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  1. The patriots have ALWAYS started out like this. 2-2, 3-2, 2-3..... Look it up only a 2 or 3 seasons in the last 20 have they not. I believe it takes them a full 4-5 weeks before they figure of their cheating and put it into practice for that season. Figuring out other teams tendencies and playbooks for that year....it takes 4-5 weeks.
  2. This is BS. Steelers get a straight up cancel and can make it up later. Bills get.dicked around for a week then games.moved all over and who the hell knows. Game should just be cancelled outright or Titans forfeit
  3. The 10 day/14 day discrepancy is nornal. for players/people who have symptoms or who have tested positive already, only need to quarennteen for 10 days. If you come into contact with an infected player/person it's 14 days, because of the 4 day incubation period where you may not have symptoms or test positive if administered a test, but still have the virus. With An NFL player being tested daily, there is no need for a 14 day quarentene
  4. About the worst thing that could happen to the NFL season is have the Titans infect a second team. At this point, with the incubation period as it is, there's really no way the Bills could play on Sunday. It's too risky. The league has to start talking about can eling games. Do the Titans forfeit ? Or do they and their opponents play less games??
  5. Only critic is those bad sacks. When he does that reverse spin to his left, he isn't arching wide enough to actually evade the defender.
  6. Nothing will ever top that 2007 dallas loss where Kelsay scored like 3 defensive TDs and we still lost.
  7. Maybe the refs can inexplicably give us a touchdown on this review to make up for that weird interception/OPI call
  8. Exactly. Bills woulda have scored again on that drive, killed more clock, game would be over right now.
  9. And look at that, what should have been the Bills driving in scoring range again, the Rams are gifted a TD. Refs control the outcome of these games more than the players
  10. That wasn't a push off not an interception . Gotta check the refs bank accounts after that one.
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