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  1. Better team lost. Doubled time of possession, doubled output. Everything had to go right for Miami to win, and it did. That won’t happen again reminds me of patriots game last year.
  2. Lack of Morse showing here. we’ve been a second half team all year, I expect us to come out reorganized and ready to go
  3. Going to be a true test for Miami now. Your QB just got hurt. How do you respond at home in a tight game?
  4. No way a doctor lets him come back in if he is anything like he was after the play or walking off. Dude was all sorts of wobbly
  5. Tua hurt on an everyday play. Obviously nothing serious from Milano, and Tua certainly wasn’t trying to sell anything. unfortunate for the dolphins. Tua shouldn’t come back if he was that wobbled
  6. If this is overturned I don’t understand football. If that ball “moves” because of the ground it is as minimal as can be. If the ground moves the bottom hand so the ball shivers that’s not incomplete imo
  7. Its the perfect example because it was LEGAL during that point in time. The rule was changed because of the tactic. Are we really trying to say "Rarely called rules shouldnt be followed and dont alleviate an excuse I'm trying to use to point out a Bill's blunder?" Because I think that's ignorant. Are there things that happen during the game that MIGHT pass the refs eye due to it being a weird rule by nature? I'm sure it happens. Do you gameplan to purposefully break rules and hope the ref doesn't call it? That's loser mentality. Especially when you plan to blatantly break them in a game deciding moment. How about the refs calling unsportsmanlike on the Bears for using a towel to dry the field yesterday. We could be talking about how the refs called a rarely called rule, some would say obscure, and it had a big impact on the game (cost them a chance at 3 points). Let's not overthink everything for a motive. Play good football when you need to.
  8. I think both Allen and Crowder could have done better. Allen forced the pass, and Crowder slowed down at the end of his route and allowed the coverage to catch up
  9. He is great on short cuts as well because he doesn’t require extreme separation. His hands attack the ball, so he can use his reach to pluck the ball. Difference between him and someone like Mackenzie.
  10. Wow, McVay stating this was a humbling experience and night. We hurt that team physically and mentally tonight
  11. If that’s the bar then we can call our Edmunds, benford, Hyde, Milano and Jackson. guy is the best WR in the game
  12. Get your personnel fresh for third down to seal the game? Time-out worth spending!
  13. I think Edmunds has been very strong all game. Surveying, his height forcing Stafford to float across the middle which has caused incompletions and interceptions. the defense might not have any holes…
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