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  1. I watched the Chiefs divisional game again and paid attention to Diggs’ drop. I was at the game so didn’t get to see a slow motion replay or a great angle of it live. Watching it over, I don’t think it was that easy of a catch. It was hard to track the ball through the defender’s arms and with such a long trajectory. Also hard to overstate how bitterly cold it was out there. I’ve seen Tyreek Hill drop much easier passes, multiple times in one game…
  2. Josh will be motivated to show who he is without Stef… Might be a career year coming up, with Shakir, Kincaid, Samuel, a rookie, Knox and Cook as his top targets.
  3. Maybe being an absolute genius at your craft (like him and Kanye) makes you overrate your own intelligence on other topics?
  4. Thanks for this, Beck W. WR salaries are set to rise a lot, according to the Athletic. I think this means even more that we need to be drafting our next WR1. Josh Allen is set to start phase 3 of his career. In Phase 1 (2018, 2019) he was learning. Phase 2 (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023) he had Diggs (who I loved, for the record) and Co. For Phase 3, he needs a cost controlled WR room that is reliable and interchangeable, with no one receiver demanding the ball. A costly free agent WR or a top of the first round rookie tend to expect more targets. All of this says WR1 in the late first round or lower is a better fit, so I hope that's what we do.
  5. Time was, Tasker was cool. What a demon on ST. Just flying around wreaking havoc. You loved to see it. And the year he played a fair amount of WR and actually did well... fun times!
  6. Thank you. He wasn’t wrong. However, he has no future as a diplomat.
  7. You could say the difference between Josh and Mahomes in the playoffs is Spagnuolo. The difference between Josh and Burrow is Anarumo. And the narrative won’t change until we beat one of them.
  8. Most national media has dated, simplistic narratives because they don't pay close enough attention. And yeah, their narrative is that Josh gets hyper and crazy when the pressure is highest--it got formed by stuff like the Houston playoff game. It will stick until Josh beats Mahomes or Burrow in the playoffs, or gets to a Super Bowl.
  9. I don't get what's impressive about this clip... don't NFL placekickers hit from 60 in warmups all the time?
  10. True. Well we got Josh Allen. And I think Diggs and Kincaid have that potential, but we need to get them going in the biggest games.
  11. No way. This guy is the opposite of a game changer. We need less medium-good players, and more guys who wreck playoff games.
  12. I agree Rapp looked bad, but it looked like he turned a corner the last three games of the regular season or so. Less kamikaze, more anticipating the play. He looked like a young Poyer out there.
  13. Sad. Gotta appreciate every day we have.
  14. https://theathletic.com/5299472/2024/02/26/buffalo-bills-sean-mcdermott-nfl-combine/ Also, about people who say he can't win a Super Bowl: “You can’t listen,” said McDermott, who’ll turn 50 next month. “I believe we’re doing things the right way. You only fail if you quit, and I’ve never done that. I’ve never been about that. Whatever it is, you always figure it out. You always find a way to get there. The only thing left to do for us at this point is win an AFC championship and win a Super Bowl, which is pretty darn good. There’s not too many organizations that can say that over the last seven years. We’ve done everything else you can do, and that is what gets us out of bed in the morning.” About the tough losses the Bills have had: “Anybody that says they’re not affected by a loss in this line of work isn’t being honest,” McDermott said. “There’s a degree of, ‘Hey, did I do the right thing? Did I do enough to help my team?’ But then you need to be able to come back to ‘No, I know I gave it my all. I put in everything I could have put into it.’ “We’ve played those games once, but I’ve played them a million times in my mind. Every last one of them from the first game against the Jets in 2017 to that game right there a million times. That’s where your confidence gets affected the most because then you start to lose who you are and trusting your gut and your experience and your preparation.” About the fake punt to Hamlin against KC: “Had I not faked that punt, with what I knew going into that situation, it would have been a failure had I not tried,” McDermott said. “I would have gone home that night saying, ‘What would have happened had I faked that punt?’ It didn’t work out that specific situation in that in that particular moment, but I need to do everything I can to help our team win.”
  15. I was 18 for the first Super Bowl, 22 for the fourth. Huge Bills fan, still living at home in Buffalo for the first two, then in college. I attended the last one at the Georgia Dome with my dad. We were sure we had that one. It did, indeed, feel like someone important had died.
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