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  1. Josh looks like he's in his best shape ever upon arrival to TC this year. Just my 2.
  2. I understand your point on his build, but Smith was cooking everybody in college and that was while playing an SEC schedule. It's why he won the Heisman. Smith was also an excellent route runner coming into the league. Worthy has never been close to that on either front. Let us not forget the Chiefs just had another burner at WR, who was a bit bigger, they thought would play that deep threat role. Didn't quite work out with Mecole Hardman.
  3. Pretty sure the Dolphins were banking on him being a heavy contributor on that defensive front with the ongoing rehabs of Phillips and Chubb. I wish Barrett the best in his retirement.
  4. Diggs had proven to be a distraction. There was friction between Diggs and JA. There was friction between Diggs and the coaching staff. There may have been friction between Diggs and Beane. We were able to get out from under Diggs contract and get a 2nd in return. Everyone has handled themselves in a professional manner since.
  5. Played at Temple. Spent his first few years with the Steelers. Not too surprising he would go back.
  6. Dang it. They could have swapped Zach Wilson for Adams straight up.
  7. We're not handing out the draft capital to acquire, nor are we going to pay Aiyuk $30M a year. It won't happen.
  8. For me, as a kid, it was Randall Cunningham. He was different in that era of QB's. To see a guy with his athletic ability that could throw one of the most perfect spirals, it was really something. Then I was really hype for him when the Vikings went 15-1 in 1998. They should have gone to the SB that year, but they choked against Atlanta.
  9. Because the NFL wants Lawrence to be an upper tier QB, to be another face for them, but even with help he's falling short.
  10. Russell reminded me more of Daunte Culpepper than anyone. He surely doesn't remind me of Allen outside of them both have a cannon.
  11. Daniel Jones, Devito, and whoever else they played last year are all meh at best. Yes, the OL was terrible for the Giants. We all knew this. But the OL wasn't done any favors by subpar QB play. They also had a ton of injuries up front and were dumpster-diving to fill holes. That contributed as well. For us, Allen makes the OL look better than they really are. He has since his arrival. This isn't the same same crap show we have seen previously, but we don't have the Chiefs OL, or an OL like the Eagles had, or one of the other top groups. We have an overall decent group, with a couple better than the rest, that Allen can work with better than the previous groups. Dawkins is a good LT. McGovern was solid at LG last year and huge upgrade over Saffold. Moving him to C is..... I don't like the idea. I'd rather give those reps to Van Pran. That leaves who at LG? Edwards? Are we confident in that? I don't know. Seems like a lot of question marks up front this year. I like Torrence at RG. He was one of the players I wanted us to draft in 2023, we did, and he played solid for a rookie. Now on to Spencer Brown. We can all agree he was better last year. He's good in the run game and likes to maul people. His pass pro is still lacking at times, getting caught off balance by countermoves and not being able to get out quick enough against speed rushers. Hopefully, another healthy off-season continues his development and he is the bookend we hope for. We have a tough schedule this year. A lot of good teams. Teams with good interior defenders. I hope these moves on the OL shake out. If they don't, the season won't be pretty and Allen will be out here running for his life again.
  12. Aaaaaand just like that, Keon Coleman got his new nickname: Tortuga
  13. Sad to watch how some people's lives just spiral out of control and they just continue to make dumb decision, after dumb decision.
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