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  1. Allen makes the Pats defense most of the time anymore look like they are retired…but he was a good player for them for a stretch there
  2. You make an excellent argument the Chiefs played the 49ers in their final loss before their win streak to the nfc championship game and got absolutely demolished I have no doubt a repeat of that wold have taken place in the Super Bowl had they got there
  3. The Bills only have 2WRs under for 2024. Diggs and Shakur they have to add a WR high. They only have 1 TE under contract for 2024 that’s Dawson. With this deep a TE class you’re going to add one of those too.
  4. Some team has to sign Cam just for the wardrobe alone much less his Thanksgiving pilgrim costume.
  5. Give me Sam Laporta the Iowa TE at 59 and I can dig it.
  6. Drew Sanders the Arkansas kid is one heck of a football player I wouldn’t mind him in round 2 after they take another weapon for Josh in round 1
  7. Hey damn good signing if he can stay heathy
  8. He’s not the receiver we wanted he’s clearly the receiver we needed…Brandon Beane probably
  9. Scratch the Cowboys off OBJ no wonder he’s begging the Giants to call him…that 4 million dollar offer came from Buffalo and he wants someone else getting involved.
  10. Pretty obvious most teams don’t think OBJ is worth the risk he has an offer from Buffalo more than likely that’s why all these little things are happening like Diggs liking his IG post…and he thinks he’s worth more I’m getting a feeling more and more likelihood that I think he signs here Cowboys want DHOP
  11. Nope it’s value to the team it may not be a third now but it will be either a 4th or 5th
  12. That’s not the way comp picks work it’s the value to the team low level free agent signings don’t impact a linebacker who signed the largest contract in football
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