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  1. I'm not a vegetarian but I do eat more health conscious food as I've gotten a little older. My favorite sub to get is a veggie one with Provolone/American cheese. DiBella's makes a very good one. As far as eating at a pizzeria the one by means offers a Mozzarella Semolina sandwich which is fresh mozzarella with roasted red peppers on an Italian hero. Delicious. I do eat a good amount of tuna and salmon. I'm not sure if fish is considered part of a vegetarian diet though?
  2. The week 3 game against the Patriots was more memorable than this one. However it’s one of my favorite drought games. Loved the final 2 minutes
  3. Hate? If anything over the years it seems like his poop doesn’t smell if you read these boards. He has the intangible stuff down very well: good teammate, hard worker, says all the right things, and seems to genuinely love Buffalo. Theres still some things he does he can improve upon. I don’t wanna say criticisms because I don’t he’s awful at anything. The long passes come to mind and his body language at times. There’s still times I think the moment looks too big for him now. But all is correctable with time
  4. Geez Dick Stockton has been broadcasting games for a long time. I know he's covered NBA games as well. Body by Gastineau was a real hoot at the Halftime Report!
  5. One of Buffalo’s best spoiler games? I’ve often heard about this game but finally can watch and enjoy it. Even then after the 1st touchdown run you can still see what passionate fans the Bills have. Showing up in the cold to cheer on an 0-10 team. Great stuff. Even helped me recharge my batteries a little watching it
  6. Mrs. Doubtfire? I remember my dad took me to see it in the movie theaters when I was around 9/10. I loved it
  7. People can have short memories. I mean there was some ugly games that year. For instance the 47-10 loss to the Bears
  8. I’m in no way comparing COVID-19 to football but sometimes you do find out a lot about people under bad times/stress. For as poor as 2018 was, McDermott never lost the team when they were still trying and at times struggling to find their way. He never lost focus on “the process” either. Though Im probably guilty of laughing at some Trust The Process gags that year. By the final game that year against the Dolphins most fans saw the team was going on the right direction. The foundation had been set for 2019 and beyond
  9. Thanks. I’m familiar with Steely Dan and that song but never know about that intro. Classic!
  10. It would be entirely sweet for another reason as well the OP missed: Next year's Super Bowl is played in Tampa. Super Bowl 25 was played in Tampa 30 years ago. You'd be slaying the Wide Right demons as well.
  11. I'm thinking self love will be an all time high now. Still the safest kind 😆
  12. I heard that as well driving home. Mike Francesa went on some tirade about him getting special treatment for surgery for being an athlete in the current climate. I didn't feel like listening to him so I turned that off after 2 minutes. Hope you and fam are good as well along with the other met fans here
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