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  1. Physical traits can be similar, but you can't replace Milano's heart, work ethic and instincts. Pay the man.
  2. The donation should have been to go clean it up. Money is too easy.
  3. I would rather Mahomes plays because it is the right thing to wish the man good health and a speedy recovery. Anything else risks a violation of karma so great that anything can happen. A Homerun Throwback. I have faith in this team regardless of opponent. And if they fall short, let them leave it all on the field and walk away with heads held high. And if they triumph let them go to the Super Bowl knowing they just beat a quarterback just as challenging as Rogers or Brady.
  4. Loved Poyer's block, as well as Milano's, not sure which was more important.
  5. I am a yes - what a monster he was last night. Has come a long, long way from the "personal foul a game" Jerry drag racing with Dareus. Hothead to emotional leader, great evolution over his career.
  6. Really is pretty loud - I didn't think 6700 could do that much!
  7. Re-watched the pick-six about 20x this morning, as I suspect many of us have. All credit to Taron. An unsung hero on the play is Matt Milano - he gets just enough of a block on Mark Andrews to help spring Johnson out of the end zone. Taron is untouched after that. Milano had a monster game, and this play shows a couple of his best traits: Always hustling, and a nose for being in the right place at the right time. I pray we re-sign him.
  8. And really should have beat the Steelers but for a second half collapse. Steelers hit a few big plays, but I thought Indy was the better team.
  9. I said it the other day - humble and hungry is right on. The great Bills of the 90s would get too much swagger sometimes, stay out too late, say the wrong thing. Our team gave the Colts their due before the game and we should give it to them after. They played a terrific game, great game plan, great players. I expected at least one INT from Rivers and he just never threw it to us. Respect.
  10. It was a terrible call, but to win the Super Bowl we are going to have to overcome a couple of those in the tournament. I choose to look at it like we got one of the bad calls we will get, overcame it and put it behind us.
  11. We have our place kicker! Bass was cool as ice from 54 when we needed it.
  12. Trust the I was just about to type "trust the process" - if they elevated Duke, Duke needed to be elevated! Meaning - I trust he is the right elevation, and they have a purpose in mind for elevating him. McDermott and Beane not elevating him out of "Duke Love".
  13. I like "humble and hungry" - for me, only, I am giving nothing but respect to Indy. If we beat them, respect to both teams. Then on to the next. Character counts. Integrity matters. You can just feel those qualities ooze from this team. I am confident that all the men and women affiliated with the Bills, from the bottom of the organization to the top, players and coaches, will give their all for their team, their teammates and the City of Buffalo. I cannot ask more than that.
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