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  1. Then quit laughing, funny boy. I know a few people from Minnesota. Now I know you. Don’t like any of ya. Welcome to Ignore. I wasn’t gonna do the obvious work to explain this crap, but you want proof that FBs, H-Backs, Quarterbacks and other RBs are slower, to give this ridiculous take credence. A dumbass comment doesn’t require evidence to call it a dumbass comment. You're time would be better spent getting that melting ice block replaced on the igloo. Winter’s a comin’
  2. I’m not sayin’, justsayin’, Matt Milano is Elite!
  3. So did I. I realized his massive potential as a rookie.
  4. I work nights. Was in bed early, rose a couple hours ago. 😉
  5. fify Pure Unicorn You’re gonna get your wish. Crowder was carried off the field and left after the game on crutches wearing a walking boot. Every team now knows this and it will rear its ugly head every time they’re up big in the 1st half.
  6. It seems most people missed why the flag was thrown -certainly the clown announcer did. The guy who hit Allen did so with a forearm to the chops (face mask). It always draw a flag. One day you’ll actually watch a game. I have faith.🙄
  7. Matt Milano has ascended to superstar status. Without him, we don’t win this game
  8. Allowed 20 1st Half points, not 1 damn point thereafter! Allen is the Best QB! Leadership, Skills, Want To!
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