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  1. -Micah Hyde smiling ear to ear over what the new guys (specifically Basham) are bringing up front, Boogie taking it to the house play of TC thus far; -Rousseau constantly in the backfield, good sign for the defensive pressure that was lacking often last year beyond Hughes, and will make life for our LBs and DBs so much easier; -Josh’s already infamous pass to Beasley, the video doesn’t do it justice, Josh had pressure in his face but still let the play develop and perfectly timed the throw which was of a superstar caliber between our all-pro safeties; -“McKenzie
  2. Matt Parrino & Ryan Talbot’s daily podcast with TC observations, Day 2, Njoy
  3. It’s all fun and games until @Ridgewaycynic2013updates us with how many compensatory draft picks New England was just awarded for this nonsense.
  4. Timmy T, comeback going well so far? https://fansided.com/2021/07/28/trevor-lawrence-tim-tebow-jaguars/
  5. The hat he's wearing is pretty sweet too!
  6. Yes, it is indeed fun to be a fan of the only NFL team located in NY!!
  7. Apologies if this has already been referenced somewhere I missed upthread, but looks like Lamar will also miss a good chunk of training camp, at least 10 days… https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2021/07/28/lamar-jackson-tests-covid-19-positive-ravens-training-camp/
  8. There’s no substitution for being out on the field with your teammates running actual plays and jelling as a unit, learning each other’s tendencies, etc. The Jets are ensuring more top 5 draft pick finishes—mission accomplished Woody?
  9. Awesome find OP, watched every second and worth it!!! Love this team, and our QB will be the goat before it’s all over!!!!!!!
  10. How about a SB championship topper to ice next year’s cake with? Thanks for all your hard work in helping to turn this franchise around! Happy birthday 🎂
  11. Godspeed in your recovery Jimbo—unreal what he’s had to physically go through even after his playing days, due in no small part to exactly those days I’m sure, even outside of the bouts with cancer. Best wishes and Bills nation is pulling for you!
  12. Admit it OP, you are the successor in interest to the estate of @WrongJosh, yes? 🧐
  13. Kinda my point—Shula (winningest coach in NFL history at the time of his passing) had a 29-3 WL record against Buffalo through 1985. Once Marv came onboard, that turned to the tune of 14-6 for the Bills, and overall Marv has a 20-6 record against the Don. That’s too much to be a statistical outlier imho, and also, those same middling numbers given for Miami in terms of playoffs over that span—how many of those years was Miami snuffed out by Buffalo in the playoffs? https://billswire.usatoday.com/2020/05/04/buffalo-bills-history-miami-dolphins-don-shula-marv-levy/
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