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  1. DL is great for our regular season win, but in playoffs the chiefs o line will not get called for holds so rushing qb is not as imporant then.
  2. No team will touch Miami for me. Maybe Stockholm Syndrome with Pats, but I didn't hate them that much and still consider Brady the best all time. Perhaps living in KC skews my view but they are getting up there in hating. I used to be fine cheering for them come playoff time, until probably 2020.
  3. here I go again- Whitesnake bad romance- the gaga, yes not rock. bad decision- the strokes
  4. You have to play to win during playoff vs just surviving in regular season. This seems to be a philosophy that holds them back.
  5. That TD was beautiful all around.
  6. If we could get the superbowl on ABC, maybe Disney would want to promote Kate Bishop more.
  7. Leaving offense on field on 4th down instead of punting has actually been good. I really can't recall a time where I thought, i wish they would punt here instead. Flip side has not always been great when punting instead.
  8. I feel like its more the gameplan coming from the head coach instead of the oc not making adjustments.
  9. He could fix the close game problem with a killer instinct. He just doesn't have it. When given a chance to push the throttle, it seems that the offense goes back out with a new game plan to slow things down. Had a chance even in the playoff game up 10-6 with ball and it looks like the offense went out with a different purpose. Maybe next year go out with the intention to not take the foot off the gas.
  10. Only use the 5th year option as a little leverage to extend him. Would not actually use the 5th year for him as a DE. But do please extend him, he is good and don't need a carousel to continue at that position.
  11. Signed Von for basically a 3 year run with him. I say see how year three goes, can't be worse. Also I haven't seen many people mention Taron contract but maybe needs to be extended or reworked. Then maybe could extend Rasul to pass on costs to future. Also, draft a wr.
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