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  1. A quick rejoinder from Allen: Don’t make me have to pull a Fitzy and catch you in a foot race to shake your hand after you lose today.
  2. Uh oh…lots of ‘happy feet’ already in t-shirts & shorts Mr. Jones? He’s definitely right…it’s like the Bills’ O didn’t even show up on the field during the last 13 seconds of that game! 🤷‍♂️
  3. Thanks OP, always appreciated your postgame thoughts and the obvious effort you brought.
  4. Happy birthday to the very soon to be Bills & NFL for that matter GOAT!
  5. Was the least they could do as we are yet again marching into KC…
  6. He always did ooze “class” amirite? 🙄. Sad all around. For the kids’ sake I hope this causes some reality check behavior modification…
  7. That’s quite a premium cost for an insurance policy…and you could say the same thing about most other teams anyway. I do trust our coaching staff with the DB position to make decent hay out of whatever we have at the time.
  8. As if I needed yet another reason to love the Bills. Not having even a single absence speaks volumes.
  9. The guy on the left just decided he’s not getting paid enough to drive Kraft’s car…
  10. Um, ok Ty, but it’s still not even close to the bandwidth of Nate Peterman’s hype video…🤪🤭
  11. Drew was an all-timer, but his arm was unquestionably shot his last season, a la Peyton Manning’s last hurrah. I guess if you want a payday you’ll get it still on rep alone, but realistically he’s going to likely struggle if he doesn’t have a powerful running complement on O.
  12. Josh just guaranteed a SB victory before training camp. Eat your heart out Broadway Joe, you waited until right before your super bowl before you guaranteed your win 🤩.
  13. Good stuff, ordered mine. Shipping is a bit outrageous however. 🤩
  14. Minimum 12 wins, probably 13 though. Love the first 2 Primetime games!
  15. Peaceably but loudly Donuts! The key here is to disturb enough of his family’s circadian rhythms that he will joyfully see the light that much quicker, imho. Some of us can’t protest all weekend there, ya know?
  16. Couldn’t agree more. Playing at KC for the reg season x 3 without an alternating home/home seems nutso. Silver lining, at some point we will grow so comfortable there maybe even the crowd noise won’t matter anymore?
  17. Good stuff—was cool to see Tre there to welcome the Rook, and Josh’s good natured semi trash talking starting already about testing him out in camp lol. Love it!!!
  18. I’ll say this for NP, dude never missed a postgame presser whilst others slunk away after an embarrassing loss…a stand up guy even if he never should’ve started over JA.
  19. I also hear that wifey may be expecting premium dollars for this, his likely last significant K…so if she’s not on board with what the Bills are offering, he won’t be either, imho.
  20. Have you brought it up to a rep in that office yet?
  21. Is a ‘git r done Beanie’ appropriate here? 🤔
  22. 4 AFC Championships! 🤗 Even more AFCE Championships!
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