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  1. In New York State, he wouldn't even be allowed to drive a car until 12 months after his last seizure event.
  2. I wonder how much of that still goes on....narcotics before kickoff.
  3. Ask me after the 3rd Jason Oweh thread is posted. I always need to see at least 3 before I can make a decision.
  4. You can make the same argument for nearly every individual position on defense, or O-line for that matter. I'm not arguing that the pick should be RB in the first round (or whether should re-sign them to big contracts). I'm ridiculing the concept that the position of RB is the least important on the team. Whether single or in tandem the RB(s) play a huge role in the Offense. Even a single mediocre RB is important to his Offense. As for McCaffery and Barkley--they were drafted high to crappy teams that needed playmakers. Both of them are. Mccaffery has been the
  5. I'll ask again, why do OC's run such a huge chunk of the Offense through the least important position on the roster? Is a rushing 1st down less important than a passing 1st down? What about TDs? Buffalo got 31% of it's 1st downs rushing last year. KC got 29%. The SB champs got 25% of theirs rushing. But the position RB is of minimal importance on the roster? Why do they use it so much? Simple question. The Browns use a committee of Chubb (1067 yards) and Hunt (841 yards)---but to them RB is the least important position on the roster? Go back in time: late 80's Raiders--the
  6. Golden lunchpail no doubt somewhere in that rat's nest of an apartment...
  7. There should be a HOF for Tasker HOF threads! We could rank the top 25.
  8. That's only 3 SB rings--and 3 teams. That's not what NE did. And why do teams that have bad running games ever run the ball at all? Why hand the ball over repeatedly to the least important player on the roster?
  9. I didn't criticize the Brady reference. You twice listed him as an argument as to why the RB is almost useless. I twice asked you why every other team hasn't just done what NE did. What's stopping them?? As I said above, you are conflating the position with individual players. The obvious point it that, even if your best RB isn't very good, your OC is going to be giving a lot of the Offense to him/them expecting positive results--otherwise, why don't teams with bad RBs just throw on every down?. That makes it not the least important position on the roster. You get that right
  10. I mean, he told the papers he sleeps on a couch!!
  11. The RB position accounts for 30-60% of an NFL team's Offensive plays. So every team leans heavily on the position, by design. I feel dumb pointing out how dumb it was to claim it's the least important position on the roster. The other poster is intermittently conflating "the position of RB" with individual RBs. This is why he embarrasses himself with his post.
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