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  1. Remember all of those people that were angry we traded our first round pick?
  2. They’ve also been going crazy for mid-air punts.
  3. Please tell me someone took a picture of gase standing there dazed staring up
  4. I love how they have security at the game? What! That’s funny
  5. I keep envisioning a 35-7 win. 3 TDS for Diggs, a couple of 1 yard TDS by moss jets get some kind of fluke fake field goal TD early in the game
  6. Can we all just agree that this would be the perfect season for the bills to win the Super Bowl? You know that if they did nobody would take their championship seriously because of the opt-outs. It would be so billsy
  7. I’m not sure exactly why, but the USPS has a huge deal with amazon and it’s imperative that all the packages have scans on them before 8pm every night. If we don’t do a good job we will lose a contract with them
  8. I am a supervisor for the post office. They are so overBurdened with packages on Sundays that have to be delivered before the 8pm cutoff and they have to have a scan on it. So most likely they scanned it and brought it back. Expect it to be delivered tomorrow with normal mail. That’s what I always tell the customers. If you don’t get it, then it’s misdelivered.
  9. Finally someone that agrees with me. We could be friends if we knew each other
  10. Looks like I’m not watching the nfl this year.
  11. This is the bills fault. They are cursed. They could very well make the super bowl this year and there’s not going to be a season. That’s what they get for trying to be good lol
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