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  1. Refresh my memory. Can $$ be used in trades for a player ala MLB? ie: Shaq Lawson & $8M for Clowny
  2. Please review existing threads before starting a new one.
  3. That’s all this is. The Brass put him immediately at mlb. No armchair knowitalls with their worthless opinions will change their direction. The kid is a freak! He’ll only improve and he still can’t order a beer with his chicken wings. Congrats, Tremain!
  4. Chandler#81

    Matt Milano Leg Injury

    The season is done sans more evaluating of new/fringe players in advance of a most promising off season ahead. Milano is lock on this team, likely already a priority to sign a 2nd contract. Aside from a few more live plays of experience, we don’t need to see more of him these last 3 weeks for future consideration. I’m relieved he should be completely healed quickly. Does it derail a possible Pro Bowl bid? Do you really care? Get well soon, Matt!
  5. Chandler#81

    THE ROCKPILE REVIEW - “No Review This Week”

    ‘I didn’t see the game’. and this is worth a thread?
  6. Noob, read the rules and check the thread topics already posted on a subject you feel we need to be enlightened by your presence. Consider yourself warned.
  7. Chandler#81

    Matt Milano Leg Injury

    You know the rules here, BB. YOU can’t say things like this. But I can. STFU, PeterDude! There. That did it. Won’t be hearing from him again..
  8. OP, you’ve stated this in another thread. Read the rules before posting again. Consider yourself warned.
  9. Chandler#81

    Has a WR made a great catch this season????

    Really! How quickly the OP forgets..
  10. Chandler#81

    Bills defense is overrated.

    Yet another cheesy noob thread..🤨 They aren’t overrated because no one here says they are. Their Rating is done by the League, based solely on yards against rush & pass. But you’d have to actually follow the NFL to know this.
  11. Chandler#81

    Give Barkley the start next week?

    That’s enough.
  12. Chandler#81

    1993 Houston Wildcard Comeback- Where were you guys

    Watching at home in Dansville NY on a bootleg feed. Captured it on vhs.
  13. Chandler#81

    Josh Allen's progress

    The Bolded parts are you explaining his improvements from college, despite your narrative. Hehas actually improved passing from the pocket significantly from his college days as this was the 1st NFL crash course the Bills gave him. He’s shown no reason to be concerned that he won’t continue to improve on any aspect of his game. As for long ball accuracy, he’s had a few drops which I think cloud your concern because they weren’t caught. His WR group changed virtually every game he’s played, so there’s no continuity like Brady to Gronk yet. The kid has played in 8 games and he’s not likely to see these receivers next year, sans Zay. Enjoy the ride.
  14. Chandler#81

    RIP Isiah Robertson.

    Oh my God! Heartbreaking. Loved him as a Bill. Knox brought him here from the Rams. Rest In Peace, Isaiah.