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  1. Previous Poster's Greatest Attribute

    Pretty sure leads the way with the most liked and funny posts on TBD
  2. Previous Poster's Greatest Attribute

    Funny witty guy
  3. Christmas song you hate the most?

    Pretty much any Christmas song done by Bon Jovi. Just annoying
  4. City you've never lived in, but felt at home there

    Buffalo, Cleveland
  5. Boat shopping: Advice needed

    Might bring you moments of pleasure at first but operating that equipment over the long run can prove difficult and high maintenance.
  6. Talking Proud versus the Shout song

    Yeah the train noise I don't mind but this gets annoying
  7. Moody Blues Are Finally in the R&R HOF

    Honestly know him more from his older stuff. Personal fave off the before mentioned A Wizard A True Star
  8. Which one do you prefer? I'm not sure if Talking Proud used to play after every touchdown. As a song I prefer the Talking Proud one, seems pretty uplifting
  9. Guess the previous poster's career

    One of Stacy Ferguson's cast mates from Kids Incorporated.
  10. Last Post Wins: Three Words

    Death by chocolate
  11. Freddy Jackson leading the charge this Sunday!

    Yeah the fact that he embrassed being a division 3 guy and ex Indoor league player should tell you all you need to know. Humble guy and clutch player
  12. Moody Blues Are Finally in the R&R HOF

    Will Todd Rundgren ever make it in?
  13. Previous Poster's Greatest Attribute

    Must be a good guy if you really are a Cowgirl fan to be so well liked around here
  14. Previous Poster's Greatest Attribute

    Per his avatar certainly understands the state of the team regardless of how it's spun
  15. Where have all the Posters Gone?

    Some of their names were still memorable to me: 7-9 forever The Godfather Ralph Wiggum Alls considered this is a better site