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  1. plenzmd1

    Chic-Fil-A In New Era Stadium

    does not shock me you do not know how to read. as most people who claim "fake news" are dumb as rocks( as your boy DT so eloquently put it) ..where did I say Chk fil A does not gross a ton of money. Franchisees, however, do not...but obviously your ability to read and understand even simple concepts is too much to ask...You are Fake Intelligence!!!!!
  2. The section naming system back then was so asinine! Hey @SectionC3, was this section right on about the goal line -10 ya line scoreboard end? I am trying to remember my brothers seasons back then, could swear it was c3. It was where I watched every playoff game in the 90’s save the Jacksonville game. Upper deck for that one as Mom wanted to go so we had to sell his and get tickets upstairs.
  3. Paul Hamilton has talked about this as well, but I thiink Sabres have had a lead in 7 games now of 8( Nashville excluded$ and spit it every time. They win 2 of those , but a disturbing trend to be sure. Housley on the hot seat!
  4. @Augie wife does not go to mass. She has special dispensation and a direct entry into heaven for being married to him and not commitimh any heinous crimes against his person. Takes a special woman, God knows that.
  5. Not sure if you would want to do this, and even if it is legal. But we used to camp overnight in the gorge, lots of nice spots between the Whirlpool and the Power Vista.Visit Devils Hole State Park for details, trail maps etchttps://www.parks.ny.gov/parks/42/. Even if you do not camp, a nice short hike between the two points..from top to bottom back up to top prolly a 90 minute hike.Great views, close but too close to the water..lots of fun for kids to climb on rocks etc. If you want to do Fort Niagara, and i absolutely would, this is a decent campground near there. https://parks.ny.gov/parks/6/details.aspx Lots of good fishing near the campground, as well as the @ the Power Vista ..if fishing is an option. Maid of the Mist , Cave of the Winds are must do with kids ..and both accessible from the US side. I am assuming a bunch of kids will not have passports, so think that will be important.
  6. you not going? I should stay off these threads when I am not going, makes me so sad I am not going to be there!
  7. plenzmd1

    Researchers develop 10-Minute Cancer-detecting Blood Test

    Awesome if this stuff works!! its a shame, but now everytime I hear "blood testing breakthrough" I think of Theranos...i need way more evidence now https://www.businessinsider.com/theranos-founder-ceo-elizabeth-holmes-life-story-bio-2018-4
  8. plenzmd1

    Do You BitCoin?

    AppreciAte the post @Foxx let me make sure I understand. You think i good buy in level may may be under 2000? Again, I understand it’s best guess, and BTC could be at $10,000 before it hits $ 2500, and it could hit zero after hitting $1800. I much appreciate the insight, you understand this stuff way more than I do. In in terms of blockchain, I agree. Why I bought the ETH @500, thought that the blockchain play. Small stake, but no thoughts of selling any. Am think of double my position for 20% of the investment!😂 as they said in boilerrrom, if ya liked it at $500, ya gotta love it at $94!!!!!
  9. plenzmd1

    Chic-Fil-A In New Era Stadium

    Funny thing bout chick fil a. Franchisees do not make a ton of money. Like a $150k a year. Weird , I would think like a $1m a year
  10. plenzmd1

    Week 14, 2017 - The Snow Game. Where were you?

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/17MBFq85-VowshffJct4POSfD5tAynz_c/view?usp=sharing last row section 334, Well, one beer and the 2nd qtr in the clubs due the courtesy the generosity of @mead107 working on getting pictures to upload(little help from the smart guys here?) BTW, son flew home that night, to Dulles and then drive to Richmond with @Mr Info , people in Richmond were completely baffled how he could have flown out with that storm in Buffalo they were all watching on the TV..hard to describe how 5 miles can matter so
  11. plenzmd1

    Do You BitCoin?

    hey @Foxx , any sense of where this stuff is headed? I never did buy ant bitcoin, but own a smidge of ETH that is down 90% from its high!!! Thinking of still buying some bitcoin, but wonder if it is the proverbial "catch a falling knife"
  12. plenzmd1

    Your Concert Experiences

    so..was going to post about Pegasus at McVans in the late 70's..loved that bar and that band. Damn, such a fine old extablishment, to bad its like a freaking Timmies now. Anyway, was googling McVans just for kicks and came across this..too freaking funny. Bitching about $37 tickets!!!! Man, 13 years ago we still yapping about same things!!!
  13. plenzmd1

    RIP Isiah Robertson.

    Sister went on a date with him..met him at our house! RIP brother
  14. plenzmd1

    name of "what's the scoop" reporter?

    Also known as " she who served up Brandon's head on a platter"
  15. I know only supposed to be about parking, but tell your boy Demler I love that Lets Go Pils! The perfect tailgate, Sabre game, fish fry beer. And , it comes in 16 oz cans! Load up on that one fellas!