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  1. Playing solid defense and running the ball still has a place in the NFL...I thought only teams that play Arena League style offense can succeed anymore 🙄
  2. Once again Pro football focus had Dak Prescott as the second most valuable player in the league and with 21 behind him he’s not even the most important person on his own offense
  3. Congrats Trumaine! LBs do very little in the pro bowl except pretend to tackle so enjoy the experience
  4. Rosen can make every throw in the book...the bad side of him is he also is kinda a weird guy whose heart isn’t really committed to the game of football as his family is apparently very wealthy and he’s just kinda playing football passing the time whether he’ll ever put it together remains to be seen
  5. Well this may affect his draft stock a bit gonna be a pr disaster for whoever drafts him...don’t know if it would be a Laell Collins situation where he was found completely innocent and still fell out of the draft but this will probably remove him from a few teams draft boards
  6. Geez can you pick a more bland draft choice ...Ridiculous pick if they don’t take skill talent to help Josh or maybe through some luck a edge rusher that fell they can sign a tackle in free agency total fail
  7. He gone...the wife probably has a list of teams she would approve him signing with
  8. That’s pretty good and I almost forgot about JK getting him late in the 2nd would be ideal
  9. I really think this draft particular we should load on skill talent and maybe add LB depth later on ...but free agency we need an edge rusher and possibly a RT to move Cody Ford to guard which he seems better suited to play
  10. Man this game is a walking top 2 rounds of the NFL draft
  11. Well getting Josh an actual receiver or 2 over 5’10 might help things a bit...after all he did turn John Brown whose more of a number 2 into a 1000 yard receiver after all
  12. If Shenault is there at 22 he has to be the pick the guy was all over the field for CU...then again I fear and expect him to blow up his pro day hurting our chances a bit
  13. Tennessee is kinda a nightmare for the Chiefs in that they just hammer on you and play excellent defense ..while the Chiefs have a defense that couldn’t stop a cold
  14. Texans outscored 51-7 after being up 24-0...That’s not something you see everyday 🤷‍♂️
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