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  1. Out-smoked by the rook. No worries.
  2. If a young guy who was drafted as a marginal receiver and got a starting job as a rookie in a year highlighted by a lot of dropped passes needs even more motivation to play better, than he shouldn't be starting to begin with.
  3. So Gronk was a luxury for Brady? Kelce is a luxury? Kittle is a luxury that SF broke the bank for? He needs more motivation?
  4. When White signed his deal, he became the highest paid CB in NFL history. Because others after him get more doesn't mean he left money on the table. He set the market.
  5. He was their entire offense. What is more valuable than that? When else has that happened? He was clearly overlooked for Brady that year. No serious argument could made otherwise. He has zero MVPs.
  6. Clearly they missed the "Legend of Josh Allen" thread below....
  7. I mean he's not often in the conversation nearly as much as he should be. In 2017, for instance, he scored 37 off his team's 38 TDs---and still didn't win the MVP.
  8. He's thrown 114 TDs against 24 INTs the past 51 games--with mostly trash O-lines. He's the best there is right now. Hands down.
  9. Wilson is still insanely good. Mostly ignored.
  10. Bills are 2-0 in an empty stadium. Owners (who comprise "the league") want gate receipts so in the states where it is allowed, the will have fans in stands. No need for any meetings--they have already ruled on this.
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