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  1. Never mind all that...did the 'Dream Team' (what's left of them) at all influence the AKC?
  2. "Woof woof! Woof woof!" * Translation: "Da plane! Da plane!"
  3. Here's $20, Browns. Put it towards hiring the Ryan brudders as 'special consultants' to push you over the top. 🤨
  4. Why didn't they get a goat? 🤔
  5. It's pronounced 'skee'. It honours Walt Patulski, former Bills DE.
  6. Does this sound familiar when you log on? DO NOT ACTIVATE UNLESS YOU HAVEN'T HAD YOUR DAILY ANNOYANCE!
  7. Nonsense. Do you know what a fax would have cost in those days? First class letter would have been four cents. * DISCLAIMER: Just maintaining the 'Ralph is cheap' narrative. In terms of philanthropy and charity, he was a generous individual.
  8. Ever since the degree of toasting became too risky to talk about.
  9. Does a printed copy of the New Era Cap Co. phone directory containing 'you know who' exist? 🤔
  10. Six 'mistakes' in this poll...where do I cast my 'Rosen' vote? 🤔 * 😁
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