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  1. I have Gore on my fantasy team. I have McCafrey. He is fantasy monster. And a bunch of avarage Rbs in rotation. Gore starts sometimes while Singletary is injuried. Altough I have no elite QB (drafted Brees is injuried for long), my team is on 1st place in the league.
  2. 40.000 yards = 10 years * 250ypg. That's impressive for Josh with best series 8 games * 200 yards. But I'd satisfied with 1 Super Bowl win rather than 40.000 yards. When we speak about careers of great Qbs, I know how many rings have Brady, Brees, Rotlisberger, Rodgers. And I don't know how many yards they have. Although I respect Stafford, Rivers, Ryan. Very good Qbs but without a ring their greatness is in doubt.
  3. I noticed the same. Last year he had 3 consecutive games with 100 yards runnung. He looked faster than defencemen. This year he hasn't big impressive runs. I think he'll be heavier and slower with age and turn into Big Ben. )) Big fat tough QB which is hard to tackle but he doesn't run much.
  4. Zay's dad should tweet that Allen finally has 'Real WR'
  5. Bills lost to Titans by this miracle. Titans lost Super Bowl by 1 yard. It sounds like Bills had Super Bowl odds that year
  6. It's a heartbreaking way to lose a playoffs game before 17years drought. That's why Bills fans can't accept it was a legal lateral. But for me this picture is the end of discussion.
  7. All replays look like forward pass. But line camera (1:13-17 of this video) looks like lateral.
  8. Pats are better. They are dynasty, their players and coaches have experience of big wins. Chiefs haven't won anything. I thought they're extra strong this season. But they lost home game to Indy. So they are in the same league as our Bills.
  9. I watched his CFL highlights. A lot of contested catches. Our WR room lacks it and Allen needs such WR for long inaccurate throws.
  10. Where is Zay? What does he bring to the table?
  11. Bills and Super Bowl odds haven't been in one sentence since 1990s.
  12. Tyrod doesn't have a TD pass to himself in playoffs. So Mariotta is better.
  13. Trade Kiko for Shady was a lucky move too. But trade 1st round for climbing several spots up to get Sammy Watkins was a disaster. Evans (TB) and OBJ were on the same draft without trading up. And many thought that moveup was for Khalil Mack, but no ((
  14. Recently was a thread Beane was seen at college football match. It means he goes personally to scout college talents. I like it.
  15. I like Mr.Beane's style of molding of a team. A lot of good players with depth is bettter than few starts. Jets signed 2 stars this offseason (Bell and Mosely) and Jets are in the bottom now. Mr.Bin signed a bunch of decent, not star players. And we are in top. Even with injuries we are in game, because our players are interchangable. Jets lost to us in week 1 after 1 injury of Mosely. Star-dependent teams are more vulnerable.
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