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  1. ‘Of course! Take as much time as you need! Btw, get your resume out..’
  2. I hear her weight is up to 320 LBs. Should work…
  3. Bandits have lasted much longer than the Braves and have numerous titles. juss sayin’
  4. No reason to believe you, but if you don’t ‘happen again’, it would be such a relief.
  5. You get rightfully slammed for all your takes. Every once in a while, one sticks to the wall..
  6. You forgot to add ‘for a 3peat Division Champion with numerous top 5 Defensive rankings.’ Oterwise, you’re spot on 😉👍
  7. Here’s a memory that’s just 6 months old. He garnered a Safety at Detroit last Thanksgiving that contributed to a tie game with just seconds to play. Allen cleaned up with a brilliant long completion to Diggs and Bass split the uprights at 0:00 remaining. Am I happy about this lengthy expensive extension given his lack of big plays? No. Do I call the shots at OBD? No. So be it.🤷‍♂️
  8. Riiight, cuz 3 straight Division titles and routinely among the Top 5 Defensive rankings means more work needs to be done.🤦‍♂️
  9. Click bait from a Moderator? Oh, how the mighty have fallen
  10. This isn’t 1870. What could possibly parallel owning a huge animal, many acres of land, years of concerted effort to maintain it just so you can ride it make a person smart? Ridiculous. PS Good luck in FA, Ed.
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