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  1. Even in those states your are referring to, governors are allowing MLB to play. Florida, awash in COVID, is allowing the NBA bubble to go forward. The worst hit states are clearly governed by those least likely to cancel sports. If sports are a no go, based on we see happening right now, it won’t be governors but the leagues themselves who will decide.
  2. Has any governor in any state stated that any pro teams/leagues cannot play in their states? They've had plenty of time to comment, as all leagues have been planning to start. MLB is already training. NYS has a plan---no fans in the stadium.
  3. He's held significant positions in big companies. Seems a strange move.
  4. New Clowney thread!! It was time......
  5. Watson ahead of Brees. LOL Wait...what?? LOL. Cooper??
  6. "A 9-7 non-playoff season versus an 8-8 non-playoff season means little. You're reaching there." How many are in there with you, Sybill?
  7. A 9-7 playoff season can be completely dismissed right doc?
  8. Is it? Romo and Garrett had 1 winning season and 1 playoff game. Prescott and Garrett had 3 and 2.
  9. There has been an abundance of caution and many people have listened to health leaders and intelligent government leadership. NYS has suffered more than any other....then the leadership and the population shut down the spread of this disease using the latest info as it became known. Contrast this with states led and populated by morons who endlessly insisted the disease wasn’t a big deal or “nobody knows anything for sure so we can do what we want”. Those states are filthy with pandemic.
  10. They are posting current information. As more is known they modify/retract/amend/change their previous thoughts or statements. They aren’t “forced” to, they simply do because more is known as time goes by. Then they share the new info. This is how science/medicine/public health care works. This board is more than half nuts...
  11. Garrett had one losing season (a bunch of 8-8's), 3 playoff appearances (2 out of the last 4 years--they would erect statues to him here at TBD for such a record), so he wan't a total bum. Probably should have gotten rid of him after 2018 playoff failure.
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