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  1. And many of them hit those 30 yard 'worm burners'? The reason I pretty much gave up golf. 🀨 * (Gave up because I was envious of them...my shots only went 15...πŸ˜•)
  2. I thought there's a clause somewhere saying a Sutter or Plager must be somehow involved in NHL activities at all times? πŸ€”
  3. It's convenient to have all these outdated references available! 😁
  4. πŸ€” Hmmmm. I wonder if the Jacksonville owner pays attention to the press (and us)? * Urban Meyer:
  5. How long has it been since NFL announcers were able to talk about 'The Over the Hill Gang'? πŸ€”
  6. It's about time the Crimson Tide backers put up or shut up. Being the collegiate team, they host. πŸ€” * 😁
  7. Good lord. With the inevitable reviews, the game becomes like the last two minutes of a close game in collegiate basketball. Geologic ages pass. 😴
  8. Maude would say "God will get you for that". When you're spending Eternity grading stoker coal, look most of us fellow TBDers up.
  9. As Bugs Bunny might say, HOY-cue-leez? 😁
  10. Hell, I'll kick in $20 of his contract, and $20 to the player that does it. Maybe just someone leave a shower mat in his path? πŸ€”
  11. Rock paper scissors? I will leave out lizard and Spock since the zebras would #*Β₯! that up.
  12. Are you speaking about the buyers, or the sellers? πŸ€”
  13. My name is Ridgewaycynic2013. You killed my retinas. Prepare to die. 😑
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