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  1. Am intrigued by what will come out of the league meetings this year, vis a vis CBA foreshadowing, 18 game season chances, PI non call rule debacle repeal? There’s a lot that needs tinkering on this offseason...
  2. It was never my intention to compare the lifetimes of the franchises—I was merely pointing out that in the moment of the draft 3 years ago wherein you painted the Bills as singularly awful in passing the pick to the Chiefs, the Bears under your logic committed an even more grievous offense, in that they had an uncontested shot at grabbing Mahomes and instead flopped with Trubisky (even trading up to get him!), together with the next group of teams leading to #10 pick. To imply the Bills were on some kind of island in terms of their ‘mistake,’ is again, unfair. In any other year, the Bills arguably won that year’s draft with the sheer number of quality starters gained from same.
  3. The Chicago Bears just chimed in, they would like to make clear that they call dibs on the gold medal in this category. Totally unfair to paint the Bills with this brush when they didn’t even have the first, or 9th, crack at this nut that year, imho.
  4. Opposing QB’s in 2020 should be seriously concerned about that possibility. He was lights out enough even before this perceived slight!
  5. Rivers always seemed like a good dude on and off the field, it would be nice for him to have one last hurrah somewhere (but not at the expense of the Bills) on his own terms. Carolina would be intriguing fit short term.
  6. No worries, totally got where you were coming from. And couldn’t agree more. Sounds like a horrible situation for all involved if true, and I feel for the family especially her kids.
  7. The topic is being discussed on OBL today by the B-team fill-ins, and I couldn’t agree more that it’s been played out since at least this time last year. Trying to make a quantifiable argument that the Bills fumbled the draft 3 yrs ago when you are dealing with an inexact science to begin with, is Exhibit A for pointless exercise. Your data variables will never be the same draft over draft, as the players always turnover at a 100% clip, so what lessons could we possibly draw from one to the next? And the players They did take largely have hit. What I will say is that from a mindset standpoint, the Bills as an organization so rarely have drafted QB’s in the 1st round, and that I think has been an error during all the years we’ve tried to fix the position since Kelly retired.
  8. A lot of years during the drought I never seemed to have much trouble switching from Bills to following/rooting for another team in the playoffs, mainly because the Bills rightfully would never be even in the football conversation during those times...but times, they are a-changin’, and frankly, this year more so than in forever, I just can’t muster up the mental gymnastics to start rooting for any other team, since I can’t get past the nagging thought that it should be us playing today!! Imho.
  9. So happy I was not running the draft board for the Bills , I would have passed on quite a talent there. GO BILLS!!!!!!!
  10. Check out the comments for a detailed write-up of what "PC Load Letter" really means, lol
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