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  1. I see the book on Agent 0 is proving correct has some stuff to work on but when Josh throws it near him he’s catching it and to think people thought he was a reach.
  2. Allen has 221 total touchdowns in his career and he just turned 28.. Dan Fouts had 254 in his entire career. Josh is a lock for the Hall of Fame. Since Dan literally has even worse playoff stats than Josh and the same amount of Super Bowl rings and appearances.
  3. That and his field goal kicker, defense, and WRs actually make plays in big games
  4. I don’t know how much of that was Daniel Jones and lack of pocket awareness or they are just bad…also Buffalo was pretty good.
  5. After a year here I can see why cowboys fans where so upset to watch him leave guy was worth every penny
  6. Eric Moulds with Josh would destroy planets but how about an honorable mention for Stevie Johnson he literally had 3 1,000 yard seasons with Fitz. With Josh he’s probably pushing 1500ish
  7. Well if there’s one guy in the nfl who could pop up and tell an nfl stadium “Are you not entertained?” it’s Josh
  8. I highly doubt we’d match win totals with Cousins Allen’s mobility alone gets this team out of more jams then just about any qb in the league that’s not Kirks game. Not to mention Minnesotas skill talent has been far superior to Buffalos and their oline has been ranked much higher. I mean Kirk had an in his prime Dalvin Cook alone.
  9. Cousins with this Bills team the last few years probably gets the team a wildcard birth but would get waxed by the Chiefs come the playoffs. Allen the last several years has masked many of the Bills short comings especially on the offensive side of the ball such as the lack of a running game and no secondary receiving help he is not easily replaced
  10. Yeh that’s this franchise in a nutshell
  11. Bills messed this one up badly. People where trying to make an issue out of Josh’s tweets when he was like 13 years old about rap lyrics and tv shows the Bills looked into it and found out it was harmless and that worked out just fine. In this case The Bills believed the accuser and didn’t give Matt the chance to prove his innocence in a case that fell apart so fast it wasn’t even funny. Now we have to watch a future multi time pro bowl punter go and kick for a team that literally haunts this franchise. That’s life as a Bills fan.
  12. He is nowhere near worth this much money but that’s the NFL qb market these days
  13. Josh seems happy with his contract his endorsements probably make up whatever difference in contract money there is heck he’s the new face of Gatorade now. Id say 2025 is a good year to extend him and pretty much allow him to QB the Bills till his mid 30s
  14. The Nathan Peterman award for best pretend quarterback in minicamp and preseason goes to…
  15. Think of that as one all yourself or are you just checking out dolphins fans twitter feeds
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