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  1. The ‘choke hold’ analogy might also be said of Kelso on the radio broadcasts, trying to get too much information across to the listeners. It’s not an indictment against the man, just against his style of describing the action on the field.
  2. The ‘bust’ awards are usually handed out after the third game of the season, right? 😁 Sounds about right for these football pundits.
  3. Does this have anything to do with Leroy Jenkins?
  4. Simon’s just crusty because he never gets drafted as a ‘great sportscaster’ in Schtupp’s ‘Great Sportscaster’ drafts on the afternoon show...
  5. Jeebus! Even with the Otterbox, the screen cracked! 😳 Thanks a bunch! 🤯
  6. Not even if it was a Summerall / Madden broadcast rerun?! 😁
  7. Might as well just opt for the televised bowling. 🤔
  8. Al Davis’ ghost approves this message. He’s not so sure about his kid, however.
  9. So is Howard Simon. Unlike Mr. T., he cannot blame bad broadcasts on CTE related issues. If there’s a Blutarsky, he’s got my vote for ‘tank’ mode.
  10. Because everyone likes to watch a train wreck. Better yet, someone turn on the Jets game! 😁
  11. And dickie doo, dere you go. Dad’s a lod of Celine Dion recgords!
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