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  1. That Kielce catch didn’t look like a good catch. Ball hit the ground
  2. Edwards - Hellaire looks like an All Pro running back. 8.5 yards a carry ? yikes
  3. Should keep throwing at the KC DBs . They are overmatched hence all the mauling.
  4. Yup late throw . Also a bit of pass interference there as the DB wasn't playing the ball.
  5. Hopefully the Chief's drives don't continue to look like that.
  6. Greg Roman was one of our OC s while EJ was here... It didn't make a difference for EJ . What talent was that? Throwing balls into the hospitality tent? 😃
  7. I thought the great Cam would lead the Pats to the promised land this season?
  8. Well the score was at least close. But no win for New England
  9. So in other words, the article essentially said EJ was trash?
  10. I love it when this happens. We typically see posters who haven't chimed in in ages come out of the woodwork.
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