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  1. I understand your points, but no way is that ship turning around in a dime in terms where we buy things from. And let’s not forget, whole lots of folks be screaming bloody hell in their Target shorts went from$23 to $45 if they were made in the US..chief amongst them me! BTW, and not for nothing, the Goodfella brand of men’s clothes is freaking awesome value!!!!the undies are great! ( see what I did there? Made ya picture me in my undies,, try and get rid of that image !! Umm, if you want to say the media is whipping people into a panic , think Trump is doing that all by himself. Have some friends in CA this weekend, big MAGA , his commnet yesterday was jeez, does Trump want $2000 iPhones? And this guy thinks Fox Business is too liberal.
  2. no, what has been said in this thread lately is two fold 1) the media is somehow concotting or distorting economic numbers in an effort to "get Trump" 2) that effort being taken to erode consumer confidence..when there is one and only one person who is doing that right now..and its trump. And unlike the majority of Trump supporters, we said the economy based on the numbers was rolling last year, even though we loathed Trump.. but the question was could the short term effects of the tax cut hold out long term. Just like the majority of us are saying now we are not in a recession, but if Trump keeps on this silly trade path he may just take us there. And not to pick bones..but damn a couple pages back you stated consumer confidence and spending is a key to our economy, and here you seem to say " eh..who needs more stuff, we all got enough"..and lets leave the 1.4 billion consumers in China out of the plans for growth. And you want to stop doing business with countries who spy on us or we spy against? Take Israel and the UK out your trading network. Or places where illegal drugs come from? Take Canada and Mexico out of the trading network. Thats 3 out of the top 4 and 4 out of top 6 trading partners... Again, you want it both ways
  3. Congrats on the award Scott!!!!
  4. Sooo, let me get this straight on Thursday, this was you stance so, the economy was great, the media was just yapping about a "downturn" to get Trump. And i was told by you and and @Buffalo_Gal that consumer confidence was key to good economy. Today, suddenly, in the midst of the "greatest economy ever" you have been preparing for a downturn for a long time now and state it is unavoidable as Trump shatters consumer confidence across the globe. And, yet,according to you, the media is running an influence campaign in reporting the very same facts that you claim to have been preparing for a long time. Good to have it both way I spose! You realize you are Trumps wet dream and are a witness to the 5th avenue shooting no?
  5. While this is the real right amassed, the better answer is L’enfant hate John Jay and his treaty with Brits, and being a typical Frenchman refused to have his initials on street ! that is a much more fun reason!
  6. Little OT..but did you know there is no "J" street in the District? Do you know why?
  7. Yes sir..cause we all agree consumers are driving this economy..and Trump is more concerned about "wining" a trade war and leaving 1BILLION consumers with less buying power!!! 4D chess there @Deranged Rhino, i love ya brother, and take you at your word freedom and liberty is more important to you than party..the words"i hereby order" not concerning to you at all what Trump things about those subjects?
  8. so, now the WSJ is in on the "get Trump" campaign? When the WSJ on May 8 2018 ran this report I did not hear any thing about bias..wonder why? https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-future-of-americas-economy-looks-a-lot-like-elkhart-indiana-1522942393 But I guess its only biased when it reports numbers that do not fit the Trump narrative..(whatever that narrative may depending on the day of the week)
  9. that is a ridiculous clip, and i do mean ridiculous. 1) Fox and Friends..cmon DR be like me citing TBD as a bastion of Objectivity when it comes to the Pats. If that's the best ya got, case closed 2) Bond yields here .https://www.cnbc.com/bonds/....only one number but you tying up money for 10 years to get same return as 2 year? 3) consumer confidence and spending was through the roof in 2007 too.....just remember you can never go broke fading the opinion of the public on just about anything 4) you know who else was all in on the 2007 economy..the guy who is the top Economic advisor in all the land right now https://www.nationalreview.com/kudlows-money-politics/recession-debate-over-larry-kudlow/ 5 )having said that, lets hope it stays high( and thank god we hold Target) But i ain't gonna ignore warning signs that maybe CEOs are a bit ahead of the public on economic conditions 6) we are not in a recession, what people fear is the some of the underlying numbers are not great and that is in a time where govt spending and the deficit ate exploding, usually not two things associated with a great economy. The numbers are the numbers..i just fail to understand how numbers can be biased. 7) If you believe Trump truly understand the economy and has your best interests at heart, than you have to accept the notion that he is also worried about some key economic indicators right now .He freely admitted this week his trade policies could lead to a recession, and that the administration has discussed payroll tax cuts...so is he nuts too and just leading a charge of pessimism? On this debate it is truly shocking to see the Cult of Trump come to the forefront. Economic numbers do not lie. Deficit, GDP, Yield Curves, consumer spending, Capital Investment, inventories, etc are real numbers..plain and simple. Some of them are positive now, some are negative. But in the Cult of Trump..all positive numbers can be attributed to Trump and his mastery of the economy, all negative numbers are a media hoax designed to stone the chosen one.
  10. boys,lets clarify,,we are all scum, and we would say what ever needs to be said ..for the little wussy girl who is the subject of this thread.. I am 100% MAGA For AOC, I am 100% Green New Deal
  11. so this is absolutely the pot calling the kettle..but damn that looks uncomfortable
  12. I will say that section of the paper is awesome..called Voraciously..really no slant to food reporting i don't think..and the main restaurant critic is awesome.. Tom Sietsema!
  13. More confirmation Popeyes is best at just about everything https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/voraciously/wp/2019/08/22/yes-the-popeyes-chicken-sandwich-is-great-heres-how-it-stacks-up-against-the-competition/ BTW, click the link embedded in the quote for an explanation why Popeyes is the best , and proves @Augie is the devil as his body rejected Gods food
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