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  1. Early 90's is when I started watching football and sports in general. While not really a football fan my dad would always root for them in the playoffs/Super Bowl as he spoke fondly of his time working in the Buffalo area. So I guess in that sense Bills fandom is sort apart of my DNA. I'll admit my fandom has waned over the years sometimes just revolving what's going on in my life. Other times I'm very passionate. Heck most posters here are probably more loyal/devoted fans, I only own two Bills hats and a Christmas Bills sweater. It's something about WNY/Buffalo
  2. Well enjoy your b'day as much as possible in this new normal world!
  3. I agree. What doesn't figure into analytics is well as the Bills being the type of team to feed off that. It's that last line that's the big drawback with me with analytics... sometimes players feed off something as simple as gaining an extra yard on 2nd down
  4. You kind of knew a Frank Reich team would come in prepared. Heck I think he was the brains behind the Eagles Super Bowl win. Although whosever decision it was to go for it on 4th and Goal before halftime for the Colts REALLY came back to haunt them. I think though the year of the 1990 Super Bowl run the first game against the Dolphins was the toughest that year? Same thing with The Comeback in the 1992 season.
  5. Sort of ironic that song was taken from Buffalos own Rick James’s Superfreak who actually was a Bills fan. I don’t think Rick was feeling it Ill be that guy to bring this up now 😅
  6. From the little I knew about him he seemed like a friendlier Doug Marrone. He was planning on bringing back Schwartz's defense for one thing. I was all right with it but he's exceeded my expectations overall.
  7. I know I feel like the world is a mess now but the 90 AFC Championship game kept getting interrupted with Dessert Storm updates. 13-3 that year too In terms of football idk if I’d say it’s the early 90s yet. We were expected to win the Super Bowl every year back then. The bar is set high but not quite there yet?
  8. Why the year we might have a legit shot of winning the Super Bowl again the country falls apart 😫
  9. All of that as well as not lowering the national debt in his years in office https://www.statista.com/statistics/187867/public-debt-of-the-united-states-since-1990/ I understood his appeal at first and was empathetic to his supporters but the experiment didn’t work. Time to move on
  10. Trumps a POS/narcissist/garbage that deserves to be tried for all his crimes after he leaves office. If people can’t see that now I don’t know what else to say. If I wanted to take a very slight silver lining from all that yesterday it’s that these elected officials might have felt some fear most Americans face day to day. For example I expose myself working in a building with Covid everyday making a working class wage. For performance or budgeting related reasons I fear every day could be my last. Elected officials mostly have cushy/well compensated jobs. I’m not excusing the
  11. Trump supporters never actually show tangible evidence to how "its rigged". At least with Mitt Romney in 2012 he could have pointed to the fact that a district in Philly voted 19,500 to zero for Obama that year. I mean at least a claim like that can somewhat raise suspicion
  12. He needs to be removed/fired from office ASAP. What good can come in these next two weeks? It's one thing in general that bothers me about politicians/government workers, if I post obscene material on a social media account I can be fired at will. It's all just a bureaucratic show.
  13. Let the conspiracies here start 😂
  14. He didn't have the best personality in the world but I did like him as HC. However, thought it was very cowardly of him to leave the way he did. 6 years later it shows the grass isn't always greener on the other side. It's interesting in retrospect, I'm almost positive the Bills were the #7 seed in the AFC in 2014 at 9-7. With an extra team making the playoffs they'd of made it that year. Wonder how that would have changed things?
  15. Pretty much the vibes I get from talking to non Bills fans about Josh is he’s gonna be Cam Newton 2.0. Might win an MVP or lead the Bills to the Super Bowl but nothing more than that. Just sayin’ But I mean many fans woulda sold their soul to the devil 5-10 years ago for that!
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