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  1. Shurmur Garrett Probably Kitchens Possibly Taylor Maybe Gase if they lose out(though I hope not)
  2. Eff the Pats****** and the camera crew they rode in with. That is all.
  3. Oh yeah, they're bringing in the wings with bleu cheese.
  4. If you run a college style offense that puts your QB at risk then what you will get is people knocking the snot out of him every chance they get. It comes with the territory. Get used to it or change up. The better statement would be that our offensive staff needs to do more to keep Lamar Jackson out of harm's way. Shut up and play defense Earl.
  5. Tua is well beyond Barkley talent wise, but his medicals are going to be huge. Barkley didn't stay because of an injury, he stayed because he thought he could guide USC to a BCS title. Him getting exposed the following year was just what happened. Hindsight is always 20/20. Tua may need to do this to repair his draft stock. If he declares and his medicals come back suspect then the boat he's in will sink either way.
  6. Tua is already expressing some doubts himself that he will ever be the same player he was prior to the injury. It would be a pass for me. His best bet is to return to school and prove he is healthy so he can be a top 3 pick next year imo, but if someone is going to take him in the 1st Round in 2020 then it is hard to say no to that guaranteed $$$. I can see the Raiders taking him and they will have multiple picks before the Bills anyway.
  7. Yes, but the numbers are against you and you don't want to end up looking like you got into with Kimbo Slice. At some points humility can be your greatest and most necessary attribute.
  8. The thing that worries me about Ngakoue is he is light being listed @ 246lbs.
  9. Nice. We have quite a few of our own to re-sign, but we also have the flexibility outside of that to go after at least a couple of upper tier players.
  10. The first tragedy I remember was that of the Challenger Space Shuttle exploding on live TV. I was in 4th grade and they had been talking about it so much because of the school teacher on board, Christa McAuliffe. We had no idea what we would witness that January morning in our classroom.
  11. Singletary reminds me of a RB who played @ Notre Dame in the early 90's named Reggie Brooks. There isn't much quality video footage out there to post though outside of one run @ ND and a run for the Redskins that can be seen below.
  12. I hope they lose their entire 2020 draft, including any compensatory picks, and get fined a couple mill. This isn't like it's the first time this has happened.
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