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  1. A sports book and casino to fill an arena?? So close to niagara? No chance. Plus no one is going to build another hotel tower in Buffalo. occupancy rates can’t support that
  2. A new stadium and a new arena would completely screw Erie County.
  3. Sounds like the guy the Bills replaced him with.....
  4. No one has been suspended for that. Also, if a player still can't figure how and when to pee clean for the NFL drug tests, that player is too dumb for professional sports.
  5. That's a different kraft, so your menu can stay as "mac and cheese" indefinitely.
  6. I’m betting they will shield Peterman from the opposing teams’ starters....
  7. It's clear the NFL (through the CBA) can suspend without any charges or criminal activity. We all heard the tape of this POS threatening his own child and the mother of that child. This is the same woman he punched in the face and stomach and STRANGLED---while she was pregnant with their child! He lies about that now, but he admitted it in court. He now blames the child's mother for breaking the kids arm, yet no charges were filed against her either. The decision not to suspend should not have rested solely on the outcome of the child battery investigation. He absolutely should have been suspended as a serial abuser of the mother of his kid. This is undisputed. The "conduct detrimental" is there to punish and perhaps discourage this behavior in NFL players. He is threatening the woman and his kid on tape. What will be the response when (not "if") this guy beats her and his kid again? He's a violent, lying miscreant. But the Chiefs are happy to have him back. It should be all good though, given Andy Reid's strong history of getting troubled young men back on the right path...
  8. What kind of "family shop" doesn't afford him the opportunity to go inside and have a nice cool glass of water every now and then??
  9. She didn't pour coffee in her lap. It spilled when she ha the cup between her legs. There can be no food product sold to the public that is hot enough to cause full thickness burns. McDonalds knew this was the case and kept selling it anyway. Not frivolous---it was a slam dunk case once the jury heard the above...
  10. No but so what? Same is true in NBA forever. That’s how it is. Winners get the calls. You can’t sue over that
  11. That bush will churn through more NFL rosters than Rafael did...
  12. So you would take Newton over Wilson as your QB because he is mainly a threat to score while running? You can have him! Their career trajectories are diverging for the past 3 seasons. They both lost a SB. One is 3-4 in playoffs, the other 3-3.
  13. Not even close. The missed PI was the most glaring no call in most viewers' memory. It was stunning. Plus, if Dee Ford had not lined up 3 feet into the neutral zone (or if Andy Reid could coach the last 2 minutes of a playoff game better than the cotton candy vender he's leering at), Chiefs win. Calls are missed--it doesn't mean that the game is being called "unfairly". You are implying the game was fixed. Fans can't sue because of missed calls. Maybe the NFL will call a couple dozen Rams fans as character witnesses to assure the jury the game was called just right and that they were completely satisfied.
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