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  1. Then why do they keep hitting eachother in the head? Again, the players have been negotiating the new CBA with 17 games for 9 months. Too late to pretend it’s a “min-starter”.
  2. The point is that these are the guys who would benefit most from this deal. That's what a union is supposed to do. If it is ratified by the players, that will be the proof that's how it works. Half the players make less than 860K a year, which is about the league minimum for vets. That's not "the weakest link"...... The NFL has come up with this offer with the NFLPA art the table the entire time.
  3. That’s not targeting. That’s providing the best deal for the most players who will benefit the most. That should be the goal of the NFLPA in every CBA.
  4. Turned on this game to see C Jones as probably the best player in this league. Oh well. This is awful football.
  5. So...choose people who agree to sign with your team? Wise beyond her years.
  6. I didn't write it. I'm a Josh fan, but this article provided zero useful insight. Everyone here knew each point listed.
  7. Best game: Dallas Worst game: NE Struggles against the blitz Takes bad sacks Scrambles when there are open receivers. Big arm. Knox drops lots of balls. Receivers are tiny men who drop balls too No offense to Yardbarkers, but to anyone here, there is no news in that analysis.
  8. Every team will want to join the AFCE...
  9. Yeah I'm sure the Bears fans would be on board with that! lol
  10. How is the NFL targeting them? Richard Sherman and JJ Watt should ask the tons of guys on their teams who aren't making 8-17 million a year what they think of the offer before they run their mouths on twitter about what is best for "the players". Might get a lot of STFU from the "rank and file"...
  11. Winston? Nagy is part of the problem. Next Qb will prove that.
  12. “Most successful quarterbacks have that ‘it’ factor. (Manuel) has that ‘it’ factor,” Whaley said. “When he walks into a room, there’s a presence and people take notice. He’s going to be the face of our franchise, and it’s not too big for him.” If the players were truly concerned, they wouldn't have even been bargaining with it.
  13. I was laughing at the championship. Losman's only skill was making a fool out of every GM that signed him. But history has proven over and over that that isn't very hard.
  14. 3 camps: Reps who want the deal as is Reps who will take the deal with tweaks Reps who won’t take the deal
  15. It's bluster. Both know no one is interested in paying him that much. That plus the fact that the Bills would let him walk lets other bidders know they don't have to come close to top 3 money to sign him.
  16. I don't remember anything but bemused laughter at Losman's "lighting up" (under 200 ypg, 9 TDs over 6 games) the UFL.
  17. His claim that he deserves "top 3" money was, in retrospect, a poor decision entering the FA market...
  18. You still don't get it. The NFL revenue isn't about full stadiums (nor is "fandom"). The Rams revenue jumped from 317 million to over 400 million in the 3 years since they moved back to LA. New Era has empty seats in December: are the fans "gone"? No--they are watching comfortably at home on their 65 inch 4K TV and playing fantasy football at the same time. This isn't even very hard to grasp. Fantasy football is powering the NFL's popularity. It will surprise you that fans can play fantasy football....AND root for their favorite team. Pretty wild huh?
  19. He thinks they want an OT at 22...and if their best choice is gone, they go for the D2 kid as the "BPA"? All of that is a nightmare scenario.
  20. Hurricane season?! And a 16 game schedule is what is keeping the NFL from being "indistinguishable from the XFL"! Wow. The human body wasn't made for many things. But people of all ages get hurt playing games that kids play. They aren't paid for that though. As NoSaint says, if this was at all a concern, why not cut down to 15 or 12 or 10? Or just have the 2 teams with the best record in each conference play in the SB? The simple answer his that the risk of a single extra game can't be quantified. Anyway, give me another game in the NFL. I'm watching, just like every poster on this board. Everyone will tune in just as ever. Zero reason to believe otherwise.
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