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  1. Mr. WEO

    Daniel jeremiah top 50 prospects #1

    What does Daniel Jeremiah do for a living?
  2. Mr. WEO

    Updates from Senior Bowl week in Mobile, AL

    SEC not invited?
  3. Doesn't matter. Rams went back to where they came from. St Louis has no claim here. Then they "bailed" on St louis and went back home.
  4. What?? Of course they care about their team onlY!! The shares revenue is guaranteed. Nothing to worry about there. Winning translates into more march sold (not shared). Zero chance owners would sign off on a handful of teams dominating the NFl.. Zero point zero. Because it would cost them money in march and team valuation. Crazy talk
  5. Mr. WEO

    Solution to bad calls?

    They all saw it
  6. Mr. WEO

    Chiefs fire longtime DC Bob Sutton

    Like he hasn't memorized that menu by now....
  7. Mr. WEO

    Chiefs fire longtime DC Bob Sutton

    Then why wouldn't Reid fire him earlier?? I guess when Sutton told Dee Ford to put his hand down in the NE backfield....well that was the last straw! Are you asking rhetorically? Seriously, Reid needs to be demoted to OC. They have to be able to find a better game manager than Penny Candy Andy. At least for the playoffs they should turn off his alarm clock. Smart offensive coach. Legendary gamete/crunchtime dunce.
  8. Mr. WEO

    Updates from Senior Bowl week in Mobile, AL

    Has Whaley been spotted?? Who has the "It Factor" this year??
  9. "the league" is, solely, the owners. Why would any owner, other than the ones receiving those "certain outcomes" agree to this kind of scheme. That's where all of this silly "rigged' "conspiracy" theories immediately fall apart. It is a ridiculous suggestion.
  10. I bet not an insignificant number of current Browns fans don't know what you are referring to... Also: "The Super Bowl will feature the franchise that bailed on them, relocated to the sunshine of Los Angeles and promptly got really, really good, playing against the club that defeated them in the last Super Bowl their local team reached, which is a wound that, as all Super Bowl losers know, never heals." Say, what city did the Rams "bail on" so that St. Louis could have them as their NFL team? That's rich....
  11. Mr. WEO

    Solution to bad calls?

    & guys on the field missed that blatant PI call...9 would be a magic number?
  12. No the point, of this entire conversation, is that this was NOT just a "bad call" that "might cost a team the game". This was an inexplicable decision by multiple referees to not call the most blatant PI perhaps ever not called. You have never seen a WR get hit by a DB's head (to the head) with such force that it spun the WR around---in the air.....whether it was called or not, you haven't seen such a blatant attempt not to make a play on the ball, but to simply lay a guy out. And he was clearly doing this to prevent a game clinching TD. So for those reasons (head to head vicious hit, blatant foul to prevent a likely score, and no call) this is unlike no other non call at such a point in such a game. Saints didn't find a way to win?? They marched down the filed for their final scoring drive. Because of the non call, the kicked a field goal without the added benefit of first shaving at least 80 seconds off the clock (there were only 105 seconds left in the game at that point). What kind of nonsense is "they didn't find a way to win"? They were about to! There were NOT "3" series after the final NO FG in regulation.....there was 1 series, and LA tied the game with a FG. You are confused...They were able to go down the field because they had 1:41 instead of 21 seconds to get within FG range. With an in bounds kickoff the would leave less than 20 seconds for the Rams to tie the game.
  13. Mentioning an INT in an OT that never should have happened is an odd way to make your argument. Also, running the clock to under a minute is not like leaving seconds on the clock for your opponent to go the length of the field to score. And finally, sure, the Saints should have scored more points earlier (so should the Rams, by that logic, so no missed call would have affected the outcome of the game). But at that specific point in the game, they had a clear and unobstructed path to a win in regulation had that simple call been made.
  14. Mr. WEO

    Laser Pointer Gate part deux

    I heard it wasn't a laser, but this:
  15. It doesn't matter what I think. It's possible, that's all. The call did cost them the game. They could have run the clock down to seconds, kicked a FG and then pooched the kickoff. Game over. True--and you know I'm with you there, like with the insane whining over the "OT rules". But this was an incredible, almost unprecedented flagrant, violent PI not called where the offender clearly has stated his intent after the fact. That seems like an extraordinary circumstance. This has been done before....for that very reason; https://consumerist.com/2010/05/21/jets-fan-sues-patriots-for-cheating-but-loses/