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  1. We really could’ve used the bye last year in dealing with our WR corps injuries…now that only the top seeds in both conferences even get one anymore, yes it is a big deal imho.
  2. I understand your point but it may be an oversimplification because we certainly have shown we can be ‘the bully’ against most other teams we play—we didn’t finesse the Chiefs or anyone else since Pittsburgh imho, and until we see more of a pattern this year to the contrary, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt to have a one-off game or 2 over the course of a very long year. And not for nothing, we still had plenty of opportunity to come away with the W even after taking Tennessee’s best shot, so let’s see what the future brings us.
  3. Way to encapsulate what I’m sure so many of us felt throughout this game—this one will stick in the craw for 2 weeks because we shouldn’t have lost, plain and simple—we are the better team and that still showed despite the outcome. Great job OP!
  4. Glad there's only one Henry in this league, but man, we'd better have our chinstraps on tighter next time. The weird thing is, even though we lost, I always felt like we were the better overall team, and moving the ball at will until the end, just kept shooting ourselves in the foot in several key situations. Hope this turns into the hail Murray effect for us, where now the bear got poked and we rattle off W's the rest of the way...
  5. I’ll duly consider your request OP, except for Pats fans.
  6. I see your 40-burger and raise by an additional slice of cheese. Bills in a walk away, 51-17.
  7. As bad as Collinsworth's color commentary was Sunday, and make no mistake it was bad, he did make a valid observational point or two concerning a receiver's need for making it appear they are on a legitimate route run and thus disguise their true "pick" or interference purpose for the refs--I agree with that fwiw.
  8. I’m not proud of how I behave during games—my blood pressure, anxiety, and overall angst go off the rails, and I literally can’t sit still. Language is just the background music for all of the above. As I’m typing this, I’m beginning to realize the Buffalo Bills are not good for my health! 🧐
  9. Bump for link to live coverage of this historic occasion! Will also add to OP.
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