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  1. Chandler#81

    Nate or Josh-who would our defense rather play against?

    C’mon Man. He meant to OUR guys!
  2. Chandler#81

    Terrance Fede has been impressive.

    We’re pretty thin at DE.. unless we ..um Trade for a superstar DE currently holding out, I’d guess yes. Murphy is a near complete unknown to this date and Lawson is Lawson..
  3. Chandler#81

    Bodine just gave up on Streater Td play

    Judgement call. This thread is off the rails.
  4. to Everyone but McDermott, obviously.
  5. Chandler#81

    Bills Re-sign DT Tenny Palepoi

    Is he the #91 who McDermott called out in Embedded for chasing his teammate to congratulate him on an int? Stubby Guy?
  6. I’m with the Coach bashing crowd on this one. Maybe it’s familiarity breeding contempt, but there are times his ‘close to vest’ schtick makes him seem out of touch. I get it that presumably surprising B’more with the starter makes it more difficult to prepare, but me’n 10 buddies could probably fare well against Pickpeterman or McCollarbone in a pick up game. Neither strike fear into anyone. Ya think Allen isn’t ready yet? Fine. Say it! “He’s done well so far, better -perhaps-than we envisioned. But he’s still very young and this is an entirely different set of circumstances than he’s experienced before and we want him to become comfortable in it. We have a methodical schedule for him and he’s acclimating to it well. We certainly have no plans to throw him out there in week 1 and just hope for the best. We’ll see. It’s a PROCESS!” This would still say nothing, but not make him appear clueless. jmo.
  7. Chandler#81

    Trent Murphy - Should we be worried?

    I’m not worried about -or even thinking about his crotch. But I’m damn worried he’s as unproductive as Lazy Lutelilie!
  8. Chandler#81

    Please name Josh Allen the starter

    Dr. Chandler diagnoses the ‘Buffalo-strain PTSD’. Side effects include nausea, depression, vomiting uncontrollably, mood swings and thoughts of suicide. Ask your Doctor if Cocaine is right for you.
  9. Chandler#81

    Fun film review of Josh Allen vs. the Browns

    in a FoxNews kind of way..
  10. Chandler#81

    Please name Josh Allen the starter

    My phones’ new Lock Screen
  11. Here’s another: https://www.buffalobills.com/news/bills-today-bleacher-report-impressed-by-this-bills-qb
  12. Chandler#81

    Bills injury updates - Training Camp/Preseason

    To me, the most telling aspect is how quickly Williams’ Defense changed tactics from full out Go to deep safety’s and CB’s. Yes, he was daring the punk whiz kid to launch mortars and see if he was smart enough to take what was left open underneath. Surprize!! DC’s across the League landscape haven’t slept yet!
  13. Chandler#81

    Kelly/Reich = Allen/Peterman

    Well, it’s a hypothetical question, but I’ll take a stab. 1) Probably as poorly as Reich’s starting performances under Polian with Carolina. 2) Very likely not even One SB appearance as the Biscuit trade & TThomas pick, Lofton signing likely never happen. 3) ... i could go on and on, but I’m already depressed.😩 Thanks a lot!🤬
  14. OUCH!😥 Dare I say this may not be the only time? Clueless blocking from the OL, TE’s & RB’s vs Cleveland are absolutely alarming!!