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  1. NoHuddleKelly12

    Best/Worst QB - Kelly/Van Pelt?

    And also just remember that Ryan Leaf, JaMarcus Russell, Manziel, Brady Quinn et al, to name just a fraction of many more, were ALL deemed worthy of being picked in the 1st round as starting QB’s in the NFL by multiple staffs of multiple franchises whose jobs depended on hitting it on the mark. This is as much a speculative business as it is scientific. There will be mistakes, some glaring in fact. But I’m more interested in how McD and Beane react/respond to mistakes they’ve made along the way, than the fact that they made any in the first place. And so far I’m happy with the fact that they’ve owned them and then made necessary changes to address same, as opposed to doubling down and digging in, a la former regimes.
  2. NoHuddleKelly12

    Best/Worst QB - Kelly/Van Pelt?

    It was not specifically stated whether we were talking preseason or regular season, to be fair. And no question NP kicked butt during training camp/preseasons
  3. NoHuddleKelly12

    Bean at his Witchery, Again!

    Exactly; which arguably makes a ‘worst to first’ type rebuild that much more impressive during that era, when the NFL didn’t prioritize parity or ease of FA movement. The big boys of that era would’ve been that much harder to unseat. Not saying it should be easy for McBeane to engineer this kind of turnaround, but it does give me optimism that it will be well within reach.
  4. NoHuddleKelly12

    Bean at his Witchery, Again!

    Post of the day. Should be archived to reference each time the hot take naysayer hit parade fires up around here. Not saying they can’t and haven’t made any mistakes, because they have like anyone else; but under difficult circumstances post Rex/Whaley’s no-plan mismanagement, have made some tough decisions to try to make this team playoff caliber for years to come.
  5. NoHuddleKelly12

    Happy B Day Jimbo

  6. NoHuddleKelly12

    Who would win in a fight? Ninja or Unicorn

    Obviously unicorn (Watch out for the lightning fast hooves that would fell any ninja with only one strike, the spear on its forehead and the glare reflecting off of its pastel-colored mane)
  7. NoHuddleKelly12

    Happy B Day Jimbo

    Happy Birthday Jimbo 🎂!! Here’s to many more 🍻. Great player, even better person. Ditto. It’s crazy how quickly this thing called life slips through our fingers—then you turn around and have to start watching what and how much you eat <sigh>. Thanks for the memories though Jim!
  8. NoHuddleKelly12

    What do you expect from Trent Murphy in 2019?

    I expect him to bag more venison. That is all.
  9. NoHuddleKelly12

    What is your favorite breakfast cereal

    Agree--nice choice! It can also come with granola for an extra crunch pop right there! Who would want to mix cereal with white-looking water? Skim milk is blah on multiple fronts, jmo. Also am a big fan of mixing multiple cereals together
  10. NoHuddleKelly12

    latest craziness

    “...she does have a criminal record.” In other shocking news, the sun rose in the Eastern sky this morning. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that previous efforts of the Canadian criminal justice system to rehabilitate her have been a “smashing” success. Just lucky no one was killed by this disturbed individual!
  11. NoHuddleKelly12

    What is your favorite breakfast cereal

    Frosted Flakes—loved ‘em from day 1. Nut ‘n honey also good, and always loved their commercials with that tagline
  12. NoHuddleKelly12

    Who do the Pats* open up 2019 against?

    If it’s any consolation Donuts, I was mildly surprised at the overall lack of dimensions for said watercraft—I mean, if you’re the holder of 8 rings, shouldn’t you be expected to power up something more along the lines of a yacht suitable for putting into port at the Cannes Film Festival??
  13. NoHuddleKelly12

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    Good call. And would have to be better than what we paraded out last year in front of JA.
  14. NoHuddleKelly12

    Cardinals tweet their support of Right Josh

    “...is our guy, until the day that he is not.” There, that should finish up the dangling participle for them. BTW, where is ‘wrong josh’ to add to the vote of confidence here?
  15. NoHuddleKelly12

    Opposing fans

    I wish that were true. Honestly you have been great to interact with and are always very complimentary and cordial with your threads/posts.