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  1. Waiting for Collinsworth to finally apologize for not evaluation but utter disdain they’ve had for this kid
  2. He’s got Cam Newton syndrome cause he’s essentially a defensive end playing qb refs overlook things like attempted murder which it looked like today
  3. “Mitch Trubisky while benched is statistically superior in every way to Josh the Bills for the sake of their franchise should release Allen immediately and trade for Trubisky....”.and that will be the positive coverage
  4. Without this kid we are 0-3 amazing what a qb does for a franchise
  5. See the Allen haters are out again guess they long for the Tyrod Taylor days
  6. This grade is absolutely ludicrous he’s at minimum an A at no time since Jim Kelly do we get a QB that can do the things this kid did today
  7. Chris Mortenson swears that there really where people in the Browns front office that wanted Allen but they ultimately went with the “splash” pick in Mayfield if you ever follow Mort on twitter he loves Allen
  8. The Rams would have lost to the Cowboys last week if not for a gift offensive pass interference call so they aren’t this juggernaut and while it is a step up in competition...I think it’s safe to say the Bills are the best team the Rams have seen as well
  9. It was reported a bunch of places prior to their first pick in 2018 the Browns brass had a really long discussion about whether to take Baker Mayfield or Josh Alllen...at this point it’s safe to say this kid is the best qb since Jim Kelly and well Baker isn’t exactly Brian Sipe out there so Thanks guys 👍
  10. The Eagles are losing to a team with no name keep things in perspective here
  11. So you consider Field Yates and his four years as an intern with Patriots massive front office experience? Super Bowl architect right there and as for Riddick he worked with the Redskins and was one of the architects of the “dream team” in Philly when he was up for the 49ers job in 2015 the Niners fan site couldn’t trash the guy enough as long as someone is articulate even if their wrong says a lot about who you view as credible
  12. I always take ESPN ranking with a grain of salt as they usually like to troll Bills fans for clickbait most of their analysts honestly have no clue what they’re talking about especially Louis Riddick and Field Yates
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