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  1. You do realize they are two of the richest owners in professional sports? Yeh they can resign Beane and McDermott to very comfortable raises with their pocket change
  2. If you don’t like their politics you do have the ultimate power of the checkbook just spend your money elsewhere and watch something else...sports is driven like anything else by the almighty dollar...see the NBA during the Hong Kong protests last year they couldn’t be more terrified of President Xi and the Communists over there if they tried I mean the look of terror on Lebrons face when he was asked about the Chinese Governments tactics said it all
  3. Why did not 1 or 2 who may have been friends with these officers but 58 quit in protest over this clearly there’s more here then meets the eye and why did this guy completely scrub all social media accounts...strange times
  4. You are so right all it takes is one ex girlfriend whose in a bad mood and they save everything
  5. Peter King hasn’t be relevant in like 15 years...Heck he even makes Pete Prisco look like a neurosurgeon
  6. Moral of the story (even if your some dopey teenager) never ever do anything on social media that someone one day can’t turn around and try to ruin you with...it truely is a double edged sword
  7. The moment he goes in there and has a performance like he did when the Niners played the bears even the wokest fan is going to see why he couldn’t even beat out Blane Gabbert..
  8. My problem with Colin kneeling was never his protest it was him wearing Che’ Guevara T-shirts...for those don’t remember history Che’ ironically used secret police to stomp down opponents and many times throw them in jail or worse...so dude was a massive massive hypocrite more then anything
  9. A guy who writes articles on fansided states the Bills should trade for Dak as he is a significant upgrade over Josh and would push the Bills to the next level and he says the Bills can throw in a few draft picks as well...I often wonder did they watch the Thanksgiving game I think the Cowboys would drive Dak to he airport for that deal
  10. Well that settles it cut Allen and let him go somewhere where the fans and radio hosts actually want him say Dallas if they get tired of Daks contract antics and go ask Miami for say a 6th rounder for Josh Rosen...since over half this board thought at the time the Bills drafted the wrong Josh
  11. Kay Adams whether in studio or at home is just slightly attractive 😏
  12. I’ve been going through the years and I can’t remember a qb who has literally been trashed more then this guy yet is somehow successful heck even Josh Rosen who is almost out the league has gotten better publicity...just strange
  13. Folks up in Boston call him Drunken Dan...as it’s hard to see him around town and not be in a bar so quarantine must be driving him batty
  14. I’m going Bills/Chiefs AFC Title Game after that is anyone’s guess
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