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  1. yup . that’s the simple point that I was trying to convey . There is no way to spin that other than a reference to someone’s big lips. Gruden trying to explain it away as meaning something else is disingenuous lol. Rubber lips in urban lingo isn’t slang for liar. And lastly , Smith has the lips of someone of African decent . They aren’t any bigger or smaller .
  2. didn’t Gruden’’s email say that Smith has lips “the size of Michelin tires “?
  3. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/jon-gruden-emails-resigns-raiders-coach/1f7nbdnxccjat1momv1xkg9bpp Gruden had a treasure trove of emails over 7-8 years in which he routinely used racist , homophobic , misogynistic language . Not sure how one would not conclude that gruden was a bigot .
  4. https://www.tmz.com/2024/06/14/bill-belichick-dating-24-year-old-ex-cheerleader-jordon-hudson/?adid=social-tws
  5. Matt Barkley , Matt Leinart the list of overrated USC QBs goes on
  6. Whatever assets Brown still has would need to be used to repay debts. If he was filthy rich , he would not need to declare bankruptcy
  7. Isnt this the same guy who was showing off his bank account balance of 20 odd million just a few years back. How does one burn through 20 million that fast
  8. yes. I recall a number of posts here stating that Peterman just needed time to hone his craft . After spending time with the great Chucky , I would expect he is now a finely polished QB
  9. Didn’t peterman looked like a hall of famer in practice
  10. the playoff game against the Chiefs wasn’t as close as the score suggests . The Chiefs were gaining something like 8 or 9 yards per play …. while we were gaining 4 ish? Cowher made a pretty good comment about how the game wasn’t really close and that the Bills were just hanging on .
  11. interesting list . I believe Carucci didnt put in a first place vote for Josh despite the hometown connection .
  12. Lol. Did we have annual Tyrod MVP threads back in the day too?
  13. The packers and niners are in a different conference. One team may be a future powerhouse. The other one already is. But who cares really?
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