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  1. I will say, RB is the EASIEST position to translate. Small sample size but Cook seems to make a mental mistake 50% of the time he touches the ball. Which doesn’t help him get more touches.
  2. Because Moss, who also sucks, doesn’t put the ball on the dirt like Singletary.
  3. This season is this season. They’ve only played 3 lol He. Is. Not. Playing. Well. This. Year. You are not going to get lots of rushing opportunities when you are averaging 3.5 YPC.
  4. They aren't dedicated to running him for than 7-8 times per game because he has been playing bad. If you're 9 for 13 or 6 for 19, we are going to stop calling your number lol.
  5. Motor is not playing well this year. I don't care if he was better 3 years ago.
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