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  1. Johnson gunna get paid if he can play. Unfortunately, this is a business and you pay for future production, not past. My gut is that both Poyer and Hyde and on their last season as Bills. I for one am very encouraged about Bills management understanding that and Poyer not getting a reworked/extended contract. That’s smart. Why bid against yourself? If you want either back next year, both will be there.
  2. Nah, really no scalping at all outside games anymore. Everything is electronic/mobile tickets which has killed scalping. Sad , I used to scalp tickets all the time for games when I traveled a lot for work.
  3. can tell they mist certainly did not crash MOnday night..at all! The first 4 games are just expensive...Everyone wants big name, warm weather games, November/December games... can prolly still buy the AFC East games at season ticket prices directly from the Bills. Ya know, the elasticity of prices and demand and all and the work Marshall did.
  4. cause the rest of us were 10 in 2000, not 50 like you old chits
  5. we will be briniing one pop up at least, will report if we have more than 1 We will be bringing red beans and rice for dinner time as they are a Monday tradition in New Orleans and soak up loads of booze We will prolly do a few dozen (5 or 6) both pre and post game Whatever left over SC BBQ Pork Butt and Burnt Ends Beans we have from engagement party tomooorw.
  6. when you spot the area of the TBD tailgate with all the young hot ladies fussing about, and a very handsome older gentleman standing there, and it appears they are all clamoring to talk to/be next to him..that's me!
  7. and either Mead or myself will be upfront as well till cut off times
  8. Think of it like this.. Josh is on the boundary, slings one sidearm to Diggs in the corner of the endzone, ball travels in the air entirely out of bounds. Diggs toe drags, catches the ball while it is outside the boundary, the ball traveled the whole way outside of the boundary...that's a TD as long as he completes the process of the catch. Now, Josh in on boundary, Josh throws against his body to Diggs in the middle of the field. Its short, and Diggs, while having his feet planted in the end zone, has lean forward to catch ball and falls straight down and he is touched down immediately .His feet are in endzone ,never left, but the ball never crossed the plane of the goal line. That is not a TD.
  9. Ball has to cross. Just google this phrase does the ball have to cross the end zone line or just feet on catch to be a TD
  10. Tons of private lots available, first come, first served. Bring cash though.
  11. Makes sense, they prolly teach it Pittsburgh. Watt did this to Allen last year pretty sure to and missed
  12. this rule drives me nuts. I think, and stress think, it was in the Giants game and a RB was being held up, and Titans player wound up and with a full right uppercut tried to jar the ball lose. He got all arm, no ball...and the ref even came in and you could see he was warning him. To me, a punch is a punch...it is either legal or its not. Like you say, getting to take a free swipe at a guys junk with the defense of "just trying to knock the ball lose" is BS. Watt misses a lot on his "Peanut Punches" btw
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