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  1. Your argument is supported by so much hindsight it should come with a rear view mirror. You would have argued the Colts should have let Peyton Manning walk after his first 4 years.
  2. Bro don’t even start on knowing QB’s. You thought Tyrod was the guy long after the rest of the NFL knew he was nothing. Two NFL franchises believed Cousins had enough talent to be a SB QB.
  3. Remember how annoying the Pats fans were talking about how they would lose like one free agent or how BB sucked as a GM because they had no cap space after coming off an AFCCG or SB win? Thats gonna be us. And it’s gonna suck Tyrod Taylor and Kirk Cousins. absolute hilarity.
  4. Yeah 2015 playoff. Dalton was even a long shot for MVP that year.
  5. In Bills land, if you don’t have cap space and you don’t win a SB, you suck. Vikings fans are pining for the days of watching AP drag Christian Ponder to 7-9. They wish they were the Redskins. Hell, every team wishes they were winless til week 8. THEY HAD CAP SPACE AND DIDNT HAVE TO PAY A QB!
  6. Wait what? So you provide another (bad) option outside of paying Dak, say that you don’t even AGREE with this option and that’s supposed to be proof there’s another good option? If you want to argue that signing Cam is a reasonable option, you can’t say you wouldn’t do it! The Dallas Cowboys could trade for Jake Fromm and start him, is that a good option? Good grief. Paying Dak is the only option. Every other avenue is silly. Good teams and average teams pay their QB’s. Bad teams let QB’s walk or never get QB’s and languish in obscurity. How do Bills fans not see this?? Do you remember bringing in Matt Cassell and Tyrod Taylor in for a QB competition? DO YOU NOT REMEMBER WHAT THAT WAS LIKE FOR TWO DECADES?
  7. I think you’re making too much out of a single season. Aaron Rodgers and the Pack were bad two years ago, changed coaches and won 13 games. I would argue based on Dallas’ performance last year, they didn’t have poor coaching but instead arguably the worst coaching in the league. Sean McD is a good HC but not the best. Do you think Dallas wins only 8 games last year if McD is the HC?
  8. lol nah it's Allen insecurity for the most part. Russell took 4 years too. Went from 4 years $87M to 4 years $140M. The QB's are sick of Joakim Noah money.
  9. They had a down year last year, no doubt. That would be fine if Dak played one season as a starter. He's played 4. Jason Garrett coached 9 full seasons in Dallas. He's hit double digit wins 3 times, two of them with Dak. Dak with JG was 40-24. JG without Dak is 40-40. JG has coached 5 playoff games, 3 of them with Dak. Dak has 14 GWD's and 8 4th Q comebacks in 4 years. Average passer rating is 97. And most importantly, they have very little chance of acquiring a franchise QB if they lose Dak. You say their team is great around the QB. Are they going to be in the running for Lawrence next year? Maybe they draft a Jordan Love-type late and he reaches his peak 3 years down the road. Then what happens with guys like Cooper who are reaching the final years of their deal? It's bad team building strategy to roll the dice on finding a new QB NOW. That's why rather than get rid of their stars and going into a rebuild, they fired their terrible coach and are trying to retain basically EVERYONE. That doesn't guarantee a SB win by any means. but as you said, they have a good team RIGHT NOW. Why would you reset it all? Dak is worth it. Period.
  10. This topic happens EVERY year. It's comical. "At that price I'll raise my hand saying they should have traded him IF (and that is a big IF) they got a good offer for he is not worth $35 million a year. " "IMO I think its too much for a guy who isn't a Top 5 QB or a rising star like Mahomes. " TBD is out here wondering why every good team in the NFL has QB's that are making $35M. You'd think every high paid QB has missed the playoffs for 17 years straight or something. Oh wait, that's the teams without QB's WORTH PAYING.
  11. WHO? WHO DO THEY HAVE TO CUT? Please look at the roster before saying this stuff.
  12. They are wrong. They also aren’t looking at Dallas’ roster at all. If you don’t think the Dallas roster is ready to compete, they better trade or cut a handful of players before Dak is next on the chopping block. You don’t let the QB walk, and then keep the rest of the talent.
  13. Dallas has won more playoff games in the last two years than Buffalo in 20.
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