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  1. Bolded is all you need to say. Left right or center, after COVID, we can all agree that legislators and government officials by and large SUCK at being scientists. What's really the quandry is should states be allowed to make what I would consider bad decisions and legislation? In our system of government, the answer is yes. Oh no, will someone think of the men! ***** all that. You get a girl pregnant, pony up you deadbeat.
  2. I can't bear to answer yes. ***** I have been thwarted by my own analogy. If there's a proposal in my state to ensure legal abortions for non-viable infants, I will support it.
  3. Imagine considering yourself a women's rights activist and cheering this decision because now your team is gonna win. It's like saying "I hate injuries but I'm pumped Tom Brady just got hurt for the year!"
  4. link? And as we all know, there are zero regulations on the books for guns today. Lol
  5. This is the correct answer. Will the JAGs continue to be JAGs as backups or be free to be JAGs elsewhere? Does it really matter? Unless one of those 3 wake up and become anything more than replacement level players, they don't matter.
  6. That was my point lol The best one was the "I can say white power now that the camera is off." Honestly was like a scene from a comedy movie of cops impersonating Nazis.
  7. The feds are back at it again. As we all know, when you arrest a “dangerous” group, you make sure their sunglasses, masks and backpacks all stay on.
  8. Another federal false flag show. the really weird question is if they are doing this to show that they are incompetent and keep people unaware of what they are really doing or are they earnestly trying?
  9. I agree, kinda. Because it’s not just selling to the fans, it’s selling to the owners. It’s all dependent on cash rich owners willing to spend, and they are likely much more willing to spend for winners. If Beane went full on cap forward starting with 17, and we were winning 8-9 games with no QB, ownership will tighten the purse. Now? Beane has a blank check and he knows it.
  10. My heart said Fred but my brain knows this is the best answer. Brian Moorman a no doubt difference maker????
  11. He plays for the team. What do you expect him to say? My teammate sucks compared to the one on the old team that isn’t paying me anymore?
  12. This is only a hot take on TBD. It is reality in the rest of the world.
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