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  1. Have you ever noticed that good teams who commit to the run, and play tough physical defense..... usually have a lot of really good players? Teams like the 49ers. The Eagles. The 2014 Seahawks. etc. etc. etc.
  2. Keep working? Here's how the Eagles built this Super Bowl team. They have a QB making 2% of the cap. They have a really good WR2 who is a star on a rookie deal. They have a WR1 who they traded a FRP for and signed to a mega deal. They have a RB1 on a rookie deal. They have the best RT in football being paid accordingly. Darius Slay, who they traded for, is making 11% of their cap on his mega deal. Bradberry is on a 1 year deal. They have an aging group of ProBowlers (Kelce, Cox, Graham) who all took shorter term contracts for one last ride. What similarities do you see between them and us heading in 2023? They WENT for it this year. This offseason, Kelce and Cox will likely retire, Graham will be voided, and they will lose a bunch of their guys. We don't have the cap space or luxury of a star-studded cast. Slay/Bardberrys' is better than our CB's. Josh is better than Hurts, but he may not be $50M better than Hurts. Every single OL player on their team is better. Their DL is better. Their WR group collectively is better. Their RB group is better. The only place we are better than the Eagles today is QB, WR1 and FS. That's why they are in the Superbowl, and we are talking about cheap OL signings in FA. "Just build a great team" isn't a strategy. It's a pipe dream.
  3. The Eagles are dominant because they have a dominant defense AND run game. They also DON'T have a top 5 RB. Maybe not even a top 10. The time to build as the Eagles is over.
  4. Why wouldn't you just roll with Cook and Hines and an UDFA or two? Perine is an absolute JAG. If we draft another RB, it may actually kill me.
  5. The stats do support this. Splits: 3rd and 10+ YPA allowed 2021 4.1 2022 7.4
  6. So, I agree. I wanted us to trade for Von last year. I firmly do believe that we win the Superbowl last year with him. But, in Beane's defense, the all-in moves take a lot of guts, and our position has not been as secure as we'd like to think. 2018 - can't go all-in with a rookie nor should you 2019 - Josh starts to turn a corner but is still shaky at times, defense is really good but feels like we're a year away (note: Beane tried to acquire Diggs MIDSEASON this year) 2020 - Big offseason splash, trades first rounder for Diggs before the season, however the defense takes a large step back (I guess we could have done something midseason here but idk, it was the COVID year where players were missing games all the time) 2021 - Offense looks good, defense looks great, although there was some weird slumps at times. This is the year we screwed up IMO. This was the year we let Trey Hendrickson go to the Bengals, failed to get Von Miller midseason, ran it back with Jerry and the boys and the rookies Rousseau and Basham. But again, Tre going down sobered the season immediately, and at that point, Levi Wallace was CB1 and Dane Jackson was some 7th round pick floating around. 2022 - Big offseason splash, Von Miller signing. Offense looks great on paper but there's "something" missing. Defense looks good, but Miller goes down and Tre doesn't return to form.
  7. Gibbs > Robinson feels like CEH > Taylor all over again. Folks love the pass catching aspect of RB's but there are a bunch of guys who can catch the ball and be near as productive as the top pass catchers that are cheaper. Taylor (and Robinson) are much better players at their position. The Chiefs replaced CEH with McKinnon who has been BETTER than him for nothing. Some 2022 stats: Ekeler 6.7 YPR McCaffrey 8.7 YPR Fournette 7.1 YPR Stevenson 6.1 YPR Aaron Jones 6.7 YPR Barkley 5.9 YPR Kamara 8.7 YPR McKinnon 9.1 YPR Swift 8.1 YPR Gibson 7.7 YPR Singletary 7.4 YPR. Montgomery 9.0 YPR. Some of those dudes are paid as stars. Some of them are young cheap players. Some of them are cheap vets. Unless they are great at EVERYTHING, like McCaffrey, it's likely not an ability worth chasing.
  8. It's a really dumb article. Josh Allen's cap hit in 2020 was $5M, 30th in the NFL for QB's. Josh Allen's cap hit in 2021 was $10M, 17th in the NFL for QB's. Josh Allen's cap hit in 2022 was $16M, 13th in the NFL for QB's. The failure of the Buffalo Bills to win the Superbowl in the last 3 years has had nothing to do with Josh Allen's "big money contract." It has had everything to do with a team/coaching that just wasn't good enough Now, going forward, yes Josh's contract becomes more of a cap burden. But you know what? We saw what it looked like having a QB not worth a contract that could be a cap burden. So unless the plan was "find another franchise QB" which resulted in the worst team in the NFL for 17 straight non-playoff seasons, you have to figure it out.
  9. Don't review the 19 draft. Ed O at #9. 8th best DL man in the first round. Cody Ford at #38. Bottom 3 player drafted in the second round. Traded for nothing. Knox and Singletary in the third. Fine. Vosean Joseph in the 5th round. Never played a down in the NFL. Jaquan Johnson in the 6th. STer and bad backup. Tommy Sweeney in the 7th. STer and bad backup. Darryl Johnson in the 7th. STer and traded away. The reason why Beane should feel the heat is because from 19-20, the Bills had 2 picks in the top 40 and 4 in the top 60. They got exactly one star. The Bengals in 2020-2021 had 3 picks in the top 40 and got 3 stars.
  10. They committed to running the ball second drive of the game. Run run pass punt. 14-0. The offense was a massive problem, but the answer on Sunday was not “feed Singletary 20 times down 14.”
  11. Lmao, I think there's something hilarious about saying, "the Bills just needed to put up 14 more points to win" in a game they could only score on two drives. Game was over after the first Q.
  12. Exactly, now is the time to be bold. Not win another 12 games next year and get our teeth kicked in again. 100x yes.
  13. Some do, sure. But definitely not all of them. In 2022, only 4 of the 10 rookies taken after #11 before the third round had >500 yards as rookies. 5 of them had less than 300 yards. In 2021, 7 rookies were drafted after #10 before the third round. Only 2 of them had >500 yards as rookies. You are just asking for another season watching Gabe Davis flub the ball.
  14. Expecting rookie WR's to make day 1 impact is fool's gold. Shakir could barely make it on the field. Can't go into next season with the same dudes and a new rookie. We will be signing Brown and Beasley again by midseason if we do.
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