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  1. Epic Oh man that traffic this morning caused me to be 5 minutes late. It was an epic adventure!
  2. Would have preferred he faced the media himself. I think he still might have been able to salvage his job if he gutted out a tough media blitz today. Speaking of which I was listening to Francesa's take on this on the way home. I haven't actually read the report or understand how deeply involved Carlos was in it. But Mike thought a reason he stepped down was the media. He was never exactly an outgoing guy and this part of the job would have been difficult for him already. With this going on it would have been hell/unbearable for him. And not being an outgoing person myself I could relate to that. Interfacing with people all day can be exhausting. But I'm pretty much past this already
  3. It probably won’t happen but I’d like to see Carlos just come out and honestly say what happened and why he felt the need to cheat. And that this stuff is behind him. Dating back to his player days I was never really a fan but I’d respect him more if he was straight up. To the point where I’d still say he shouldn’t lose his job for his involvement But yeah going back to his intro hire press conference... he just looks like a dumbass 😆. All glory to God lol
  4. Yes my Christmas Spirit on him has worn off lol. I came to terms looking past the issues I had with him in the past. But yeah there always seems to be something slightly irritable about him
  5. If I thought it would be more conducive to developing my craft I'd say in Buffalo.
  6. If this point was made somewhere I apologize as I missed it. I know many fans feel he has WNY personality traits in abundance. For example his showing up to that local high school football game unannounced. But just how much of a Buffalo kind of guy is he? I wouldn’t necessarily question his dedication any more in the offseason if he lived elsewhere. It’d be just something that’d sound real cool should he keep developing/progressing
  7. Unlike 2017 I can say the Bills were a solid playoff team. That year we had the lucky Bengals play to get in at 9-7. That Jaguars game might have been the most unmemorable playoff game to any non Bills fan for the past 5 years. That being said theres still a ways to go though before saying the Bills are presently champion contenders. What’s encouraging though is Mc Dermott has built a solid foundation for culture these last few years. A lot of it’s up to Allen to see if he can elevate his game
  8. Yes in the term letter Agree in the social worker part but think it’s gonna get dumped in my lap
  9. I think I’m in for it pretty deep. A social worker had given me mail for a patient where I work and didn’t bother to open it. So I just found out now I’m that pile was a renewal application for Medicaid. This patient lost her benefits. I just filed everything away. Didn’t know there was a process of renewing? Not sure if I’ll take the fall for this? Any other stories of similar things/mistakes that got you in hot water
  10. I somewhat wonder if the person the OP is describing might have Autism or Asperger's. I mean it sounds like she has some traits: For example not picking up on social cues at all. I'd imagine most people can take subtle hints that aren't readily apparent to this individual. Talking about only limited things- things in the town Talking way too much I don't know just throwing that out there. There's some good advise in the thread.
  11. Lol. I was just about to post on it. Up to the middle of season 2 now. Both series imo well done. He is one creepy dude though!
  12. Eagles super fan EDP445 lost his job flying cross country to attend the game. He didn’t even get to see a win
  13. I remember after the London game some fans really gave it to E.J as well like that. Im just hoping it’s nothing more than some immature/harmless kids that may not realize the impact of their words. Not trying to excuse the behavior
  14. Next year I now expect to see a home playoff game. Anything less is unsatisfactory
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