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  1. Ralph was an “old money” kind of a guy. The type of wealthy man of which few exist these days. He was never flashy or concerned with trying to outspend others. That mentality differentiated him from what the NFL had become, but I truly believe his heart was in the right place, and that can be a rare trait.
  2. Hopefully McD and Daboll coach many virtual two minute drills so they can learn how to attack for six instead of settling for three.
  3. I think it’s true that people need to move on from the fact we didn’t draft Mahomes, I also think it’s equally true that people need to move on from being annoyed when media/fans point out we didn’t take him. It’s an easy storyline, and I couldn’t care less how long people continue to point it out. It doesn’t really bother me, let Josh win some hardware, and no one will be discussing any of this.
  4. I agree, a Rodgers vs Mahomes matchup was more intriguing to me, but honestly I don’t think Rodgers is the Rodgers of old these days.
  5. Nice effort by Rodgers trying to get the ball back. Sure, his momentum carried him back, but he made no effort to get in the play. Guy seems disinterested, but gets by on sheer talent. Cam Newton was destroyed by the media for a similar play.
  6. And an O line that blocks. This forum overrates our O line big time.
  7. Rooting for a Chiefs Packers Super Bowl. I have a feeling that Vrabel vs Jimmy G will result in constant Pats talk.
  8. It was just nice to see a couple dozen Titans fans exist.
  9. I don’t have anything against the guy. The problem with Watkins is the fact he’s not elite. As the forth overall pick, the cost to sign the guy has always outweighed his oft injured production. He’s simply not worth what it takes to sign as far as value is concerned. I’m convinced that John Brown gave us just as much or more than Sammy would have. Brown had really good numbers this season, and they were better than Watkins (who plays with Mahomes).
  10. Forgot that one play. He does have games where he looks elite, but he also disappears and is injured far too often. I’m not saying he’s bad, just saying that he’s not worth the price.
  11. I agree, but still believe John Brown was just as productive as Sammy could have been last season. Watkins isn’t DeAndre Hopkins or Michael Thomas. Brown had a good season, but people will always assume Watkins is better because he was drafted higher, and came into the league with more hoopla. John Brown isn’t dominant, but neither is Sammy Watkins.
  12. The fanboys also need to realize he had two catches in that game. One coming when the Chiefs already had a big lead. He’s not terrible, but his production isn’t at the level of where he was drafted, and thought of as a generational talent. He’s benefited from being on the Chiefs. His numbers are far from impressive there, they’d be very pedestrian on a typical offense. The dude was supposed to be dominant. I’ve never seen Sammy catch that pass Duke dropped in the end zone. His inability to make contested catches was one of my biggest criticisms of him. Sammy is average with Mahomes, he’d no more productive than Brown was this season. Plus he’s hurt half the season.
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