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  1. I know, right? Wonderful gesture! How can anyone not ❤️ this team?!
  2. Here’s todays entry to Favorite Buffalo Bill!
  3. Yep. I mentioned this. Flowers & trees are in full bloom by late March. I guess keeping the lawn mower in the garage for another couple months is a WNY perk..
  4. In ‘96, the company I was working for and figured to retire from, closed its doors after 105 years in operation there and moved to China. A nice severance pkg allowed me & Mrs. C to be selective on a new opportunity. Both of us 3rd generation WNY’ers, we’d come to hate it. (‘95, It must be noted here, saw 11 straight weekends of rain & Crap weather from late June through August -effectively wiping out an entire calendar year!) Of all the offers I received, I tossed every one local or northern aside and it came down to North Carolina or north Florida. Been among the palm trees ever since. WNY weather is a constant stigma. Been there since the glaciers cut the Falls. Even in Pittsburgh, Philly, NYC, it’s getting nice by late March. It’s a full ’nother Month for Buffalo and late August is sweater weather. If you choose to live there, ya gotta be tough. The weather there has sucked every year since the big bang.
  5. ‘HEY-Ooh!’ I considered Ernie ‘No D’ but I don’t think he ever wore the original uni the Clippers are celebrating. I think we were all blue when we drafted him. Then John Y made us ALL blue.. 🤬
  6. well, sure. Anything to help the team, I guess.. 😳
  7. Hi,

    My name's Tyler Bagwell. I'm a Buffalo researcher trying to compile video footage regarding wings. I saw your comment about a video clip you have with Paul Maguire talking about McDole and Dunaway eating wings. Is this from "Rebels with a cause: The Story of the AFL." I'm watching it now to look for it, but in the event it's not. Is this something you still have and would be willing to send me. Let me know.

    Thank you,


  8. <scratching off name on Xmas card list> So low key, he makes himself invisible-UNTIL!! For all the likable characters assembled at OBD, it comes down to THIS! Agreed. I almost have to consider Brandon Beane BECAUSE of his eye for who he wants on his team! Not just skills & talent, but character.
  9. I don’t see the Bills waiting ‘til ‘that time comes’. I think we’ll see a new contract offer soon, if not during the offseason. It’s a salary that must be accounted for before any FA $$ is spent, imo.
  10. I’ve deleted enough posts from this thread for political responses. Y’all know better.
  11. Saddened to learn this. My condolences, Brother.
  12. That would be plagiarism. I’m not that deviant. Perhaps it’s a case of dual identity?😉
  13. Ladies & gentlemen, please be wary how close this thread is getting to tipping off the PC rails. Especially since the collective point has beaten repeated many times with little variance.
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