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  1. You know what I say to all of the bobble-heads, whiners, and clowns in the so called sports media? 3-0 , 3-0. I'll leave this here again.
  2. I agree totally. They could have had any number of WR's, a TE like Kmet, any number of defensive players, any number of OL'man, and they took a project QB. It was stupid by the organization and it was a kick in the gonads of Rodgers.
  3. Yeah, I'm not saying he's a great option by any means. I do believe he is whom the Eagles should have kept because he just seemed to click there with that team and with Pederson as a HC. I don't know what the heck happened to Wentz. Maybe he's a product of the talent around him? Or maybe this is just who he is? Either way, that contract has left Philly with serious buyer's remorse.
  4. Indeed he is a journeyman. A journeyman who has played his best football in that type of offensive system. It's still better than what Wentz is at this point and obviously better than another underachiever in Trubisky whom has found a seat on the bench now due to Foles as well.
  5. Surprises: 1. Darryl Williams @ RT. He is what we were missing last year on the OL. 2. Tyler Kroft. The young man is a solid TE when healthy. 3. Stefon Diggs. I knew he was a good WR, but he is truly a guy who elevates everyone else around him. So much for the "Diva" label. Disappointments: 1. Where is Jerry Hughes? 2. The defense as a whole, yardage and scoring wise. 3. Moss. For all of the hype in camp he looks pretty ineffective out there except in Pass Pro.
  6. A QB who won the SB MVP in that offensive system and was a dropped pass away from moving on to the NFC Championship in the playoffs the following year? Absolutely. Oh, and did you see who saved the game yesterday in relief of Trubisky's subpar effort, in a similar offensive system to that of Philadelphia's?
  7. This was Stefon's advice to Josh about dealing with haters.
  8. To me Josh Allen is a more athletic, stronger armed version of Roethlisberger. Ben Ro displayed that clutch gene many of times, their stature is the same, and some of the throws are eerily similar. He does however have that Brett Favre-esque love for the game where Ben has typically been less emotional. The young man is special either way and the results we see on the field are just scratching the surface of the potential we drafted him for.
  9. The Eagles stuck with the wrong QB, their defense is bad, and the OL fell apart almost seemingly overnight. The Redskins are in a rebuild mode and have some nice pieces on defense. I know they spent a 1st on Haskins and this is only his 2nd year, but I don't think he is the answer long term. The talent level on this roster overall is not good by any means outside of that defensive front. The Cowboys are still the Cowboys no matter who the coach is. They are loaded with talent everywhere, but they always underachieve. Dak, though being a solid QB, almost always shrinks on the field in the biggest of moments for them. The Giants? Geez, they're on the same level as their NY counterparts the Jets. It's early in Judge's coaching career, and they lost Saquon, but dang this is a bad team. I don't know what to think about Jones because they basically have nothing around him. The NFCE is on par with the rest of everything else we've seen in 2020, in every facet of life in general for the most part, a complete and utter show.
  10. Josh is walking around carrying his n**s in a wheelbarrow right now
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