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  1. You’ll be too busy shaking hands with the rest of us to be making phone calls.
  2. Great, now you’re dragging a belief system, implied deity, and probably organized religion into this. Where’s the Complaint Department? 😁 EDIT: I have it on good authority that the Complaint Department is run by a Ms. Helen Waite. I was told if I had a complaint, I need to go to Helen Waite.
  3. This place can often be said to be filled with drinking glasses from the Kingdom of Fa. Otherwise known as ‘Fa Cups’.
  4. You’re the eighth thought on the thread. The night is young. 😁
  5. It’s an outrage! * Here the argument will branch into: a.) He’s already good! or b.) He’s terrible! Wrong Josh! 😁
  6. In much the same way, I will never tire of Leonard McCoy proclaiming “He’s dead, Jim”.
  7. Don’t feel bad. Julia Louis-Dreyfus didn’t even realize that there was a pilot for the Seinfeld Chronicles (George and Jerry in a restaurant exchanging small talk with Lee Garlington as a waitress named Claire).
  8. Augie already suggested ‘turning to the poll’ on page 1 of this thread. * Oh, ‘poll’. Not ‘Pole’. Alexa didn’t read that with the correct inflection. Carry on.
  9. No, but ‘Bob’ (of Cedric and Bob) made up for it. 😁 * WHO?! WHO WEEEL NOT WEAR THE REEE-BON?!?! * Interesting as well as to what other character Cedric (John Paragon) played on Saturday morning television in the 80s.
  10. True, but nobody said ‘Amp Lee’ like Summeral did. 😁
  11. Larry David apparently also did Newman’s voice before the character did an onscreen appearance. Once the need for an actor was realized, Wayne Knight was hired, and redubbed the voice in ‘The Revenge’ episode for syndication.
  12. You have always struck me as having that rebel heart under that Bay St. exterior. 😁
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