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  1. That's an answer to a different question. They don't hang banners for a team with the current longest league playoff drought...
  2. It's the dominant argument being put forward on this thread...
  3. Winners get the kudos.... Sabres are empty handed.
  4. I quoted the AAV, as it takes all the cap shenanigans and neutralizes them. He's #11. And there's really no reason that McD would squander a player's spin and quickness just because he didn't to upset his DC. We've covered this... I guess the best thing we can say is that, in several years, when better players get much more than Oliver, this will look like a steal!!
  5. He was too slow to get separation after the catch... But since you mention it, he had 1549 catches....which should I focus on? Just the "highlights"?
  6. Exactly. I heard it was reported that he said: "man, don't focus on me----you gotta give Isaiah, Cole and Gabe some more LOOKS BRO!"
  7. What more prove do you need that 40 times are useless in assessing WRs? You've tanked your own argument. Maybe you have redefined "deep threat" somewhere? Rice was tearing up the league from day 1. In his first 5 seasons he averaged 18.5 YPC! Was that all YAC? So he was too slow to burn the secondary deep.....but he was too fast for them to catch him after short passes? Hopkins is 5th in deep TD receptions over the past 15 years, behind Desean Jackson, Calvin Johnson, Antonio Brown, AJ Green (4.62 40). PFF has in their top 5 deep threats 2 guys who ran 4.45 and 4.5 in the combine---not burners buy any stretch for WR.
  8. This was also brought up in the "dramatic" (lol) Breer piece i cited: "Remember, there’s a chance Hopkins is just where Julio Jones was two years ago, when Jones was traded from Atlanta to Tennessee. And if that’s the case, the team trading for Hopkins probably will have buyer’s remorse. There, of course, is also the chance that a change of scenery could bring the old Hopkins back." I agree with the rest of your post. Clearly, there was little interest in D Hop, for the reasons you mention and that are well laid out in Breer's article.
  9. Teams don't compete with agents. Edmunds agent didn't know what Smith "got paid" until the rest of us did--in mid January of this year (which isn't last year). Where was the talk that Edmunds wanted to "test the market" during last season, when the Bills picked up his 5th year option instead of re-signing him/locking him up? There's this: "I'm gonna let the process take shape," Edmunds told FOX Sports last week in Phoenix at an event for his agency, Athletes First. "You know what I mean? Like, you know, they've been good to me. So I definitely say thank you to the Bills for everything that they've done for me these last five years. But like I said, man, I'm just right now — I'm in the backseat." That was in February....of 2023 (not last year).
  10. lol come on. Ok, let's "run" with that. That makes him faster than another "NEVER a deep threat", Jerry Rice, and as "slow" as Larry Fitzgerald--another guy who could NEVER go deep. Compare them to such legendary 40 yard kings and, therefore, "deep threats" Rondel Menendez, John Ross, Marquis Goodwin, JJ Nelson and Tyquan Thornton. Being a deep threat in the NFL isn't just a function of straight line speed... Even so, D Hop has lost a step, per multiple guys who fill rosters and all passed on even discussing a trade for him.
  11. what offer was Beane competing with last year?
  12. posters live to extrapolate stars that don’t exist. It’s not a meaningful exercise. The numbers he put up were not “great”. the guy can’t play close to a full season since 3 years ago NFL executives disagree with your professional opinion. tell them that are wrong minded drama queens
  13. they had the chance to lock him up (as many teams do of their top 1 st round picks on the roster) last year, his 4th season—for less than that. They chose not to. So there was no chance they were going pay even more this year. so nah
  14. point to the drama the point of the article is that there has been no market for Hopkins….
  15. if Breer quotes 3 different team executives’ opinions of Hopkins current abilities…he’s being dramatic? that makes no sense at all. He’s quoting football executives—one of which also had positive things to say. Save yourself, go read the article.
  16. Well, I can only quote the most recent AAV rankings. He's now moved up to 11.
  17. It was Albert Breer. There's nothing over the top in that article at all, actually. lol, sure. Not great. Played only 19 games the past 2 years--total of under 1300 yards. That's not all against double coverage..
  18. it wasn’t a dramatic piece. A fact based assessment as to why he’s still not signed.
  19. https://www.si.com/nfl/2023/05/30/inside-deandre-hopkins-release-options-bills-chiefs Some team execs quoted: "not much left". "he can't run anymore". "he's not going to separate, not much of a deep threat" “Does not love to practice—I can’t imagine that’ll get any better. And when things don’t go well, you’re always gonna be leery, All right, what kind of drama are we gonna get from this guy? When things are great, he’s great. When things go south, his true colors show a little bit." No teams but Bills and Chiefs gave him a whiff...
  20. As of today: Mr. Washington: "we are confident that this very generous contract extension will be a source of significant motivation for Mr. Oliver to become a more significant playmaker heading into this, his 5th season". Messrs Haynesworth and Dareus: "definitely....bahahahaha!"
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