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  1. I’ve been a downtown stadium advocate, but admittedly don’t know a lot about what land is available in downtown Buffalo these days. If that’s as good as it gets, no thanks. Nothing looks remotely appealing about that location. It looks like a stadium thrown in a residential city neighborhood, not somewhere I want to hang out for fun. I’ve always known tailgating would suffer downtown, but most NFL downtown stadiums have somewhat decent parking situations/lots. This place has two tiny parking garages in the picture. Chicago and Cleveland for example at least have substantial amounts of ground level parking lots at their stadiums. How far is parking? Would it be like the Carrier Dome in Syracuse where you walk three miles?
  2. We need to give up the charade that we have a running game. Mix it in at the right moments, but at crucial times, especially in the red zone, give Josh the most opportunities possible. Our running game can be somewhat effective when we spread people out, but we don’t have the o linemen or backs for smash mouth football. That’s what running in the red zone amounts to. We’re a passing team, just go with it in the red zone. It’s like we run a completely different offense in the red zone.
  3. It reminded me of something Rex Ryan would do.
  4. I loved the call, but didn’t love Daboll trying to get cute again. Yes, it was a simple QB sneak, but Josh doesn’t slip without the trick play element of running up to the line. I understand variety, but we have enough talent to simply line up and beat people. Line Josh up under center, or run a shotgun formation to give him a run/pass option play.
  5. Yeah, O line got blown up all night. I want a run pass option with the ball in Josh’s hands.
  6. Riddick, “Why would you rush another snap” “The defense could really use the two minute warning break”
  7. Yeah, I’m really only semi joking too. Society seems to be under this impression that no one loses their mind. Levy says things every week that are just bizarre.
  8. Nice, almost wish they saved it for a bigger spot though.
  9. We need to put up forty. I want more Vrabel meltdowns.
  10. He sets up everything Tannehill is able to do. Tannehill is probably a backup level/marginal starter type otherwise. This really isn’t a “new” Tannehill.
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