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  1. If Zeke Elliott got 8 games for something he was never charged with in college this at least merits a full year at a minimum
  2. Their financial value, merchandise sales, and ratings says the Cowboys are not to mention the hour a day first take on ESPN would spend on Daks contract
  3. I think the Seahawks can and if Micah Parsons is everything people say he is down in Dallas I could see the Cowboys believe it or not with Dak healthy shocking them
  4. Yeh they seem to be dumping players now and rebuilding….again
  5. Baker is not Josh Allen though that’s like comparing a Honda Civic to a Lamborghini
  6. I uh don’t want to disappoint you but the Sabres look like they’re going to be terrible again this year
  7. Seasons boils down to pash rush and running game that’s it…the dline should be light years better so the season is all about Moss and Singletary if they’re solid we are headed to Los Angeles if not we’ll all be watching the Chiefs again wondering what could have been
  8. If you look at the way the Eagles have been run since their Super Bowl year they have been run incredibly poorly draftwise and organizationally with their signings so this isn’t surprising they keep holding out for a better offer but one isn’t coming
  9. He took a paycut to begin with and then you’d have to resign Julio and that will be very expensive
  10. You don’t have the money for Julio even after the restructure 🙄
  11. Agreed and supposedly Hodgins looks really good in mini camp
  12. You kinda posted about it so you kinda fell in the trap too You are aware they evaluated Duck Hodges over Josh just a year and a half ago
  13. I could see it but Josh has shown the ability to adjust I’m sure they’ll implement things like silent snap counts and the like to adjust other then KC the Bills really don’t have a bunch of road opponents known for loud stadiums like say traveling to Seattle
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