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  1. Because most people no longer pay for cable TV anymore. Which means no MNF and missing a lot of Thursday games too
  2. Everyone is thinking about this all wrong. We will be largely over this Covid thing by Summer. What the leagues need to be doing is working on plans for if this comes back, and what they'll do in Dec and Jan. College seasons will be largely complete by the time it comes back (if it comes back). The College Bowls could get cancelled, but the NFL would be in full swi g C
  3. Are any of these guys still Practice squad eligible? Duke might be...? Foster would be a stretch....McKenzie I can't see it. I wouldn't be surprised if they try to PS one of these drafted guys either. With the idea that they get pulled up when an injury happens or mid season.
  4. We needed a Kicker. I always wondered why kickers don't try to punt too. You'd think it would translate. Safe a roster spot
  5. I like the idea of getting Clowney. Why not? We have the money, guys will get hurt, not pan out, rotate, etc.
  6. Gotta be ANTONIO GANDY-GOLDEN. We have desperately needed a big receiver for 2 decades. He has the big catch radius Allen needs. Think of winning the Balt game and the Houston playoff game here......
  7. Technically that's not a sack. Looks like a run play, that's a tackle for loss.
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