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  1. Making mistakes at NFL game speed is almost unavoidable. These guys are making decisions in a split second. If you’re just slightly off, underconfident, or hurt, mistakes are gonna happen even if you made the same one last week. The few times I took a snap at QB (I was a WR), I was shocked at how fast everything comes at you. You have to live in the zone to play that position well.
  2. I have gay family members who would definitely be angry seeing this kind of grade-school homophobia. It’s possible Lamar didn’t think it was, and was just mindlessly repeating a slur, but it was lame, wrong, and reached tons of people.
  3. GOTTA LOVE STEF DIGGS HOF player and a great leader
  4. Even if the Chiefs have an 85% chance to win each game they play, the probability that they win six straight games to finish the season is only 38%. Anyone who claims the race for the one seed is over, the Chiefs won’t lose again, etc., doesn’t understand probabilities.
  5. Luckily, Josh does play on the level of Mahomes. And like Mahomes, he goes through 3-4 game slumps sometimes, where he loses a bit of confidence and we lose a couple close games. And then he goes back to being a crazy clutch creature.
  6. Agree with this, OP. Did people not see KC, with nowhere near as much adversity, struggling and needing a last second miracle drive from Mahomes and Kelce to beat the effing Chargers last week? Out 6 starters, after a blizzard and second game in five days, we need a last minute drive to beat a hot Lions team and it's not good enough? Also, I find it hilarious how many people think they know better than NFL coaches how to design an offensive and defensive plays for pro football.
  7. Gracias! This victory deserves Argentinian steak I feel so relieved right now. Our season can turn on this moment.
  8. This game could mean everything to the Bills. We could well look back at this as a huge turning point. And if this is that hinge moment, it will be Diggs, who is most responsible.
  9. The last three weeks now, it’s Diggs who has been fired up, when the chips are down. Josh is suffering with his elbow (I think it’s way worse than he says), and you see it on his face. But Diggs won’t let the Bills fold. I think it has been true for a while, since Buffalo got him, actually, but this game was the clearest proof of it. The guy is in it to win it and he infects everyone around him with that fire. THANKS STEF. YOU ARE HIM.
  10. If Micah and Tre are back in the playoffs, we could be poised to go on the run of all runs... Suddenly the band back together!
  11. Back to our second home field to take care of business!
  12. Snow or no snow, Lake Erie is wild in November. Huge, crazy waves, scary conditions after early October.
  13. The Bills could just stay in their hotel Sunday to Thursday. Be a bonding experience.
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