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  1. The halftime show didn’t even mention Tua’s injury last week. They’ll try their best to downplay this as long as possible, until the truth is forced out by another party.
  2. Of course no one will mention last week with Tua on the halftime show.
  3. Regardless of what happens, don’t expect the truth anytime soon. I’d expect the league to remain complicit as well. No one’s going to let the truth out.
  4. I’ve never fully believed in the idea of contenders “mortgaging the future”. Successful teams have more flexibility with those early round picks, because you already have your QB. I’m not going to devalue the importance of the draft, but we hope to be selecting 32nd in the 2023 draft. There’s an abundance of great players found outside the first round. When we have superstars at QB, WR, and defensive talent galore, I’m not stressed by losing a draft pick. That’s not mortgaging the future. The o line needs attention, but o lines are often built with mid round selections.
  5. Glad the 49ers recovered. They don’t deserve such an easy win having chickened out on third down.
  6. I want the job of the coach who advises Hackett. It doesn’t seem like he’s much use.
  7. Hackett going to go conservative having learned in the school of Marrone. They’ll give the ball right back.
  8. Jimmy G’s ineptitude is vastly underrated.
  9. 49er QB’s waste more talent than anyone in the league. Watching Jimmy G play QB is brutal imo.
  10. I’d like to know if Hackett actually wanted the game management assistant, or if that came from the front office.
  11. Wilson is captain check down this season.
  12. I love this team, and don’t like being negative realizing this is our glory days. However, I’m not a huge fan of these backs. Cook’s potential is the lone bright spot. Moss had a nice long run, but even his best plays are frustrating. Replace Moss with someone like Edwards-Helaire in KC, and you have a much bigger gain. An offense like this needs a game breaker in the backfield, neither Moss or Singletary fit the bill.
  13. We have valid excuses for that loss. Too many injuries, and a few coaching blunders, but I can’t accept the heat excuse. Miami played in the same weather.
  14. Allen was spectacular as usual, and it was also the game where Vikings fans discovered that Kirk Cousins is terrible.
  15. I loved the video montage of Tua’s bad throws. His throwing motion reminds me a lot of Tim Tebow. He has a great wideout in Tyreek Hill who’s the kind of guy who can bail out a QB. Tua’s going to have some good games as a result, but nothing I see points to him being great. He simply doesn’t pass the eye test.
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