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  1. Sure, but is that fail rate any higher than the normal 3rd - 7th fail rate? If there’s a fifth round player that should be a second round player and they hit, they likely hit bigger than the run of the mill JAG that would qualify as a hit in that round.
  2. If you aren’t bold, you can’t lord your predictions over the rest.
  3. @Alphadawg7 Jerry Jones hasn’t made a “cute” first round pick in many years now. Their first round pick last year was their LT in waiting while Smith got old (and was quite a foresight). Zero chance they take Worthy imo. DB or OL will be their pick, or another WR.
  4. That’s the exact player I WOUDNT touch. He may have some great individual seasons being fed targets. But he can’t beat man consistently (jump balls are not consistent winners in todays NFL) and he will be a WR that you get and constantly search for another top end WR to pair with him. WR2 ceiling
  5. It’s also easy to not hate him because the Bills are his daddy. Remember the 2020 blowout where they lost the game in the first Q and couldn’t mount a comeback against backups to make the postseason? Hard to hate something that. It’s why Pats fans didn’t hate us up til like now.
  6. I’m an all-time KA fan, he was a dude I loved in SD with Rivers. I’m not sure he was ever a traditional high-end WR1. He was closer to the back end of the top 10 of WR’s rather than top 5 to me. It’s splitting hairs because he’s still a great player, but his peak was still a Davante Adams lite, imo.
  7. There’s a world of difference in todays NFL of 4.71 and 4.57 imo
  8. Haven’t watched enough of him, but my baseline concern is ability to get open v man at the NFL level. That’s not just him, that’s any relatively slower player.
  9. @GunnerBill is legit one of the best draft commentary dudes around. He had Juwan Johnson IIRC as a sleeper target in the 7th round a few years back, and Johnson has 800+ yards and 11 TD’s in the last two seasons. Guy knows his stuff.
  10. Zinter is absolutely a target for me in the later rounds if he’s available. Great IOL replacement player in a year or two.
  11. You’d also need more picks as they are gonna be playoff team picks. 5 pick 26+’s are worth like 1 or 2 top 10 picks.
  12. The one strategy that I have always subscribed to is getting day 1/2 talent in day 3 because of poor medicals, off the field concerns, etc. We have seen this pay off for teams in the past. Mathieu Hill Biadasz Trey Smith Paye JOK Myles Jack Mixon Those guys all fell due to medicals or off the field stuff. And they all wildly outperformed their draft position. So who are the red flag guys who have great talent, and a not so great background?
  13. Sutton doesn’t fit the timeline anymore of the team. the time to trade for him was mid season last year when Sherfield and Harty had proven to be laughable signings. we probably beat the Chiefs if Sutton was on the roster in the postseason. But that’s over now.
  14. Relitigating a Shady McCoy bar fight from almost a decade ago is so on-brand though.
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