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  1. No, I just told them to meet me at high noon at Artpark.
  2. I used to challenge posters on TBD to fight me but some moderators found it “immature” and “morally reprehensible” and so the bit died.
  3. See this makes MORE sense to me. Honestly probably smart from a management standpoint. It wasn’t their year, and shut it down. I buy that. An unusual situation in the NFL, but they were an unusually injured football team.
  4. Agreed, shots like that are insane. There are a ton of great black QB’s in the NFL. Dak, Kyler, Lamar, along with some guys who have potential like Hurts, Tua, Fields. We should be going forward, not backward.
  5. Lol and MY thread about speculation is over the top? As much as I enjoy your football takes, you are WAY off on this one.
  6. Doing what? Discussing a rival QB? I don’t understand what the big deal is. There was rampant speculation that he’s battling IBD or some other problems months ago. I don’t know if any of that holds water. But it’s just kinda weird.
  7. Dude. Lamar Jackson will probably the second biggest AFC rival to Josh Allen for the next 15 years. I think one topic on him is ok.
  8. Are we acting like Lamar Jackson is not a media darling? there are two sides to every contract negotiation. For all you know, Lamar wants to be paid more than Mahomes.
  9. How many people did anything with a torn labrum and broken shoulder this year? Let alone played football? Baker Mayfield did. In the words of Sammy Watkins, let’s not pretend all of y’all’s little jobs are the same.
  10. I somehow manage to be tiresome unintentionally and intentionally. I am the Lamar Jackson of tiresome.
  11. I said if I was a Ravens fan or player. I’m neither of those things. I swear, I’m not Marlon Humphrey. I do wonder the extent of his injury, because there’s basically no details. That’s why it’s strange.
  12. This is a dome thread Umm you aren’t an nfl player. appreciate the insight tho. I don’t think Lamar has had surgery yet.
  13. I don’t think Lamar is malingering. If he can’t go, he can’t go. I wouldn’t hold it against him personally. He’s gotta look out for himself, look what happened to Baker. He played hurt and played himself out of a long term deal. I think there may be more to the story because on its face it seems kinda odd and it seemed to me to not really be discussed.
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