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  1. Jack Campbell LB Darnell Washington TE with a trade up in the second
  2. You get another Tackle with him also. You never know if they are planning to throw or run!
  3. The New Tom Brady has arrived NFL. Will get every call from here till he retires. Great job NFL!!!
  4. F*** Him!!!! Biggest Cheater in sports history!!!!
  5. Our DC sucks!!! He will be there as long as McDermott is. Sean’s seat has got to start getting warm I would think.
  6. Hurts threw for 120 yards. 30 of it should t have counted with the drop to Smith. Refs were awful!! The AFC team will romp them
  7. The blue on blue we’re great once a year for Thanksgiving. Way over done this year. White on white Best UNI they have
  8. I got killed by several posters for saying the same thing. You know who u are, we are just not that good and McDermott may not be the answer fellas. And before you say it, I know he takes us to the playoffs. F*** that, I want a Super Bowl and I don’t know if he is the right guy to do that. Ok go ahead, tell me how wrong I am!!
  9. Dude is one of the dirtiest players in the league, could give two f***s about this pos!! Guy should have been thrown out of game Monday night for throwing a punch at a guy.
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