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  1. Wegmans in NJ sells it. Not sure about WNY
  2. I wonder if that’s a result of the Me Too movement
  3. It sounds like ultimately based on your description he still hasn't had much a personality transplant since 2014? Even if this radio show is supposedly hip. I'm not familiar with it.
  4. Yeah ultimately the right move would have been trading him over the summer when his stock was an all time high. While I didn't like most of Brodie's moves at the time I didn't have a problem with holding unto Wheeler. I would've been pissed if he got it all together consistently with another club. It's just par the course for the Mets though
  5. I could care less if he could through the ball past Lake Ontario if he can’t get it into tight windows on the field
  6. Take it for what it’s worth but I think Michael Moore has been quoted as saying that
  7. I genuinely think he really hated coaching here for a number of reasons. I mean maybe now he’s loosened up some?
  8. So 61 days till Christmas lol? Once I got older I found Christmas in general to be stressful and a pain. Now though the 1st Sunday of the NFL season= XMas morning as a kid for me.
  9. Treat and think of people as individuals. Don’t make presumptions on people because of race/gender/age/sexuality/education, etc....
  10. It’s interesting if you look at Bill’s head coaching record pre 2001 in those six years his win loss record is about the exact same as Rich Kotite’s six year head coaching run. Jets fans will tell you Kotite was the worst coach ever. I think Bill and Tom need each other, so I didn’t vote. Without each other imo they are both just run of the mill coaches and players
  11. No disrespect OP, it’s a play/game almost 2 years old now. I tend to think more moving forward
  12. I like and agree with your perspectives. You I can see are a very thoughtful/intelligent person. I tend to be a big believer in doing something 200 times so it can be ingrained in your memory and or muscles to the point you can do it blind folded. It takes time though and a lot of effort but personally that's how I gain confidence completing tasks. On the other hand though a usual critique of Allen I read from outside fans is his accuracy and getting throws in tight windows. Is there certain skills though you feel you either have or don't? Accuracy sometimes comes up as something innate. It's like I can devote my life to trying to make the NBA but it's not gonna happen.
  13. Not gonna lie last week was the nicest week of the season for me. Wasn’t thinking about Mickey and Brodie. Pete Alonso killed the HR derby and donated some of his winnings to the wounded warrior fund. Very cool. But as you said the suit spoke this afternoon and the usual disappointing result at night.
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