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  1. wonder why now instead of 2 months ago? Sabres need to get with the Bills medical/training dudes.
  2. BTW, thank you weather gods... tee time 12:45, Sabres on at 1! Perfect!
  3. Wow, we got that to look forward to for 3 months? Woohoo!!! Can you just imagine being a STH for this dreck. And then the Pegulas having the audacity to keep BOTTs and expect a different result. finally, please, someone explain how cap room next year makes this a better team. My I don’t understand hockey, but there are very rarely any UFA worth the contract, as far as I know unless you want to trade Jack, Dahlin, Joki, Cozens or maybe Goalfason you have no trade ammunition outside draft picks, but those are off the table gunna we gunna build through the draft. What a freaking mess. BTW, damn, do hockey players And teams ever buy into cliches and excuses. Hey, we had a lot of games in the last 20 days, we tired. Hey, we had 5 days off , can’t expect our effort to be there. Hey, ST Louis tough place to play. Hey, the humidity outside is a little high, can’t expect us to get net front.
  4. Hmm, I like using that word as figure people who don’t like it are dolts and those are people I literally believe can not grasp the salient point of a post anyway.
  5. How many guys they let on the team that would not get into school otherwise. Crimminy, they rejected a Yale graduate two years ago cause , ya know, Richmond has higher standards than Yale.
  6. If you can find one instance of me using that word, I literally will pay off your mortgage old man
  7. I mean, that's my point. The cap is maxed due to Botts, not Murray, as opposed what @JohnC wants all to believe. As you point out, one player with a bad cap contract( and a useful player, just worth $2M, not $6M)..pretty standard in the NHL. But Botts somehow gets a free pass for this year with the " he has no cap flexibility so he could not improve the roster"..all the while he is the one that forced them into no cap flexibility. Great gig if ya can get it
  8. Okay..85..a point a game Please let me know what contracts where mishandled? And what Botts has done to fix them? Thx
  9. Funny, i am so disgusted with the Richmond administration and their acceptance of mediocrity of the revenue sports and their refusal to move from their "exceptions" numbers...but now they are playing well may actually have to pay attention use some of my tickets..look like no Bona game till end of February
  10. Progress from what? The mess this current GM created? Current projected points 83, guess that is a big progression from the 78 when he inherited the team 3 full offseasons ago. The forwards you highlight were all here prior to this current GM. I know we are stuck with him now, but damn I would hate to be your boss in anything when you call 3 years and 5 pt improvement progress...if you knew before they hired JBOTs 3 years in you were signing up for a 5pt improvement..you still in on him?
  11. Cmon, 61? have you seen that guy? 71 maybe, 76 more like it, no way 61!
  12. Watched "Cheer" middle of the night last night, pretty damn good! Same dude does Last Chance U
  13. Hey, I have a few pops before I fly too , so at the very least would have given her a sympathy shag as I too am scared of flying.
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