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  1. I agree with the Mount Rushmore point, but I think people forget the power of one song to maintain a legacy. The legacy of 90’s bands hasn’t been fully written. A song like Iris has the potential to be a sensation for years to come. Look at a tune like Don’t Stop Believin’. I see Iris as having similar potential. The music business is in rough shape, many top 100 songs on streaming services were released over twenty years ago. That’s what keeps songs like Iris in the spotlight. It’s also a tune that appeals to a broad demographic. Soundgarden might have sold a ton of records, but they appealed to a narrow demographic who bought up those albums. I wouldn’t be shocked if Iris makes GGD more universally known than bands like Soundgarden in the future.
  2. Nirvana is the only band who truly separates themselves from the pack in the 90’s. There’s 90’s bands I like, but none are next level like bands of the 60’s-80’s. The biggest 90’s bands had short commercial peaks compared to top artists of previous generations.
  3. I agree, and I’m fine with it. I just hope McD gets over his rookie phobia to actually let these backs play more their rookie season.
  4. I’m not disappointed as you are, but I find it slightly confusing. They obviously liked him better than Cook and Hines based on carries, but you let him walk for peanuts.
  5. I love the Harty and Sherfield signings. Those guys might not be thought of as anything special now, but QB’s like Allen can turn speed guys into top notch receivers. My concern is our coaching staffs ability to utilize them.
  6. Absolutely, and I’m not going to make an argument that Mahomes isn’t the best. He might go down as the greatest of all time. The guy has an amazing skill set, but becoming the best and/or greatest obviously requires the help of others. I’m not going to make the Allen is better argument, but something tells me if we had Mahomes, the end result would have been the same playoff exit.
  7. Very true, but we do need to say that Andy Reid is a huge advantage for Mahomes. I’m fine with people calling Mahomes the best, but Reid is a huge asset. Reid’s a guy who did quite well with McNabb and Alex Smith. Kelce is also one of the most bizarre cheat codes in the history of the game.
  8. I’m probably an old soul, but I don’t understand what anyone gets out of bickering on social media. This is where I can make sense of the fans better than Beasley. Why does any athlete who’s set for life lower themselves to feuding with random people online? I don’t understand this aspect of our culture whatsoever. Fans are going to do anything in hopes of catching the attention of a pro athlete, but why do these guys even respond? It seems like fans get more out of these types interactions than the athlete. The fan gets to say they argued with a pro athlete, while Beasley could be enjoying all the cash he’s accumulated, instead he’s wasting time online.
  9. He runs like Zach Moss at this point in his career.
  10. The release was warranted, but this regime really takes a long time to fall out of love with a guy. I’m not sure what they didn’t see in McKenzie last year that he showed in previous years. I held my breath every time he touched the ball while here.
  11. It depends who the remaining members are for me. I’m not particularly into seeing a band with the drummer as the sole original member, or a band with no original members. It differs by band on whom I’m willing to see without original members. Being a fan of guys who are the remaining band members is a huge factor. If a band loses every member I care about, then I have no interest.
  12. Rodgers says he “intends” on playing for the Jets. I could see it not happening, allowing him to teach us the definition of intends. He’s free to share any thought he wants, I’m completely in favor of that, but he often says things just to mess around with people to prove his belief he’s more intelligent than fans and media.
  13. The Bears are a mess. It’s strange how many people think that GM has potential. They make really poor decisions and Fields isn’t the guy.
  14. Yeah, I really don’t get it. It’s not logical imo. There aren’t many true franchise QB’s, you’re always favored to win the division when you have one. We should be favored as long as Allen is here, unless another team somehow finds a top five QB. It’s like Manning’s Colts, Roethlisberger’s Steelers, and Rodgers’ Packers, those guys always won the division. Whether Beane and McD can bring home a title is an entirely separate conversation.
  15. I’ve never been a homer. I think we’re behind the elite teams in this league, and the gap is widening. There’s certainly no guarantee to win the AFC East, we’ll agree on that point, but I’m having a tough time viewing the Dolphins as a top team. This is a QB driven league. Does anyone think Tua is in that elite conversation? They aren’t going far with Tua. The injury concerns are huge, and that team didn’t look good during the second half of the season. The league seemed to catch on to McDaniel’s scheme, and they didn’t have many answers.
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