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  1. that is what people are protesting... in terms of guns you have this https://chicago.suntimes.com/politics/2021/8/2/22606411/illinois-gun-laws-universal-background-checks-seizure-revoked-firearm-licenses-pritzker And yet, I heard Obama on TV today claim the gun violence in Chicago due to gun laws...and nothing else. 100% gun laws. No policies outside of gun laws had any effect on escalating gun violence ,,,hmm interesting
  2. there is a family section, just google it up. General rule of thumb is more expensive the ticket, less rowdy section. Having said that, Bills games, to me at least, quite tame now. Drunks..yes, but 99% friendly. Language...certainly. Weed smell? most likely, but doubt kids that age will know the smell...and its pretty much legal now anyway. My advice is stay out of the endzones and very outer sections of the upper deck, and oyu should be fine
  3. sign up in the Houston TBD parking thread above Recommended be there by 7:30, no later than 8. There is always a B word of a line to get in, but worth it $40, CASH ONLY( opener price, @mead107 can confirm)
  4. hmm, so sad to not see my name 2 weeks in row!!!
  5. prey tell, please expound on the number or % of Covid cases in the US in fully vaxed people right now. And, why is the CDC not tracking that data????
  6. Well, tell ya what. Show me the number of actual % cases of Covid that are in fully vaxed people. What’s that? Ya can’t cause the CDC only counts someone who gets hospitized and or dies as a breakthrough case? So we could be at 10% cases in fully vaxed, or 50%… wonder why we don’t freaking know. So if you quoting CDC about the effectiveness of the vaccine, rest assured that is “ anecdotally “ as well. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.propublica.org/article/the-cdc-only-tracks-a-fraction-of-breakthrough-covid-19-infections-even-as-cases-surge/amp man, critical thinking and questioning has left the building in this Covid crap.
  7. yea, i am becoming more and more convinced this vaccine thing not working the way it should. All anecdotally...but 7 of 8 people i was with at WVU game two weekends ago now have had the coco..all vaxed. My Bills seatmate lives in CO..early August had 5 houseguests in...5 of the 6 get coco..all vaxed, 6th was/is unvaxed and never tested positive. At my golf club...pre-vaccines...we had like 10 cases of Covid from March 2020-August 2021 And trust me, there was no social distancing or mask wearing etc at this good ole boys club in Richmond VA..ever...yes that is correct...i have yet to see one mask worn in my club since this thing started. Last two months seems like over 30 cases...as far as we can tell...all vaxed. Granted, in the CDC stats, only 2 of those cases count as breakthrough as only 2 people were hospitalized( 2 old guys at golf club) And i don't want to hear "well, it lessens the symptoms"...then call it something else...but what we putting in our arms right now is anything BUT a vaccine. Kinda glad i have the coc right now, will finally have some freaking protection that works moving forward.
  8. I am thanks...feel 95% now, just a slight tiredness to joints...any other Non Covid year would not be thinking twice about it.
  9. Hey All 135, row 21, Seat 18. Face value on this ticket directly from Bills was $311, looking for $150 OBO.
  10. Just tested positive for the coco...fully vaxed since April 24th. Cold like symptoms. These vaccines are not vaccines, they are therapeutics, and we should call them as such.
  11. And on cue in a few days we will see shock pieces of people being lined up in the ER cause of Covid..with no mention of staff shortage due to vaccine mandate. Hope all yall who are all for vaccine mandates enjoy making sick people wait for medical care. I mean these folks were hero's 6 months ago, been working the the hospital for 18 months helping sick people...lets fire em! Freaking idiots https://buffalonews.com/news/local/ecmc-to-restrict-new-patient-admissions-due-to-staff-vaccine-mandate/article_bd4abfee-1bbd-11ec-85ca-8f53cbf8af1f.html#tracking-source=home-top-story-1
  12. My argument is you can replace Goebels with Psaki , the Nazi party with the DNC, and the German Press/Media with the American main stream press of today. For good measure you can replace Leni Riefenstahl and Dorsey/Zuckerburg , and away ya go with the American media establishment of 2021. and lets not forget we had a President admit they are profiling people on social media that have opinions contrary to theirs and that information that runs counter to their propaganda is killing people. Kinda sounds like 1934 in Berlin to me. Whats the next step for people that disagree witht he state? Maybe we are already seeing a preview of it in Australia
  13. But that’s the problem no? The MSM is to Psaki and the DNC what the German press was to Goebels. Both puppets that only print and report on the agenda they want to push. reqd this thread for an example. I know you don’t care about the truth or democracy, and prefer a communistic state, but this is scary stuff.
  14. Wait, you are posting an article from 2016 and comparing it how to Biden?
  15. I did only make one, public education up there in Orchard Park not so hot! 😜
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