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  1. Actually quite the opposite for me in terms of the late 90s/early 2000 Yankees. I always respected them and would root for them against the Braves. I thought they were classy guys. But they had a lot of steroid guys on those teams: Knoblauch, Clemens, Pettitte (I don’t think he was a big user and I still respect him but still), Dave Justice, Canseco, and I’m sure missing other names. Add in Jimmy Leyritz I believe killed someone driving drunk in 2006. plus there’s Chad Curtis and Wettland as well https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.woodtv.com/news
  2. Stevie Johnson was always a good WR but never really a true #1 in my opinion. Especially thinking of 2010-2012 when he didn't have much else help in that position. So 2010-2012 SJ13, Diggs, and Beasley would be something else
  3. Following drafts honestly has never been my thing unless there's areas of need that scream out. But the point I was trying to make and as you say there's still certainly long term talent to be found later on in the 1st round and beyond that
  4. Thurman Thomas was selected 40th in the draft. Just sayin'
  5. not sure it’s really a song? But it’s under 3 minutes and is still really funny
  6. Now that I think off it that whole Money Ball approach gained popularity after As coped with life after their big bopper Giambi left. The game is now way too analytical for my taste...takes the heart out of it. Rey Ordonez was a personal fave for his glove. I remember he became an ego case later though. I loved Todd Hundley growing up! I remember the Yankees always had outwardly clean and proper players. Meanwhile Hundley was this chain smoking/sleep 2 hours a night to counter that lol. Only thing is her turned out to be a steroid guy as well. That year
  7. I like the Mets as well but I think the 2001 World Series is where baseball interest peaked for me in my lifetime to the point now I just only look at the scores for the most part. I guess I’m looking at it through a Mets fans lens but even if the Yankees win the World Series, I mean what fun is it? Their signing of Jason Giambi in 2002 is where I think they kind of jumped the shark. Buying players who turned out to be a steroid guy anyway. Before then you can definitely make the case the Yankees didn’t buy their championships... most of the players before that were home grown t
  8. Dark Water (Jennifer Connelly version) My Life Snoopy Come Home I'll add Tammy and The T Rex is a movie that can make me laugh so hard I cry for all the wrong reasons.
  9. I think so 😀. But who is this prince Hairy the OP speaks of?
  10. Anyone interested in Coming 2 America? Pretty much the ads seem inescapable. The 1st was all right, funny enough. I'm thinking it might be worth a look
  11. Sports and business imo seems to place a greater and greater emphasis on analytics and numbers. I don't follow it at all but I know about the PFF website. In baseball there's the whole Moneyball approach with changed the game. In business where I work I see it as well. Long term/Managed Care insurance companies place greater and greater emphasis on analytics/algorithms for patient based approvals based on numerous factors such as therapy progress, medical and wound notes, and even some human factors of patient family support. But personally I always liked wo
  12. In the years I’ve been a member here it seems most posters don’t live in the Buffalo area. The site is a good place for outside fans to get their Bills fix. Family or work responsibilities which caused relocation. Anyone though live in one state/general area their whole life. In my 30s now I’d be open to relocation but I gotta think as well about keeping an eye on my folks with health issues.
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