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  1. You're channeling our President at this point. LOL But yes, as you well know, people caught on video committing a crime sometimes get away with it...on a technicality or otherwise.
  2. Good point. When the state's case falls to pieces every accused should just take the plea offer! Don't quit your day job "counselor"... And you just cannot wait for this video to be released! LOL You'll have to wait though, because there's still this: "The Court finds restricting the videotapes from the Intervenors pretrial would protect Defendant's fair trial rights." Hanser said the surveillance video cannot be released unless the case goes to trial, a plea deal is reached, the State drops charges against Kraft, or if the Court finds Kraft's fair trial rights are no longer at risk.
  3. They’re pretty much giving them away at the Clark County lockup
  4. Lol “reacquiring”. Right. Anyway, a guy nearly decapitates 2 people and gets away with it....and your scratching your head over his holding a guy at gunpoint sentence?
  5. There's no legit surgery known as "core muscle surgery".
  6. Now the Bills can go after him as a TE...
  7. Well, he doesn't slur his words or anything I guess. That's not equivalent to being articulate. But the next time he makes a cogent original point will be his first time. Every sentence ends with: "i mean, right?" and "don'cha think?". He repeats himself endlessly. Here's just one example: caller says he was surprised that the Bills didn't take a WR in any round (hardly a hot take, by the way). Murph starts in on the guy--gets all defensive. "they said they didn't have a WR at any round worth picking! They said it! So...whattaya whattaya think, they're lying? You think Beane and McDermott are lying??" He's a bonehead. He should call games for the radio and that's it. There's no way he can power half of a 3 hour daily radio show. You can almost hear Steve groaning inside when he has to respond to Murph's goofy and company takes.
  8. What's the big deal? This is OJ's real jersey number: 1027820
  9. No I think he just banged it... Longer than the other foot for sure... Anyway. And the Bills tradition of TE futility continues. Maybe the 3rd round rookie with the home perm can be the #1...
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