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  1. When, oh when will we see the white smoke coming from the Tight End University Chapel??
  2. Grand Magus BB's draft Was about BPA, but not like we think. His BPA is based on BPA vs. Salary Cap. They were jumping up and down for joy in the Draftroom because of all the salary they are going to save on premium positions.
  3. Turns on a dime and gives the cornerback 9 cents change. Just Amazing!
  4. It means one less meaningless pre-season game where players could get injured for nothing. Less injuries happen when you have your 1st team on the field and everyone is most familiar with each other's play.
  5. Wait...does this have anything to do with the fact our rally song comes straight from Animal House?? Not our fault all the other teams are lame. They need to put in the work drinking offseason like we do.
  6. I registered the Seattle Bills Backers group in 2005 (someone had to fax in the form and I became defacto club president). During the drought years, there were some games where only my friend Dennis and I showed up at the bar (This was the 4-12 season). I ran the club for over a decade during the drought, making sure there was always a place Bills Fans could gather in Seattle no matter what. Wasn't easy some games (and some years - looking at you bratty Jets and Raiders fans 😣 ). Sometimes we were outnumbered by the opposing teams fans during the drought, but our
  7. Doesn't Beane self identify as a Wizard?
  8. Please don't undo years of therapy...it's still too soon.
  9. Grace of God you say? I agree and funny how that happened with a coach that believes in God. I'm happy we are keeping McClappy...Jesus love and everything else he brings to the table. You can thank God that McClappy broke the Flutie Curse.
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