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  1. So a few things happened while you were off jetsetting or what not; we are eager for your take as to race relations, the Washington franchise moniker, and oh yah, that Mahomes kid! Other than that, not much new around here
  2. At some point the ‘Jay Cutler hanging smoke’ avatar needs to reappear too—that was a classic look
  3. Atlanta United here has been an early surprise in its short MLS history and that’s been a good show now and then—that’s been it on my end. Glad you had the ability to catch so many England matches at that 06 WC; unfortunately getting one of the Germany matches or US team didn’t happen for us—but it was still pretty awesome to catch matches on the fan viewing miles they would have set up basically in every city, so it was a big outdoor Fest everywhere you turned. It’s a blur now but good times. Back to OP’s point, not really sure doing anything other than a lottery for whatever tix pool there is, like FIFA, could be fair? One question is how they would ensure that the majority would go to locals if it’s a random lotto draw and fans wanting to see live games no matter where jump at any of them?
  4. Sorry if you were ever heckled by my group—German beer packs a bigger wallop than stateside and back then I didn’t practice much self-control in that department . It was a fantastic trip. Which stadiums did you go to? Our game was at the Allianz stadium in Munich.
  5. When I attended the 2006 World Cup with some buddies, we had to basically get our flights/stay details worked out in advance without knowing whether or not we would actually get to see any matches; FIFA used a random lottery system to award the tix, and luckily we got one (although less than marquee--Tunisia v. Saudi Arabia); something similar here probably would be most fair after you have a certain block set aside just for STH's?
  6. Unfortunately there may not be—took a hot minute to even get this gem. Now the Ryan bros on the other hand...
  7. So @Rico is this the unofficial start of the RW pictorial thread that so many upstream have been clamoring about? If so,
  8. Glad it wasn't THAT. It's weird to have hands start cracking from too much soap/sanitizer when not in dry winter months! Stay safe out there bro.
  9. Hey the beard's growing in more fully now! Our wunderkind is growing up way too fast right in front of us
  10. Well said. No question Darnold was viewed as the more finished product coming into the draft, and if there numbers are now virtually neck & neck, that's more of a statement on JA being more capable than perhaps he was given credit for out the gate? https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2018/05/04/uscs-clay-helton-sam-darnold-is-ready-to-lead-the-jets/ https://www.dailynews.com/2017/12/28/miller-uclas-josh-rosen-and-uscs-sam-darnold-are-ready-ripe-for-the-nfl/ Well....
  11. A rhetorical sword this sharp should always be used in the employ of the good. Heaven help us all if you ever turn to the dark side Donuts!
  12. Great what’s next Stefon, a hot air balloon entrance to camp?
  13. Hindsight being 20/20, this was still the right call. Not his fault he was drafted too high with commensurate expectations, but proof is in the pudding that he never established himself anywhere post-Buffalo before retiring.
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