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  1. You been sleeping? We won the freakin SUPER BOWL!
  2. Lighten up, Francis. Fair or not, there are far more people who believe parental interference will help an addicted child than those who claim it’s not their fault. He ain’t babysitting my grandkids either.
  3. Having rightfully received complaints about political views in this thread -IT DOESN’T BELONG HERE!- I’ve deleted the witless comments as the OPs topic is football relevant. Start up the BS again and into the dumpster it goes. Edit: with vacations.
  4. https://images.app.goo.gl/zzAQP8y8Pygf6B2M9
  5. Schoney had that picture on the inside flaps of his double LP.
  6. I’ve seen or listened to every game the Braves, Sabres & Bills have played. 2 Titles & 7 Bridesmaids is all I have to show for it. My only regret is that I’m freakin’ OLD!
  7. It is for this reason I only buy jerseys of retired Bills, so they’re playing history is worthy.
  8. Unfortunately, we’ve had a number of Bills rookies see the inner workings of the BPD, up close & personal. But all of them at one time is a 1st. #TrustTheProcess
  9. Erasing the penciled ‘W’ check mark on my schedule for Washington. It’s now done in bold Sharpie.
  10. I expect at least 2 trades to take place then and both teams will swoop in on cutdown day. Its what friends do.
  11. BLAH BLAH NOBODY asked you. You’re incredibly boring and bring nothing to football conversations. Now go outside and play.
  12. I’d only add 37-35 over Jets in ‘68. Otherwise this is my list. Was at every game except ‘64 Title Game.
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