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  1. CB2 lines up across #2 WR’s who see the field the majority of the time. This is the first I’ve heard that #2 CB’s aren’t important in a passing league where basically base defense is nickel. Besides, as we all know, all of the playoff teams had All-Pros at MLB as its so important. KC’s starting MLB may have been the difference on Sunday.
  2. Levi Wallace has been DB of those defenses too.
  3. I think he’s arguing it’s probably “for worse.”
  4. Correct. But Beane didn't draft Milano or Tre. McD did. We've seen this movie with Doug Whaley. He drafted decent rotational guys, but never could get starts. Even worse when they were always picking like top 8.
  5. So you understand that referencing QB play from 40 years ago is about as meaningless as you can get.
  6. I'm a simple man. I see a reference to Jim Kelly and Boomer Esiason and I stop reading.
  7. Hindered. Josh needed to throw the ball all over the field to figure it out. Playing ball control and having your young QB throw 18 passes a game is bad for development. You want your QB throwing 30-40 times a game. Let him find his own rhythm. Find what guys he trusts in big moments. Daboll got crushed for letting Josh sling it last year, and now Josh is slinging it for real. Why? Because he learned how.
  8. You know it’s only a 2 score game down 16 if you get 2 two point conversions. So it doesn’t really matter
  9. Build up? Huh? If KC wins the Super Bowl, they get worse draft picks. If they lose the Super Bowl, they don’t magically get worse lol.
  10. If you're rooting for Tom Freakin' Brady because Mahomes beat us once in the playoffs, I actually hate you. (I'm kidding, but also not really kidding).
  11. ??????????????????????????????? Aside from Hardman's end around, they didn't rush the ball well at all tonight.
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