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  1. I agree with your takes. Matt Milano is my favorite player on the team. He presently to me more than any other Bill including Josh exemplifies the "Buffalo work ethic" if you will. He works and plays very hard. Yet all the hits he gives on opponents are clean. He also goes about his business quietly. I don't have the exact quote after the Bengal game but I know he said something along the lines of the team didn't have much heart and came out flat. Being he's a quiet guy in general that says a lot.
  2. I pay ZERO attention to these stats and don’t even know what WAR is in baseball but he is the 9th best 3rd baseman all time apparently https://www.cooperstowncred.com/scott-rolens-hall-of-fame-case-a-matter-of-war/ just saying. I think stuff like that plays a role
  3. I’d hope for less hype in the offseason. It seemed the team burnt out at this point. I think do to too much adrenaline early on. For example The Von Miller hype video Josh celebrity golf tournament The pics on social media with Jim Kelly pretty much anointing him. Fitz as well loving him Granted I don’t really follow the Bengals that closely but Joe Burrow seems to more quietly do his thing…. and he outplayed Allen
  4. Cinci though is the 3rd biggest in Ohio. Plenty other cities bigger than Plainfield in Jersey
  5. Went I went Cincinnati for the 1st time I became aware the city is nicknamed the Queen City. So similar to Buffalo in that regard. I'm not sure the history of the reasoning but there you have it. Playoff battle of the Queen cities. Kind of makes wonder how common that nickname is for cities. Near where I used to live and where I drove through work everyday for a while..... Plainfield, New Jersey has that nickname as well. And the city has a Bills tie in.... Donald Jones is from there and went to high school there. I think he actually still lives there. I'm sure I can google this or whatever but thought this might be an interesting thread.
  6. Peyton's biggest weakness as a player actually imo was he didnt fare well with adjustments. I think he may very well have been the most detail oriented QB in the history of the league so as to avoid dealing with adjustments. I thought I recall a story the dude had like a good amount of his home set up to study game film. Case in point that one superbowl against the Seahawks in New Jersey. The first play of the game was a safety against the Broncos. And after that that day he was shot. Forget it. It was over at that point and he couldn't adjust. So I totally respect the dudes accomplishments but this sounds like a case he's projecting
  7. Yeah I still remember the last Bills home game in 2011 was against Denver. Like at the height of Tebow mania. Tim played awful and the Bills won like 41-17 or something along those lines. Which was kind of a surprise at the time. But anyway many Tebow Sucks chants were heard in the crowd. There were some fans on the old BBMB that thought that was way out of line being him such a devout young man. But yeah I think the conclusion was more they were mocking what they thought was the overhyped product on the field. Nothing to do with his faith. Good times
  8. 2020 or even last year this question would have made more sense. Not that I watch Super Bowl coverage but the only thing I can say a little to defend the OP is it would get real real annoying fast the national media clamoring over how many wins Brady has in his career against Buffalo.
  9. Well you lived up to your username then 😅 To be honest I don't know what you said but this shows underneath the type of person you are.... a good one Words are words
  10. Not sure. I read the Mets were actually frustrated with Carlos. Like take a dump or get off the pot. So what would become of Lindor in the field if they do sign him?
  11. Guy really knew how to draw genuine heat from people as well. I loved as well he worked as a busboy when he was still famous and lived rather modestly
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