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  1. i mean NOTHING works on any Microsoft product..including PCs For those concerned with security and Privacy, Mozilla is 1000X better than Chrome..and its not even close
  2. As i age, i find it harder and harder to sleep past 4AM..so i record most of the night football games and other games like this Sabre game and watch maybe the first half or first period, go to bed, and watch the rest when i wake up at this ungodly hour.I am usually pretty diligent about not looking at my phone, so its like live to me, but this morning i did! Sucks to get old!!!!
  3. Only one thing I paying that kind of money for, and it involves triplets
  4. So listen, we will have plenty of Eagles fan at the TBD tailgate, gent going with me is a massive Eagles fan...all are welcome at both the TBD tailgate and Red Pinto tailgate. I will PM you next week with specifics. Where are yall staying? That bus would be a waste of money for 6...get an UBER XL to the Uber lot, walk to Hammers and tailgate with us..we always have plenty of food just brings yer own beer...worry bout getting home at about 6 PM Sunday.
  5. this was a good thread about "score effects" when it comes to advanced analytics. Basic theory being of course a team is going to get more shots when down 3 etc. But thought this tweet was relevant when we think of " the streak" last year and the underlying numbers from last night
  6. i did not watch..got up at my usually old man hour of 4 am intending to, but score popped up on my phone so I justed watch the highlights! But this form Chad confirms what you saw!
  7. getting there via Uber/cab is pretty easy, just dont try to gp at 10AM!. The only group i know for usre is the bus company called Rally. Kinda pricey i think, and you are stuck to their schedule. https://rally.co/booking/99128/9/trips. Besides that , from that departure point should be 25 minutes to stadium max, not 90 minutes. Hope that is just padding, and not 12 stops on the way Think Uber is a better option if you are gunna hang out and tailgate somewhere after the game.. You are always welcome to the postgame party at the TBD tailgate at Hammers..I will be there frying up 150 or so wings after the Iglles game..come hang out, eat some wings, watch the 4PM game..may even have a spot in the truck for ya on the way home( i stay downtown as well) @PromoTheRobot may know some public transportation options( i dont know why i think that)
  8. i certainly root for the Nats and am happy for them and the so many people i know who love the Nats. Having said that, had a bunch of folks call/text say lets go to a game. Walk in for SRO right now is $760 on Stubhub!!!!!
  9. But he is an UFA after this year...get what ya can for him in this lost season. Almost 100% ya aint gunna sign him to a second contract..any asset is better than no asset
  10. He looks like he has lost some confidence, and that has to be worrisome. Mistakes I can live with, and attribute to youth etc. Loss of confidence though is a whole nother thing..lets hope he pays himself out of it
  11. well, we will see if that is how other teams play against them now..
  12. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but i really think this trade came down to Marrone or Ramsey..and man I am sure ole Tommy not happy with this answer
  13. Hey yall, what better place to park than @Hammered a Lot... in the same lot with Pinto! Also, most people are fine with folks just walking saying hi...as long as they have their own beer!
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