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  1. and thet are getting a mini bye this week..so plus and minus
  2. Thanks..but man that thing pricey.. I drink too...more for the store runs etc...sure there will be some mornings i wake up though and say damn, prolly should not have taken the scooter home last night!
  3. thank you! What brand do you have? If i had my druthers, want one with as big a cargo space as possible...see beer runs and grocery store runs occurring quite often! BTW, easy enough to change oil on your own i am assuming. Dump here takes waste oil so i have a place to dispose
  4. Wife and i moving into a more city area in November. Want to get a moped, 50CC or under so no insurance or registration. Cant see ever taking it over a mile, maybe two occasionally. Any body have any experience. I rode a buddies Honda Metropolitan on Saturday, it was nice, but seems a little pricey compared to other models and wonder if paying for name. TIA
  5. i would hope so too.but got a feeling my VA address is gunna be knock out.
  6. well, seeing as how I am good Catholic boy and never been to a strip club..i hope so! Free!!!!!!
  7. funny, we think alot alike..in more than sports too. But this was exactly my thought yesterday, he gets so keyed up in front of Bills Mafia and wants to be superman everyplay!
  8. to be fair, the lockdowns in VA, at least in Central VA and Richmond, sounded worse than they were. Spending the weekend in DC this weekend, and holy poop this city is downright draconian still. This is quite possibly the dumbest video i have ever watched...man, people really are gullible ..shame
  9. Maybe i am misunderstanding the science, but Moderna had this thing genetic makeup identified in less than 24 hrs i think, and the mRNA approach is new...at least i think that is why this is light years ahead of any other vaccine process
  10. while @ExiledInIllinois is an entitled government worker, this thread reminds of a joke my buddy always used to use..we went to school in PA his line was " if i ever get in a fight with PDOT worker, i will just hand him a shovel cause then he will just stand there with it!
  11. and maybe our boy Fauci was making things up? Remeber he was very high on T Cell theory back in August
  12. think supposed to be gorgeous all week in the Mid Atlantic! Was sweet watching the 4pm and night game with the fire going last night
  13. glad the Bills get this one out of the way early. BTW, that was all of July and August here in RVA
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