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  1. plenzmd1

    Why the Bills won today

    Is this related to the dog had the bandana on? I wore the One Buffalo hat they gave out at the TPEGS first official game as owner VS the Pats...found cleaning stuff out of closet. White hat, dirty as all hell..be wearing next week!
  2. plenzmd1

    Gambling 101 Bills line

    Man, the books got fat this week. Not sure of exact numbers, but something 95% of the money on the Pats, 80% on the Pack..and 70% on the Vikings. BTW, i had a good day😃
  3. plenzmd1

    Shady unlikely to play

    i like that prop
  4. plenzmd1

    golf fans -- is Tiger Woods done?

    Updated after round 3
  5. Keep me interested enough to not go all Golf by 2 PM
  6. plenzmd1

    Gambling 101 Bills line

    keep seeing the play today is the Skins moneyline...just don't know that I can pull that trigger. Miserable day, bad field, Rodgers bad knee, Skins underrated D, all the money on Greenbay...fellas????
  7. plenzmd1

    Schopp and Sal going at it hard on wgr

    well, all that verbiage is above my head..all i can say is based on where Allen was drafted,,and Mayfield, and Darnold, and Rosen...you know they are going to play..and prolly play this year...just go ahead and play from the start. that tie and loss may cost the Browns a playoff spot,, and both games were entirely winable with DECENT qb play..
  8. plenzmd1

    Schopp and Sal going at it hard on wgr

    Just listened as well..sounded like me and nephews every Bills pregame. BTW, i agree with Schoop on this one
  9. plenzmd1

    golf fans -- is Tiger Woods done?

    thx for posting this.. I have it set to record..but I assume only to 6..look likes i got to add a bunch at the end.
  10. plenzmd1

    The Trump Economy

    Hmm, Trump's economy is so good..explain this one to me! Trump is bad for business!!! BTW, this does suck..they make a mighty fine sammy!!!
  11. plenzmd1

    9-21 Bills live McDermott presser

    you decide whether to give them a pass..but McDermott cannot make water into wine. You carry $57M in dead cap..you gonna have a depleted roster. It is a simple equation.
  12. plenzmd1

    I Bet $5,000 on Minnesota. Should I Be Worried?

    man, a classic trap game for the Vikings.. Pack last week, Rams on Thursday..75% of the public money on the Vikings..i hope you got 2X on your money to be laying 17 into ever classic indicator that the Bills cover this easily BTW do you live near Albany, have another screen name that involves a QB...i dunno, like @BringBackFergy ..and like to watch people head explode?
  13. plenzmd1

    Gambling 101 Bills line

    You know, I have never done in game...and would be hard for me to flip sides..but maybe last night..maybe.
  14. plenzmd1

    Gambling 101 Bills line

    I typed the bit about Tyrod and Baker as soon as it happened..you could just feel the difference..I liked Tyrod playing in the game..it's what I bet LOL
  15. plenzmd1

    Gambling 101 Bills line

    Congrats on the win! Tyrod going out was the death of my bet...knew it as soon as it happened! So i have not bet a full unit yet..but still 0-2 not good!!! week 4 i prolly srat hitting it hard