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  1. As long as 🌟Robert Foster🌟 has not officially given notice that he has retired from football, I say 'no' to pursuing Higgins. 🥸
  2. Would have been more, but in his addled state, he forgot to take off his socks and count higher...😇
  3. Thursday night every other week mixed couples league needs bowlers at Manor Lanes, Tonawanda. Any good with a bowling ball, is he?
  4. Any coincidence that both the Browns and Bengals have 'incarcerated orange' as part of the colour scheme? 🤔😇
  5. Internet now broken for the rest of the day. Shut it down. 😁
  6. BillieBilliams, Process, McBean, PrimeTime101. * Oh, 'peers'. I looked quickly, and read it as 'pee-ers'.
  7. I'll bet you we could have sung it had they not thrown the 'Brady Device' on the field back in 2016. 🙁
  8. 'We'll pick his brains' is probably NFL code for "see if the candidate fits our level of disfunctionality". This holds true for all 32 teams.
  9. And a Watney's 'Red Barrel', to boot! 😁 🎵Torremolinas, torremolinas!🎶
  10. It's a crazy, mixed up, shook up world when you can't sing a song from the 'Wizard of Oz' on a message board. 🙁
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