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  1. Nah, Brady is basically a bully. He has the guts to stand up to nobody’s like Foles and Goff, but doesn’t have the courage to do the same to the new golden boy.
  2. I find the whole pointing to where you got hit to ask for flags extremely annoying, but maybe I’m way too old school.
  3. That is the rule, but the reality is different when you watch the games and see how it’s called. That’s a Mahomes call imo.
  4. The Brady worship when he is clearly a shell of his former self is just ridiculous.
  5. Agree. I’m not a fan of Arians outdated offense. However, I’m tired of the excuses for Brady. He’s finally past his prime, and he’s just not great anymore. Romo’s in the booth talking about Brady like he hasn’t declined, and it’s all the offensive system. He didn’t look so great in New England last season either. That was his system.
  6. Bosa is a beast, not a guy I want on the other side of called QB runs when my QB is a capable passer.
  7. He’s a proficient enough passer where he doesn’t called runs to succeed anymore. I’m fine with scrambles, but he can win as a pocket passer. It’s a well known fact that running QB’s longevity is limited. Why do that to Allen when he doesn’t need it to succeed the way Cam Newton did ?
  8. There were a few years where I wished we could have played without any of our QB’s. Glad those days are over.
  9. Brady isn’t what he used to be imo, but Arians isn’t doing anything to help him play to his current strengths. Brown and Evans could be beasts underneath, but Arians insists on a deep passing game. He also loves running in obvious situations like first down, putting the team into long downs. I think Arians is an outdated offensive coach.
  10. I wish they’d completely drop the Detroit/Dallas tradition, and just attempt to schedule a couple good matchups.
  11. Brady gets a free pass, he might have dementia at this stage of his career.
  12. Arians keeps sticking with first down runs, and putting his QB with a worn out arm in long downs. I don’t get it.
  13. Brady makes some really dumb throws late in his career.
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