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  1. Absolutely no one has any real idea. We don’t know the changes in other teams and we Certainly don’t have a clue about the Bills.
  2. ‘My acquaintance’?? Is That what we’re calling them now? it’s getting more challenging to keep up with the ever changing PC references. Was ‘she’ a she at birth? Which lavatory does ‘she’ prefer? Is the acquaintance platonic? Is ‘she’ a forensic hand writing professional? Inquiring minds want to know. Personally, I don’t take any wimin’s word on any thing.. But then, I’m a chauvinist 🤷‍♂️
  3. A BIT of a moron? You’re being too kind. He’s a full blown moron!
  4. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid029EBksW8PRUB8Y81BXzLPsd65CUk2qztwooYK57E96PiLoJqmmEs5ZJs8SkeJCqT9l&id=100077483761798
  5. WOW! What a terrifying, beautiful event on Fathers Day! Much love, Aug!
  6. I FaceTimed my Dad earlier (90y/o). Mom passed a couple years ago. He lives in gated senior village near Orlando. I told him how proud I am to be his son and appreciated that he has led a model, righteous life and I’ve learned the important things in life from him. He welled up. So did I.
  7. He’s already wearing extensions-in his hair
  8. My Dad took me to this game -I was seen on tv as the sideline camera on a moving cart was coming towards me and I stood up before anyone else. Friends from Ohio contacted me the next day to tell me they saw me. Fast forward to the early 90’s, I took my young -at the time- son to many games with his favorite being a Home playoff game vs the Chiefs where Andre Reed scored on 2 long TD passes.
  9. He’s toast. For that matter, so is Matt Parino in my book for defending him. 2 ‘sports journalists’ we can and should do without.
  10. No, making this a worthless thread. I’m not paying a damn cent to read Tyler Dunn article. Dunn is done in my world.
  11. SONOFA!😡 I HATE wimin!
  12. So does your spelling of Chiefs. Juss sayin’
  13. Who forgets? Browns fans? No Bills fan has forgotten.
  14. Really? You’re going with Hines freak offseason injury to make a claim Moss was better? Moss didn’t do squat with 3 seasons to try. If he wasn’t traded, he’d have been a street FA because he failed to materialize here. That’s a GM win there! Good for Moss to showing he still had game, but he didn’t force any opponent to make “business decisions” here.
  15. As the OP inferred with Whaley, the plethora of dearth before him shines a bright light on Brandon. IMO, he excels at Cap mgmnt finding effective -if unheralded FA’s. What he did after making the playoffs (17 year drought) his 1st season stands as his top achievement. He wasn’t here for the Draft -replacing Whaley immediately afterward- and needed a top QB holding only the 22nd pick in ‘18. Very quickly, he gutted the teams’ highest salaries/best players to garner trade options to move up for the most ballyhooed QB Draft class since ‘83. He’s stated many times if ‘you don’t have a top QB, you aren’t gonna be there long’. It took til Draft night to cement his best effort and we landed the true Savior of the franchise with Pick 7. Then followed it up with 1 last trade to land Edmunds at #16. ‘18 was his 1st and ONLY losing season and we’ve made the playoffs a routine expectation. He’ll be on our WOF ring in the new stadium eventually. Unlike many here, I give him a pass on Von Miller. He was still at the top of his game and coming off a SB victory as a very likely HOFer. A severe injury to his aging knee derailed that, but Beane can hardly be blamed for that. Had -godforbid- Allen suffered such a devastating injury, would that be Beane’s fault? He's kept the team very competitive since, despite drafting in the late 20’s every year and working through an unforeseen pandemic that had terrible repercussions in League allotted funding as virtually no income was gained with a season of empty stands. He's now morfed into an efficient bargain basement shopper with 4 straight Division titles and playoff wins in all but 1 season (OT Loss at Houston). To me, he’s on a par with Polian as Best Ever with more years to come.
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