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  1. Chandler#81

    Allen looked very good today

    I recall 3 beautiful passes where -if not for insidious penalties- would have completely turned the game in our favor and added at least 100 yards. I see continual improvement in Allen but it’s slow and sometimes hard to watch.
  2. Chandler#81

    2nd half thread: Wk 6 Bills at Texans, 1 pm on CBS

    Just tuned in and see the 1st Half Thread wasn’t opened. Apologies, but it probably saved a few Warning Points, given the penalties.. Carry on.
  3. This info was released this morning on WGR, but has been known and posted already.
  4. As a Geezer who knew, watched and loved our ‘60s teams, I both resent and represent that remark. If anything is truly lost on millennials, it’s their seeming unwillingness to learn and accept history. Punkazz whippersnappers! #GetOffMyLawn!
  5. Chandler#81

    Cap Room Analysis requested

    Newsflash; we’re blessed here with posters who commit a lot of their time to this process while the rest of us bowl, hunt, fish, work a 2nd job or just drink booze. I’m interested as well and already glad for some of the input. If you can offer worthwhile data on the subject, Thank you in advance. If not, lighten your Linens..
  6. Chandler#81

    Game Preview: Bills vs Texans by John Murphy

    Please use Search function to preclude duplicate threads.
  7. I agree. This Draft was an anomaly that I concur with. But McBeane & Co. have already proven to me they’re very good at college player evals, so accrue all the Picks we can and fill in the gaping holes.
  8. He may be a secret to the rest of the League, but I’ve seen a major jump in play from a pretty fine rookie year. I think he’s great and paired with Edmunds, this should be a great team strength for years to come.
  9. Chandler#81

    Week 6 predictions: Bills at Texans

    Ditto. I was at the debacle. The game was ours at every turn. EJ simply wouldn’t let it happen. At least he never saw the field again.. NRGStadium is a butt ugly eyesore. All this said, I don’t see us winning winning either. 23-10 them
  10. Well, forget it. Foles nearly retired last year and only changed his mind to work with the Coach. He wouldn’t accept the trade.
  11. Chandler#81

    Long Time Fan Calls Out The Buffalo Bills In Obituary

    At least he saw 2 AFL Championships and 8 League/Conference Championship games. So many current -and understandably jaded Bills fans don’t recognize how important the Bills were in getting the NFL to adopt & merge the 2 Leagues. Numerous Leagues have sprung up since Halas & Co. formed the NFL, but none were admitted wholly into the League except the AFL. Yes, the SB Jets & Chiefs we’re huge accomplishments, but the merger was already in place thanks in large part to how the Bills played Defense in the mid-60’s. It mirrored the best the NFL was doing while showcasing fantastic offenses. RIP, Mr. Merkel.
  12. I understand everyone’s perspective. It’s a tough call -if this is legit. My take: He’s the Captain of my favorite team and is enroute to a HOF ending for his career. If he retires as a Bill, he’ll go into the Hall as a Bill. Traded back to Philly, he goes in as an Eagle. I’m a homer. I hope he stays a Bill.
  13. Chandler#81

    Keeping three quarterbacks

    McBeane believes in their Draft picks -to a fault. Frankly, many seem to be paying off in the 2year. Peterman is the exception. He baffled everyone in preseason and had the best showing. But when the lights went up, he shrunk for the 3rd straight time. I expect him gone as soon as DA is up to speed and the next big injury hits, needing a new replacement.
  14. Chandler#81

    KB is Done

    Please use the search function - or at least READ the threads on page 1.