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  1. For me between 2000-2015 is when I was really nostalgic on those 90s teams. 2000 was a couple years removed from the Super bowl years and then by 2015 it felt kinda tired at that point still reliving things from over 20 years ago. I'd add it was during the drought so them years it felt nice remembering the team was solid at one point. I will say though the team imo would really be under a tremendous amount of pressure if it makes back to the Super Bowl. Through no fault of their own. The 90s Super Bowl years I think will resurface but not in a nostalgic way to Bills fans with how I think the media will run with it. More like the teams history is it never gets it done when it makes it this far, it's up to this group to re-write history. So I would say until the team wins the Super Bowl I still see the 90's teams as the guerrilla in the room. That's not to diminish the 90s teams, I'm just sayin'
  2. My 1st job I had when I finished college in my early 20s was as an office manager for an HVAC company. It started out full-time in an office but it shifted to part-time at the owners home... which was part of an animal farm. This was around 2008ish when Wall Street collapsed and it effected the business and my boss could no longer afford the mortgage on the farm so he moved all the offices there. In the meantime my boss just got married so he lived with his new wife at her place. He rented out his house to his cousin and his son. Her son was a juvenile delinquent. So yeah in the meantime, I had these new tasks assigned to me: Take care of and feed his dog Feed the cat... who one day just disappeared Feed his fish Take care of his sheep if need be. Which leads to a story of chasing after a few of the them one day when his fence broke and some were threatening to escape All the while sharing the "office/house" with a juvenile delinquent. The first time we got introduced he showed me a warrant for his arrest. Lots of his colorful friends came through 'the office". As did some interesting chicks he chased to say the least. But we got along. We even shot games of pool in my lunch hour and when the owner wasn't looking lol. Sometimes for money. I'd add his "office/home" didn't have heat in the winter. It was on a hill too and more than once I fell walking to the mailbox. I got stuck driving my car on his driveway more than once as it was a sheet of ice. All in all it was actually a fun job though. But it became a part time so I couldn't sustain myself on it
  3. I still have confidence in the team and thinking they can win the division. Thing is the Braves are just a very good team as well. Defending World Series champs. I have a feeling that final Sunday game against the Phillies will pay dividends when they came back in extra innings and won. I looked it up and the 1999 and 2006 Mets won 97 games. This team has won 97 games already
  4. Naahh. You've had a very sheltered work career if you've never been exposed to a co worker/manager acting like this. It's not like he directed his anger at another person either If it's a recurring weekly theme with him then I might start to question a little though
  5. I saw your thread title and thought this was where you were going with it before I opened
  6. I might be in the minority but I liked the OP post. I think if you always feel like and underdog and see the sports teams you root for as an extension of your personality.... it can be easier to relate to the drought Bills versus the dominant Bills. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying My suggestion is to root for the Sabres this year. 11 years without the playoffs but signs of hope there
  7. https://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/Neurotypical_syndrome Everyone should accommodate to us lol
  8. As I said in the OP kids or really anyone having knowledge of this stuff is a good thing. Despite imo still very sadly the stigma it may carry. Like today at work I got talked too about how to handle a social situation at work better. Prior that could even have got me in crisis mode where I’ve punched myself repeatedly in the chest at times among other issues like that. But with the knowledge it’s something for me to size up and see what I could do better. And be heard as well to express my point of view 1st athlete I am aware of to be open about his experiences https://www.fox26houston.com/news/former-nfl-player-joe-barksdale-autism-diagnosis.amp
  9. So that's what I get for saying last week here I have full confidence in this team 😅. Not the end of the world for the team imo. I'll chalk the poor weekend up to a combination of these three things: -Baseball is designed so good teams win 2 out of 3 games and bad teams win 1 out of 3 games. Doing the math it would probably compute the Nationals would win 1 out of 3 games. -A natural letdown/taking the foot of the pedal after the impressive series with the Dodgers -I haven't followed the Nationals this year but it's obvious based on their record it's been a long year for them. So I'll say they tried extra hard this weekend. It was their World Series That being said I still do have full confidence in the team. However, this is an important week ahead for the team. The Pirates and Marlins are teams they should beat. Anything 3-3 or less in these games and it won't be a joking matter anymore
  10. I thought his quote was meant to be humorous. But yes in general it does truly suck big donkey balls to not feel heard/understood
  11. I started watching the series Community and it's implied the one character has Asperger's. I forgot his name. The ass burger gag came up in it in the 1st episode
  12. Interesting, years back I got the social anxiety diagnosis as well when I first saw a doctor. It wasn't until I was advised to have a thorough screening done for autism is when it was picked up. I had to get interviewed as well as my parents. I had to fill out multiple questionnaires as well. The whole thing was unpleasant but necessary. That's why I indicated it's better to have a through check done at a specialist in the original post
  13. Short answer is communication and anxiety issues have always plagued me. I can’t go backwards but at least I have an understanding of why some of that happened. And things I know to work on going forward. Ex: interpersonal skills If you got officially diagnosed was it recently? Just that the Asperger’s diagnosis went away. It’s just now called autism spectrum disorder where it’s all lumped into one diagnosis
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