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  1. - and true to form, his last pass was intercepted. Allen, by default.
  2. Chandler#81

    October 29th 2018

    I was there! Friends who recently had moved to Ohio saw me in the stands. I was watching the sideline camera and when it went hot (red light on) I jumped up and hollared. He called the next day to tell me. We knocked Lenny Dawson out of the game early -and while OJ had 100 yrds, it took him 33 carries to get it. Half way to 2000!
  3. Chandler#81

    Poll - Buffalo Bills Number Hall of Fame

    #78 Jim Dunaway -of note.
  4. Not only would I NOT sleep on him, I wouldn’t sleep With him. but that’s just me..
  5. Chandler#81

    Whose On Your Bills Wall of Fame

    Cookie only spent 3 tumultuous seasons here in the decade. Not enough for consideration, IMO. While Sestak’s career was cut short by injury, he was far more valuable to the team and deserves to be paired with Kemp, if only 2 are allowed per the OP.
  6. Chandler#81

    What Do YOU Remember about Thurman Thomas?

    It helped that we didn’t have a 1st round pick -trading it in the Great Halloween Trade the previous year for Cornelius Bennett. Thomas was so pissed at all the other teams, he swore vengeance on them from Buffalo’s backfield. Thank you, Bill Polian!
  7. Chandler#81

    Thurmans Jersey to be retired!

    Where’s the love for Bubby Braxton & Cookie Gilchrist? I agree. Sabres went a little overboard. But the French Connection, Hasek & Lafontaine deserve it.
  8. Chandler#81

    What Do YOU Remember about Thurman Thomas?

    Greatest tribute to Thurman came from Dolphins DC Tom Olivadotti following the ‘95 Playoff game. Reporter: How do you stop Thurman Thomas? Olivadotti: Trade for him
  9. Ancient history. The reason this game gets talked about more than FOUR STRAIGHT SUPER BOWLS is because it’s the only one we were really in. No team was going to derail the Redskins the following year, nor Dallas the year after. While the last SB was close for 3 quarters, by then the doom had set in. Kick goes through the uprights and we’re 1-3.
  10. Chandler#81

    What Do YOU Remember about Thurman Thomas?

    To the OP’s question; everything. His very first carry in the ‘88 Opener vs Minnesota, he hit the line off Hull’s butt, bounced sideways through the LBs until they dragged him down after an 8 yard gain. It would become his signature play for 12 years, repeated hundreds of times. His last carry with the Dolphins? Slashing off the right side for a sideways 8 yard gain. Brilliant player. Kudos to the Bills for this fantastic gesture. #SquattyBody
  11. Chandler#81

    Poll - Buffalo Bills Number Hall of Fame

    Tie. 34 & 80.
  12. Chandler#81

    What jerseys do you own?