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  1. Quoting the legendary @DC Tom, you’re a moron. But a damn funny moron!🤣 btw, no I’ll effects for me. Completely vax’d and done with this pandemic. Whats Next?
  2. My new FB profile pic. Funny how ‘they’ knew... We didn’t take George Orwell seriously enough.. pic is painting of me by a very talented, Canadian friend of mine-who’s currently freaking out over the foot of snow that fell last night. 🤣BWAHAHAHAHAHA ! Been 28+ hours since ‘Mo-2’. Feeling like a million buck$! -which don’t mean squat these days..
  3. In Brandon’s recent web view of the Draft with local sports writers, he’s pretty meticulous in talking about a speed RB who can catch & block. Obvi, he never clearly addresses his targets, but he’s a ‘read between the lines’ guy -as we often see afterwards. But he was more matter of fact delineating what Singletary and Moss don’t/can’t bring to the offense. Thinking back to our last game, he got an up close perspective of what a super fast RB can bring. Im not sayin’ , I’m just sayin’..
  4. Haven’t read every post yet, but didn’t Bojo pin them at the 1 with the best punt in football last season?
  5. I’m convinced it’s (basically) a ruse. Sure, see what’s out there that interest them to trade back (P.T.Barnums words continue to ring true). But imo, they’d be -well, the JETS to not take Florida ‘ TE. Who wouldn’t want a Dynamic Duo 12 pkg?? who, I say WHO? Especially so, given the glaring weeknesses the ‘rookie Savior’ TuaTonguningaTurtle displayed last season.. Im going with fable. It’s a ruse!
  6. Thanks for inquiring! Yep, got the 2nd stab this a.m.. interestingly, I’m not as ecstatic or feeling liberated as I envisioned. arm is sore but tolerable. Gotta say, I’m dreading tonight/tomorrow. I’m a woos when I’m sick.. Focusing on bellying up to a beach bar by Saturday, my ‘2 shot verification card’ firmly in my wallet! Calling the Bills ticket office next week! P.S. if I’m not heard from til the weekend, I woosed out again. it’s my MO..🤦‍♂️ Best wishes, all!
  7. Damn! Now I’m scared *crap*less! 2nd Moderna vax tomorrow morning. I’ve been looking so forward to being completely free of worry about this pandemic. Now I’m pretty fearful.. Taking the following work days off, expecting the worse.. Best Wishes for a quick, complete recovery! Keep us informed!
  8. Against the years’ Super Bowl teams, we lost by 1 point to the undefeated Dolphins and whooped the Over the Hill Gang Redskins. This was the 1st year Channel 7 (WKBW) won the broadcasting rights, moving Van Miller out for a few years. Al Meltzer & the late Rick Azar called the games.
  9. Lou Saban returns and puts an emphasis on running the ball with OJ & Jim Braxton. But serious OLine injuries plagued the team. JD Hill emerged as a PB WR and ‘the venerable one’ USC’s Bobby Chandler began to make a name for himself. Another long season gave a brighter vision to the future as we’d win 9 games the following season and make the playoffs in ‘74. 2 parts. Part 1 Part 2
  10. It’s that time of year again..
  11. Good! You look terrible in a tie. (you don’t look so good without one either..)
  12. Knock Knock -who’s there? Owen -Owen who? Owen Eight
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