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  1. Tunsil @ #2 though? The guy is a penalty machine and gets away with a lot more than he actually gets called for. He's like the Lee Smith of OT's.
  2. I understand we have some flexibility, but I think that flexibility needs to be reserved for our core group first. Yannick is alright, but he only had 1.5 more sacks last year than Shaq on 300 more snaps. That hardly screams $20,000,000 per season to me. Then throw in the possibility of giving up a 1st as well? That's a pass over here. I don't see him as a difference maker like Von Miller, or Chandler Jones, Khalil Mack, or either Bosa. I don't see him as an addition that would put us over the top in the AFC. I think we have a group collectively right now that is going to surprise some people to be honest. If we get back a 100% healthy Hughes then you throw in Addison, Murphy, Johnson, and Epenesa? I think we could get 30-35 sacks from the DE position alone, possibly more if Hughes is on his game and Addision keeps with his average over the last few seasons. Also, with the guys we have now outside of Murphy, I think our run defense is going to be better on the edges. This isn't even counting the fact that Jefferson has some scheme versatility to play multiple positions along the front. I also think we added more than we lost on the interior of the defense by getting Jefferson, along with Butler, and then we have Harry coming back. I have full confidence in this team to get 50 sacks this year without Yannick. I can't see us paying the price to get him and then keep him.
  3. He's not worth the $$$ he thinks he is. We have a few key guys coming up on the end of their rookie deals we need to re-sign. Dawkins, Tre, and Milano. Josh and Edmunds will be up for new deals before you know it. They also have to take into account the possible financial impact of Covid in all of this. If the salary cap goes down next year then we need flexibility to sign these other guys. It's not smart to give up assets for and then have to pay a DE $18,000,000-$20,000,000 per season (even though I think Ngakoue's looking for even more than that).
  4. I doubt the players go for this. Hopefully they listened to Marshawn and took care of their chicken.
  5. This dude just got P-A-I-D for real.
  6. The Washington War Bonnets that way they could still keep a Native American connection, one that would be acceptable. They could come up with a design that wraps around a helmet with their colors for this.
  7. Maybe because someone feels the need to take a stance for all of the good cops who are being demonized for the actions of a few? Obviously this already struck a nerve with you and it hasn't even happened yet. Like I originally said, whatever the reasons may be, you would quickly see the shoe end up on the other foot.
  8. I don't know if this has been covered in the 9 previous pages, because I don't really feel like reading through all 9 pages, but I wanted to ask an honest question. What if people kneel during this so called Black National Anthem? Say they are people doing so in support of local police or whatever their reason may be. Then what? Will that be seen as acceptable? Probably not. My thought is you would see how quickly the shoe ends up on the other foot. The MSM would be pumping it all over as a hate crime or something re-tarded as such. This whole thing is not only ridiculous, it's a recipe for disaster. It sure as hell isn't going to bring people together that were seen as apart before. If anything it will drive the wedge further.
  9. This stuff is just getting ridiculous now. Completely ridiculous. Sports are working really hard to bury themselves.
  10. Towards the end of the year, when Josh hit a few of those deeper passes, he was doing exactly what Moon said. He took some of the mustard off, put a little more air under the ball, and it was on a dime. The throw to John Brown against the Pats is a perfect example.
  11. I think Newton starts the year at QB, but falls victim to the injury bug again at some point so Stidham finishes the year as the starter. Cam's body has been failing him over the last 3 years or so and his style of play doesn't bode well for that to change. Josh and Lamar better take notes if they want to have a long career in the NFL. As far as the playoffs go? That's a no from me. I think they are 8-8 and just miss out on a Wild Card.
  12. How is this going to work with the pre-snap huddle, social distancing? Seriously though, without fans, how is this going to work for play calling? Is every player going to be given a receiver in their helmet so they all directly receive the initial play call from the OC?
  13. He's comparing Taylor to JA by numbers alone. Any of us Bills fans who have watched the both of them for an extended period of time know the differences that lie outside of just numbers. Like Tyrod being captain check-down which inflates his completion percentage. Josh takes more shots, looking for larger chunks of yardage than did Taylor. We know about Tyrod not being anywhere as close to clutch as has been Josh. Josh can simply make throws that Tyrod couldn't make if his life depended on it. Tyrod had more agility than Josh and made some crazy plays avoiding tackles, but Josh is 5" taller and about 35lbs heavier than Tyrod so he doesn't go down as easy when hit. I would also like to see the percentage of drops during Tyrod being at the helm versus Josh as well if we are going by numbers. Either way, a lot of what he says is true. There is a reason to be both optimistic and pessimistic because of the things Josh has done on the field at certain points. But if you look at his first year compared to his 2nd year, then you see a ton of growth and maturation. We made the right choice in going all in on Allen over sticking with Tyrod.
  14. I think he ends up at home, eating a bag of his favorite gummy snacks, working on more crappy music.
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