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  1. An underrated skill of Josh's is dealing with people of many different personality types. Kyle Brandt's whole schtick is trying way too hard. I like him, but he's not a guy you'd want to go fishing with, or anything relaxing. And he's the guy who blabs about sugar high Josh, blah blah blah. It could have gotten tense or weird. But Josh charmed him with EASE. He's in control. Gotta love JA17.
  2. Number one celebrity he'd like to meet: Will Ferrell. Gotta love that! Great choice.
  3. He's a credit to our team.
  4. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/N1PV0xjS0gY" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> (Tried to embed this above but couldn't get it to work.) Here are all of John Brown's Bills' TDs: https://www.youtube.com/embed/N1PV0xjS0gY It felt good to watch this. Wish Smoke the best for his future.
  5. The mitochondria tweet, what is that supposed to mean? Makes me nervous about where his head is at. He did have a great season only two years ago in 2018, 16 sacks and 7 forced fumbles. But overall, he had 75 sacks in his first 5 seasons, and 26.5 sacks in the last five. And yet, somehow I feel like he could have a monster 2021.
  6. I don't love Watt as a personality, but he does offer something we need. Earlier this year my dad texted me saying we are great but we don't have a Bruce. Watt would give us that guy that the offense always has to be aware of, in big games, when he can turn it on. He could create some fear, and we don't have a guy like that in our front seven...
  7. I just hope NFL Gamepass remains the same... living in Germany I get to see every Bills game live, at home. It's ideal. Also you get NFL Network with GMFB and the other shows, and it gives you a nice taste of home to see the commercials, even the ones for revolutionary nonstick pans and other crap.
  8. As someone who watches zero college football, I am pretty darn impressed with how much knowledge it must take to do this, OP. And to see enough college gridiron from London must be even harder. Cheers.
  9. Counts. Had the same game! Can hear that buzzing whirring now.
  10. Me too. But at 45 with a bad knee I haven't taken the plunge...
  11. All great reasons not to go to a 17 game season too! Also it just annoys the hell out of me that the mathematical balance and perfection of the 16 game season will be ruined, and stats will no longer be truly comparable, forever.
  12. Sure, it counts! I remember a flag football game where we thought up a play for me (always lined up outside) to run a jet sweep type action, take a pitch and then drop back to pass, the idea being our QB would be wide open. (This was in 1992, but kinda sounds like a Bills 2020 play!) I had never played QB, ever. I got the ball, looked up, everything looked like a blur, got sacked. Ever since I've been impressed by what QB's do.
  13. Free local calls... Wow, back in the era of normal life.
  14. Yep, good point. Staying closer to home might be the rule for the next few years. The soccer leagues confuse me, I never understand all the different leagues teams play in... it feels like if the Bills were in the NFL but also two or three other competitions running at the same time. Sounds like your experience in the university league was similar to mine playing intramural. Weirdly, my friends who played serious college football seem less interested in watching it than I do.
  15. That's pretty cool. Makes sense that they play games in London now... I wonder if they're seriously considering putting a team there.
  16. Interesting. I know a little more about tennis cause I played it a lot, and there it feels like the gulf between me and the pros was so big I couldn't connect to much of what they could do. But I could empathize with the mental aspect. I'm amazed they have an "American" football league in UK universities. Is that across the nation?
  17. Just curious, how many people played organized football, at any level? Do you find it helps you a lot to understand what's going on when you watch the Bills/NFL? What kind of insights does it give you? I don't have much real experience. I was a WR/DB on my college intramural team, but it was a small D-III college. Other than that, it's watching the NFL since I was 12 or so (in my mid-forties now), and playing some video games which actually helped me a lot to understand formations and defenses. Always wish I had more of an insider view, and wondered what I w
  18. I met Jimmy Arias at the U.S. Open, told him we were both from Buffalo, he was funny and relaxed. The guy was the prototype for all the big Nick Bollitieri forehands to come: Agassi, etc. No one hit forehands with huge topspin, like almost every player does now, before Arias. Pretty cool to have contributed to the evolution of a sport.
  19. Getting to the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam is an incredible achievement for anyone. There are so many levels of tennis you have to dominate to get to the final eight in Melbourne. Literally millions of kids wish for, work their a@@es off for, and never have an accomplishment like this. The Pegulas should be, and most probably are, damn proud.
  20. Oh man, how I wish I was there. We were traveling, but kept getting calls with updates, first we were getting blown out, then the calls started getting crazier and crazier! I think it's only home playoff game of the 90s that I didn't attend, darn it.
  21. TB's superior D-line and linebackers were a bigger difference than their very similar game plan. It just worked so much better with their guys. The main game plan difference was that they hit Kelce off the line, and we let him off free. But he ended up open a lot in both games, and with very similar stats. The bigger difference was TB created a ton of interior pressure AND edge pressure so Mahomes couldn't escape, and they stepped up in the clutch when KC got in their territory and stopped them from scoring TDs. Players making plays, not coaching figuring out the magic
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