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  1. can't live without it. Not so, the spleen.
  2. Worked out well for the Vikes as well
  3. I keep reading here that Davis is, functionally, a bilateral lower extremity amputee. What is the actual injury report on him?
  4. Goff is playing very well. His D is 32nd in points and yards. Jags are a bit of a surprise. Raiders suck---Carr is exactly who we thought he was.
  5. Boy it seems like only yesterday that I read right here that Magic Mitch could win 11 games with this Bills roster. Guys a bum on his 3rd team
  6. I would have said the entire premise is absurd because, with the top notch training facilities and the training staff, this scenario would be impossible.
  7. So you too say Josh would never (and hasn't ever) made a mental error in the Red Zone or with goal to go?
  8. These words have been typed a thousand times. Breaking news. There ought to be a thread on this....
  9. The NFL is too afraid? The owners? Is the NFLPA too afraid to speak up too? Really--this is your position? The players are loudly crying about playing on the most technically advanced artificial turf surfaces---too dangerous! It's too haaaaaaaard! The NFLPA took down the Dolphins independent neurologist (you know, with Tua, who's not dead) right quick----but everyone is just too damn "afraid" to say this heat is dangerous? You must be joking right?
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