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  1. So the Bills catching staff has developed a new way to "develop an elite QB" that doesn't need or consider winning games? Anyway, the Bills are 21st in pass attempts and 11th in rushing attempts. Wouldn't it be better to surround the developing QB with adequate Offensive skill position players? This thread is mess.
  2. Nice try rookie. I'm solidly behind Allen. I'm solidly against weak posts and lame arguments.
  3. Completion % vs Browns: 53.7. Completion % vs Eagles: 47.1 That's 2 of the last 3 games. Still sub 60% for the season so far. Yeah, not sure what he nailed other than saying he wasn't going to answer the question.
  4. He was worse than Blaine Gabbert, twice. He hasn't played in years.
  5. No because this is the one thousandth Kape thread since he exited the league. Try the "search" feature. He wasn't a top 32 guy when he opted out...but now, years later, he is?
  6. Another Daboll salvage thread. Niiiiice. You're looking at it all wrong: 3rd ranked Defense!!
  7. What's he going to produce at that dog and pony show? Gabbert created "protester" Kaepernick...
  8. Isn the point of this analysis to assert that a team doesn't need a talented passer at QB? That high passing attempts alone, regardless of whether the QB is very good at throwing them, is a negative predictor of success? That you don't need a top passer to win a lot games? 25 of 32 teams (the good and the bad) throw for more than 55% of their Offensive snaps. Also, lots of football has been played before 2019... First down with their feet "anytime"? No such team. Tossing out outlier Baltimore (11 per game), the next best is under 8 poor game rushing. Baltimore has 12 per game--near the bottom. 25 teams have more than 11 passing first downs per game. Bottom line: if your D is bad, you're gonna throw a lot.
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