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  1. Outside of Quessenberry and Bates, the Bills had exactly zero for depth to push Spencer and also back him up in case of injury—have to like that Beane is addressing wherever he can to plug holes, because Shell is instantly a better answer than Q or B, imho.
  2. They can’t suffer enough as a franchise imho—of course there are 2 other teams in the NFC East I feel similarly about…🤗
  3. Good for Josh—I wonder if he’s already challenged her to an archery competition? 🤔
  4. “…and that’s when I realized my rodeo dreams would remain just out of reach.”
  5. Nothing but love for you fellow Bills fan. Yes, my screen name references the leader of a perfected offensive philosophy (Bengals started it, Bills refined it) that took the league by storm (coincidentally used for a full game for the 1st time against Cunningham in ‘90), which a barely good to great QB required to act as his own OC on the field could not have mastered, imho. Again, undefeated in playoffs against each and every QB you threw out there as better than him, just saying. 😉 If we have to agree to disagree, so be it!
  6. Take it back good sir!! Kelly was undefeated in the playoffs against every cat (minus Cunningham, they only met in reg season which Kelly also won—the ‘90 meeting was K-Gun gold) you’ve listed as better than him…and before I get the usual “Kelly’s teammates were so much better” washed retort, I’m sorry, but we’ve all seen how little a good roster with a bad to passable QB can get you (see any of the drought years)…Kelly was usually darn great against those guys. And you’ve said already that Thomas overrated too, so…🤷🏼‍♂️ He’s definitely on his way, but he needs to still show sustained greatness over time—a few more years to go!
  7. @Ridgewaycynic2013is hopeful busy smashing the abacus 🧮 on this to report back as we speak 🙌… Seems like a great guy and all, but…
  8. Free peacock subscription if you have Xfinity for internet service—about the only good thing I can say for it as a current subscriber to that provider 😬.
  9. You’re right OP, I’m sure this guy will change everything for your dodo bird franchise!
  10. Before or after we also take care of Holyfield? 🤔 https://www.military.com/video/off-duty/humor/chris-farley-as-general-schwarzkopf/663148156001
  11. IIRC from hearing Kelly talking about that final play, it was not a called run, but he saw the Dolphins surprisingly playing off (sounds vaguely final drive Frasier-esque familiar 🤔) and took advantage of the hole in the defensive middle to punch it in…what a great awareness of the moment with time expiring! Thanks for posting OP.
  12. But typically Allen has shown out for the Primetime games—maybe I’m wrong as I’m just going off tve the top of my head, but I feel like the majority of our reg season losses since 2020 have come in the 1pm window games?
  13. Preferably on the actual Miami benches 🤔…we still owe them for sunshine-gate, imho.
  14. Looks like a release date for sometime this season is in the works—it’s been wrapped! https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2023/05/movie-about-buffalo-bills-fans-shoots-in-western-ny-a-natural-for-comedy.html
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