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  1. I remember seeing that on YouTube. It was quite the behind though as I recall
  2. Would you bet 5k on a particular player or coach to make it this year ?
  3. The earliest any type of strike could happen would be 2021. Can the NFL still field replacement players these days? I have found memories of the strike during 1987 season . There were even entertaining nicknames like LA Lambs, Counterfeit Bills, , Rhinestone Cowboys, Chicago Spare Bears, Seattle Sea-Scabs, New Orleans Saint Elsewhere?
  4. RBs aren't really a position where Wonderlic merits scrutiny. However, if you look at the scores of all the successful QBs in recent times (ie , not 70s or 80s), you will see that the good QBs score mid to high 20s. There has been no successful QB that has scored in the teens.
  5. All I want to know is did Peterman further improve his velocity like he did last pre season?
  6. The ranking makes little sense since it seems to be more of a growth potential and career horizon list compared to where can the QB take my team this season. Brady , Ryan, Brees, Roethlisberger should not be lower than Wentz, Luck, Mayfield in any reasonable ranking. The may be older but I would expect them to perform at a very high level still compared to a lot of the young guns. If we are talking about where Brady and Brees and even Roethlisberger may be 3 seasons from now, then maybe your list makes sense? It should be interesting to see how Mahomes does without two of the key playmakers he relied on for a good part of last season.
  7. Worst QB in NFL “..... In less than two seasons with the Buffalo Bills, Peterman appeared in eight games and made four starts. He threw three touchdowns with 12 interceptions and had a 32.5 passer rating. Keep in mind that throwing every pass into the ground earns a quarterback a 39.6 rating. .... “ Think about how mind boggling it is that Peterman’s QB rating would have been better if he spiked the ball on every snap instead .
  8. Maybe Peterman will beat out Carr lol. Chucky is not a fan of Carr.
  9. In America, we are all about second, third, ..., one hundredth chances. Isnt' that the gist of the Chad Kelly thread?
  10. I am not surprised that Pete wants less replay. During his Superbowl winning year his D got away with systematic mugging of wide receivers.
  11. Lol EJ was everything but capable . It doesn’t matter who the coach was .
  12. Haha . I agree with you guys . I love how a lot of people cite the NFL combine measurement as official when that is nothing but a hype machine. Bring him to a doctor’s office and let’s see what that height really is 😛
  13. Why did you stop using your BuffaloRush handle? Did your wife forbid you from posting on fan sites after you told her you lost 5k?
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