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  1. 1 per additional game per team seems like the most reasonable starting point?
  2. Agreed; the Raiders loss with Orton still sticks in my craw—we were supposed to win against a bad Raiders team and basically control our own playoff destiny...instead, well, I won’t spoil the ending for you. That said, I have zero doubts this year that the team will keep its focus where it needs to be—collect/bank 3 straight W’s at home to keep the pressure on the Patsies for the division, and start creating some real cushion for the #1 WC spot...
  3. Is it just me, or do any of the old-timers here have a passing thought that our boy Feliciano reminds them of this guy too?
  4. Depends which version of Ryan appears? The one that Mel Kiper grew swarmy of pre-draft, or the sad sack that guru Gase ran into the ground? He needs to quick take lessons from Fitzy about how to bottle magic up for 3 or so straight games at the cost of later implosions.
  5. Respect. Definitely one of the all-timers at his position, who Jim K often credited with the stability of the blocking up front during his era. Gone too soon, may he RIP.
  6. As the first WR to ever catch a TD pass from Allen (preseason last year), I’m glad he gets another shot at this—hopefully he makes something happen with it! https://www.buffalobills.com/video/every-josh-allen-pass-preseason-week-1
  7. So far good for 2nd best record in the conference, no? If it 'aint broke...you get it
  8. ^^^^This. I think this is a coach who has nothing in the cupboard from the FO, and is worried about losing both any credibility he may have left with the remaining players, as well as his job (easy sacrificial lamb to appease the fan base in the offseason?). Rosen is clearly the least capable of the 2.
  9. No matter which way this ends up, you know he will have issues later in life to contend with (arthritis, pain, nerve damage issues etc.) on that leg, which most likely will affect his quality of life, but wish him nothing but the best! Despite efforts through rules changes where this league tries to sanitize the game from injuries like this, it remains a violent game at its heart.
  10. And those same Patriots have beaten...? And barely squeaked out a W against us. Point being, their resume this year is similar to ours.
  11. I believe “fire everyone” is the appropriate response you were looking for.
  12. Right? I also love the delayed automatic door reaction—almost like an auto bowling ball removal arm
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