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  1. I don’t think anyone would complain if Oliver got 3 years for 14M lol. What you demonstrated here was a massive difference in compensation
  2. Their SB was forgotten????? WHAT AM I READING IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 2023 IN BILLS LAND!
  3. This is a serious question. I am a serious person. We all know that for a large part of McD’s tenure here, he platoons the heck out of the DL. Philosophically, in certain areas, it makes sense. LoRax was old, use him a little less. The young guys need reps, let them get involved. But I have to wonder if that’s really what they WANT to do all the time. Do they want Oliver playing 60% of the snaps or would they prefer him at 80% because he’s playing so well there’s no reason to take him off the field? For the record, I don’t think this has anything to do with “over emphasizing defense” or whatever. I don’t think the Bills have been egregiously one sided in investments. But I do wonder if the platoon of AJE, Boogie, Greg, Oliver etc etc etc over the years is just what this team wants to do, or if it’s more that a lot of those guys haven’t given the coaches enough of a reason to leave them out there longer. For me, the answer is probably “a little of both” but in light of the Floyd signing, I think it’s a worthy topic.
  4. We have a bunch of guys who can’t get 8 playing next to Von Miller.
  5. You can just pay for Sunday Ticket on YouTube without signing up for TV
  6. I slept on McK and Shakirs breakout years last year and I’m still sleeping. big improvement is getting a big time player.
  7. Lol every Bill is recruiting this dude and we have fans being like “we’re all set”
  8. Hopkins had his “go to a young team and make them into a playoff team” saga already. He ain’t signing with anyone without a good chance at a ring.
  9. The Chiefs have the current best QB and one of the best coaches of all time and probably the best TE of all time. If we can get those three guys, then let’s follow the Chiefs model. If we can’t, let’s get Hopkins.
  10. If the top 3 teams in the AFC are the Chiefs, the Bengals and Bills, I would bet on the one in the playoffs that only has to play the other 2 once, at home.
  11. DHop should sue the league for collusion because no one wanted to trade picks and give him the contract he wanted - Florio, probably
  12. Lol in the playoffs every game is important. Because if you lose, you don’t keep going. The Ravens game wasn’t important bro. It wouldn’t have mattered if we won or lost. We went to the AFCCG either way.
  13. Oh oh that one just doesn’t count. Lmao. Sorry my mistake. I thought it was a great gameplan against a playoff team to get us to the first AFCCG in like 2 decades. But hey, not really a big game, not really a great gameplan (because that team had no offensive talent even though they made the divisional round and whipped the Titans the week before with 400 yards of offense). I’ll be more careful to bend reality to my “McD always sucks in the playoffs” narrative.
  14. Was our home playoff game against the Ravens not a big game? it’s hard to take arguments seriously when we act like it’s never ever been done by McD.
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