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  1. I’m fairly certain. The League hasn’t pushed Color Rush since that 1st year. Many of the designs are simply hideous.
  2. I’d have thought they’d be long gone by now as some teams have long ago trashed them. I think they’re a ridiculous eyesore. Unfortunately for us, Josh Allen has proclaimed his love of them. He can’t wear them enough. That’s right up there with his crazed devotion to Bieber. The boy is strange, but I’m glad he’s our QB.. currently.
  3. I agree with your take -with this caveat; Josh is a different animal as a national QB. His path to the pros typically spells doom for everyone else and a complete lack of quality coaching showed up Day 1, other-worldly talent notwithstanding. i certainly expect him to be better this year than last, but his peak is likely a couple/ few years away.
  4. Nice neighborhood/‘hood. Paying for an execution is a felony punishable by life in prison. Promoting the executioner in a drug running gig? 2 separated lifetime prison sentences. Bye, Turd Head.👋
  5. To this point, the national TV games we played in last season, (DAL,Balt,NE,Pitt&Balt2) the announcers all threw flowers at Tre. It helped that he was fantastic, but they already had an agenda of praise for him. I don’t care for the jags, but I loved that they fleeced LA to get rid of a serious problem!
  6. Don’t be sexist. Men want you covered up too!
  7. Thanks, Deano. Hope you & yours are well and hibernating. a couple takes; -Dan (Dean?) Evans is on the hot seat as Brandon’s in house tekkie to assure an error free Draft. Hoping he doesn’t become infamous.. -OL who live in apartments don’t have access to a ‘MUST’ service of heavy lifting. -NFL has hitched its lifeblood to ZOOM -for better or worse. I imaging there’s going to be multiple setups to stay dialed in on the Draft events and chat privately with his team. -Draft seems destined to be the most dubious in history, given how much insight the team gets with mtgs at the facility for prospects. -We’re not moving back into Round 1 (my take from Brandon’s comments) -Are those Pall Malls in his ears or Lucky Strikes? -Brandon has a 17 y/o Son? 😳 Was he 12 when he became a Dad?
  8. I agree as well. My favorite all time. But this is a new era (no pun intended). Every team now has at least 3 different unis and some have as many as 6. Personally, I don’t like it. I’m a coot and like one uni -even if it is an abortion like the early 00’s. Perhaps the team will bring these back as a 4th alternative. I’m not a big fan of the all white throwbacks -not enough color. But I love the standing red buffalo and sleeve stripes of these ‘65 versions.
  9. How is it you determine you’re not one to spew political posts, yet Here you are?
  10. Saw him a couple times. Great story songster. He regularly had a live segment where he went completely acoustic (no amps, PA system) in smaller, quaint venues. -think Shea’s. While you could hear a pin drop, you also could hear every note from his guitar and voice. Wonderful performance. Rest in Peace, John. Thank you.
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