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  1. Bone dry socks for a bone head...🤨 * BTW, that really was well played.
  2. I am tempted to start a thread 'Coach Threatens Williams With Benching or Release'. There are apparently 50 of them. https://sports.answers.com/Q/Most_common_last_name_in_nfl
  3. He just has to fix the thread title, and we'll be lovey dovey.
  4. Burn in hell. 🤨 * (You'll be so busy shaking hands with the rest of us that you won't even notice the heat.)
  5. This is the reason Kirksey is retiring. Going to the FBI, and being assigned to the X-Files. First case assignment: Two Bills Drive forums.
  6. Misspelled his name on his jersey. W-A-D-E is not K-I-R-K-S-E-Y.
  7. Someone check the basement for pods...I have my doubts this is Behindenemylines. 🤔
  8. 'You Broke My Heart, So I Busted Your Jaw'.
  9. 4 unit apartment building. Rent 3, keep one vacant and furnished for his annual signings.
  10. If he doesn't dress for a home game, he has to sell beer in section 115.
  11. He turned state's witness? US vs. Chicago Bears, re: fraudulently portraying themselves as an NFL team?
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