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  1. So Roger finally did the Bills a solid? Perhaps he @Roger Goodell can clarify?
  2. Not a good look when you have to appeal to the ref to help you out in calling a play--a true 12th man intervention that day!
  3. When a hurricane gets named Josh, even Idaho evacuates.
  4. If I were New Jersey I’d be constantly happy that the Jests and Giants are never noted to actually live in my backyard.
  5. Fitz on the local airwaves would be epic. Maybe afternoon drive time? And with the app, available for all of us to njoy!
  6. GW will become the Fitzy spin cycle version of head coaching! Of course, only for as long as it takes him to accept the next Supreme Court vacancy
  7. That will make for an interesting case study--how well can you install a gameplan and play without live walk-thrus first?
  8. Too bad that "Some plays he'd like to have back" won't fit in one of those squares! I literally fell asleep on the couch last night with McD's pressers available on the NFL app on TV droning in the background--very soothing white noise I must say!
  9. So far the NFL teams have been very vigilant in doing what is necessary to keep the season rolling--but it's hard to stay so focused/careful at all times, we all see that in our own day to day--that said, hopefully by aggressively staying on top of contact tracing and the daily testing, etc. to bring about a course correction early, this will be a short-lived blip on the radar. Because by jove we need this season to play out and have our Bills be the last team standing on SB Sunday!
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