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  1. You sniveling little man. my exact quote. “they got them as the grades were posted, prove they were not” see I played your game, and you lost. You could not prove they were not posted, so therefore it must be true. I am out rest of the night, will leave you with this last thought. How does your concours deal with the fact that you see everything g through the lens of skin color? Does it hurt to admit you are in fact racist?
  2. Such a funny man you are. May I remind you brought up hearsay that somehow the grades of the original designees were obtained nefariously because the people involved were white. Your entire conjecture is somehow this was a racist incident. If you take the adjectives of the color of skin out of the story, the outcome remains the same. But for somehow who only views and judges people based on the color of their skin as you do, that’s the only fact that matters in any of this.. the color of ones skin. and yes, I will take the judgement of the superintendent
  3. Easy question. Is the superintendent racist because he made this decision? I won’t even ask you to prove grades are not public, as already asked and already not answered. But you are a champ at avoiding pesky things like facts. So let’s assume they are not. a somewhat plausible , like 100% plausible, is kids exchanging what each other GPAs were. Cause we all know kids who have a high GPA like to keep those details quiet and never tell anyone what their GPA is. And then all the details come out , the kids go home and say man according to the guidelines I
  4. Again, back up your racist claim that the white folks did something wrong. Your claim, back up your racism with facts. racist is as racist does
  5. So, shift the argument. again, prove your racist claim that parents/kids did ANYTHING wrong except saying enforce the guidelines that are the printed standard for awarding the designations. and again, tell me what you think of the black superintendent who made the final decision. Is he racist like you?
  6. You made the claim they weren’t, back it up! show me in any of the published materials where it states the grades were obtained through illegal or otherwise untoward methods. Back your claim up! You made the claim something nefarious happened because the folks involved are white, or in other words, making judgements about someone based on the color. Racist behavior. And please tell me what you think of the black superintendent who made the final decision! Is he racist, or just an Uncle Tom?
  7. Show me where the grades were not public? You assumed something nefarious based on someone skin color. Racist plain and simple. and I should add, I assume you think the black superintendent who made the decision is racist and an Uncle Tom!
  8. They got them as the grades are published for the designees, and how they were determined. prove that did not happen. Is there any hint, any, that any thing nefarious happened? Even the slanted pieces in the Hill and NYT had zero hint of that. But a person who only judges people on the basis of their skin color like you makes that leap. man, it must suck to be a racist like you.
  9. Haha…explain what is white of me. Posted guidelines were not followed, but your dumb ass thinks guidelines should be waived and designations awarded based on race. How very racist of you thinking black people cannot compete and should be awarded things cause they have an inherited disadvantage. yep, not racist at all.
  10. Lets dig a little deeper into the story than the headline shall we?. https://www.yahoo.com/news/mississippi-high-school-agreed-2-103019834.html?.tsrc=fp_deeplink So the way this high school determines the designation is straight GPA, not Quality Point Average(QPA).Those are published guidelines in the student handbook. A new counselor to the school based the designations on QPA..a mistake acknowledged the districts' Black Superintendent. Hey it happens, people make mistakes, no biggie. Correct line of action according to strict interpretation would be to
  11. Okay, so according to you until the FBI confirms its Hunters laptop, it means we must assume it is not Hunters laptop. But, the FBI cannot confirm anything in an ongoing investigation https://www.fbi.gov/about/faqs/can-i-obtain-detailed-information-about-a-current-fbi-investigation-that-i-see-in-the-news I also posted a source form CNN that says the laptop is firmly believed to Hunters, may have been out of his possession, and another source from a the Daily Mail that confirms with forensics the veracity of the laptop and its info. But you choose not to beli
  12. again, the very reason for this thread....and this proves what the OP was saying show me one source that confirmed Sicknick was killed by blunt force trauma after being struck in the head with a fire extinguisher...just one...ya cant...and that reporting was introduced as EVIDENCE in an impeachment trial of the POTUS...think about that for a minute...but because it came from a MSM outlet, it had to be true! Just like Russia Gate, just like the coco was ABSOLUTELY not escaped from a lab...just like everything listed in original post. At what point , and after how many fa
  13. and the big flip was if she died of those causes two days after getting vaxed...she died of the other causes...as it should have been. Couple days ago was watching GMA, and the scoll at the bottom said a California county was revising its death count down by as much as 30% to somewhat address the with/from debate...but i cannot find anything online to substantiate that.
  14. just did..the CNN report and another https://www.businessinsider.com/daily-mail-authenticated-hunter-biden-laptop-images-2021-4
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