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  1. Bills should make a serious offer for Cam. After all our own Maury Ballstein said that this guy is a future HOFer.
  2. He is a stud QB you know. Even though he was Mr Irrelevant--having been the final pick in 7th round--he really should have been a 2nd rounder
  3. Well obviously BillsFan1972 does as he has been on his 300 crusade since at least 2017 ? :p
  4. Have to admit that Marrone hasn't exactly had the best QBing . Bortles, Foles, Minshew. Only Minshew might still have potential given that he is a rookie.
  5. Do some Bills fans lose faith too quickly. Just like the Ed Oliver is a bust threads?
  6. Don't we win if we open up the passing game more and throw for 300 :-)
  7. if you remove all the losses , teams that have passed for 300 yards are 21-0 😉
  8. there are a number of threads out there in just the past two months . The below is a nice thread since the op writes up a thorough analysis showing that 300 yard games do not have a strong correlation with winning . Yet , the thread features an appearance by a number of the 300 yard truthers https://www.twobillsdrive.com/community/topic/219931-20-years-of-qbs-and-300-yard-games/#comments
  9. You missed out on some awesome threads then about it.
  10. Dam Prescott - 355 yards Josh Allen - 231 yards Dak should have won right?
  11. I thought it was bad to win against NFC teams.
  12. I don't get it. I recall reading here before that Mason Rudolph looked good. Why bench him.
  13. Wasnt Tebow throwing to wide open guys in college. You can’t compare his college games to those in NFL
  14. Tebow just wins? But seriously Tebow wasn’t as good a runner and was a horrible passer with career completion rate under 50%. That’s why he s no longer in NFL
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