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  1. Ah yes, remember the good ol’ days when our coaching staff was so committed to winning that they never left the office at all? 🧐 https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2016/04/rob_ryan_has_been_sleeping_in_his_office_at_one_bills_drive.html
  2. @Ridgewaycynic2013, please let us know how many compensatory draft picks the Pats will be awarded as soon as your source can confirm?
  3. Arguably Mahomes got to develop on the bench behind Alex Smith before he was ever thrown in, and you could do a lot worse for a mentor than Smith.
  4. It’s only because you were at the Houston comeback game in ‘92 too! 🤓 (I kid, I kid)
  5. But he’d been hitting from that distance and farther during the pregame warmups…IIRC
  6. Thanks OP, great listen. To any naysayers upthread, first off, don’t click if you don’t want to hear about him. With all due respect, Kelly can’t ever get enough attention from us as far as I’m concerned. The man bled Bills every day once he got here and unlike many others, stayed local once his time was done. Also, he’s probably the happiest of any of us that Allen is the new man and is setting new franchise records on the way to likely Super Bowl territory.
  7. Hey Hoodie, I see your Jeff Hostetler, and raise you Josh Allen! 🤓
  8. Need another reason to love Josh? (And still wearing Fitzie’s 14 jersey)
  9. It was almost like the Bills busted out Hoodie’s Super Bowl XXV playbook/Gameplan and used it against him! That 94 yd drive eating up almost a quarter by itself was quite delish…
  10. Bills 28-10. Josh with 2 rushing TD’s and 2 in the air
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