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  1. Another Fan

    Depression vs Introversion

    It would greatly improve his lifestyle to have this surgery done. It just doesn’t exactly sound like the most pleasant stuff in the world
  2. Another Fan

    Depression vs Introversion

    Well he needs to get surgery for his prostate. It’s not cancerous thankfully. I think though it can be weighing on him
  3. Another Fan

    Depression vs Introversion

    My Dads currently dealing with depression at the moment. Doesn’t want to leave the house. Ive certainly felt elements of it but it never got to be that bad. Sometimes I wonder though if part of it is just not wanting to deal with people. To to lighten the mood no this post isn’t a result of watching Peterman 😜
  4. Another Fan


    Is this considered one of the best chains around in Buffalo for sandwiches/ice cream? I’ve been there a few times in my life the latest being over the summer. Was like sensory overload for how good everything looked and tasted
  5. Another Fan

    Is Nathan Peterman Sean McDermotts love child?

    I’m Catholic and wasn’t bothered by what he said. Drawing on my own experiences birds of a feather flock together kind of a thing.
  6. Another Fan

    Is Nathan Peterman Sean McDermotts love child?

    Contrary to what everyone else here thinks, this is probably legit to some extent. I’m sure you’ve seen irl as well was here you have to be “culturally similar” to management in order to advance/ be accepted.
  7. Another Fan

    Peterman Could Play in Indy

    Well Shady and Ivory better be ready to get a lot of carries if that’s the case.
  8. Another Fan

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    I remember there being a poster Savior Peterman here. I’m guessing he might have changed his screen name by now. I think with Peterman it just comes down to the game is to fast for him to process at this level. EJ I think had this issue too but not as bad.
  9. Another Fan

    Are the Bills covering up for Josh?

    Maybe they were comparing him to Peterman?
  10. Another Fan

    Long hair is not a strategic advantage

    Totally agree with the OP. I mean think about it when do you ever see a hairy swimmer? A split second can mean a lot in that sport. Hair can slow you down. How come most basketball players are bald? I don’t think it’s because they’re all losing their hair. It’s cooler to run up and down the court, Full heads of hair can slow down Ivory per say a split second which can be the difference to hitting the holes. It also as the OP eludes to makes him easier to tackle
  11. Still 2-4 or 3-3. However, I think Allen would have had a smoother transition to being the starter
  12. On that fourth and fourteen play. Let's be honest even if the Bills would have went 0-16 this year McDermott would still have gotten a pass for breaking the drought. There was a lot more confidence in his ability to implement "the process". Maybe I'm just reacting by today's game but was that still the best thing to happen to this franchise in the long run? I mean among other things they probably don't trade up to get Allen. I'm not saying he can't work out or he's awful, it's just been frustrating how the quarterback situation has played out this year.
  13. Another Fan

    Around the NFL Week 6

    Bengals still can't get past the Steelers
  14. On a positive note after that PI call with like 2 minutes left, I was impressed they held them to just the field goal. Of course we all know what happened next but the defense today was real solid
  15. Another Fan

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    I'm thinking there may have been some 2nd or 3rd stringers that may have performed worse if given the chance... Considering though how much playing time he's gotten I would have to say yes