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  1. Oh I’d take the Bills to rail the Bucs all day they are all smoke and mirrors
  2. I think many are having Rex Ryan flashbacks the simple fact is we need a little more balance and the backs we have just aren’t between the tackles runners
  3. You realize the reason the Colts where in the playoffs is cause he went off for 253 yards in the final game of the year right?
  4. I’m welcome to not having our franchise QB not taking additional hits since he’s essentially the short yardage running back right now and none of our current backs can pickup 3rd and 2 or less
  5. Neither of the guys drafted seem capable of getting a key third down in the 4th quarter
  6. He should I advocated for Jonathan Taylor last year that seemed to workout pretty well for the Colts
  7. Yeh I like Chris excellent evaluation of the Colts game last week and how if Josh doesn’t make 5 or 6 plays only he can make the Bills aren’t even playing the Ravens
  8. Regardless what happens in the AFC title game or hopefully the Super Bowl and with Star returning to the dline after the opt out ...it’s obvious we need a little more offensive balance and I’m just going with Najee here and going to enjoy seeing him hammer on guys in the 4th quarter of close games
  9. The Eagles are weird they seem to be looking at really odd choices like Ryan Day at Ohio State...Houston’s front office is a total dumpster fire it would take a real leap of faith for him to go from stability in Buffalo to that
  10. We do not have any running game like at all...This was the 6th top ten pass defense in row Josh has faced..considering he single handedly beat the Colts last week to get them to this point he should get no criticism at all
  11. I think Edmunds played his best game as a pro tonight
  12. We are in the AFC title game without the guy who pretty much put the team on his back playing an average game....wake me up from the dream 👍
  13. Not having a running game is hurting this team still tie and 30 minutes from AFC championship game at home...man pepto time
  14. Is Watson really that elite? He seems to get a lot of yards when his teams fall into major holes and they are forced to pass
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