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  1. Lol surprised no one posted yet if this counts. The Talking Proud song as well I’m sure some would remember fondly.
  2. Prodigy- Smack My B word Up Nirvana- Smells Like Teen Spirit (some might disagree but I just see that song as being very that grunge era vs 2020)
  3. Believe me I hear what you’re saying. At the same time though I’m just not sure any Bills fan can really be too hard on Sean. I mean it was a team that hadn’t made the playoffs in 17 years and he was able to accomplish that twice in his first three seasons. All the while seemingly changing the culture around the team where I felt prior regimes just tweaked things here or there. There’s ways he can improve no doubt but you’d have to say he’s been solid overall so far no? Btw, Eagles were a playoff team last year
  4. I vaguely remember John Cangelosi as a New York Met. It's funny when I googled him from his time with the club one of the first images that came up was him making the cover of Sports Illustrated for a brawl. But he had a book out last year where he detailed his experiences as a major/minor leaguer. Ball players cut from his cloth were always my favorite: scrappy, no nonsense, lead by example, etc... His first year with the White Sox he stole 50 bases. Stolen bases in general have seen to be a lost art. Even though he wasn't a Met all that long he did spend a lot of time in the minors playing in WNY. I thought it was cool he seems to think very fondly of his time in Buffalo along with the people there. http://www.herdchronicles.com/single-post/2019/07/22/Leading-by-Example Interestingly enough one of his managers there was Terry Collins. But yeah in quarantine it looks like a book I wouldn't mind reading.
  5. Even sports sometimes I don’t bring it up... My one co worker is a big Patriots fan. Since I like and respect him otherwise it’s just not worth going there at work
  6. 🤔 Hhhm not sure but I know they've been around awhile. There's one in Morris Plains as alluded on this thread and that's pretty close to Parsippany. The location I went to last in Central Jersey really I don't think has been renovated since the 70's. It still gives off that retro feel. So I wouldn't doubt where you ate might still look the same!
  7. I think but don’t quote me on that. There’s also an Arthur’s steakhouse in central Jersey. I tended to joke the owners had their hands full when it came to maintaining them all. I’m not a snob when it comes to decor but I don’t think anyone was coming to eat at the central jersey location for that reason
  8. A 24oz T Bone steak years back at Arthur’s in Hoboken. So good. I didn’t realize how much I put away until I stood up
  9. The 1st game of the 2012 season comes to mind against the Jets. I know he struggled toward the end of 2011 but it was rumored he had cracked ribs. The Jets opener was supposed to be a statement game that year and he was pretty bad. Topped off by a pick 6 to start the second half. I kinda got pessimistic that day going forward As others eluded he’s a very likeable dude and I give him credit for keep reinventing himself to have that lengthy a career. But teams I think are foolish to think he’s a long term solution
  10. And only you then can really know what’s in your heart 😉
  11. Seems like somebody enjoys posting food threads with sexual undertones to them 😆
  12. Because someday this crap will all be over. Nothing shall stop us.
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