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  1. NoHuddleKelly12

    Is Nathan Peterman Sean McDermotts love child?

    Just when it seemed like the OP itself was as bad as it gets... Will definitely have to get right on reviewing his tape...but what's in my memory is not promising
  2. "Seemed" being the operative word...
  3. Wow, really? I'd say they came up from the Baltimore basement quite nicely, and I would also note that being on the field for the majority of each game can't be easy either, yet they remain opportunistic and hungry for the ball. The fact is they can't play all 60 minutes by themselves, and time of possession will eventually wear down even the best D's out there. For the most part they played lights out yesterday. You can't blame that side of the ball at this point any longer.
  4. NoHuddleKelly12

    I sincerely don't get all of the negativity.....

    I understand. I try to compartmentalize the regimes so that I don't always have to think about the previous ones failing. And remember that at the end of the day whether they win or lose will not change the course of my life (or yours) or even the weekend for that matter--other than Sunday afternoons.
  5. Maybe some rehab time in the CFL or the newest offseason league that's getting fired up somewhere--with the pressure off, I bet he starts rolling again like camp, and then some QB desperate NFL team will pick him up in a couple years after he has good tape to show off. Who knows, the next time very well may be the charm, just like his college time when he had to leave Tennessee on a rail and wound up beating Clemson while at Pitt?
  6. NoHuddleKelly12

    If we March Peterman out there again...I will....

    Hope that Daboll only works the middle of the field with quick slants and bubble screens.
  7. NoHuddleKelly12

    McDermott hangs up on Schopp and Bulldog

    Didn't TB12 hang up on his weekly radio show not once, but twice? I remember once it was about his family and then his health whisperer Alex Guerrero--anyways, fail to see what the big deal is. If the questions asked are lacking in respect, professionalism or football substance, then I have zero issues with this (however, I don't have any idea what was actually asked or how).
  8. I admire the gutsy stand you are taking by writing this OP. Don't agree with your premise, but I will applaud your backbone in drafting this thread, unless of course you are simply trying to out-troll the trolls, lol.
  9. NoHuddleKelly12

    I sincerely don't get all of the negativity.....

    (1) He appears to give a crap, which so many of his predecessors through their body language alone, did not; (2) his ceiling in terms of his raw physical QB tools are off the charts, highest probably ever for a Bill; (3) His leadership quotient, intangibles are clearly present in how he commands the huddle, interacts with his D teammates, revs up the crowd; (3) Ability to bounce back mentally from bad throws, hits (extent of current injury unknown, notwithstanding); (4) Work ethic; (5) Moves athletically very similar to Steve Young; (5) "Minnesota Leap" shows he is willing to lay it out for his team and take advantage of the pieces around him clicking; (6) Despite missing some progressions as part of his rookie development, he has been able to hit his WR's on target plenty of times, but suffers from a targets to drops ratio of over 11% and otherwise all around poor anemic WR play (basement of the league bad). Take away the endemic drops, and he's on track. (7) He offers HOPE given the complete package. Let me flip the table and simply state that we haven't seen enough or surrounded him with sufficient resources to be able to write him off as the 2nd coming of Todd Collins. And all of this without the benefit of a proven QB mentor or capable OC in his corner to help him along, unlike these guys who might sound familiar: http://www.espn.com/blog/san-francisco-49ers/post/_/id/32623/sitting-behind-a-legendary-quarterback-means-learning-from-the-best
  10. NoHuddleKelly12

    So who do we want to start at qb this Sunday?

    Has to be Allen. Needs reps, and now that he's started down this road, he needs to be able to see it through
  11. NoHuddleKelly12

    I sincerely don't get all of the negativity.....

    Straight up blasphemy bro. You can't possibly believe that Wilson's (or any of the other dudes routinely tossing 4K plus these days) stats would be magically the same playing against the rules-enabled D's of Kelly's era--or do you think that Ken Norton Jr. wouldn't have been able to take out Wilson's knees like he did Kelly's in SB XXVII? The point being, in the league today it's almost arcade game like and/or comical, the way the league has consciously moved towards sugarcoating the offense, and QB's in particular, since Wilson burst on the scene. Just ask Clay Matthews which era he'd prefer to play in. When even guys like Roethlisberger or Rodgers are saying it's gone too far, I'd say it's gone too far. Wilson is a nice piece to have, would love to see him as our QB right now in fact, but don't ever categorically state that he would then automatically be better than any Bills QB who's ever suited up ("modern" era excepted).
  12. NoHuddleKelly12

    I sincerely don't get all of the negativity.....

    TB12 getting "released" from a sure sack by Speaks, to instead rushing for a TD yesterday is definitely an exhibit to that argument--should never have scored there (and wouldn't have if Bruce Smith was in the process of wrapping him up on that play with the rules of his era)
  13. NoHuddleKelly12

    I sincerely don't get all of the negativity.....

    All valid points. It's a very fine line in the NFL between winning and losing, and I really feel like we are at the cusp of something great if we can get the O talent differential and scheme to catch up with the D or at least, be able to move the chains on a consistent basis. There's an undeniable grit around this team (certain exceptions to this would be the effort of some on the O side), who are not easy outs for anyone at this point. It hurts just how close we came to stealing another tough one on the road away from the favorites.
  14. NoHuddleKelly12

    Despairing Fans

    I get heat of the moment and hot takes with emotional override engaged--and everyone has the chance to say their piece, vent, whatever. I try to stay off the boards for at least a couple hours after an L like this because I know that's what I'm going to see overwhelmingly. But overall I think the vast majority of the posters I see on here (granted I'm still relatively new here, but have been a lifetime fan) try to go the extra mile in backing up their opinions with some sort of factual references, even if misplaced at times. I'd say by and large most lifer Bills fans have to have some optimism about the future, otherwise, what's the point of staying on the wagon as a Bills fan to begin with? If you're not a deeply invested fan, then just go away without over the top comments and leave the rest of us to our collective misery if that's what you think will be all we ever get down the road. I've seen enough FO and HC dysfunction since the '99 season started us down that road, to know when it's culturally endemic versus by circumstance, and this still does not have the feel to me of previous regimes' fundamental root rot that could never grow a healthy tree. Everyone can see that our D has answered the call since the Charger game and improved radically over a short stretch--where are the posters that railed on McBeane saying they couldn't even get that side of the ball going? I'm going to watch this play out the rest of the year with some optimism because they've earned at least that.
  15. NoHuddleKelly12

    Biggest re-do of the offseason

    I agree with you in principle IF that was the plan; but I don’t think they meant to let it come to this point—that’s where the roll call of unfortunate and unforeseen events on the offensive side come into play (oline losses that really rolled after the draft, KB acting like a scrub and Daboll sucking leads the list)