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  1. Tight end in high school - you know he's cutting into Dawkins' targets this fall
  2. The downside to being good - I'm going [hope they let me] to only one game this season - with two friends from out-of-town. 1pm start is what works, with tailgating, return flights, etc. I'll pick the suckiest opponent and hope it doesn't get flexed.
  3. A while ago many of us completed a survey by PSE soliciting fan input as to a new stadium - my vote was to stay in OP: new, rebuild, whatever. Love to know the results of the survey....
  4. $35 million, $40 million, $45 million - either way you slice it, it's more money than most people would know what to do with. A lot of the one upsmanship that goes on with contracts with professional athletes strikes me as being rooted in large part in insecurity on the part of the player. Josh Allen does not strike me as insecure in any way - and he loves to win. Hometown discount? Depends how you define it - I could see Allen striking a team-friendly deal.
  5. Pretty cool: Josh Allen's mom in KC... https://twitter.com/NatalieKucko/status/1353372478417100800
  6. Is there anything NFL teams can legally do to tailor an artificial surface to their advantage, like fill level, effort [or lack thereof] at snow removal, etc?
  7. Kiszla: With 20/20 hindsight, would Broncos trade LB Bradley Chubb for Bills QB Josh Allen? https://www.denverpost.com/2020/12/16/kiszla-broncos-bradley-chubb-josh-allen-trade-broncos/
  8. I was super excited about Knox coming into the season - the best I can say now is that I'm enormously underwhelmed.
  9. So I wasn't expecting much, and I was right: Buffalo's tight ends ranked 43, 47, and 99th in reception stats. Blocking is not scored, but I'm not sure we'd be a powerhouse in that ranking either. Hunter Henry, who popped for me last Sunday, is ranked 5th. Herbert is good, no doubt, but he's got a ton of weapon. https://fantasyfootballers.org/te-tight-end-nfl-stats/
  10. A good listen, as always, from Cosell: https://www.buffalobills.com/video/greg-cosell-on-bills-cardinals-and-week-10
  11. I thought Allen looked a little hesitant as well, but as Sal C noted after the game, the Cheats were running 6-7 dbs in a field already compressed by the wind. Really tough to judge without All-22. Another growth game by Allen, imho
  12. Sal's the best thing on WGR...
  13. Mentioned on One Bills Live that a significant reason for piping in fan noise is to prevent teams and coaching staffs, both at the event and watching on television, from picking up defensive calls.
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