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  1. This is absolutely stealing money almost like Duke basketball losing more then 3 games they beat the over by 2 games easy
  2. I remember one day where they spent almost the entire show talking about how Jack Eichel was playing on the wrong side on the Sabres powerplay......take what they say with a grain of salt Howard is ok and Jeremy thinks he should be GM and can’t figure why the Bills haven’t called him yet
  3. Josh Allen would have competed with Kyler Murray for no1 overall this year...Tyree Jackson not so much
  4. Yeh but that can be solved by an off-season or two in an NFL S&C program his raw talent and hands are worth at least a 6th round flyer on
  5. His stats are insane and I can see reasons for a day 3 pick like system and strength and all but to fall out of the draft? Reminds you so much of a young Eddie McCaffery it’s not even funny think they found another gem here
  6. You don’t wanna look at walterfootball then no grade lower then a B+
  7. Walterfootball loves our draft and says this is our rb of the future
  8. Probably their bpa at this point he seems like an Andy Reid kinda back minus the arrest record
  9. Considering that’s 5 guys and the Bills pick 8th your odds of this bet are very bad
  10. Gonna be hard to do that when the guy the Bills just drafted is planting their 42 year old qbs ass into the turf
  11. This draft is setting so nicely just saw espns list of available players left and there is some serious talent Taylor and Ford on the oline...Irv Smith at TE...Metcalf and Samuel at WR we gonna get a good player and Greedy Williams is still hanging around....
  12. Already in the 20s and very few offensive side players have been taken should get a nice addition to that side of the ball in round 2 or if we have to trade up
  13. This is a nobrainer Eddie Oliver in most years is taken in the top 5...this year he may very well be there at 9 cause of the depth on dline you take him and watch him wreak havoc on the AFC east for years to come
  14. Well they need someone who can attempt to at least try to cover Amari Cooper so he’s as good an option as any
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