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  1. He had precious little help brother. And we were still in position to tie at the gun. I hope you gave him some credit on the play before where by rights any other QB would’ve dropped for 25+yard loss?
  2. Our pass blocking schemes left something to be desired to say the least
  3. If special teams mean nothing in a game’s overall trajectory, then your take would be correct. Otherwise, as one of the best to have played ST’s, including getting rules changed around him, his accolades are richly deserved. Side note, don’t forget how he seamlessly came on board as a WR at Jim’s behest...just an all around great footballer
  4. Best Christmas present I got as a kid that particular year lol
  5. Sorry OP; I hope the good memories carry you through this difficult time!
  6. Putting aside for a moment the fact of my diehard Bills fandom bias, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my Buffalo visits every time. It’s been more than a few years now since the last time I’ve been up that way, but I hear continuing good things and am sure they are true. Donuts, don’t ever hold back. You have too many things to say that need said.
  7. Allen for me ever since the leap heard round the world—and that day coincided with the birth of my youngest kiddo, so, basically fate! . And what does he do the following year? In another game he’s supposed to fall flat in, he proceeds to undress the opposition in the vaunted Jerrah’s World! On and off the field, I feel like I can proudly rock his gear as a true face of the franchise QB...which I haven’t felt the need to bestow on any of em under center since JK.
  8. Any given Sunday amirite Donuts?? They still put their pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us, and, don’t they share a Cleveland loss? Let’s do this Buffalo!!!!
  9. Availability > ability, and in the case of Monsieur Watkins, the former is severely lacking. Next!
  10. Growing up in Steeler territory, Myron Cope always cracked me up when he would go all Hulk apoplectic and barely get an intelligible word out if the Steelers went sideways—I know he was color and not play by play, but always stood out as very “unique” in his delivery.
  11. Permit me to hazard a guess here—invariably we associate as fans with our beloved team in terms of players and moments that define our nostalgic fandom—for me it was the SB run, and comeback game etc., and part of that is the unis the team wore at those times; aren’t we creatures of habit at the end of the day? Maybe that’s some of it at least, who knows. I agree it’s not worth getting that mad over, except with the color rush hot mess
  12. Why this board is so awesome 😎—you will always find someone to have your back on whatever position you take on any issue, but then also simultaneously be prepared to be called out as a cabal of ignoramuses for said position...
  13. My first NFL game was the Monday night drubbing we got at 3 Rivers in ‘93, 0-23. Those fans are pretty rabid, not a pleasant memory. But if ever there was a year where we would feel like they can be had at home, Primetime or not, it’s got to be this year despite their more competitive play and W’s of late.
  14. And yet, punters get in...I bet they’re glad you weren’t a voter lol. Look, I respect your opinion but I think you’re wrong about Tasker—check out his highlights reel sometime—the passage of time may have dimmed your recollection of just what he brought to the table that other guys just couldn’t.
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