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  1. Beane and McDermott know what they are doing. Like the two receivers idea (one vet stud like Sanders or Green and one stud (preferably tall) to break in from the draft); Edge! One stud for the defense, FA or draft. I think we need two running backs - a hammer and a speedy scat/gadget guy. Punter! O-Line depth, maybe one upgrade; Corner depth
  2. I think if you switch our win in OPs analysis to we beat Balt and lose to Dallas, Pats can go 2-2 (losing to Chiefs and Texans), we then have the tiebreaker on Pats if we beat them, no? Slightly less unlikely. Pats not as all-world as usual, and perhaps we get up for Baltimore at home. Still pretty darn unlikely, I know. Browns game hurt indeed.
  3. Though I admit the post is somewhat difficult to hack through, I had the same thought as the OP. Neal really seemed to be more stout when tackling, and equal in coverage. Same with Johnson vs. Wallace, but Wallace is one of my faves and I would hate to see him take a step back. Unless needed for the good of our Bills!
  4. He hasn't seemed the same since last year's injury. Hope he can get squared away, because when he is he is one of the best.
  5. We would be 10-6, but we are going to rise up, be mad about the Buffalo game and beat NE at Gillette -- so 11-5 and on a roll. Offense slowly gels and will grow a good amount, and D figures out how to stop the run and reverts to stellar-unit form. We win one playoff game this year, and look out next. Book it!
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