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  1. Good thing we didn't trade for Jurrell Casey or Calais Campbell or chase Clowney or Everson Griffen or any other good players outside of Diggs. Solid work.
  2. Edmunds makes the right read = TFL. Edmunds makes the wrong read = 12 yard gain.
  3. Julio will accelerate $32M in cap over the next two seasons for the Falcons if traded today. He will save them $11M this season, but cost them $23M next season. It would be the Dareus trade. I think the OPs point is that the defense isn't a move away from doing much.
  4. I enjoy the sport of football and by being a fan by making as honest and objective evaluations as possible. Nothing would make me happier than if Duke Williams became the next Megatron, but it just won't ever happen, no matter how many topics get made about him.
  5. We played the Jets and those bad Dolphins. The Dolphins shut out the Jets. The Jets had their second best game of the year against us offensively. I agree that the Dolphins aren't better than us, but they are not far behind.
  6. They allowed 110 yards on 25 carries. The Bills allowed 245 on 46. I think you got them confused.
  7. Jets are 11th in YPA. The Bills are 21st. I think you're confusing the teams.
  8. Wanna hear something crazy? They are higher ranked in points scored and points allowed than the Bills.
  9. I would like to see Moss kick off those cinderblocks on his feet.
  10. I dislike Duke Williams purely because of the unrequited TBD love for this less than a JAG. Just as I disliked Brandon Reilly and Dezmin Lewis before him. Please stop.
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