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  1. If you mean the ones where the clueless staff puts the cinnamon sugar on the fries instead of salt, ‘ooooooh weeee’ is right. Right into the parking lot for the s***hawks to enjoy.
  2. That is either very high praise, or a damning indictment. I’l let you all draw your own conclusions.
  3. If you were lucky enough to be in the higher elevations of Ridgeway and Crystal Beach, Erie’s stations beamed in fairly clear, and they were beyond the blackout limit for some seasons.
  4. You ‘yada yadad’ over the lobster part.
  5. You could say that about many of our LAMPy contributors. Or be it, either. 😳
  6. When the ‘pole shift’ occurs, all those whinging about not having an electronic version of the upcoming schedule on TBD will be glad for the printed out version, yessiree Bob.
  7. A ‘go to’ phrase in my family (with appropriate modifications) when a pregnant pause descends upon the conversation. 😁
  8. Based upon all the smaller facilities WNY has lost over the years, it would make one helluva bowling alley. 500-600 lanes!
  9. We had an old German woman who came to houseclean once a week when I was about 6. Spoke with a heavy accent, always yelling at the children to clean up (poor woman was deaf as a turnip). Her salting her watermelon was the final proof I needed for me to be convinced she was a witch. No reflection upon your mother.
  10. Yes, I hear the difference...🙄 Sue Ellen Mischke.
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