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  1. He should have had surgery last offseason instead of just trying to let it heal. Let's hope he gets fixed this time. The OL needs a healthy Glenn imo.
  2. Happy 3rd Anniversary today

    Well wishes to the Packers and you as well my friend.
  3. Dunkirk Don

    It's just the same off the wall things that Crayonz would come up with
  4. Dunkirk Don

    Dunkirk Don reminds me of another reincarnation of Crayonz........ and we haven't seen Yeezus in a while I don't believe.
  5. We'll have to see what Richie is gonna do, but I would flip Dawkins and Glenn. Dawkins at LT and Glenn at RT. After that we definitely need a RG to replace Ducasse.
  6. CHEifs over chargers?

    Watching the Rams vs Eagles game in LA last weekend there were more Eagles fans than Rams fans in the Rams' home stadium which is completely across the country.
  7. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    A butthurt, childish act of a man whose words were not accepted as gospel
  8. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    I think they would definitely be a 3 win team without him.
  9. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    Honestly, right now, its taken as someone throwing at the wall. Time will tell as to whether you are telling the truth or not. Until then, expect people to be weary of the things you say. If you're that sensitive then maybe this just isn't the place for you.
  10. Slow Down The Dolphins Hype

    Cutler had a good game, Gase had a good gameplan, and the defense played well. It was easily their best game of the season. They aren't anything special though and we can beat them twice if we get the defense that showed up against Oakland, KC, and Atlanta. Especially if we can get any kind of pressure on Cutler then he will fold.
  11. Tyrod Trade Value This Offseason

    Oh, damn, I had the years flipped around in my head. I thought next year he only counted $9,000,000 against the cap. Yeah, he's gone one way or another. He will NEVER see that $6,000,000 roster bonus.
  12. Tyrod Trade Value This Offseason

    If they can get a 3rd or 4th they might move him, but he is a relatively cheap insurance policy as a backup for next year in this day and age.
  13. Shady McCoy: If You Ball You get the Call

    I don't see this as being his last year in Buffalo. I haven't really seen a dropoff in his play tbh. No reason to move him either as he has bought in to the process.
  14. NFL 7-6 teams point differential

    It means our offense has been anemic compared to most other teams or that the teams we have faced are just that good and we are more than fortunate to be 7-6. The stats are a bit inflated by the Saints and Chargers games though.