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  1. Hey @Kirby Jackson, do i have this right? Let's say you had clubs now, but turned them down and told them you needed to move into another part of the stadium for financial reasons...are you put at the top of the list when that non-club section goes on sale? Or once everyone who previously sat in :"that section" has gone through, you then get to pick. and this just keeps repeating until you find seats you like? Maybe just me, but the excitement of the new stadium has already worn off..feels like the news cycle has moved on. i mean I am 135 row 22(28 yd line or so) and it feels like it will be sometime in 25 before I go. just no juice for me there anymore
  2. Terry? Cause if it was KA, and he said he knew right from the jump that the standards and accountability were not high, he should have fired him mid season...when ya still had a season that could have been saved
  3. here is what bothers me. KS states standards and accountability were not high starting with the first day of training camp. 1) Then why did you wait so long to fire Donny? The season may have been salvaged had you made this move between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But maybe you just felt Donny was going to turn it around? 2) He wanted to fire Donny, but Terry would not let him neither one of those scenarios are good if you are a Sabre fan
  4. Bills on and off since 86 Sabres 86-7 Washington Caps 87-92 Richmond Spiders football and basketball lots of seasons.
  5. Why don’t you show all the times Josh missed him? Line in London? Like in Miami? Twice!
  6. To be fair, once BBB said they had been working on the deal, the last one was just Steph saying ya bout to find out cause I am traded! So that looks a lot different post trade.
  7. he was tired of losing, plain and simple. He was awesome, the Bills will miss him no doubt. as I said above, I think 13 seconds stung him to his core, as it should have. Then add on the Bengal playoff game, and this year's annual loss to KC and he had just lost all faith in McD and Allen to get him to a championship. Remember this dude wanted to win so bad he was ready to keep playing in the first Bengal game. Having said that, in February I called for a retooling year and taking all the cap hits this year, and that included trading Diggs. Just felt if we did the cap clearing, no need to spread the pain out. They did most of what I wanted outside keeping Von. And they did something about Rasul's contract, spreading a bit out, but thank god almighty they did not extend him. So $4M dead next year on him, can work with it. Maybe BBB learning a little bit bout signing 30 + year old dudes. He had run his course in Buffalo, I have no animosity for him.....and most of Bills twitter is a joke. Only "famous" Bills fan twitter/podcasters etc I follow is Brother Bill...and @Hammered a Lot of course
  8. I am 135, so like the 28...and i am hoping for the same scenario..game weekend. I figured November for me, sounds like it could be later Architeture tours of Buffalo very popular, if you have not really should do it when on a game weekend. Last fall did an interior of Buffalo City Hall walking tour, they are free, think they do them every Friday at noon. ( tip your guide you cheap bastage!) And damn, why did you recommend the drek they call Buffalo pizza. Did you not want him to like Buffalo?
  9. 3 years interest free is a no brainer
  10. That might be, then go out and get another if you can get better. There is no clause that says ya have to use their lenders. I think it’s a pretty good rate for ( I think) no credit check unsecured loan.
  11. counter point...if you know ya gonna have a rough go of it this year, and your real plan is to make a serious run in 25 and beyond, take as much cap hit as you can this year to have more in later years.
  12. the clubs are going to be people who have money, as it is is in EVERY stadium in America, not just football, every sport. The best non-club seats lower bowl between the twenties are going to be people who have more disposable income than many...again as it is in EVERY stadium in America. Having money does not preclude being a real fan
  13. I went to the last two— both were $250 face value for decent, not great seats. 10% —- which BTW is way less than a personal loan and lord knows a CC running at like 23%. 10% is a pretty good rate for this.
  14. Not quite sure what you mean here. The point I was trying to make and prolly did so poorly is that you can find WRs all over the draft now. So many of the top guys last few years were not top glad if round one, but found in other rounds. Diggs was a 4th, Cheetah a 5th, Nakua a 5th. Dell a 3rd, Higgins a 2nd and on down the line. and I don’t think you can compare the Hill trade to this. Younger, still had upside , and Dolphins could structure contract as they wanted. has I said yesterday, has to tell ya something that the Giants and Shoen and Daboll prolly would not even pony up a 3rs for Steph, and their jobs are on the line this year , at least Daboll is.
  15. They want a cost controlled rookie on low contract I would think
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