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  1. I want more of a consistent running game. Jeremy seems to have some kind of fantasies of bringing a Mike Martz offense to Buffalo and just heaving it down the field every play. Guy never makes sense and his ideas on offensive football are silly.
  2. Rewatch the game last year they really made it a point to have Allen get rid of the ball quickly
  3. Chiefs making a statement tonight and somehow they just lost to the Colts and Matt Ryan. Don’t want to make excuses for the Bucs but they where dealing with a hurricane this week
  4. He really did Pickett no favors maybe should have waited till Pitts bye week so he has an extra week to prepare. I can only guess Tomlin had to do something or risk losing the locker room
  5. They really made it a point to get the ball out of Allen’s hands. Daboll refused to adjust when they where literally begging him to run a draw or screen.
  6. He hardly plays so I can’t make a determination on him. I liked him as a prospect at GA. He needs to play more I’m guessing it’s his ability to pickup blitzes and blocks that makes his lack of playing time noticeable
  7. Steelers are probably going to use the same game plan they used last year and blitz Allen like crazy to get the ball out of his hands. Hello running game?? Pickett holds the ball too long to know any better yet. I’d bet at least 4 sacks by the D
  8. There is absolutely no way Kyler Murray is 5’10 I don’t think he’s 5’10 if he wore Gene Simmons Kiss platform shoes
  9. Aaron Rogers getting outdueled by Bailey Zappe is something many of us didn’t see today
  10. MVP is the most valuable player not best stats… If Allen isn’t the most valuable player I don’t know who is
  11. Allen and Poyer I don’t know how there could be any other answers. Brandon give that man a contract extension on the plane home he’s the qb of your defense
  12. Not going to complain anymore just have Josh Allen throw it 70 times a game since it’s obvious a running game results in a turnover or running into the line for a 1 yard game.
  13. Pouring rain so let’s throw the ball every down…so we run it and the Devin fumbles embarrassing
  14. On O Crowder the safety play of the Ravens is absolutely atrocious. On D Milano he draws the Mark Andrews assignment as that is who Lamar looks for every single big pass play
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