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  1. Good to see Watkins still never makes a play on 50/50 balls.
  2. Yeah, but who’s going to blame Mahomes if the Chiefs miss the playoffs? This Chiefs D is just unbelievably terrible.
  3. I really thought when the shaded area debuted several years ago fan reaction would be negative enough for NBC to discontinue it. I don’t know how anyone benefits from that stupid graphic.
  4. I’d like to think of it less as punishment, and more giving the guy time to settle down. If I were a coach, I’d be concerned that a guy needs some time to get his head back in the game. Sometimes fumbles come in bunches. As some sort of “discipline”, I don’t understand. It’s like when you see college coaches yelling at their kicker when they miss a field goal, it’s not like the guy wanted to miss the kick.
  5. Thanksgiving in Dallas is a tough game, regardless of the Cowboys record. As proven by the Pats struggles against the Eagles today, the NFC is tougher than the AFC. The Cowboys and Bills might be evenly matched, but it’s not an easy game. I’m a McDermott guy, but he has yet to prove he can win a big game. Thanksgiving day in Dallas is a big game. McD’s biggest win was in Atlanta a couple years back. Dallas would be a big win this year.
  6. Turn on the radio broadcast, Kyle Williams has made a point of praising almost every Daboll call today. I like Kyle as much as the next guy, and Daboll hasn’t been bad so far, but it’s a bit over the top and seems too forced.
  7. This is already a QB driven league without enough good ones. Adding more playoffs teams basically means we’d consistently get to see the Trubisky’s of the world in playoffs. Count me out, I’ll start watching after the wild card round.
  8. I often wonder when Greggo became that way. His Buffalo Bills teams never seemed to play very dirty. I’ve always found that interesting.
  9. Now that the dust has cleared. I gotta say I don’t care much about this anymore, other than the fact it’s all pretty good news for the Bills imo. Rudolph isn’t suspended, Garrett is out, Pouncey misses some games, and who knows what will happen when these two teams meet in a couple weeks.
  10. Yep, from what I’ve seen most players apart from the groups you mentioned hold Rudolph at least somewhat responsible as well. People who think otherwise have no clue about the culture of a locker room.
  11. I have no problem with Garrett’s suspension. It’s just gross that Gronk actually hurt a dude. Garrett’s antics were dangerous, but Rudolph wasn’t even injured. NFL double standard apparent once again.
  12. So how does Rudolph’s injury compare to Tre White’s from Gronk? Not saying Garrett was innocent, just saying the NFL is a joke. Right and someone got hurt. No one got hurt yesterday. What a joke.
  13. You should already be outraged by plenty of off field incidents. They were just as bad or worse than this, but to each their own. I don’t condone Garrett’s actions, and he should be punished accordingly. I’m just saying the outrage is a bit over the top imo. It’s so 21st century.
  14. I agree, I’m just saying it’s become second nature to just forget about it. In reality, the NFL needs better discipline both on and off the field. Maybe things like this wouldn’t happen. My point is that people will be outraged about this, and never forget it. Garrett is permanently public enemy number one of the fans and media for the rest of his career, while a guy like AP will continue to be worshipped by fans and media. AP’s transgressions were far more disturbing to me than Garrett’s imo.
  15. I’m with you. Garrett simply took it way too far, and I don’t condone it all. However, anyone who thinks Rudolph is purely a victim is mistaken. Judging by that reaction, Rudolph said or did something that violated “man code” or something. Anyone who doesn’t feel that way has lived a sheltered life imo. Also funny how fans are less outraged when players do the same to women. Once again, I don’t condone it, but save the faux outrage imo.
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