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  1. Yes American life changed forever on 1/6 lol. Can I accuse you of “maximizing/upplaying/notnormalizing?”
  2. That’s what happened dude. You should look up what armed insurrections and coups ACTUALLY look like. There’s been hundreds in human history. This was the first one where the dude dressed like a shaman took funny photos in Pelosi’s chair for the Internet. Calling that day an insurrection is like calling the Seattle autonomous zone an insurrection. You’re just being hysterical and pearl clutching for easy political points.
  3. Yeah dude, I don’t know if you know but the US DIDN’T almost get overthrown. Like 0.0%. Some kooks went to where they weren’t supposed to and broke into federal property. Some of them dressed like shaman. It wasn’t an armed coup.
  4. Lol the guy with the antlers almost overthrew the US federal government. Hilarious.
  5. Cmon man, this was probably my best work. I wouldn’t be surprised if Star opted out because he knew 2020 was his last season with us and he figured he could pocket the extra 500k
  6. So much real estate in your noggin I need to start charging rent. How many times you gonna tag me today?
  7. No it’s really not. A 22 year old rookie and a 22 year old 3 year pro are quite different. This is pretty obvious.
  8. He’s played more games in the NFL than college at this point. He’s not young.
  9. I mean that’s just not true. They had no choice? No way to acquire a 1T ANYWHERE? I can guarantee I would have achieved at least as many Super Bowls as the Bills have won.
  10. Yeah so maybe Beano could have had a serviceable 1T backup on the roster instead of 3 bad 3T’s? If Star rolls his ankle in preseason, will we roll out the excuses for a trash defense “there was just no way to replace him!!!!!!”
  11. The only thing going for the Colts is a weak division and a STACKED roster. Rivers looked like 2015 Manning last season. He went to the Colts and they were in the playoffs. Does Carson Wentz become Wentz of old? I doubt it. Too much baggage now. Does he show some flashes as a serviceable starter and win 10 games? Easily possible imo
  12. Of course a Beane Truther is also a “Star Loutotototototlelelele is irreplaceable” guy.
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