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  1. Okay, dude is officially on my nerves and ruining my twitter feed. Your 15 minutes are done sir, please go away again.
  2. Just as a heads up, I was not trying to dissect anyone’s fandom. As @Augie says, all differnat ways to watch the game, none being the “ right” way. And Nd I love the upper bowl, moved our seats this year to row 22 of the lower bowl, and if I can find aisle seats eithe above row 30 I am going back next year! BTW, I also keep two seats in the very last row of the stadium with my nephews, and LOVE those seats as well!
  3. Holy poop, I know myself, and prolly @Augie never thought those words would be uttered About one of his posts. @BADOLBILZ pretty much said what I was going to post. I see so MUCH more at the game , getting to watch the substitutions in real time, watching how coverages unfold, seeing route combos, just way more enjoyable to me in person. And yep, miss the replays , but I could get those on RedZone at the game if I wanted. To focused on what’s happening on the field between plays though.
  4. Man, started watching at 2-2 on the phone. Tough way to lose. And yes @K-9, spot on on Hutton. Costing points at this time , when you can ill afford them. Linus gets 80 % of games here. Had to play Huts tonight though , no option really. UPL gunna be here sooner rather than later
  5. at a swim meet and have about an hour, should i watch Sabres or SEC? than i see this thx for making it easy boys!
  6. Have no idea where this narrative is that there are thousands of unsold seats out there, that is just plain false. Was just on the ticketmaster site, looks like less than 300 seats still available for this game. Remember,each club holds back a couple hundred or so for the visiting team and have other holdbacks as well. This thing is 100% a sellout on Sunday
  7. Update, only 2 left now, but they are the two on the aisle
  8. Looks like a young Rick Azar to me
  9. Of course,and i can assure you,unfortunately this never happened to me as a young lad playing water polo, and i would have NEVER complained to my parents that some hottie was "pestering" me for sex at 18! https://tinyurl.com/tnql7cx
  10. Hmm, interesting. I use Bovada and always seems like they offer the worst of the lines. I think i will have my nephews open an account at the Seneca Creek when they start offering sports betting and just use a VPN and a New York server address, as I assume they are going to have a mobile app.
  11. Buffalo gets 2 more points than the Ravens and i win on my +200 moneyline bet!
  12. i would not attend if I was in Ottawa either. Never been to a game there, but from reports really far out, owner who sucks, and a team that stinks. Looked to me to be about 80% full last night from the TV views, not bad for a Monday night against the Devils. Sabres 3-1-2 last 6, maybe having at the least steadied the ship, if not quite yet turned the ship around.
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