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  1. Applebee's is a national chain. Kind of a waste to go there if visiting Buffalo the first time?
  2. I drilled into your article link. Here is the actual quote from Lurie: LeSean McCoy is a great running back - all time franchise leader," Lurie said, via NJ.com."Great guy in every way. (But to) maximize his power spread offense, (Kelly has) always admired the one-cut runners." There is no direct quote anywhere from Kelly about a mismatch in running style vs scheme . So in effect , Peter King is reading a bit into Lurie’s statement when he tweets that he heard that McCoy is too much east-west. Interestingly there is also no mention about McCoy refusing to hit the hol
  3. Link or is this something you pulled out of your a$$ like so many of your posts ?
  4. Shady was traded for Kiko by Chip Kelly because he had a hard on for any former Oregon player regardless of NFL ability. Had nothing to do with Shady's perceived limitations. There is a reason why Chip Kelly is now out of NFL...
  5. haha. Not only that. McCoy was less effective than DeMarco Murray after he left Dallas and Ryan Matthews who carried the ball maybe 5 times and Mike Gillislee who spent a lot of time on the bench.
  6. Can’t imagine many players will back up Cole’s stance . It’s fine to choose not to get vaccinated as it’s a personal choice . But then to say that you won’t follow social distancing requirements is idiotic .
  7. I can’t believe the lack of respect on this board for Shady.
  8. Yes. Kind of like how just EJ and Peterman needed more time to perfect their craft.
  9. Yah. I also read here last season about how Tua is the real deal and that he is super accurate. We may see that finally this season.
  10. I also read here that he threw for a ton of yards as a rookie and that he is Hall of Fame bound.
  11. Would it depend on which of his alts will be eating the fries and sandals though? BuffaloRush, Phil the Thrill, BillyWhiteShows, JohnNord?
  12. Wasn't there a long thread from some insider a few years back about building a stadium out near Letchworth.
  13. Typically, someone is not kept on a roster for several seasons unless they are somehow "productive" Keep digging that hole. You are doing great
  14. You claimed Kelly was gaining tons of yards throwing to scrubs . But his receiving core of Gerald McNeil, Clarence Verdin, Richard Johnson and Ricky Sanders all went on to have NFL careers after the USFL folded. So your argument kind of falls flat. On the Bills , Kelly benefited greatly from having a strong running game. Marino never had that. There is a reason why Marino tends to appear on lists of the top 10 NFL QBs of all time while Kelly does not.
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