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  1. My Pleasure.  Hey... I did have to give the opportunity that he really was Joe Ferguson


    Or maybe not, but either way we'll all live:


    here's a terrible song since you looked:





  2. Silence, Noob! 🤦‍♂️ Jesus Christ! I shouldn’t do this. Your puffy-chested, braggadocius statements are so unworthy. But I’m feeling charitable this morning and I’m an Arkansas Rifle fan. Kelly & Fergy never won a title. THIS guy won multiple playoff games and a title. Twice. https://www.buffalosportshallfame.com/member/jack-kemp/
  3. The game vs Arizona Cardinals in ‘90 was the worst wind game ever. Team benches were blowing onto the field as a monster winter storm blew in. Kelly shredded them. Steve Tasker caught his 1st ever TD Pass. Took 5 hours to reach Dansville that night.
  4. You guys hear something? Like a mouse chirping -or a voice from future explorers? 😳 Yes, join a fanboard to find out how to buy something everyone has. Why else would you join? 🤦‍♂️ I’m not telling and I hope no one else does either. This could be fun.
  5. Keep digging, Son. The holes’ not quite deep enough for your casket. Mind-numbingly so.🤦‍♂️ Well, we only have a half century (100 games or so) of data to consider, so the numbers are kinda skewed..🤦‍♂️ Kemp & Kelly did win League POY awards and Lamonica got a SB out of performing in it. So that’s something... Best guess with such a small sample size is that the OP is a moron, but more data is needed to render conclusively..
  6. Thanks for clearing that up. I thought @Virgilwas playin’ with us -replacing the N with an L in his his screen name..
  7. Today??😳 We played today? On Tuesday morning at 3a.m.? I knew we had many different time starts this season but I guess all the Covid concerns took away my schedule following. As for last Sunday’s game, there were far more passing plays Allen could have eaten a sammich while waiting for a receiver to break open, than running for his life back there. It has something to do with his 70% completions, 317 yards passing and 4 TD passes. Does LA have a true superstar, HOFer playing at the top of his game on their DL who wrecks every game he plays in? Yes. Can we still beat that team? Scoreboard says Yes.
  8. You don’t know this anymore than I do. But EVERYBODY -from ‘deep within’ to 2 Moderators living thousands of miles away and every Bills fan the world over -including the original poster DOES know that ‘something’ is missing. We think it’s internal motivation and what has been made public in years past has been fiery leadership from Defensive players. Assuredly, that’s missing. Whether that’s the only thing is subject to discussion.
  9. Figures😒 I quit watching his worthless pressers and now there’s games to play..🤬
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