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  1. was wondering what i was missing! I was like damn..are there heaters i dont know about????
  2. Jail is reserved for people like you!!!! jk, all welcome!!!
  3. I do have good news to report today, and not being facetious. Watching the local TV news for RVA this morning , they reported positivity rate at 34%, and over 15k new cases. And they reported it matter of factly, followed it up with about a minute on new testing sites.. and then moved on after reporting all local school districts are staying open. in September, it was end of days with 8% positivity and 4K cases. good to see common sense coming back, we are finally, finally , at the point we should have been in May 2020. and, I think we are finally at a place the vast majority of people understand the vaccine at best was a help in symptoms, not even close to providing ANY immunity.
  4. No, you don’t say. Where is @Sundancerand @The Frankish Reich when ya really need them to defend the vaccines. I mean why would the CEOs of both Moderna and Pfizer say ya need a fourth go round? They have ZERO to gain of their LTIPS based on revenue targets and EBITIDA AND Share price. They ONLY care about public health. My lord, when do the Stockholm syndrome folks break free?
  5. May need a 4th, will know this afternoon.
  6. Hmmm, this was interesting to me. In a WAPO story about vaccine mandates in France, was this little tidbit. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2022/01/05/macron-unvaccinated-france-covid/ Maybe I missed something, has the CDC completely backed off the claim these “vaccines” are in fact vaccines?
  7. Jesus, you are denser than I thought. You argued the whole reason the vaccines were granted EAU was because they reduced severity of symptoms, they were never meant to confer immunity, that was just a by product. I asked you to find me one example of a vaccine that was not meant to confer immunity, and you post this . You do understand if I have immunity I ain’t transmitting the virus correct? And you prove my point. Thank you. This thing is not a vaccine. And again, you either did not read or do not understand the article I reported. Yes, Pfizer vaccine was approved, but it is a separate product from the vaccine that gained EAU and only the EAU vaccine is being used. Just do yourself a favor and READ!!!! If they use that product now without the approval for children, that are not shielded from liability laws. They are once approved for children. Why do you think Pfizer is so desperately testing a 3 shot regimen in kids under 5 that are statically zero risk? And btw Dippoop, Moderna has nut been authorized yet, it is still only being used under EAU. https://www.fda.gov/emergency-preparedness-and-response/coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19/moderna-covid-19-vaccine-frequently-asked-questions https://www.cbs17.com/news/why-isnt-the-moderna-vaccine-fda-approved-but-pfizers-is/ Until about late August I was a massive believer in getting vaxed , but as data change and circumstances change, I allow my opinions to change. so go back to saying the vaccine was always designed to only limit symptoms to make ya feel better, as it seems believing everything the gov/ pharma tells you appears to give you the warm and snugglies
  8. So one for PLenz is out, Covid keeps another Bills fan away from game. But still need one for little Skronsk.
  9. Knew a ton of people with Covid pre vaccine , they were all kept out of the ICU too! I am a believer they help with the severity of the symptoms, I believe the data conclusively shows that. what they are not is a vaccine that confers any kind of immunity, and think the data and evidence clearly shows that as well.
  10. Now this is some poop all the for all who idolize the vaccine and its makers/enablers. I don’t have the time to verify all this today, but will over the next couple of days.
  11. Meaning,,, that all viruses mutate? Who do you think does not understand that except the dopes who continue to say get more shots ?
  12. Yep, my triple shot , double mask wearing daughter going through a rough couple days of Covid right now. Triple jabbed nephew just texted me this will be first home game he missed since 2012 as he is in bed with Covid and feeling like poop for the last 48 hours. But guys like @The Frankish Reichwill continue to claim the vaccines are doing their job as intended and we would be out of this if just everyone got jabbed more. Data be damned! every single person I know who has tested positive for Covid since July has been fully vaxed. And I knows lots o folks who have tested positive, including me, my wife , and both kids who do not live with us.
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