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  1. Watching Darnold march up and down the field on Dallas and to think we abused the guy in week 1 with his only score coming on a scramble drill play setup by a safety..if this offense is just a little more consistent we can beat anyone
  2. One thing that is becoming apparent in these close games we’ve been playing...this team believes that if they can just keep hanging in there Josh is going to do something to win them the game kinda an odd feeling over recent qbs here
  3. Not surprised with WR still a need Michigan has 3 WRs that will play on Sunday in Black, Collins, and Peoples Jones just have a qb that can’t get them the ball and of course Iowa has Mr Espinosa
  4. The chiefs have a defense that couldn’t stop a cold so that will eventually do them in but let’s face it Reid is an offensive genius he made Kevin Kolb into a decent QB much less a guy like Mahomes he just is one of the worst big game coaches I’ve ever seen
  5. It was a little high but NFL receivers have to make that catch in the end zone Zay has done that far to often time to move on from him and just realize it isn’t going to happen with him
  6. Just a reminder that this same Patriots defense pretty much personnel wise held the mighty Rams to 3 freaking points in the Super Bowl and allowed the Big Ben lead Steelers to 3 points so Josh had a rough game but consider his opponent which is essentially the best in the league
  7. Screw it we’ve been down long enough let’s just go kick their ass
  8. Well Shannon Sharpe struggles with the English language and the comments that he looks like Barney the Dinosaur with glasses so there’s that
  9. Unless you’re a fantasy football guy who freaking cares? 250 as opposed to 300 is a couple screens and Beasley catching a couple in the slot
  10. Yeh Jones did pretty good but the Bucs and more specifically their “genius” coach did them in terrible clock management
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