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  1. Al Davis is going to resurrect from the dead to draft Worthy first
  2. Leggette with that 4.39 on the 2nd
  3. 4.47 for Leggette. 4.35 for Adonai Mitchell tho 🔥
  4. DeVonta Smith is 170lbs. He's pretty good. Pass on Coleman.
  5. Franklin with a 4.41 isn't bad at all. For some reason I thought he was taller though.
  6. Shakir has some versatility. Ideally, he's going to start in the Slot next year. Really good hands and made the most of his opportunities. Josh also was looking for him more. Gabe saw 81 targets during the regular season last year. Shakir, already having chemistry with Josh, should see a some of those.
  7. Sign the entire staff from Orchids of Asia to the active roster.
  8. He already has one. At this point in his career, he's probably just looking for one more payday. If he can get that AND chase a ring he would do it. I think the biggest threat to steal him from Tampa is Houston. He played his college ball at A&M (College Station is fairly close to Houston), he's also from Galveston, TX which is not that far from Houston, Houston has $68M, and they have CJ Stroud.
  9. Again, he's another athlete without much to show for it on the field. He had 15 TOTAL tackles in 10 games with 4 whole sacks. Amazing. I don't care what Baldinger has to say about three highlights he pulled from a game against Iowa. Of course they aren't showing the tape where he's getting cleared out by the OL or taking himself out of plays. That's an easy pass.
  10. He's basically Yannick Ngakoue without the production. We don't need a 6'3" 250lb DE with 11.5 sacks in 3 years. It would be a waste of a 1st round pick. Let someone else make that mistake. He's not Micah Parsons 2.0 like they're making him out to be.
  11. KC has Chris Jones to re-sign, Trey Smith on deck, Nick Bolton one deck, Creed Humphrey on deck, and Harrison Butker on deck, They have a lot of $$$ they are about to have to spread around. I can't see them Paying $20M+ to a WR and giving up multiple high end draft picks.
  12. Purdy is the fluke in all of this. They had Jimmy G prior to, but he was on a middle of the road QB contract. Reason being, Shanahan's offense can almost be run by a chimp in pads. Ok not literally a chimp, but you get what I am saying. He knows how to coach up QB's and get the most out of them. Tua is in the same system with McDaniel as Purdy with Shanahan. Miami is about to find themselves in a more tight cap situation as well when they pay middle of the road Tua top QB $$$. They also have Waddle coming up soon, and possibly Jaelen Phillips. No, Allen is not on a rookie contract anymore. In all fairness though, this season is where his new $$$ is finally ballooning for the first time. They had opportunities to do more for Allen, but they have not. Part of it is because Allen himself makes everyone else around him better than what they actually are, outside of Diggs who was good before he got here. Part of that is they were banking on Gabe's development. Then the rest of it is they spent resources elsewhere and hoped to get lucky while bargain hunting. It hasn't worked out. He has not had the same talent around him as the other top offenses in this league. Whatever the reasoning may be or how people try to justify it, this is the case. For Allen's future cap figures, they will likely have to renegotiate a deal after this season tacking on more years and throwing in more guaranteed $$$. We know what we have so it's not a bad of a situation overall.
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