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  1. Florida is where this freaky deaky belonged anyway. Down there the issue regarding the demand for a handy after “sports massage” is settled with $25 and a coupon punch card.
  2. I'm not fully sure. But I do know this... IT'S SWEENEY TIME!!!!!!!!
  3. !st drive. 1st and goal from the 10, 4th and goal from the 3. FG. Bills with top O and top D. No one expecting a shootout from the Titans and their D is not good coming into the game, passing game terrible. So you go for it. You miss?--it's still 0-0 midway through the 1st.
  4. Sure the D sucked Monday, but all year, the O has been among the worst in the Red Zone coming away with 7 (55%). This manifested as a major problem Monday (40%).
  5. The Offense was desperately looking for a TD ant the very end of the game because they had 2 awful trips to the 5 yard line in the 1st half--including a 1st down at the 5. 2 FG. You can't settle for 24 and 28 yard FGs (with a punt in between) to start the game. This game never should have been this close throughout. Put them away early--they are one of the worst passing teams in the league. Don't show them your belly by surrendering for FGs inside the 10.
  6. Bass is 17/17 inside the 30. He's not missing that kick. Then the Bills march down the field (you know, like they did in the last 3 minutes off the game, with ease) and take home shots into the EZ. If the Bills can't handle a depleted Tennessee (who's D was bad coming into the game) in OT with the top O and top D in the NFL, who are they beating in the playoffs?
  7. The Bills are 26th in Red Zone offense this year (55%). When a team relies on big plays to score TDs and can't punch it in from inside the 20, you get results like last night.
  8. Bass gets the tying FG 100% of the time at that range. The math is easy on this one. Also, claiming the Bills would be a "sizable underdog" in OT is not believable.
  9. Of course you do! How do you tell THIS Offense that, not only do you not think they can score from the 5,, but that you aren't confident they can't even get 3 yards. WTF?? It makes infinitely more sense to take a shot at that point in the game....then on the last play of the game...when a FG gets a new clock all tied! Both bad decisions.
  10. Obviously false. Bad Red Zone play calling in the 1st half (plenty of FGs!) and a bad choice to end the game are why they lost the game. Bills are tied for the league lead with 15 FG attempted and over 1/2 are under 30 yards! They have kicked 8 FG within that range--no other team has more than 5.
  11. Turn a tie/OT into a loss and bring 2 Time Outs home with you on the plane is now labeled as "gutsy"...
  12. yup. Why toss this game away? Get some clock in OT
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