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  1. Anybody want Teddy?

    Thats the speculation here...Jets have nothing official on him yet, maybe he did not pass a physical.
  2. Anybody want Teddy?

    Just saying...
  3. Sabres & NHL 2017-18 - Game 72 on 3/19 vs. NSH at 7 PM ET

    Lord..you out there? Did you hear this?
  4. #13 Buffalo vs #5 Kentucky CBS Sat 5:15pm

    just home from dinner..great effort by UB..they should be proud! Next year a Spider/UB final game!
  5. #13 Buffalo vs #5 Kentucky CBS Sat 5:15pm

    Going to same bar now too we watched the. Ills game. Anybody in DC, will be at Exiles on U street !
  6. 2018 NCAA Tourney

    Hey@eball , was driving to DC this morning and listening to Marty & McKee SHOW ON ESPN. Funny funny guys. Anyway, they had on a dude who’s dad was the Carolina Radio PBP guy I guess for 40 years. Seems like his dad has recently passed, and was just a great segment. All of em being good ole boys. If if they have the show on demand , give a listen, you would prolly enjoy it, I know I did and I had no idea who they were talking about. It was on ariound 8:30, not sure when the show started, but it did end at 9 so will be close to end.
  7. #13 Buffalo vs #5 Kentucky CBS Sat 5:15pm

    Okay fellas, I taking one for the team today. Made reservations last night for same place we ate after the Bills beat the Dolphins on New Yeats Eve. We did not t plan to go to DC this weekend, but can’t mess with karma and superstition. Horns Up!😁 BTW, feels good to be a band wagoner for first time!
  8. 2018 NCAA Tourney

    That loss could not have happened to a more deserving fan base. “The University’s” fan base rivals the Pats fan for douche baggery.
  9. Holy $#!+ - looks like I'm going to the draft!

    has no one seen this boy's knobby ass legs? Do we really need Rosen in a kilt, with no under guchees, representing Bills fans?
  10. 2018 NCAA Tourney

    cmon bro, I am 55 and still get carded. Smart places card everyone ...covers their ass, and dummies like you( and me) get stroked by it and spend more money!! we all know your 4-year-old grandson way smarter than you in prolly almost everything! In all seriousness, I rooting for Xaxier just cause your dumb ass. BTW, just home from dinner, that place sounds dead Augie...hope you are having fun and representing #billsmafia in a proper manner..and did some table slamming pregame!
  11. 2018 NCAA Tourney

    @eball we having heart/panic attacks yet?
  12. #13 Buffalo vs #5 Kentucky CBS Sat 5:15pm

    My biggest win was a Maryland/Rutgers football game. Maryland was getting 21 or so, was plus $625 on the money line. Hard to find one bigger than that nowadays in football unless you get into FCS/FBS stuff, and those are tough to find a place to take the bet..books know guys who watch/know the FCS team have a huge advantage as info is limited Maryland game was the Year after Rutgers exploded on the scene, and a company I was trying to do business with had a CEO who graduated from Rutgers, was a huge fan, and I had an upcoming meeting with so I watched their first 3 games. Barely squeaked by some God awful lucky plays, were giving up huge runs running, but were still ranked in the top 15. Maryland was my favourite team back then, and they started 0-3 , maybe won one or two games the year before, but had gotten beat by some fluke plays and running game was dominant. Said screw it, I think Maryland wins the game outright..and as they say"even a blind squirel"
  13. #13 Buffalo vs #5 Kentucky CBS Sat 5:15pm

    Moneyline is strictly a bet on who you will the game, no points involved. And the plus number is what you win if you bet $100. In this instance, you bet $100 to win on the Bulls and they win? You get $305 back..your original $100 plus the $205 you won. Last night, the BUlls were +325!!!! Getting way more respect from the gamblers after that win last night. You can also bet the favourite on the money line, Kentucky is prolly -195 or so..meaning you have to bet $195 to win $100..again no points involved.(edit) actually minus $245!!! Just as an aside..it is a bet employed by the vast majority of "sharps" on football. Less than 18% of games in the NFL are decided within " the spread" . Meaning in 82% of the games, the underdog either wins the game outright, or loses by more than the points they are getting. Typically, with the extra money you get on an outright win, the extra money on the wins more than cover for the 18% where the underdog covers. And I only bet underdogs that I think will win the game. And that was a great plan to last year, when it seemed every god dang dog I bet lost, but covered the sperad! Rough year!
  14. #13 Buffalo vs #5 Kentucky CBS Sat 5:15pm

    Bulls + 6, plus 205 on the moneyline. Again, I bet at Bovada and those are the lines therw
  15. Buffalo Bulls!

    It all started when Celery won..just saying