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  1. H2o

    Hernandez Beaten, Abused as Child

    Some people, for whatever reason, just have no respect for human life or life in general.
  2. Why Allen is good, why Allen is bad, Why Allen is the worst ever, Fire McDermott, Fire Beane, Fire Daboll, McDermott for COY, Zay Jones is the biggest bust in Bills history, I have Mahomes' n*ts on my chin, It goes on, and on, and on........... So I say they should all be together and let those immersed in the takes which are hot be forced to sift through the 9,378 pages the pinned thread will become.
  3. Dear Mods, I say we have one thread pinned to merge all hot takes on the board. We all see them. We all know what they are. They become overwhelming at times. You're welcome.
  4. Shanahan has gotten the most out of every QB he has had at his disposal. You can look at the track record with Griffin, Cousins, Ryan, Garapolo, and Beathard. Allen doesn't have that on his side.
  5. Not just the locker room, but the fanbase, GM, and owner might be lost as well if McDermott trots Peterpick out there again
  6. All of this is dependent upon what happens in FA.
  7. At this point I would sign Kaepernick and drop Peterpick. Honestly, I think Kaep could be semi-successful in this offense. He would at least be similar to Tyrod and he adds the mobility factor back there which is absolutely necessary with this OL. I'm not a Kaep advocate by any means, but it's hard to say that he's probably not the best QB available at this point.
  8. Dropping Peterpick and signing Matt Moore seems like one of the better moves we could make.
  9. H2o

    McDermott hangs up on Schopp and Bulldog

    No, it's not incredible at all. It's actually a bit scary if you ask for me. I don't get it. Character, what you do in practice, and being a "good teammate" don't count for sh*t if you're out there costing your team games. That is EXACTLY what he did yesterday.
  10. H2o

    Peterman Could Play in Indy

    I'd rather get Pennington out of retirement
  11. H2o

    Peterman is here to stay!

    Thanks everyone. I really didn't feel like going through that. Peterman needs to be putting his degree to use or bagging groceries at Publix. He has no business putting on pads, not even for field hockey.
  12. H2o

    Peterman is here to stay!

    Who actually read all of that?
  13. H2o

    McDermott hangs up on Schopp and Bulldog

    McDermott's a p***y
  14. H2o

    Peterman Could Play in Indy

    I swear to God if I see Peterman take one more snap I will become one of those Billspolar posters I'm always laughing at. I will recant every single defense I have made for McDermott in any situation and start a go fund me page for a "Fire McDermott" billboard in which I would be a chief contributor. Ok maybe not all of that, but I would be mad af. If they're smart they would start Anderson and rest Allen for a week or two, if Anderson is up to speed on the playbook. I would rather have Shady, Ivory, and Murphy line up in the backfield to run the Wildcat for the rest of the season than EVER IN MY LIFE see Peterman take one more snap
  15. I just read this report about Benjamin. If this is the case the hole he is digging for himself just continues to deepen. First he lashed out at Cam and the Panthers. Now he is acting like lazy bum who doesn't gaf? Does he realize this is a contract year? Maybe Zay needs to tell him that too and have his mom tweet it to reinforce the thought?