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  1. Somewhere out there is a motivational poster that says this. And look, I don’t disagree with you at all. My point was just that it’s possible for some people, myself included, to take a good thing like ice cream, and turn it into something not so good by going overboard with it, that’s all.
  2. Because too much of a good thing is also sometimes not good. I love ice cream, but a lack of self control can quickly turn it into a fat farm production. I went a little crazy with fantasy football, and took a year off to recalibrate my stress level...turns out football is pretty cool even without FF, more organic even, as I’m never tempted to root for any players outside of the Bills anymore, and now it’s 4 years and counting, FF sober. If I end up loving GOT, I’ll spend hours of my life binge watching it to catch up, and I just can’t do that right now. But I’m not judging anyone else who does, as this is just my own personal experience and opinion. All I’m sayin is don’t hate too much on those of us who let some of the current fads pass on by—there may be a good reason for why.
  3. Apparently Jim Kelly is? Also, in the just wondering department, For those of you who are, how did those awful all-red all-green unis for the Rex Ryan Thursday night color rush game come across to you a few years back? I remember the NFL catching some flak for that. https://www.newsweek.com/color-blind-fans-struggle-nfl-color-rush-uniforms-396366
  4. Good call—I’m with you, have been eating very healthy in 2019 and been dropping lbs, getting cholesterol under control. But Thursday night might require a juicy burger washed down with a cold Yuengling, all while parked in front of the home telly.
  5. Let’s take our chances elsewhere. The Draft can’t get here soon enough!
  6. I've always meant to, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I hear good things though.
  7. The winding road of our franchise history is literally littered with poor decision making, personnel moves and flawed organizational direction plans. If we took the time to highlight each of those architects and enabling folks who were involved, we wouldn't then have time to do another mock draft, criticize the analysis of who will be drafted at #9, or figure out the for sure wins and losses in our recently released schedule!! And that, at this time of year, would be a travesty of epic proportions. However, I haven't seen a Pats themed thread posted anytime within the past 48 hours, so I'm good either way.
  8. Gotta love the fact that Beane refuses to stop looking at all ways of improving the roster, even after his FA blitz and now the attention focused on the upcoming draft. This regime certainly seems to be 100% serious about backing up the process talk with action. You may not agree with all of the personnel moves, but you can't doubt the determination/drive of this group...unlike the Ryan era that reeked of big talk, little actual effort. This particular move as many here have already pointed out, adds another passing element (possibly backfield option security blanket?) for Allen, at a time when it's all about developing Allen and his threat options. I'll take that!!
  9. Have always been fond of good holiday casserole sides—our table for the Easter meal besides the crock pot honey glazed ham, will include corn casserole, green bean casserole and a sweet potato pie casserole (southern in-laws and all ;), but my MIL’s deviled eggs are truly a treat as well. My personal baby that I’m always responsible for are the mashed potatoes, as I don’t believe in adding any bland water whatsoever to them—it’s all about the heavy whipping cream, butter galore and some cream cheese...it’ll block your arteries but I’ll tell you what, you’ll swear you’ve never had better.
  10. Ah yes, the Garden State which includes WNY...oh wait, what? but in in all seriousness, close enough, and your overall point still stands about the short trips. I guess if we were going to be stuck with 2 road trips to start the year, this was the best draw for us!
  11. I agree with everything you said except for the 1st part—but that’s because I’m looking at Allen’s 2nd half performance as opposed to the beginning, for the reasons I gave in the previous post. Nonetheless, your points are mostly valid. Definitely a watershed year for this FO and coaching staff.
  12. I think Josh gets a bit of a pass for the opening stretch (which still featured for example the Minnesota unbelievable upset), due to the circumstances of how he became a starter in the first place, and never having a full offseason with the “ones.” The second half extrapolated over a full season would qualify it as a successful rookie campaign by any objective measure, imho. And how about the finale? 5 TD’s against NFL competition, regardless of who, qualifies as a good sign of things to come.
  13. I understand your point and it may very well play out that way, but my hunch is that Daboll will have Marching orders to let it rip and let the guys have fun trying out the new toys on O; and besides, the expectations placed on this team are such that the drive to put up points should be at a premium. Allen Has it in him to put up big #’s, so let’s see what we’ve got, especially as the goal is to defeat the evil empire once and for all—we won’t do that by being bashful with our talent upgrades around Josh. Maybe this is all just wishful thinking on my part in terms of the look of the O philosophy, but I am trusting the process.
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