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  1. nope I didn’t suggest that . I merely was pointing out that New England didn’t exactly collapse with no Brady. Though I believe KC made the playoffs the following year when they had Cassel. So probably was not a quite a one off .
  2. Didn’t Belichick go 11-5 the season Brady was out with knee injury . His QB was none other than Matt Aka Meh Cassel
  3. +1 Thats why he was never a good QB. Great athlete sure. But thats not whats important for being a QB in the long run.
  4. There is one flaw in your argument . Kurt Warner was a very good QB and is in the Hall of Fame . Cam was at best an average QB who , barring some type of major career resurgence, will never sniff the Hall of Fame. Check out his career stats. For his career, he has less than 60% completion percentage and QB rating of only 86.1. Compare these mediocre numbers to QBs like Rodgers , Wilson , Brady who have career completion percentages well north of 60% and QB ratings in high 90s low 100s. Even in his "MVP "season in 2015, Cam was not the best QB in the NFL as other QBs including Carson Palmer performed much better... People don't give enough credit to the Carolina defense which was something like no 6 overall during that season . Offense was not even in top 10. So to me saying that Cam carried the team raises a few eyebrows.
  5. We have top sports docs that people fly in to see in Buffalo?
  6. Stat Padford 😃 Why not. We will at least get the 300 yard monkey off our back.
  7. Aren't Gurley's knees shot at this point? Can't imagine anyone would be interested in him as a workhorse back.
  8. RIP. The Vikes defense was cool to watch when this guy was on the field.
  9. Eli had at best a slightly above average career as a QB. His brother Peyton, on the other hand , had a superlative career . Those saying that Eli deserves to be in Hall of Fame based on Superbowl wins should ask if QBs like Mark Rypien should be in the Hall of Fame because of a great run or two in the post season
  10. The Chiefs defense will be gassed late in game if this keeps up
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