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  1. Yeah, the teams/league don’t really care if someone gets ripped off with a phoney ticket. Digital tickets also allow the buyer to be identified which can be useful to the team.
  2. This is an issue with what the NFL experience has become. What kind of atmosphere do Panthers home games have ? There’s just nothing about the experience that would make me want to attend as a Panthers fan. Compare the sterile environment of many NFL stadiums with big time college football, and it’s easy to see why people stay home. Additionally, Charlotte never had much of a non bandwagon fan base to begin with.
  3. No wonder Beasley’s head was out of the game on Sunday. Didn’t know he and Darnold were so tight. Don’t want anyone to end up like the Shah.
  4. If the money is equal, players are going with the winning franchise. The preferred free agent location narrative is overplayed imo. Can anyone really answer what cities every free agent wants to play in ? I’d think Miami would be near the top of that list, but they are such a dysfunctional franchise no one wants to play for them. It really all comes down to money and/or winning. This franchise hasn’t struggled with signing free agents as much as the common narrative would lead one to believe.
  5. Also the same team with a 42 year old QB and a suspicious trainer hanging around.
  6. Yes because he pulled through when it counted most while Darnold failed to deliver big. Darnold is an average QB imo. Allen has a high ceiling (and basement), but has elite potential. I’m not convinced that Darnold can be much more than average.
  7. Darnold is not the reason they lost, but it must be tough for those fans to watch Allen look like a playmaker. Allen is out there making plays with his feet and showing off an elite arm. Darnold plays like a glorified Trent Edwards while Allen plays a bit like Favre.
  8. That’s what I thought from what I saw in Dallas. Now I’m beginning to wonder if I overrated him a bit, but there’s time for him to improve. Hopefully this is a case of needing to adjust to a new team.
  9. Used to attend a lot of SU football games back in the late 90’s, but I gave up on them long ago. They are much improved, but never really bought into the hype. Syracuse was once on the fringe of being in the elite of college football. There just aren’t enough elite recruits in the northeast to field that type of program these days. I prefer to watch UB play in the MAC where they can actually compete.
  10. Yeah, Nice half by UB, I’m impressed by Myers tonight. It’s also always nice to see Franklin get booed.
  11. Yeah, why do teams never punish guys who don’t want to play by simply keeping them on the roster? This happens quite frequently in today’s NFL, guys know they can get what they want by whining.
  12. Exactly, it was basically a temper tantrum to get what he wanted. What WR wouldn’t want to play on the Pats?
  13. The last paragraph explains him imo. This isn’t mental illness or any other junk people like making up, this is just ego.
  14. This also shows that Pittsburgh is a solid organization that was able to keep things under control a bit longer. This is all on AB, but the Gruden/Mayock Raiders are a mess.
  15. So everyone who makes poor decisions is mentally ill? Consider me confused how you can determine this about AB.
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