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  1. Last Post Wins: Three Words

    Go Bulls tomorrow
  2. Hey Bills fans!

    I think you'll find Kizer to not be a bad pickup. He wasn't given the proper support/ coaching with the Browns coaches
  3. #13 Buffalo vs #4 Arizona 3/15 9:40pm CBS

    I'll admit I don't follow Buffalo Bulls basketball during the year or much college basketball for that matter. Rooting for them because of where there from, their underdogs, and most Bulls fans are probably Bills fan. With that said this is what this tourney is all about. This is awesome!
  4. #13 Buffalo vs #4 Arizona 3/15 9:40pm CBS

    Still holding strong
  5. #13 Buffalo vs #4 Arizona 3/15 9:40pm CBS

    23-23 holding their own so far
  6. Is Lindsay Rhodes hot?

    Unless she's a Patriots fan lol
  7. Random Thoughts Thread

    I wonder what these female celebs thinks when they have YouTube videos set up to them as fap tributes. Flattered or disgusted?
  8. Bills Re-Sign Kyle Williams To One Year Deal

    Great news And hey as I think I said before he may have found a calling as a 3rd and short back
  9. Haven't been this off-season giddy since the Mario signing

    Love the enthusiasm but can't help think of that 2012 year a little and what an epic fail it turned out to be
  10. Was The Tyrod Taylor Era a Success?

    He was the QB who oversaw the drought ending and was probably the best QB of the drought. Under those circumstances I would say yes. I was just thinking though how it's sad just about all our quarterbacks since Kelly (including Flutie) have really only been here for three seasons or four tops. Would be nice to see someone here over the long haul. So yes he was successful here but our bar is low so to speak. I do wish him well though
  11. Share some music thread

    He does the Todd shuffle in this
  12. Philly deadline to get under the cap: Nick Foles

    He outdid the Patriots on the biggest stage there is. Enough said
  13. Tyrod Taylor Thanks Buffalo

    I have a feeling he's gonna be more liked here in years to come now that he's gone
  14. I'll start with Nixon. All everyone remembers him for is Watergate because of the media. And hey all of them lie, he just got caught.
  15. Give the dude credit, for being such a late draft choice he's been able to hang around the league this long. And as mentioned it's probably inevitable something will happen to Winston