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  1. Josh Allen doesn’t come in second in total TO’s last year and I think he wins MVP going away tbh. Correct. By this logic, Phillip Rivers is also 3 to 4 plays away from being a multiple SB champion.
  2. Jalen Hurts dropped the ball lol, They still allowed 35. In Josh Allen land, that’s “he can’t win a game like that.”
  3. I have seen the “underdeveloped at winning at the LOS” criticism levied at Josh before. Like his presnap stuff is not up to snuff. Where does this come from? What is it that folks see or or notice?
  4. The OL, particularly IOL was really bad in 21 and 22. Josh covers up a lot because he’s Josh. And we saw how it affected him because he was bailing out of the pocket in a second vs the Jets in the opener in 23 when he had plenty of time.
  5. I’m not talking about being a contributor. I’m talking about being a star.
  6. I'm talking like the 1 in a thousand rookie who just dominates from week 1 and blows away all expectations. JJ was a guy who was projected to be a slot and have difficulty with separation and basically rendered all that projection moot. That's the only way for the Bills WR room to be good. For Coleman to be a historic rookie.
  7. Jail this man! Delete this post before the IRS finds it.
  8. The only chance that the Bills have a top 5 passing attack next season is if Coleman is an out of the box surprise star, imo. The chances of that are low, but not zero.
  9. I think Deebo has less value among the league because of his unique skill set. There are probably a lot of coaches that don’t know how to use him.
  10. Week 7/8 missing Williams and Deebo in 2023. So that’s not really fair (although it makes Deebo look worth a Hall of Fame LT AND a good WR). Regardless, Deebo has major injury concerns at this point, has a high contract, and will be 29 this season. Even if he’s that important, will he be in 2 years?
  11. I’m surprised cut/trade Deebo and pay Aiyuk isn’t gaining traction in SF.
  12. They traded the #1 pick last year. That’s how they got it this year. It wasn’t a “gift.” Eventually, you have to use your picks to find a good QB, something the Bears haven’t had in a decade plus. Caleb was the best QB prospect in the last two seasons. It’s much easier to argue that they did everything right, even if Caleb isn’t the answer.
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