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  1. Boston College like Iowa is just of those places that grows Tight Ends on trees
  2. Gonna be Dallas...this has Bucs Cowboys written all over it but would not be surprised if like Bills Chiefs rematch was the Sunday night game Bills Chiefs rematch calling it for Sunday Night week 1
  3. I talked about this guy a month ago dude is really good someone is going to get a great player hopefully not the Chiefs
  4. The problem is next year the QB class is basically Spencer Rattler and that’s it and even he’s an iffy prospect there is no Trevor Lawrence lurking for the next few years till DJ Uiagalelei is ready and then after that the Arch Manning hype will then start to begin
  5. That was my thought too they must love his upside..although I think fields does slide despite all the cheerleading ESPN is doing for the guy I think some scouts just watch the Indiana game and think...yikes imagine what NFL Defenses will do to the guy
  6. Quick get one of his haters to show his dropped interceptions stats not the 52 touchdowns he was responsible for 😏
  7. Really can’t argue there’s no cornerstone can’t miss guys after Lawrence and even Trevor has some things about him that are questionable... I saw Pitts in a bunch of games at Florida and he’s really good but there are long stretches you don’t even realize he’s playing not a once in 10 year kinda prospect ESPN keeps treating him as...and at other positions like CB and OT there seems to be solid depth but not any once in five years kinda guys
  8. Tom Brady actually threw three INT in the second half against Green Bay and the Bucs still won...no risk no reward
  9. Read the comments of this board sometime it doesn’t just extend to Gameday
  10. You do realize every other qb dealt with the same circumstances right?
  11. Zero other qbs played in the same environment how’d they do? Quite frankly if Josh isn’t the best player on the field they lose to the Colts
  12. Oh yeah I forgot they released him at the end of training camp of what would have been Joshs first full year as starter since his rookie year he didn’t start right away
  13. Easy subject whose your goto Mock draft...for me I love Walter Football they seem to really put the time into each team and not just throw names out there
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