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  1. @Hapless Bills Fan, agree on we have plenty of studies and epidemiological( many i can barely say that word let alone spell it) knowledge ..but with other viruses, and not this one. This seems to be be behaving differently, but again agree way to little information to claim one way or the other. I am also of the opinion we need to make allowances for ALL teachers and support staff that have high risk factors..and by allowances i mean be paid in full etc. How that gets done, that's the tricky part. If say 20% of teachers and support have high rick factors and stay home...how does that affect class sizes etc? So many questions I have let Richmond Public Schools know I am more than happy to help in the classroom any way i can, but lord knows I am no teacher...but will do my part if they need me in any way..including janitorial work and working the cafeteria etc .
  2. according to this chart, 14 years and under we have had 14 deaths, and we are at least 6 months in. https://data.cdc.gov/NCHS/Provisional-COVID-19-Death-Counts-by-Sex-Age-and-S/9bhg-hcku And according to this website, we have appx 60,000,000M in that population https://www.statista.com/statistics/241488/population-of-the-us-by-sex-and-age/ so14/60,000,000M is equal to .00000023. I am not talking IFR, but death rates vs the population. It is a statistical blip. In terms of schools and being disease amplifiers, we have little to go on outside of other countries and some anecdotal studies. Here is one article that points to their being little risk of transmission. Lets not forget, these were daycares catering to front line responders, theoretically the very same people who should carry highest risk of infection, especially early on when PPE was not the best. https://www.npr.org/2020/06/24/882316641/what-parents-can-learn-from-child-care-centers-that-stayed-open-during-lockdowns On the flip side of that, we have the 82 sick at the Missouri camp. Now, sleep over camp completely different, but a development that bears watching without doubt. Another good article about schools opening from ab
  3. where did you get those numbers ? Need to be correct, worldometers has 890 https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ Thing to remember there is that number is based on cases with outcomes....how "outcome" is determined i am not sure
  4. The point being that the authorities in Tulsa state there was several large gatherings besides the Trump rally, they have contract tracers working like crazy and as a result of those contract tracers they are requiring restaurant and BAR employees to wear masks. does that scream a “ superspreader” event? No, it does not. Cause just like we have learned about choir practice etc being a super spreading event, we would know in a flat minute if contract tracing pointed to the Trump rally being one. BTW, as I said at the time, we should have paid those people to attend and become part of an experiment on how the virus spread at an event with some scale indoors. I would love to see numbers related to that to further our understanding in that front.
  5. Did you read this piece? When asked if the cases in Tulsa are going up due to the rally on June 20, Dart said that there were several large events a little over two weeks ago. Bynum said that ordering masks for employees at bars and restaurants has helped the Tulsa Health Department with their contact tracing by showing them what the leading contributors are to cases in the Tulsa area. hmm, so in first paragraph there are indications of several events that took place in Tulsa, now 18 days ago as the article points out and incubation tone is 3-14 days. also says their contract tracers are swamped and working overtime. If Trump rally alone caused the infection, pretty damn easy to spot that no? and last paragraph states they are ordering masks at bars and restaurants as they understand leading contributors to cases rising. hmm, all that and all ya had to do was read.
  6. all good points..and let me counter and hope you grant me the benefit the doubt you ask. I do not not have people in 'high risk" groups as you do, and ceratinly that impacts our views. I do however have two kids who lives are being dramtically impacted, even though all evidence points to the fact they are are at less risk from Covid than the ordinary flu, or less than .0002 percent chance of dying. And yes, that number is correct. And yes, case rates have been escalating since Memorial Day. Deaths have not escalated at same rate. So we are a good 7 weeks since then, when do we say its evidence? After 12 weeks? If it changes, it changes. but i hope policy makers are not going to use numbers from NY and NJ in March and April to form policy moving forward
  7. just curious...do you have any idea on the age of the new positives? Also, was there any other events in the area during that week? I have no idea, but assume tyou are saying no other events took place in Tulsa in the days around the rally. From your article
  8. or maybe, just maybe, the areas where the peak had already occured, not much of a rise. But those areas where the virus was just starting? Like texas, Florida, and Arizona and California? Maybe it helped fuel the explosion in cases
  9. So it took this chucklehead 6 minutes to finally getting around to “ good news is death rate keeps dropping “. And you can tell in his voice, he wishes more Americans would be dying. so he could be “ righter” Hope the door did not hit your backside when ya left
  10. 36 in Arizona today..Jersey with a spike to 71..something not right there. Still awaiting Cali and Texas...Florida at 49 btw
  11. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/30/us/coronavirus-schools-reopening-guidelines-aap.html https://www.npr.org/2020/06/24/882316641/what-parents-can-learn-from-child-care-centers-that-stayed-open-during-lockdowns You need more ? Or is the American Academy of Peditrics not good enough? And in and article researched and reported by well known Trump mouthpiece NPR. sources like the conservative bastion Brown University and the YMCA have zero instance of transmission in child care centers catering to children of front line workers..you know the very people who are working with Covid patients everyday.
  12. could be,,but age is obviously known, and i am sure any underlying conditions can be documented if teacher wants to stay home. But also see your point
  13. so you agree with Trump schools need to be open in the fall?
  14. and those teachers should be able to stay home and get full pay and benefits, absolutely. But remember, the demographic of child care workers vs teachers is much different, and child care workers and their families are in a much higher risk group...so that is why people will be okay with keeping schools closed and forcing kids into childcare...
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