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  1. After Bills I like teams: Cardinals (Larry and Warner were great in PO and heartbreaking loss in SB) Lions (loved for Barry, Megatron and Stafford) Vikings . I like vikings )) And with SB record 0-4 they deserve at least 1 win Saints and Seahawks - I rooted for them and they have won SB Raiders - I liked their logo in childhood. I head jersey players I wish luck except Bills: Above mentioned Larry and Stafford Wade )
  2. At least the decision of GM is logical. Bills needed DE badly. They took the best option at 30th pick. It’s not selecting Spiller in top10 when you have Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson on your roster and a lot of holes at other positions.
  3. I was right with 1st rounder ! And it’s 3rd draft in a row.🥳 I wanted Allen and Oliver before their drafts.
  4. I vote for Rousseau beacause his surname sounds like Russian
  5. Kiko Alonso. In rookie year he had top-5 tackling stats and considered as robbed with DROY. Deserved the value to be exchanged with Shady. But then career changing injury, never been the same
  6. I agree. The best window to win SB is this season, while Josh is on rookie contract. As soon as he gets huge money of cap Bills will loose 2-3 strong players. Seattle had their SB window while Russel was with rookie money. His new contract destroyed legion of boom
  7. For Bills I remember Karlos Williams. Promising rookie year, repeat NFL record - TD in his first 6 games in the league. But was cut before 2nd season ((
  8. At least they do smth at TE position and not just waiting for Ertz
  9. Brown was our best WR just a year ago. One unlucky season and he is out. I don’t like it. Every good player had a bad season. Imagine our current best WR Diggs will have a bad next year due to injuries. Should we cut him?
  10. The guy have caught several clutch 1st downs and scored game winning TD in SB vs NE. Broke season record of Witten. Go for him . Let him blow so for Bills
  11. If they draft a good QB, they are dangerous again ( 2 best TE of FA 🤨
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