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  1. You think he made it up? It's either that or he's telling the truth.
  2. The "faulty website" is nfl.com. Let's put aside the fact that, when anyone is discussing "top receivers" any year, they are talking about those with the most yards (excluding any "virtual" yards you conjure up) or receptions, not "YPG"----in 2019, "if you include TEs" (your words) he is at #11. 10 if you take out Kelce. http://www.nfl.com/stats/categorystats?seasonType=REG&d-447263-n=1&d-447263-o=2&d-447263-p=1&d-447263-s=RECEIVING_YARDS_PER_GAME_AVG&tabSeq=0&season=2019&experience=&Submit=Go&archive=false&statisticCategory=RECEIVING&conference=null&qualified=false I'm curious: do you really believe that, because he got 108 previously, he would get 108 again against Chicago? After week 8, he had a single game over 100 (1 out of 9 games). And last year, after going for 126 against Chicago in week 11, he only got 47 (on 8 catches, by the way) in week 17. Look at the numbers for OBJ and Evans. Diggs doesn't compare, statistically, with either. Attitude? His history clearly states that if Diggs doesn't get the targets, he will act out.
  3. Offseason+pandemic=6 pages on Karlos Williams lol Whaley was a straight up bum.
  4. Yes they were. No one here that I see is arguing with the second bolded part. Certainly not me as is documented. Diggs v. OBJ or Evans would be "a statistical push"....only if you did not use statistics.
  5. 11th. And you're assuming he would have gotten at least 75 yards (his average) in that last game he didn't play---yet he only had that many or more in 7 of the 15 regular season games he played....and barely had that many, combined, in his 2 playoff games. So his "yards per game" for the games he played is now 71.
  6. He is a big talent and already the best guy in the Bills roster. But did that happen in his own playoff games? TheVikings didn't bother with him in the Saints game and won. He had 2 catches all game against the 49ers and a TD in a blowout loss. 4 catches. 2 games. But he was going to be the special sauce for the Bills playoff game guaranteeing a win? I don 't get that. It's possible, but no one can claim it would have happened without question.
  7. While ignoring Diggs (to his nationally televised displeasure). It wouldn't "work out to 1205 for the season" if he was posting 49, 25, 19 per game. Yes, if you eliminate the TEs that were better receivers last year, Diggs moves hip from 17 to 15 in yards. They only count the stats you accumulated, doc, not the ones doc says they "work out to"... Some better tacklers would have won that game. I'll agree with you there..
  8. LOL ok doc...in "yards per game" he was 11th. In the games where he didn't;'t have to complete with Thielen for targets, he had 2 games over 80 yards. Thielen by the way, in the 2 previous seasons, was an ACTAUL top 10 WR in yards and catches. Again, the bolded part I didn't say. But keep repeating and you'll get that big bad straw man! Were you really watching the Vikings playoffs and saying that isn the Bills had Diggs they absolutely without a doubt win the Texans game? No, you were not. 2017 Vikings-Saints game is calling....and 2019 Vikings-Saint game answers and says: "what do you want?".
  9. Diggs has never been a top 10 receiver. Even without Thielen most of the season, he didn't crack the top 15 in yards or the top 40 in receptions. But sure, more good players is always a good thing. But to say the putting Diggs in that game results in a win without a doubt is fantasy. Were you watching the Vikings playoffs games saying, "man, if only we had that guy against the Texans"? He was a nonfactor in the Saints game (had a tantrum) and against the 49ers he contributed to a 10 point output Offense. Nobody was watching those games and thinking that.
  10. Why? Because Diggs doesn't drop passes? Because Diggs is a big time playoff WR? He had 4 catches and 76 yards in 2 games.
  11. Sure you missed it. Also, I said having Diggs (or another "stud WR") wouldn't have guaranteed the Bills beat the Texans that day.
  12. I've praised the Diggs move in several threads. Nice try Not necessarily. Happens in the league every year.
  13. Williams is a guy that McD and Daboll were avoiding at all coasts nearly all season---despite that crew of WR and the results. Roberts can still be a returner.
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