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  1. see, I am fine arguing results, that makes sense to me and is an argument we can have( btw, I think his results suck, but that another argument)... I am all for that. You have your views, I have mine..lets debate! As @JohnC and i do in the Sabres thread. We could not be more diametrically opposed, but neither of us has called each other an idiot or called each other stupid etc ...we are arguing things as we see them. I mean he is wrong, but I love to hear his side!
  2. Dude, you are the exact embodiment .of all you claim to disdain. I want folks to be independent, thinking populace, you want people to follow rhetoric. When I agree with Trump, i don't see the see the hate and scorn, or ridicule about my thoughts being amongst the most ridiculous ever. When I disagree however, I am lowering my self to posters or groups you disagree with and being called a total idiot. It does not bother me BTW. I just know you can be better than just an abject follower. But your posts are proof of whiny ass Trump/Right supporters that say " every one stereotypes me..boo hoo, not fair!. Your opinion is different than mine, you are an idiot co-opted by the media". Jesus, grow a freaking a pair and argue points, not whine about perceived grievances. You want people to respect your ideas, you have to respect others ideas. You don't. You dismiss them outright as foolishness. I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone here with any intelligence who says I don't listen to the ideas of people i disagree with and get persuaded by sound, fact-based arguments. You, however, dismiss any idea that is not the same as yours as idiotic..or as some may say afraid to question your beliefs. And yes Trump supporters/Obama haters are the most put upon group I have ever witnessed in my 56 years on this earth..they perceive everything as a slight, see everything as a stereotype, see anyone who wants to argue points and ideas on merit as an "enemy of the state"and brainwashed by the media...in other words afraid to argue points on merit, and only want to rely on slogans and and slander.
  3. I again believe the exact phrase "enemy of the people/state" can be construed as a dog whistle to the far right..and it bothers me. I hope you have noticed in the last year I have consistently said " words matter" and I believe that phrase matters the history of dictators and authoritarianism..again, I am not claiming Trump is so...but the words are the words...see below https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/aug/03/trump-enemy-of-the-people-meaning-history I understand your point, and I guess my point is that you could make that statement all the way back to the 20's. I watch way too many documentaries, this is no new phenomenon. Negative nabobs of negativity ring a bell? That administration committed crimes they were so convinced the press was out to crush to them. That was 50 years ago.Lets not forget the bias against Al Smith, the progressive, just cause he was Catholic and the press killing him as an agent of Rome. Bias has always existed, just Trump supporters cry and whine about it more than any group in history. I hate Trump, and I like watching the Left lose it..soooo????
  4. That i cannot agree with, that prhase carries to much sordid history...And there are journalists and news readers that try as best they can to be straight shooters...Brett Baird is one, for instance, Major Garret I think as another on TV.
  5. Well, he had his issues with Fox, no doubt. Never called them "enemies of the State" , That carries some real weight, and real meaning, and real history lessons.Also, I dont recall him threatening local affiliates with losing their licenses, but i could be wrong on that. HAH, cmon, do better than that. Comet Ping Pong is running a child sex ring is just as credible. ( btw, someone lit their curtains on fire last week, but i don't know the whole story) I have stated no conspiracies..only fears backed by history That man states about 50% what I think....and I agree a bit on the Acosta thing..a bit. Cant do more than that!!!!
  6. Nope..never said I did. Think Fox has one side covered, ABC,CNN, and NBC the other. If conservatives want more stations and newspapers, start em! No one stopping anyone from doing that And BTW, that preamble is when ya testify!!!!
  7. What we know is he only sends out tweets..and of course I am supposed to discern when he is lying, when he is telling the truth, when he setting a deal up, when he is just in a bad mood, when it is really Hannity talking..in other words not supposed to really know what in the hell he really means. But trust me, this is a national emergency!!!!!! And he has already pulled 1 press pass, threatened to take many more, threatened the licenses of several local stations, kicked reporters off his campaign trail..i would say those are all more than tweets. And this nonsense that the Clintons "literally" killed people really hurts your argument.
  8. i think the problem lies in the fact that was the intention, but it is not spelled out to the degree it should. that's a great question I have wondered as well. Strange an old geezer may have to prove he can drive, but not prove his mental acuity to adjudicate cases that affect all of us.
  9. my point was this guy has repeatedly called the press/media the Enemy of the People/State. The last president to say those types of things tried to have licenses taken away(hmm, who has brought that up again), tried to bully papers into not reporting on the truth and led him to commit several crimes down the road. Logic also dictates that if Trump is willing to declare a national emergency as our country is being "invaded", a word only used in conjunction with enemies, not friends, than it stands to reason the press, ie "enemies of the people" also demands a national emergency declaration no? And that my friends, is scary as all hell.
  10. plenzmd1

    Do kids play outside where you live?

    in our neighborhood, yes..a ton! Think it is the exception. We have a really nice wild area in the neighborhood with a decent size stream/creek that kids have been playing in since we moved here 13 years ago, my kids included. See a ton of kids in yards throwing LAX balls either to each other or into pitchbacks,, playing BB..just see a ton of kids out all the time
  11. plenzmd1

    New Anchor Bar (Frederick MD)

