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  1. The Chiefs defense will be gassed late in game if this keeps up
  2. in short , yes. thats because the bolded statement is obviously just your opinion. can you link some articles where we have media or sports writers commenting on rampant favoritism for said 3 teams? if there are then , im good with your statement as fact.
  3. I like your thinking . We could also look at EJ . Bring him out of his early retirement from the NFL and see what he looks like . After all, his proponents said he just needs a chance to show that he is good
  4. They're about to be in a 21-0 hole it seems with that muffed punt catch
  5. This game is really boring . Lots of running . No passing .
  6. Gardner Minshew being mentioned as almost a sure thing for being starter. No more Foles?
  7. They were at least exciting to watch . Lots of 300 yard games
  8. Isn’t there a remote possibility that Chucky will offload Carr this off-season and go with his boy Peterman 😛
  9. I just checked the stat lines . No QB passed for over 300. So it wasn’t actually an exciting game
  10. But it’s exciting to watch since they’ve thrown for a lot right ? 😛
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