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  1. Isn't every reporter a click bait reporter? It's the point of internet publishing. Did people used to say "why do you read this trash by a clueless "reporter" who is trying to help his company sell newspapers?"? (other than Sully, I mean...)/
  2. Mr. WEO

    Vontae money coming back

    Reading he thread title, I thought he was coming back to the Bills as "Vontae Money"....
  3. Hughes was in the zone too. The bonehead...
  4. Watkins has had a 100 yard game once a year for the past 3 seasons. It happens... So he's all set for this season.
  5. Mr. WEO

    Would you draft Oliver or Bosa?

    I agree. Mediocre to bad teams make this mistake over and over....
  6. Nah, it's because McD received our DC of all of his duties at halftime. Not sure why this isn't much more off a story.
  7. Mr. WEO

    Would you draft Oliver or Bosa?

    Picking one WR as the reason not to draft playmaker positions in the 1st round is a pretty weak argument. In fact, if the Bills drafted OBJ, your argument evaporates. LT just isn't that position, and it drafting them in the 1st has proven to be unnecessary. Unless your offense (and defense) is already pretty stacked, you pick playmakers: QB, guys who catch passes from your current QB, or guys who hit the other team's QB. An LT is part of a group. Alone, he can't do a lot to keep your QB unmolested. Joe Thomas was proof of this nearly every year he played in Cleveland.
  8. Mr. WEO

    9-19: Steve Beuerlein Talks Josh Allen on WGR

    I thought so too. He immediately saw and mentioned the guys that were open and that were missed. Quick on the replay. I thought he was very fair and on the money. He didn't bad mouth Allen.
  9. Can't wait to see Fitz and crew light up that legendary dumbass Tomlin's Steelers...
  10. Dang. If only the Bills had a running game... Anyway, what's the NFL point spread record? 16.5 has to be an outlier..
  11. Mr. WEO

    Would you draft Oliver or Bosa?

    What if the O-line prospects aren't as good as Bosa? The last 2 "future HOF" LTst the Bills draft were a TE and a @2nd rounder. Save 1st round picks for game changers. It's what smart teams do.
  12. Mr. WEO

    The OL Is Not The Problem

    It's obvious Allen missed open guys. It's also obvious that the O-line was a group of 5 matadors at times. Give it time.