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  1. Why stop there? Edge James isn't busy....
  2. They had 2 shots last year alone. But yeah, Week 1 2017. NE went on to the SB. KC choked away a 21 point halftime leads to the TITANS in the WC game....
  3. Mr. WEO

    The AAF Thread

    I'm really not. Being "hypothetical" doesn't make it more logical. The leagues aren't taking 18 year olds. Even if they did, top recruited 18 year olds are going to take their chances in the NCAA for the NFL. When they fail, they will seek these other leagues. The leagues are for guys who can't make it or to the NFL. More than half the 5 star recruits are drafted into the NFL. Less than 10% (I'm being very generous with this "hypothetical") AAF'ers, I'd guess, will make it onto an NFL roster.
  4. Mr. WEO

    Antonio Brown on Instagram trashing Bills!

    TO had a huge ego that dwarf's AB's----yet he's an HOFer all the way. Your statement is ridiculous.
  5. Mr. WEO

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    Little evidence of spot on medical evals? I agree.
  6. The Packer were a dud last year (again). Rodger's most impressive performance was getting the only coach he has ever had, fired--and replaced by... the Titans (yes, the TITANS!) OC. Yikes.
  7. Mr. WEO

    Gronk retired

    And the video of our corner's teammates doing....nothing after that hit. Preach Rico!!
  8. Really?? People aren't absolutely intrigued by the Browns?? They would rather see the mediocrity that the Packers have become as they battle another mediocre offense in Chicago? No way....NE/Browns would crush the Bears/Packers in ratings.
  9. Mr. WEO

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    Kevin Johnson was talced on IR in 2016. In 2017, he missed games for MCL injury. When he returned , he couldn't win his starting job back. Then, in 2018, he was back on IR for a concussion i n WEEK 1. Gaines missed his entire second season on IR for a foot fracture. The next season he missed 5 more seasons. Last year, he was IR by Nov 7th after his second concussion in 3 weeks. That's a lot of injuries/games missed for the 2 newest signings in the secondary.
  10. Mr. WEO

    The AAF Thread

    So many? These guys all think they are going to be drafted after a successful career in the NCAA. No 4 or 5 star recruit will take that 250k. It doesn't matter anyway, as I said, HS grads can't play in the AAF. Their only option out of HS is the NCAA or getting a real job. It's about fact, not "tone".
  11. nah.. Love me some Saints. Mitch Trubisky vs Aaron Rodgers (assuming he can answer the bell on week 1) isn not compelling TV anymore. That Browns team, though, has potential for ACTUAL excitement.
  12. Two orders of magnitude more fun than Bears-Packers...
  13. Mr. WEO

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    The all concussion backfield...
  14. Did they also take you into their space craft and probe you in any way?