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  1. What I’ve seen of him, he’s sensational. Where would he fit? Who goes to 2nd string?
  2. This is SO stupid, I’m not gonna shut it down! [Edit] yet..
  3. If you’re truly ashamed and humbled, perhaps a hiatus is in order. Maybe a getaway weekend in the mountains. Do some self evaluation and refocus. Just a suggestion. I know sports reporters can have a deleterious effect of some folks. We believe in you!
  4. He has a reputation to uphold. Can’t go back now. I’m not a big fan of DK, but if Beane’s in, I’m in.
  5. This is lazy work. Check your records, then rewatch the games. If you come back here and tell me Allen didn’t lose more than a thousand yards passing through penalties and drops, then I’ll make you prove it play for play. When you have 2 consecutive 20+ yard completions wiped out by penalties, it forces 3rd & 30. Only here does your slant have credence. He didn’t complete most of those..
  6. Seriously, these 2 AFC teams dominated the 70’s, appearing in 7 combined SBs, including 5 straight, winning 6 and recording the only undefeated season in League history. Seriously. 💯
  7. Good point. But we handed Mahomes to KC on a silver platter..
  8. Yeah, I don’t think so. None of the FA OL excel in run blocking and our 2 best RBs are a combined 67 years old. Is a 4th rounder going to unseat them? Zey, John, Tyler & Beazer are anything But road grading WRs. We shocked the world introducing the K-Gun in ‘90. This year we introduce Col. Josh’s Air Raid Squadron.
  9. Astro. Hands down. He used to be one of our own, but got so good at it, he now has people PAYING him for his insights. Ranks arot, Rastro..
  10. and Frank Reich. The Bills actually drafted Carl Eller. He chose the minor league..
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