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  1. Sure . But didn't the guy who said that get killed by a dwarf. while sitting on the crapper in an outhouse.
  2. It wasn't Jimmy G's arm that got San Fran to the NFC championship and Superbowl. They had the #2 ranked defense and #2 ranked rushing attack in 2019. They were a middle of pack passing team
  3. I remember a while back someone making an argument about Karlos Williams being key to the running game.
  4. Thats not proof of anything lol. What kind of organization would leave a confidential draft board in a conference room that was open to all employees to see.
  5. A lot of supposition there. So the Bills found out in advance what Cleveland and Jets were doing because teams like to share info on their number 1 picks? Yet the Bills managed to not share who they were getting. Cool.
  6. What makes you think that Josh was "the guy"? The only thing we know with certainty from the draft is that Lamar and Josh Rosen weren't their guys since they were passed over. "The guy" could very well have been Darnold or Mayfield.
  7. Nah. Jimmy G is primarily a game manager . New England doesn’t have the same talent as San Fran so I expect some not so great results if Jimmy came back to be starter .
  8. Bye bye Garropolo? read here though that he was an excellent QB and just hasnt been given the right opportunity by Shanahan
  9. Alonso had maybe a great half a season in his rookie year. Nothing much of note happened after that.
  10. https://www.si.com/college/florida/football/former-gators-percy-harvin-nfl-comeback-report#:~:text=According to ESPN's Josina Anderson,at the age of 32.&text=In 75 career games%2C Harvin,of 9.9 yards per touch. Harvin's available once again I believe
  11. Is there any evidence that Fromm will amount to anything?
  12. What year was he a critical part of the Chiefs? He was maybe a factor in the Superbowl for 2019 as he picked up the slack from the normal go to guys. Otherwise, he was a bit role player. 2020 - 421 yds 2 TD 2019 - 673 yds 3 TD 2018 - 519 yds 3 TD
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