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  1. Yup . Henne has shown he can make enough plays with the Chiefs offensive stars to keep the competitive.. People should not write off the Chiefs even if Henne ends up starting.
  2. He can certainly still read a defense as well as anyone but he can’t throw the ball where it needs to go very well . No more deep balls or fast balls into tight windows
  3. Well that’s the kind of play you expect from a backup coming in cold . Let’s see what browns do
  4. Wow. Seems like Chiefs may score on every possession with the way Cleveland defense is playing .
  5. McD does seem to elicit a whole range of different feelings. He even made someone feel really depressed back in November because he apparently wasn't elite like a Vrabel or Belichick.
  6. Nope. Because unlike you, I read in the forums before chiming in. The posts actually are from at least 2017 to present 😃
  7. Dude. Does anyone here really care about what you have to say? Didn't someone recently call you out for having zero reading comprehension as you post in a lot of threads showing very little understanding of the main point of argument.
  8. Thats right. You only get to pick one option after winning the coin toss. Imagine what an advantage it would be if you could choose receive/defer as well as which goal to defend.
  9. The team who lost the coin toss typically gets the chance to choose which side to play on...
  10. It is sarcasm. You were likely on hiatus during the time we had like half a dozen threads about the need for offense and entertainment. This is a tongue in cheek take on the ridiculous position .
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