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  1. Ridgewaycynic2013

    I changed my mind: OJ didnโ€™t do it

    Who would have wanted to wear those ugly ass shoes?!
  2. Ridgewaycynic2013

    Bicyclists arenโ€™t the smartest

    'This bicyclist isn't the smartest'. Same observation made without wrongfully judging an entire group.
  3. Ridgewaycynic2013

    Awful (but memorable) TV commercials

    Got to 1:45 and gave up. May well make 'Airport Jewelers' spots seem like 'Shakespeare in the Park'.
  4. Ridgewaycynic2013

    Can you help my daughter perform the anthem?

    Couldn't have been playing NE. The refs would have thrown a flag for 'illegal fan assistance'. ๐Ÿ˜
  5. Ridgewaycynic2013

    Let's play Ball?

    I see what you did there...and quite well, I might add.
  6. Ridgewaycynic2013

    Carbonated Beverages

    Sprinkles on ice cream are 'sprinkles'. Jimmies are ants in the cupboard where you keep the 'sprinkles'.
  7. Ridgewaycynic2013

    Awful (but memorable) TV commercials

    Clara Peller did a funnier one for Ryder Trucks. "Ed! It's time to take the rabbits to the pet store." EDIT: Sorry, TtownBillsFan, this was meant to be an answer and agreement with your posting.
  8. Ridgewaycynic2013

    WGR is ditching its App for Radio.com

    That's the least of their problems. ๐Ÿ˜
  9. Ridgewaycynic2013

    2018/2019 Bills Season Tickets

    There's also the chance the prisoners will be forced to take part in 'Historica' recordings for airplay on tourist info websites and radio stations. If you're Canadian, you'll probably know what this means.
  10. Ridgewaycynic2013

    2018/2019 Bills Season Tickets

    Did you pay the 25% tariff Canada imposed on them? Probably cooling their paper heels at your local Canada Post.
  11. Ridgewaycynic2013

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    Like watching the odometer in your car roll over back to 000,000.0
  12. Ridgewaycynic2013

    Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel

    Would you quit screwing around with your avatar picture!?! From a distance, I thought it was Casey from 'Mr. Dressup'.
  13. Ridgewaycynic2013

    Bruce Smith & Chef's Restaurant Spaghetti Parm

    Eddie Lacy's going to love Chef's!
  14. Ridgewaycynic2013

    Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel

    Peter Gabriel, Elton John, and Billy Joel are to me all examples of music that was ruined once the artists were dragged into 'mainstream pop', a term that I use but don't fully understand. Go back to these artists' early works for their best compositions. Another example I use is the J. Geils Band. There's a group of listeners out there who think the schlock of 'Centerfold' is the high water mark, whereas we dinosaurs remember the late 60s - early 70s as when this group was at a peak creatively.
  15. Ridgewaycynic2013

    QB rumors about importance of concussions in choices

    They might if it's 'Dunkirk Dave / Don'. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