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  1. Seeing as it’s only been a few months since the first virus case in the US, I’m not sure how we would even begin to define “long term.”
  2. Nice dodge. Go back to frothing at the mouth. You are clearly incapable of discussion.
  3. Don’t you people try to legislate the Second Amendment like every full moon? Did you eat lead chips as a kid?
  4. No. But what they want is kind of immaterial to what he is. I think he’s a great player. I hope he’s closer to 17 YPC. But is it possible he has an 11 YPC season? Sure.
  5. Diggs has averaged less than 11 twice in 5 years.
  6. Kinda wack to go off gross stats over the last 3 seasons when Thornhill only played one and Minkah played 2. Other big issue with the passer rating stat is ignoring CB play. Hyde and Poyer have Tre. Chung and McCourty have Gilmore. I’m not even sure who Smith and Harris have? Is Xavier Rhodes still playing. Hyde and Poyer are good. I would have them arguably in the top 4 S duos in the NFL.
  7. You misunderstood the pay cut. It was a move to get out of Star’s contract earlier. The McBeane opinion of Star is inching closer to Gunner’s
  8. CB: Where was the outrage about Joe Mixon?? FC: Here’s a thread about Joe Mixon with several posters saying they would never draft him because of the terrible stuff he did. CB: Yeah but KAEPERNICK! It’s the saddest canary who only has one song to sing.
  9. That’s really odd you missed it. Especially because you even posted in the “should we draft Joe Mixon” topic. Have you been taking your vitamins?
  10. You’ve never read an article about flu season overwhelming ICU’s? https://www.google.com/amp/s/time.com/5107984/hospitals-handling-burden-flu-patients/%3famp=true Man, everyone just graduated med school this year, huh?
  11. We need to man. Almost 200 kids died last year. No one cares. Teachers go to work, schools open, and kids die. COVID in schools is the real distraction from the pandemic that's killing our kids. Teachers should learn to code. Schools shouldn't reopen. Not until there's a cure.
  12. You're exactly right. The flu has killed way more kids.
  13. Well then until we have a cure for the flu, school should be out of the question. Let's start an interest group.
  14. If you're gonna play, "what about the dozen kids" card, then why can't I ask why you were okay with sending your brat to public school as 100-150 kids died of flu every year? What about them?
  15. More than a hundred kids died of the flu last year. We should have cancelled school years ago.
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