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  1. Agree, I don’t know much about any of these guys this year, and I trust Beane to make a decent pick. A couple good picks could put us over the top, but we’re not looking for a savior anymore. That gives it a different vibe compared to what Bills fans were used to.
  2. Buddy Nix probably would have just reached for some obscure guy who ended up being drafted in the second or third round.
  3. It’s frustrating when Josh looks shaken, but it can happen to any QB. People forget how shook Brady looked most of the game during his Super Bowl loses to the Giants.
  4. Awesome topic, I find it very interesting. Does anyone remember if the third game of the season against the Pats was the first Fitz start that season? I know he started games in 2009, but 2010 solidified him as starter. I’d consider that a pretty big turning point. I was never the biggest Fitz guy, but I can’t believe Gailey started Edwards that season. I knew Gailey was a joke the minute that happened. Everyone knew Edwards wasn’t the future before the start of 2010.
  5. I couldn’t agree more. I have noticed that fans who attend Bills games are on the younger side compared to what I’ve seen at other NFL stadiums. That might play a big role in the frat party atmosphere. You get them everywhere, but I also notice a greater proportion of people who are completely out of it. It varies quite a bit based on where you sit. The club seats and parts of the lower bowl aren’t as bad as the upper deck. The upper deck in Buffalo has more drunks than I’ve seen anywhere in my life.
  6. Good call, It’s true the Pats didn’t have superstar running backs, but they all contributed nicely to those teams. They were guys who fit the offense, and could make plays when needed. Moss and Singletary might be able to do so under the proper circumstances. The worry some have is the fact that Singletary and Moss play like they have led feet with absolutely no play making ability. I can’t name all the Pats dynasty running backs, but I know they always had someone on the roster who could break a big play. That’s what we lack in Singletary and Moss right now.
  7. The only reason I dislike Harmon for that drop is the sketchy gambling past he had in college. It all might have been in his past at that point, but he wasn’t a guy I’d consider trustworthy. Lack of being of trustworthy is always a good reason to dislike a player.
  8. Also if we drafted Josh Rosen, we’d have a unanimous answer to this question.
  9. I do think we can all agree it’s Whitner’s fault that he tackled using his back.
  10. I forgot about Leodis McKelvin. It’s the only time in my life I believed someone could be too dumb to be on a football field. The funny part was we had coaches who were even dumber. He held on to kick/punt return duties far too long.
  11. Kudos for the proper spelling of the last name, I got that one wrong on my list 😆
  12. Billy Joe Hobart Kyle Orton Zay Jones
  13. I’ll just sit back and listen to all the TBD science experts on this one🍿
  14. Absolutely, Highmark has hosted several concerts the past few years. There aren’t a ton of stadium concert tours that take place in the winter. There simply aren’t enough domed stadiums to plan an entire stadium winter tour. Additionally, there aren’t many stadium tours these days anyway. I don’t think the future of music is in big stadium shows. Most big stadium acts are retirement age. Who knows how many of those will even be touring by the time we get a new stadium. Stadium concerts are such a rare occurrence, it’s not something I think plays a huge role.
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