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  1. NoHuddleKelly12

    Will Shady be worth it?

    And we all know that when that time comes for a RB, the dropoff is like hitting a wall, with few exceptions to the rule. In space he is still dangerous, but I always got the feeling watching him this year that at the slightest bit of initial contact, he would never break free, minus the Barkley Jets game. Could he still have a career renaissance? Sure, but what would you bet on it?
  2. NoHuddleKelly12

    Potential Cut Candidates in the Offseason

  3. A case study on how to milk/parlay one good playoff run into years of coasting while getting paid handsomely—but now coming to it’s inevitable end. Time to play taps on his career in Baltimore. But given the overall state of QB play in the league versus how many are available with any kind of competence, I’m guessing he would never really ever end up unemployed, so long as his health holds.
  4. NoHuddleKelly12

    Motivational Posters for the 2018 Buffalo Bills

    You too can be awesome at horseshoes and hand grenades, just like me
  5. NoHuddleKelly12

    AW23 Beef with the Bills-Any insight?

    I'm glad he at least defined his beef as limited to the FO and not the fans/city as a whole--that said, what's the point of bringing it up and then not being upfront about whatever the issue happens to be? Now it turns into a bunch of pointless speculation, ergo, all of us here...;) That was definitely a fail on his part to paint himself as sole heir to the title of "Mr. Buffalo." We could start a whole thread of which current and former players are most involved in the community and I'd be surprised to see him at or near the top. If he's trying to gain the sympathy of the fans, he's going about it totally the wrong way, IMHO. Links? What %? Can't say that I've ever heard negativity like that from the former players who were invested in playing for Buffalo beyond a year or 2 rental terms, like TO.
  6. NoHuddleKelly12

    Pass Rush?

    Surprisingly, the numbers don't bear out that Ryan was blitz-happy in Buffalo anymore however, after an initial blitz heavy start earlier in his coaching career. IIRC, as a side note, Super Mario often grumbled about being forced to drop into coverage packages instead of rushing the passer... Regardless, a pretty detailed autopsy of what went wrong with his D, for anyone interested, is here: https://buffalonews.com/2017/01/14/bills-2016-defensive-autopsy-rex-ryan/
  7. How about giving Colton Schmidt a ring to see if his schedule permits? What--too soon?
  8. NoHuddleKelly12

    Amazing Max Unger Stat

    Percy! Now there’s a name of a can’t miss speedster that I wish the Bills had thrown some investment at...wait, what was that? 🥴
  9. NoHuddleKelly12

    Black Monday Is Coming: Which Coaches Get Fired?

    Maybe he really did turn down an ambassadorship to the Cayman Islands 🇰🇾 in favor of his dream job Brownies? Egg on all our faces, well played...
  10. NoHuddleKelly12

    2019 NFL Salary Cap Projected to Be Between $187M and $191.1M

    First world problems...or is it mo’ money mo’ problems?🧐
  11. NoHuddleKelly12

    Any Buyer's Remorse From Teams That Drafted QB in Round 1?

    ^^^^^This. Each of them have shown at least something, but it does appear (early on) that Rosen would've been the "Wrong Josh" for us . Let's revisit this time next year however!
  12. NoHuddleKelly12

    Are the Lions sort of the Bills of the NFC?

    Without digging into the research as a franchise however, have they ever had a real, sustained playoff run over the course of 5+ years like we did (we at least have 2 solid franchise eras to refer back to)? Even when they had Sanders, he was often a one man show IIRC, and the team still went nowhere.
  13. Not to make too fine a point on it, but I believe that’s also because they included time spent running around extending plays outside the pocket behind the LOS. I may be mistaken but am pretty sure that’s the case. It’s not like he has had a clean pocket to sit in for 4 + secs surveying the field between the tackles normally like TB12...if anything he’s buying extra time to allow the longer range route combinations to develop, for those times that he goes deep. Not a very helpful stat in that comparative context IMO. I believe Watson was right there with him, also a guy who doesn’t necessarily just sit in the pocket.
  14. NoHuddleKelly12

    Will Buffalo Have a 1,000 Yard Rusher in 2019

    I heard on the morning show streaming WGR today that Cam Newton has averaged 100 rushes per season consistently for approximately 500 yds, and he’s only missed something like 3 starts over the course of his career due to injury. Should numbers around that mark be the goal? I just think JA is doing whatever he can to try to help this team win and I’m ok with it so long as it’s done in the right moments—I think naturally his running will come back to earth as his targets improve in ability—I do think he really does try to look downfield first generally speaking. As many others have stated already, he’s a one man show by necessity right now.