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  1. McDermott said Phillips was playing great in a mid season presser. I trust McDermott
  2. He would be a dream signing. I wonder if someone like Dawkins could convince him we are a SB bound team.
  3. Maybe Amari Cooper. I'd like Clowney but really should be on O.
  4. I don't disagree with the RB need but, I envy that Tenn OL, not so much their running back. From the little I watched, Singletary would have matched or out done Henry with those holes.
  5. Are those numbers to the leftmof their names their overall draft ranking?? Jefferson at 72 would be nice.
  6. Belicheater has achieved his success by cheating. Andy Reid has achieved his success by being good at coaching football. The end.
  7. "yo beaney baby, how much would it cost to trade for Mike Evans????" -- Daboll
  8. Sign Clowney to 25 mil a year it's better than paying Shaq 12 a year. Just structure it so he can be cut/traded after 3 seasons (ie when we need to pay Josh $200million)
  9. It's an undeniable fact that Tom Brady WOULD NOT have been called for grounding in that situation. With that ONE CHANGE in the game, the cheating Pats would have likely won in OT. Bills lost.
  10. Can someone explain the snowman nickname ?? Never heard that before today.
  11. By the grace of God the best and deepest positions in the draft this year are WR, edge rusher/DE, and Tackle. Swing for the fences and bring in Amari Cooper and Clowney (assuming Shaq walks). Then draft those positions.
  12. We won't get any live until we build a new stadium. The league ensures teams have success when they build new stadiums.
  13. Clearly John Brown INTENDED to get his feet down. And just like in the fair catch that wasn't thread, intentions are what matters, according some posters Shoulda been ruled a catch anyways, by those standards.
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