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  1. Hehe. He didn't disappear. If you voted in some polls recently, you may have seen one of his re-incarnations.
  2. Lol. I know. But whenever someone proposes a bet , I can't help it.
  3. Do you recommend that guys bet $5k taking the points and then not tell their wife and family about it? 😉
  4. Is there an "eye test" ranking? The corpse of Joe Flacco would be on the bottom of that list
  5. Doesn't Brady feast on the blitz due to his ability to get the ball out quick? To get to him , teams need to be able to apply pressure via their front 3 or 4. From Next Gen Stats at the end of last season: The @Patriots are 15-1 when opponents blitz more than 30% of dropbacks since 2016.
  6. MVP is not necessarily based on who has the best overall numbers. The year Cam won the MVP, he was like the 4th or 5th best QB based on numbers ? No argument from me that Fitz probably has more talent than Matt Moore.
  7. Haha. Well the point I was trying to make is that Fitz was tearing it up for a short while when he had weapons on Tampa Bay. Why can't Matt Moore can't do the same? In past , he has been on teams that haven't had a stellar cast of offensive talent I believe.
  8. Fitz averaged over 400 yards a game during a 3 game stretch for the Bucs in during the start of 2018. If Fitz can do it , Moore can :p
  9. Did Flacco have any real talent? He got hot during one post season and used that to fleece the Ravens.
  10. Maybe the Bills will have special gloves made just for Ray Ray to hold on to the ball better?
  11. I think you have something there . Since we have a member named jpsredemption, why not petermansredemption
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