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  1. This must be comeuppance for staying relatively injury free the last few years comparatively speaking. Unreal. The bye can’t get here soon enough!
  2. Collinsworth is over the moon happy to be able to call another Mahomes game! 🤩
  3. I get your point OP, but for me staying grounded in our past makes the current upwards trajectory that much sweeter…there’s no need to do away with any nostalgia, it’s simply added on to what we already have, like a solid 3-layer cake 🎂! 😁
  4. I would of course expect all of the usual suspects here who shall not be named, to tell us how right they are about this coaching staff not being able to put a winner on the field, personnel or play calling…and how they pine for the days of Rex Ryan’s bully building, and if only we had the Dolphins’ or Jets’ solid roster, etc. What am I missing? 🧐
  5. The obvious chess move in the absence of kneel downs should have been just keep driving to run up the score! 🤷🏼‍♂️
  6. If you copy the page address of the pic, you can upload it here by using the “other media” drop down tab, then “insert image from URL” and the orig size won’t be an issue.
  7. Depends…will he have to use Bluetooth to connect the drone controller to an app or something? 🫣 https://www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/2015/10/7/9470293/bill-belichick-social-media-snapface-instantface-myface-yourface
  8. Also as a further TV cost cutting move, they should set up a mobile fry kitchenette in the back of the production van for the inevitable chicken wing drippy basket fade-outs to commercial…😎 did we cover all of the Buffalonian bases yet? 🤔
  9. This reply on the Twitter thread is worth a paste in here imho 🤣
  10. Not to one up you all or anything, but try suffering through some weekly doses of Falcons football…
  11. …and back then the winter coats were of a sturdier quality as well! 🧐
  12. A la Patriots’ stadium comms malfunctions for the visitors at the most opportune times…
  13. I hope you’re this hard on Belichick, given each of your threads in the last 24 hours or so finds a way to not so passively but aggressively call for McD’s head on a platter despite the Bills’ sustained upwards trajectory since McD got here. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  14. Yesterday was a confluence of unfortunate events that you can chalk up to one-offs in many respects, and what, was it really likely that we would go undefeated this year? By definition, in order to lose a game there’s going to be factors like what happened yesterday, and despite playing with one and a half arms behind our collective back, we still almost got out of there with a W. The depth on this team is impressive, imho. Keep calm, don’t panic. Oh, and the Pats lost again!
  15. But it’s hard to keep on track, no power steering option available yet.
  16. After this weekend he should vault himself 4-5 spots up easy. In the words of Von…a bunch of killers on this team looking to dominate, all starting with Josh!
  17. While not necessarily an Eli fan (except during Super Bowls against TB12), this was awesome, very funny and well done. 👍🏻
  18. Just a quick reminder of just one of the reasons why we all look back on KB's time here so fondly...
  19. So it was up to the Bills themselves to determine whether or not Belichick came out of there looking like a genius...that's actually my point. The Bills suffered too many self-inflicted wounds that night. The Giants capitalized. But the biggest factor, imho, is that the Bills D could not get off the field. This in turn created the need to press on O, but Belichick had nothing to do (at least to my knowledge) with the Bills suddenly forgetting to tackle---too many times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgWfLZgr-YA
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