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  1. That pick is another Detroit disaster in the making.
  2. Hopefully the players can take this blatant disrespect from the national media and use it to fuel them to victory Sunday.
  3. Did he list all those experts? ESPN radio this AM was playing clips of a bunch of their talent picking the Bills. Then their wagering guy did a whole slot talking about bith games this weekend and touting tips. He said he was worried because "everyone" he is talking to "is picking the Bills", wo he wants to go the other way. Maybe there will be another team meeting where the fellas can switch to being pumped up by all the experts picking them? lol
  4. Well he was hired by the Jags as a position coach as well... I give him credit--he's parlayed his very mediocre talent with mediocre results everywhere into a career that has lasted much longer than it should have. "Saved Syracuse"? A couple (not even back to back) 8-5 seasons and 2 corresponding Loser Bowl appearances. Syracuse football is still but a skid mark on the tighty whities of the ACC
  5. That case was made nearly every year for 20 years.
  6. They are having some fun with the media, that much was clear (they were laughing about it). Maybe you think they can actually "give 110%" when they tell you that as well? Oh...of course you do. There's no chance they get together and discuss this as a group before a game and seethe over it. None. On the grand scale of all that can and is motivating this team right now, reporters and talking heads picking a very hot Ravens team over them last week...... is zero.
  7. If Haskins couldn't function like an adult with Ron Rivera, there's no chance he will with Tomlin.
  8. It was so vague a statement ("Bills thrive on it. They love that feeling") that you decided to re-post it in one of your responses? And it's not backed by "anything"?----except by Joe B, the same guy who said the players told him they were motivated by "We know you all thought we were gonna lose". ! The contradiction is right there. Everything one way or the other motivates them: 'Put that praise from the "national media" on that "bulletin board" so we can....love/hate it!....or somethin!!' These guys are just amped to win a championship. They are busy getting ready,
  9. Darnold is several orders of magnitude better from day 1 than Haskins has ever been. With Haskins, there's nothing to reclaim. He's another OSU flash in the pan that turned into an NFL dud. He's not even a suitable backup QB. Plus he's a next level moron.
  10. Steelers just accelerated their drain circling.
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