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  1. Can’t wait for the season to start!!! PS thanks for posting this
  2. NFL Gamepass is easiest! However there is a bar called Belushi's at Rosa Luxembourg Platz that shows NFL games. Just ask them to make sure they put the Bills game on one of the TVs and they'll oblige. They're both 1pm games, which means 7pm in Berlin, so you're good time-wise.
  3. This is a great story! Wow. And thanks for retelling. So funny how these things come about. Anyway, glad it happened! I ended up being born in Buffalo because it was the first city that offered both my parents a job in the early 70s. And I have missed a lot of games before, but not that many since, NFL streaming began. The Haymarket sports bar was annoyingly loud, but it had the NFL Sundays. But I never met a British Bills fan in my time there! Thanks for all the insights.
  4. Gunner, you have more than made it! A question, as a Buffalonian who has lived in London twice for a total of 4 years, and used to catch all the games in the Eric Moulds era at the sports bar on Haymarket: How did you first start rooting for the Bills? Just curious.
  5. The statement is very worrisome. They wouldn’t release this if she wasn’t in serious danger.
  6. If the Bills signed Watson knowing what the Browns knew, I’d gain thousands of hours of free time every year! I’ve been thinking how lucky Buffalo is to have sane and upstanding ownership. I’m thankful! Both Houston and Cleveland seem to have slime for owners and it shows. I’ve been spending time for work in Cleveland and found it a really cool place, with great food and stuff to do. This whole thing sucks for everyone there. The city’s national reputation is suffering from this due to one moronic family.
  7. According to Fred Jackson’s Instagram. Here’s a salute to you, Fitz.
  8. 40 is impressive. At age twenty, I could eat about 35 wings at a sitting, and I was known as a huge eater in my family. (But Josh is 5 inches taller then me.) These days in my mid-forties, 10-15 wings is fine. With a lotta carrots and celery dipped in blue cheese. Couple thousand calories right there. Gotta love Josh. Hope he will slow down in his thirties though, before he needs a quadruple bypass!
  9. Let’s get this season STARTED. Buffalo has 15-2 potential.
  10. For as good as Josh is in the clutch (he has the ice cold gene), it's weird how many close games Buffalo lost last year. This season, expect a "regression" back to the mean--i.e. we should win a bunch of close ones.
  11. She's hot but she does always hate on Josh. She's a huge fan girl of the Bengals so it's not about objectivity.
  12. Would be cool to have him back as a number 5 receiver. He could come in on 10ish snaps per game. Could make plays as the forgotten man, while defenses are focused on Diggs, Davis, Crowder, McKenzie, Knox, and Howard.
  13. I used to love Al Michaels back in the Al, Frank and Dan MNF days, but the last couple years he seems kind of bored and above it all. Might be time for him to turn it in.
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