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  1. Yeah, he knows that too. Walking back to the LOS like a boss!
  2. I sent him a text last evening around 6, which I specifically ended by saying no need to contact me back, and he just now texted me back this: “what’s going on with me this is Levi just reaching back out hope your being safe! God bless and go bills! 39” Class act all around. How is this team not set up for greatness when the individual pieces know they are a part of something bigger/greater than themselves?
  3. 20K leagues under the sea; Treasure Island; Swiss Family Robinson; Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang
  4. Poor Bengals, poor Browns—how embarrassing to still prolly miss the playoffs for the next 10 years even with an expanded field where anyone with a pulse will likely get in now!
  5. How can this team possibly get more likeable? A testament to the group that’s rebuilt this squad from top to bottom. Great stuff everyone up thread!
  6. Vontae walking in Week 2 IIRC, and becoming the laughingstock of the league yet again as a franchise, and suddenly 2 years later and word on the free agent street is Buffalo's where you want to be? Yep, fully agree with OP. Sean keeping the team playing hard throughout that year and pulling out 6 wins from a squad that arguably was XFL level starting quality, is saying something.
  7. It's almost reflexive at this point after such a generational-length franchise morass. However, I honestly can't come up with a better suited coaching/FO combo to reverse this than what we have now--2/3 playoff caliber years with even more justified optimism of what's to come? Sign me up.
  8. Just let Josh keep being Josh. He'll keep growing organically and be special in this league for years to come. Am re-posting these, just because.
  9. Definitely trending in the right direction—thinking of where we were at the position pre-FA last year and now today, not even in the same universe. Good job FO!!
  10. He strikes me as the type that wouldn't know what to do with himself once he turns out the office lights for the last time so will keep coming back for more--of course, I thought the same thing about my workaholic dad, and he's actually taken to retirement much easier than I ever expected.
  11. Diggs should also grade this trade as an "A" given the average January temps in Minneapolis vs. Buffalo . Minneapolis: 24F avg. high, 8F avg. low. Buffalo: 31F avg. high, 19F avg. low. https://www.usclimatedata.com/climate/minneapolis/minnesota/united-states/usmn0503 https://www.usclimatedata.com/climate/buffalo/new-york/united-states/usny0181 [From the Editor: For purposes of this post, average Jan. snowfall amounts and dome versus open stadium are being ignored. Go post your own comps if you wish. ]
  12. ^^^This. Happy as I am to see him gone, I really wanted the Bills to get to turn the tables on him
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