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  1. Kamara to Ingram: "Yeah, they're shoes that only non-PED using RB's are allowed to don. Sorry bro."
  2. If we can get the All-Pro level production for 3 years I think it would be worth it. No one can predict injuries, but a healthy Bell would be a worthy investment to help a young QB while he grows. They said Shady had too many miles as well. Some RB's are the exception to the rule. I think Bell is likely one of them. Just my opinion.
  3. Honestly, I believe we have enough $$$ next year to add two good OL players, a pass rusher or LB if need be, a WR, and still get Bell. In the draft you could make your priorities WR, DL, and OL in whatever order as well. We have a ton of cap in 2019, but the question will be if Beane and McDermott can sell FA's on Buffalo.
  4. Honestly, I wouldn't mind having Bell at 15-16 mill a year for 3 years. The league is changing, salaries are rising, and Bell is a perennial All-Pro RB. He can run for 1,300 yards or more, catch 60-70 passes for another 700-800 yards, and he can block. He is a true 3 down RB and top 3 in the league.
  5. Shady might be elsewhere by then where he has a whole different set of offenses to worry about.
  6. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24114399/leveon-bell-pittsburgh-steelers-fail-reach-long-term-deal-ahead-franchise-tag-deadline This is likely his last year in Pittsburgh. We will have a boatload of money next offseason. What say you TSW?
  7. H2o

    Not all that bad if Shaddy goes

    If Shady is gone then this season is destined to be really bad. We have a horrendous schedule on paper and we would be losing the key cog in our offense. We have AJ, NP, and a rookie for QB's. We have an OL that had a suspect right side to begin with and is replacing two starters that weren't in those positions. The defense will be the defense, but if you can't move the ball and put up points then you lose. Without Shady this offense struggles to move the ball, this solid defense will tire out in the 2nd half of games, and we will lose a lot. The offense is built around him and the drop off behind him is significant. It is clearly a bad thing if he can't play.
  8. H2o

    The Herd- AFC east predictions

    Cowherd is on that "Skip Bayless" level of stupidity. I have never been able to listen to that idiot.
  9. H2o

    NFL.com Free Agent RB's

    Murray or West unless TD Mike gets cut.
  10. H2o

    What is the Bills record without Shady?

    Shady is the offense along with being the heart and soul of this team. Without him I think we are fortunate to win 5 games.
  11. H2o

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    So this has gone from McCoy did it, to McCoy had it done, to now a home invasion that McCoy orchestrated to have it done? Could it just possibly be someone breaking into the house of a rich individual and they ran into some unexpected company? I don't see Shady as the Rae Carruth type.
  12. H2o

    ESPN says we overpaid for Star

    The fact of the matter is he had lost his job as a starter in Carolina. Was that due to poor play or the level of talent they have? I don't know. He doesn't have to get 10 sacks or a 100 tackles a year. He's not a Jim Schwartz coached version of Dareus. It still seems like an awful lot of money to give a rotational DT and one who isn't that overly impressive imo. I will hold that opinion until he proves it otherwise on the field.
  13. H2o

    Jordan Poyer family drama

    As long as this doesn't effect his play on the field, he's not doing dumb stuff to get himself or anyone else injured, and he's not doing things to get himself suspended then anything she says is just one side of the story. There are always two sides and she just may be the "crazy" that is pushing to do what he does. A lot of times extremely hot and crazy go hand in hand.