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  1. Thanks MGK! One of my favorite events of preseason.
  2. Sal Cappacio called that video out as not doing the pass justice. He said it was just like the perfectly thrown pass he physically guided at the 49ers, only this one went over TWO defenders and into Beasleys breadbasket on the run.
  3. The ‘Go get it!’ Bomb to Diggs @ Las Vegas!
  4. Side note; can’t find AstroNotes anywhere in the Twitter-verse. ☹️
  5. Actually, no. He took it out on their paycheck..🤷‍♂️ File this for later!
  6. While it seems obvious, has the need for the surgery been addressed? Ankle replacement is a new one on me and the rehab length is daunting!
  7. We ‘learned’ what we already knew -that nothing is settled. Thus I jumped square into your lame thread -there’s is no answer. Your childish threads were somewhat tolerated during the off season. But the big boys are back now. Step up your game. The kiddies table threads are Already old.
  8. Thanks for the humor, folks. SOMETHING had to save this thread.. 🤦‍♂️
  9. He’s about to make My ‘ignore’ list.. which will put him on everyone’s list..
  10. Yet another lame thread. Day 1 of training camp and THIS is your topic choice, @PrimeTime101?? 🤦‍♂️
  11. He also added 30 LBs of pure muscle and exploded on the field! Bastard.😡
  12. Turn in your Fan Card😡 So, Mongo to Center? Then Ford stays. We have a talented and deep secondary, but I’d like to see us bring in an established vet. Then go BIG and trade a high pick for a DE/Edge!
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