied WR who makes a lot of contested catches seems like the best fit for Lamar Jackson and this Baltimore offense. 23. Houston Texans - Cody Ford / OT / Oklahoma - Watson took a lot of hits last year. They have to protect their QB. This will also help Miller, Foreman, and the run game as well. 24. Oakland Raiders - Greedy Williams / CB / LSU - Mayock is a former DB and will be the loudest voice in the room for this pick. Williams has all you look for in a potential lockdown corner. The Raiders clearly have a need and it's met with potentially the best prospect at the position in the draft. 25. Philadelphia Eagles - Dalton Risner / OT / Kansas St. - The Eagles are another team with OL needs and Risner is a guy who fits their mold. He will be a solid OT and could possibly be an All Pro at G. He plays with a mean streak and would be a good get for Philly. 26. Indianapolis Colts - Bryon Murphy / CB / Washington - Another team with a need at CB and there is one of the top 2 prospects at the position left on the board. 27. Oakland Raiders - Noah Fant / TE / Iowa - They lost Jared Cook in FA and the guys left are less than impressive to say the least. Fant would get every opportunity to make an impact year one for this team and should be used similar to Evan Ingram in NY. 28. Los Angeles Chargers - Jeffrey Simmons / DT / Miss St. - Simmons would likely have gone higher than this if not for the injury. Watch the tape. The guy is a monster. The Chargers are a team without any pressing needs for the most part and can afford to wait or even allow a 1st a "red shirt" year. 29. Kansas City Chiefs - Josh Jacobs / RB / Alabama - If the Chiefs had Kareem Hunt for the duration last year they likely win the SB. They were still only an offside penalty away from making it there. Adding Jacobs, a complete RB, likely puts them right back where they were with Hunt. 30. Green Bay Packers (from NO) - Irv Smith / TE / Alabama - Rodgers is another QB who loves an athletic TE running the seams over the middle of the field. They address the OL with the early pick and get a super athletic TE prospect late in the 1st. 31. Los Angeles Rams - Jerry Tillery / DT / Notre Dame - The Rams were completely out of sync against that Pats defense. Gurley not being himself as well as the OL being exposed surely attributed. They could go OL here, but I think Tillery is the best remaining DT prospect and there is a hole left by Suh leaving. Playing beside Donald will also take his ability to impact up a notch as well. 32. New England Patriots - Daniel Jones / QB / Duke - Life after Brady is so close you can almost taste it. With all of the worthy TE prospects off of the board, the Pats take another shot on the QB of the future. Jones will get to learn behind on e of the best to ever play the position for a year or two. Buffalo Bills rest of the way: #40 - Deebo Samuel / WR / South Carolina #46 - Miles Sanders / RB / Penn St. #74 - Tytus Howard / OT / Alabama St. #112 - Maxx Crosby / DE / Eastern Michigan #131 - Terrill Hanks / LB / New Mexico St. #143 - Trevon Wesco / TE / West Virginia (trade #158 + both 7ths) #147 - Jordan Brailford / DE / Oklahoma St. #181 - Mitch Wishnowsky / P / Utah
  3. I used to like Mel, but these days he seems like he just says things to be over the top on purpose. More show than analysis. It's funny at times, but I've never seen a person more wrong and still keep getting paid to do what he does.
  4. For years I would pack in for two days at the house and watch the ESPN coverage back in the day. It was your only option. I liked Berman and Co. back then though. Now we have the NFL Network that covers the draft as well. I find myself flipping back and forth, usually when the commercials kick in. I actually like hearing some of McShay's insight once you get to the 2nd and 3rd Rounds on ESPN, but Kiper is ridiculous. I like Louis Riddick as well because the guy is pretty knowledgeable when it comes to breaking down prospects. I used to like hearing Mayock break guys down on NFL Network, but now he's off to Oakland. You're left with Eisen, Sanders, Faulk, and Davis. I'm really excited to watch the Game Day crew do the draft coverage this year on ABC. Love the College Game Day crew and the chemistry they have. That will be my choice this year. Whom do you prefer and why?
  5. I got 11-5 W's - Cincy, Giants, Miami twice, Jets @ home, Denver, Washington, Pittsburgh, Ravens, Titans, Pats @ home. L's - Pats away, Jets away, Browns, Dallas, Eagles
  6. Bob Kraft's defense? Cardi B slipped something in his drink.
  7. Foster never got on the field much. Gary has been on the field starting for 3 years and hasn't done squat. Foster was also a UDFA. We found a gem. You can't honestly be comparing him with a guy they are putting in the 1st Round convo?
  8. There is no RB worthy of a top 10 selection this year. None. Hockenson? Eh, I could deal with it for the fact he is the best all around TE in this draft. Fant? No. Metcalf? I can see how a team would fall in love with the athleticism. Not my choice though. My darkhorse team for DK? Tampa. I can see Arians pulling the trigger. Where we sit @ 9 we have a chance to draft an elite talent on the defensive side of the ball. That is what I hope we do.
  9. Meh, whatever. I'm hoping for Oliver or somehow Devin White falls into our lap. Whoever we take though, as long as it's not a Whitner over Ngata or Maybin over Orakpo scenario, I'm good. Stevie Wonder could see the Bills made mistakes with those two. Edit: The only person I would be maf about if we picked would be Rashan Gary. He's an underachieving workout warrior whom I think will be a bust in the NFL just like he was as a 5 Star recruit going into college.
  10. Makes sense to me. Though not great at anything, he is a quality backup.
  11. I hope the Chiefs sign Maurice Clarett and hand him the ball 60 times a game. In the process I hope Pat Mahomes decides to pull an MJ by going to play baseball. I hope Andy Reid sees an old Nationwide commercial and decides he would rather be at home eating chicken parm sammiches. I hope Kelce decides he wants to be the next Kevin Federline and in turn leaves the game of football to be a music video choreographer. I hope Tyreke Hill gets his dreds stuck in an elevator door, but the elevator proceeds to go up making him look like the baldheaded Eddie Murphy from the movie Coming to America. I hope he then can no longer wear a helmet because his bald *ss head is too sensitive. I'm not worried about who the Chiefs should be keying in on.
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