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  1. 78thealltimegreat

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    This is a nobrainer Eddie Oliver in most years is taken in the top 5...this year he may very well be there at 9 cause of the depth on dline you take him and watch him wreak havoc on the AFC east for years to come
  2. 78thealltimegreat

    Ron Darby Man Without A Team (edit: re-upped with Philly)

    Well they need someone who can attempt to at least try to cover Amari Cooper so he’s as good an option as any
  3. 78thealltimegreat

    Hockenson at #9 Change My Mind

    He’s a terrific prospect no doubt but this is as deep a TE class as has been around in awhile a really good probably middle first round pick in other years will be there in the second
  4. 78thealltimegreat

    Why are the Browns the sexy pick?

    So Cleveland signs a woman beater and and gets a wr malcontent dumped on them by a team desperate to take anything for him and now they’re a juggernaut..so much negativity in this thread after all the optimism of the last two days that’s the Bills message board I know...
  5. 78thealltimegreat

    Golden Tate to NYG 4 yrs $37.5 Million

    Pats don’t have much money and of course the Giants need any good publicity they can get which I don’t know if this does
  6. 78thealltimegreat

    The Browns will self-destruct on October 21, 2019

    That’s what happens a lot of times with teams that have “fantasy” rosters you always then have the tv analysts saying how can you stop this blah blah...but a rough game or two and the gaslighting begins quickly with people pointing the blame at each other and that locker room since Joe Thomas retirement has zero I mean zero lockeroom leaders to keep stuff in house
  7. 78thealltimegreat

    Earl Thomas in discussion on 3yr deal with Cle

    Cleveland doesn’t have a single first round pick on their team prior to the 2017 draft that is theirs so yeh trading anyone of value for picks and even losing every game they had to turn the corner sometime I guess any team could do that if they’re willing to embarrass their fans for 5 to 10 years
  8. 78thealltimegreat

    Le’Veon Bell Signinig With the Jets

    Did people forget Adam Gase is their coach...the chicken littles in this thread can be made fun of now
  9. 78thealltimegreat

    bills must be eyeing a DT

    Eddie Oliver in round 1 and Irv Smith Jr in round 2 man I can actually see this happening
  10. 78thealltimegreat

    Report - Bills talking to Hou for Clowney

    I seriously doubt it’s a one probably a flip of ones similar to the Brown story maybe a 2 this draft is too good at positions of need to trade a one this year
  11. 78thealltimegreat

    This is FA ***** awesome

    I thought we where the only real threat to New England in the east once I saw what Allen was turning into..this off season only added to my thought we are taking the division in 2020...2019 I think we sneak in as a wild card
  12. 78thealltimegreat

    Is Earl Thomas a fit?

    Earl Thomas wants to play for one team just weird that one team keeps trying to lowball him
  13. 78thealltimegreat

    Ziggy Ansah to visit bills

    Yeh but Bell is getting a lot more then 14 mill per
  14. 78thealltimegreat

    Anonymous Agents Rank Buffalo The Worst FA Destination

    This post didn’t age well
  15. 78thealltimegreat

    Safe to say at Pick #9, we are focused on OL/DL

    Eddie!! Eddie!! Then again I’ve been an Oliver guy since like October