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  1. C’mon, what city doesn’t need a 15K seat swimming venue ?
  2. Yeah, it took me a while to catch on to that one. I wasn’t sure if Cheektawarsaw became socially unacceptable or something 😆
  3. Yeah, the flip flopping on these issues has been amazing. I think much of it is due to the movement of liberalism away from union halls and into the suburbs. There are too many people who say all the “right” things, but the current system works too good for them for to want change. Liberalism has become focused on social issues with the economic issues playing second fiddle. I’ve been shocked to see liberal Twitter accounts posting things like, “let’s just get over the fact it’s made in China, the affordability is what’s best for our economy”. Well educated liberals don’t care what’s happening
  4. If you had only written the first paragraph, I would have fully understood your take, but the second paragraph adds the, “you’re afraid” stuff that anti-vaccine folks turn to. In your first paragraph you explain that you believe any vaccine is a futile effort, because a continuing virus threat that will escalate is about to occur. While I don’t necessarily agree, I can understand why you’d be against it. That doesn’t mean you don’t care about others. It just shows that you believe it’s futile, I can respect that. You just lose me with the second paragraph. It makes sense that peo
  5. That’s fair, my mistake. Not to cover for my blunder, but Hepatits A is rare compared to COVID. That’s the difference, the Delta variant spreads like wildfire, while Hep A is relatively uncommon.
  6. Hepatitis is spread through bodily fluids, while COVID is spread via respiratory droplets. That’s an apples to oranges comparison. I think the “experts” are deferring the mandate until the FDA approves the vaccine. I’ve included a link to a Houston hospital case. https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/judge-tosses-houston-hospital-workers-lawsuit-over-vaccine-requirement-2021-06-13/
  7. Nah, I just don’t want to see it mutate into something that evades vaccine immunity due to an unnecessary high number of unvaccinated, resulting in unnecessary severe illness of my loved ones. Kind of like how I’m such an authoritarian that I don’t want drunk drivers on the road. I mostly agree with this. I think once the CDC approval comes though, people are going to be surprised by how many places mandate this.
  8. That’s all true, but I never said vaccines will be mandated for all. I’m just pointing out the fact that businesses and employers mandating a vaccine would likely hold up in court. If people don’t want to get the vaccine, I’m not going to engage in a pointless argument with them. I just don’t understand how people can make statements claiming their job or favorite concert venue can’t mandate it. As far as the bolded text, health care workers in NYS actually are asked if they received an MMR vaccine. There won’t be an across the board mandate, but it can be mandated for access to employment and
  9. I hope if he retires it’s a sincere retirement. I’ve heard and seen enough of Rodgers.
  10. Yeah, Mayer is probably around my age, and he reminds of the suburban hippy wannabes I went to school with. They talk all this new age one world, one love stuff, but actually don’t care about much more than being slim balls. Mayer has the personality of an elite university frat boy, and it’s tough to tolerate in a grown man. I don’t care about musicians politics, lifestyle, or whether they’re a good person. I can’t get past Mayer’s personality though. His interviews always leave me feeling dirty, and seeing him as being slimy. This is coming from a guy who loves all the classic rock st
  11. I know a lot people disagree, but I think the Saints have handed out some really bad contracts when Brees’ retirement should have been taken into consideration. They have all these big skill position contracts, but uncertainty at the QB position. It’s going to make rebuilding very difficult. The mistake is the belief some have that New Orleans are contenders.
  12. Great movie in the dark “artsy indy” film sense. I thought it was a great portrayal of the northeast urban working class guy mentality, especially pertaining to sports.
  13. I really thought this was going to be serious topic when I clicked. I actually looked forward to some legitimate responses. It could actually be a good topic in an alternate civilized universe.
  14. Tanner Gentry and Jake Kumerow. They’re already been spotted at OBD with their lunch pails.
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