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  1. GB vs Titans would have been giving away a free ham with each ticket purchased....
  2. I read somewhere that none of the top 5 passing teams made the playoffs...
  3. Consistent winner? Rivers? Up to the first week on the Advent calendar, maybe.
  4. He'll get his single snap, as in the Divisional game.
  5. Those were the best over 50 years. Said so right in the title. The article proves the exceptions, not the rule. Pointing that out to you as a way of disagreeing with you certainly does not give me (or anyone, I would imagine) dyspepsia.
  6. We all know what their records were. You said that was by design. Was hiring Chip Kelly "tanking"? I described the circumstances for the 2 seasons before this one. Show me how Lynch/Shanahan were tanking.
  7. In the past 30 years that list has maybe 2 great players as coaches (Ditka, Singletary) and 1 very good (Harbaugh). Either way..26 in 50 years.
  8. Tanked...when? Lynch and Shanahan got there in 2017. They inherited a team with Brian Hoyer as a week 1 starter. He crapped the bed and CJ Beathard was next up. He stunk too and then they pulled off the trade for Jimmy G and won out the season--5 games in a row and, going from 17 ppg to 29 ppg. The next season, JG was out for the season before the end of game 3. The result was predictable 4-12. So who tanked these 49ers? And when?
  9. Don't be. Many in this thread are bemoaning that Watkins is gone and caught a rare TD pass yesterday and is headed to the SB. Given the ocean of McCoy acolytes here, I was imagining the response of McCoy played and had an equally rare big game for the Chiefs yesterday. Simple.
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