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  1. No, used his True Value Hardware life preserver. Summerall has got highlights to call here!
  2. CBS won the internet. Well, at least the TwitterVerse.
  3. The 'deep ball' disappeared when Robert Foster went away...😢😩 * 😁🙄
  4. 'Mile High' equals atmosphere with lower oxygen levels equals lack of common sense. Legal marijuana might also have figured into it. * Would have been a riot to hear Greg Bauch's character 'Greg Buck' call the play by play for this one. 😁
  5. Nonsense! 90% of us were clamouring we could do a better job at QB than Peterman a couple of years back! 😁😇
  6. You mean he'll be making toast at the Jacksonville Denny's. 😁
  7. That answer works really well if you imagine Napoleon Dynamite saying it. * As for Hughes a pro bowler? – doesn't he have to qualify on 'Beat the Champ' first, and have a United States Bowling Congress card?
  8. Better call Wilson Sporting Goods for a reload.. Jaret Patterson's here to pick up his 8. 😁
  9. Just copied this off the Gang Green forum: Gore up the middle.Gore up the middle.Gore up the middle.Gore up the middle.Gore up the middle.Gore up the middle.Somebody shoot me in the face. ______________________________ Maybe he took his Bills playbook, and Gase said "yeah, that will work."
  10. Boston Globe 'Team of the Week Award'! Belichick: "I got a conditional draft pick". Kingsbury: "I got a case of Sam Adams". McDermott: "I got a rock".
  11. Bring back running laps. Blown coverage? Five laps of the field. Dumb penalties? Take a lap! Laces wrong on the field goal attempt? Bojo, take a lap!
  12. Therefore, PFF and Boston media say: NE > Arizona > Buffalo * Did the Jets win with the spread? I'll see myself out now...
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