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  1. @SBbeliever is almost as good as @RunJoshRun in terms of starting threads .
  2. Yes . EJ has shown he can the ball with good velocity . Only issue is that the ball may not end up in the right zip code . yes . I recall reading how Peterman had significantly increased his arm strength while with Bills and that he could throw as hard as Deshaun Watson
  3. Record setting day for Chubb. 203 yards on 30 carries
  4. Who is Josh Daniels? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josh_Daniels
  5. they are 6-3. And has someone posted earlier , third place in AFC east
  6. It’s a passing league. Don’t need to run the ball more. Just keep passing.
  7. I’ve read here that’s is a passing league though and we should not try to run the ball more.
  8. Am not sure how one can conclude that Gruden will bring down the NFL and Goodell . Leaking emails is a civil matter in this case . Also, there is no question that Gruden wrote those emails .
  9. QBR was made for QBs like Tim Tebow who just win lol.
  10. Throwing the ball 60 times isn't necessarily a good thing (unless perhaps if you are Tom Brady on the Pats) https://www.footballperspective.com/the-patriots-are-19-9-when-tom-brady-throws-50-times/#:~:text=All quarterbacks have a 0.230,when throwing 50%2B passes…. From the article: " All quarterbacks have a 0.230 winning percentage in games where they have thrown 50+ passes"...
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