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  1. Any teetotaler Bills fans?

    I tee up total full beers..does that count as a tee totaler?
  2. Options for OC?

  3. Beer Thread

    Guinness falls just short of being a lite beer at 125 calories and 4.2% ABV per 12 oz. Wish i liked it more, great session beer! Those Sour Monkeys at 9.5% ABV yowzer drinking 6 of those is impressive! Pooj, if they sell at brewery i more than happy to go grab you some. PM me.
  4. The Real DC Tom Idiot Reaction

    As Tom says, right in the District with loons like me!!!
  5. City you've never lived in, but felt at home there

    For those youngins who dont follow
  6. City you've never lived in, but felt at home there

    Pittsburgh, Columbus
  7. Pet peeves thread

    when was the last time someone who called in was really sick? Using too much fish sauce in making aThai dish tonight..damn fish sauce is pungent as hell!
  8. Pet peeves thread

    Every friggin gas station from Buffalo to Richmond has the squeegee reservoir filled with water, with the squeegee frozen in place!
  9. The Real DC Tom Idiot Reaction

    Thought you were a NOVA guy !
  10. Beer Thread

    Eight Guinness is less then 3 of the Sour Monkeys!
  11. Beer Thread

    cmon, you drank a six of that? See that'sI 9.5%. Man, I think I can hold my booze, but no way could I drink of 6 of that not be a blabbering idiot( at least more than normal)
  12. The Real DC Tom Idiot Reaction

    This is what occurs when DC Tom confronts an idiot IRL. We now know DC Tom's real name os Jose Gonzalez Flores! https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Naked-Man-on-Route-28-Causes-Cars-to-Crash-Near-Dulles-International-Airport-463740643.html
  13. we heard the thunder, never saw any lighting though. Thunder Snow is freaking even more awesomer!!!
  14. I really like Doris, and she seems to be getting better looking as she ages! I like Mowins, two possible rreasons 1) I really liked Cope too!! The Cope-a Scope was classic locl Pittsburgh TV when I was in college in Western PA early 80's 2) I liked Mowins on college football too. Did not listen to game she did with Rex, this will be first game I hear her do the NFL.