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  1. That’s rich coming from a Dolphins fan whose team is basically JV competition for Allen.
  2. Josh is basically Miami’s kryptonite. They have had no answers for him...
  3. The problem with OP’s logic is it presupposes without any real evidence, that McD is not involved in the draft process (at all) since Beane came on board—on the contrary both men have talked many times before how they are sympatico in their vision for the team and evaluation of their roster...or am I just imagining that?
  4. we’re all friends here right? Was there anything like this going on before this OP was formulated?
  5. Wow. I met him once several years back at a charity silent auction here in one of the ATL 'burbs, and he was gladhanding, signing Bears memorabilia and hawking his main contribution of the night, a game worn autographed Bears jersey with nary a negative comment. Guess he kept all this bottled up inside all these years?
  6. Apparently this could happen WEO---let us know when it's mandatory to doff our caps at your royalness! https://www.infoplease.com/biographies/government-politics/royal-family/how-get-your-own-royal-title His Twitter at least definitely was... https://twitter.com/CaptAndrewLuck
  7. Brilliant! You know you've arrived when you're more irritated by the world outside of your own 4 walls than interested in joining it...😆
  8. just had my 2nd Pfizer yesterday, and today it's arm soreness and body aches/fatigue so far--but no fever yet. We have some trips to attend weddings planned for later in the year, so this will help with peace of mind, some!
  9. Congratulations Coach Levy, you’re the next inductee to our HOF...unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide you with any appetizers, drink vouchers, seats or even a venue for the ceremony!
  10. Can we just trade somebody for this guy instead? Looks like a pretty athletic downhill runner and upgrade to our TE room? 🧐
  11. Congrats Marv!!! Also nice that the CFL didn’t do this posthumously!
  12. Umm...anyone [herd sidekick] who characterizes JA’s first two years as a “disaster” is someone whose “analysis” I will be all the smarter for avoiding...
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