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  1. I'm still of the thought that I wouldn't want Beane to give up assets for then pay $20,000,000 a year to 248lb DE who averages 9 sacks a year. It just seems like a stupid move.
  2. I was going to say if we go 7 Rounds then once you hit Round 3 there is an hour time limit to make your pick or your team will be automatically allotted the BPA based on a draft board (say The Draft Network/Fanspeak or something like that) and that BPA will be ranked according to highest rated team need remaining (from said determined draft board).
  3. Justin Herbert = 2020 version of Blaine Gabbert Mekhi Beckton = Even though he was amazing at the combine for a guy his size, he reminds me of our own former OL'man Mike Williams
  4. I think they are great announcers, some of my favorites to listen to calling college games, but I don't know if this will work out.
  5. I wonder if he will even succeed Rodgers and be poster boy Jake Fromm State Farm?
  6. I hate you That's who I was going to take. With the 60th pick in the NFL Draft the Baltimore Ravens select Cam Akers, RB, Florida St. Mark Ingram is on the wrong side of 30 and our offense is predicated on the running game. That being said we are looking ahead to a replacement. Ingram can be released next offseason to clear $5,000,000 in cap space for us if need be after this selection. Akers NFL comp in many instances is Mark Ingram and we know what that type of RB can do in this offense with Lamar Jackson pulling the defense running that read option. @Philo and the Titans are on the clock
  7. Great, now the Chinese are sitting back just waiting to crash the internet like
  8. I don't think Brady is the Brady everyone thinks he is if he is here. We suffered through years of incompetence in the FO, scouting dept, and staff. Years. Terrible drafting, terrible coaching, and bad roster decisions that put us in cap hell at points. We had key misses in the draft that we all still point to. Whitner over Ngata, Maybin over Orakpo, CJ Spiller over a host of others we could have had when we already had Jackson and Lynch, all of those decisions set us back. I know all teams have their histories, but from The Music City Miracle on ours was especially bad if not in one way crippling the franchise then another. Thankfully, now things have been turned around.
  9. I'm not saying the teams were completely devoid of talent, but AT BEST they were mediocre. It showed on the field well beyond the QB. Just because we had a couple, just a couple, of guys who were much better than the rest on our roster at one point, and may likely be in the HOF one day, does not mean we would have been any kind of threat if we just had a better QB. Maybe the teams that Rex screwed up completely? Sure, but again it falls on the coaching because he ruined the defense.
  10. 1. Peters left here in 2008 because they didn't want to pay him. Most of us knew he was good. Not on the Bills at all this past decade. 2. Lynch was jettisoned after a few off the field incidents and they just didn't feel like he fit here. Most of us knew he was good. He was only here for 4 games this last decade. 3. McCoy we got a couple of good years out of and he was on the drought-ending squad. 4. Frank Gore we just had for one year, this past year. It's been much more than just a missing QB around here my friend. At least now we have a real GM, Scouting Dept., and coaching staff who are getting things right.
  11. I think Claypool is a WR personally. I also believe WR's are wasted in the Ravens' offense. I also think if they do take a WR it will be more of a possession type or a slot guy to go with Brown. They just traded Hurst so I wouldn't expect them to use a pick on Kmet. He was the TE I was referring to in my statement.
  12. There would be no more in this draft, trust me. Kmet, Claypool, Gilman, Okwara, and Kareem are the only guys I would want. The Ravens don't need a TE, Claypool would be wasted in Baltimore (but was drafted by the Bills), Gilman unnecessary, Kareem (already got Okwara), and that is all.
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