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  1. I have had zero issue with that..I love the aisle, stayed in my seats this year cause i am on the aisle. I can time things so well that on 3rd and long i run to the tunnel entrance and watch play...if not converted run to the head, get a beer, and be back in my seat for next first down. Miss the punt true, but that is it, but never really miss anything else..all for being on the aisle! I am in 135 , row 24, but would like to be up around 35 or so. No go this year
  2. If you like Ken Burns films, Prime has New York...it is the American Experience one. Super long, like 16 hours...but it is a fascinating look and history of NYC. Growing up in Niagara Falls, had no idea why we had the Robert Moses parkway..certainly understood after watching this film!
  3. Unemployment claims 6.6m, way more than expected. But somehow all 3 indices set to open up. Fed stepping in huge. Man stuff is crazy right now. have no clue what to do or what’s gunna happen.
  4. 81-84 games are pretty lost to me, at college with no access to them besides MNF halftime highlights. Only game I remember from that year is the Rosie Leaks Fumble game loss to Tampa Bay. Christmas break I guess.
  5. Just saw Cuomo with positive news on hospitalizations...looks like all this crap we have been doing is starting to work...just like the great news above!!!! Every piece of positive new is welcomed!
  6. The danger John is people thinking this drug is a panacea and start to relax in their precautions. As Haseltime said in the interview, in every pandamic/epidemic, there will be instances of this so called "lazarus" effect. And that dude is as smart as they come. I agree, if you are dying and your doctor sees this as best alternative, fire away. But we do not need broad policy decisions, or see public actions change, based on some anecdotal evidence that it has helped in some cases. Trust me, prolly not a person in this country who does not hope it helps and is an effective treatment.
  7. I thought the whole point of the masks was even though you think you are healthy, you may actually have the virus and the masks help from spreading it..that is why i have been wearing one.
  8. Because spreading false hope is exactly why we are in the situation we are in. and no disrespect, but I think I will take this guys opinion over yours, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_A._Haseltine and for the record, this dude is a regular on Fox News, don’t think his agenda is what you think it is.
  9. Neighbors Mom just died from Covid. Nursing home in Richmond.
  10. Wow, find that hard to believe. I received 3 emails reminding me payment was upcoming, then email saying if on payment plan it was being extended, and the other day relocation email. My guess is if using GMail May have gone to your social or promotions tab.
  11. one from our heavy 420 days..Singring and the glass Guitar( an electrified Fairy Tale) by Utopia
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