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  1. You give Eli a RB like Barkley and that offense turns into a monster. Use every other pick on the OL if you have to. The defense will be fine. Eli hasn't had a RB this good in his entire career. It will open that whole offense back up.
  2. How Many QBs Will Go in the Top Ten?

    There will be at least 3 in the top 5. Maybe 4 in the top 10 if the Bills feel they need to leap Miami for someone.
  3. How The Jets Changed Everything

    I wasn't saying yes to it being any kind of payback, I was saying yes because I forgot to say f*ck Irsay for making the trade.
  4. How The Jets Changed Everything

    Yes, f*ck Irsay's pill poppin a** too.
  5. For weeks we have been watching the moves. Tyrod to Cleveland for #65. Glenn to Cincy getting us to #12 from #21. We signed Davis, we signed Ivory, we signed Star, we signed Murphy, and we signed McCarron. The stars seemed to be aligning and everyone was talking about how teams KNEW the Bills were coming for a top QB. There were rumors about the Bills being in talks with Indy to get to #3 or the Giants to #2, though I felt the Giants weren't a realistic option. That almost assured us of getting our guy though. Everyone would have been below us after Cleveland. In steps the NY Jets paying a king's ransom to move up 3 spots. They changed the whole landscape of the draft, for us anyway. I'm not seeing us getting up high enough to our grab our guy. It will likely be a fallback option and I fear that fallback is Jackson. This is how I see things playing out. 1. Cleveland Browns - Sam Darnold 2. NY Giants - Saquon Barkley 3. NY Jets - Josh Rosen 4. Cleveland Browns - Bradley Chubb 5. Denver Broncos - Baker Mayfield Were we ever going to ransom the farm to get into the top 5? I don't know. It seemed like we were in a good place to make that move. The Giants could make it even worse by passing on Barkley and taking a QB. If that happens then boom, done. That would mean 4 QB's in the first 5 picks. Could Cleveland still end up trading us #4? Maybe, but I think they are staying put. This leaves Allen and Jackson on the board if the Giants choose to build around Eli, which I think they will do. At this point I don't think we move anymore. I am almost certain now that Beane\McDermott will let the draft come to them. We will still end adding some serious talent with the picks we have, but my hopes of Mayfield or Rosen are all but shot. F*ck you NY Jets.
  6. Baker Mayfield

    If you've watched Mayfield play then you would know that his height does not impair him. He slides well in the pocket to find throwing lanes. He is also a smart QB that can diagnose what defenses are doing quickly and then find the open man. He is accurate to all levels of the field. Best QB in the draft.
  7. Greg Cosell: LB Draft Options

    I think it is widely expected Roquan will be off of the board before we pick. Best LB in the draft though. Tremaine Edmunds has that elite closing burst as well. He sees a guy and flips into another gear to get to then bring him down.
  8. Clayborn isn't anything to be worried about. Out of the total 9.5 sacks he had last year, 6 of them came in one game against the Dallas Cowboys backup LT. He's been fair to below average otherwise. I liked Hill coming out of LSU, but he hasn't done much either. This doesn't mean he will not turn into the Pats new version of Blount because he very well could. That Pats OL does look a bit weaker these days though. Until he shows anything on the field I will still call this a meh signing as well.
  9. UFA LB Will Compton to Visit Bills

    I don't know about any LB's from Clemson, but Robert Woods is ****ing crazy.
  10. I'm on fire, ayyyyye, that's what Richard Pryor say
  11. Holy $#!+ - looks like I'm going to the draft!

    Congrats my friend. You need to shout out TSW in some way
  12. It's reverse psychology. You don't mention a guy, people then assume that is your guy because you didn't mention the guy, and the truth is you didn't mention him because he's REALLY not your guy.
  13. Hey Bills fans!

    Perfect fit for our secondary and a great player.
  14. I am really pleased with the offseason as a whole so far. We have addressed needs with talent.
  15. Josh Rosen Pro Day 3/15

    He and his source, the proverbial "we", are walking through western NY with shovels right now looking to break ground.