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  1. Don't be surprised to see Stevenson on the roster. He's a homerun hitter in the WR group and he was a good returner in college, taking one to the house on every 11 attempts if I'm not mistaken. Roberts is gone and will need to be replaced.
  2. I hope they practice in the rain, as long as it's just rain and not a thunderstorm of any kind. Reason being so Josh can light it up throwing the football and then all of the herbs who were making the rain excuse for Tua can chime in.
  3. I expect Beane to pull off a couple of trades this Preseason tbh. Kumerow could be one of them if he's not going to make the roster. I also expect at least one of our OL'man to be dealt.
  4. I mean, he had to do what he had to do right? Atlanta wouldn't give him a raise from his meager salary.
  5. It's days like today that make me think about and miss Dean's TC reports. They were always a great read.
  6. Could mean they won't be keeping 3 on the roster this year. We'll see.
  7. I'd throw Breida into that mix as well. I know it was a Shanahan offense, but the guy has some wheels and receiving ability. I wouldn't be surprised if Daboll can get the most out of him since his time in SF.
  8. Yeah, he's definitely light. I think they said he only played around 200lbs while at BYU. He's like the Tutu Atwell of QB's.
  9. Yeah, idk about that. He's a got a bit of Rodgers to his game if you watch the tape. Quick release, different arm angles, buys time with his legs behind the LOS, and he's got more than enough arm strength. Even his incompletions weren't off in a lot of instances. I hope he doesn't pan out for NY, but it's likely he could be a solid starter for them if not more.
  10. ACTUAL football reports, highlights, and all things Bills?
  11. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31890729/green-bay-packers-craft-list-concessions-entice-aaron-rodgers-return-least-one-more-season-sources-say
  12. I like Adams, but I don't see him as the best WR in the NFL which is basically what these rankings are saying. He's top 5 imo, but not #1. I guess there are a few names you could just throw into a hat and draw from. Hopkins, Adams, Diggs, Hill, and Jones, but the most complete WR in the NFL to me is Hopkins.
  13. I think this has been building over time with personnel decisions and especially when the new coaching staff came in. Ted Thompson and McCarthy managed his ego fairly well, but Ted and Mike are both long gone. You're now seeing the type of arrogance he has always had, just not blanketed anymore by those who catered to him, in their own way, like with the previous regime.
  14. I picked 4-7, but I think they win between 6-8 games this year. They have a decent run game, but only one legit WR and a decent TE. They also are doing some shuffling of parts along the OL again. Who knows, it could be a complete disaster without A-Rod and they might only win 3 or 4. We will see.
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