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  1. I see these things are already being debunked… No one is touching Watson till his legal stuff Is behind him womens rights groups in any town he’s traded to would go crazy no team wants that kinda publicity
  2. This is being leaked by Watsons people to force other teams to trade for him that’s all
  3. We aren’t losing to New England not with potential home field advantage on the line no way Bill holds Josh under 30
  4. Hope Dawson is going to be ok might give the Lions a call and see if they give us Hockenson for like a 5th cause that would be a Dan Campbell move
  5. Half the board blaming him for a loss in which he was responsible for 4 touchdowns and threw for over 350 yards…man how far we’ve come since arguing on here if it’s time to start Jeff Tuel
  6. I think we are getting spoiled by how good he is…he was average in 1 game this year the Pittsburgh game and we know how that turned out
  7. We need to remember every team in this league has had a game like last night…Ravens against the Raiders and Lions…Bucs against the Rams and Patriots…the Chiefs against the Ravens and Chargers..and even Arizona should have lost to the Vikings if their kicker didn’t choke that’s football
  8. We have the 30th rated oline and one of the worst sets of backs in the league yardage wise give it a rest your hatred of Allen over the years shows up we get the point
  9. I don’t think Tennessee comes within 2tds of the bills on a neutral field much less upstate New York…you’re talking about a team that lost to the Jets two weeks ago on the road
  10. You can’t just schedule teams it’s not college what do you want the bills to do petition the league so they can create their own schedule?
  11. So basically you’re proving my point Allen has to be Superman again for this team to win games
  12. Isiah taking it to the house and getting a holding call on a guy who has zero chance of tackling him
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