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  1. Epeneza and RB are locks. The most interesting will be fight for WR spots. McKenzie, Rayray, Easley are expendable, goodbye. Foster is another thing. I still remember his 1st season flashes. Although his 2nd season was absolutely disappointment he has a speed and ability to make big plays in NFL. I would give him last chance. Roberts is only returner and nothing special. Yes, reliable, no fumbles, but I don't remember a TD return or any long return from him all season. Why to spend a WR spot on this mediocrity? Duke is my fan favourite last season, but now I woud give the road for 2 young draftees. The situation is a bit similar to Haushka/young kicker and Barkley/Fromm. If rookies are little inferior to old guys today keep in mind that rookies will impove in future and oldsters will deteriorate
  2. I want WR. Before Diggs trade a lot of words were how deep this draft for WR. But so far we didn't take one. Also need OL. Our OL was not impressive in 2020. And free agency too
  3. He is fun to watch. I remember Bean told about Singletary so a year ago.
  4. Yes. They so loved him preferring to dress terrible old Gore
  5. Oh, what a speed from Terence McGee on KO rerurns!
  6. I can't understand the moaning about playoffs expansion from fans of franchise which could not clinch playoff spot for 17 years! When you are in division with powerful dynasty you are fightnig every year for just 2 wild card spots. Your odds are 2 of 12 other teams who can't win division. If you have 2 guaranteed losses (like we and Pats almost every season) your chances to watch your team in postseason are minimal. And you must wait for a decade to watch 1 game (loss). So I am absolutely happy about expansion. And it must be not 14 but 16 teams in PO like in NHL and NBA.
  7. Our OL is way to improve. It's avarage,maybe above avarage, but we need dominant Oline to succeed in playoffs. I expected 1-2 upgrade signings this free agency. Are Beane and McD satisfied with this OL? Do they hope to draft OL starter in late 2nd -3rd round pick?
  8. I thought we're in win now mode. Window with rookie QB contract bla bla. Give Allen best OL and weapons you can now. Waiting when/if Ford and Knox develop to be good starters is losing this season. I am not a specialist in assesing OL talent. But all last season guys here told Spain is weak link of our OL. But he gets renewal. Can we find some real OL upgrade in late picks of 2nd and 3rd round of draft?
  9. There were Bulaga, Conklin and so on at OL this free agency Ebron is upgrage of Kroft, isn't he?
  10. Our OL was avarage last year. We need dominant OL to improve offfence. I expected upgrade this offseason but so far no signings here ((
  11. Why doesn't Beane uprgrade TE and OL this off season? I can't understand (
  12. Jordand Philips and Shaq are gone. Who will be repalcemnt in D-line? Worth free agents are getting signed elsewhere. ((
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