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  1. was at that game, one of the few games i have left early. Saw the Beebe play on highlights. BTW, that stadium SUCKS from a fan perspective
  2. No matter what we think, the odds still have the Bills as Chiefs as co favorites to go back. https://dknation.draftkings.com/2023/1/24/23568249/super-bowl-odds-2024-favorites-long-shots-aaron-rodgers-tom-brady-retirement-impact
  3. Interesting article here in The Athletic about Super Bowl ticket prices, why they have skyrocketed since the debacle in 2015. Walk in price this year expected to settle in around $5000, with and average ticket price north of $7,000. https://theathletic.com/4130065/2023/01/30/super-bowl-ticket-prices-eagles-chiefs/ And according to the article, Bills in the game would push it higher Now, as they mention, and for those without access to the site..next year game will prolly be even worse
  4. Lets see what he does next year, remember what we thought of Robert Foster after half a season
  5. D coordinators are not favored right now as HC positions just because of the old “ continuity “ concern. NFL is an offensive league. Hire a D guy, and his offense performs , his offensive coordinator leaves for a HC position, and you have to start all over again with possibly new systems/schemes etc. hire an offensive guy, he is guy calling plays and setting schemes etc, even if O coordinator gets hired somewhere else, scheme/ calls etc stay the same. That’s why very few D Coordinaters are getting interviews. Age/race/sex etc really has nothing to do with it. Nor does relative success.
  6. Lou Anarumo had zero interviews as well. Sure you can figure out why
  7. Up an at em! Morning constitutional, coffee, little avocado toast, then it’s off to @Hammered a Lot around 8. Much better going to game and tailgating then waiting around all day, I get myself into a bundle of nerves.
  8. Please remember to print out/make TBD sign and have on your dash!
  9. i really want to see if there is any kind of ticket threshold etc for the new joint where below that threshold options to move open up. I am going strictly based on that survey they sent out a while ago, but there is gunna be a lot of very annoyed/ very pissed off people when what they pay now for 133 row 35( 5o yd lines) is gunna get them upper deck corners. and they gunna pay $5K for the right to buy that seat. Or if they want their current seat, they going to pony up $25K for the PSL for 2 seats, and be paying at least $300 for each seat. Not gunna happen for a lot of people, and these are folks been in the stadium since 73!. Gunna be some bad blood coming, Bills better hope this run continues for at least 2 more years. Josh could have asked for 100% guarantee, and would have gotten it. He is a massive key to that stadium seat sales being successful
  10. Cmon boys, help your friendly parking master out!
  11. Sorry for the tardy start to the thread. Great tailgate last week for all that made it! Gunna be another great tailgate for a playoff game. Hammer Lot, opens at 9! Hold a spot till 10. Let’s have another strong showing! sign up here! @plenzmd1-2 spots! @CountryCletus 1 spot @mrags 1 spot @Guffalo? paul and Lisa - 2 spot lets get this party started!
  12. That IRS was delayed again this year. No politician in their right mind is ever gunna get that through. So no worries there. As mentioned, I ain’t upset at losing money, so don’t be cranky when I make money. Lots of folks like me and @PromoTheRobotactually bought seasons in the lean years just as a hope it would help keep them around. he lives a a good 6 hour drive away I think, and I am 8 when all is perfect. And yes I am idiot enough to make most games, just not all. That why I have seasons now.
  13. Okay folks, make sure you print this sign! Remember , all fun at the the @Hammered a Lot, but fun means cash! No cashee/ no Parkee! gunna be a great day!
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