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  1. James Cook. He bounces back huge. Has something to prove. On D, Groot. Massive game, Titans will be shifting line towards Von leaving Groot one on one.
  2. Don’t know about Cincy. Pitt was all over Burrow today
  3. you forgot the Ronnie "No Reception" Harmon game > 😉
  4. I like the all blues with white knee high socks. but only for Thanksgiving games.
  5. Heading to Detroit for Thanksgiving. Buddy of mine is a huge Lions fan. We been saying it for years if they played each other. We are finally going!!
  6. Couldn’t agree more!!!!
  7. And three inches shorter. Height and arm length. Small corner!!!!
  8. Dude is tiny. Not a NFL corner. Slot at best. My daughter has longer arms that this cat!!
  9. Out there prediction but Bills trade with Giants for there 2nd pick in top 10 and select CB Derek Stingley. Pairs up beautifully with Tre.
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