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  1. Well, yeah, but Tua accounted for 10 of them..
  2. One is honest, one is a goddam cheater.
  3. Right. Just like we do on DEs. 👍🤦‍♂️
  4. Disappointing. Perhaps he didn’t think he’d have to give this press conference this early. But he should have prepared more. Beane has been very telling in the past on these pressers and we’ve referenced them throughout the ensuing seasons. This seemed completely off the cuff. The only part I took from it is if we don’t lose Dorsey to a HC job (unlikely imo), then he’ll be back for a 2nd season. His comments about Hines were strange and I think he’s hiding something there. It’s unlikely Singletary will accept our offer an Cook isn’t an every down back. I think everybody’s bewildered at OBD..
  5. Great thread! Thanks for everyone’s input. NOW LETS WIN THIS THING!
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