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  1. Artem Lipatov

    Clay Matthews as a defensive FA splash

    I'd rather take WR Jordy Nelson from that Packerts team. He is FA now and his numbers of struggling season with Raiders are better than ones of our new WR signings.
  2. Artem Lipatov

    Super Bowl Wish vs. Prediction

    Rams and Chiefs are to early to win SB, maybe next years. Patriots and Cowboys are hated for Bills losses. Eagles will be funny if they do it with Foles again. And will never repeat it with Wentz after Foles's departure. I like Foles and Schwarz and several ex-Bills on the defense. Rivers deserved it with so many years of his career. Luck has not deserved it yet. Saints, Brees and Payton have won it already but they are my 2nd-favourite NFL team after Bills.
  3. Artem Lipatov

    Is Rex Ryan done in the NFL ?

    I hated this hiring from 1st day. We had Jim Schwarz. His defense was phenomanal. He proved it winning Super Bowl with Eagles . And we replaced this clever man by this loud mouth fatbag. We could invite Frank Reich which is friendly to Bills franchise and could have both OC and DC of Eagles champion team ))
  4. Artem Lipatov

    Nick Foles Contract

    Is it similar to dilema of Pats many years ago? Bledsoe or Brady? The star and fan favorite vs the guy who won Super Bowl? I think Patriots don't regret about their choice.
  5. I live in Moscow, Russia and there is no NFL team here ))) I am fan of CSKA Moscow but they play soccer and ice-hockey )) I have never been to Buffalo and USA. I hope I will finally visit USA in 2019. I am Bills fan since I was a child in Kelly's era and I was deeply impressed by 4 consecutive losses in SB. It's unprecedental for any other sports to lose 4 years in a row in final game. I could imagine the feelings of these players and fans. So I started rooting for Buffalo Bills. And I beleive the fairness will prevail and Bills will win their Super Bowl.
  6. Artem Lipatov

    Nick Foles Contract

    Foles proved he is clutch. He won SB! He outplayed Brady in SB! Wentz will only have to prove it. And who knows ? He maybe choking in playoffs.
  7. Artem Lipatov

    What was your favorite Bills game or moment last year?

    I liked Minnesota and last Miami game 63yds pass by air to Zay several long passes to Foster 3 games in row with 100yards rushing by QB But best moment is The Hurdle over MLB
  8. A coach must deserve the right for continuity. Owners and fans don't want to lose several years waiting when he starts to give results. Two seasons is enough to asses the future under this coach. For example Rex Ryan in Bills - after 2 seasons everybody understood that no 3rd season is required to realize he is trash. After 2 seasong under McBeane we still don't understand his future ceiling. This season was weak. But the fact he has stopped 17-years drought in his 1st season is strong trump for him.
  9. Artem Lipatov

    End of Season Rank the rookie QB's

    Now: 1. Mayfield 2-4. Allen, Lamar, Darnold 5. Rosen In several years: 1. Allen 2. Mayfield 3. Darnold 4. Lamar 5. Rosen And don't forget Mahomes, who is not rookie but played his 1st season and already MVP candidate. When Brady, Rivers and Big Ben finally retire these new guys and teams will dominate in AFC
  10. Artem Lipatov

    EJ Manuel: What went wrong after year 1?

    EJ was a hope in first 4 games. I remember his winning drive in last seconds against Panthers. But after injury vs Browns he became injury-prone like a Chinese doll and began to afraid of runs, contact. Allen ran for 3 games by 100yrds in a row making hurdles over star lb. EJ's checkdownd passes were inaccurate terribly. Josh has the same % but he throws longer passes and receivers always drop. EJ had Woods, Hogan, Stevie Johnson and Sammy Watkins and reliable OL. Zay and KB in this seson shape are defiinitely worse . And he had weaker mentality. He lost job to Orton and to TT. Allen won his competition for job although he was supposed to sit for a year. I am not sold 100% but I like Allen and I believe he'll be our guy for long time.
  11. Artem Lipatov

    [Name Only Title] DeSean Jackson

    I am for any proven WR addition, but I feel he is a prima donna type of charachter. McD doesn't like such humans in locker-room
  12. Artem Lipatov

    Draft "misses" by Buffalo

    1) When I see succes of Mahomes and remember that Chiefs traded up with Buffalo for him, I feel some regret that he coud be our guy. But I am not sure he would be the same succes in Bills. And I still hope Allen will develop to the franchise QB. But Mahomes is already leader in passing among all elite star QBs 2) I am sick of draft where we spent 2 1st rounds on Sammy Watkins. When Bills traded up I thought it's about Mack. WR OBJ was in that draft also. 3) the draft in which we had #3 overall and took Dareus (( Carolina and Denver who had #1 and #2 were in Super Bowl 2-3 years later. Cam was MVP of season. Von was MVP of SB. Dareus was bust. #4 was AJ Green. #9 was JJ Watt.
  13. Troy Aikman criticized Josh Allen for inacuracy during pre-draft assesment. I think Buffalo Bills fans must remember this QB. But he also told Rosen could be ready starter and day one. Not looks like he's right. Hope Allen'll prove Aikman's wrong.
  14. Artem Lipatov

    Buffalo picked the right Josh

    I wanted Allen more than other QBs before draft. I don't watch college footbal, but I watched his highlights on Youtube, his passes 60yrds by air, his throws on running for 40 yds. and so on. Of course he had flaws, every pre-draft specialiist talked about his inaccuracy. But I wanted him. He is spectacular. And he is tough guy. Rosen is soft boy. It was seen by face and body language.
  15. many people write he can't catch. Last game vs Lions he had 4 catches of 5 targets, 100+ yards (several such games this season), TD (not 1st in this season). Why is he so bad catcher?