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  1. because the chiefs and titans beat themselves
  2. We all feel bad for Tua, but wouldn’t he at least own some fraction of the blame for playing through the injury Sunday and today? That’s stubborn and stupid
  3. Was Milano ever fined for a late/aggressive hit or was it legal?
  4. I actually feel bad for Tua. Makes me hate the dolphins more
  5. So for this concussion he will be back in the third quarter?
  6. We are spoiled to have Allen. That scramble by Joe burrow would’ve been a 30 yard play if it were Buffalo
  7. I’m actually glad Miami has a competitive team this year. I miss the days of rooting against the likes of Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas
  8. I’m assuming they were able to afford him because he signed for veteran minimum?
  9. We have to score a TD here because everyone win is at least 10 points right ?
  10. Got to give them credit. 100 degrees with the humidity is no joke.
  11. This reminds me of one of those games of the late 2000’s and early 2010’s where we would give the patriots everything we got for a whole half and then some. Then the patriots (the bills in this case) would run away with it.
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