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  1. I mean granted I'm pretty out of the loop when it coms to the NBA but I wouldn't say Milwaukee is the center of night life for guys in their 20s/30s. The Bucks were last years champs wonder how many Knicks fans would remember Walt Frazier was a Cav?
  2. I'll admit I'm a fan of hers. Cant believe this song is 10 years old already.
  3. Reading the article more Tom is going to be executive producer of it. I really don’t think you’ll get anything with substance. Eg. cheating of Bridget could possibly be the most d baggiest of shows and that’s saying something these days
  4. if he stops clapping on the sidelines We would then know he lost his motivation 😄
  5. Thats an ironic question with the avatar you use 😅 Driving though the projects wasn't nearly as ugly an outcome as that game 😅
  6. I really do love people/athletes/anyone that NEVER GIVES UP. If he actually does see action I'd like to see him do well. So be it's not against the Bills
  7. You didn’t follow basketball until later on? I only ask OJ to Carmelo is kinda a time difference
  8. I recall Jim Kelly, Thurman, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson from a pretty early age. But they were all established in their game by the time I started watching sports. Can you recall the 1st athlete whose career you followed from their first game until retirement? Or if they just didn't pan out? I can think of 2. Bernie Williams- I kinda could remember his first couple games. Some glimpses of greatness but hard to say how'd he fare over the long haul I thought. Even at that age. I still recall the thick glasses he used to wear back then! Kenny Anderson (NBA)- saw one of his first games in person. Even then I could recall high expectations for him in the pros. He had some game and not a bad career. But I dont think ever really hit his full potential
  9. Or wrist watch still? I don't wear either. But occasionally there's a place I'll go that doesn't want you to take out your cell phone. I haven't worn one since high school. Phones kind of too me for the most part defeated the purpose of seeing what time it is
  10. Cool/interesting topic. My personality even before covid hit definitely slants to being a loner. If I was a season ticket holder I definitely think I could enjoy a few games going solo. All 8 though and the playoffs? I could probably do it but I think even I would want a certain amount of camaraderie present to feel I get the most of it
  11. Cant go wrong with Norma Arnold or Peg Bundy. But Edith deserves some mention
  12. I think as well nobody with a strong enough personality in the Browns management/coaching staff to shut him down. The team had a competent back up in Keenum whose now a Bill.
  13. Probably neutral I do like hearing other fanbases opinion of him. From the perspective of the non emotionally invested kind of thing
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