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  1. A live look at Chiefsaholic starting his new life.
  2. That's a whole lotta Valium going around here The radar didn't matter. The injuries, however, made all the difference.
  3. To help some people step away from the ledge
  4. As is your wallet.......somewhere
  5. 4.54 speed, but subpar instincts. Campbell has 4.65 speed, elite short area quickness, and excellent instincts.
  6. Campbell. Campbell would be what we all hoped Edmunds would become in this defense. For whatever reason, Beane and McDermott believe in Brown (even though a lot of us don't).
  7. The way the draft picks have been spent is obvious. But we have holes to fill and a cap hit of that sort screws us over and takes away two potentially impact players. Let's not forget we need a MLB and still a couple more pieces for the OL. We're also thin without Lawson or Phillips. You name these other teams, but neglect to mention what they already have. Both have OL's better than ours. Both have an overall skill group better than ours. Lots of changes coming this year though, already starting to lose some players. In the end, back to the topic of Hopkins, it doesn't matter anyway because Beane won't do it for that price.
  8. No we don't. We still need to add to the defense and the OL. We only have 6 picks. If we give up that for Hopkins, AND have to find a way to navigate his salary, we'd be in trouble.
  9. Beane WILL NOT make this trade if that is their asking price. He just won't. He'll look elsewhere or just go the draft route.
  10. Sounds like unless we would have overpaid, he was going back to Tampa. He's been there for 11 years and he really didn't want to go anywhere else. Just my 2.
  11. Aaaaaaand, in the end, opinions on both sides remain the same.
  12. The only thing I really have was given to me by one of the companies we purchase stuff from. It's an autographed Jim Kelly jersey. Someone won it in a raffle at their company. They immediately thought of me. They invited me out for lunch one day and gave to me afterwards. It was an awesome gift from a couple of good friends.
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