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  1. The last song on A Wizard A True Star. It used to be played at the end of Indian games. One of his best but not necessarily viewed as a classic song
  2. Yes it’s a favorite. To be fair Im sure there’s a number of Bills fans as well that would follow Josh Allen driving and have him autograph their you know what as Paul alluded…. Well you’ve seen the movie 🤣
  3. As a kid growing up in the 90s Tiffani Thiessen was mine and pretty standard I think for boys then. But for someone lesser known it was Kassie DePaiva from Days of Our Lives as I got older. Soaps weren’t exactly my thing but she was pretty enough to notice channel surfing. If her character came on I’d watch. How about yours?
  4. Team should still be greatful to the Bengals. If Buffalo don’t make the playoffs in 2017, I think 2018 and beyond would have played out very differently. For one thing that playoff game in 17 I think showed Tyrod definitely wasn’t a long term solution for growth. Nothing personal, just saying. Not so sure they’d of drafted a QB that year otherwise. To sum it up it was a lot easier for McDerrmott to sell The Process after breaking the drought his first year coaching versus if he hadn’t.
  5. I see no need to apologize for winning the division at only 85 games per say. I’m sure the team has been unlucky more often than not over the years that way. Yeah assuming starting pitching stays healthy how can you not like the Mets in a best of 5 with Jake.
  6. Die Hard With A Vengeance. It's easily my favorite one in the series. In the opening shot there's a business that has a Back To School Sale sign on it. Plus Summer In The City is the opening song. The banter between McClane and Samuel Jackson in that movie is top notch
  7. @Gugny@SinceThe70s I caught the game from the 7th inning on today at the gym. Needless to say I don't need to say what happened. Does Cohen just eat Diaz's contract if he keeps showing untrustworthy?
  8. People in general as I'm often uncomfortable in social situations. I've had one for dogs as well since I was little. I think it stemmed from living next door to a mean German Shepard that was always barking violently in the backyard more often than not and at me a good number of times. Wasn't just me, our mailman at the time said it tried to bite him a few times as it got older. A few weeks ago a dog jumped all over me walking and I just let it without engaging with him. It's like I still never know kind of thing
  9. Agree I love all regardless of color, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, etc........ and don't see any one person as better than another. Those qualities all listed before anyway are only one part of a person's identity anyway. But it all reeks of over politicalization and profit to me... all of it!!
  10. My mom might have done this as well when I was younger but mothers who excessively talk about their sons and how often great they are. They usually end up being a-holes once I actually meet them
  11. Good insights. Yeah misterbluesky had a cousin who pitched for the Mets in the late 70s/early 80s. I forgot his name. I still recall among other stories him telling me his son bought him a Seaver jersey for either his birthday or Father’s Day... he was so moved by that he framed it. While some guys struggle in New York their first year my gut now says the Lindor contract won’t be a good one. An article where analytics nerds question him over the long haul as well https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nj.com/mets/2021/06/why-struggles-by-mets-francisco-lindor-
  12. @Gugny @SinceThe70s I'm happy you guys still keep the thread alive. I know for years this thread is was kept me interested in the games. I hope everything is okay with Misterbluesky. I mean he bleed blue and orange. A fave poster of mine on other stuff too. I kind of remember it sounded like he had some health concerns? I hadn't been feeling the games that much this year but I caught some of this weekend's action. Of course I tuned into the inning DeGrom's 31 inning scoreless streak came to an end. But hey the guys won Saturday.... they always seemed to find w
  13. I couldn't help but think of this song after reading your post
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