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  1. Dolphin tank? 😇 They’ve had one since Snowflake, haven’t they?
  2. Some of the more rinky dink vending services in the more ticky tack factories have kept prices low, in light of stagnant wages. 😁
  3. Browns are the best 2-4 team in football. That and sixty cents will get you a cup of coffee. 😁 I think ownership and FO will give Kitchens the full season.
  4. At times like that, I always find it helpful to enter while singing ‘Ain’t We Got Fun’.
  5. Yes, but few here know that you’re actually a T-800. “Yuhr un eedeeott”.
  6. Needs a ‘mercy rule’. “Hey kid, catch and hold this 100# weight!” glug-glug-glug
  7. No! I keep telling you people, it was the vacuum! * Apparently, it is hard to win in the NFL.
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