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  1. I'd have to say it's just to let the line know, hey we're going. If you actually watch it close as the game progresses, sometimes they will start to use it almost like a hard count and not snap it right away.
  2. Usually it's the away team doing it because of crowd noise I've always assumed.
  3. Fantasy wise, hoping for a DJ Moore revenge game. I'm in big time bye week hell.
  4. Those dudes are in every fan base man. My brother is a big time Cowboys fan. I'll watch their games with him if the Bills aren't playing. If the boys go up early its great, other team scores first, I usually tap out on watching that game real quick lol.
  5. If you think this is bad, you should def go in the game day thread and feel the absolute misery and brutality. GO BILLS!!!
  6. I highly doubt this is even a possibility, but, to compare "scheming" plays for James Cook compared to Derrick Henry is just absolutely insane.
  7. Hit I-90 West for about 5 hours or so, depending on traffic, and barrel roll over Niagara Falls.
  8. Always pop a pre game playlist on an hour and a half or so before kickoff. From my own collection, always one artist, always metal. Todays playlist... Megadeth! GO BILLLS!!!
  9. He is still on the practice squad. Dude just got here like two weeks or three weeks ago.
  10. Not sure if it's been brought up but is anyone else a littler surprised/worried that the Cowboys Giants game is being played on that field Sunday night? Seems like a quick turn around to get the field in shape for Monday night. Especially with it having notoriously sh#^^y field conditions (non contact injuries) the last few years. Unless they fixed it somehow in the off season, maybe i missed some news on that.
  11. I just posted the tweet for context buddy, pulled a quick Yolo. It's definitely bullcrap.
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