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  1. Well, let me post a corollary question—when was the last time Diggs stepped up huge in a meaningful game when it mattered most? Personally I think Diggs after all the hype leading into the game, will be used as a decoy on the field a lot, for the reasons OP gave—counting on the Bills to key on him while their other plethora of weapons are targeted instead. Regardless, Josh goes off and makes this a statement W. Maybe even a hurdle thrown in for old times’ sake! 🤫
  2. Hate to say it bc I always liked Poyer, but I hope he’s starting for the Fish when Josh comes to town; between knowing what Poyer does best and Poyer having lost a step, seems like the week Josh may threaten the single game TD and/or passing yards record? 🤔
  3. I thought you were going to say Peterman. He rolled it up in preseason!! Straight up won the job legitimately in 2018.
  4. Always the voice of reason here ☝️.
  5. I’m sure his agent’s next words after that to Jerruh always start with, “Hear me out…”
  6. -Rex. A hot air spewing wrecker of an up and coming defense, clueless on offense and check writer his results couldn’t cash. Lowlight was bringing in his brother to help “explain” his defense to the players. Stole so much $$ from the Pegulas. -Jauron. Mr. Hey, let’s punt from their 35, just because you know they won’t be expecting that…especially ‘cause it’s only 2nd down! I kid, but only partially it felt like. -Marrone. Jailbreak move to abandon ship despite coming the closest to breaking the drought (not counting Malarkey early on), and his resting grimace face was a daily treat indeed. -OJ. What a waste of a post-career arc. Just as it was getting good between the Hertz commercials and naked gun movies! A tragedy all around, may his victims RIP.
  7. Yep, like Brady with his TB12 in kind Patriots clientele? https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/report-patriots-pay-a-brady-owned-company-run-by-suspect-partner/amp/
  8. Have said it before and will say it again—nail the draft for a franchise altering QB, and you become a “made” man as GM. But clearly he’s done more than that—the type of depth the Bills can routinely field has been pretty impressive imho.
  9. “A” should stand apart on a pedestal imho. No participation trophies 🏆 here! 😀
  10. You know Aaron is going to take this fine and simmer/hold a grudge against the Jets…the honeymoon is over if it wasn’t already imho! He will somehow figure out a way to make them pay for this slight to his all-world ego.
  11. Watch out for the bread crumb shrapnel it will be able to hurl back at you…have you taken a look at the bottom inside of your toaster lately?? 🥴
  12. @GunnerBill, here is a quote from Ryan Talbot stating, “Doug Whaley played a big role in two coaching hires that ultimately failed.” https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2017/04/buffalo_bills_best_and_worst_moves_during_the_doug_whaley_era.html I have no inside information of course, and it’s also very possible that Talbot was misinformed…but I wanted to at least let you know that I normally don’t spout off without a reference or 2 to fall back on for it. Again, Talbot’s article doesn’t quote an independent source so take it for what it’s worth. 🙂
  13. Badol, respectfully disagree. The #1 thing that a GM has to get right is QB. Failing that, not much else matters in terms of building a Super Bowl caliber roster. Whaley claims to have been the guy responsible for pushing to draft EJ Manuel #13 in round 1, and he sold the farm to grab Watkins when we had no one to throw the ball to him—plus the Taylor and Dareus extensions were part of the bloat I was referencing. Worst might be foisting Marrone/Rexy on us (he also claimed each time to be very involved in pushing those hires). I could go on. Point is, not for nothing when the current regime took over, Beane had to take some considerable cap medicine as all one hit in year 2018 (ca. 40 mill) purging the Bills from their bad contracts all at once, and paving the way for the FA spending spree that helped bring in Morse, Beasley etc., lifting this team to new heights. https://billswire.usatoday.com/2018/03/16/buffalo-bills-2018-nfl-season-dead-cap/
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