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  1. I remember one goog thing from him - last minutes winning drive vs Carolina. And his winning TD pass to Stevie Johnson. All the rest was disappointment: spending 1st round pick on 3rd round talent inaccurate passes to open receivers he could run but he was injury prone chinese doll london multi-int game
  2. I am very glad. I don't watch college football. I only watched highlights of 10-15 prospects which were in discussion for Bills pick. And I liked him most of all. What a dominance! He is always in backfield of opponent! He is spectacular. And I wanted him. The same story was last year draft. I wanted Josh Allen most of all, because in highlights he threw 60 yards by air. After Fitz and TT struggles I wanted a real canon passer. The 2nd draft in a row Bills select the player which was 1st on my board!!
  3. I'd rather take WR Jordy Nelson from that Packerts team. He is FA now and his numbers of struggling season with Raiders are better than ones of our new WR signings.
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