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  1. Watched the first Episode of Euphoria on HBO last night. Very bleak..hard to watch if you have teenagers ar soon to be teenagers.
  2. 257 × 600 Nice beer after hitting some balls this afternoon and watching the golf now
  3. Interesting article. Just perusing while waiting on some happy hour folks. Seems could be for a host of reasons
  4. always hated the way the sections were labeled back then. In the 70's and 80's, i almost always scalped..now how in the world was i supposed to know where Section I was? Seasons beginning in 86, upper deck, prolly section 335 now..have no clue what they were labeled back then. Thank goodness they have made it easier..wonder when they changed over to numbers..i completely forget
  5. Screw that @JohnC, i want trades, and big ones! I want free agents, and big ones!! I want an ROR trade in reverse,I want a huge gamble on going all in like the Blue Jackets did. I want a Kawai like trade, I want a Biscuit trade...we need to shake this team up and get out of building mode and get into winning mode..
  6. Gudas and Wilson on the same team...oh boy that should be fun! Cmon GMJB, where be our trades??
  7. ( insert dead horse GIF here) is Phil Housley possiblybthe worst coach in Buffalo history? i mean he had a team with Jack, ROR,Kane And Samson and still managed to finish in last. Subtract Kane and ROR, but add Skinner and Dahlin, and he essentially got last again this year. And he prolly was a big big reason why ROR had to be dealt/ wanted out. Wow.
  8. That looks delicious. Goebels not so much! But when we pronounced in Joebel’, it sounded great!
  9. That is my only question on how the whole trade went down. As I have said in here 1000X, revisionist history for the vast majority of folks who say they never wanted ROR traded or that the trade was a mistake...i would love people to show there posts on that from July or November...I know my take in November was Sabres in first, Blues in last, ROR was the common denominaterr. Turned out I was dead wrong..but 90% of people had the same thought. here is the start of the thread..i was happy he was traderd!!! Shocking Anyway, back to my original point. This is maybe the first time I am wondering if Terry got heavily involved in player transactions. I wonder if he told JBOTTS..if you moving him, it has to be before I pay that $7.5M...if after July 1, he is staying! And that really restricted what could come back in a trade.
  10. That fine French beer Joellebel! Drank lots of it. Drrank lots of the Champagne..Hamms was a staple..Generic from Bells occasionally. And now about the Screamres. I actually started drinking them again with a new found appreciation about 18 months ago..they are actually quite good. Wegmans has had the 15 pack of cans for $7.99 the last two years or so( same price as the twelve, you get 3 free Gennys is printed on the case somewhere LOL). Anyway, was in Wegmans on Sunday, fancy ooking new package, new cans(made to look old/classic) and $9.99 for a twelve!!!!WTF???? Outrageous Pricing for a twelve LOL I guess Cream Ale is making a comeback , and they are just capitalazing on it. Found this.. https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/2019/02/05/genesee-cream-ale-packaging-rochester-beer-gets-new-look-genesee-brewery-genny-beer/2772012002/ Its okay,, better than an Ultra I guess. And @Cripple Creek, you are correct @BringBackFergy, he waited in line for two hours to buy beer...how dumb and gullible can ya get!
  11. That was when it was first used but..as mentioned in 79 Bills still called it the Big Ben..thinkin maybe in the 80's did it offcially become "a hail Mary" pass
  12. Funny, i still remember the first time i saw the play live. Jerry Butler, rookie year, vs Jets. Butler goes off for 255 and 4tds, one of which was "Hail Mary" at end of first half. Bos score says it was 75 yards..so i am not quite sure how that went..must have been tipped and he was behind everyone I guess..I really dont remember that part. Anyway,t he term Hail Mary had not been used yet..Bills called the play the "Big Ben" play after Ben Williams, a DE..why? I have no clue. Maybe some old guys here will remember. Only recap i can find of the game called it an alley oop!!! https://www.nytimes.com/1979/09/24/archives/buffalos-ferguson-butler-star-butler-10-receptions-4-scores.html
  13. yes, he was a different player in Buffalo, his "advanced stat" numbers were not good last year
  14. Man, I am ordering that T shirt of those boobies come with it!
  15. It was not the presser..it was his game for the last year he was in Buffalo. His game was nothing like what the last six months in St Louis.
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