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  1. Our Wr corps is made of an excellent slot in Beasley and and a solid no 2 in Brown but the drop off after that is pretty dramatic...need a big wr kinda bad
  2. I forgot who’d the Niners play last week?
  3. Higgins or Shenault calling it now
  4. This was a tough one against the best team in the league...but 3 of our 4 losses went down to the 4th quarter 2 going to the final play...we aren’t super bowl caliber yet but man this is the best I’ve felt about this franchise going forward since the Kelly days
  5. I know we still need another WR...but watching Jonathan Taylor tonight for the badgers...has me drooling at the prospect of him being in the same backfield with Motor Singletary...just a thought
  6. So if the Bills win mods blocks your IP address and you can never post again?
  7. It is amazing how poorly coached and undisciplined the Dallas Cowboys are just unreal
  8. After watching Fitz and the Fins torch them today man I can’t help but of our three losses we've had wanting that one back the most as there’s no way they do that again to us
  9. The reports coming out of Cleveland out of last years draft where they where down to Mayfield and Allen you have to wonder if they are happy now
  10. Oh I think he’d take any job now but the man has serious mental issues and I doubt any team especially one as tightly bonded as the Bills would want him anywhere near their locker room
  11. I actually like the Bills chances...Josh is a bigger stronger Lamar Jackson who is a little faster so the Bills practice against something similar to what the Ravens will be running next week
  12. Man this one just feels good 9 and freaking 3!
  13. Had a chance to listen to sports talk radio on Sirius and was amazed the amount of Cowboy fans that are pulling for the Bills tomorrow as they see this as finally the end for Jason Garrett..well we might as well help them 🤷‍♂️
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