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  1. Another Fan

    EJ Manuel says benching with Bills sent him into depression

    Yeah it’s the sort of mental toughness aspect of the game you can’t tell at the Combines who has and who won’t in their careers. Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith of the Jets per say didn’t have it as well. As much as I may not want to admit it this is an area Tom Brady excells exponentially at. 5th or 6th round pick but undeniable work ethic/mental toughness
  2. Another Fan

    EJ Manuel says benching with Bills sent him into depression

    EJ always struck me as a good person/ hard worker, I’m sorry to hear he felt that way. Having said that I think he had more than enough chances here over the years even if the coaching left something to be desired. His best bet would to play in the CFL if he’s really looking to start again someday
  3. Another Fan

    Bills players slam WWE superstar through table!

    An old school clip from 1984:
  4. Another Fan

    Mets fans?

    Yeah John was always memorable to me because of the helmet he wore in the field. Plus he took the 7 train at times to the stadium
  5. Another Fan

    Hottest women you are attracted to.

    Carmen Electra
  6. Another Fan

    Mets fans?

    John Olerud? Granted he really wasn’t here very long
  7. Another Fan

    Mets fans?

    The explanation point to the end of the first half, Daniel Murphy gets the game winning hit today. I imagine changes are upcoming, I mean I would imagine
  8. Another Fan

    Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel

    I’ve never been on the Packers board but have seen a few other team sites. This is definitely the most active off the wall/random thoughts section. I love it but it opens up the doors to everything
  9. Another Fan

    This is how my weekend started

    Judging by how the other mother reacted it wouldn’t surprise me if they had it coming to them in one way or another. Reminded me of this movie
  10. Another Fan

    Mets fans?

    The least agita in a win since April I guess. The 11-2 opening seems so long ago. Taking a 4 game series from the Nats though is always nice
  11. Another Fan

    Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel

    This is by far the best Sledgehammer
  12. Another Fan

    Not all that bad if Shaddy goes

    It will I think remove just about all the remnants of Rex
  13. Another Fan

    Happy 30th Birthday Shady!

    An all female +21 party with enough "Shadiness" to make Bill Cosby & Ron Jeremy cringe?
  14. Maybe the headline got mixed up with Friday the 13th?
  15. Another Fan

    Any TGIF Fans on ABC Growing Up?

    Brilliant minds think alike