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  1. Only fantastic Allen’s ability to scramble and avoid sacks made this line look average. With usual pocket standing passer this line would be trash. We’ll see it in Giants soon
  2. I watched all these games. But these polar stats tell more than your thousand words.
  3. Statistically we despareatly need home field advantage and #1 seed. Each game in regular season matters indeed.
  4. McD called 4 or 5 4th downs. Is he still conservative? All were converted btw including grat 4th &13 TD
  5. If Broncos acquired HC Hackett without Rogers in package they are fools.
  6. I feel this rivalry KC - Buffalo, Mahomes vs Allen will be every year in AFC playoffs. Like Brady vs Manning. Are you worried to go without your CB1 against Mahomes? It's a hard task to beat KC in Arrowhead 2-0 in one season.
  7. I don't watch college football but before that draft I watched highlights of all 5qbs of that draft and I desperately wanted Allen only. He effortlessly threw for 50-60 yards, 40yards on the run. And I have been sick for years of Bills QB like Edwards, Fitz and so on who couldn't pass for 20 yards. 3rd & 8 meant usually end of drive. Now it's a warm up for Josh. I wanted such type of QB with canon arm, although Aikman spoke about accuracy and it was a concern as Aikman looked like QB expert. Draft was at deep night Moscow time. I fell asleep when Bills were low on draft board before 2 trades up, so I hadn't much hope. When I woke up next day and found out Bills have drafted Allen I was happy. It was 1st time ever Bills drafted #1 prospect of my wish list.
  8. Our Rbs are small and have no weight and power. Let's bring back Karlos Williams
  9. Yes, Allen and Foster had good highlights their rookie year.
  10. As I remember nobody of elite FA wanted to go to Buffalo a couple of years ago. Beane chose from available trash to botch holes. Bills were in semi-final last year under Beane’s bad management. Before Beane good Bills GMs could not reach playoffs for 2 decades. Just be thankful
  11. Win = Bills among 1-4 teams in AFC with record 8-4 Lose = Bills among 5-7 teams in AFC with record 7-5
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