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  1. Gave him an A. He's a good coach whom the players seem to love and rally around. He has built a culture here like no other. Whenever you can get everyone to buy into what it is you are selling then the chance for positive results increases by leaps and bounds. He's a coach who gets his guys to buy in. He does have a lapse here or there with a challenge flag or a timeout or clock management, but he has gotten better in all of those regards since year one. He and Beane have basically built this team from the ground up in three years. They have done an amazing job. Can't wait to see where we are at by year 5. Probably a lurking Jets or Pats fan on the board.
  2. With the new rules where you basically get flagged for breathing on a WR it has changed everything. They don't jump routes like they used to due to possible Pass Interference calls, which you never know how that's gonna be called from week to week these days, or getting a hit on a defenseless receiver flag. The DB's aren't taking as many chances. Also, with the QB's being so protected these days, I don't think they get as rattled in the pocket because they aren't taking the hits they used to before. It makes a difference throughout the course of a game.
  3. That would be Andre Smith. I remember them basically fat-shaming him on NFL Network when he ran his 40.
  4. I might go scoop Foster on a flyer in a FF league this week. I have a couple of guys on bye's and Brown is a guy I was planning on playing.
  5. Cam Phillips on the Houston team as well
  6. I am a man of my word. If the Browns don't win the AFC North then I will make sure you get the 800 from me my friend.
  7. Lorax is another one of those guys who epitomizes the Buffalo Bills. An NFL journeyman most of his career who found his home and rejuvenation here. He's been nothing, but a class act, great leader, and solid player in his time with the Bills.
  8. It's because Oliver is a bust. Not a single sack as of yet.
  9. Flores playing chess 4-D chess like Belicheat Lewis for the win
  10. I actually like what Shaq is doing on the field. Beasley is a lightweight DE that has regressed in recent years. Pass.
  11. Turns out the Bucs couldn't have gotten it right either way. Both QB's are looking like busts right now. I think Jameis will keep playing as a backup, but I wouldn't be surprised if Mariota walks away from the game after this year.
  12. The justice system is flawed, but I also believe the media places in the forefront what they want to place in the forefront for the purpose of division. The police do people wrong every day and it doesn't matter what color you are. I too have been subjected to such things on multiple occasions and I am white. Not going to go into detail here, but I would glady explain in a PM if you would like. With anything else you have your good and your bad as far as cops go. I have looked into his background and I've also looked into that of his gf. That is why I wonder who really orchestrated all of it. I do give him the benefit of the doubt, but it doesn't mean it erases the thought. Either way, I'm going to leave this alone now as I believe I have expressed what my thoughts are in full detail as best I can.
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