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  1. The release of the video to the public because of and its admissibility into evidence are mutually exclusive items.
  2. There are a number of articles out there showing that sinking lots of money into the QB position more often than not does not translate into success. The below USA Today article highlights an analysis showing that there is no correlation between paying top dollar for QB and wins. It makes intuitive sense since any team paying through the nose cannot invest in other positions needed to field a solid team. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/02/nfl-quarterback-salaries-salary-cap-kirk-cousins-free-agency You may have a shiny pricey QB toy but if the rest of the team is average, its not easy to win consistently. Just take a look at Green Bay, Atlanta, Ravens, Lions, etc. While the one team that is consistently winning --New England--isn't spending disproportionate amounts on the QB.... With all the money that Seattle is now tying up in Russell Wilson, they have that much less to shore up defense, run game etc. And I expect that Seattle will not be very relevant in the NFC SB hunt anytime soon.
  3. prissythecat

    shawn oakman

    Didn't the poster with the all * in his name previously start and abandon a thread about this same guy?
  4. prissythecat

    Prediction: Kyler Murray will be an injured bust. #Mechanics

    So should Arizona go for Remy Issaly instead ? =)
  5. prissythecat

    Deep sleeper D 3 Tom Kennedy Bryant University

    I am pretty sure Da'Rick didnt play lacrosse. But don't you recall the epic discussion thread on why Da'Rick shouldn't have been cut by us in 2013? And why Hogan should have been cut instead because he is a dime a dozen.
  6. prissythecat

    Deep sleeper D 3 Tom Kennedy Bryant University

    If there is a Chris Hogan in the discussion, where is the Da'Rick? Who led the SEC this year in yards and catches? :p
  7. prissythecat

    Kingsbury finalizing AZ HC deal

    I m very curious to see if they do pull it off. Either they become a laughingstock (most likely) or are viewed as geniuses (less likely)
  8. prissythecat

    Kingsbury finalizing AZ HC deal

    You mean if AZ gets rid of Rosen and gets Murray?
  9. Werent you also also excited to see how EJ would do under Rex and Greg because EJ was on his way to being better than Tannehill?
  10. prissythecat

    QB Wonderlic Scores 2018

    When did these HOFers last play?
  11. prissythecat

    QB Wonderlic Scores 2018

    Can you pay for someone take a Wonderlic for you just like how those rich people paid millions to get their kids scores fabricated in that Admissions Scandal
  12. prissythecat

    QB Wonderlic Scores 2018

    The Wonderlic is just one of many aspects of a QBs measurables that should be considered. There is a reason why its continued to be used. I believe all of the successful QBs in recent times (so please don't go bringing up Jim Kelly or Dan Marino) have had scores at least in the high 20s. Anyone who scores as low as a 13 probably won't last long in the league. Vince Young supposedly got a 6 on his first attempt. In retrospect, thats not surprising.