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  1. Thanks @Buftex DVR automatically records every Bills & Sabres program. (Just checked to be sure.👍)
  2. KELSO AT THE QUATER POLE! He was referencing a great racehorse from years ago named Kelso.
  3. Wake up the hamster, Dark Cloud. Great job, Natalie!👍
  4. Met him & Tommy at a ProAm at TPC. He asked who my team was. Puffed up my chest and said ‘the BUFFalo BILLS!’ He immediately responded with a throaty reply “NOBODY! Circles the wagons.. like the BUFFALO BILLS!” An awesome moment for me.🥰
  5. JIMMY! Thanks for the props and stopping by! Be well, my friend!
  6. Because you likely won’t spread it with your breath or saliva, in the event you’ve contracted it. 🤦‍♂️
  7. Personally, it’s sacrilege to use the Stones theme song, but I like it!👍
  8. 😳 um.. somebody needs to check the authenticity of these names!🤔
  9. I’m fairly certain we’d have fared no better than KC or Oakland vs Packers in ‘65 & ‘66. We had many injuries in ‘65 & Saban was gone in ‘66. But I’m equally confident we’d have beaten Cleveland had the SB begun 2 years earlier in ‘64. That was our best team.
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