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  1. Love this as a low risk medium reward signing. Breida's speed can play well in either our screen game or our outside run game. We have one of the best pull centers in the league, let's use him with Breida to allow him to get to the outside and turn upfield
  2. If it is a permitted kill.... what's the issue? I dont hunt, but I have no issue with someone posting about their permitted hunting experiences. And the people who are shaming and taking issue, call into your state and adjust your hunting permits.... why are you mad at a guy who a)didnt even post this himself and b)is within permitted rules and regulations... Confusing to say the least
  3. Just like that dummy Tom Brady who didn't watch the Broncos in the Superbowl... another one of those rookies who is young and needs to learn. He was only 36 when he said it! " I don’t have much of a rooting interest, truthfully. Those games are hard to watch. I don’t see myself sitting down to enjoy a football game or watch it. Our season is over. Truthfully, I could care less about watching a game. That’s pretty much how I feel."
  4. Dont know Davis' true ceiling, but I do know barring injury he is in the NFL for 8 years at least. A level headed professional who does his job well will get opportunities in the NFL.
  5. Its unfortunate but he was able to get a matched offer by San Fran. Dollars and cents were the same for both sides and his GF preferred to live in one city compared to the other. If he took LESS money to sign with SF I would have been more pissed, but same $$ I cant fault him too much
  6. When the defense we laid out wasnt working, we shifted to a more aggressive man coverage approach. That was at halftime. And we saw the Chiefs target Hill more and easily put the game away. The Bucs beat the chiefs by only blitzing FIVE times during the game. They used their LBs to man cover Kelce, and doubled up Hill. They forced Mahomes to throw to WRs who are not the cream of the crop, and you saw drops and batted balls all night. The Bills lost by not getting pressure on Mahomes, and not putting TDs on the board in the redzone. If they force Mahomes to circle b
  7. I dont necessarily agree with the thought that the defensive gameplan was all wrong. I just dont think the players were good enough to execute the gameplan at the level needed to beat the Chiefs. We pulled the safeties back, played a 4 rush technique, and soft zone in the middle. The only difference between us and the Bucs plan was the LB coverage. We didn't play man on Kelce and press the line as much. We needed the line to get more pressure on Mahomes. Flat out - the line put the rest of the defense in a bad place. When we adjusted to a riskier approach in the second half -
  8. I'd say the RB's were 4th or 5th in the grand scheme of things: 1) Buc's Dline pressure all game (and a depleted o-line for the Chiefs) 2) Mahomes lack of accuracy at the beginning of the game (potentially due to injury) 3) Double high safeties by the bucs on 82% of plays to limit Hill and shrink the field 4) Gronk being the go-to on 3rd and short and the redzone killer 5) RB play to drain the clock towards the end of the game 6) Ref's calling the Chiefs physical style by the book 7) Buc's home game vibe There are 10-12 factors that played
  9. When Brady was screaming at his OC to keep five wide on the field at the end of the first half and proceeded to score because he knew exactly what he wanted to run and how he would capitalize against the Chiefs D.... It was the time where I sat back and just had to appreciate seeing greatness. His OC wanted to change personnel, but Brady has full reign and showed he is the best to ever do it. And then cements that he was in Mathieu's head by jawing at him. The game was over.
  10. The Bucs just ran a similar concept to the Bills in their approach against the Chiefs. High safeties to take away the deep ball and keep Mahomes from breaking the game in one play. The difference was at the D line and Linebacker positions. Lavonte David played great coverage on Kelce in the first half. White brought physicality and swarmed anything on the perimeter. He was able to track guys like Hill and hardmen. At the D line, their front 4 was able to push the pocket back. You saw how often Mahomes broke the pocket, and by the third quarter he was LOOKING to do so. Mahome
  11. I find it frustrating the level of change that occurs so quickly. It's the same thing about ESPN calling a team "completely out of hope" when they lose the first game of a 7 game series. It comes with the territory of hot takes. Allen is currently a top 5-6 QB in the league. I dont know if there are 5 other QBs you take over him. If people want to be down on him, fine. I'll let his results drive my opinions. I'm just waiting for the "Bills aren't the favorites to win the AFC East" talk that will happen after the Patriots take a QB or get Garoppolo.... that will be
  12. It took KC SIX years to lose in the conference championship. If Reid is sitting in Sean's spot after year 4, he is talking about how their team is struggling to get passed the divisional round, not "we just took a team to 13 wins and the AFC championship game". It is completely justifiable for Mcd to at least mention that these things take time, and it is hard to win in this league. I'd love to see what this board would have been like if we were KC in 2016. Some people just can't be happy...
  13. People need to breath. We didnt lose to an 8-8 wild card team. Kansas City is likely going to be the best team in the 2020's, and the next super dynasty. The Bills laid out a plan that did not work effectively. It happens. White was average last night. Didnt make amazing plays, wasn't schooled to death either. You could tell they were hoping the line would get pressure on Mahomes, and we would be able to feast on contested throws downfield. Unfortunately our line couldnt get pressure, and Travis Kelce sat down in the zone PERFECTLY in the first half. Mahomes had easy throws
  14. My thoughts Resign/Tender: Roberts - Extremely valuable to our Special Teams Milano - My second most important FA resign Williams - My most important FA resign Wallace - I believe is an RFA McKenzie - Use him in motion, jet sweeps, could be our return guy in a year or two depending on Roberts T. Jones - Special Teams Ace Marlowe - Underrated on this board. Steps in admirably when Hyde/Poyer go down and knows the system Dont resign: Kroft - not enough impact and was scratched often Murphy - Not worth the money/invest in draft
  15. Overreaction Monday is back in full force today.... 1) Mcd will grow from this loss. You saw the jump he took from year 3-4 and I expect another in year 5. He will solve one or two problems they dealt with today. 2) Feliciano should walk, and they should have Ford take his spot. Resign Williams and keep the line intact. Feliciano was the weak link yesterday. 3) Try to keep Milano, and (I cant believe I am saying this) try to get Richard Sherman. If he is available, he could be a great cover corner opposite White. 4) Take some chances in the
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