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  1. that makes no sense at all as a response to my post. None.
  2. Wow! Matt Lafleur is the 5th best HC of all time!! Will he catch up to the greatest of all time—Guy Chamberlin—-that’s the question….
  3. Olson is easily the best analyst right now. Very sharp, explains things well, calls out bad player and coaching decisions. None of the histrionics.
  4. what page is "Allen had never touched me there, Teflon Tom has" on..?
  5. these position coaches are just guys to have around.
  6. Same for Geno Smith...what's that worth? Jones has 60 passing TDs in 54 games. 36 over the past 3 seasons.
  7. Yes, and I've documented his impact as a starter compared to two others on the roster. I'll leave it at that.
  8. What hot iron? He looked awful against the Eagles. Davis Webb played a closer game two weeks prior.
  9. If Davis was getting "looked off" so much because he wasn't getting open/can't get separation, why did his targets go up 50% from the past 2 seasons? Simple math would tell you that a top 30 in yards receiver in a league with 32 teams places him in the middle of the pack of 1's/2's. Adams isn't getting constantly double teamed. Does his 55% catch rate mean he can't get open? Davis's rate has been pretty much the same over his career. Give him 180 targets and he would be "on pace" for 1628 yards. Would you be harping about his 52% catch rate? How about 150 for 1357yards? Or even 120 for 1085? Is a WR2 who catches 62% of his targets for the same yardage with fewer 1st downs and TDs a better option because of his catch %?
  10. Saleh belongs in "everyone else below". McDaniels took the Dolphins to the playoffs in his first year with chaos at QB and overcame a 17 point deficit to the Bills to come within 3 points in that game while playing a 3rd string rookie QB. You've seen enough?
  11. They see to it that the emotional stamina of the players is adequate to win a second playoff game.
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