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  1. Maybe you didn't read what I said. Evans would not get all those touches in Buffalo. He wouldn't be WR1.
  2. come on. There's zero chance that Evans is getting 125-175 targets a year in Buffalo
  3. 1) the vast majority of medical outpatient visits are for chronic problems. Your doctor doesn't need to re-dose your antihypertensives and insulin and tell you to stop drinking smoking and eating. Plus, your doctor may not want to work in your town. Also, he/she may be incompetent all on his/her own. 2) your wife's insurance didn't reimburse for a non-existent C-section....
  4. If you know....you know, is what he's trying to say
  5. Are these 2 playas holding out on Phase III?
  6. As always, I will reserve judgement until Hines weighs in on this...
  7. most come and go without much imprint. 1 year doesn't add much to the culture--or alter it.
  8. dude was narcing on Bruce, no doubt...
  9. meh--it was the 80's. everyone was coked up. both guys ended up in HOF---not because they ate bananas and honey before games...
  10. Coupla youngsters, eh boys? He was suspended 30 days for testing positive for drugs a second time. The Bills famously were reported to have hired a private eye to secretly follow to report back if he was hanging around with a known coke dealer.
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