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  1. The Bengals sent that incredibly mediocre team (being kind) to the playoffs---where McD was outcoached by Doug Marrone. Doug freaking Marrone....
  2. it's simple....this should not be a .500 team heading into week 13.
  3. week 12 game can't make it the most clutch ever.
  4. no it isn't. this dumb conspiracy stuff gets posted all season long. congratulations on skipping the "search" option...
  5. fired everyone at (formerly) PSE, made himself President of Bills and Sabres.
  6. now the season has to give keeping Dorsey it's Kiko Alonzo jersey...
  7. jeez every other week I gotta answer this?? freshhhhh.....
  8. it was a corner route on a beaten Defender. It wasn't thrown to the corner....... h's not targeted downfield.
  9. 3 win Daboll said this week that the Giants shouldn't look past the 2 win Patriots.
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