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  1. He really can't go wherever he wants. He's limited to the teams that would take him. And few if any of those are as Conference Championship Game ready as the Packers.
  2. The plate is king. As for wings, I would take Jeremiah's on Monroe over any of those joints in Buffalo.
  3. I agree it will be harder, but I don't see the worry re: Bills path to the SB.
  4. Not bad.....but Stockton and Malone were an elite tandem for years and won their Conference title and played in the finals twice. Rodgers-Adams, zero.
  5. yeah--bumping a year old Duke thread should bring a serious penalty.
  6. next you know, he'll want to see the Manager...
  7. I'm not the one comparing a duo who has won nothing with a duo that won it al---6 times. Take it with this clueless duo. Including a player with a ring on his finger isn't relevant to the picture both of them posted, so I picked a more recent loser duo from the NBA.
  8. Know how you start a street fight in Binghamton? Throw a fried baloney sandwich into it.
  9. I said "as a pair", which was what both of these guys were tweeting. Rodgers's ring is almost dozen years old and Adams wasn't with him then. So...accurate.
  10. Jordan and Pippen ?? lol They have 6 rings together as a pair. Rodgers and Adams have....zero point zero. such morons. They should have gone with this (for accuracy):
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