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  1. It seems like Murph tires hard just to be a contrarian sometimes. He’s alright on the radio, but his stubborn demeanor can be tiresome. Murph comes across as someone who doesn’t listen or accept others ideas whatsoever.
  2. Yep, Brees looked rough (by his standards) in the opener as well. It’s only two games, so it’s a small sample size, but players do get old. I think many fans didn’t believe that day could come for guys like Brady and Brees.
  3. We’re finally seeing a modern NFL offense where the run game compliments the passing game. The run game looked much improved in Miami from the previous week. I couldn’t ask for more from the offense at this point, especially the way Allen and Diggs are playing. We have more than enough talent with Singletary to maintain a run game that won’t hold us back. Moss has been a slight disappointment on that side of the ball though. He’s two games into his career, so we can’t judge who he is as a player yet, but I’m underwhelmed by what I’ve seen. He’s struggled reading his blockers, shows absolutely zero burst or quickness, and almost runs like Frank Gore late in his career.
  4. Interesting, but not surprising. I’d be curious to know if the networks are “supplementing” additional sounds into other games that have some in person fans. I’ve suspected some of these games have sounded a bit loud with such small crowds.
  5. I agree, I think teams will be able to figure that offense with more film. Cam’s arm doesn’t offer much a threat at this point.
  6. That’s why you need a QB with talent on offense. You can’t count on “elite” defense every week in this league. Great job by the offense, hopefully they don’t have to do it again.
  7. One of the best grabs I’ve seen by a Bill in a long time.
  8. Have we signed anyone worth while from Carolina ? Beane has been great, but the Carolina stuff needs to stop.
  9. Yeah, we’re seeing what happens when forced to play guys too far down the depth chart. CB depth was an issue because they went with the washed up Carolina connection with Norman.
  10. I’m happy he’s on the Bengals. He might not be in the AFC East, but his teams could still be a hurdle in the playoffs. Luckily, he got drafted by a team that never spends money to keep talent, or acquire free agent playmakers. The Pegula’s have been willing to spend money on this team. Allen’s continued growth combined with solid leadership from McD and Beane makes me less afraid of Burrow in the conference.
  11. Not sure if Tyrod and Anthony Lynn share your feelings.
  12. He has the potential to be great. The wild card is if the dysfunctional Bengals franchise will build enough around him to realize his full potential.
  13. It seems like he has the ability to read the defense at a potentially elite level as well. That’s sometimes forgotten when people mention elite traits.
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