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  1. Bahahah I saw that too and texted my buddy about it during the game. Know went from wide freaking open to tightly covered because the pass was late and didn't lead him to open space. Didn't Knox end up dropping the pass? He also had the drop along the sideline early in the game on third down. I think he had another too. Hard to believe he's a top 5 performer with those critical drops in there.
  2. We need to bring in another QB this off-season. I'm not saying a guy to start, but I guy "just in case". Drafted rounds 3-6 Hopefully we ends up great in case Allen falters. Like Minshew or something. Other option is a better veteran backup. Someone who should be starting in the league, like Bridgwater or something. I'd love to be in the situation the Jags are in next year. Where Allen is the starter but our Rookie we took Is a great option too
  3. What is wrong with people? It was 3rd and 4 and we didn't convert. Making it 4th and 4. You kick the FG. We didn't "play for the FG"!!! We HAD to kick it after not picking up a 3rd down conversion. Now, why did we huddle and take 30 seconds off the clock? BECAUSE THATS THE RIGHT MOVE. How many times have we left Tom Brady with 40 seconds on the clock before half or end of game, and they March right down the field for points. In the modern NFL - the come back is DESIGNED INTO THE RULES!!!! That's why Cle was so easily able to score in the 4th. It's SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN! BY DEAIGN!! A good coach will run the clock down to near zero. Scoring with 40-50 seconds on the clock is not good. You need to score with 5-20 left. And no timeouts for the other teams. Gosh haven't y'all learned anything watching the Patriots push out chit in for 20 years?
  4. Honestly is that what works for literally every offense? I pulled up the leagues QB stats yesterday. Top guys in QB rating at R.Willson, Mahommes, Cousins, Watson. Aka - 3 of the top 4 we could have had over Allen. 😞
  5. Guys. You are operating under the assumption that Allen can hit those deep passes. He's never been that type of player. He misses passes all the time, and he always has, including his entire college career. Besides, the "never underthrown a deep pass" coaching philosophy is so 1990s. These days you thrown the ball and who cares if it's underthrown, because you'll get a PI call if it is.
  6. I just don't think we are getting good enough production from guys like Edmonds and Oliver. Edmonds had a bad first half and a rough year. Oliver is basically last on the depth chart behind guys off the practice squad and street free agents cut from .500 teams. Our run D goes to sheet when we lose our third round pick from last year, and our top ten pick from this year is nowhere to be seen. We should trade back and get dozens of 3-5 rounders apparently
  7. Just my opinion but, I think Knox, kroft, or Sweeny could get penalized just as well as Lee Smith does, without any drop off in quantity.
  8. Feliciano saved Allen from being the goat today.
  9. It was 4th down. What did you see today that made you think they'd convert? Before the TO, they sent the team out there to try and drawn them Offside. I was screaming "what are you doing!!!! Kick it kick it!!!!" Then they called TO and sent out the kicker. I can't believe people are saying we should have went for it in that position. It's a stupid opinion to hold. PS we clearly need a new kicker. McD showed no confidence in him all game.
  10. What game did you guys watch? Wallace played great. He was draped all over Laundry all day. It took great catches and accurate throws to complete passes on him. It's the modern NFL. Every CB is going to allow catches and TDs. It's built into the rule book
  11. Huh?!? We've gone for it on 4th down a number of times recently. Including today. Our HC is the best we've had in 20 years. Daboll is doing very well too. Execution isn't there
  12. Do we need a new kicker or something? Why not kick that and tie the game??
  13. I took the REAL wonderlic for a job interview once. It was not like the ones on the internet.
  14. Playing 3 teams twice per year in football is just stupid. 8 team divisions would make the league better and each game more important. For example, we lost to NE, but since we play them again, if we beat them, we can win the division. This makes our first meeting with those cheaters less meaningful. It would also give the best teams a chance to make the playoffs. We have seen a few duds HOST playoff games in the current setup. Realigning would also give teams like the Bills an actual shot at making the playoffs, I stead of getting buried under a dynasty like the cheaters for TWENTY FREAKING YEARS.
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