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  1. we don't welcome the likes of you in the District! I don't know that there is going to be one central place for Bills fans. I do know that in my neighborhood,(Adams Morgan) there are two Bills bars..Grand Central and Exiles. ...but have no clue if they doing anything special that weekend or if they will be a gathering place. I will message them and find out. Cool hotel right around the corner from Grand Central is The Line Hotel. AdMo is a very cool place, and walkable to both Columbia Heights and 14th and U and Shaw, all happening places with tons to do day and night. Easy to get to National Mall etc as well either via Public TRansport or Uber. https://www.thelinehotel.com/dc/?gclid=CjwKCAjwsvujBhAXEiwA_UXnAGdmzMI5xm8mNEUk1G_Fd9PWCZ6AQ8VY_3uD0C1dmbaGoUa6Juee4RoCi7YQAvD_BwE As @Ned Flanders mentioned, Navy Yard/Nats Park is a very cool area as well, and the "offical" Bills bar over there is called the Bullpen. Now, I know that parcel is slated for development, so not sure if/when Bullpen will close down. Big outside bar, great before and after Nats games. Be forewarned though, the area does skew much, much younger than you and I LOL! And i assume by taking the train you meant Amtrak down from the city. Nice relaxing ride, but damn the trains between NYC and DC have gotten crazy expensive, may want to look into booking them soon if you decide that is the way to travel. Parking in the District easy peasy on weekends. And as Ned mentioned, while the Metro goes out close to the stadium, still a bit of walk to actually go to and from. If you do want to Metro out there, just take a gander at the system map to plan where to stay etc.
  2. ading @That's No Moon and @Rico Mens journal sure does love the Screamers look at #32....GREATEST BEERS IN THE WORLD!!!!!! https://www.mensjournal.com/food-drink/the-50-greatest-beers-in-the-world#gid=ci02c0a4d5a0002755&pid=32-cream-ale
  3. This is it exactly. Think the bills are expecting Plenty of folks who have been 30 -50 year STM will not be in similar seats(lower bowl between the 30s) at the new place, but will move based on PSL price and ticket price. These are the folks who want to be at every game, so resale value does not mean a lot to them. They will move seats, new money,STH will come in.
  4. Think he was saying with wider concourses, views of the filed from the concourse etc, stadiums have less seats/sq ft than with the older staduims
  5. think many of the folks who have senioity and are between the 35-35 gunna have some sticker shock, of that there is no doubt. I think i remember Ron Raccuia(sp) say on GR they will have a sales center with VR that will let you experience seat siight lines, concessions etc for every seat in the house just like you there. That i think will be up and running as soon as March of next year IIRC
  6. Absolutely some great pizza in Buffalo, but i am talking about "Buffalo Style" like LaNova. Heard these folks are doing great NY Style ...always stay over that way for Bills game, look forward to trying them home opener weekend https://www.extraextrapizza.com/
  7. Sprya Gyra is the real contribution from Buffalo for us old timers! tons of bad pizza everywhere, i am just saying when people say"damn, i miss Buffalo pizza" i think damn, you miss awfulness😜
  8. Actually, Red Baron is prolly better than the dreck that comes out of LaNova or Bocce Thats what makes it awful and heavy ...New Haven #1, New York #2, Bar Pie#3, Neopolitan#4, Detriot #5(the dough much lighter and airier than Buffalo).. that's it, that's the end of acceptable pizza styles...Buffalo does not make the list
  9. Little humble brag by my boy Augie!!!!! Buffalo style pizza, all of it, sucks..plain and simple
  10. Buffalo Style Pizza like LaNova sucks...proly the worst style of pizza there is
  11. As I mentioned, wont work with the new system...but they damn well worked up a good chunk of years....and a good number of people got scammed with both screen shots and printed at home bar codes
  12. Number one reason is no one goes to the game anymore with extra tickets. so there is just zero supply..they have all been sold on the secondary, so from a scalpers perspective the service fees are what he used to make...scalper would need to go to secondary first , buy tickets in hopes it goes up enough to cover services fees. Then there is fraud. People were selling 30 screen shots of bar coded tickets....not so much an issue with new system, but it was a reason people stop buying mobile tickets at the stadium 5 years ago. Then Ticketmaster and Stub get squirrely when you start to do multiple transfers ...
  13. the mobile ticket only has just crushed scalping outside..Damn, i mean that was a job for some folks pre mobile ticket. The two dudes that were always on Lower Terrace before every Sabre game at the Aud prolly put their kids through college working the scalping market...but what a great service they provided, and ya trusted them as valued vendors!
  14. The game of scalping/resale has changed dramatically in the last 15 years. I have been scalping tickets to games since 76, and man what a difference. Day of game tickets were always cheaper, especially around 11;30 on a Sunday home game . Used to be the price of a single was always dramatically lower on a per ticket basis , that is no more and i cant explain it. But to your question, resale tickets for Bills game the Saturday before will be a good 25-30% less than they are today. Will they be cheap? No. Will they drop dramatically at 12:30 for a 1PM game? Answer still no, at least in Buffalo. Cant explain that one either. I think the sheer number of folks who go to the tailgate with no tickets is well known, and especially before December...folks get liquored up in the lot and spend to get in even when they said they were just there for the tailgate unles they got cheap seats. In the end, waiting to the Saturday before the game will result in the cheaper tickets than today 9 out of 10 times. I am gunna be selling mine for those games as well, for out of towners like me those are just brutal times. Makes sense they are the lowest. If someone wants them, hit me up. Section 135, row 22, on the aisle.
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