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  1. Never did it and never got promoted with the company pushing 10 years now At the end of the day though I’d rather be my own man
  2. I make polite conversation with managers at times. Not much though beyond talking about generic stuff like Netflix shows. Some people do this where I work a lot. While yes I think it helps them get promoted at times, a lot of times these people in their new roles don’t last. I know one friend who works for a public accountant firm said it’s pretty bad at his firm. Pre pandemic hanging out at happy hours was an unwritten expectation. What are others experiences?
  3. Two tickets- both for going through red lights Keeping with the quote of if you don’t have something nice to say about someone don’t say it..... I’ll just leave it there with the officers
  4. If I understand it correct they'll still have "5% ownership" of the team if this deal goes through. My gut feeling is they're still not completely going away
  5. That sucks. Tough break. Maybe there's something in this article that can help even though it references the roof? https://www.autohailhq.com/blog/2019/7/8/5-tricks-you-can-use-to-remove-dents-on-your-car-roof If you have a trusted auto mechanic I'd just bite the bullet and go that route. I'd probably wind up making it worse if I tried to fix it
  6. Since you were a diehard Bulls fan and started this thread, do you remember this movie at all? I sort of remember it from my high school days. I thought at the time it was cheesy but enjoyable. Re-watching parts of it now does bring back some nostalgia, but yeah its not a really well made movie lol. Then I found out the actor that played Michael murdered his wife in real life and is in jail for life 🤢 So much for that trip down memory lane!
  7. Johnny Lawrence trying to learn how to use a computer was priceless!!! Yeah overall it was enjoyable. A fan of KK, even Parts 2 and 3. It did a decent job brining the storyline to today's teens I guess while still using some of the original storylines/music. I just didn't care for the way season 2 ended, I'll kind of leave it there without giving it away to anyone else reading this
  8. Sums him up well. I might add though one of his strengths I think is a certain amount of professionalism he brings to the game. Yeah the few games he started with the Browns he wasn't great but I think he was a good mentor in the process for Baker. Notice how Baker's head was still straight for 2018. Imo anyway part of that was having a sort of presence like that around he looked up to.
  9. Maybe an unpopular pick but Doug Marrone. Id be interested in what made him walk away. Well even if it was only the 4 million lol
  10. I never really took the A-Rod/J-Lo bid serious. The Wilpons just don't strike as me people who will let a Rodriguez and a Lopez infiltrate their ranks, I'll just leave it there. Even if they sell the team, they strike me as not going away anytime soon and will still want some control. I'll believe it when I see it.
  11. He often frustrated me a lot of times as QB but it certainly speaks to his character he's still beloved by a lot of Bills fans. Even if today he's the starting Miami QB. But yeah hope it all works out for him
  12. I’ve never heard the phrase unsurvivable with hurricanes. That’s awful
  13. A Wizard A True Star, the last trek from that album. One of my favs. Still I think plays at the end of Indians games
  14. I thought while visiting Williamsville/Amherst last summer it was very nice. I hear what your saying but I always find overall a friendliness in Buffalo I don't always find everywhere. People willing to help out strangers kind of thing
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