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  1. 4.) You have no idea what your eyes are seeing. Hauschka has made 51 of 61 FGs, 54 of 55 PATs since becoming a Bill.
  2. Really? Another ‘My team needs for 2020’ LAMP threads? We have over 100,000 members and regular visitors. Is this how low we’ve stooped? Fine. Bring ‘em on. Can’t wait for training camp and the Super Bowl is still 2 weeks away..🤦‍♂️
  3. For all the AFC marbles. (Should be us, Dammit!)
  4. Packers @ 49ers & Titans @ Chiefs. Who ya got and why? As a traditionalist, [read: OLD!] on this centennial season of the NFL & 60th season of the AFL, it would be apropos for the Super Bowl to be a rematch of the 1st AFL/NFL Championship Game, retroactively named Super Bowl I. Lombardi’s Packers had just won their 2nd straight title in route to 3 straight vs. Hank Stram’s innovative Kansas City Chiefs, fresh off their dethroning of our beloved Bills. So fitting, it appears the nefarious Football Gods are willing it to happen. Unfortunately, my startling decades old batting average of .500 in NFL Playoff games, tells me only one of them will earn a trip ‘to the Show’, while the other one falters today. No clue who and therefore ‘who’, so we’ll watch and see. But it’d be cool, nonetheless. Enjoy the Games!
  5. I’m just glad Kyle never knew this. It’d break his heart. 😲
  6. Who? Who? Who? When you’re not on the field, can you produce? When a man is alone in the woods, is he still wrong?
  7. Thats a lazy, lame excuse! No one here cares about your job. Step up your game. 😉
  8. For my money, OBJ is crazier than AB. Both need institutionalization in padded rooms, where raw meat is thrown in daily, but neither should be allowed contact with other humans. Screw their psychological impairments. Their presence impairs all others.
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