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  1. Edmunds played hurt last year. The year before showed what he can do. Now would be a great time to sign him, before he plays up to the money he would command elsewhere. I am obviously a Tremaine supporter, but everything I have ever read says he has the same work ethic as Allen and Milano. And he has the physical attributes. I would not sign Diggs until he complains. Sign him now and you risk him becoming disenchanted when the cap rises.
  2. It has been a true team effort with McDermott and Beane leading. Josh has played a key, critical role. But so did Lorenzo Alexander, Meatball, Tre White, Matt Milano, Hyde and Poyer, Diggs and Beas, John Brown and The Schnowman. Great team character, among one and all. Once you build that, it becomes self-reinforcing.
  3. Wait, I thought the Jets drafted Justin Bieber at QB? Who is this Zach guy?
  4. Maybe they think they have the CB2 in Dane Jackson. And Levi ain't half bad if he can stay healthy. But I would be fine with a CB in 3, though I prefer a nice, giant tub of goo!
  5. Unless, of course, you are targeting a game-changer at the top of the draft, which will usually be a QB.
  6. Let the draft come to you, and if there is a guy you love that is close and you don't have good replacements in mind in case he doesn't make it to you, then and only then expend capital to get them, in my humble opinion. No one knows which of these draftees will work out and which will not. Zay Jones was a 2nd, Milano and I think Diggs were taken in the 5th. You spread your bets and see who has what it takes to make themselves the best they can be.
  7. And Melvin Ingram left a KC visit without signing a contract. No news on Dunlap
  8. Cowboys informed Aldon Smith today that he will not be re-signed. Kerrigan visiting Bengals.
  9. The moniker is in honor of a certain Bills wide receiver, not a claim to magical powers 🧙‍♂️
  10. In his highlights there is a sack where he almost kills Brady!😎
  11. Since you are better than me at this, could you post his letter to Panther fans as well? Thanks 🙂
  12. Check out his letter to Panthers fans. Seems like an incredible young man -- face timed the kids of Panthers fans on his birthday etc. A "fan favorite" according to the Charlotte Observer. Given my tech limitations I can seem to attach it, but you can find it. It is awesome. Trying to embed that too, but failed again!
  13. What a story. if this was posted already, forgive me (sorry I can make the below a link, but you can paste in google). He was a victim of human trafficking as a 10 year old child with his sister, left homeless on the streets of London. He has only played football for a few years. I am psyched for this guy. Rivera said "it was an honor to tell him he is on the team" because he takes it serious and practices hard every day. Efe Obada’s Incredible Journey To The NFL | NBC Nightly News - YouTube
  14. Sounds like a good signing. Dude has some long arms! Hope they are not done at DLine. Interesting that he can rush from the 3-technique.
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