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  1. I also call bull on the fact she can sing to begin with. I agree she was on something, but most of today’s pop/country stars can’t sing without a bunch of fake stuff going on anyway. She has a valid excuse to cover that now.
  2. I think the demographic UB draws is part of the issue. You’re not going to get these Long Island students to care about college football. College football just isn’t part of the culture. That’s why some of the smaller southern schools draw good numbers. UB just doesn’t have the students who are going to care, and it hurts attendance.
  3. Agree. I enjoy being able to watch college football in Buffalo. Overall it’s been a good experience when I’ve attended games. I just wish MAC football had a better atmosphere. It doesn’t seem like these MAC schools care much about their team. They lack the college football experience.
  4. I loved watching Bret Favre, Peyton Manning, and Terrell Owens most. I also loved Moss with the Vikings, but the Pats time ruined it for me.
  5. I never criticize Allen, and I don’t want him to ever change. However, you’re correct. It’s not what Mahomes does better, it’s what Mahones doesn’t do. Allen can win a title, and I wouldn’t take anyone else. He can be great in his own right. The difference is you’re not going to see Mahomes fumble at the one yard line trying to ice the game like Allen against the Vikings. I don’t even like saying that, but that is the difference, although I think Allen is the better athlete. Everything about Allen might be better, but mistakes separate the two.
  6. Do people even care about the Sabres during the regular season anymore? I think this has been far worse than the Bills drought. Maybe it’s because I’m a fair weather hockey fan, but I’ve found that team immensely unlikeable for years. It seems like that team couldn’t care less for the past decade.
  7. Cousins would be very mediocre on this team with our talent. Josh turns water into wine, while Cousins works within the system allowing other talented guys to make plays. Allen is the talented guy on this offense.
  8. I absolutely agree, but I think people will quickly change their opinion of Brady if Josh puts up those numbers. I’m of the belief that our 2023 Brady offense isn’t a sustainable plan for the future. You must have chunk plays to succeed in today’s NFL. There’s far too much that can go wrong with ball control offense. One holding call easily can derail an entire game. That’s why big plays are so important these days. Everything, including defensive play worked in perfect unison during the second half of 2023. However, I don’t think we can keep winning with “complimentary” football over a long period of time.
  9. I’ve always seen the Rochester suburbs as great places to raise a family, but not a great place to be young and single. That was at least my life experience in Rochester vs other cities. You can’t ask for much more out of a place to raise a family though.
  10. Flipping TV channels, and just watched Bass miss an extra point in the 2020 AFCG. He’s been unreliable for quite a while. I don’t care about the cap, you can’t have a guy that makes an extra point an adventure.
  11. I also think Daniel Jones regressed a lot. Lawrence isn’t amazing, but I think he’s been more consistent. Jones put up some big numbers, and started to fade quickly.
  12. I get your point, but the idea is to win a Super Bowl. Derek Carr can’t do that, but the idea was Rodgers could. That’s fine if you disagree, but I don’t think you bother with a player like Carr in the Jets position. If you’re going to waste time on a player like Carr, you’d be better off drafting a rookie. The rookie might give you a chance at a title. Everyone knows Carr isn’t that guy. The playoffs are never really the point. Winning a championship is the real goal.
  13. Sirrianni is the real issue imo. He doesn’t come across as a professional who can lead an NFL locker room. He’s more east coast suburban sports dad.
  14. He lacked the drive and ambition to be great. I think a lot of the injury issues were a result of it.
  15. Johnson isn’t a great owner, and he interferes too much, but I’m with him on the Rodgers signing. It’s easy to pick on in hindsight, but Rodgers had a greater upside that Derek Checkdown Carr doesn’t have at all. Carr wasn’t going to sell tickets, or be a real franchise QB.
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