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  1. Nice to hear a parent and player being grateful and gracious about a potential team.
  2. I believed that Whitney was our future (of music). 🙁
  3. Odds of this: 3/5 of 5/8 of the square root of ‘Sweet F*** All’.
  4. ‘Da Insdagadors’ guys on GR say “Ride away! Celine is da best, dere you go!”
  5. Roger Goodell has been reading posts at ‘The Stadium Wall’. Time to make the Bills pay for the Buffalo fans’ disrespect of the NFL, its executives, and (God bless) the New England Patriots.
  6. My apologies, a poor choice to describe Rosen. Many of the Patriots staff and players are duplicitous, Rosen is just vainglorious.
  7. You know just a bit too much about that to convince me you’re not the type that brings the bag of audience participation supplies...😁
  8. Perhaps, but NPeterman is humble and lovable...at least he was until the Bills‘ marketing department made that hype video.
  9. He seems duplicitous enough to fit right in with those self entitled and rule bending sorts over there. 🤔 Karma might swing back for the ‘Nine Mistakes Kid’. 😁
  10. I wonder how overblown local television news / sports departments will get with coverage this time around? WIVB: London’s best fish and chips. WGRZ: 2 on Your Side investigates waste in London city government. WKBW: Pedophiles in the Church of England.
  11. No, but what is really galling is that the New England Patriots get a conditional draft pick because they don’t get to go. In a situation as such, it’s best to remember the Golden Rule: ‘Whoever’s got the gold makes the rules...’
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