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  1. Buffalo 38 - Chiefs 28 A late TD ices the games for the Bills.
  2. No, I wouldn't say he is trash either. They can be successful with him as long as he plays smart. I mean shoot, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Joe Flacco, and Jeff Hostetler all have SB rings without really being special. But Allen is special and we are watching him become great before our very eyes. He was truly deserving of this accolade.
  3. Mayfield basically just cut down on his INT's. His other stats are basically on par with his other two seasons. Because he wasn't turning the ball over as much Cleveland had a more successful season. He still doesn't do anything that really wows you, unless you're a paid sports analyst who is also a known OU homer in Skip Bayless. His yards, completion %, TD's are all average QB numbers. He didn't have to carry the offense like Allen and surely didn't make anywhere near the same kind of leap forward.
  4. Never a doubt on this one. I can't even think of another in the same stratosphere in this instance.
  5. Exactly. If we lose they will then try to find a way to pin it on Josh more so than anyone else, unless he is absolutely lights out. It will be an amplified version of the Colts treatment because we will have also taken the L.
  6. Chris Simms is the epitome of a football aficionado. He has picked against the Bills for various reasons throughout this year and he is likely Josh's biggest fan in sports media right now. Not everyone who counts us out in certain situations, or picks against us, is doing so from a lazy perspective though.
  7. He's Rex Ryan hired from Wish.com
  8. I expect to see a different Josh Allen just for the fact his shoulder isn't an issue anymore. Our WR's are a little banged up, but I still expect them all to be out there and for all to contribute. Our defense is also way more healthy now than it was then. This is the AFC Championship game. It's gonna be a dog fight. Expect any and every stop to be pulled out by both squads. It will surely be a completely different show from week 6 of this year.
  9. Bills 38 - Chiefs 28 Bucs 31 - Packers 30 Bills vs Brady SB to exorcise all demons
  10. Go back and watch that Saints game then watch old highlights of the young Ray Lewis. Heck, go back and watch Devin White his final year at LSU. That's always who I said he reminded me of.
  11. I took the Bucs because that defense was swarming last week. We already knew they had an offense and Brady is gonna be Brady. Devin White though looks like the year 2000 version of Ray Lewis.
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