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  1. Sort of. Cablevision was initially a partner in the project, which was part of the NYC Olympic bid. Dolan's properties don't really compete for football stadium sized shows (of which there aren't many any more). Truth was it was political burning bag of poop only the Governor wanted to step on--he wanted the Olympics to be his legacy. He was done in by more powerful politicians in Albany, it it died there.
  2. We'll know his therapy is working when he says "my career ended last season" also, the Jets didn't play in Long Island...
  3. you said every other team should fire their coach because they can’t beat Reid and his Chiefs. It would follow that no other coach could lead to the Bills beating the Reid and the Chiefs because they are simply unbeatable.
  4. so there's simply no other NFL coach who could take the Bills team and win a single playoff game against Reid's Chiefs? If McD can't do it, no one possibly could?
  5. one or two losses against the same team in the playoffs may fit with you narrative...
  6. So we agree now it’s not actually the quality of the roster. It’s a matter of having the same roster prepared to make close out plays in the playoffs, not just the regular season, which is on the coaching staff. glad we got that sorted….
  7. no way.....Rodgers always needs more weapons. read right here...
  8. The found good enough Defensive players to rank 16,1,2,4 in points allowed and 14,1,6,9 in yards. Bills had a better D every year but last---which was close. Bills also were a better Offense last year. Same result. In the post season, the difference, therefore, is coaching. The Bills, as you alluded to, have a 3-1 record regular season Josh vs KC. You can't cogently argue that the Bills have adequate players and coaching in the regular season, but that they need "better players" in the postseason, in order to get past KC. That would make no sense.
  9. Tim Graham has an axe to grind!!!! Wait, is this the updated script, or the old one?
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