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  1. plenzmd1

    Confession time at TBD

    I have one dog named Fitzy, and another named Taylor...and I still like EJ. I always wonder how EJ fortunes might have changed on just two plays..Non Interference call in the Houston game, and the defensive PI call in the Jacksonville game. So i guess I am not admitting to liking EJ and being wrong..I still like him!!!! For the rest of you, good news is I ain't getting another dog so no jinking Allen by naming the dog after him!
  2. plenzmd1

    Bills and Sabres Weekends

    That was back when he Sabres always had the 7:00PM Sunday night home games. I was also just out of college, party to 4 Saturday, up at 8 for Bills games tailgate, party all day at Bills game, Weichecs for a quick pop and then to Sabres game. All this whilst being a heavy smoker and going through at least two packs of Marlboro Reds between Saturday at 7:pm and Sunday at 11PM. Needless to say, I called in plenty of Mondays as well..and with no voice it was all believable! Oh boy, this is going to one freaking expensive fall. 4 out of first 5 Bills games, two hockey games weekend of Titans, Monday nighter/stay the week..another Sabres Game Tuesday and Saturday then the Bills game...then Jacksobville and hockey games
  3. plenzmd1

    Its June 18th- And I hate Summer Already

    Now it’s been raining and storming for 3 freaking days. Snow storm, you get to go outside and play. Rain for 3 days? I get nothing except soaking wet taking the dogs for a run. Summer is the freaking worst!
  4. his argument was not about a taillight..it was deportations since 2000 have totaled 5M( i have no ide if that number accurate)and that most likely families have been separated in the same numbers as today...by presidents on both sides of the aisle. He was AGREEING with you that the outrage seems misplaced and only because of fo Trump. Damn, do you folks not read? only react? Same as LA and the unemployment graph.. Dont shift the argument..please read peoples responses before reacting. I have yet to get a response about my main questions...only rips for being anti-Trump. As I mentioned, and as I think reddog actually intends, I think it faux outrage too. But i also think Trump and his admin lied to the skies that is was DEM law and NOTHING they could do about it. They just did. So which was it...they were dumb or they lied
  5. You said it "was Barry" and no one cared. Reddogblitz said it was ' Since 2000, the USA has deported over 5,000,000 people" ... then you said " No. The people who weren't " aware, didn't care. The people who were aware but liked the guy in office, didn't care." I just dont follow..please explain..we talking Bush, Obama? just explain WTF you mean so now we shifting the argument again?
  6. really, that is your retort to the questions I have raised? Are you that devoid of intellectual power to be able to defend your beliefs and your leader? Such a sad state see, good argument..and one I agree with! great post.
  7. Again, "cause Obama"..Lord is it impossible for you Trump supporters to not back Trump policies and Trump the man without saying "but Obama" . Just form a cogent argument why the Trump administration said nothing could be done absent an act of Congress...and lo and behold we have an EO that does just that...and please form that argument without mentioning Obama You claimed in your previous post the ACLU was already filing a lawsuit to block the EO...just for god's sake post a link from a reputable news organization that says as much. I would even take one from Trump State TV Fox News.
  8. maybe i am an idiot(prolly not maybe) can you link to a story from the AP or somehwere reputable reporting that? I cannot find anything like that. C'mon, i know you smarter than this. The graph clearly points to a doubling of the rate from January 2008 till I am guessing April of 2009, certainly the first half of 2009...and who was in charge then? Yall say Trump detractors won't listen, but this is why..at least have a cogent argument. In all truthfulness, I can't believe someone who wants to slam Obama would point to this graph as evidence of his shortcomings..if anything it points to his effectiveness at guiding the US out of the recession...
  9. yall are funny..so you are saying Trump has the ability to usurp the law now with no consequences? Could he suspend "innocent until proven guilty" with an EO too? Why is it so hard to admit his gambit for the wall failed, he lied and used half-truths to try and force funding for his wall , and it failed. And the lemmings at Fox and Trump supporters will now not ever admit they figged up on this one? BTW, despite what Guiliani says, the president is not above the law..and has no free rein to usurp the law.
  10. do you deny the fact that Trump/Sessions/Nielson/ Sanders all said nothing they could do..this was not Trump policy, it was a Democratic law and NOTHING Trump could do would change that. They either lied, or they did not understand the law. It is a yes or no question is it not? so again, lets take that at face value and say that is true. Did the whole of the Trump administration not know they could do that? Cause for the last week all we heard was NOTHING could be done ...pick your poison..he/they were either lying or dumb as stumps
  11. so in other words you cannot answer why the whole of the administration said NOTHING they could do, it was the law that Congress needed to change t now an EO did. Either they dumb as mofo stumps, or they lied. There is no in between. So please tell me..was it a lie they had to follow this law failing Congressional action or did they not understand the law? Y'all always revert back to "haters be haters. but Obama"..please form a response to why the 4 people I mentioned all said NOTHING could be done by the President, it was the law..but an EO changed the law?
  12. Again, let me emphasize I despise Trump and will be thrilled when he is gone. Having said that, I actually understood his position on this issue. But again, what bothers the hell out of me is the lying. Trump/Sessions/Nielson/Sanders all 100% insisting this was a Democratic law and ONLY Congress could step in and fix it. And there was nothing, emphasis NOTHING, that could be done outside of legislation from Congress. Shocking it did not take that..how could that be? Were they all just that dumb they did not know the law...or were they just feeding the American people more lies so Trump could get his damn wall. I get how Trump supporters may like his policies, but how in the hell someone can support someone and his entire administration that just lies all the time is beyond me. And please do not answer" but Obama"
  13. plenzmd1

    What is the general consensus on Michelle Beadle?

    smoke show...only problem is Matthew Barnaby been there..think of that thought if you were to hook up with her