    Reason enough for me to never go to Jimmy's again! Jimmys is cool, been a few times, but damn it's out there in the nether regions of DC. Catching a flight out of Dulles? Great place. To be fair, that mall is dying, and not one restaurant has made it in the part of the mall where Anchor was located. Not even Rio Grande, which the DC folks will know, could make it there..nough said. Chipotle and Starbucks even closed up shop right next Anchor...the location is a dead mans zone. That being said, the place never stood a chance after a disastrous opening weekend, awful online reviews, and a space that was way too big to ever get the feeling you were in a happening place..The place just always felt dead. . The NYC one also had an awful opening weekend, let's hope they have learned the value of soft openings for their franchises, making sure the whole world knows ( on social media) soft opening for two weeks to help work the kinks out etc...then have a grand opening and invite the local press etc.
  12. What empirical evidence suggests they have not done the same again? i really would appreciated you listing out what he has done that gives you great confidence in the job he is doing besides dishing up platitudes that folks like to hear...build through the draft, strong AHL team, build with character..keep our own, blah blah blah. Same as every GM ever has said. I look forward to your list Now onto this years performance and what could have been done. One month ago you said," I am not worried about the playoffs, but just being in the race down the stretch will give these guys great learning experiences, and that's what's important this season" . Well, here we are with 24 games to go and playing meaningless hockey again, so I guess by your words, and what's been reported as being important this to the organization as well, the season is an abject failure. Now maybe a first and Nylander was well worth it to get freaking Muzzin in here, stabilize the Top 4, maybe win a few more games and still be in the race, and STILL have him under contract for next year. Maybe then the team says okay, what do ya know, someone in management thinks we CAN win this year, maybe the expectations have risen ALL THE WAY UP to make the freaking playoffs.... ..but no, that precious first was too much to give up...now hopefully, and I do mean hopefully , that pick might contribute in 2021...i hope that was worth not executing on said objective for the season. Maybe sell two of those firsts for a 2C now that either has some term or is an RFA. I don't know, I see the Flyers and Blues surging under new coaches, I see the Isles and Canadians with supposedly lesser talent with way more points than the Sabres..maybe coaching has something to do with that? Maybe bringing in Q with an offer he could not refuse makes a diffrence this season, and moving forward But the refusal to acknowledge, (in my best Michael Ray Richardson voice) " the ship be sinking" when it was clear as day in December and crystal freaking clear in January is a crime for this management team. They lucked into a ten game win streak, they owed to the fans and players to not piss it away. But we have devolved as Buffalo sports fans to somehow believing that rebuilds take 5 years, that every year is a growth year.That the goal is not to win games, it is to win the process. You stated in an earlier post Toronto struggled with young talent...umm, they finished 3rd to last the year the Sabres finished last, then dead last the next year...then in the playoffs for 3 straight years since then. I don't call that struggling..I call that winning with young talent.I will take that struggle. Housley has pulled maybe the greatest trick ever in sports..take a team that underachieved and caused your predecessorr to get fired, make them even worse, not really improve in year 2, still be below the point toatl that got the other dude fired...and preach plan and process and got job security and preaching it as progress cause we finished dead last two years ago, but will be all the way to 5th from the bottom this year! Man, better by that bridge soon too, Brooklyn is really growing !
  13. Okay, so tell me how long they get? BTW, I do not see them as a young team. Middle of the road in terms of average age, and it ain't like they got 42 Chara on the roster to skew it. Hurricanes, Jets, Canadiens. for instance all younger And, if as you say the talent is so bereft, I am assuming you believe next year will be just as bad cause we will have 4 kids come up from the Amerks? If not from there, how do you think we are getting better? Trades? Draft picks? Where the hell will this team if Skinner walks? Botteril has basically turned his roster 50 % each year he has been here, with no discernable improvement. But I am now supposed to believe that he will magically improve the team in year 3? And not to bust ya chops to hard, but ya breached patience and heaped praise on Murray too till the end, but now put all the Sabres woes on him, and him alone. ( i know you hated the Lehner trade too..maybe he was right on that one and Lehner just needed to get his life in order)
  14. Damn, Yall make me cringe to call myself conservatise. You play identify/ victim politics more than any group out there, and i do mean any group. Poor media is mean to us, no one likes us, there are conspiracies all around to hold out ideas in check, people stereotype us cause we are conservative....why does no one feel sorry for us..........
  15. Couple of [points 1) Do I understand you correctly he needed an entire year to assess a team and individual players? 2) What makes you believe Botteril has any clue he knows what he is doing? his best player acquisition was bourne out of luck and him making the team worse then it was when he became the GM his next best player is a rental at this stage that may walk..(and BTW, why did we give up long term assets to acquire him? Thought the plan was to grow this year?) and possibly the 4th best player on the team is on walk year next year cause Botterill did not want to commit to him long term 3) what should be the expectations for next year..year 3 in the Botteril experiment. t. Should it sniff the playoffs? Should win a couple rounds? Or are we gonna hear the apologists say.." hey, we got 8 first or second-year players getting significant minutes, they moved up to 10th in Conference after being 13th last year( my prediction wherre they finish this year)..have patience cause next year in year 4...thats the year we make the playoffs" Lets not even think of what the Leafs have done for 3 years with young players...just not fair i guess to expect Botteril and Hously to compete to year 4.