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  1. I think it's more likely that Ford and Moss are sent packing before Epenesa. I partly blame our staff for having Epenesa drop so much weight. I think instead of using him for his strengths, while gradually bringing along his weight loss, the shock to his system has hampered his development. He also had his first offseason going into his rookie year be the Covid offseason. Basically, at this point, he's like a 2nd year player. Ford has been atrocious imo. Couldn't stick at RT and he can't stick at G. I don't think he really fits the Kromer mold either because he's a slow and lumbering type of OL'man. If he doesn't get cut or traded for peanuts I'll be shocked. Moss is a tougher call. He was meh his rookie year, was supposedly hampered last year due to lingering effects from an ankle injury, and Moss was also part of that same 2020 draft class. The RB room is deep this year, but no one outside of Moss can fill that same power RB mold. It will be a heated camp battle for that group, but I think Beane and McDermott will keep him over Duke Johnson.
  2. Skip is a known OU homer. This isn't surprising to anyone. He's also salty that Josh has turned into a monster while his boy has been average at best.
  3. It's wreaking havoc in the area right now. It started to trickle out of Delaware and work it's way south, a batch of pills that has been killing a bunch of people. There was a news report a couple of weeks ago here in VA that multiple teenagers had OD'd and died, with the youngest being 13 or 14.
  4. Barry Sanders, though his career only spanned 10 years, won an MVP, made 1st or 2nd Team All-Pro every single season, made the Pro Bowl every season, won OROY his first season, won OPOY twice, and is #3 all time in rushing yards. He averaged 1,527 yards per season on the ground. That's an average of 170 yds more per season than Jim Brown and the level of athletes in the game had completely changed if you compare the two eras. Barry also did pretty much on his own. Those Lions teams were awful outside of him. Tom, though he is likely the GOAT QB, is not the most dominant NFL player. I stick by my choice in Barry Sanders.
  5. I almost think you have to go one for offense and one for defense. Offense is Barry Sanders, hands down, in my book. His lowest yardage total for his career was 1,115 yards and he did that in 11 games that season, 1993. He was the entire Detroit Lions offense, people knew he was going to get the ball 20+ times a game, and they still couldn't stop him. He singlehandedly carried them to the Playoffs 5 times pretty much. He probably could have played at a high level another 4 years at least and would still be the all time leading rusher more than likely if he had done so. Defense, though this may hurt some feelings, to me is Reggie White. As a DE he eclipsed 100 tackles 4 times, with the highest total being 133 (those are LB #'s), and was 2 tackles away one season from a 5th. He could destroy your QB, blow up your running game, and would maul any OL'man you put in front of him. He was a true game wrecker, especially in his prime.
  6. Curse whoever did this right here.
  7. The older you get, the faster time seems to move along. I used to think it was a myth until I hit 35. Now I'm 45 and the train just keeps rolling along.
  8. I wouldn't mind keeping Poyer through his age 33 season, which would mean a 2 year extension, but it would have to be at the right price. Beane and McDermott seem keep and reward their own when they can. I know what people think of and say about the cap, but we also have Edmunds (multiple varying opinions I know), Knox, and Oliver on deck for new contracts. Unless it on par with his current AAV, I think they may let him test the FA waters and see what they have in their younger guys.
  9. Minkah is also 25 years old and just entering the prime of his career. Poyer is 31.
  10. He ran a 5.03 40. There are OL'men faster than him. He may end up being our new Lee Smith, but I wouldn't expect much beyond that.
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