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  1. Get well Tommy! Our thoughts are with you. I will never forget you signing your contract.
  2. The Edmunds vs. Oliver debate is a false one. We will sign them both - you heard it here first. They keep their own. But I believe there is zero doubt we would miss Edmunds more than Oliver, who I also want them to sign. He does so much more in the defense. Edmunds vs. Milano is also a false debate. Perhaps Milano is outperforming his contract, but he signed at a different time under different circumstances and plays a different position.
  3. Like a rolling stone, I gather no Moss. Duuuuke!
  4. There are lies, damn lies and statistics. Confirmation bias is powerful.
  5. Excluding The, that is like $45 million worth of corner talent we are getting for $1.79 and a coupon. Tremendous for the team. Don't forget Hamlin and Johnson!
  6. Run blocking has been Van Rotten, but maybe they get a little more time to gel? I am satisfied Singletary is, at minimum, a solid back - so if they continue on this path I am all in on blaming the line. Maybe Kromer can get it together with them. We have played some good, physical defenses in Rams, Titans and Ravens. I am concerned, but not yet abandoning hope.
  7. Shout out to Dane Jackson. Humble and hungry, he didn't miss a beat. I liked Levi, loved his story and was sad to see him go, but Dane is better. Best Jackson we have had since Fred. Put some respect on the name.
  8. Draft 'em and coach em up. Tremaine must remain!
  9. Frazier wanting him to take a next step and generate more splash plays does not mean Frazier does not realize his value or doesn't want him for the defense. I have seen him speak out strongly for Tremaine several times.
  10. Stay stout up the middle and a reversion never needs to happen. In my (regrettably, too long) experience, once It clicks for a player they rarely revert all other things being equal (unequal things being health, age and the players around the player). Edmunds checks the boxes on age and availabliltiy/injury, so just don't field a weak interior line and he will continue to excel.
  11. First, thanks for the shout-out. If we want him, I believe we have plenty of cap flex in the deals of others that we are not going to walk away from and there can afford to restructure (Allen, White, Miler, etc). I hope.
  12. Not what he is saying -- of course he does not deserve all the credit, just like he doesn't deserve all the blame for past weakness in run defense. He does, however, deserve a good share of credit for the successful pass defense. And his run fits are much, much better (see Baltimore game). People get caught in the old narrative and fall in love with their prior views. They look for confirmation of those views. Confirmation bias is a very well-known phenomenon. Edmunds is a victim of it on this board.
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