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  1. Good calls or not, so many flags just flat out ruin the watching experience
  2. But I took heart with the 2 minute drive, good way to bounce back. They’ll be just fine
  3. He’s just mad his name is Thad instead of Josh.
  4. Sloppy overall; almost a bit of a hangover feeling, maybe from all the travel over last 2 weeks? Lots of mental mistakes. But nothing that can’t be fixed, that’s the good news
  5. Like our run game blocking, but overall we need better mental focus
  6. Sloppy game—glad we won but work to be done
  7. I agree with you—this is a merit based league and no one is guaranteed anything they don’t earn. I’m confident Josh will keep you relatively happy this season though.
  8. Overall he’s been sharp all TC and preseason. Were you making similar QB controversy barbs before tonight? After leading the league in pass attempts in preseason going into tonight, The Bills clearly were looking to establish the run game with their 1s. Look, it’s a great story to peddle that Bark should now be anointed as starter, but the bulk of where we’ve come from just doesn’t support that, sorry.
  9. Wonder what the record for most flags in a game is?
  10. Patricia claiming both Gatorade jugs for himself lol
  11. Josh is humble yet radiates confidence—boss man.
  12. C’mon Please. This is about upside versus ceiling. Not close. JA is off the charts with the former, and Bark bless his heart is a great caretaker who does well in situational spots. I like him too but pump the brakes a bit, as folks around here like to say.
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