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  1. I honestly thought he called that to give his D a breather from getting trucked—IIRC, that was on a FG drive?
  2. Virgil, bravo 👏🏻. Unlike the performance of most of the team not named Josh Allen, your effort deserves a kudos clapping from the sideline. You’ve captured my feelings perfectly about where we stand now, and what it will likely take to get back on track. The trenches are screaming for attention and our coordinators need to be upgraded, and that’s just the start. I hope we can still salvage something from this year, and use its lessons to catapult to greatness next year—as one of the quotes from a very underrated Dick Van ***** movie ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ goes, “from the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success.” Here’s hoping 🤞🏻.
  3. Reminder to avoid all national media tomorrow, that’s a PSA kids.
  4. Where Brady will be handing off to Fournette some?
  5. That’s my biggest beef—play calling in the red zone on first down, wasted runs into the teeth of the NE defense—that’s just idiotic. However, I can confidently say it hurts more because we coulda shoulda won tonight, no excuse not to.
  6. Excuses? No, this game came down to the wire and we could just as easily be sitting here with a last minute W. It’s football, have you ever actually played it?
  7. We’ve earned our place the hard way in the pantheon of paranoia…it will take some small baby steps of stringing multiple deep deep playoff runs together before that even dares subside somewhat. 🥴
  8. Say something nice about the Bills on this, a Bills board—it’s ok, really!
  9. But it must be added that logically must mean Kelly still outsmarted all top tier coaches outside of the immediate SB opponents? But then, the Bills also defeated each and every SB opponent coach in the regular season either the year of or basically right after the same SB appearances—so just sayin, it’s complicated.
  10. Thanks for picking up this banner OP, I too grew up on a heavy dose of No Huddle Bills that tore a new one through the AFC for many years. You have to have the right QB for it, and Josh can definitely do it. A great way to get into scoring drive rhythm—but the downsides include stretching your D times on the field and that’s especially true on 3 and outs. However, overall I feel like there would be more pluses than minuses.
  11. By all means! But we all know if any, there will be 5 that should’ve been called and were not.
  12. Hopefully we will have enough material after this game to create a new annual meme thread featuring MJ instead!
  13. Not to make this political by any means, but imho the Shield will never let Aaron get another MVP after his Covid cutesy dissembling fiasco…of course I could be wrong, but he ticked off a few sportswriters who have votes—enough to make a difference? IDK. https://www.nbcsports.com/video/green-bay-packers-aaron-rodgers-has-zero-excuse-covid-vaccine-lies
  14. Quite honestly the most surprising stat off this comparison is the sacks total—just off the eye test with this year’s Oline play, I feel like that would be flipped!
  15. Also, it would be remiss of me to leave out this little gem whilst we’re discussing the progress of this dark side “apprenticeship”
  16. Is this where it’s appropriate to start my response with, “hear me out…?”
  17. At the heart of every good legend is a ‘kernel’ of truth…🥴
  18. While not normally a conspiracy theorist, all bets are off when it comes to games against the evil empire and the current state of league officiating which has been, mildly, putrid this year. Call your shot with how many flags we will be treated to that extend Pats drives on 3rd down Monday!
  19. Hopefully back at 100%—Dion’s play hasn’t exactly been all-pro since his return, although some of that may not be Covid related either.
  20. Our offense taking care of business and forcing such run first teams into a catch-up/shootout type game would be the best “fix” for our D…we have the octane to take it to anybody in this league.
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