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  1. Miami has Great massage parlors! -or so I’ve heard..😇
  2. Of course he did. He’s done it 99 times, successful all but 1. Whazzamatterwichoo? Josh isn’t changing just for you. I suggest finding another team to root on for the next 15 years. Your mental health is at stake.
  3. I THOUGHT so too! Lock her in the cellar next game!😡
  4. Well, *Coach*, it was a management decision to beef up the middle of the Dline for the game. Harry played very well, stuffing holes and providing inside rush pressure. But you have to take off your BBFS sunglasses to see. I’ll try to find out why your piercing insights weren’t recognized. ……. If ‘truly can’t stand the other team’ is the criteria, count me in on our newest rivalry!
  5. I actually think Mckensie’s scutterbug running style contributes a lot to these penalties. Our guys are trying to block a guy one way, then McKittrick shifts 3 different ways and suddenly their guys’ back is to our guy. ie Andre Roberts typically picked an angle and just flew. We didn’t have many penalties at all when he returned kicks. By the way, he’s available. juss sayin’
  6. Really? You want other terrible reasons? Read the Postgame thread. Kiddies Table is in full revolt.
  7. What the Hell are you talking about, son?? 358 yrds passing, 3 TD passes and he caught a touchdown! Off game?? Jesus Christ!
  8. Welp, that settles it. Not reading your weekly thread again. Way too much BBFS..🙄
  9. What a great game by 2 excellent teams! Too bad we lost but I have no problem with Coach’s call
  10. We played our hearts out. I have no issue with McD’s decision. 4-2 and a long season to go. Go Bills!
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