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  1. Here is what i do know..neither you nor @BillStime can answer a simple freaking question or support your position on masks . If masks usage is shown to be at 90% since August/September time frame, as those two studies from a a left leaning organisation and a center organization state...why the surge? But i am sure i will get some kind of insult back instead of clear and logical thinking..
  2. you have @TBBills give you your talking points, as obviously neither one of you can think on your own.
  3. TY for proving my point. I link studies, you call then my opinion. Perfect. FREAKING INTELLECTUAL IDIOT!!!!!!
  4. you are so funny, cant defend your takes at ALL..and you wonder why people like me, who vehemently disagree politically with most of the posters who left here politically, find them more intelligent and intellectually honest... cause all you can do is attack me and not defend your position. Does that not make you think maybe your position is indefensible?
  5. and again, as an intellectual misfit, you cant defend a single thing . I have worn a mask since mid March...mask usage above 90% as evidenced by most studies You idiots who want to make it political instead of science based...mask usage is through the roof, and has been since September We need to understand why this thing is ripping through vulnerable communities despite 90 % mask compliance and killing thousands of people, and all you can think of is how can we blame the GOP people and get the people we want elected, science be damned. Party is the governing principl
  6. perfect, please keep posting these..shows how truly freaking dumb you are that you cannot defend or argue your position vis-a vis mask compliance and the spread of the virus. Thank you kind sir for proving my point that only dolts are blaming the speared on mask compliance when mask compliance is over 90%!
  7. again, no response to the substance of the post. only an attack on my character.. No ability to think or argue criticality or with any originality, only what you are told to think and attack the poster, not the idea. I am now, and forever have been, as anti Trump as any one can be, has zero to do with the science of a pandemic. But I never lost my ability to think critically...which i think you really have never had the capacity to do
  8. typical idiot response that attacks the poster instead of the idea. Mask compliance is over 90 % as evidenced by either center Pew or left leaning WebMD. So if that is the case, why the huge increase. People who cant defend their ideas are rightfully called idiots...
  9. I truly don't know who is stupider, you or @TBBills. No one is saying masks don't help, except idiots. But obviously, they are not the reason why the virus is spreading https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20201022/mask-use-by-americans-now-tops-90-poll-finds#1 https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2020/08/27/more-americans-say-they-are-regularly-wearing-masks-in-stores-and-other-businesses/ if it was mask compliance, we would be out of this thing months ago. But you and he too stupid to realize that, and you make it political instead of science based. Lord
  10. Signed in a few days ago to check my notifications and peruse the board. I still come by every once while to lurk, an debated whether to post this, but here goes. 1) I stopped posting a a few weeks before all the stuff went down. Had nothing to do with PPP and the resultant meltdown. I am a never Trumper BTW, and am very excited he lost the election 2)I thanked @SDS then , as i do now, for creating and running a fantastic Bills community, as he continues to do to this day. I was here for 18 years for a reason, and wish TBD nothing but success in the future.
  11. E, I am a never Trumper, and like 99% of all people, do not believe the virus is fake , but that the reaction and lockdowns to it is overblown. My reaction is the exact same as when the VA Gov announced last Friday he and his wife were positive. This is an highly infectious virus that no matter what side politically you are on, what precautions you take, unless you you want to 100% isolate from the world, you have a chance of contracting the virus. And even then, you may still test positive. https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/on-parenting/a-hypervigilant-mom-followed-every-h
  12. Not hard when your not working..like me!!!! BTW, someone mentioned to me VA is no longer on the quarantine list for NYS..maybe eyes got a shot at tickets after all!!!!!!!
  13. for emasculate ***** that worry bout what emasculate ***** say about them damn< whole reason i moving to city is to drink like a fish! First rule.have fun!!!!!
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