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  1. This guy got beat like a drum by KC 2 years running. He was a bum, right off the bus.
  2. Since this thread was started comparing Jackson (and a basketball team) to McD (and a football team), you can’t credibly come at me by pointing out the differences between the two types of teams. We all already understood the differences. Also, this is hardly a team of former ne’er do wells, scamps and rejects. This roster is pretty stacked. And last year it was the top Defense and a top Offense. Both just got better in the off-season. Therefore it’s entirely reasonable to extend the OPs subject of comparing the two coaches team building skills with the results. Entering his 6th year, McD knows the team and organization at least as well as Jackson knew the Bulls when they won their first ring. Especially since the stunning collapse in the last game of the season (including a significant coaching failure) it is absolutely reasonable to expect McDs “team building” to payoff with a SB appearance this year. I don’t understand why anyone would truly have a hard time understanding this
  3. Jackson coached the Bulls to 3 rings beginning a year after he got there. Ultimate success has to start under McD soon...
  4. The NFL has made that decision for him so far it seems...
  5. There's no chance this is true. No one outside of the Bills benefits by the sale of PSLs for this stadium. Faced with the choice of paying his share for the stadium out of pocket or having the season ticket holders pay for most of that with PSLs, Pegula certainly doesn't need a consultant to choose which option is best for the long term health of the Pegula Lifestyle Fund.
  6. You own your PSL. Yours to sell at market price.
  7. Hopefully McD will tune in to "Travis Kelce, mic'd up" this season.....
  8. If they saw value in a Sanders/Hilton type, they probably would have kept Sanders.
  9. Hilton? Bills did that last year with Sanders.
  10. Chargers won 9 games and missed the playoffs. Now Russ Wilson is in Denver. Colts with old Ryan is just another said old joke for the Indy fans to endure since Luck retired. Even without Hill, it's KC. No need to discount Bengals either.
  11. who, Dimarco? there was another Bills FB wasted roster spot.
  12. I was just pointing this out to the poster who was asking if the Browns were pining for Keenum... But....Who else is Mayfield playing for?
  13. “Yes, because she was teary-eyed. And I was trying to figure out what was going on. So, I assumed that she was uncomfortable in whatever reason." Right? could be anything... He's done. Mayfield still on the roster.
  14. His appearances at fullback were too rare too be meaningful. 14% of snaps. He's not on the roster for that. Most teams don't bother with FB/H-back. Sweeney had twice as many snaps.
  15. Why is Gilliam likely to get a spot? He’s not even an every down special teamer
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