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  1. When I attended the 2006 World Cup with some buddies, we had to basically get our flights/stay details worked out in advance without knowing whether or not we would actually get to see any matches; FIFA used a random lottery system to award the tix, and luckily we got one (although less than marquee--Tunisia v. Saudi Arabia); something similar here probably would be most fair after you have a certain block set aside just for STH's?
  2. Unfortunately there may not be—took a hot minute to even get this gem. Now the Ryan bros on the other hand...
  3. So @Rico is this the unofficial start of the RW pictorial thread that so many upstream have been clamoring about? If so,
  4. Glad it wasn't THAT. It's weird to have hands start cracking from too much soap/sanitizer when not in dry winter months! Stay safe out there bro.
  5. Hey the beard's growing in more fully now! Our wunderkind is growing up way too fast right in front of us
  6. Well said. No question Darnold was viewed as the more finished product coming into the draft, and if there numbers are now virtually neck & neck, that's more of a statement on JA being more capable than perhaps he was given credit for out the gate? https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2018/05/04/uscs-clay-helton-sam-darnold-is-ready-to-lead-the-jets/ https://www.dailynews.com/2017/12/28/miller-uclas-josh-rosen-and-uscs-sam-darnold-are-ready-ripe-for-the-nfl/ Well....
  7. A rhetorical sword this sharp should always be used in the employ of the good. Heaven help us all if you ever turn to the dark side Donuts!
  8. Great what’s next Stefon, a hot air balloon entrance to camp?
  9. Hindsight being 20/20, this was still the right call. Not his fault he was drafted too high with commensurate expectations, but proof is in the pudding that he never established himself anywhere post-Buffalo before retiring.
  10. If you thought being around pee-wee football league parents whose kids are "definitely going all the way" was bad enough already...🤔
  11. There's something gloriously gratifying about getting a running start with the cart, and then letting it go right when you hit the corral line, and wait for the crunching sound it makes upon impact--why is that??
  12. To permit a welcome diversion from the Washington franchise thread discussions? 🤕
  13. So he prolly had extra ranch with his wings?
  14. Has anyone plumbed the depths of their fanboards yet to see what the goings-on over there is on this topic? I'm curious, but not enough to check myself. 🧐
  15. Take it back Hap! https://raiderramble.com/2020/07/02/fans-not-happy-with-job-mark-davis-has-done-as-raiders-owner/
  16. He will be able to take a shower, or 2 or 3, with all of that money. ---Sincerely, Captain Obvious.
  17. Would there even be a Bills brand to tarnish but for Ralph? Say what you will, but RW also did more than his fair share of positives for both the club as well as the Buffalo community at large, imho.
  18. Mayhaps she gets a "Sound of Music" pass?
  19. Haven't gone through the entire upthread since yesterday to see if this has been posted anywhere, but you've gotta feel for Rivera at the moment, who seems tasked with the unenviable role of divining as Snyder whisperer what the boss will want, as well as accommodating incoming fire as graciously as possible on a "rudderless" boat. I wonder if he regrets taking the job yet? https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/07/05/dan-snyders-been-out-of-country-with-a-small-circle-at-trying-time/
  20. This was prep for his cameo roommate role he played in “Embedded: Behind the scenes with Rob Ryan sleeping on the office couch.” In side note retrospect, perhaps it was a red flag that it wasn’t enough time for Rob to decode Rex’s defense for the players during regular business hours? 🤔
  21. Will this also void the results of Super Bowl XXVI and force a do-over? Pretty sure we know where Thurman’s helmet ended up, so game on!!
  22. It would be practically shocking if they didn’t take this most basic step under the circumstances. That said, if a fan could actually prove causation + negligence (poss. gross needed, and that’s a very high burden to prove) on the part of the venue, the waiver may not be worth anything (individual state laws will differ on this point) as far as protecting the league/venue per occurrence, imho. Instructive here would be looking at MLB’s experiences with foul ball injuries in the stands/protective netting/injury waivers printed on tix.
  23. I am still incredulous we lost that game—but I thought that 04 year was Mularkey? It all runs together in a hazy smog of drought years
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