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  1. I would think 2 at the minimum and I wouldn't be surprised if he missed 4 or 5 to be honest.
  2. Duke Williams is available and I heard he needs some "fine" $$$ for situations north of the border.
  3. Sucks for Crowder. Shakir is going to get his run now though. Best way to learn and get acclimated is on the field. Hopefully he can step up.
  4. Kumerow, Crowder, McKenzie, all guys we may be without this coming weekend against Pittsburgh. But hey, let's rest Gabe for the sake of rest even if HE feels comfortable enough to go. What a great idea. That would leave us with Diggs and Shakir. Then what? Call up Austin, Hodgins, and Gentry? This isn't a head injury. I trust a WR to know whether he can go while pushing through an ankle situation or not. We're already looking at having to bring up one or two from the PS as it is. We need to make it to the Bye week and then guys can get a solid 9-10 days off if need be.
  5. The Giants are right in the thick of the Playoff hunt in the weak NFC. Barkley isn't going anywhere. Both Daboll and Schoen know how big a part of the offense this guy is. Before yesterday? Probably. But after McDaniels finally realized he needs to run Jacobs to win? Not likely to happen now.
  6. Everyone talking about giving Davis a rest week, like this Steelers game is a gimme. It's not. Even without Watt, they still have a really good defense. I don't expect them to be a pushover. We should win, but any given Sunday ya know. If Davis is comfortable to go then we need him on the field. We have two weeks left and then our Bye.
  7. We need both, but Josh is clearly the most important player on this team. You honestly think we would have success with Tyrod back there? Sorry, not happening. I'll take a top 3 NFL QB any day of the week. This doesn't downplay what the defense has done, but without Josh we are probably 1-3 or 0-4 right now.
  8. Agree. If the ground can't cause a fumble then this should be a TD.
  9. Is Mac going to lose his job to Zappe? Could this be their new Bledsoe/Brady moment?
  10. Josh didn't have a "one score monkey" on his back. He's been Captain Clutch since he's been here. He's had a couple that have gotten away, but this isn't the first time he's led us to victory in the last minutes of a game.
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