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  1. I wouldn’t classify Karlos as being a wonder since he sucked when he was the feature back. Getting good yardage spelling Shady is nice but when he was the primary ball carrier he wasn’t any good. A one year running back wonder would be someone like a Peyton Hillis with the Browns.
  2. The Cardinals should have put a clause to get a correct height for Kyler Murray. Additional bonus if he is actually 5'10'' or taller
  3. The NFL has a personal conduct policy... What happens in the legal system isn't all that relevant if the NFL finds that the policy has been breached.
  4. In the final stretch of his last season, Brees couldn’t put the ball where it needed to be. He was done. He can’t magically reverse time.
  5. IIRC from posts here from Nate fans , Nate is at the top 2% of his profession and that he just needed time to hone his craft before breaking out . Perhaps he learned from the QB guru Gruden and is finally going to make his mark.
  6. Yes. But HOF for what? Being a highly paid left tackle? I'm pointing out that the Eagles spent a lot of money on something that didn't matter in the end. There was another HOF tackle in Cleveland Joe Thomas around the same era as Peters. He sure led them to the promised land like Peters lol. I'd rather spend the money on other positions that make more of a material difference on Wins vs Losses.
  7. Peters sure did get his dollars. But he didn't move the needle in Philly and wasn't part of any dynasty. The year they won the Superbowl, Peters was already out at midseason.
  8. this thread will likely be closed as a lot of the OPs threads normally are. Contributes nothing to the TBD community.
  9. Isn’t “In” typically used for a thread that is a dupe / merge candidate or one that is in danger of imminent closure?
  10. Da’Rick Roger’s tape was insane. I heard he also led the SEC back in receiving back in the day. He’s available too.
  11. Well there is a reason why you are on your way to setting the record for most closed threads.
  12. Well at least he is consistent. He has been predicting excellence from the Dolphins for over two years now. Check out post below from his alter ego. As a plus, there was an awesome prediction about Darnold being the best QB from the 2018 draft class.
  13. Will be interesting to see what happens this coming season with Tyreek gone. Thats a ton of production out the door. Juju is not in the same league.
  14. Wasn’t his Raiders stint his second chance ? Whatever team Mariota ends up on next is his third chance. The fact that no team was interested in getting him as a starter post Titans says a lot.
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