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  1. Lamar is really good. I like Allen better.
  2. I respectfully disagree. I think if Zo came back he would be the definition of all-in. It is in his DNA. The way he acted his entire career. What kept him in the league so long despite the fact no one wanted him at the outset. I think he senses this could be special, and that he respects McDermott enough to say "only if you think I can help, I will be there."
  3. A+ Allen has more heart, toughness and competitiveness than any quarterback in the NFL I have ever seen. Ever. He won that game on sheer willpower (and a timely flag, and some beautiful throws). He was taking a beating. Man he's tough. Jets fans friends warned me Winters is a mauler in the run game, effective, but very bad at pass pro. Don't like seeing him in there at guard. Was Ford okay?
  4. No question, Kroft has possession and never loses it until down. Play should have been dead. Terrible call.
  5. Brown would be sorely missed if out for any time, but Davis is a revelation. Still, Smoke is Smoke.
  6. One other thing about Deon, in 2018 he was second team behind Milano at WLB
  7. Good point. I liked the Lacey resigning. He can run a bit, no? Actually, found this on Lacey from a 2018 article: Speed is Lacey's asset. He ran between 4.45 and 4.51 in the 40-yard dash in 2013 coming out of Division II West Alabama, where he played mostly as a 215-pound defensive end. Now he's 229 pounds.
  8. Smart to not rush them. Long season for key players. Don't make what appears to be relatively minor injuries into chronic, nagging, season-long problems. Glad its the Fish. No guarantee we win, but it is the right decision to sit them if they are not 100% or darn close.
  9. His salary is just over $6 million -- not much for a quality end anyhow. I think $3 million of his pay or so is amortized bonus that we would have ate even if we cut him. He is only 29, probably has 3 good years left. If he has an eight sack season, gets pressure and is stout against the run, why would we not re-sign him? He is a six year vet and missed a full year - should have plenty left in his body for another 3 years.
  10. He knew, that's why he caused the league to schedule the Jets first. Beane is a warlock
  11. Absurd. He is weapon-challenged, but that was atrocious today. He looked scared.
  12. Given Jets D-line strength, and lack of time to gel, I think we roll with our line for a bit. Feliciano a week closer.
  13. The saddest thing for Jets fans is they need a new quarterback. They waited nearly 30 years since Namath. Darnold has regressed and I don't think he can do it at this level.
  14. Both these linebackers are essential for us. Milano is not undersized by modern NFL linebacker standards and how they want to use him. A pulled hammy is not from being undersized. Pay the man!
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