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  1. You just beat me too it! I remember in 2012 he really tore it in up in otherwise very forgettable season. Wasn’t in the league I believe much longer
  2. Be honest, how would this board react if someone on the Bills did that to Brady. There's a good chance he would become a legend around here
  3. Wikipedia said Canada. Its news to me if he does
  4. Sons of Anarchy was one of the last shows I used to watch on air. Enjoyed it despite I thought a weak 3rd season and sometimes I lost track of all the players in the characters illegal activities. Anyway I know him best as Tig but actor Kim Coates below talks about his love for Buffalo and sported a Bills hat in a photo. Thought it was cool enough to share here
  5. To me anyway it seems to some extent this thread was generated by somebody upset about a Bills loss. I'm pretty sure if you polled most Bills fans McD would have a very favorable approval rating at the moment for his 2.5 years. I'd give him at least a solid B so far. I will say this however, he does strike me as a guy that there isn't a salary dump or trading for future picks kind of deal he doesn't love. Maybe not this year but there's going to come a point where squeezing into the playoffs as a #6 seed and having early exits aren't gonna fly.
  6. I can see it now: 9-6 going into the last game against the Jets needing only a win to secure a playoff spot. Ill just leave it as that game WILL NOT be easy
  7. Marrone seems more to me the coach cut from the same cloth as McD.
  8. I'll admit I still have some questions about if he can ever be an elite QB. As everyone's indicated though he's certainly shown himself to be a wonderful young man. I'm thinking by now he's proven well beyond those tweets that resurfaced on draft night. And really who hasn't said dumb things they wish they could take back/didn't mean? It seems silly anyone now would question his character
  9. My initial reaction was obviously very negative to the hire. Instead of dwelling on it I didn't pay attention to any of it over the weekend. Against my better judgment I listened to Carlos's intro press conference on the way home. Brodie pretty much talked more than half the time more so than Beltran. Beltran just umm seemed like he's not understanding what he's getting himself into imo. Like the article if that was any preview to the season Brodie's running the show. No surprise Compare to the Phillies press conference introducing Girardi. GM talked for a minute then gave it all over to Joe. Could tell Joe wants to win. No BS there. I don't want to keep spreading the negativity here. Checking out for a while P.S. Did you laugh at the clip? wink wink
  10. Some trivia on Beltran, he made the last out at the old Tiger Stadium 20 years ago ironically on a strike out
  11. As I've probably mentioned in this thread at some point, The thing that REALLY bothered me about Beltran was not the strikeout but when he signed with the Yankees years later. His first act was to say how the Mets mistreated him despite never actually leading the club to the World Series. But I mean to be fair I've said some not so kind things about other people before I wished I could take back. I suppose I can learn to forgive. However, if memory serves me correct he always had a pretty bland personality as a Met and didn't enjoy talking to the media. I can't remember any real leadership abilities as well. Carlos better realize he's the liaison between the front office and the media. The Wilsons never talk to the media. Brodie will only show up when it's convenient for him. He's gonna have to learn to be an extrovert for a quiet kind of guy or he'll get eaten alive and spit right back out. As of right now I really don't like this hire. I wish Mickey was still around if they weren't going to pursue Girardi. I hope I'm made to look like a fool but this is gonna be as bad a hire as Adam Gase for the Jets
  12. I think you got it reversed. It was a guy in a Cherebet jersey who hit the female Patriots fan. Though the video showed her heckling him. Actually I find Philly people all right as long as it doesn’t involve the Eagles
  13. Team started 5-2 as well with McDermott in 2017 before landing at 5-5 then recovering. You only have to look back to two years if you hope history repeats itself
  14. So our old pal Mickey landed the Angels pithing coach job: https://www.lonestarball.com/2019/10/27/20934947/mlb-rumors-mickey-callaway-angels-pitching-coach-los-angeles-anaheim-new-york-mets So I say good for him. Probably a role that would suit him better than Mets manager. Then again why did we the front office fire him again? Certainly not very apparent they want an upgrade at that position
  15. ^^^ This. The vibes I got from the boards before today: Josh Allen is a 4th quarter master who will always come through in the clutch. That one poll most even thought he would have led the win against the Pats if not injured. The Bills are a good team that's why other teams look bad Just trust the process. We are 5-1. "The process" guarantees wins no matter what it looks like After today: This team is trash Josh Allen sucks We were 5-1 because we had a cupcake schedule The OC should be fired Like you I think the Bills are in the middle. 2020 was really the year I had the high expectations for. 9-10 wins is still definitely doable though this year.
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